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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Priceline site states "see bids on cars at site you are looking at to rent a car" you look at these bids thinking you can match them because after all they were just made right??? Wrong !! The bids you make will not be the same but much higher ! Rip off, false advertising !!
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Alain on 04/14/2013:
On any given day you can find Priceline complaints here or on other consumer sites. That's why I prefer to book direct and avoid 3rd party contractors.
Ben There on 04/14/2013:
Airlines, hotels, car rental companies and travel sites tend to Shout about the cheapest prices available on the cheapest days in their ads, and that price may not be available on the date you actually want to travel.
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This company is scam agency not travel agency!
Posted by on
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- Those people are big time thieves and their Web service is all about scam. first of all they make a deals for car rental that doesn't exist (different size and options) second of all if you cancel your car rental they keep the insurance amount and they said this amount is not refundable even if I cancelled the car anyway.
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F. Sandford on 05/26/2011:
Have not experienced this problem.
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Ripped Off
Posted by on
I HAD to rent a car with Priceline. They told me my request was not excepted that they were having computer problems so started making other arrangements. Just by luck checked my email and found out they did process it after I started making other arrangements. I called them and told them what happen that it was there fault and they pretty much did not care.

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Alain on 04/28/2011:
I prefer to book directly and avoid problems like this with third party contractors like Priceline. The savings just are not worth the aggravation in dealing with them should anything little thing go wrong.
yoke on 05/01/2011:
Why did you have to rent a car with Priceline? Why not go directly with the rental company?
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Don't Use For Reservations Of Any Kind!!!!
Posted by on
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- They said "must have been a computer glitch...oh have to pay it anyway" Here's my story:

In August, we were taking a trip and needed a rental car. I went to and put in a bid of $14. It said I entered my CC information in wrong. I entered again..still wrong (but the info was actually correct) so I deleted all the fields and reentered the information and it said "Congratulations, your bid of $21 has been accepted"...WHAT??? I called them and the customer service representative said "Must have been a computer glitch..oh have to pay it anyway"....They say I agreed to raise my price to #21 by initialing the contract page disclosing the $21 per day...IT NEVER WENT TO THAT PAGE AFTER ENTERING IN MY CC INFORMATION THREE TIMES!!!!

I was never offered the option to purchase a rental car at the rate of $21 per day because of this obvious COMPUTER GLITCH....don't use this company. Complete rip off!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/30/2010:
where can you rent a car for $14 a day?
armybren on 10/01/2010:
That's not the point...I put in a low bid and because of a "computer glitch" it came out to be $21/day that I didn't agree to...I did get a rental car for $160 cheaper than what I was charged from Priceline. When you bid on Priceline don't you start at a ridiculously low price?
biomajor on 10/01/2010:
mrvw, Enterprise's weekend rates (Friday-Monday) are 9.99 a day
trmn8r on 10/01/2010:
I know of a curmudgeon on one website who would say "that's what you get for using the internet" in reply to this letter. That isn't M-O, but personally, I wouldn't use any of these third party companies. And once the website malfunctioned I would stop immediately and go elsewhere. Were you ultimately not charged? You say you went elsewhere.
Anonymous on 10/04/2010:
I had no idea rentals were that cheap. it's been awhile since I've rented a car and had to pay for it myself.
Also, I know the $14 rental is not the point, I was just wondering where you could rent for that much. I know people think every piece of technology should be perfect, but it's not. Errors happen
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Priceline Sucks
Posted by on
Priceline sucks. I had a problem with my reservation. I had myself listed has the driver and charged it on my wife's credit card on the reservation. When Avis tried to process the reservation they said my license was declined, but they could not tell me why. I knew that there was nothing wrong with my license. I haven't even had a parking ticket in over 20 years. Avis said all we needed to do is call Priceline and have the drivers name changed to my wife's name. When I called Priceline they refused to do that. Not only did they refuse to do that but I was told that I would have to cancel the reservation and that I would charged a cancellation fee of $55.00. Then I would have to make a new reservation. The rental agent at Avis even spoke to Priceline and they totally refused to do anything about the situation. I thing Priceline acted very inconsiderate. There is no reason the driver name could not be changed to my wife's name. After my wife having a very painfull flight because she had back surgery 2 weeks prior and the reason for our trip for her to see her doctor we were there for 2 hours trying to resolve the situation. Lucky the Avis manager came in and after explaining to him the situation without wasting even a second he said he would take care of it and gave us a car for the same price.
Priceline should be ashamed of themselves. This is not the way you do business. Thanks for NOTHING Priceline.

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Price customer service sucks
Posted by on
I wanted to rent a car so I went to and made a reservation one week ahead. My plans changed due to emergency surgery being done on mys son. I call Priceline 10 hours after the reservation had been made but 1 full week before I was to pick the car up. I explained my delema I calm manner until the Priceline agent ask that I get medical release form from my son's doctor and a phone number to verify the emergency. This is way outta line. The said with this there would be a charge. 1 day rental fee but I would need the form from the doctor also. I was willing to take a 1 day fee but not deliver medical information. I politely told them to F-OFF and not ever use them again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/19/2009:
How were they out of line? They need to verify that there is an actual emergency. You were the one who was out of line by cussing the agent out. Sounds to me like they were willing to help you, but you chose to not accept their help
BEJ on 11/19/2009:
Not out of line at all. How do you expect them to verify that you are telling the truth. A good portion of letters that I write for my patients are letters of this type to get them out stuff that they medically can no longer do.
Anonymous on 11/19/2009:
Many people lie, so they need to verify situations at hand. It's in the terms and conditions that you obviously didn't read.
skelly39 on 11/19/2009:
I agree-how were they out of line? Anyone could call up and claim a medical emergency.
Anonymous on 11/19/2009:
Personally I also will refuse to give out medical information except where it is absolutely necessary. You never know where this could come back at you, as if the medical report said you were diabetic, and this information gets on their computer records, next thing they may want you to walk with a medical saying your diabetes is under control the next time you rent. I rent often directly with the car rental companies and I am allowed to cancel my reservation on line on the rental company's website without any charge and without giving a reason.
JR in Orlando on 11/19/2009:
I guess you can't claim a medical problem to get out of paying a contract provision and at the same time not provide medical information. Its either pay or provide.
Anonymous on 11/19/2009:
The request was totally reasonable. They were not requesting any medical information, they were requesting verification that there really was a medical emergency. I give them kudoes for being far more reasonable that I would have expected them to be.
Anonymous on 11/19/2009:
Ken, I think once they get the medical release, they would be entitled to have the doctor provide the medical information if they say they need it
Ben There on 11/19/2009:
If you purchase insurance that covers you in the event of a medical event, you better be ready to hand over medical information if you want to claim on the insurance. James236 - be careful with some of the rental car companies - they have picked up on the nonrefundable discounted rate direct as well.
Anonymous on 11/19/2009:
Why would you think that? It wasn't asked for, and there is nothing to indicate that it would be. There is a standard release form that a physician can sign certifying a medical emergency. It's done all the time.

They would have been within their rights to point out that the OP bought a non-refundable package.
Anonymous on 11/19/2009:
Ken, the OP said they wanted not only the release but a phone number (presumably the doctor's) as well. So that made me think they didn't just want the standard release but also they wanted to talk to him as well. About what if not to get further information? Ben There, I rented from Enterprise in August 2009 and their rates were refundable and was only about $2 per day more than the Priceline quote. Except in the case of air fares where the refundable fares are very high, I usually go for refundable reservations, which in the case of hotels and car rentals is usually only slightly higher in my experience
Anonymous on 11/19/2009:
or...they wanted to call the doctor and verify that it was he, and not the OP who signed the release form.
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My worst vacation ever.. thanks to Priceline
Posted by on
I booked my vacation pakage to Las Vegas through that was my bigest mistake ever.
My pakage included; round trip flight, hotel, car rental and parking garage by the airport. The airline (Delta) won't let me pick my seats on both trips, they gave me seats right before the emergency exit, so those seats are always in the up-rigth position.. when I got to Las Vegas and tried to get my car from Budget, I had to wait for about an hour to get the car, the people at Budget are very slow and rude. At the hotel they gave me a different room.. I was supposed to get a room with the "Strip view" but they gave me a room in the opposite side of the bulding and the room looked dirty.
When I got back to New York, I was supposed to be picked up by the shuttle from the parking garage where I had parked my car and I had to wait there for about one hour and forty five minutes.. despite the phone calls I made. The company is Avistar..
I'm never doing business with this company ever again.
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User Replies:
goduke on 07/31/2009:
I'd be kind of curious which property you were at. In my experience in Sin City "Strip View" is a very loose term, and often means "you can see some portion of the strip from the window". It doesn't often mean "overlooking the strip."'

While I don't recommend Priceline to anyone, I'm not seeing this really as a Priceline issue. You didn't like the seats that Delta assigned (Delta did that, not Priceline). You didn't like that Budget was slow (Budget's issue, not Priceline). You didn't like the property's definition of strip view (again, not Priceline). And the shuttle to the garage was slow (shuttle issue, not Priceline).

I think you'd easily have all of those same issues whether or not you went with Priceline.

Ruined vacation? You still got to Vegas. I'm assuming you had a good time there. Even if the room didn't have the "strip view", how much time does one really spend in a room while in Vegas?
saj80 on 07/31/2009:
I'm not sure if any of your complaints should be directed at Priceline. The airlines control seat assignments, Priceline has no control over how fast a rental car agency processes rentals, not sure if Priceline can request certain rooms at hotels (I don't think they can), and, again, Priceline has no control over a shuttle company. I do believe you would have had the same issues booking with any other agent, so as much as I don't like online booking companies, Priceline included, I can't fault them for any of your issues.
Anonymous on 07/31/2009:
What they said!
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Car Rental
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Do not use Priceline. Com...Their price guarantee is bs...I purchased a car rental through them only to find a cheaper price through the actual rental company...When I called to tell them to match the price, they gave me a run around story and all of a sudden added a bunch of restrictions and policies that they do not disclose at the beginning of the deal...After asking to speak to a supervisor I was told they don't have any and that I would have to email through their website...

Long story short I am now stuck w/ the reservation I made with them, I could have saved money...They are a complete ripoff I will never use them again
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User Replies:
FoggyOne on 12/13/2008:
Why does anyone go to an online travel agency BEFORE they check the car rental, airline, or hotel websites first?
rogerheart69 on 01/02/2009:
You entered a price YOU wanted to pay. Its your own fault, and besides their Best Price Guarantee is only for the first 24 hours after purchase. Check it out on their site. You should really compare prices before you bid, makes you betted informed. We people don't always know it all.
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Credit Card Fraud After Booking With Priceline
Posted by on
MANCHESTER -- While traveling in Europe I booked a prepaid rental car using Priceline, that booking was handled through Auto Europe.

I was initially suspicious because Auto Europe kept telling me that they has emailed me the voucher when they had not done so. When we arrived, late at night, the rental car company (Europcar) refused to honor the voucher and the Auto Europe reps were just rude. Based on this experience alone I would never use either Priceline or Auto Europe again, but there's more and it gets worse.

Auto Europe did not issue the voucher or charge my card until several hours after I had given them my credit card info. A very short time after the booking, however, an attempt was made to fraudulently charge my card for several thousand dollars. Very suspicious because this card had not previously been used for some time. I tried to contact Priceline to discuss the above and give them the opportunity to correct their security issues, but they have made themselves unavailable. Chase Bank and my State Attorney General's office are considerably more interested, so let Priceline and Auto Europe try to hide from them.

Do business with these people at your own risk! I know that I won't be doing so!
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Posted by on
All I can say is make sure you read every single line before you rent a car. There are MANY MANY fine prints that if you do not check you are stuck with no car and no money, because they will not refund the money
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User Replies:
momsey on 06/25/2010:
Valid advice, but this is not a valid complaint. This is more informative. If you had a bad experience, you should give us those details.
Ben There on 06/26/2010:
Everybody should read the fine print of any online transaction. You always must ticket a box or initial that you agree to the terms and conditions on all the sites I use...
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