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Admit they messed up and rectify it and not punish the consumer
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I order my prescriptions every month through Primemail because of the convenience. I have to sign for my prescriptions every month when they are delivered which is fine. This month for some reason I did not get my prescription and they are telling me the signature was waived and they had to investigate as they have never seen this before. 2 weeks later I still do not have my prescription, I'm out of my medication and they say they cannot do anything about it because my doctor will not issue a replacement prescription. They are the ones that messed things up by not requiring a signature and now they cannot tell me who they delivered my medication too and they don't care. This drug is a class C drug. Isn't it illegal for them to do this? I am the one suffering here as I cannot see my doctor for another 2 1/2 weeks and they have my original prescription. I have spent endless hours on the phone with them over the past 2 weeks, have spoken with over 20 people there only to be told we are investigating....we are investigating...we will call you etc etc no calls until I call them and today it was oh I'm sorry your ticket has been closed and there is nothing we can do.
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Alain on 05/15/2011:
If you really need the medication you're going to have to see the doctor sooner. Both Primemail and your doctor have to follow the law precisely or they will run into legal problems.
momsey on 05/15/2011:
Have you talked to the doctor about the situation? The pharmacy can't do anything further until they get a replacement prescription.
unhappy in florida on 11/09/2012:
I have had a hard time dealing with Primemail too and they are most unwilling to rectify the problems they have caused. They shipped out the wrong medication and refused to address it. I have spoken with multiple people there. They will not give my money back. They will not take the wrong drug back. Because of their mistake, I can not use insurance to purchase meds and now must pony up the full uninsured price (at a local pharmacy) to get the proper drug. I will NOT do business with Primemail. They seem to save you a little money but actually caused much hassle, frustration and much larger costs when all was said and done.
disgusted in North Carolina on 01/27/2013:
BC/BS moved mail order prescriptions to Prime Mail the first of 2013. I have spent over 2 hours on the phone with both companies trying to straighten out my name (has not changed in 70 years) and my prescriptions. Now I am running out of meds, but no orders have arrived. Customer Service is awful.
unhappy in California on 03/11/2013:
Blue Shield makes members use Prime Mail for prescriptions in order to get the lowest price. There is no alternative, except to use a local pharmacy and pay more. But it may be worth it. Whenever something goes wrong in the Prime Mail system, it takes endless calls to 800 number to TRY and get things fixed. Their agents make promise after promise that the problem will be fixed, but it doesn't happen and there is no follow-up with the customer. Sometimes getting a problem fixed takes weeks, and in the meantime, the patient is out of medications. I never had any problems with other mailorder pharmacies before the Blue Shield-Prime Mail connection. If Blue Shield REALLY wanted to help their customers, they would offer a choice of mailorder pharmacies. There are good ones out there. The latest fiasco is that Prime Mail cancelled a prescription and took it out of their online system because of a clerical error. They can see it in their internal system but it doesn't display on the customer website. But just try to get them to fix it...endless phone calls, endless promises, but no action. I would rather pay more and walk in to a local pharmacy to get meds than deal with the Prime Mail bureaucracy. Their service stinks. I'm through with them. Perhaps Blue Shield will get the message if enough people change to another health plan during open enrollment.
Jim Eckerman on 04/30/2013:
I listen closely to my doctor but Primemail only listens to the $$$$. For example, my doctor ordered an increase in a med from 20 to 40mg. I have the old med and can use the old prescription by doubling the dosage until I run out. Primemail sees the order and without my approval or input, tries to fill the order. This is actually illegal in California where the patient or authorized person must approve the transaction. I have had it with these jerks and will just refuse the charge. I didn't order or authorize it and it came "free" in the mail. I have discussed this with them several times and they just ignor the protocol and do what they want.
Lance on 06/08/2013:
I had to use Prime Mail about two years and they consistently made mistakes with prescriptions. The would send medications I did not neet, and take several weeks to send the ones I did need. I will not use them in the future.
jane allison on 08/22/2013:
Agree. It is a junk pharmaceutical plan. I have had all of the above problems and worse.
Frank on 10/22/2013:
They sent me the wrong medicine and will not correct it . Because of them I am looking to replace BCBS.
Phyllis on 10/26/2013:
Even their fax numbers are not working. I called 3 times 3 dif numbers none work
Fletch on 10/29/2013:
Primemail Therapeutics online/mail order pharmacy service is horrible. I mailed my Rx in and it was received nearly 3 weeks ago. Then I received a call last Friday wanting me to approve the credit card charge because it was over $399
Linda Sims on 11/24/2013:
My husbands medicine arrived today with only 15 pills in two of his prescriptions that was supposed to be a 90 day supply. in order to get the full 90 day supply,I have to pay an additional 30 dollars. Prime mail is a thief.I am disgusted
Myrtle on 12/09/2013:
I recently saw my ophthalmologist who confirmed the name of the mail-order company I use, and then without notifying me sent the prescription for the eye-drops I take, to Prime Mail.
I then received an email from Prime Mail saying that medication was being shipped to me. When I questioned why they didn't wait to get authorization from me, they said any prescription sent from the provider is automatically filled and sent out. Is that legal? Don't they need a patient's authorization?
niki smith on 01/09/2014:
Continued bad experiences with PrimeMail. customer service rarely ever knows what's going on. Seems like right hand doesn't talk to left hand. Biggest issue I have with them is the "processing time" of 2-3 days once an order is approved from my doctor and insurance company. What are they doing for 2-3 days? How long does it take to count out 90 pills and stick them in a bottle and mailing envelope? Local pharmacy fills scripts in one hour!
Unhappy Too in California on 03/09/2014:
I started this year with a new Blue Shield, and PM is the mail order provider. I have had four orders submitted online via my doctor that PM has been unable to fill for various excuses in their form letter, which he is able to fill online immediately at my local pharmacy. My primary care doctor, who works in a technology savvy and electronic medical record medical group confirmed that PM is a difficult mail order to work with, and he gets a lot of complaints from patients. Today I received my fifth "unable to process...due to (fill in the blank)" letter, even though online it shows my order ready to be shipped. However, I also received another "unable to process" letter, with my address, to a different person for his totally different medication and reason. From all the above comments, and my own experience, it seems like PM has some quality control issues. Someone should write the Joint Commission.
lydnc on 03/30/2014:
I've had numerous problems with PM - prescriptions disappearing from my online profile, orders getting lost resulting in going without meds for days, unable to order refills online. I complained to my HR department after the second time I was without my meds, but nothing seems to have changed. Now when I try to order a refill online, it tells me it's not refillable. So I call and I'm told there's nothing wrong. I asked the rep to escalate it to someone who could figure out what the problem was, but he just dismissed me. I'm switching back to a brick and mortar pharmacy. I'll have to pay more, but I can't deal with PM anymore. I care about getting my prescription medications
neal on 04/07/2014:
Prime Mail just charged me $240 for what should have cost $50. Accidentally shipped me non-generics. Now what? I'm just out $190? Think I'll have any luck with a chargeback via Discover Card for wrong item? I can use them since they are the non-generic version, but have NEVER had the non-generic version via Prime. Not sure why they did this and I wouldn't be surprised if on purpose.
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