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Admit they messed up and rectify it and not punish the consumer
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I order my prescriptions every month through Primemail because of the convenience. I have to sign for my prescriptions every month when they are delivered which is fine. This month for some reason I did not get my prescription and they are telling me the signature was waived and they had to investigate as they have never seen this before. 2 weeks later I still do not have my prescription, I'm out of my medication and they say they cannot do anything about it because my doctor will not issue a replacement prescription. They are the ones that messed things up by not requiring a signature and now they cannot tell me who they delivered my medication too and they don't care. This drug is a class C drug. Isn't it illegal for them to do this? I am the one suffering here as I cannot see my doctor for another 2 1/2 weeks and they have my original prescription. I have spent endless hours on the phone with them over the past 2 weeks, have spoken with over 20 people there only to be told we are investigating....we are investigating...we will call you etc etc no calls until I call them and today it was oh I'm sorry your ticket has been closed and there is nothing we can do.

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