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Disappointed in the Emerald Princess
Posted by on
My complaint begins with the food. I always heard that Princess was the top of the line for Cruise ships but I was very disappointed in the Menu and the Quality of the food in both the Buffets and the main dining room.

I have had better food on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines. Some of the food had little taste and seemed like the vegetables tasted like they came out of a can. The other problem is not enough time in Ports. One Port we arrived at 1pm and left at 6pm.

Not a lot of time to do a lot of touring. Oh by the way the ship was the Emerald Princess. We left from Port Everglades for a 7 day cruise.

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Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
You are traveling on the ocean. How long do you think you should stay in a certain port? What was the distance from the 5 hour port to the next? Ships don't move as fast as planes darlin.
Anonymous on 01/26/2010:
People who take cruises and expect to be treated like royalty are in for a big surprise these days. I booked cruises for a living before I moved from Chicago to Atlanta and I know how customers want to be treated. Unfortunately, its not going to happen in this economy where everyone, including cruise lines are trying to save money.
lucky2bme8549 on 01/27/2010:
LadyScot... I understand that the ships are on a tight schedule, what I'm saying is the itinerary should be looked at. Would you like to stop at 4 ports with little time in them , or 3 ports with more time ? Justhefaxx...Maybe you're right about the cruise lines cutting back,but I still think that it was sub-par for what I expected out of Princess.
Anonymous on 01/27/2010:
I agree. You should have been fully aware before you purchased the cruise, of the amount of time you are going to spend at each port. If you wanted to spend more time at each location, then maybe you should have booked a 14-day cruise and spent twice as much money.

Cruises nowadays, you can get STEALS on them. I am thinking about booking a 5-day cruise out of new orleans for me and my friend. less than 600 bucks for both of us! everyone is cutting back. If you expect royalty, then you pay royalty. End of story.
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Golden Princess
Posted by on
Once again there were problems with a Princess cruise.

Since cruising with another princess cruise ship in June, I must report that I will not be cruising with this cruise line again.

Their ships are very well kept and clean, and the crew very good, but these problems persist (on this repositioning cruise):

- Food - very average, and sometimes unacceptable.
- Their desserts are uninspiring and industrial
- The coffee is tasteless, even at their coffee house (not free)
- Poor entertainment, with no main theater shows at all
- No upper sheet on the beds
- Breakfast not available in the cabins (at least a full breakfast)
- Poor movies and bad TV programming
- The on-deck big screen movies are noisy and a nuisance
- There is a 15% hotel fee every day per person meant to cover tips).But tips are asked for on every order as well! Talk about double dipping! Unacceptable.
- I was booked well in advance for a shore excursion, and made plans. I was bumped from this excursion with no notice.This is unacceptable.
- One of the worst aspects on the voyage was the constant selling of stuff by Princess - I was offered 8 deals in my first half hour on the ship.

All this I believe is due to cost cutting. The only result is that I will choose another cruise line next time.
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Mrs. V on 09/27/2009:
I'm sorry you had a bad cruise :(

- Food - very average, and sometimes unacceptable.
- Their desserts are uninspiring and industrial
- The coffee is tasteless, even at their coffee house (not free)

*Food, unfortunately, is a place were many lines are cutting back. That said, food is also subjective. What you will not like, another will.*

- Poor entertainment, with no main theater shows at all

*This is a hit or miss on many ships. It depends on what type of entertainment you are looking for. Not all ships do 'theater' type shows.*

- No upper sheet on the beds

*I'm not to sure what you are referring to here. Sorry.*

- Breakfast not available in the cabins (at least
a full breakfast)

*Most lines only have full breakfast menus for their suite guests.*

- Poor movies and bad TV programming

*Most ships don't really want people in the cabins, so the entertainment here is poor.*

- The on-deck big screen movies are noisy and a

*Again, this is subjective. Some people will love it, some will not.*

- There is a 15% hotel fee every day per person
(meant to cover tips). But tips are asked for
on every order as well!

*The 15% is for your cabin attendants and wait staff. All other items (drinks, room service, etc.) are not paid out of the 15%.

Also try for any ideas on other lines!

Happy sailing!
piet10 on 09/27/2009:
Sheets - duvets are provided, in one piece with the comforter. This is hot, and unhygienic.
Mrs. V on 09/28/2009:
Ah, I see. If this happens again, just ask your cabin steward for an extra sheet. They will be happy to give you one ^_^
Eloise on 09/28/2009:
Mrs. V, Your asking the OP to use common sense?
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/28/2009:
I've never sailed on Princess...always Carnival and I've never encountered these issues.
Eloise on 09/28/2009:
My Mom cruised on Princess, she loved it! She thought it was quite lovely. (she has very high standards)
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/28/2009:
It may have been a low end priced cruise...that may account for the lack of entertainment, food quality etc...I'll look into Princess next time I book a cruise. Thanks for the info Eloise.
Eloise on 09/28/2009:
She did the Alaskan and afterwards said that she wished she could do it every year!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/28/2009:
I've always wanted to do an Alaskan far all of mine have been somewhere in the Caribbean.
Mrs. V on 09/28/2009:
I don't know what I was thinking, Eloise lol ^_^
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Poor Service - Rude Staff
Posted by on
LA, CALIFORNIA -- 5 days before my cruise was to leave Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera, Princess Cruise Lines decided to change the ports to the coast of CA. Insteand of changing the date of my cruise or offering a full refund and cancelling the departure. I lived in CA for years and have no desire to go to CA ports. I've contacted Princess numerous times to be hung up on and treated very poorly. I've contacted the CEO and his time frame to respond is 2-4 weeks AFTER my cruise departs. How convenient!!!

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User Replies:
NMguy on 05/01/2009:
Soaring Consumer on 05/01/2009:
Did they even offer you the credit (50% of your fare) for a future cruise? They promised this in an official statement. I assume you are scheduled to be on cruise H919 on the Sapphire Princess (based on a statement issued by Princess it is the next and last scheduled Mexican cruise for the season).

Poor treatment like that is inexcusable in my book.
Anonymous on 05/01/2009:
Were the ports cut because of the swine flu issues? If so they may have done you a big favor. Princess is an excellent cruise line. We took the Sun Princess through the Panama Canal and give them a A++ for a job well done. We have also taken Princess on many Mexican Rivera cruises, all went perfect.

I take it you have not been on the cruise yet? You may have issues with the CSR's but you will find the cruise itself pretty dang nice.
Soaring Consumer on 05/01/2009:
According to their statement their Mexico cruises were changed to visit California ports due to swine flu.

More info here:
DRVROFRED on 05/02/2009:
I can understand no wanting to pay that much money to see places where you already live. It was also a good choice for the cruise line to not go to the planned destination for health and safet reasons. I believe the cruise line should at least give you a credit so you can go at another time to the place you want instead of paying for a place you had planned then are forced to go somewhere else. That's a good chunk of change and I agree it sounds like you have been treated rudely. Hope they work things out fairly and to everyones satisfaction.
BEJ on 05/02/2009:
It is due to the Swine flu. Can yo imagine the fall out if the line went to Mexico and brought folks back with swine flu who then exposed more folks to the swine flu. I too live in southern California and there was an article in our paper today about this very matter. Each cruise is handling it in a different manner.
BokiBean on 05/02/2009:
I think that Princess is going to be innundated with calls from people like this OP. Maybe they will work out something with different cruises to Alaska or other places.

To the OP, I am so sorry your southern cruise got mixed up in this mess! Its just the luck of the draw...happy trails to you.
Anonymous on 05/02/2009:
From the L.A. Times today:

Carriers will avoid stopping in Mexico for up to six weeks, rerouting ships to San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Mexican tourism merchants are hurting, and some passengers are angry.

As cruise lines announced plans Friday to avoid Mexican ports for several more weeks, the swine flu scare stirred anxiety among tourism leaders and anger among cruise passengers.

Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Princess Cruises and others released new itineraries Friday that reroute ships away from Mexican ports through, in some cases, June 14. The new itineraries replace stops in Mazatlan, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta with U.S. ports such as San Diego, Santa Catalina, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

The diversions were the latest examples of how the H1N1 flu outbreak continued to pummel Mexico's tourism industry, the country's third-largest legal source of foreign revenue. Cancun, one of the Mexican Riviera's top beach destinations, has lost an estimated $2.4 million in the last week as hotel occupancy dropped 40% below usual levels for this time of year, said Rodrigo de la Pena, president of the Cancun Hotel Assn.

To woo tourists, some Cancun restaurants are offering two-for-one dinners and bars two-for-one drinks, while handicraft stores have $1 specials on dolls and necklaces. "It's imperative that our hotels have tourists," Pena said. "We are in a serious economic crisis."

Meanwhile, Continental Airlines, the largest U.S. carrier to Mexico, said it would cut in half the number of seats it flies to that country because of reduced demand. The airline plans to use smaller aircraft or reduce the frequency of flights to Mexico starting Monday. The airline plans to waive penalties for flight cancellations for passengers traveling to Mexico through May 31.

Delta Air Lines Inc. announced that it too would reduce its Mexico service to match declining demand, but it didn't indicate how deep the cuts would be.

Among cruise lines, refund and compensation offers for itinerary changes varied by company and by route. For passengers already on a ship when the changes took place, some cruise lines have offered credit for activities like bingo and drinks on the ship, as well as excursions. Passengers who have yet to board a ship destined for Mexico can cancel the trip and get a full or partial credit toward a future cruise.

But some passengers whose cruise vacations were disrupted are complaining about such offers.

Erin Carone, a Seal Beach resident who was scheduled to take a Mexican Riviera cruise from San Pedro today on the Sapphire Princess, said that, instead of snorkeling near Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, Princess Cruises is offering to take her to Santa Barbara, Catalina, San Diego and San Francisco.

Carone, who grew up in Southern California and has family in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, said she has been to the California ports dozens of times.

"These places are not exotic or anything," she said. "When you tell me you are going to take me to Santa Barbara and San Diego for $700, I can go there on my own."

Brian Capt, a passenger on Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas, who departed from San Pedro on Sunday for a seven-day cruise of the Mexican Riviera with his wife and four children, said via e-mail his family was offered only $150 in onboard credits as compensation for the changes.

"That translates on the ship to three, yes, three bingo cards," he wrote, adding: "My kids wanted to go to Disneyland, and I told them that a cruise would be so much more fun. . . . Wow, was I ever wrong."

Cruise line representatives said most passengers have taken the changes in stride, and they apologized for the inconvenience, saying the schedule changes were made in response to recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid nonessential travel to Mexico.

"We understand there is going to be disappointment because it's not the itinerary they expected," said Karen Candy, a spokeswoman for Princess Cruises.

Princess Cruises says it will avoid Mexican ports through May 24. Carnival, the world's largest cruise line, is avoiding Mexico through May 11, while Royal Caribbean is steering clear through June 14.

"We feel that this situation has been beyond the control of any cruise line," said Jennifer de la Cruz, a spokeswoman for Carnival Cruise Lines.
Nohandle on 05/02/2009:
Come on folks, unless you live in a cardboard box, you have all learned of the Swine Flu. Of course a cruise line would change plans. They would bear the responsibility of possibly putting their passengers at risk. I think the OP's gripe was he didn't care to cruise in his own neighborhood and wanted the option to change his plans. Fair enough. It wasn't like the middle of a cruise when a decision had to be made as to where to port.
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Discrepancy in Princess Refunds
Posted by on
SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA -- On a January Dawn Princess cruise I was quarantined to my stateroom with gastroenteritis by the ship's medical officer from Tuesday pm to Sunday's disembarkation. I was not refunded or vouchered for my compliance with the ship officer in any way. My son-in-law received a refund for the five days I was quarantined but he did not pay for the cruise. He used a voucher furnished to him when we paid for a cruise he had to cancel the previous year. Thus, my compliance was worth nothing to Princess.

My advice to others would be: 1) do not pay to take others on cruises 2) if you pay and they cancel, they will receive the refund or voucher, not you 3) do not report a brief bout of intestinal complaint because you will be confined for the duration of the cruise and receive nothing in return.

We are finished with Princess!
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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 04/10/2008:
Why can't you get your money back from your son-in-law?
Ponie on 04/10/2008:
MS, my question exactly. I think this complaint should be against the son-in-law.
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Credit Card Charges
Posted by on
KETCHICAN, ALASKA -- When checking out, I tried to settle my account with the credit card I had given them when I checked in. It was declined. Apparently, the cruise ship had put over $1000 charges through to my credit card company without my knowledge on the second day of the cruise. The credit card company authorized the charge. The cruise ship said it was declined. After an hour of confusion, the cruise ship came up with the authorization number and didn't continue insisting I pay twice. Hmmmmmm........ Wonder where that authorization number appeared from?

Fortunately the credit card company stuck with the fact that they did not decline those charges.

Other than that bit of grief, the Alaskan Cruise is great. The buffet is better than the dining room food "en masse"(in my opinion). The rooms were clean except for the left-behind pair of men's socks found under the bed of B514 -- if those are yours, we found them! The one-size-fits-all bathrobes is an untruth -- of course! The entertainment was great, and the dance instructor and activities coordinators were outstanding -- except for the Scrabble Tournament which turned out to be a get together of disappointed players who were expecting the host Ryan to appear -- but he didn't, and the players were moved from the theater to someplace else so they would not disturb those watching the movie. Isn't Scrabble a rather quiet game???

The tours were great, and if you book the early (6:30 am) Bear Watch, your chances of seeing a bear (one) is better. It is expensive, but watching that bear catch a salmon is fascinating! And the float plane is an enjoyable flight into Neets Bay near Ketchican.

The people on board were the best part -- young and old -- they were all delightful! I didn't hear anyone grumbling, and it was a good cruise overall.

Just watch your credit card bill when it comes to be sure you weren't charged twice. I keep a low limit on purpose!
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Anonymous on 09/08/2007:
We used them to go through the Panama Canal. Same thing, they put $1600 on my card the second day for what we do not know as we pre-paid the entire trip plus the day trips. Then on leaving they hit us with another $1240 for drinks and other stuff we spent money on during the 14 day cruise. So a month later I have $2840 on my card for $1240 worth of stuff? Called them and told them they had seven days to credit my card back the $1600 or they would be getting a chargeback. They did as they were told, end of story, maybe? How many times do they pull this crap and get away with it??? The cruise was GREAT!
jonypony on 09/08/2007:
This is what concerns me. If people do not check their Visa or M/C charges (and some don't believe it or not!) these double charges may go by unnoticed! Also, it is like using someone else's money for a period of time -- enough of that, and think of the interest earned! Smells kind of fishy to me, and makes me wonder what "ombudsman" could look into it! (I am a Justice Studies student) Interesting! My trip was all pre-paid too, and I knew nothing about them putting these charges through. When I was checking out, they were trying to put through another $1150!!!!!
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Alaska Cruise
Posted by on
I've always resisted the idea of a cruise for vacation. But this year we went. The cruise was wonderful. Dinners were first class, and the buffet available 24/7. The staff gave excellent service overall. Many side trips (not free) activities and entertainment that were free. Our 13 year old had a great time with the teen club, in fact we had to put limits on it so we could spend some time with her. The cost wasn't really any more than a nice hotel would have cost. Excellent value, in my opinion.
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Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
I guess you haven't cross-referenced what you get with what you paid. I book cruises, flights, and car rentals for a living. You're all being taken. It's a ripoff, no matter how you look at it.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
Glad to hear you had a good time, BudH! My husband and I just saw the Coral Princess (she was getting ready to head to the Panama Canal) while we were leaving on the Crown Princess in April.

Good review, I'm pretty impressed with Princess.
Anonymous on 06/30/2009:
I want to do the Alaskan cruise thing one of these days. Thanks for the review!
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Change In Itinerary 3 Days Before The Cruise
Posted by on
NEW JERSEY -- We booked a cruise with Princess lines on the Caribbean Princess based on its ports of call. Well three days before departure we received an email stating "due to operational reasons" we would have changes to our trip. Cancelled one of the better islands St. Maarten for Tortola. Shortened the length on the other islands, and extended to an unreasonable length, 15 hours, on St. Thomas! They will do nothing about it either!!! Be careful with these shady characters!!

Unfortunately work vacations were already scheduled for the family so off we go tomorrow.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/30/2008:
My best friends wife works for Princess,I'll have to give her crap for this review.I will send it to her,maybe she can respond
Mrs. V on 06/30/2008:
All the cruise lines change the itinerary from time to time (it's stated in the contract that this 'may' happen).

"due to operational reasons" could mean anything from one of the ports was damaged and the ship could not dock, to there is very bad weather incoming, to they didn't wish to deal with the increase in fuel prices.

If your sailing on The Caribbean Princess, it's because of major engine trouble and the dredging of the harbor in St. Maarten (as reported by people onbard the ship right now and the Capt. of the ship).

If you go to you can find more information and updates on the princess boards.

Good luck and try to have fun!

If you
Slimjim on 06/30/2008:
There is nothing generally shady about itinerary changes. They can be for numerous reasons beyond the cruise line's control as pointed out above. Pretend when you are on St. Thomas that for 7 of those hours you are on St. Maarten, because if you really could go to the latter port, that's just what it would look like as well.
Anonymous on 06/30/2008:
We did the Sun Princess through the Canal. They changed one port due to "civil unrest" in Columbia. You just have to go with the flow. They are not out to mess up your cruise, really.
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