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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Priceline site states "see bids on cars at site you are looking at to rent a car". You look at these bids thinking you can match them because after all they were just made right??? Wrong!! The bids you make will not be the same but much higher! Rip off, false advertising!!

Misleading consumers
By -

I went to the "negotiator" and was assured of getting the size car I wanted for $31/day. That bid was regarded as too low, and when I continued by bidding in $2 increments, each bid was too low. Then offers of the size car I wanted were withdrawn, and I was given only choices of economy cars (too small) or luxury cars or SUVs which were far more than I was willing to pay.

At this point I had already given a credit card number and was unable to withdraw my offer. I was then given a choice of deals with various car rentals which I could have negotiated myself. I wound up paying $53/day for a standard size instead of the size I wanted. It seems to me that this is just the old "bait and switch" trick which no reputable company should ever resort to. I will never do business with again and will use every opportunity to warn family and friends not to patronize this company.

Don't Use For Reservations Of Any Kind!!!!
By -

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- They said "must have been a computer glitch... oh well... you have to pay it anyway" Here's my story: In August, we were taking a trip and needed a rental car. I went to and put in a bid of $14. It said I entered my CC information in wrong. I entered again... still wrong (but the info was actually correct) so I deleted all the fields and reentered the information and it said "Congratulations, your bid of $21 has been accepted"...WHAT???

I called them and the customer service representative said "Must have been a computer glitch.. oh well.. you have to pay it anyway". They say I agreed to raise my price to #21 by initialing the contract page disclosing the $21 per day. IT NEVER WENT TO THAT PAGE AFTER ENTERING IN MY CC INFORMATION THREE TIMES!!!! I was never offered the option to purchase a rental car at the rate of $21 per day because of this obvious COMPUTER GLITCH... Don't use this company. Complete rip off!!!

Priceline Sucks
By -

Priceline sucks. I had a problem with my reservation. I had myself listed as the driver and charged it on my wife's credit card on the reservation. When Avis tried to process the reservation they said my license was declined, but they could not tell me why. I knew that there was nothing wrong with my license. I haven't even had a parking ticket in over 20 years. Avis said all we needed to do is call Priceline and have the drivers name changed to my wife's name.

When I called Priceline they refused to do that. Not only did they refuse to do that but I was told that I would have to cancel the reservation and that I would charged a cancellation fee of $55.00. Then I would have to make a new reservation. The rental agent at Avis even spoke to Priceline and they totally refused to do anything about the situation. I think Priceline acted very inconsiderate. There is no reason the driver name could not be changed to my wife's name.

After my wife having a very painful flight because she had back surgery 2 weeks prior and the reason for our trip for her to see her doctor we were there for 2 hours trying to resolve the situation. Lucky the Avis manager came in and after explaining to him the situation without wasting even a second he said he would take care of it and gave us a car for the same price. Priceline should be ashamed of themselves. This is not the way you do business. Thanks for NOTHING Priceline.

Price customer service sucks
By -

I wanted to rent a car so I went to and made a reservation one week ahead. My plans changed due to emergency surgery being done on my son. I call Priceline 10 hours after the reservation had been made but 1 full week before I was to pick the car up. I explained my dilemma I calm manner until the Priceline agent ask that I get medical release form from my son's doctor and a phone number to verify the emergency.

This is way outta line. The said with this there would be a charge. 1 day rental fee but I would need the form from the doctor also. I was willing to take a 1 day fee but not deliver medical information. I politely told them to ** and not ever use them again.

My worst vacation ever.. thanks to Priceline
By -

I booked my vacation pakage to Las Vegas through that was my bigest mistake ever.
My pakage included; round trip flight, hotel, car rental and parking garage by the airport. The airline (Delta) won't let me pick my seats on both trips, they gave me seats right before the emergency exit, so those seats are always in the up-rigth position.. when I got to Las Vegas and tried to get my car from Budget, I had to wait for about an hour to get the car, the people at Budget are very slow and rude. At the hotel they gave me a different room.. I was supposed to get a room with the "Strip view" but they gave me a room in the opposite side of the bulding and the room looked dirty.
When I got back to New York, I was supposed to be picked up by the shuttle from the parking garage where I had parked my car and I had to wait there for about one hour and forty five minutes.. despite the phone calls I made. The company is Avistar..
I'm never doing business with this company ever again.

This company is scam agency not travel agency!
By -

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- Those people are big time thieves and their Web service is all about scam. First of all they make a deals for car rental that doesn't exist (different size and options). Second of all if you cancel your car rental they keep the insurance amount and they said this amount is not refundable even if I cancelled the car anyway.

Ripped Off
By -

I HAD to rent a car with Priceline. They told me my request was not accepted, that they were having computer problems so started making other arrangements. Just by luck checked my email and found out they did process it after I started making other arrangements. I called them and told them what happen, that it was their fault and they pretty much did not care. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN... Ever...

Replies read the fine print
By -

All I can say is make sure you read every single line before you rent a car. There are MANY MANY fine prints that if you do not check you are stuck with no car and no money, because they will not refund the money

Saved A Ton Of Money
By -

LINDEN, NEW JERSEY -- I used Priceline to book a car. I rented a minivan from national rent a car in Ft. Lauderdale and saved 62% off the published Internet price. I doubt I would use anyone else to book a car in the future.

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