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They Need to Be Forced Out of Business
Posted by Chie_boyer on 08/19/2012
CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Lingo charged me money for service which was never established. After I submitted LOA to transfer line and equipment installed, they repeatedly asked for "PIN" associated with existing service for this purpose. No "PIN" existed, of which point was communicated via e-correspondence. I became frustrated with nonsensical and incoherent correspondence and expressed my desire to discontinue. This was three months ago. When I called them to cancel, the representative persisted in attempting to pass me on to their tech support, in spite of very clear request to terminate.

Then she passed me on to "billing dispute" dept, where another stated the charges were "valid" because I was subscribing to their service so they will not refund. I am complaining on the ground that 1. the line was never transferred from existing, invalidating their claim of "service", and 2. the reps were not sufficiently competent to assist in completing transfer and subsequent communication.
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Fraud Customer Service. Telling Lie to the Customer.
Posted by Helalub on 04/27/2012
This company's customer service people will call you & give false information about the payment & just enroll the service then you will never get these people. They are cheating the customer and never get these people as soon as they sell the service to you.

Be careful :(
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-29:
You may find this web site helpful http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/consumers.aspx
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A Nightmare
Posted by Kebmo on 05/12/2011
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I run a small school in Chicago. Every nine weeks we enroll around 400 students. In October of 2010 we received a call from Primus saying they needed to replace our modem. Up until then service had been glitchy, but usable. Two days after the new modem our system went down. It wasn't fixed for two weeks. They said it was somehow our fault. But bottom line, we were without phones for two weeks in the middle of registration. Our enrollment for that term didn't reach 250.
After everything settled down I called a meeting with our Rep Scott. I asked for some form of compensation. Six months of free service – about $3600. Far less than the $20,000 or more I had lost. Scott said "he wasn't authorized to make that decision" but he would take it to his boss. The answer was no compensation. I then told Scott that we wouldn't pay anymore until I had the chance to talk to someone face-to-face. He said he would set it up – no meeting. I asked again – no meeting. Then they cut off our phones in the middle of our next registration period. Another $15,000 to $20,000 lost. I asked Scott if they could turn the phones on for a week, set up a meeting so we could work something out. No meeting, no phones. So I called our old phone service.
The next thing I heard from Primus was that our $2000 bill would be going to collection and a $14,000 cancellation fee would be added to it.
I called and asked for the names of Scott's boss and the person next up the line from him. I emailed all three with my story and documentation. I received an email back from Tom Mazerski. He was polite, but handed me a pile of corporate speak. "I am sorry we did not meet your expectations" "The problem we all have is that, to the extent there is a legal document between the companies, the business folks have to move over and let the legal process work.”

So it is not proper for Kevin or anyone on his team to comment on any of the legal/financial issues going forward"
I asked a couple of times who was above him that I could talk to. He never responded to the question. I have since found out that his title is president for U.S. retail services.
Talk about being stonewalled.
The bill has been turned over to a collection agency and now totals $24,000.
The economy has been hard on us, but adding in the lost revenue with no phones and the cancellation fee, it looks like Primus will be putting a thirty year old business out of business. Stay away.

Steve Merle
Director, Act One Studios
Chicago, IL.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-14:
Do you have an attorney? If not, get one.
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Posted by Linds86 on 05/09/2011
The customer service is horrible, the lady 'sarah' I had the joy (not) to speak to twice was so rude to me and actually got an attitude with me when I asked to please speak to someone else because I simply could not understand her. she kept saying 'hello, hello, hello, can you hear me now? hello hello hello hello" over and over when I was trying to say yes I can hear you I just can't understand you. she was the rudest person I ever spoke to, then I spoke with a supervisor, and I am not even sure he really was one, and he was no help either. I wish I could punch through the phone!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-11:
File an official complaint at http://reboot.fcc.gov/consumers
Posted by nunya58393 on 2012-05-21:
Same problem. I was actually trying to pay a bill. Apparently, they do not need the money. Website sucks as bad as customer service.
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Lingo too bad with customers
Posted by Valobasha on 01/07/2010
There is a class action lawsuit pending. U should join the class action suit against Lingo by submitting your complains in the following link.


I was a Lingo Residential customer since June 2008. They offered me 29.99 plan US/Canada unlimited with call Bangladesh 2.9c per minute. All of a sudden they started charging me 5.9c a minute from May 2009. I called them and they said they can change the contract any time. They also did not allow me to cancel without $99 early termination fee even though they breached the original agreement. Then I decided to keep a low rate service for 8.99 with limited access to avoid paying $99 cancellation fee up front but they actually put me another new 1 year contract from May 2009 instead of continue the time from June 2008 even though I was with them for 11 months.

In September/October 2009 when they offer Lingo World Max calling plan (That included free Bangladesh unlimited) I took their 24.99 plan and again they put me in a new 1 year contract instead of count past time. I also referred couple of friends as well. Per referral they promised $50 after 90 days. Before even 90 day they just suspended my account. They suspend my account in such a way so that they do not have to pay me the referral bonuses.
I reduced the call to less than 6 International numbers for over a month after I receive their 1st High-Usage e-mail until suspension of my account but still they suspended my account and force me to cancel the service.
I call total less than 3000 minutes per month that includes overseas calls. According to their term if I exceed the limit 5000 minutes they should charge me but not suspend my account or cancel my account. I lost my all referrals because of suspension. They put me in a position that I could not even transfer my number to the new provider because of the account status is suspended. They do not pick up the call to fix the problem.

My frustration is according to section (ii) even I reduce less than 6 (six) unique phone numbers (International) I did not understand how I violate their residential policy. I found Lingo uses unethical business policy and does whatever they want to do whenever they want.
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Ling World Max Cheated
Posted by Jungle_juju on 12/14/2009
They broke their contract by suspending account when they advertised unlimited calling. I have not even used 1000 minutes of 5000 minutes they allocated.

Bad Bad Bad Service.

You should never sign any phone service with this company. Does not answer the phone even after hours of waiting and just disconnect your calls without any explanation.
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Stay Away From Primus
Posted by Wickety on 09/15/2009
Primus has the worst service I've ever encountered. I cancelled my account after 3 weeks of waiting to be hooked up.

Aug.27: Signed up for basic home service, told I would receive a phone number the next week

Sept. 8 : No news, called customer service, was told they would call me back w/ number the next day.

Sept. 10 : Still no news, called customer service, was told my case was escalated to 'critical', they would call me the next day.

Sept. 14: Still no news, was told that they could escalate my case to 'critical'. Asked to speak with manager (wait 20 minutes...). "Sorry, no managers are available" Cancelled account
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-15:
Smart move...if the install started out this way the customer service going forward would most likely be similar.
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Rip off
Posted by Dee33 on 07/28/2009
MCLEAN, VIRGINIA -- This company offers very attractive signing "come ons" but when billing charge the wrong amount and refuse to correct it.
In may ordered their service on line to receive the advertised price of their $19.95 plan with 6 months at $4.95 and free activation.
When I checked my credit card they had charged $70.49. When contacted they claim I did not put the correct code on my application. Sent the equipment back next day and got my credit card charge reversed. Now they are threatening to sue for "their" $70.49
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Primus is the worst of the worst! Yet the others are not so great either.
Posted by Kskikski on 07/24/2009
This company has got to be the worst company in the world next to DHL and UPS. At least the worst that I have ever had experience with. They put me on hold for 40 minutes last fall when I had just moved to another city and although I gave plenty of notice that I was moving, I did not have phone service for 2 weeks because of them! They screwed up over and over and over. I had to actually call the technicians they contract out (outside their company)to install their services. Only then did I get my phone service at my new address. Then what do they do? They charge me for my old address and my new address the same month! Yet I had not even lived at my old address for over a month. Idiots.

I called customer service repeatedly for 2 weeks (from my cell phone which ended up costing me a whole lot too!) and emailed them repeatedly (everyday) from my neighbor's Internet. They would not even give me any kind of credit for this lack of service either! Then because they charged my credit card twice for a full months service for both addresses instead of only 2 weeks for the one address that they provided service for, I told them verbally 2 times and through writing 4 times not to charge my credit card. What did they do? They continued to charge my credit card. I was so angry and called and told them off about it and the representative threatened to cut off my Internet (not my phone) service if I want my cc removed. I told her that she is out of her mind if she thinks that I will be threatened by that. I told her they were committing fraud each time they charged my card when I told them 6 times they cannot charge it any longer!! Only when I filed disputes with my credit card company did they correct their false charges THREE MONTHS later!! And 6 months later, they continued to charge my credit card. I would have long ago cancelled my service if only they would not have hung the threat over my head of a contract which I never agreed to.
Anyway, finally, I called again and told them that I reported my credit card (which they had on file) as stolen and that their charges would not go through anyway.. only then did they start to send me bills rather than attempt to charge my cc, which they could no longer do anyway.

What a horrible horrible company. As soon as I am free, I will quit this stupid monkey-run phone company service.

DO NOT sign up with Primus. Do NOT
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Worst Customer Service *Ever*
Posted by California girrrl on 03/31/2009
CALIFORNIA -- Do not sign up with PRIMUS phone company. They charged me for phone calls to a number that does not even exist. When I asked for an explanation, they did not respond for 3 months, just sent their collections folks after me and threatened to ruin my credit history.

This was the worst experience that I made with any company ever!!
Since there are obviously more people who made a bad experience with them, it might be worth informing the Federal Communications Commission at Consumer Complaints, 445 12th Street SW, Washington DC 20554, or at fccinfo@fcc.gov, or to contact this agency at 1-888-225-5322.
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