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Pricemad Are Thieves - Avoid at All Cost!!!
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I had been shopping for a new Sharp Aquos 37" LCD TV for months and just before Labor Day Weekend saw this great sale at out of NY. It was the best price that I had seen so of course I ordered it. Their website ALWAYS says 'for faster service, please order online.' I ordered it on Thursday evening. I am in California - 3 hours behind them. I received an email stating in order to confirm the order I'd have to call them. I called the next morning. Upon speaking with the sales person who answered the phone to confirm my order, he informed me that this was a refurbished TV.

I told him that I did not want anything refurbished and to go ahead and cancel the order. He gave me some lame line about how it has never been used - that they got a lot of inventory from CompUSA when they went under and told me he'd throw in the HDMI cables, a free 3 year warranty and free expedited shipping for $89.00 to save this sale. I told him as long as I could return it for a full refund if anything was wrong with it, I'd check it out. We hung up and a few moments later he called back to say that my card had not gone through and I'd have to call my bank and then him back if I wanted this purchase to go through.

There had been a robbery at my bank branch, so my check had not yet posted to my account. I was relieved. I did not call my bank or Pricemad back, thinking since the message said I had to contact both in order for the purchase to go through, I'd be safe. I kept checking the website to make sure it reflected 'cancelled' over the long holiday weekend and it never did - it said 'will ship.'

Since it was a long holiday weekend and nobody was there, I sent an email to their customer service department (link under 'contact us') to insure doubly this order would be cancelled on Tuesday morning first thing when they opened. I called on Tuesday first thing to make sure once again this order had been cancelled.

I had to call 5 separate times, only to be put on terminal hold once he heard the words "I'm calling to make sure my order has been cancelled" or transferred to another extension that just rang off the hook, never went to voicemail and was never answered. Finally, I called him back and told him he'd better not put me on hold one more time or transfer me. He told me he'd check the cancellation status and put the phone down - when he came back on the line, he told me the card had been charged. I was furious! I hung up and called my bank that minute. He had actually re-run my credit card while I was waiting for him to check on my 'cancellation' status.

My bank confirmed that was exactly what happened. Not only do they NOT advertise these TV's as 'refurbished' on the website and you don't find out until you are instructed to call them to confirm the order after of course, they already have your credit card information online, but after you cancel the order, they take your money anyway!

I have sent complaints to my bank's investigative department, Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. I haven't heard anything yet. Someone at Pricemad actually told me that they do not have email or voicemail and it's no wonder if this is the way they do business (and I use the term 'business' loosely!). Pricemad employs idiots and their company policy seems to be to steal as much money from everyone as they can! Then it takes an ENTIRE month to receive the order (so much for expedited shipping right?) and the stupid cables he promised me are not even here 6 weeks later.

I am sitting on hold right now for customer service and have been for more than one hour on my cell phone trying to get these HDMI cables and the picture on the TV really isn't that great. I'd return it but I don't feel I should have to pay a 15% restocking fee and the astronomical shipping costs to send it back to them since I cancelled this order three separate times to begin with! These morons must be stopped. They need to be wiped from the face of the planet and put in jail!!! They are frauds and thieves and nothing more. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DO BUSINESS IN AMERICA!!!

Don't Deal With Them!
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The last 2 months have been a nightmare! I ordered a television online from Pricemad because the price seemed too good to be true. It was. I did a little more research and found the TV was not HD like I had thought, so I called and tried to cancel within 30 minutes after placing the order. When I reached a salesman he convinced me he knew exactly what I needed and for only a couple hundred dollars more I could get it.

I agreed only if he would email me information about it first so I could look at it and read over the info first. He agreed. The info never came, however the television DID come in only 4 days. I knew immediately I didn't want it from the picture on the box and tried to refuse the order. HOWEVER the drivers could not take it back.

My husband called and talked to someone who assured him it was a brand new model and that it was so new there was no information yet online. Being the trusting people we both are, we decided to open the box and set it up. The TV was fine but the remote was damaged. When we called for a new remote we were told to contact the manufacturer directly. When we did we found out the TV was discontinued and no parts were available for it.

I called for an RA number to return the TV to Pricemad. The original box had been destroyed and it cost us $200 to have it professionally repackaged. We also had to pay a $250 shipping charge to send it back. All said, they still owed us a $2,200.00 refund after shipping was deducted.

I have been waiting well over 5 weeks and have not seen a penny back from them. Any time I call I am on hold a minimum of 30-60 minutes with dead sound in the background. When someone finally answers and it's not a "sale" they transfer the call where I'm put on hold all over again. After a certain length of time the phone just hangs up.

Tomorrow will be 20 business days since they supposedly OK'ed the refund. (An additional 2 weeks after they received it back.) My life has been put on hold until that refund goes through. I do a lot of internet buying and this company is by far the worst company for customer service I have ever dealt with.

By -

NYC, NEW YORK -- I am writing this review in order to spread the word about this horrible retailer operating out of NYC. They have horrible follow through and it's always a PULL instead of PUSH to get information or status about an order. I first ordered a television and was called by ** to tell me that "the model is discontinued." He then upsold me on another model and I foolishly took the bait. ** also sold me an extra warranty.

The next day, upon checking up on the model, I attempted to cancel the order. ** begged me to keep the order and he would throw in cables and a power conditioner, etc. He also offered to refund the warranty in order to keep the sale. I said OK and patiently awaited the TV. A few WEEKS later, the delivery company called my wife and stated that the truck won't fit in my rural street and would she "meet him" somewhere to take delivery of the TV? I unloaded the TV from the van and after unpacking it found it with a cracked screen. I called and this time **, in customer service was VERY HELPFUL and offered to ship another unit out the next day.

A full week later, I called and inquired about the replacement, and I wasn't given a tracking number and was told that ** had it and wasn't at her desk (WTF!!). A week later, I called customer service and was finally given a tracking number. The refund on the warranty still hadn't been applied 5 weeks after ** offered to refund it. I inquired about this and was told that a refund of 268 was being 'processed'. I asked why it wasn't the full 299 that ** had told me and was transferred to him. On the phone, ** mentioned for the very first time that there was a 10% "restocking fee" for the return of the warranty.

I argued that ** hadn't ever mentioned that when he was attempting to salvage the sale and demanded that he refund me the entire 299 for the warranty as promised. He mentioned that he wasn't about to argue over 30 bucks so he said it would be done. Since the refund for the warranty STILL hadn't been applied when I checked my AMEX account, I called AMEX and initiated a charge dispute with this company.

ALL information gathered from these clowns has been because I called them and waited on hold for sometimes up to 20 minutes. NO emails have EVER been answered or responded to. They are quick to charge your card, but VERY SLOW to help you with any problems. I want to commend ** in Customer Service for being the exception to this. I would NEVER EVER buy from these shysters again and I am advising ALL to avoid this retailer at all costs. They cause you grief and are rude in general.

Non-Shipment of Product
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- As far as customer service goes, these guys are about the worst I have ever dealt with. They promise things that are not true, they do not return phone calls, they do not return e-mails, you are left on hold for up to an hour with no check-in or hold music, and they are all very good at transferring you to someone else to deal with. I tried to order a TV that they didn't have in stock. The salesman tried to get me to buy something else because he was more concerned about making a sale at that moment. I was then told it would take about a week to ship to their warehouse and another week to ship to me.

Well, after two weeks there was nothing. I would call and they would say it should be there in a few days, or it has already left their warehouse. Finally, after about a month of getting one dishonest answer after another, I finally cancelled the order. Customer service and honesty is something that you can't put too much of a price on. I would NEVER recommend anyone ever buying something from these guys. If they would have just said it would take 2 months to get one, or that they couldn't get one at all, I would have had more respect for them since they were honest. But, that never happened. Avoid Pricemad at all costs!!!

Terrible Outfit
By -

Be careful with the bait-and-switch tactics this outfit uses. When you receive your "invoice" via e-mail you are requested to call to confirm your order. This is when the bait-and-switch is done. They will try to sell you another item and prefacing it's higher quality and a better price. Of course this isn't true. The switch item will be of lesser quality and be found for a much cheaper price elsewhere (a quick search on the internet will confirm this).

It is my opinion that what they do could be considered wired fraud which carries a 20 year sentence for each count as codified in is codified at 18 U.S.C. ยง 1343. Beware when dealing with **. They are great at misdirection and misinformation.

The reason I consider their tactics wire fraud is that I was sent an invoice via e-mail and received a completely different product. When I called to try to rectify this I was told that I would have to pay the return shipping and a restocking fee. I would love to peg a few of these cases on them and file charges. The risk of 20 years in a Fed pen for each count of fraud might make them rethink their tactics. Please for your own interest do not buy from this group.

By -

FLORIDA -- Do not buy from PriceMad. The price they offered online was not what they charged me; online TV was $2289.01; they charged me $2489.01. I had had multiple phone calls to them about their bait and switch tactics (too much to address here); their own manager contradicted what the sales staff told me about recording their phone calls as I was looking for proof of their horrid business tactics. When I tried to cancel the set they tried to charge me $200 for the cancellation. I'm writing the attorney general in both Fl and NY about my experience with them.

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