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It Couldn't Be Worse Than This
Posted by WPatcher on 07/06/2009
Here is a company that not only has the worst phone and billing setup but also the worst kind of staff to deal with customers. My nightmare started when our bookkeeper delayed a check by one week and without warning we lost all ability to stay open and perform our job (mind you this was a business line and my business was practically crippled without service for over a week). Their system made our phone service unusable without any prior notice. Primus does not have a viable system for a company that relies on phones to do their business. We had to delay operations for 3 days and send our employees home until they fixed their error to gets us back on line.

Their Customer Service is like a roulette game, every time you get a new representative with new answer to the same concern. The frustration I felt aggravated due to the Customer Support person whose explanations were not clear at all, and whose accent was so strong that I had to ask her to repeat most of the letters that she was spelling.

First day it took me 2 hours & 5 hangups to get connected to a representative and then to be told that the line had been disconnected by Primus. The I was told that I would be contacted back in two hours which never happened. When I called back again and asked for a supervisor as this was impacting my business I was told that the call could not be passed onto the supervisor. When I put my foot down saying that I would not speak to anyone but to a sup guess what ... the representative hung up on me.

Well finally it took me like 25 odd calls and several escalations to get this resolved in 4 days. I have decided to part ways and switch to a different service provider after this experience.

Frankly reasonable rates are one thing, but taking a company down due to a human error and having no way to quickly be warned or be fixed is completely unacceptable.

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Added fees without notifying me and threatened to ruin my credit
Posted by Gmob718 on 07/27/2007
I subscribed to Primus long distance phone service because they promised no extra fees, only charges for phone use by the minute. Without notifying me they changed the terms of our agreement and started charging a monthly fee for low usage. Low usage at no extra fee was why I chose their plan. When I asked for $90 in unauthorized charges to be refunded they refused, and threatened to ruin my credit rating when I disputed their overcharges with my credit card company. They have initiated collection agency harassment of me now.
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-07-27:
We need more information. Did they suddenly put a one time $90 charge on you? I had Primus and they started adding a $4.99 a month fee on me, so I quit and started buying calling cards instead (for international calls). I think you need to tell the whole story before anyone can help you.
Posted by california girrrl on 2009-03-31:
PRIMUS "service" was the worst experience that I made with any company ever!!
Since there are obviously more people who made a bad experience with them, it might be worth informing the Federal Communications Commission at Consumer Complaints, 445 12th Street SW, Washington DC 20554, or at fccinfo@fcc.gov, or to contact this agency at 1-888-225-5322.
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Poor Phone Service, poor customer service, I was robbed
Posted by Cinian on 04/12/2006
First, it took over 2 months until my lingo service was up and running. I had a account for 6 months until I installed a security system that Lingo was not compatible with. I then had service established with BellSouth whom which told me that they would notify Lingo to cancel my service. Just in case Lingo didn't receive the message of cancelling my service, I sent an email to Lingo requesting them to cancel. Six months later my service was never cancelled. I was billed over $130.00 for a service that I never used. BellSouth indicated that they did everything they could to notify Lingo of the Service change. But, apparently Lingo's procedure for cancelling the service is through a written request only. Lingo's customer service representative used an analogy comparing their service with leasing a car and that if you leased a car and didn't drive it, you would still have to pay for the lease. However, if I leased a car and didn't drive it would I have to pay for gas? Anyway, Lingo refused to work with me in waving any of the service charges for the six months I didn't use the service. In fact, they refused to even prorate the last month of service and I canceled the service on the 5th day of that month. Overall the service is not good and the customer service is even worse. Do not use this service.
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Posted by SGTSAVAGE on 2006-08-28:
They are trying to collect $70 from me for poor service and I refuse to pay it. I had to go through my credit card company to cancel because they refused to answer their phones. Not only would it not work, they are arrogant and should be put out of business. Refuse to pay them. If they attempt to report to your credit bureau, simply state that you do not owe and that this is a crooked company and that they do not have a judgement. Force them to court. We need to sue them and spread their dough around because they are sitting pretty and there are plenty of customers ready to testify in a class action suit against them. I don't even think anyone who works for that company would be able to leave with their shirt on their back and their underwear on when a judge and jury would get through with raking them through the coals. They deserve the best treatment any plaintiff class action attorney can give them. Let' let them have it. I am sick and tired of these arrogant companies treating us like idiots.
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Don't Waste Your Time Dealing With This Scam After You Subscribe
Posted by Sumona2001bd on 10/30/2013
BRONX, NEW YORK -- No customer service solution:

** Charged me 3 months after cancelling
** after 30 hours of calling they suspended my account (So called unlimited)
** I lost my home phone number because they did not allow my new company to port.
** They will lower your voice quality as time goes by.
** I was without my number 3 Months MISSING Call from BANKS CREDIT CARDS and all other places.

You want to go with those folks GOD bless you.

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Bad, bad, bad
Posted by Archiecalance on 07/29/2013
Constant poor quality calls resulted in constant evasions and misdirection from their tech support. Finally choose to cancel and they have decided to start sending bogus claims for money saying I didn't return their equipment when their own policy says that after the first year you don't need to.

Unprofessional, deeply disappointing and to be avoided
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Lingo Service Is A Disaster
Posted by Rush2anish on 06/08/2013
I joined LINGO because of some customer service call for $9.95 for 6 months offer. But when I called up to join LINGO they didn't even know about the offer. Somehow they tried persuading me to join with some contract but at last they agreed (after consulting with the manager as they say)to give away the offer. There it started the disaster. I used to keep getting billed for $23.99 with taxes and fees for $12.99 every month and I had to call them up to refund the $14.00 they charged extra. And they credit that as a credit memo which will be applied next month. I had to keep calling them every month and do the same.

After 3 months of constant creeping, they applied the discount to my account and somehow they lost the credit card details from my account. Once the next Invoice was generated (even though the due date is June 12 2013) they suspended my account due to non payment. Oh what more to say, I had a difficult time with Customer service guys and decided to get rid of this crap. I am not sure what more disasters are on my way, as I have to send the device back within 14 days and pay money for the service I haven't used.

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This Company Is Fraud
Posted by Parvinder10303 on 06/04/2013
Sales person will promise you all the world but none is delivered. Once you switch they change rates and customer service is worst and if you cancel the service they keep charging your credit card.
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Fantastic Phone service
Posted by Fsamuel921 on 01/29/2013
MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA -- I am with Lingo for almost 10 years. I am very satisfied with the service. When I first began there was no tax on Voip services but slowly taxes were included so the monthly charge has increased a little. With any VOIP services you have to have a reliable Internet provider and no electrical cut offs. To avoid this I have added a back up battery to the Internet service and the phone service to prevent any interruptions. I am very satisfied with what Lingo provides and I have referred to few of my friends.

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Horrible Service
Posted by Melanietatton2004 on 01/15/2013
First when I was thinking about the order they told me it would work for an Apple and a few other options I wanted. Went it go sent out I looked at the papers and NO it does not work with an Apple. I sent back the device the way they said and they charged me. Every time I tried to contact them about something it would take forever; and they would just the hand over the phone to many other people..
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Posted by Hafiz03 on 11/19/2012
Wow, they're so unprofessional, they keep transferring you between sales and customer care. They have no idea what they're doing, so messed up and unorganized. Their stupid website doesn't even work...you can't enter your phone number fully to check if you can transfer it to Lingo.
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