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ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN -- My husband and I used Primo for a very short time for their international calling cards. The first time I added $50 to the calling card (this is all done over the phone and payment is made with credit card). We had quite a few connection problems and had a pretty hard time using up the $50. The "customer service reps" we talked to about the problem assured us it was due to us being new customers and something about setting up our account, blah blah blah and that the problems should now be corrected. So my husband and I added another $30 to the card and gave them another try.

Now we were not able to call at all! I kept calling Primo, they would tell me Tech team is working on the problem. Problem to be fixed within 2 days. I called again 2 days later, problem not fixed, tech team still working on the problem... Anyway, this went on for a while and I was frustrated so I told them to just credit my money back. They said "NO we don't issue refunds - company policy..." I asked for a copy of their company's policy - woman on the phone tells me they don't have a written policy... HUMMMM INTERESTING!!!! I told her that I paid for a service that Primo is not delivering to me, so I will not be paying for the $30.

After no resolution with the rude assistant, I informed her I would call my credit card company to put a stop on the payment. Now, 4 months later I receive a phone call from them stating I owe $4 and that they're sending me to collections for it!!! (They claim that I used up $4 from the $30 that I last put on the card...) Seriously no joke, this company is BOGUS... Don't waste your money on them. I'm not even sure why they're allowed to do business. If anybody knows where a company such as this can be reported for bad business, etc I would love the information.

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ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN -- Here is where to complain. The nr is 1-888-225-5322 and it is the FCC. And here is who owns this company. Make sure you file a complaint with the FCC. Also they have a spin-off of this company nameed Modafone. Stay away from them also.

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