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Priceline Commits Fraud
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CONNECTICUT -- The website will only let you order six tickets at a time. I needed 7 so I had to do two orders. The price was 363.59 per ticket for the first order. Within seconds I ordered the next ticket the price showed 429.59. I had no choice but to make two orders. After speaking with customer service (who was rude) she said there was nothing they could do even though each ticket had the same offer id numbers. I had never used BIG mistake. I am surprised that the reviews on this sight do not correspond with the other review sights....kind of makes you wonder.

Never again. Please go elsewhere...
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User Replies:
Ben There on 03/22/2013:
This is not fraud, but just how flight pricing works no matter how you purchase plane tickets. Airlines have many different prices for any given flight, based on where you are coming from and going to, if you are traveling one-way or round-trip, the day of the week, etc...

The carrier restricts the number of seats that can be sold for each price - once the cheapest fares are gone, the next available higher fare will be shown. Chances are, you purchased the last 6 seats at the lower price, so your next search showed the higher fare. I have noticed that airlines will sometimes release more of the cheaper fares if the plane is not filling up as expected.
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Do Not Use
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA -- I would never use ever again. My husband scheduled a flight for my 70 year old mother, however due to reasons of anxiety of flying she needed to cancel the flight. We made a call to Priceline hoping to get this resolved all to be transferred to 4 different Priceline employees, we were told that they could not cancel the ticket under any circumstances, not to mention how rude Bernice, the last and final so called "Customer Service" person was to my husband, not to mention when he asked her if he could get the name of her supervisor, she declined to provide it along with declining to give him her last name, so we ended the call with nothing but frustration and disgust. The airline was more than willing to cancel the flight, but Priceline was not!!!

Please if anyone is ever thinking of booking a flight, please do not ever think of using Priceline. They are the absolute worst of the worst. The company must be really having financial struggles if they are unwilling to cancel a flight, which I might add they will turn around and resale, but are unwilling to keep satisfied, repeat customers. I will never use Priceline again they really a lesson in good customer service, because no matter how much they advertise, word of mouth is and still remains the best form of advertisement. Signed a disgruntled customer.
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 03/10/2013:
"Do Not Use", excellent advice. If the flight had been booked direct it probably would have been less money and a whole lot less grief to cancel or change.
JR in Orlando on 03/11/2013:
It all depends on the type of ticket that the OP has whether it is at all refundable. The Travelocity website says:

"Name Your Own PriceĀ® reservations, and reservations where the full itinerary is not disclosed prior to purchase, typically offer greater savings by means of restricted fares; these reservations are non-refundable, non-changeable and cannot be cancelled."

If this is what the OP's husband bought, then there is no refund. It is no more rude for Travelocity to deny a refund, then it is for a customer to ask for one on this type ticket. (The airlines has nothing to do with this type of ticket and whether refunds are allowed.)
DO on 10/10/2013:
I recently had a trip impacted by the govt. shutdown and Priceline would not even discuss the possibility of a partial refund or credit due to a planned trip being cancelled because it was sponsored by the Fed. Terrible customer service - the only answer they he was "NO". Lesson learned!
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What a rip-off
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I just spent 2 hours on the phone with Priceline and Budget Rent a car. I had to change my reservations due to a family emergency (funeral) called to change my airfare and was screwed out of $250 and then they wouldn't change my car rental reservation that I prepaid evidently. So I lose out on $160 for that and $250 for the airfare. In essence I paid for services that I didn't get and they refused to budge at all.
If I offered customer service like this I would be out of business.
It is my opinion that this company is a ripoff and I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 02/23/2012:
Priceline (or any of the 3rd party travel scammers) only work if nothing goes wrong. If there is a mistake, your mistake, their mistake, nobody's mistake or you change something YOU will pay for any and all mistakes regardless.
clutzycook on 02/23/2012:
Things like this are the reason why I purchase travel insurance.
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Priceline Cancels My Confirmed Airline Tickets After I Bought Them!!!!!!!
Posted by on
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- On July 16, 2011 I purchased two nonrefundable airfare tickets from Priceline. Despite getting a confirmation e-mail complete with ticket numbers and an airline confirmation code, the following morning I got an e-mail cancelling my purchase. I called and the supervisor said the airline had refused to honor the fare and there was nothing Priceline could do. They wanted me to re-book the same exact flights for $800 more. I called later in the day and this time was told my tickets had gone through and I got another e-mail confirming this. 3 hours later they sent me another cancellation e-mail. How can a company notorious for not letting customers change their reservations refuse my reservation??? I asked them to book me on any airlines for the price I bought my tickets for. They refused. I asked for a travel voucher to make up the $800 price difference and they refused. If they complete a sale with me, they should honor it. The airline changed its mind about offering the fare, but how does that translate into my problem? I bought my tickets from Priceline, not the airline.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 06/18/2011:
Did your tickets happen to be the super cheap Spanair and USAirways tickets to Europe? I saw that the airlines loaded these wrong on their side yet everyone who purchased them yesterday - regardless of where they booked - got a notification today that the tickets were not valid.

Had you booked the same fare directly with the airline or with any other travel agency you would have gotten the exact same news. Blame Spanair and USAirways because they are the ones who said that the prices were OK and then cancelled anyone who purchased them.
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The Biggest Scam You Can Find With This Co.
Posted by on
CONNECTICUT -- We bought two airline tickets requesting specific date for our vacation. They issued us tickets on wrong dates and we had to cancel our vacation plans and the tickets they charged us for cancellation. They made the mistakes and we got charged. When talked to people in the company they kept putting us on hold and then transfer to supervisors this process went on for hours and we had to give our story each time to the new person.

The last person agreed that we should not get charged. He transferred us once more to the next person to process the refund that person denied the whole thing.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 05/22/2011:
Did you book online?
Anonymous on 05/22/2011:
There is no scam with Priceline. They tell you exactly what you are getting into. My experience in retail has me wondering where the mistake really was made.
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Wouldn't Give Me A Protection Plan
Posted by on
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- On 5/3/2011 I called 1-877-4778545 with some questions about a reservation I wanted. The gentle man answered my questions and told me he could make the reservstion for me. after we finished with all the information he needed I asked to include a protection plan for me of $31.00. He said he was not authorized to do that and told me customer service would and he connected me with customer service. A gentle man at customer service informed me that I no longer could do it that it was supposed to be done when I did the package deal. I tried to explain to him that the gentleman at 1-877-477-8545 was not authorized to give me the protection plan. The gentleman at the 1-877-477-85345 number told me in was in Mexico.

I feel like I was ripped off. I didn't make the flight because I stepped wrong loading the car that morning to go to the air port and did something to my knee. Am seeing the doctor this week.

A lady called me back from customer care and offered to refund my mony but that I wouldn't get it right away it would take a few weeks. I said no I didn't have funds for another package deal.

It was not my fault that this gentlman in Mexico couldn't give me the travel protection plan. I did ask him to cancel it and I`ll do it on line he said he couldn't do it.

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User Replies:
FlitteringFirefly on 05/09/2011:
I don't know why they couldn't give you the protection plan, but the woman offered you a refund. Refunds can take a few weeks depending on how complicated a company's refund system is. Did you get a refund, reschedule your trip, or let Priceline keep your money?
Rosleigh223 on 05/09/2011:
no . no refund and didn't reschedule. Priceline kept my money.
yoke on 05/09/2011:
Since they offered a refund why did you not accept it.
Rosleigh223 on 05/09/2011:
because I had to be in Mass that week and the refund I wouldn't have till a few weeks later. I had no more funds for a different package.
yoke on 05/09/2011:
Even if you had to wait for the refund why not accept it? It is better than getting no money back at all.
momsey on 05/09/2011:
So since you wouldn't get the money for a bit of time, you decided to let them keep it? I don't understand why you would do that.
Whiteduck on 05/09/2011:
Fishy. Who would turn down a refund and give money back just because the refund wouldn't arrive soon enough? I'm not even buying the fishy knee story...

Something not right here.
Rosleigh223 on 05/10/2011:
I didn't take the refund because I had to be in Boston that Thursday and I had no plans not to go. And about my story and the knee I will be glad to give you my doctors name & number as he injected my knee with medication yesterday. Blood collected in my knee from a tear.And is very pain ful. that's OK for those of you that think I made this up just keep using Priceline and you will get burned.
momsey on 05/10/2011:
Right, but regardless of where you had to be or what you had to do, why would you choose NOTHING over a refund that would come sometime later? Your explanation still doesn't make sense. If someone owes me money, and I really need it today, but they won't get it to me for two weeks, I'm not going to tell them just to keep it.
yoke on 05/10/2011:
I guess I am lost. You missed your trip, Priceline offered to give you your money back and you said no. What am I missing here? Are they offering you the money or are they offering a credit for future use?
How did Priceline burn you? They offered your money back and you declined it.
Rosleigh223 on 05/10/2011:
You people that are answering us must be the scammers.I wouldn't have reserved the deal if I wasn't intending to take that trip.It would have been eaiser to add the $31.00 and I woulg have been find. but they saw to make a few 100 dollars more.I will not never never deal with Priceline again. Hope you guys that think there was nothing wrong get burned someday.
PepperElf on 05/10/2011:
momsey - exactly. that sounds weird.

The op's claims just aren't making sense.

- didn't have the $ to plan another trip
- turned down getting the $ back because he/she HAD to get there

I guess I'm just trying to figure out, if there wasn't $ to plan another trip, how did the OP get there?
yoke on 05/10/2011:
Rosleigh, I am not one of the scammers. I think we have asked a legit question. When the money was offered to you, why did you not accept it. Priceline went above and beyond what they had to do for you. They offered your money back. Why not take it, even if it is 8 weeks later? You can not take the trip now anyway due to your injury.
trmn8r on 05/10/2011:
Rosleigh, nobody here is a "scammer". I just read your letter, and the replies, and I don't understand what happened either. None of us works for Priceline - we're trying to understand what happened to you.

They key confusion I think others and I are haiving is that even though you didn't have a protection plan, you were offered your money back. How is it a "rip off" if you got your money back? Is the problem that rescheduling would require a higher priced package that you can't afford?
Rosleigh223 on 05/10/2011:
They offered me a refund before my travel date. that's not what I wanted.A family member was having surgery. and I was due to be there.I was to leave the 5th , they offered me the refund on the 3rd.And another ticket would have been more which I didn't have the funds.The travel plans are there for us to choose and I was denied on the 3rd not after the travel date.I make the reservation on the 3rd for the 5th and I was refused.
trmn8r on 05/10/2011:
Were you offered the refund before the 5th, the date you were injured?

Are you now going to lose everything?
yoke on 05/10/2011:
Still confused. Why were they offering a refund BEFORE you were injured? From the sound of the complaint you were not able to fly due to your injury you got on the day you were to travel and Priceline offered a refund which you refused. Now it sounds as if Priceline was willing to cancel your flight 2 days before the flight even happened and offered you your money back.
Anonymous on 05/10/2011:
All right enough is enough already! good review .. Rosleigh... thanks for taking the time to comeup and follow up on the review. I don't think you need to explain any further. GIVE THIS REVIEW AT LEAST A +10.
yoke on 05/10/2011:
Ashley, the review is confusing and some are wondering why the OP did not accept the refund that was offered.
momsey on 05/10/2011:
I think we're getting somewhere here. I think because of the confusion with the protection plan, Rosleigh was offered a full refund of the purchase, but the refund would have taken some time to receive and she needed to travel on the 5th and didn't want to put out double money for the trip. This all happened on the 3rd. She decided to forgo the offer of a refund and go ahead with the trip. Turns out she couldn't go anyway because of the injury, and had she had the protection plan, she would have gotten a refund for not being able to take the trip. So that's why the complaint is centered around the lack of a protection plan. Am I close???
Rosleigh223 on 05/11/2011:
yes. made reservations on the 3rd with someone in Mexico. after I gave him all the info he needed I asked him to add the $31.00 protection plan, he told me he was not authorized to do that I asked him to cancel the deal and that I would do it on line so I can add the protection plan.He informed me that he couldn't cancel, that customer service would be able to help me. He connected me to customer service and the gentleman there said no that it was supposed to be done at the same time I did my package deal.I told him he (the man in Mexico)wasn't authorized to do that.I asked for a supervisor and got connect to customer care the lady there told me the same thing that the gentleman at customer service told me. I asked her 3 times and she argued with me. I hung up. She called me back offering me a refund. I said no I had to take the trip on the 5th. on the 5th when I was loading the car I stepped wrong and hurt my knee. I still tried to go but couldn't make it to the car. If these people have other countrys working for them why are they not authorized to give us a full package plan as stated on the package plan.I didn't get that. No I wasn't planning to get hurt I am 73 and cannot afford broken bones or injuries. And am limited on my funds.
Rosleigh223 on 05/11/2011:
yes you are. am 73 and funds not available,
Rosleigh223 on 05/12/2011:
Refused travel protection plan-Priceline

If every one would have read my complaint from the beginning they wouldn't have been posting remarks.
Rosleigh223 on 05/31/2011:
Wrote the corp. office of Priceline explaining what happened as I did on here and a nice gentle man called me within 4-5 days. he did some investigating called me back and told me they were in the wrong. And that they would refund my entire package fee.
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Priceline: Travelers Beware
Posted by on
I made a reservation online with my debit card through Priceline for my fiancee to fly on Saturday September 18 to Atlanta from Dallas.

On weds I chose the trip, made the reservation with payment and got the confirmation together with the itinerary and the itinerary mailed to my mail box. The flight was to fly out of Dallas @ 11.40am on Saturday. I dropped my fiancee at the airport, drove back 40 minutes home only to be called by my fiancee that American Airline will not let her board because my reservation has been cancelled by a guy called Rocky Smith from Priceline. At first I thought she was joking, or there has to be a mix up somewhere because we had a contract, and I have the itinerary and this is not the first time I m making Airline reservation.
To cut a long story short. I drove 40 minutes back to the Airport and was told at American airline counter to call Priceline. I called Priceline, and was informed they suspected fraud and had to cancel my reservation....FRAUD? Incredible! I asked the representative that out of the thousand of reservations made, how do they determine which one is fraud, you don't tell customers you suspect fraud after you have allowed their payment to go through and charged their cards. And even if they suspected fraud they shouldn't have uninalterally cancelled a valid contract without adequate notification, thereby leaving me and my fiancee stranded at the Airport.
I asked to speak to a Manager, at least someone to please help us make another reservation so that we can get on a plane to Atlanta instead of being stranded at the Airport. So much for customer service, I was bounced around from one department to the other. While all the reps were telling me to buy another ticket. I explained to them, that since it was their decision to cancel my valid reservation and I haven't been refunded, that the onus is on them to right things by helping us get another reservation /plane ticket....needeless to say all I got was customer disservice and I had to angrily leave the airport after being taken for a ride by one of the worst air reservation companies out there.
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User Replies:
CaptainSpaulding on 09/24/2010:
You should never use a debit card when dealing with Priceline.

It is far more difficult to open dispute with a bank when using a debit card as opposed to opening a dispute with a credit card company when using a credit card.
werelucky on 09/24/2010:
Always use a credit card for airline transactions. Never use Priceline.
jktshff1 on 09/24/2010:
Just curious, while a credit card is the way, quiet a few people do not use credit cards. What are their choices?
Ben There on 09/24/2010:
Did you talk to you bank? I know when I made large or unusual purchases with my debit card, my bank freaks out and will deny the charge if I don't answer my phone ASAP.
Anonymous on 09/24/2010:
True, Ben. My credit union does the same thing.

jkt, I think their choices are to go directly to the airport or travel agency and buy their ticket or, in the case of hotels, you would probably have to call them directly and they will tell you your options. I don't think you have to give a card number for some hotels, but you do if you want to guarantee a late arrival. It is an interesting concept though and I'm sure some people do have problems with no using a credit card. It's definitely more complicated.
jairobi on 09/27/2010:
Thanks for you comments....I intend to wage a PR war with Priceline and even possibly a lawsuit....I m going to post my story every and anywhere till I get over the way we were treated by Priceline....anybody has any idea other places where I can post my story or a better way to report them so they don't keep doing this to people in these harsh economic time?
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If you have any other option use it!!
Posted by on
You may be one of the lucky ones, if your plans don't change you will never have to talk to a customer service agent at That, unfortunately, was not my experience. I called to find out how much it would cost to change a non-refundable flight. I was advised that the dates for my flight could be changed for a "$100- $150 airline charge fee"and any cost for the difference in airfare. The problem occurred when A. I was advised that I would need to research the available flights and then call Priceline back and then they could help me figure out what I needed to do. OK, done. I called back and the second person I talked to just said the exact thing over again (word for word/verbatim). I explained that I had already found flights for the alternate schedule, but the woman could not get past her scripted response. To add to the frustration there were digital audio problems and the woman spoke thickly accented English and spoke quickly. I had to ask her to slow down several times and to repeat the information. Finally she admitted she could not help me and transferred my call. During the transfer the call was dropped. I called back, got an Alicia, she too spoke very heavily accented English. I asked for a supervisor, she resisted getting one, so I hung up. I called back, got Ruiz, he did do the right thing and transferred me. I spoke with Arlyn, she went through the same long spiel about the charges, she could not answer my question either, so I was transferred again. It took 20 minutes on hold to finally get to Sunny who gave me the information I was looking for. The whole saga took an hour and a half. I won't use this service again and it is important that when you need help there needs to be someone you can understand and who understands you. Front line customer service people need to be empowered to help customers not just parrot information that can be found on the website.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 06/03/2010:
Priceline is only good if you are flexible and have absolutely no changes.
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Priceline & Bait & Switch on Airline Tickets
Posted by on
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- On 5-7-09 I attempted to purchase 2 first class tickets through and I bid what was a reasonable price for first class tickets, I had to enter in the credit card info that they would charge for the tickets, the bid was accepted, I had to initial that I was going to pay for the tickets, etc. All this without their showing me what I was saying I would pay for. Then the screen pops up with 2 coach class tickets! I immediately tried to get Priceline to delete or void the transaction and they refused. I talked to a supervisor, she refused. I emailed the VP of customer relations and she referred the problem to another customer service representative and she also refused. This transaction was a "bait & switch" scheme. I talked to the airline and they told me they couldn't help because Priceline purchases a "bulk" set of tickets and that Priceline still held the tickets, technically, so they couldn't change, cancel, etc. the tickets. I tried Priceline again and they said it didn't matter, I had basically promised to pay and they refused to cancel. I am talking to my credit card company right now to get the payment stopped because I am being charged for something I did not ask for and also I don't have the item, it was not used, etc. There has to be something that the FTC and other agencies could do about these things. I saw there are lots of other complaints against Priceline on this website. They truly use bait & switch tactics on the consumer. I think I should have been able to see what I was supposedly accepting before I agreed to pay. Stupid move on my part but I was trusting them to be a reputable company, they are large and they advertise all over the place. I even plan to complain to William Shatner. His voice is even on their hold message! I will also report them to the FTC, their state's attorney general, their state's BBB, to news media, and everywhere else I can think of to stop this and I want my money back, I want the tickets cancelled, and I will never use their services again!
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User Replies:
Ben There on 05/11/2009:
What route were you booking and how much did you end up paying?
Cedria on 05/11/2009:
I paid 625 for a 640 ticket per ticket at the time.
Soaring Consumer on 05/11/2009:
That is definitely bait and switch if you bid on first class tickets and pay for first class tickets and then receive cheapo coach tickets.

Please keep us updated on what happens with your situation.

Keep fighting them, and good luck.
jimworcs on 05/12/2009:
If you booked first class and got second class you should file a claim in the Small Claims Court. You should also contact the State Attorney's General. This would not be sustainable in court.
Anonymous on 05/12/2009:
Ben There once again had the only logical response.
Route and how much you paid is critical (I'll add in addition, carrier). F is only available in legacy carriers. Some LCC's have a ugly incarnation of F (F lite) but they are careful not to call it "first class." They market it and imply F but never claim it as. Depending on city pairs the equipment may not have first class. The OP may have bid on F seats but only gotten Y because that's all that was on the equipment.

Everyone, put away the 10 gauge to kill, mice. Too many facts are missing.
Cedria on 05/12/2009:
Well, the facts are as what I posted. There's no way I would have paid that kind of money per ticket for coach class tickets, domestic US flights. Continental tells me that Priceline holds the tickets in a bundle and they have not released the tickets to Continental so they couldn't help me. I looked at the planes on the Continental website for each part of the flight and they don't have any sort of first class section at all. I don't know anything about x vs y vs c classes of seats, I only know I selected first class when I was entering the information, I made my big based on first class, and then I got coach class. I have contacted all of these complaint websites. Next I am going to my local newspapers. I also plan to go to my state's attorney general and the FTC. Then if things are not resolved, I'll file a lawsuit in small claims here in my hometown and Priceline will pay way more than the value of these tickets to fight me in court.
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Totally Unreasonable
Posted by on
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I booked an international air-fare in July 2008 for Dec 2008 and as part of the trip itinerary, would have a connecting flight in London (Heathrow).

Last weekend, received an email from Priceline suggesting that there was a flight cancellation (Schedule change)...
I promptly called Priceline and the nightmare begins here..

Day #1:
The call center is located somewhere in the East Coast (PA to be precise) and they kept putting me on hold (more than 40+ minutes) since they were experiencing heavy call volumes due to the hurricane..I was like WTF?
I hung up on her..

Day #2:
Agent #1: Denies that there was a schedule change and will not consider my explanation. I hung up with frustration.

Agent #2: Agrees there is a change but I will have to pay $200 to request new itinerary. Am like, I never asked to change my itinerary on my own, one of the flights was cancelled..blah..blah..I hung up on her even with more frustration.

Agent #3: somewhat sympathetic but not too bright.
Since the connection flight was cancelled, offers me to fly out of London-Gatwick the next day.

I was like:
~I have never been to London and who is paying for transporting myself and the luggage from London (Heathrow) to London (Gatwick).
~This involved overnight stay, who will pay for accommodation?
~You need a transit visa if you change airports in London and who is paying for it?
She did not consider any of the above options and I explained to her this would be impossible and she was inconsiderate and had a take it or leave it attitude. I hung up.

Day #3:
Agent #1: I called to ask for refund since there was a schedule change and it had nothing to do with me. Blames the other airline and does finger pointing...I hang up..

Agent #2: Sensible and most helpful. I let her know that I need to fly out of London (Heathrow) and don't have other options. After 2 hrs of going back and forth, she was able to confirm me on a flight that made sense..

Its only Sep 2008 now and will post if I incur any negative travel experience(s) in Dec 2008..

I have had terrible experience with Travelocity before and now Priceline can be added to the same category...
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User Replies:
Ben There on 09/08/2008:
This sounds like Priceline needs to improve agent training as it you got a bunch of clueless agents.

It is not Priceline's fault that your airline changed airports, nor should they pay the extra expenses you might occur - if you had booked directly with the airline you would have been faced with the same situation.

I had something similar happen to me earlier this spring when a lot of US airlines changed from Gatwick Airport to Heathrow. My options were to change my ticket to have an extra flight/connection for free, change airports at my own expense, or to refund with no fee so I could start over or another airline. I bet you had the same options, but the Priceline agents just didn't know how to do it.
Anonymous on 09/08/2008:
Why do people get mixed up with Priceline etc? Are they really saving anything -vs- just calling the airline direct? Sometimes I check out and it seems the airlines show the best prices and flight schedules. Just did a LAX/BOS and Alaska Airlines took the top six spots:> $541 $547 $548. Why bother with 3rd party sites when the airlines have the best prices these days?
Ben There on 09/08/2008:
Superbowl, there is a reason that Priceline does quite well. I am note defending them or any other website, but I think many people notice that once you start searching more complicated itineraries than LAX-BOS, that the pricing tools of 3rd party websites can be a bit more sophisticated and offer combinations of airlines and fares that you won't get directly from an airline.

For example I might search Atlanta to Vancouver and Delta round trip is $500 and Frontier round trip is $450, but a 3rd party site might show me that if I go out on Delta and back on Frontier it is $350. Granted I could probably go back to the airlines again and find those prices with enough clicks piecing together one way fares, but that means two transactions, two different itineraries to keep up with, and a bit more time.

I also think a lot of people like seeing one price for packages, and those really can be cheaper through 3rd parties get better prices for selling in bulk. I am not talking about the price of a Hampton Inn in Des Moines, but more along the lines of resorts and smaller hotels in bigger cities that would otherwise not be found with Google. Once again, I think people like seeing their airline, hotel and car information all in the same spot, and all paid for in one transaction.
BobJohn on 09/09/2008:
I use before I start really looking at various airlines. This site lists many airlines (not 3rd party agencies) and the rates (cheapest first) so you can see what the airlines will charge.
Anonymous on 09/09/2008:
Ben There, excellent info and explanation, thanks. Best Answer.
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