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Bad Faith, Unfair Dealing, Unprofessional, and Can't Talk With Management!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- June 2009 I purchased an auto policy from Progressive Insurance to protect myself against accidental risks and to provide financial security, and peace of mind. Five and a half years I trusted that since I paid every payment on time and every premium, that I would be protected and treated fair when I needed them. Early September 2013 I hit a little puddle of water and it ran me into a curb, there was no body damage just areas of the wheels were hit and two arms bent, it was totally drivable. I reported the claim to Progressive shortly after and spend what seemed like an hour telling the representative that I didn't want to take my car to their hack shop repair center. After reporting my claim. I took my car to a the quality repair facility because I had seen some of their work and I knew that it could be fixed quickly. I pick up a rental car from and thought that I was in good hands.

Two days later I received a call from Progressive stating that my car was a total loss and that I had 72 hours to return the rental car. This news was a total shock because the vehicles showed no signs of damage to the body, just the wheels and some underneath components. Progressive also told me that the actual value of my car was $9,200 after the deductible. I asked how they determined the value of my vehicle? I was told that Progressive had done extensive research to determine my car's actual value through regional car values and J.D. power and associates. It seemed fishy to me so I asked them to send the report attached along with the estimate. I received a Mitchell vehicle valuation report. The procedures that they claimed to be “extensive” were actually from a website that only insurance companies used to quickly give a low ball report and summary of the values of vehicles. This report used to evaluate my Infiniti sports coupe was deceptive and artificially law.

Throughout the report I found multiple errors and was very concerned with precisely how these data was collected. This report is used by insurance companies in order to justify offering as little cash possible for vehicles. The report even listed the MSRP of my vehicle at $32,750 when in fact the sticker on my car was $37,240. There was no tax, the mile search range was totally off (25 miles) they told me 150 miles is the lowest range, reductions for condition of my car listing poor/fair, options were missing, inflated reductions for market adjustments, reduced value amounts for having a sunroof in multiple comparable vehicles. Also all for tires were new. The report was so off and flawed. I emailed my concerns about the report. I called them to tell him all the errors but he kept cutting me off and told me “it is what it is.” I begin to feel pressured to accept what I believed was an unfair valuation of my vehicle and to total my vehicle was ridiculous. Several Days went by and I had not heard from them, so I decided to call the supervisor. I explained to them that if the real, unflawed value of my car and the correct estimate amount were applied my car would not be close to a total loss at all. I also advised them that the repair estimate was unnecessarily inflated.

I also explained to them that I do not have a way of qualifying for another vehicle and I really need to have this car repaired. They told me that they revised the estimate but the actual car value could not be adjusted. She told me the car was still a total loss. She also disregarded my concerns that the report contained errors. I then called an independent appraiser and scheduled appointment to have my car appraised based on their review, my car was worth $13,600. I emailed this report to Progressive and I called to make sure that he received the report and asked them to review the claim to see if my car could be repaired. The representative, while laughing, said "certainly not." I was shocked because I've never been treated so terrible in all my life and asked to speak with his supervisor again but he said she was not in.

Later that day I received a call from another supervisor and I told her about the representatives conduct and the fact that it was not acceptable. I made it a point to tell her all the errors and how I had been treated. I also asked if I could get a rental car until we figure out a solution to the problem. She told me “no,” that once the car is declared a total loss she would not be able to provide me with a rental car. I explained to her that that the Infiniti was the only vehicle I owned, but she did not seem concerned. It has been over 2 to 3 month since the claim and I have not been able to talk to anyone from Progressive that was even willing to listen to me or explain the discrepancies in their numbers. I can't understand why I am stuck with no vehicle, no help, and no information. Their behavior with the insults and verbal abuse were intimidating and wrong. Progressive used scare tactics and threats of fees to urge me to act now. I asked the supervisor to place me with another adjuster but she refused. To top it all off when I bought the policy they gave me paper that tells you all about their wonderful auto loyalty member rewards. The pamphlet says after you are insured with them for 4 years you become a diamond member, with "full large accident forgiveness" and goes on to say "This Helps keep your rates from going up if you're in an accident-even if its your fault".

When I asked them about it they told me "yeah we changed that to 5 years now." WTF! Progressive is The Worst Auto Insurance Company, I would think Twice.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 12/27/2013:
File a complaint with your state's insurance commissioner.
Kristen on 10/17/2014:
I’ve been a progressive customer since 2002 and have comes to terms that with this insurance provider loyalty, an exceptional driving record and good credit mean nothing.

Previously, I shared a policy with my son and before the recent increase we were paying $236.00 per month for one full coverage vehicle/one liability coverage vehicle
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Sloppy vehicle collision claim review and decision
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I have been a Progressive Auto Insurance client since 2005, however since 2001 I was with Drive Insurance, which was acquired by Progressive in 2005.

9 days ago, when I was backing out from a private parking lot, I had a very mild collision with a vehicle, which was not present behind me at the time I was backing out. I checked my back thoroughly. When the tail of my vehicle was about 1/4th in the aisle, an impact with a vehicle occurred. The 3 passengers from that vehicle stated they were sitting behind me, in stopped position in their car, for approx. 20 seconds, "looking at their navigator". Had that been true, I would have seen them. Where they came from, and at what speed, remained speculative at best.

The adjuster at Progressive took my recorded statement and expressed that I was at fault, without obtaining the recorded statement from the other driver yet.

Progressive's adjuster defended the other driver's position, stating they had the right of way. In my view, he disregarded that the other driver's defense lacked logic, as I would have seen a vehicle parked right behind me, on the aisle. My theory is the other driver made their move after I began to back out, as my back was clear at the time of my motion, whereas they advanced at a speed that made their motion unpredictable. Anybody can back out when the back is clear, however, if a vehicle approaches the vehicle which is in the process of backing out, at a speed that guarantees a collision, the collision will not be preventable by the vehicle which is backing out. Accusing the one who is backing out of fault automatically, is nothing short of sloppy.

This fine detail was disregarded by the adjuster, who proposed fault on my behalf, without even having taken a statement from the other driver yet. I am very disappointed about my insurance's opinion-oriented approach to a scenario that definitely is not as simple as they scripted. Their at-fault decision against me is formed without regard to illogicalities in the development of the impact.

Progressive decided I was at fault and is increasing my insurance premium, plus giving me "points". The damage on the other driver's property was a mild dent on the front right fender. I paid insurance premiums for 5 years to Progressive, plus 5 years to Drive Insurance, which they acquired. What I paid them on premiums by now, would take care of the minor damage they wish to pay for with ease, and still leave them with excellent profit. Seems not enough. Thus, they raise my premium amount, plus add "points". Certainly, how else would that "Progressive-Lady" in TV commercials be on air every 30 minutes nationwide, manically
selling promises which sound too good to be true.

If the government decides to regulate insurance companies' profit mongerism at the expense of consumers by arbitrary fault decision, I surely will be the first one to vote for that.

I'll terminate my clientelship with Progressive latest at the time of premium increase.
I do not recommend Progressive to anyone.
PS: They also imposed a late fee penalty on my account once "by mistake", though I always paid on time. Had I not requested correction, I would have overpaid them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
Typically the vehicle backing out of a parking space is at fault.
Skye on 04/09/2010:
I concur with Dryad. Whenever you are the one, backing out of a spot, it's up to you, to make sure all is clear, before backing out. The cars that are moving, always have the right of way.

Great photo by the way!

skelly39 on 04/09/2010:
It's not always the backer's fault. Depends on where the damage is to the other vehicle and to your vehicle, what positions your vehicles were in at the time of impact, etc. The adjuster should have done a better job of investigating before deeming you at fault.
Skye on 04/09/2010:
If someone is backing into traffic, how is it not their fault?? They are the ones responsible to make sure its safe for them. That's just how it is, and the rules of the road, you must always be a defensive driver.
skelly39 on 04/09/2010:
If you are backing up at the top of the aisle with a big old kidnapper van parked next to you, and you are halfway out, and someone comes flying up the aisle from way, way back, even though they can clearly see that you are backing out, and they hit you on the side of your vehicle, how is that your fault? I didn't say it's never their fault. I said it's not always their fault.
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
Skye +10

Plenty of times I've started to back out of a space and had to hit the brakes. Sometimes people forget it's a parking lot and come flying down the lane, and it's my responsibility to look out for them.

Skye on 04/09/2010:
I understand that skelly, and how many times have we all been in the position of backing up, when a car comes flying by. It is still up to us, to make sure it is safe and clear, before we back out. The moving vehicles always have the right of way.
skelly39 on 04/09/2010:
Dryad, I agree, but it's also that person's responsibility not to hit something they can see. Just because it's not supposed to be there doesn't mean you can hit it.
skelly39 on 04/09/2010:
Skye-same thing I said to Dryad. You are not entitled to hit something just because it's not supposed to be there. Yes, most of the time, the backing party is at fault, but lots of times there is negligence on the party driving along down the aisle. I'm not saying the OP is or isn't at fault. I'm saying that the adjuster should have done some more investigating.
memoryx57 on 04/09/2010:
Who's to say that the driver didn't see the person backing out and feel that they could get around them before they backed all the way out?? Courtesy can go a long way when you're in a parking lot. However, the law is pretty cut and dried. It doesn't really matter, it's usually always going to be the fault of the person backing out regardless of what actually took place. There's always two sides.
skelly39 on 04/09/2010:
Right, memory, because the adjuster didn't ask the other person. There are two sides and both sides should be heard before a decision is made. You'd be amazed at some of the decisions that come out of cases that appear cut and dried.
Slimjim on 04/09/2010:
Standard default situation. You encroached a right of way. Unless it can be proven the other driver was recklessly speeding or doing something over the top, this will always be the fault of the driver backing out. Just like rear end collisions. Unless certain circumstances can be proven otherwise, it is always the fault of the rear driver.
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
Slimjim, sort of off topic, but that reminds me of a drunk driver I treated once. He rear ended another vehicle, but his story was that he pulled over to take a nap, and the other vehicle backed into him (he was certainly in a travel lane). Oh yeah, also, he had $7 million dollars that he was going to give to my partner.

Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
Interesting story, as though I would provide anything else, but while I was in Santa Fe,NM and backing out of a convenience store in my company vehicle, I apparently struck another car. I was initially cited, but come to find out, this was the 3rd time she had been "backed into". Come to find out, she waited for people that were backing out and then drove into them and tried suing. Her pattern was her eventual downfall. Scary world we live in.
Nel7 on 04/10/2010:
Thank you skelly39 and Justice-4-All. Your comments are very encouraging, as they reflect that there are still a few people out there who practice critical thinking. The majority likes "simple forward" answers and decisions, as we see here on this comment site again.

In the movie "The Jury", only 1 person dares to ask questions. Happens to be the one with the correct insight. Out of 12, only 1 understands justice.

RestaurantGuy on 04/10/2010:
Nel7 this has nothing to do with critical thinking. Were you at fault, in the eyes of the law and the insurance companies yes you were. If you are backing up it is your responsibility to ensure it is clear and safe. This has nothing to do with "simple forward" thought but the letter of the law. Plain and simple
raven2010 on 04/10/2010:
It has always been my understanding the person moving into the flow of traffic is responsible in the case of a fender bender.
Anonymous on 04/10/2010:
Yep, this happened to my husband once. He was backing out, looked both ways twice, continued backing out going very slowly, because the SUV next to him was partially blocking his view, and, wham, he backed in to someone who was in a hurry and tried to get past him. Well, the fault was placed on him, as it always is in these situations. The other person was driving a Corvette, wouldn't you know, so the damage was much more extensive than it normally would have been. Yes, our rates went up and we also had no other violations for at least 10 years. We didn't have Progressive though.

It does suck when people can't just stop for a minute or less to let you back out of the space, but they know they have the right-of-way and figure you'll always see them and stop. Of course, when parking is scarce, people will hold up a whole line of cars to wait for you so they can get your space. Sometimes you just can't win.
Anonymous on 04/10/2010:
My Wife taught me to follow any Lady holding her keys to her car and wait for her to leave. Seems to work better than driving around and around the lot hoping to find an open spot. I'm still a novice and not nearly as good as my Wife but getting better at it.
Nohandle on 04/10/2010:
I don't know about the rest of you but on several occasions I've come out of a store and found either an SUV or one of those (I think they are called) extended cab trucks parked next to me. There was absolutely no way I could back up and see oncoming traffic. In desperation the last time it happened I actually got out of my parked car and approached the next car in line and asked if they would wait for me to back up. Pitiful but I guess I would still be sitting there.
PepperElf on 04/10/2010:
I usually get the car started and then look around for at least oh 5-10 seconds

cos on many occasions I've gotten in to the car, started up, gone into reverse (with the brakes still on) - only to see someone come up right behind me within a second or two.

what I hate is when you've started backing up, and you're like halfway through... and some jerk comes zipping through and feels that everyone needs to get out of his way.

my aunt had that happen to her once. she was backing in to her driveway. she'd seen her way clear to back up, and was halfway into her driveway.

another driver came SPEEDING around a corner behind my aunt. the other driver swerved to miss and I think she crashed into a bus stop.

The other driver came out of the car and started *SCREAMING* at my aunt about how it was all her fault, that she shouldn't have been in the way etc.

My aunt finished pulling into her driveway, took the groceries and went inside, ignoring the other driver.

The cops showed up and my aunt came out to talk to them. The other driver was STILL screaming about how it was all my aunt's fault... pretty much until the cops told her to shut up and said that... since my aunt had seen her way clear before backing up, that she was not the guilty party.
redmx3racer on 04/10/2010:
"9 days ago, when I was backing out from a private parking lot, I had a very mild collision with a vehicle, which was not present behind me at the time I was backing out"

So...if the vehicle was not present, how did the OP manage to back into it?

Sounds to me like the OP was not paying as close attention as they should have been. You have to look out the back the entire time you back up, not just once.
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Boat problems
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCKPORT, TEXAS -- 7-21 hit a submerged object at full speed, hit it hard enough to shut down the motor, got it started and limped it to the dock. When I got to the dock found out that my reverse was gone. Dropped boat of at dealer to check it out. mechanic calls me 8-7 and ask me what the heck I hit {never told him I hit anything} tells me the gear case is shot {reman $2100} I call my agent and file a report. 8-8 get a call from the inspector to let me know that SHE is going out to look at my boat. 8-9 she calls me back and tells me that she is writing up an estimate for repairs and she will call be the next day. 3 days go by and no call. I call her and she won't return my calls, call my agent and he tells me that she is still working on it and she always returns calls. leave for vacation for a few days. get back home and am driving by the dealer so I stop in to see how repairs are going. they have not heard a word from my insurance. I start calling from the parking lot and know answer and know body will call me back. I finally get her to answer and she tells me her boss has my claim so I get his number and call him. The boss is looking at the pics that she took and tells me it won't be covered because its wear and tear. I asked if they can send another person out to look at the boat for a second opinion and he tells me no. We had a polite conversation wright up till the point that I asked him if he was a boat mechanic of if she was, he gets an attitude with me and tells me that the boat dealer and I are in this together trying to get a claim { first time my boat has ever been to this dealer} and that may be my mechanic does not know what he's talking about that's when I got an attitude. After he hung up on me I went back inside and had a talk with the mechanic and let him know that they are denying my claim, that's when he shows me 3 other lower units that the same guy denied there claims also saying its where and tear, one of the props had all 4 blades bent the wrong way. As off today I have been calling them everyday and know calls back. The dealer calls me this afternoon and tells me that the brp evenrude/johnson service representative showed up at there shop for a visit they asked him to look at my lower unit and tell them what's wrong, less than 5 min he tells them that its impact damage. So I guess I will be back on the phone with these idiots tomorrow next step is for me to hire a marine surveyor with my own money. I think that a mechanic with 30 years ex. and the service representative for johnson may know what there talking about. Just my 2 cents on Progressive

Well I called them all day again yesterday and no answer, about 300 the boss calls me back. I ask him where do I go from here and he tells me they are done with it so I told him that they need to step up and fix the boat and that they never had a problem cashing my checks. Well here we go again with the normal wear and tear BS. He tells me that the shaft is not bent so that's why that won't cover it. Well we go round and round again then I asked him how the prop got spun of the bearing and Wait for it he says well that's from impact damage. Now it just shoots out of my mouth and I had to tell him that he is a #%&^* idiot. Then he pulls this out of his @##$ that the gears were not installed correct {first time I have heard this one} I let him no that I bought the motor new and the gear case has never been opened. Anyway I told him I was hiring a marine surveyor and a lawyer and that's when he gets the attitude again and tells me to do what I need to do. Well just before we hang up I tell him that the service representative was in and looked at my motor and says its impact damage then all of a sudden he has a change of attitude. I just left it at that and hung up. Well today I called the surveyor to find out some info. at the end of our conversation he asked me what insurance I have so I told him and says oh so your dealing with I not going to put there names on here but he already knew about them so maybe there is still hope. My dealer called me today to let me know that they were back in looking at the boat and wanted to know what the service tech had told them. It should not be this hard..

Well as of today I am giving up. I hired a marine surveyor to check the lower unit and Progressive hired one also. They both agreed that the damage was done from impact damage then there surveyor throws in that it "MAY" have been from more than one impact. I call my Progressive agent that I am dealing with and he tells me that its not covered because it "MIGHT" have been more than one impact. What happened to normal wear and tear, bearings installed wrong, Anyway the next step is to hire a umpire to set down with the surveyors and what he decides is it. That's going to cost another $600 dollars. I was also informed that if he rules in my favor that they will only pay for half the repairs due to the motor being 12 years old, well repairs are $3300 I have spent $325 on the surveyor, it will cost me another $300 on the umpire then my $500 deductible its not worth it to break even plus my boat storage that I am paying is not cheap and they want their money if the boats there are not. Anyway I have sent this link for this post to my agent and I also attached it to the other Progressive post on this site so maybe somebody else won't go through this. Now that this is over I won't you guys/gals that have Progressive and use your boat at the coast from Port O-Conner and south these are the 3 folks that you will be dealing with if you have a claim. These folks have lied to me at every turn the worst customer service I have every dealt with, won't call me back for days. Anyway the parts are on order and I should be back on the water soon.........

Well I just called Progressive to cancel my policy and now somebody cares, she tried hard to get me to stay, they want me to talk to somebody in charge in the claims department tomorrow that should be fun...

Well it just gets better all the time, I get a call and when I answer the guy says this is Progressive and I was asked to call you{never says his name} well I explain the problems that I have had and start naming names and then the guy stops me and ask me
"so what's your complaint" at this point I tell him to have a good day and we hang up. I had the call on speaker so my wife could here and the whole time I am talking she is laughing at me. After I get of the phone I ask her what's so funny, she pulls a paper out that she has been keeping notes and phone numbers on and looks at the number on my phone and tells me that I was talking to the head Idiot that we have been dealing with at the coast. Anyway we had a good laugh and its over.. My brother called to cancel his policy yesterday and when they asked him why he told them about me so now that want him to talk to a regional manager today...
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Don't Bundle with Progressive - They send you to Homesite Insurance of MA
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MAYFIELD, OHIO -- I was refinancing my Home and was told my insurance was high. I looked around for quotes, and because of the Auto Insurance was with Progressive my wife wanted to use their Bundle. Info was exchanged over the phone and I was given a policy that cancelled my existing policy. Within the month I received a letter that they had sent out an inspecter who looked at the outside of the house, and based on his inspection they cancelled my insurance.

There was a 12' Lilac bush that touched my gutter, and a screw that was holding a piece of siding in place(That was there when I moved in 7 yrs ago, because I didn't put it there, and it passed the sales inspection, and three apraisals)

Basically they did not want my business, but the agent on the phone had no problem canceling my current policy. DO NOT USE PROGRESSIVE BUNDLE PRODUCT.
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User Replies:
j.rube on 07/09/2012:
Title should show "Progressive Insurance" not "Progress Insurance"?
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Rip Off Con Artists Swall Car Dealership
Posted by on
CALGARY, ALBERTA CANADA, ARKANSAS -- On Wednesday March 23, 2011, I visited Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales for a potential vehicle purchase. Upon arrival I met salesman Rick. Told him that I was looking and that I would have to get a car loan. Rick told me that I could put a deposit down to hold it and if I was turned down for a loan I would get my money back immediately. So I put a deposit down of $2400.00 on their used 2004 Audi A4 1.8T AWD and he had me sign what looked like a sales agreement. Rick instantly said not to worry I still would get the deposit back if I hadn't a loan.

Same day Wednesday March 23, 2011, I drove directly to my bank and applied for a car loan with Tony, Financial Services Rep at Royal Bank of Canada on Strathcona Blvd SW. He informed me that I may not get an approval because of my debt ratio and insufficient credit rating but he will send it into the RBC Loan Center and see what the outcome is.

On Wednesday March 30, 2011, I got a call from Tony of Royal Bank of Canada to meet me regarding the loan. Upon my meeting, I was informed by Tony of RBC that my application for a car loan was turned down for the reasons he mentioned in our prior meeting a week earlier and was handed the letter of the non approval.

Same day March 30, 2011, I called Rick of Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales and notified him that I was turned down for the car loan.

On Saturday April 2, 2011, I received a call and spoke to Rick. He told me to meet him at his office on Tuesday April 5,2011 to pick up my refund deposit check and I said yes I will meet him.

Shortly after the call on Saturday April 2, 2011, I received another call from Rick telling me that I will not be getting my refund with no explanations and hung up on me.

On Tuesday April 5, 2011, I went to Progressive to see what the calls were about. I spoke to Rick and he acknowledged out loud that he did say I will get reimbursed the deposit. When a man by the name of Phil stepped in and said NO I won't. I showed him my letter from the bank and asked him why, his response was " that the money was a substantial amount" then walked away. I then left Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales and filed a complaint (April 5, 2011) with the Better Business Bureau where the officer in attendance informed me that they are supposed to return the money according to the law and handed me the letter of complaint.



Go ahead and just hand over YOUR hard earned money!
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User Replies:
bcd on 04/10/2011:
“Upon arrival I met salesman Rick Caldwell. Told him that I was looking and that I would have to get a car loan.”

You discussed financing and agreed to the down payment prior to test driving the car. That order of events portrayed you as an inexperienced negotiator and resulted in your being taken advantage of. How does the documentation address the down payment refund policy?

Let us know if you get that refund. Good luck.
Kurizumaru on 04/11/2011:
Is this the same company as Progressive Auto Insurance? It sounds like a completely different company.
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Progressive Insured Crashed Into My Office While Texting and Progressive Won't Pay
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Hello, I have my office in a small quaint little East Texas town, it is (or was) a gorgeous old home just off the two lane highway going through town. It is a pier and beam with some of the original bodark stumps. I had just recently remodeled the gorgeous office which is a focal point while driving through town. On May 6 of 2013 a woman insured by Progressive was speeding through town and veered sharp to the right to avoid a car that had their left blinker on to turn into the apartments that I own across the two land highway. The woman insured by Progressive was rude and upset, she had been texting and looked up to see the car stopped in front of her. The police came, we all took photos, even photos of the insured. The damage to my office building took pillars out, crashed my porch, my new Austin stone, my doors were immediately out of whack and were hard to open, the antique furnishings inside were slanting from the impact and it was clear that the foundation had shifted from various other obvious factors.

Progressive was called and they took weeks to send an adjuster out, when he finally arrived he stated that he was concerned for he had never handled an auto claim where their insured had crashed into a building. As expected from his attitude, it took weeks but the estimate came in at $2500.00 dollars and claimed that their insured ha not caused all of the damage. I threw a complete fit with Progressive and contacted the CEO, I was assured that I would be taken care of. Progressive then sent what they told me was a Texas State Licensed Engineer out to write a report. The report took weeks and my tenant and I waited and waited, we had been told not to use our building until the Engineers report was in.

After weeks of my daily emails requesting that the report be completed, the report came back with a ridiculous finding. The building was fine, according to their "Engineer", I had anticipated some type of Fraud response as I had looked Progressive up with the Texas Insurance Commission an seen that they had been fined many times and paid the fines for using unlicensed individuals to try to pay less on claims. With this information, I looked up the Engineer, Mark with Rimkus Engineering and SURE ENOUGH! Mark had been sanctioned in 2002 NEVER to practice engineering in the state of Texas until he acquired his Texas PE License. Mark was fined, and Mark had recently been fined within months early and Rimkus Engineering hired an attorney to get him off for practicing without his Texas License. I hired a REAL Licensed Engineer and a REAL foundation company to come in and give reports. This cost money, but I wanted a REAL answer. Sure enough, Progressive had tried to defraud me, as they had many others. I have estimates totaling way over $84,000.00 to make the repairs on my office building, not $2500.00 that Progressive wanted to pay.

To top this off, when we finally re entered my office, an armoire that had been knocked by the impact fell on top of me and pinned me down, I had to have surgery on my knee and am still enduring painful months of physical therapy. Progressive is a terrible insurance company and needs to be stopped. Everyone needs to switch insurance companies. Many innocent people are being defrauded on a daily basis. I am going to the Texas insurance Commission, they will be fined, I am having to hire an attorney to go after Progressive. Progressive has tried to send a "Licensed Engineer" now that they have been caught. They had their chance and Progressive has been caught red handed, ONCE AGAIN.
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User Replies:
azRider on 11/11/2013:
sounds like a lawsuit to me. I'd get an lawyer and take them to court. let the judge work it out.
clutzycook on 11/11/2013:
Sounds like you have a handle on this one. Let your lawyer work this one out. In the meantime, can you get your building repaired through your insurance?
Paul on 11/12/2013:
I agree with those above - unfortunately you probably need a good lawyer. Good luck.
BigAl on 11/12/2013:
Sometimes I have a hard time trying to understand how some people think. Progressive did not run into your building that woman did. She is responsible to repair your damage. Progressive is the insurance company that she enlisted for problems like this. It is her problem not yours. Sue her and let her deal with her insurance or lack thereof. It is about time we hold the policy holders liable for the insurance they carry.
nikalseyn on 11/14/2013:
OK, me too. Get a lawyer, and fast.
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Scam artists
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IDAHO -- I was rear ended from a person insured by Progressive. After a week or two of waiting for them to get back to me, they told me to take my car to Lithia Ford in Boise to get an estimate. We did only to find out that we needed to make an appointment with ONLY their own examiner to look at the car. Now it is over a month and they sent someone who was supposed to call me the owner to meet with them to look at the car. The guy they sent out to the site where the car was left a check on the front seat for $552.28 to replace a new back bumper, fix the trunk and electric trunk opener, fix the tail pipe, replace the crushed license plate and re-paint. I was outraged and called Todd to see how he came up with amount. I asked him if he was going to do all that work for $552.28 (Which was less than half of all the estimates we got from repair shops.) Had to ask him twice. He told me no that he does not do repairs. I called Progressive and had them set up an appointment at the shop so I could have a qualified estimator look at the car. Then the original adjusters supervisor called me to tell me not to bring it in and that the check amount and claim would stand. I have already called my agent to have her switch me from Progressive on all my toys and I will spread the news about these frauds anywhere I can. We are also doing up a complaint with the Bureau of Insurance. I am not looking for a new car, just a reasonable settlement at least close to what the estimates we got from reputable shops were. DO NOT GO WITH PROGRESSIVE!!! Try Safeco or anyone else. You get what you pay for.
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D on 12/19/2012:
You need to get your insurance company to handle all of this for you, that is what you pay them for every month!
trmn8r on 12/20/2012:
It sounds like both you and the other party are insured by Progressive, and you were very unhappy with the outcome of your claim.

I've made multiple claims with State Farm, and their appraiser/adjustor whatever has always treated me fairly. In one case, the shop found unseen damage, called the adjustor back out, and the claim was immediately updated.
At Your Service on 12/20/2012:
An interesting letter. Ultimately, it is the driver that is responsible for your damages, not his/her insurance company. I believe you're allowed to work with the service company you feel comfortable with. Most will match other's bids, especially in a situation like this. I'd take you vehicle to three separate body shops and ask the body shop you work through to match the lowest bid. If they will, get the work completed and contact the driver explaining that you need the balance paid directly as their insurance company is not providing full payment.

Please let us know how things turn out.
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Deceptive Advertising for The Ultimate Cut Rate Insurance Company
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GLOBE, ARIZONA -- Monday night a deer jumped in front of our car and my wife couldn't avoid hitting it. It damaged the front passenger side so badly that I couldn't open the passenger door. Tuesday morning at 6:30AM I called Progressive.

The assured me that they would send someone out to inspect the vehicle on Thursday. I asked, "Why not today?". Their response was "tomorrow is a holiday". Thursday came and went, without a phone call or a representative as scheduled. I emailed my claim representative and received no response. I called and she said she didn't know anything about it, although I talked to her on Tuesday.

She called back and said that it would be a week before someone could come to look at the car. When I asked why, she said it was because I live two hours from her office. So it's not okay for Progressive (The paid service provider) to be inconvenienced for a few hours, but it is okay for me (The paying customer) to be inconvenienced a whole week without a car to drive. They are supposed to provide a rental car, which they are clearly putting off as long as they can. They didn't even give me a courtesy call to let me know they weren't showing up on their originally scheduled day.

When I complained about the week delay, she suggested I just keep driving my banged up vehicle because it was still "drivable". So what am I supposed to do, jump in and out of the window like the Dukes of Hazard?

When I switched over from State Farm, Progressive promised me equal or better service. That was a lie because State Farm would never take more than a day to inspect the vehicle, would never make me wait a week for my rental car, and would never suggest I drive an unsafe, damaged vehicle.

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BigAl on 07/05/2012:
It doesn't sound like you qualify for a rental vehicle unless there is other damage that you have not stated.
unhappy999 on 07/05/2012:
As a person who has been through several accidents lately (teenage driver), no insurance company will provider a rental car due to the passenger door not opening.
spiderman2 on 07/06/2012:
Where I live, Progressive has drive-in centers where you can get your car looked at. State Farm does the same thing. Then you can go on your schedule not their schedule. You may not like driving your car, but it is able to be driven. I was hit on the driver's side and couldn't open my door. I had to slide across the seat and get out the other side. Inconvenient, yes, but it did not make the not able to be driven. If every time a car got banged up but was still able to be driven the insurance company paid for rentals until they were fixed, imagine what your insurance rate would be!
Shopping for info on 04/13/2013:
Thank you for your story. I am sorry you are unhappy, but you took the time to write with information and detail that still managed to coantain a tone that while sharing your opinion of the company and was still organized in thought and speech. Thank you for not being like others who write purely out of anger and are so blinded by it their review is not worth the time it takes to read it. I hope that everything works out for you. To the people who responded thank you for being sound and logical rather than spewing emotion and no information to back it up.
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Beware of Progressive Insurance
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I have a 1999 safari. I blew a rear tire it damaged my compartment doors and blow some lines under the motor. I have roadside coverage. I called they sent a service truck with the wrong tire plus he wrecked my polished aluminum rim. This all started at 8 a.m. Finally he brought a used tire and parts to fix my lines so I could get to a place to fix everything and head back home. This took till 9p.m. I had to pay for thee used tire so I could move my RV.

I then had to purchase a new tire and pay them to get rid of the used one that they put on. After getting home the adjuster comes and tells me things are not all covered. When I questioned why he started yelling at me. I am self employed and have 9 mechanics working in my shop. He did this in front of them and customers!!!! I told him to leave. I contacted his boss and he wanted to come out with the same guy that yelled. I told him the guy was not to step foot on my land. I wanted car star to do the estimate Progressive says car star is not a qualified place. I also pay 100.00 extra a year for 100% glass coverage. They say any window is covered. Yet when I spoke to them about my two front side windows they forged between the glass they tell me they are not covered. I just turned everything over to my lawyer.

These people are just taking our money. Its really funny that they said that about car star because progressive deals with car star they even have a sign out front. I really believe progressive insurance is a rip off they want the money but do not try to put a claim in. I have been telling everyone I see about how bad they are and putting this on every site I can.
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bcd on 03/31/2011:
Why didn't you use your spare tire instead of buying the used one?
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Progressive Insurance - Buyer beware....Be very wary
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I had Progressive Insurance for 6 years. I was a loyal customer and never had a claim or late payment. I bought a truck and traded in my Jeep for it. That's when the wheels fell off the Progressive wagon. Evidently (although I was never told this), my insurance switched from being due every 6 months to a month by month plan. I had recently moved, so the first indicator I got was a notice of cancellation. I called to get paid up and find out what the rpoblem was. The agent told me I owed 108 dollars. I said, fine, let's pay it and get back on track, figuring they'd send me a 6 month bill. Wrong! I got another notice of cancellation two months later. I called again and paid what was due, and pleaded with the agent to let me pay for the next 6 months. I was told I couldn't because my policy was in cancellation status.

This happened twice, and I finally resolved to find another company. I asked the last agent I spoke with on the 8th of January how long my 108 dollars would carry me and they said it would carry me through the 28th. On the 25th, I switched Insurance companys to State Farm and figured I'd get a refund for the 3 days I didn't use. Wrong again! I got a bill for around 30 dollars! This, he explained, was some bizarre algorithm (which took him 10 minutes of hold time) to come up within which he pro-rated my 6 month policy (you remember, the one they wouldn't let me pay up in full each time?).

So the supervisor was called in on the call and he told me he was sorry that the agents gave me mis-information but he couldn't write it off or he would be breaking the law. I asked him if he could listen to the other phone calls I'd made (they're recorded). He told me it wouldn't matter. So I asked him how much it would cost me to get away from Progressive. 30 dollars I was informed. By now this was beginning to look like a real bargain.
I decided that 30 dollars is okay because I work in public safety and I can't count the number of times people ask me about vehicle insurance. I will be only too happy to share my story and (hopefully) point them to another company in the future and hopefully lose them far more than they've cost me. If you like the shell game, Your're going to Love Progressive! Good Luck!

-PPSD (Post Progressive Stress Disorder)
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JerryCee on 02/04/2011:
Thanks for the warning!

Maria Isaba on 06/06/2011:
There are always three sides to each story your side their side and the truth. I tend to believe Progressive was right in this case.
RobBarr on 10/30/2014:
Almost the same problem.Cancelled on the 4th month of a 6 month policy and went back to GEICO. Got a cancellation notice and let them know about the switch. No laspe in coverage with NCDMV. Progressive billed me for the remainder 2 months at $174.00. Called to dispute the bill and they could give me no explaniation for billing me for services not rendered. So basically they hold you HOSTAGE and cancel your policy. SCUM SCAM! Oh, and sent me to a collection company. Its been fun dealing with them, but HELL will FREEZE over before I pay anything more to them.
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