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Priceline Is Deceiving
Posted by Twolf06 on 02/14/2014
SEVEN HILLS, OHIO -- Didn't even want to give them any kind of star, but we had too!! Customer service is terrible their exceptions and rules are misleading, vague and totally unrealistic. When you talk to one person then talk to another everyone gives you totally different answers. The insurance is a SCAM. They lead you to believe that what you need is what the policy is, even if it is not. When asked to speak to a supervisor they argued about that then they said they will put us on hold, but it won't make a difference. then we hung up after two hours and no one even answered. They don't care they are a big business if they lose one person they think, heck there are two other suckers to take their place. All they care about is money NOT customer service!!!

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Posted by Star_rox_my_sox on 01/28/2014
ALVIN, TEXAS -- My flight got changed and I have called three times getting no info from Priceline. They tell me the office they need to call to be able to fix my tickets are always closed and only open from 10-6pm EASTERN TIME. Which they neglected to tell me the first two times I have called. Not only this, but because I bought my tickets through Priceline, they technically own the tickets until I depart so I can't even call the airlines to get my tickets fixed myself. SO I am still dealing with the stupid people that are very unhelpful.

Especially since I have called three times and it is like I have to start all over explaining everything every time I call because they don't look at each others notes left on the account. NEVER TRUST THIS COMPANY OR USE IT!
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NOT the best price, NO Guarantee
Posted by Danirodarte on 01/22/2014
I was booking a hotel for a weekend getaway and decided to try Priceline Name your own price since it claims you save up to 60%. Unfortunately the price I paid is $26 higher than the published price on the hotel website. The rate was available to all sorts of groups to include any type of government employee (state, federal, military) AAA, CAA, AARP. I called Priceline Customer Service and even had it escalated to Customer Relations and after 27 minutes on hold and in conversation, all I was told twice was that their best price guarantee is based on a discount off the full price, not in comparison to any discounted rate, published price or even compared to other sites. There is NO guarantee it is the best price, and it is not refundable, no credit can be offered and there is nothing you can do about it. I could have saved my self money and time and just booked the hotel on the hotel site, and it would be changeable, cancelable and they'd refund the difference if the price dropped.

Bottom line: Clearly there are better prices and much better customer service approaches out there. I will never use Priceline again, and suggest that anyone who is eligible for a student, military, government, AAA, AARP, CCA or loyalty program price should avoid using Priceline.com. They are not giving you a deal, so use another site to book or find a hotel you like and then book with the hotel directly.
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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2014-01-23:
Like you said, many people on this site advise you book directly. Never use these sites. They have to profit somehow and thats taking advantage of people.
Posted by Fairest on 2014-01-23:
I recently booked a 10 day hotel stay for April, 2014, and had to cancel - Priceline had already charged me for the entire stay (this has never been my experience with a hotel) and charged me $25 to cancel the reservation. My advice - book with the hotel directly, don't book a hotel through Priceline.
Posted by OrlandoJR on 2014-01-23:
I don't see where there is poor customer service. Priceline employees just told the customer exactly what the terms are, which are disclosed on its website: "Priceline's Best Price Guarantee applies only to rates available to the general public. It does not apply to membership or corporate rates or special discounted rates including AARP, employee, military, government, convention rates or other rates not available to the general public." This is what the agent told you as to why you did not qualify for best rate guarantee.
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Do Not Use Priceline Unless You Are Prepared To Lose $$$$$
Posted by Pamstern6 on 01/17/2014
I bid on a car and hotel for California. I could not go for good reasons last minute. I called Priceline and was told the reservations were non transferable non refundable. I knew this however, I had no control over not being able to go. Priceline keeps the money I paid. This is how they make money NOT on the commissions from rentals etc. The hotel does not charge Priceline if the rooms are not occupied. They have the right to charge but they most likely don't. I spoke to Priceline even the executive office and they refuse to do anything. Do Not Use Priceline unless you are prepared to lose lots of $$$$ if you cannot travel. This is unfair business practice. I would rather spend a few more $$ and book directly with car rental and hotels where I will get a full refund if not used. I will be using all social media to let the public know that they will be ripped off by Priceline if they have to cancel.

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Posted by andbran on 2014-01-18:
there are constant complaints about this company yet people still use it. i don't think they will go out of business anytime soon.
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Posted by Pricelineishorrible on 01/15/2014
Do not bid on a hotel on Priceline! They will say you get a hotel in a certain area, then you get there and its nowhere near that. When I called customer service to inform them of this, they said they wouldn't fix it, and did not care at all. NEVER USING THIS SITE AGAIN. Liars and cheats.
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Nobody Available if You Have an Issue
Posted by Msander765 on 01/08/2014
We have been using Priceline for years and never had a problem. But the 1st time we actually needed to speak to a live person because of an issue that needed addressed - nobody will call or e-mail us back! We've been trying to reach someone now for 5 days and it's complete silence on the other end! Now I'm reading other reviews of others needing refunds and Priceline blowing them off. So - as long as everything goes perfectly with your travel plans (which of course you can't tell the future), then great. But don't expect any acknowledgement if you need anything or have any issues.
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Posted by Bdown329 on 12/28/2013
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I made reservations to New Orleans online that was suppose to be best price available (all Lies). A couple of days later, I called the hotel to find out Price Line was charging me 70 dollars more(liars) a day. My trip is 6 months away and they tell me that ain't nothing I can do about it because I had 24 hours to cancel and my time was up. They lied about the best price available and they have the nerve to hold me to this mess. Its to late for me so this is for the rest of the hard working individuals that don't want to be taken advantage of by Price Line. "Only spend your hard earned money with people that work hard for you". STAY AWAY FROM PRICE LINE!!!! LIARS, SCAM ARTISTS.
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Customer Service at Priceline
Posted by Ramm4 on 12/21/2013
It was relatively easy making the arrangements for my hotel and flight. I also spoke with a person to verify the plans. I understood that breakfast was included with the hotel and when I got to the hotel I found out that breakfast was extra. The people at the hotel were very nice and explained that it wasn't listed on my document. I called Priceline and literally spent 2 1/2 hours trying to get a person on the phone. The hotel even called for me using the number that they have and then gave me the phone. I explained to them, that I understood that breakfast was included and to play back the recording. He said someone will get back to me that day after they review it. Needless to say no one ever got back to me. More phone calls were made and I couldn't get any where. All they had to do was to call me back and say yes it was their mistake or sorry for the inconvenience but I misunderstood. So the end of the story is its good if it works but if you have any problems there is no one to help you. They lost me and my family as customers.

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Car Rental From Priceline
Posted by Chrispass63 on 12/19/2013
ON LINE -- I paid Priceline in advance for economy car rental 2 months in advance. When I arrived in Atlanta there were dozens or hundreds of people waiting hours foe Hertz rentals booked by Priceline. After waiting hours 1000 miles from home we were told to call a cab. Since this was last minute at the airport the best rental available in Atlanta the day was $200 more then I paid Priceline.

Priceline said to bad and would not refund the difference. DO NOT EVER rent a car from PRICELINE. They do not uphold their agreements and leave you stranded hundred of miles from Home.
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Watch Out For The Bait And Switch
Posted by Hitprint on 12/17/2013
I have used Priceline.com for rental cars a few times. The last time on a trip to Florida when I got to the counter, the rental car agent chummed me up and asked what kind of car I drive at home and said I must be used to luxury etc and then offered me a choice of TWO cars. When I picked one of them, I later discovered it cost a lot more than my Priceline cost and was in essence an upgrade that wasn't disclosed to me. The rental car company said well, if the desk man gave you the total price, that was your chance to say "whoa, that's more expensive than I want, I will stay in the class I reserved." You have to know to say these key words apparently. I think they should be required to tell you that they are UPSELLING you. So just be careful.
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