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Tide Laundry Detergent-Grandma Vivid Whites Commercial
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October 25, 2012. I just saw for the first time your Tide Grandma commercial for vivid whites IN SPANISH on an English station in Las Vegas nv! So I looked you up on the internet to respond RE: Tide Launches its First Bilingual TV Commercials in English and Spanish Top Networks. The spot for English stations will air during the first weekend of Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 - 17. I, AND MANY OTHER WHITE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH!!! AND WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR OR SEE IT ON THE FEW ENGLISH TV STATIONS WE GET!!!

Quote from your site: Being able to talk to the Hispanic consumer in the way that better suits them allows us to be closer to them and learn more about their likes and preferences. Well, what about my (a white person) likes and preferences? I prefer to hear english on my english speaking channels please!!!!!!! My grandmother, mother, my son who has 3 kids and myself have bought tide detergent our whole lives.

I will do what ever I can to get that ad off my tv channels. I will cancel my subscribtion with cox if I have to and I am going to copy them on this email! I will email, twitter, blog and any other communication I have to tell everyone not to buy tide... and help stop these racial offending commercials. I have used crest for many years. I know the taste. A recent purchase of a tube had a bad taste and burning sensation. The only id on the tube is 95045368. I tried to find customer service online but could not find an email for them.

I'm sick of seeing and hearing the Mexican language every time I turn on TV, go shopping or in restaurants!!! It's everywhere and I DON'T WANT IT ON THE FEW ENGLISH STATIONS I GET WITH MY COX SUBSCRIPTION. I have Cox Americas 100 Favorites. I am not happy with it because many of them are Spanish stations that I would rather not have to pay for because I do not speak that language and do not watch them, but I am forced to have and pay for those channels anyway. NOW, YOU ARE MAKING ME WATCH MEXICAN ADS ON ENGLISH SPEAKING STATIONS.

I AM FURIOUS ABOUT IT! Re: CINCINNATI -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- According to a study by the Pew Hispanic Center, differences in language show a correlation to difference on points of views among U.S. Hispanics; moreover, language is a key factor in the process of assimilation of Latinos in the United States, with recently immigrated Hispanics being more proficient in Spanish and in contrast English use becoming dominant by the third generation. To reflect this reality and Target all levels of acculturation in a U.S. Hispanic household, Tide created its first bilingual commercials for national English and Spanish TV stations.

You want 'difference on points of views' well then, here's mine... If mexicans are speaking english in the united states... put english speaking advertisements on their tv stations and leave our stations alone... Better yet, just remove the spanish stations altogether and force them to learn english if they want to stay in america and quit shoving spanish down our throats... So with that said can you refer me to any spanish/mexican/hispanic tv stations that advertises ads in english!? Please, I'd like to know, I have never seen one!!! Signed, A VERY DISSATISFIED AND ANGRY AMERICAN CONSUMER!!!

Tube Of Crest Bad Tasting/Bitter
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I have used Crest for many years. I know the taste. A recent purchase of a tube had a bad taste and burning sensation. The only ID on the tube is 95045368. I tried to find customer service online but could not find an email for them.

Commercial for Tide Laundry Soap
By -

Your TV commercial with the mother out and out lying to the daughter about her blouse is abhorring!!! What poor judgment to use a person purposely lying on TV! Don't we see and hear enough lying as it is??? The mother "pretends" she can't remember where the green blouse is. Then she goes to her hamper, finds the blouse she knows she has worn, finds the spot she made on it, goes to the washer and uses Tide to remove the stain in the laundry.

Later the daughter comes in the room wearing the blouse and says it must have been in her closet somewhere. The mother smiles. How dare you use such a totally BAD example. There is lying going on in what you read, see, hear, etc. This commercial is horrible and should be removed from TV ASAP. A disgruntled customer. This has nothing to do with a company directly - just the commercial department for Tide.

New "improved" Tampax Tampons - what a joke
By -

This has to be the biggest RIP OFF ever! Bought the new box of tampax tampons, not thinking much about the change. Notice a DISTINCT LACK OF PERFORMANCE (if you know what I mean) - from what I had come to expect after years of faithfully buying this brand (like my mom before me). They are smaller, shorter, open differently AND DO NOT WORK LIKE THE USED TO. Which normally would not be a problem for some products, except for what the consequences of that are!

Conduct this experiment. Take a normal Super tampax and the new 'improved' super tampax. Both are supposed to absorb the same, according to the box. Remove from tube and put each into its own small container. Add 1/4 cup of water to each container. The old one - no problem, water disappears. The new one - almost nothing! Tons of water left.

YOU CALL THIS IMPROVED! LEAK GUARD!?! No kidding. You need a leak guard 'cause the stupid thing doesn't work. Hmmmmm - absorb less, buy and use more. Maybe they aren't as stupid as we think. When the old ones are gone, I WILL NOT BUY THIS BRAND ANYMORE! Very disappointed.

Downy Fabric Softener
By -

Totally bleached out the color on my clothes and towels. Destroyed over $300 worth of goods. They flat out denied it was possible even when I offered pics as proof and it happened repeatedly. Repeated letters to them asking them to pay for the damage got no results.

Bounce Laundry Softener (Scented Type) May Be Toxic
By -

I don't understand how anyone can tolerate the odor of a drying agent like the strongly scented fabric softener Bounce. A family member asked me to bring her a package when I go to see her overseas. I put the package in a small room with other things for her. When I entered that room a couple of days later the bounce odor was overwhelming. I got some saran wrap and put two layers around the package and added two layers of newspaper. But the odor came through.

I proceeded to open the package and left it outside for days. It still smells although less strongly. I plan to leave it outside until my trip starts. There are some articles that address the toxicity of these types of products. Everyone should read them.

Customers beware
By -

MOUNTAIN VIEW, WYOMING -- After four Pur faucet mounts broke in three years time, because of junk plastic, we bought the under sink Pur plus. Then without notice the company discontinues the filter replacements, Proctor & Gamble is getting worse as the years go by, don't care about the consumer and we will not by anymore of their products due to being screwed to many times. I will let everyone know before it happens to more people.

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