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Never Again!!!!
By -

OK so here is my story. I in this the month of January turned 20, graduated from nursing school (LPN), and was accepted into an RN program. So it is a big month for me, and my mom being the best in the entire world bought us tickets to go to New York!!! She wanted it to be a present for me for graduating and my b-day. Well she bought the tickets a couple months ago when everything was pretty OK where her health (she has been battling cancer for about a year), but just this past month her health had taken a down turn.

Her leg (where the cancerous tumor was) is not receiving the skin graft and doctors are freaking out about the chance of infection and having to amputate the leg, so we are already under a lot of stress. The doctors say no traveling and with good reason, my mom still wanted me to go and have fun and take a friend with me instead. So I call the airline to get the name changed, and lo and behold they don't do that. All tickets are non transferable no matter the reason! The best they could do was hold the ticket and make it open date for a huge fee!!! Which I don't have. Then they say "well call and have them just change the info they sent."

I do this and not only is every single person that I speak to the rudest person on earth! But not only do they tell me that it "doesn't matter that your mom has cancer you can't get the ticket changed", but they also have the audacity to say that I should have "planned my trip better as to not have an episode like this".. WHAT!!!!! Like I asked for my mom the get cancer and be in the hospital!!!

AHHHH, I lost it. I broke out in tears. I was bawling!!!! And all these people they kept transferring me to were yelling and talking over me saying I need to be quiet and listen. I asked one women why she was being so rude and she said she was sorry but she couldn't explain things over my "excessive crying". Yea I am crying. Do you know how much freaking my mom spent to do this for me!!!!!!!!

Well to shorten this, I have never been treated so horrible in my whole life! Ever! And I was a CNA for Pete's sake!! I know what it's like to have people screaming at you. I had to end up canceling the trip for which my mom only received 395 back out of 800. And then she rebooked it through with a different name for my friend. PTL she got the travel insurance so hopefully they will give us back at least half of the rest.

Honestly I can understand a policy is a policy, but first of all when you have a doctor's letter and number and all that saying you cannot go, legitimately cannot go what the heck!!! And secondly when someone is in tears because they are so distort because their mom who is sick has just laid out bank so you could have fun and now they are telling you she just wasted her money, you don't treat them like crap!!

I will never use again, and I advise anyone who is going to travel, regardless of illness or not, do not use or United!! They are flippant disrespectful, compassionless and just plain rude.

Refundable tickets are not refundable...
By -

WASHINGTON -- I used for the first (and last) time about a month ago to purchase 3 round trip tickets from Seattle to Austin, Texas for a friend's wedding. At the time of the purchase, I was not certain of the departure date - so I wanted to buy refundable tickets. Although the website was very clear about stating that any tickets bought through their name your own price outlet were non-refundable, they were not clear about whether tickets purchased throughout the rest of their site were non-refundable.

After digging through a lot of material on their website, I came to the conclusion that the tickets could be refunded (minus $150) as long as I canceled in a timely manner. This made sense to me so I purchased the 3 $350 tickets (for a total of $1050). A few days later I was realized I was going to have to change the departure date from Seattle to Austin to a day earlier. Good think I bought non-refundable tickets.

I called customer support and they attempted to help me. Unfortunately, the cheapest alternative to what I already had was $700 and I didn't want to spend that kind of money. I confirmed that I would be able to cancel the tickets and looked at other websites to find something cheaper. I purchased a $350 replacement ticket for myself from another company (Expedia) that left Seattle a day earlier than by tickets.

(The remaining 2 tickets did not need to be changed so I left them as is.) I then called and told them I wanted a refund for my ticket. They informed me that the ticket was non-refundable and that they would hold the money for a year and that I could use it during that time - but after a year the money would be gone.

I told them that I felt that was deceptive. That I had been informed that I could get a refund for my ticket, that I didn't purchase non-refundable tickets. That their website STILL said that I could cancel the tickets and only be out $150. They replied that they would have to listen to the tapes of the person who informed me that I could get a refund - to verify that she actually said that. I was informed that they would call me back in 5 business days. 5 business days came and went without a call.

I called them back and they apologized for not returning my call when they promised. I was also informed that they had not yet listened to the tapes. Additionally, I was now told that my tickets were not only non-refundable but that I could no longer cancel them either. Meaning that I was out the full cost of the ticket. I told them that I had made 2 previous calls to cancel the tickets and that this was unfair. They apologized and I was told that they would call me within 3 business days. I confirmed that they had my correct phone number.

It's now 8 business days since they were supposed to call me back. I have heard nothing. I don't know if they ever canceled my ticket. I don't know if I have $350 credit at I don't WANT $500 credit at Their site is very deceptive as to the nature of the tickets. At no time were people rude to me on the phone - everyone was very nice and/or apologetic. I was never rude to anyone on the phone. However, it seems pretty clear their job is to get you off the phone and hope that you go away. I was promised twice that they would return by calls - but no return call was every made. The economic damage was ~$350.

Negotiate Your Price ??
By -

I had just made a phone call to 1-888-837-3774 and spoke to a gentleman about my situation and all I received was "due to our purchase agreement" there is nothing I can do. I asked to speak to someone else and then I spoke with ** Employee # ** with Customer Relations and he told me the same thing, which I'm sure he was reading things off from a card just like the first gentleman. Here is the situation and it surprises me that a company would not even check to see if there was anything they could do further for their customer.

I had told them that it was the first time I was using Priceline "Negotiator" and I had placed a bid for 3 airline tickets, 1 hotel and 1 car rental. Well, the airline tickets got denied, the hotel got denied but the car rental did not and was accepted. AND in order for you to find out if your offer would be accepted or not one would have to give their credit card information to even see if your bid would be accepted or not. Mind you, once again, this is the very first time I had used Priceline.

Since I live in Florida and I wanted to get to Reno for my daughter's High School Graduation I had submitted a 2nd bid for both airline and hotel. Which, once again they were both denied. Now I was able to find tickets flying from West Palm Beach, Florida to Sacramento, CA. that is approximately 2 hours away from my original destination, Reno, and were only 25 dollars more per airline ticket than what my highest bid on Priceline was.

How ironic. I had asked and requested that I would like to pick up the car I rented at Sacramento instead of Reno because that is where I have to fly into now. Repeatedly both gentlemen both stated that there was absolutely nothing they could do for me without even checking. They would only say that it is a purchase agreement and that was basically it. Oh, they did say how much I saved on the car rental but I had rebutted by saying, I did not save that much. If now I have to rent a car to go get my car then once I have that car I have to drop that one off and rent another to get to the airport. That is some BIG savings, huh?

The first gentleman did say that there were exceptions if there was an emergency or something to that effect. I stated to him that this was an emergency to me and I feel since the way Priceline practices what they do such as giving the credit card number first then wait and see if you get approved instead of putting in your bid, accepting the terms then paying for it which left me with a car rental only with no flight tickets and no hotel reservations. Since this is the case, plus the first time ever using Priceline and due to my daughter who was basically kidnapped and I haven't seen in 14 years due to this and when I finally found her, I wanted to see her graduate High School, all that Priceline could say to me over the phone is "Sorry."

Well, I'm going to say that if Priceline does not change the car pick up and drop and/or compensate myself in any type of way due to the somewhat confusing way and how they conduct business then I will say that Priceline is sorry and I will be writing this same letter to Corporate Offices of Priceline and I am sure that I will never - never use Priceline again and I am sure that I will tell everyone I know to never use Priceline because they will not be willing to work with their customers in no way, shape or form.

If your response to this email / letter is that "That's why we posted our agreement, etc." then I will definitely know that Priceline is not a company for myself and all my friends to never - ever use. If you are willing to help then I would be extremely humble and express my appreciation to your company and everyone I know. All I want to do is to pick up / drop off the car I had already rented from Reno to Sacramento.

That is it! The dates, the times, the car all stay the same but No One Cares! Do You? Please respond to my request as soon as possible. The car rental is from 6/3/09 to 6/8/09. Dates that are well enough in advance that something could be done! I WILL BE CONTACTING THIS ADDRESS ALSO. 800 Connecticut Avenue Norwalk, CT 06854 203-299-8000.

Awful Customer Service
By -

Priceline has great services, yes, but they have the most awful customer service I have ever come in contact with. I was scheduled to fly out of Sioux Falls to Colorado Springs, however, my grandfather unexpectedly passed away and the funeral was the day I was to fly out.

I notified Priceline in my change of plans, and asked what my options were. Hence NONE of the customer service agents I spoke to could speak English. After being on the phone for OVER an hour, the only information I came out with is that they can hold my tickets, but if I ever want to use them again it will cost me $180.00 in fees. I spoke to the airlines then and they stated that they would waive their fees of $150.00, but Priceline refused to waive their $30.00 fee (seriously???).

About three weeks later I found a great flight for $40.00 less than my original flight and called to book it with Priceline. Again, I had an agent that could not speak English (awesome). So I spent another hour on the phone with him and was placed on hold numerous times. He would not waive any of the fees that I was originally told I could waive. That fabulous flight I had mentioned earlier was null and void because it was with a different airline than I had originally booked.

He said the exact same flight (using the airlines I had to use) was $900.00!!!!! The flight I found was $200.00. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? The agent never apologized for the inconvenience and never offered any other suggestions. AND to top it off, I found a flight for $300 on their website using the correct airlines, but he failed to mention that to me on the phone. So all in all the money I spent on my first tickets is wasted because of unaccommodating services. Who is going to pay $180 in fees when you can find a new ticket for that price??

Priceline: Travelers Beware
By -

I made a reservation online with my debit card through Priceline for my fiancee to fly on Saturday September 18 to Atlanta from Dallas. On weds I chose the trip, made the reservation with payment and got the confirmation together with the itinerary and the itinerary mailed to my mail box. The flight was to fly out of Dallas @ 11:40am on Saturday.

I dropped my fiancee at the airport, drove back 40 minutes home only to be called by my fiancee that American Airline will not let her board because my reservation has been cancelled by a guy called ** from Priceline. At first I thought she was joking, or there has to be a mix up somewhere because we had a contract, and I have the itinerary and this is not the first time I'm making Airline reservation.

To cut a long story short. I drove 40 minutes back to the Airport and was told at American airline counter to call Priceline. I called Priceline, and was informed they suspected fraud and had to cancel my reservation.. FRAUD? Incredible! I asked the representative that out of the thousand of reservations made, how do they determine which one is fraud. You don't tell customers you suspect fraud after you have allowed their payment to go through and charged their cards. And even if they suspected fraud they shouldn't have unilaterally cancelled a valid contract without adequate notification, thereby leaving me and my fiancee stranded at the Airport.

I asked to speak to a manager, at least someone to please help us make another reservation so that we can get on a plane to Atlanta instead of being stranded at the Airport. So much for customer service, I was bounced around from one department to the other. While all the reps were telling me to buy another ticket. I explained to them, that since it was their decision to cancel my valid reservation and I haven't been refunded, that the onus is on them to right things by helping us get another reservation/plane ticket. Needless to say all I got was customer disservice and I had to angrily leave the airport after being taken for a ride by one of the worst air reservation companies out there.

If you have any other option use it!!
By -

You may be one of the lucky ones, if your plans don't change you will never have to talk to a customer service agent at That, unfortunately, was not my experience. I called to find out how much it would cost to change a non-refundable flight. I was advised that the dates for my flight could be changed for a "$100- $150 airline charge fee" and any cost for the difference in airfare.

The problem occurred when I was advised that I would need to research the available flights and then call Priceline back and then they could help me figure out what I needed to do. OK, done. I called back and the second person I talked to just said the exact thing over again (word for word/verbatim). I explained that I had already found flights for the alternate schedule, but the woman could not get past her scripted response.

To add to the frustration there were digital audio problems and the woman spoke thickly accented English and spoke quickly. I had to ask her to slow down several times and to repeat the information. Finally she admitted she could not help me and transferred my call. During the transfer the call was dropped. I called back, got an **. She too spoke very heavily accented English. I asked for a supervisor, she resisted getting one, so I hung up. I called back, got **. He did do the right thing and transferred me. I spoke with **, she went through the same long spiel about the charges, she could not answer my question either, so I was transferred again.

It took 20 minutes on hold to finally get to ** who gave me the information I was looking for. The whole saga took an hour and a half. I won't use this service again and it is important that when you need help there needs to be someone you can understand and who understands you. Front line customer service people need to be empowered to help customers not just parrot information that can be found on the website.

Priceline & Bait & Switch on Airline Tickets
By -

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- On 5-7-09 I attempted to purchase 2 first class tickets through and I bid what was a reasonable price for first class tickets. I had to enter in the credit card info that they would charge for the tickets. The bid was accepted. I had to initial that I was going to pay for the tickets, etc. All this without their showing me what I was saying I would pay for. Then the screen pops up with 2 coach class tickets! I immediately tried to get Priceline to delete or void the transaction and they refused. I talked to a supervisor, she refused. I emailed the VP of customer relations and she referred the problem to another customer service representative and she also refused.

This transaction was a "bait & switch" scheme. I talked to the airline and they told me they couldn't help because Priceline purchases a "bulk" set of tickets and that Priceline still held the tickets, technically, so they couldn't change, cancel, etc. the tickets. I tried Priceline again and they said it didn't matter. I had basically promised to pay and they refused to cancel. I am talking to my credit card company right now to get the payment stopped because I am being charged for something I did not ask for and also I don't have the item. It was not used, etc. There has to be something that the FTC and other agencies could do about these things.

I saw there are lots of other complaints against Priceline on this website. They truly use bait & switch tactics on the consumer. I think I should have been able to see what I was supposedly accepting before I agreed to pay. Stupid move on my part but I was trusting them to be a reputable company. They are large and they advertise all over the place. I even plan to complain to **. His voice is even on their hold message! I will also report them to the FTC, their state's attorney general, their state's BBB, to news media, and everywhere else I can think of to stop this and I want my money back. I want the tickets cancelled, and I will never use their services again!

Totally Unreasonable
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I booked an international airfare in July 2008 for Dec 2008 and as part of the trip itinerary, would have a connecting flight in London (Heathrow). Last weekend, received an email from Priceline suggesting that there was a flight cancellation (Schedule change)... I promptly called Priceline and the nightmare begins here.

Day #1: The call center is located somewhere in the East Coast (PA to be precise) and they kept putting me on hold (more than 40+ minutes) since they were experiencing heavy call volumes due to the hurricane. I was like WTF? I hung up on her.

Day #2: Agent #1: Denies that there was a schedule change and will not consider my explanation. I hung up with frustration. Agent #2: Agrees there is a change but I will have to pay $200 to request new itinerary. Am like, I never asked to change my itinerary on my own, one of the flights was cancelled.. blah.. blah.. I hung up on her even with more frustration.

Agent #3: somewhat sympathetic but not too bright. Since the connection flight was cancelled, offers me to fly out of London-Gatwick the next day. I was like: I have never been to London and who is paying for transporting myself and the luggage from London (Heathrow) to London (Gatwick). This involved overnight stay, who will pay for accommodation? You need a transit visa if you change airports in London and who is paying for it? She did not consider any of the above options and I explained to her this would be impossible and she was inconsiderate and had a take it or leave it attitude. I hung up.

Day #3: Agent #1: I called to ask for refund since there was a schedule change and it had nothing to do with me. Blames the other airline and does finger pointing. I hang up. Agent #2: Sensible and most helpful. I let her know that I need to fly out of London (Heathrow) and don't have other options. After 2 hrs of going back and forth, she was able to confirm me on a flight that made sense. It's only Sep 2008 now and will post if I incur any negative travel experience(s) in Dec 2008. I have had terrible experience with Travelocity before and now Priceline can be added to the same category.

Missed Our Flight Because Of Priceline's Mistake
By -

We missed our flight, sat around on standby at the airport from 11:30am - 8:30pm, and had to pay for a hotel, because there was a schedule change 6 WEEKS prior to our travel date that PRICELINE FAILED TO TELL US about.

Our itinerary was never updated to reflect the change. The airline sent Priceline (the alleged "travel agent") an email 6 weeks before we were scheduled to fly, and they NEVER contacted us or updated our itinerary, so we missed the flight and had to pay for a hotel and plead with the airline staff to get us on a flight the next day. I missed a day of work, and shoveled out $200 for a hotel that night, not to mention all of the expensive airport food we had to buy in the hours we spent on standby.

The worst part was that the Priceline representatives were RUDE, APATHETIC, and SARCASTIC with me when I tried to explain my situation. They are blaming it on us for not contacting the airline beforehand... But they are supposed to be the agent, i.e. the INTERMEDIARY between me (the customer) and the airline!!! Right?? I used an agent so that I wouldn't have to talk to the airline staff. That's their job. They messed up, and they should be held responsible!! I was laughed at and hung up on when I suggested that they give me a refund for the services that they failed to provide.

We checked our itinerary on Priceline several times before our scheduled flight, to make sure that it was on-time and that there weren't any schedule changes. They had 6 weeks to make the update and they never did. My itinerary still has the original, incorrect flight time listed. We were out luck, out of money, and entirely out of patience for Priceline, and their horrible representatives.

The Customer Service we received was a NIGHTMARE. I hope no one ever uses Priceline to book anything. They take no responsibility for their mistakes, and they are lazy, incompetent and rude to their customers. Do not take chances with this company!! Just book your own flight!!

Airline Tickets
By -

On 11/10/07 I attempted to purchase an airline ticket for my daughter who is in college in Jackson, MS. I live in Detroit. I keyed in that she was leaving from Jackson on Nov and coming to Detroit and leaving Detroit on Nov 25 going back to Jackson. I got the bid for #300 provided that she lands in Toledo which is 1hr away.

When I pulled the itinerary Priceline had scheduled the trip backwards as if she was leaving Toledo on Nov 15 and going to Jackson and leaving Jackson on Nov 25. I immediately called customer service who would not accept any responsibility for their error. They also stated that they would cancel the flight for a $137 fee but they would take the original $359 from my account and not refund it to me minus the cancellation fee until 7-10 days. The college that she goes to closes Nov 16 for holiday break. I have no more money which I explained to them.

I was told that I would be issued my money back if I schedule a trip from Toledo to Jackson and back by Nov 15. Meanwhile my child is stuck in MS with no place to go and no family there because Priceline took my money. I have no other resources being a single parent.

They don't care! I hope that they are pleased with what they have done. With all of the kids coming up missing I'm afraid that Priceline may have caused my child her life. She is only 18 years old. This is her first time away from home. She is a student with a specific learning disability that was accepted at a college that was willing to work with her. Thanks Priceline and your owners. You don't know what damage you cause to people or their families by your wicked acts. Priceline sucks.

There used to be a time that you paid a penalty for stealing other people's money. But this company is able to keep doing this to consumers and get away with it. Please don't use them for anything! Go to another site or pay full price for airfare.

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