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Fantastic Phone service
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Rating: 5/51

MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA -- I am with Lingo for almost 10 years. I am very satisfied with the service. When I first began there was no tax on Voip services but slowly taxes were included so the monthly charge has increased a little. With any VOIP services you have to have a reliable Internet provider and no electrical cut offs. To avoid this I have added a back-up battery to the Internet service and the phone service to prevent any interruptions. I am very satisfied with what Lingo provides and I have referred to few of my friends.

Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

First when I was thinking about the order they told me it would work for an Apple and a few other options I wanted. Went it go sent out I looked at the papers and NO it does not work with an Apple. I sent back the device the way they said and they charged me. Every time I tried to contact them about something it would take forever; and they would just the hand over the phone to many other people..

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Rating: 1/51

LOMBARD, ILLINOIS -- Wow, they're so unprofessional, they keep transferring you between sales and customer care. They have no idea what they're doing, so messed up and unorganized. Their stupid website doesn't even can't enter your phone number fully to check if you can transfer it to Lingo.

Fraud Customer Service. Telling Lie to the Customer.
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Rating: 1/51

HATFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA -- This company's customer service people will call you & give false information about the payment & just enroll the service then you will never get these people. They are cheating the customer and never get these people as soon as they sell the service to you.

Be careful :(

By -

The customer service is horrible, the lady 'sarah' I had the joy (not) to speak to twice was so rude to me and actually got an attitude with me when I asked to please speak to someone else because I simply could not understand her. she kept saying 'hello, hello, hello, can you hear me now? hello hello hello hello" over and over when I was trying to say yes I can hear you I just can't understand you. she was the rudest person I ever spoke to, then I spoke with a supervisor, and I am not even sure he really was one, and he was no help either. I wish I could punch through the phone!

Stay Away From Primus
By -

Primus has the worst service I've ever encountered. I cancelled my account after 3 weeks of waiting to be hooked up.

Aug.27: Signed up for basic home service, told I would receive a phone number the next week

Sept. 8 : No news, called customer service, was told they would call me back w/ number the next day.

Sept. 10 : Still no news, called customer service, was told my case was escalated to 'critical', they would call me the next day.

Sept. 14: Still no news, was told that they could escalate my case to 'critical'. Asked to speak with manager (wait 20 minutes...). "Sorry, no managers are available" Cancelled account

Worst Customer Service *Ever*
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Do not sign up with PRIMUS phone company. They charged me for phone calls to a number that does not even exist. When I asked for an explanation, they did not respond for 3 months, just sent their collections folks after me and threatened to ruin my credit history.

This was the worst experience that I made with any company ever!!
Since there are obviously more people who made a bad experience with them, it might be worth informing the Federal Communications Commission at Consumer Complaints, 445 12th Street SW, Washington DC 20554, or at, or to contact this agency at 1-888-225-5322.

Robbery To The Maximum Extent
By -

DUNCAN -- Aug 24th, 2008

I use Primus or maybe I should say I have used Primus as my long distance provider for past year. My usual bill runs around $100-120.

Few weeks ago I have received a call from a Primus customer service associate and I’ve been told that if I do not pay $400 towards my bill my service will be suspended. I was stunned. She told me that I owe more than $650 and that “I call a lot”. Duhhhhhhhhh.

Since I did not receive a bill (they say that has been sent on Aug5th) I asked for one, even to email me to speed up the process. I have refused to pay anything before I see the bill.

Day later I have received another call from Primus, requesting from me to pay otherwise they will suspend my line. I asked where is the email with my bill and she told me that it has been sent. I did not receive anything. Than I was forced to register for online billing, which I did, and of coarse the bill was not there. Hmmmmm interesting.

Calls between us were going back and forth next day. After my last call I had run out of patience after a very rude response from their female associate and I was told some things that I would definitely not say to anyone especially not a lady in normal circumstances.

Sure enough my line went dead. A Day later the bill arrives. She was correct, the bill was over $650. After a further review (20 seconds) sure enough
The bill was a complete mess. I was charged for a minute call to Germany $1.91, to Serbia $2.72 , Slovakia $3.29, Canada $0.40 and US $0.40 and so on. Well I was beyond pissed.

I phoned back right away. A customer service representative acknowledged the mistake and assured me that everything is going to be OK. I was put on some other plan "by mistake" but charged for "truly international". Since then my line is still dead because the supervisor needed to approve something. What ever. I was told that the supervisor will call me 1/2 hour after we finished conversation. Yep, you can already guess what happened with that. It is now Sunday Aug 24 and there is still no change. Tomorrow I'm going to see my lawyer and explore my options.

By the way you can not switch to another provider because they suspended (blocked) number.

What would you do??? Let me know. And I’m telling you now, Stay away from these unprofessional, Rude, losers.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

The Home phone account was in my ex common-law partners name. Starting last summer (2007) we have tried to cancel this account. We made several phone calls and by December I had still received another bill. The account was supposed to be changed to my name - but it was not done. I sent an email in December saying that the account was supposed to be closed but they replied that I was not authorized. So we made subsequent phone calls to close the account. Finally in April 2008 one customer service agent was finally able to comprehend and closed the account saying that the account would be credited seeing as it hadn't been used since the summer of 2007. My ex asked them to put his mailing address on file so that he would receive any further communication.

However, this being June he found a letter for him on top of the apartment mailboxes and it did not have his apartment number on the address. It stated that he owed $98.15. When we called today to dispute this the credit department at Primus said that they had been returned several letters they had sent. When forwarded on to customer service we were given the run around and told that there were only a few notes on file stating we had contacted them, when in truth we had done so on numerous occasions. He said there had not been any returned mail, which was also incorrect, and that the 35 days to dispute the charges were up. He would not let me speak to a superior and was not acknowledging my concerns or attempting to rectify the situation.

At this point I was getting no where with this agent as was the case with this company several times, so I ended the call. I am completed frustrated with Primus as requests are not processed and it has been a year of dealing with them to no avail. It is not a huge bill but it is the whole lack of customer service that enrages me.

Poor Phone Service, poor customer service, I was robbed
By -

First, it took over 2 months until my lingo service was up and running. I had an account for 6 months until I installed a security system that Lingo was not compatible with. I then had service established with BellSouth whom which told me that they would notify Lingo to cancel my service. Just in case Lingo didn't receive the message of cancelling my service, I sent an email to Lingo requesting them to cancel. Six months later my service was never cancelled. I was billed over $130.00 for a service that I never used. BellSouth indicated that they did everything they could to notify Lingo of the Service change. But, apparently Lingo's procedure for cancelling the service is through a written request only. Lingo's customer service representative used an analogy comparing their service with leasing a car and that if you leased a car and didn't drive it, you would still have to pay for the lease. However, if I leased a car and didn't drive it would I have to pay for gas? Anyway, Lingo refused to work with me in waving any of the service charges for the six months I didn't use the service. In fact, they refused to even prorate the last month of service and I canceled the service on the 5th day of that month. Overall the service is not good and the customer service is even worse. Do not use this service.

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