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Name Your Own Price
Posted by on
Name Your Own Price sounds great on the surface. This pricing system that seems advantageous to the consumer is actually the very opposite. Imagine a bank taking half a penny from each bank account they have. They will make a small fortune. Imagine a travel company asking consumers to bid on hotels in a market that is opaque i.e. the hotel and market price of the hotel is vague at best. This travel company will be getting a lot of inflated bids (the bid was more than the market value of the hotel). How many half a pennies do you think Priceline has taken?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/20/2010:
Hey, people continue to use it, such as I, and like it. I've saved tons of money using name your own price, if you know what you are doing.
saj80 on 10/20/2010:
The market price isn't opaque; you merely need to do some research before making a bid. If you go to any of numerous websites, including the hotel directly, you can find their room rates and bid accordingly. Don't make this more of an issue than you not being prudent before using Priceline.
werelucky on 10/20/2010:
You can save money if you don't care where you stay, drive, fly, etc and nothing happens where you have to change travel dates.
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Not Enough Options
Posted by on
I have used Name Your Own Price at Priceline many times and have been very happy with the results. On my last trip, I used Name Your Own Price and got a very nice hotel but it does not have an airport shuttle. I needed the shuttle to transport me, two small grandchildren (3 and 5 years old) and lots of luggage. By the time I priced Super Shuttle for 3 people back and forth to the airport, I realized I could rent a car for that price. So on top of my bid for the hotel I had to add a car, something I never needed to do before. Then when I got to the hotel, I had to pay $30.00 extra per day to have two beds in the room. In the past, the other hotels I have used just gave me two beds. Needless to say, by the time I added together the initial hotel cost, plus the extra per day fee and the car, this trip me a lot more than I expected to pay.

What do I expect? I think Name Your Own Price should have a place to incorporate Hotel Shuttle Service and how beds need to be in the room before you place your bid - otherwise you could end up with a very expensive bargain.
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Anonymous on 03/25/2010:
The options are there as to how many beds you want before you bid when you are choosing your hotel. King, single, double etc. You have to click all the options you need, but airport shuttle is not going to be available at every location. You have to choose the one that doe shave it. That should also be a choice you click, If the hotel has shuttle service, it will show up during your search.

Unless I am totally missing something.
dan gordon on 03/26/2010:
in the past I've been pretty happy. As soon as I know the hotel I call hotel and request two beds. I bid on a SF airport hotel and also got one so far it was a $30 cab and felt like you. Having a shuttle is perhaps assumed at airport hotels but sometimes Pricelines zones are outside of normal 'airport' hotels. Its part of the risk you run.
goduke on 03/26/2010:
That's a pretty good idea. I'd think the more options in the bid process, the better off you are.
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Horrible Experience
Posted by on
This experience has been horrible. I tried getting a cheaper flight for my trip to Hawaii and the flight times awarded to me are off the charts. I figured that my flight would fall within the times that were offered, under the pick a flight screen but they are not. Your "Name your Price" option will land you a cheaper flight by 40.00 and extend your flight times (with lay-overs) about 6 hours. Not cool. Even you call and try to pay extra to get a shorter flight or upgrade, the sweet Priceline people do nothing.

Name of Price option at your own risk. I will never do this again.
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User Replies:
JR in Orlando on 11/05/2009:
This is what Priceline name your price offers: Off-demand times for discount prices. What did you expect? Priceline is great IF you recognize what this is what you are doing. Don't blame Priceline for your decision.
Anonymous on 11/05/2009:
Off the charts? They get you to your final destination don't they? You chose this service and they find the cheapest flight that you wanted. Live with it, or pay additional for more desirable flights. Did you at least get "an aisle closest to the front?"
Ben There on 11/05/2009:
They are very upfront that your flight times could fall at any point between a certain window of time including early morning or late night.
Priceline - Fraud on 11/06/2009:
Honestly, I am not sure what rating should be assigned to Priceline. Their site is easy but the flight times and customer serice is horrible. Let's go with a 1.50 star rating.
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Very Happy!
Posted by on
PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA -- I travel to Oklahoma often and so I am always checking for deals. 2 times now I have been very successful and very happy my results.

This last one is the best. I bought a round trip ticket NON stop including a car for $368. UNBELIEVABLE! I checked AA website to compare. The ticket alone was worth $1019!!

The times and airports were better than I expected! This ticket was purchased 10-14 for a 10-17 departure. I have also rented cars on 2 different occasions as was very pleased with the great deal I got. One of the deals was $10 a day!

I have a debit card and with Priceline, if you check the debit card box when making your offer and you win, the rental agency must accept your reservation with no BS.
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Very BAD experience
Posted by on
I tried their "Name your own price" and requested $45 for mini van, it failed and I got an email after two days to retry and I followed the email. This time it went through but guess what !!!!! I got an economy car in $45 !!! I called up their customer service (who kept me on hold for 20 min) and finally said, they can not do any thing and I have to take this car!!!!

I would not recommand any one to try this.
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