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Horrible Experience
By -

This experience has been horrible. I tried getting a cheaper flight for my trip to Hawaii and the flight times awarded to me are off the charts. I figured that my flight would fall within the times that were offered, under the pick a flight screen but they are not. Your "Name Your Price" option will land you a cheaper flight by 40.00 and extend your flight times (with layovers) about 6 hours. Not cool. Even you call and try to pay extra to get a shorter flight or upgrade, the sweet Priceline people do nothing. Name of Price option at your own risk. I will never do this again.

I Was Deceived By Priceline And Now They Won't Answer My Calls
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I recently went to Name Your Own Price for hotels on I was looking for a hotel in Cabo San Lucas. It first asks me what area I want and then it asks me what level of stars do I want for my hotel. It was a last minute vacation for me and knowing that the economy has been terrible, I thought perhaps I could get a top notch hotel for a bargain price.

I chose 3 and half stars, 4 stars or 5 stars, knowing fully that I would most likely be turned down because of my low offer. What I didn't expect is that they accepted my offer. There is one problem. They gave me a 3 star hotel. I never chose the option for a 3 star hotel but Priceline seemed not to care how many stars I was comfortable with. I tried to call them on the matter with no luck. They transfer their phone calls to the Philippines, with trouble understanding them and their protocol answers - they told me there was nothing they could do.

Then I wrote one of the executives. His name is **. He wrote this statement to me: "We are sorry we did not provide you the answers you were looking for and we thank you for your time. Sincerely, Executive Offices." He never answered my question and my problem of how could they give me a 3 star hotel when I didn't choose the option for a 3 star hotel. They could have easily given me a 1 star hotel at this point - it just didn't matter.

It was unfair and completely ruined my entire trip. I felt that my hard earned money was thrown down the drain. I would have never named my own price if I knew Priceline was going to ignore the option that I had chosen. I did try and go to the hotel - very disappointed. No beach, broken Jacuzzi and endless noise. I went and spent my time on a couch at a friends resort. Thank you Priceline. If anyone has an idea of what to do next, please help a fellow consumer from being screwed by another big corporation. Thank you.

Car Rental - Name Your Own Price
By -

I have used Priceline on several occasions. Until this year, had not had any issues. I am planning a trip to Orlando and wanted to use the Name Your Own Price with car rentals. It worked last year. Priceline has now changed this portion of the website and it tells you that you are not bidding enough. So you are naming your own price anymore - you are naming the price that Priceline tells you.

In the past I had gotten great car rental pricing. Not so, this go around. I have had to go up 7 dollars and still the bids not accepted. Not only that, they no longer let you change your bid. You have to wait 24 hours in between bids. Like I have weeks to keep going online. I am going to go to a different site because it has gotten ridiculous. Don't believe the commercials that say 30% discount on car rentals. Or the stats on their web page that tell you the lowest car rental rates accepted in the area you are traveling to.

Very BAD experience
By -

I tried their "Name Your Own Price" and requested $45 for mini van. It failed and I got an email after two days to retry and I followed the email. This time it went through but guess what!!! I got an economy car in $45!!! I called up their customer service (who kept me on hold for 20 min) and finally said, they cannot do anything and I have to take this car!!!! I would not recommend anyone to try this.

Very Happy!
By -

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA -- I travel to Oklahoma often and so I am always checking for deals. 2 times now I have been very successful and very happy my results. This last one is the best. I bought a round trip ticket NON-stop including a car for $368. UNBELIEVABLE! I checked AA website to compare. The ticket alone was worth $1019!!

The times and airports were better than I expected! This ticket was purchased 10-14 for a 10-17 departure. I have also rented cars on 2 different occasions as was very pleased with the great deal I got. One of the deals was $10 a day! I have a debit card and with Priceline. If you check the debit card box when making your offer and you win, the rental agency must accept your reservation with no BS.

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