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Get a Lawyer!
Posted by Vgodonnell on 10/15/2006
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In late February of 2006 I was rear ended by a driver who was covered by Progressive Insurance. The woman who hit me admitted that she was at fault and we each filed claim regarding the incident. As a result of the accident I was injured and required therapy to treat these injuries.

At this time I have completed my therapy sessions and have amassed over $2,100 in medical bills as a result. Progressive Insurance is stating that they are only going to pay for the first 6-8 weeks of medical bills and are offering me a little over $1,300 because they claim that "soft tissue damage heals in 6-8 weeks". They do not care that a medical professional deemed it necessary for my treatments to continue beyond their arbitrary time frame.

In addition, the agent assigned to this claim literally adds insult to injury. Whenever I speak with her she is rude, condescending, talks over me, cuts me off and refuses to allow me to speak with her supervisor. Whenever I ask to speak with her supervisor she asks why and I let her know that what she is offering me is unsatisfactory and I want to discuss the claim with her supervisor. The agent tells me that's what she is there for. Its a maddening circle.

At this point in order for my medical bills to be paid in full I will have to consult an attorney to bring a lawsuit against the woman who hit me as well as Progressive Insurance, and as everyone knows bringing a lawyer to the table will drive up the settlement amount exponentially... it would be much more economical on behalf of Progressive Insurance to pay out the additional $800 than to have this become a lawsuit. But, the impression I get from my personal experience as well as from reading reviews on this site as well as others is that Progressive Insurance doesn't give a damn about people. All they care about is their bottom line. Understandably, they are in business to make money, but the idea that the victim of one of their insured should be left with $800 in medical bills is absolutely ludicrous.

On their website, Progressive Insurance boasts about their extensive art collection that is housed at all of their facilities in addition to their corporate office. I find it admirable that this company would support the arts, after all I am an artisan myself, but before they purchase their next piece they should take care of those who are injured at the hands of their insured.

If I am ever again hit by a driver who is insured through Progressive I will take the following actions:

1. call the police for an accident report
2. call for an ambulance to the emergency room regardless of how I feel at the time of the incident
3. GET A LAWYER to talk to Progressive Insurance on my behalf. I will NOT be bullied by another one of their representatives again.

This is my second complaint against this company regarding this claim, although it is my first "public" one. Previously I complained to my states Insurance Commissioners office. Their response was to speak with the claim adjustors manager. I received a letter from the manager and left her voicemails in response, but never received a single return call from the manager.

I will be following up this commentary with the following...
- Addressing this issue on the "contact us" page of Progressives website.
- Repeating this entry on every site such as this one that I can find.
- Blogging about it extensively on my personal blog
- Making another complaint to my state Insurance Commissioners office since the manager is being completely unresponsive.

If you are a customer of Progressive Insurance, or considering becoming one, you may want to think about investing in prepaid legal assistance because if you were to be found at fault in an accident and people were injured you could very likely be sued because Progressive will not pay out full medical costs of those who are injured.

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Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-10-15:
Good luck to you. It sounds like it was definitely time to hire a lawyer. Remember, insurance companies are not your friend. They will try to get buy with paying as little as possible. It isn't just Progressive either, it is all of them.
Posted by Skye on 2006-10-15:
PLEASE hire an attorney. I am still in treatment 5 years later due to being rear ended also. You did nothing wrong. Good luck and I hope you are feeling better. I know how you are feeling. I have already settled, but still by policy clause, entitled to 5 more years of treatment, which I have in writing. I see a chronic pain doctor once a month, and have had surgeries, as well as every treatment out there.
Posted by Skye on 2006-10-15:
Wanted to add one more thing, some things I had to pay out of my pocket, but send in my receipts and get reimbursed every time.
Posted by Skye on 2006-10-15:
One more thing, sorry, also, my lawyer got paid when I got paid. I did not have to pay him ANYTHING up front. Many good lawyers here in Colorado, who are not ambulance chasers. NO upfront retainers what so ever.
Posted by chinmusic on 2007-02-20:
Insurance companies only listen to lawyers!
Posted by noel777 on 2007-07-14:
You are absolutely correct about Progressive. I too was rear ended and suffered injuries. I went to physical therapy for 6 months and they refused to pay my bills, claiming that neck pain was only "soft tissue strain" that should have cleared quickly, and that because I didn't complain of back pain when I went to the emergency room, that it was caused by something else. I was initially offered #3,200, and got a lawyer. We filed a claim in court and went through all the motions. When Progressive got the message that I was willing to go all the way with my case, they went ahead and settled ,my case for $15,000, but it took two years after the accident. My advice is that if you have the patience, file a case in court, and go through the motions, and don't be afraid to go to court. It's unlikely that you'll lose, and chances are they're settle
Posted by Tinee on 2007-07-20:

Be careful on the lawyer. My kids were on a school bus when a progressive insured car t-boned them sending my oldest to the ER by ambulance. She suffered bruised ribs and neck sprains. They called to settle the next day. ER charges plus $1000. I knew my kid was still and would likely need further treatment. We declined, progressive wouldn't pay any medical and the bills kept coming and eventually went to collections. We were up to nearly 10,600 in bills. They said if we would settle for 10,000 then they would pay off the medical centers and the other 600 we could submit to my insurance. I got an attorney to avoid the negative credit and collections that were bombarding me. Two plus years later we went to court because Progressive wouldn't even agree to pay the extra 600.
They brought in a high dollar attorney and made the sale to the jury that my kid made up all injuries except the ambulance trip and the ER fees. The jury found in my favor for 4500, now if am stuck having to pay nearly 7000 out of my pocket for the remaining medical. My work insurance won't cover it because it happened over two years ago. Progressive is a fraud and don't give a damn about anything but there bottom line.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-02:
Because so many millions of Americans finally realize that something is seriously wrong with the way the government is handling our affairs, people are continually asking: "Do you think there is still time to turn it around?"

When you ask, "Still time before what?" they usually reply: "Before total disaster overtakes us!"

For those who wonder about such things the answer is this: "Yes, there is still time, but not much."

The next question is: "What can we do to get America turned around and regain our national sanity?"

The answer is: "Elect a President and a majority in Congress who still believe in the Constitution and will fight to return America to her original moorings."

Think, Learn and acted!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-02:
"Progressive is a fraud and don't give a damn about anything but there bottom line" People they are all like that, WAKE UP!!!

Here in NC Blue Cross was aloud to write their own legislation, which is now the law in NC who do you think it protects?

Wake up before it’s to late and learn the Constitution then maybe we the people can take back our country? Or go for the "issue" and not the big picture and we can become slaves to a dictator, your choice.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-02:
vgodonnell--So sorry to hear about your terrible experience with Progressive. Skye and others have some good info. FYI--years ago I had a neck injury from a drunk rear-ending my car at a red light. The police knew this prominent business man and didn't even issue him a ticket. I was only 20 at the time but my grandfather advised me to go to his attorney so all my bills would be paid. They were and I ended up with a small amount for my trouble. It would have never paid for the future treatments I would need for my neck pain through the years though. The only thing that has helped me (immensely) over the years is chiropractic (activator.com) and acupuncture. These treatments have helped eliminate my pain--for long periods of time and have been a true life saver. Hope you feel better soon. Let us know if you are ever able to get them to pay the rest of the bills. For the most part, I truly believe the insurance companies are just scam artists.
Posted by Progressive is Bad on 2012-04-26:
Yep I was involved in an accident with a Progressive insured driver. They started hounding me to sign HIPA releases a few days after the accident. I got an attorney, not because I want thousands of dollars from these people, but because I don't want to get completely screwed. They need to be put out of business.
Posted by Dustin on 2013-03-11:
Progressive is HORRIBLE!!! My dad's truck was stolen a few months ago and from the start HE was the criminal. They ultimately denied his claim and he has to continue to make the payments AND to add insult to injury he has to keep full coverage. He still owes thousands of dollars on the truck. He lost items in the truck that were more valuable than the truck itself, he had no motive to have his own truck stolen. On top of that he had owned it for less than a year..
Posted by BEARKILLER3 on 2013-04-22:
It seems to me that anybody who got rear ended it was by a progressive ins co. I also got rear ended by a progressive customer, i swear they send you too a 8 hr class to tell you what to do next, is to go out and rear end someone, they must get a discount or something, the sad thing is progressive screws up a lot of peoples life for no reason, I've been driving for more than 25 yrs and never smashed into someone, the loop hole is that these ins co. can total your car out no matter what the damages are and pay you the blue book price, and it doesn't matter how much work you put into your car, take or leave it, or the state has rcw laws that protect ins co from getting the shaft, and can shut the case on the whole thing, and screw your life up forever, and not assume any responsibility for nothing, that's what's wrong, I just hope one of theses days ins. co finally get rear ended and screw there life up and see how they like it.
Posted by Supercalifraudrealistic on 2013-08-28:
I was hit by a Progressive insured 3 years ago. This was a major car accident involving a rollover and my car was totaled. The other driver admitted to being at fault and the accident report showed the same. Progressive refused to make any realistic offers on the claim, so we went to court. They conveniently "lost" evidence of the adjuster's recorded interview for both parties. They conveniently changed their stance after that from one of admission to trying to blame me for the accident - 3 years later. They changed attorneys and hired a crooked lawyer with a public reprimand for running a Ponzi scheme on his client's (stealing from them) to defend their insured. These people are nothing but crooks and, obviously, they like to hire crooks to defend their insured's as well. As they say, "there is no honor among thieves". PROGRESSIVE does not care about their insured's and puts them at risk for getting major lawsuits/liability placed against them.
Posted by hybrid on 2013-10-06:
I paint for this company.They suck badly E.C.D
stands for estimated time of delivery key word
estimated not exact they treat the customers cars like MACO.They really don't give a crap about the customer just money.Best advice get a different insurance company the ones who have the most advertisement are the worst GOT TO PAY FLO lol Good luck to you all
Posted by Peggy Budreau on 2014-04-07:
Going through this exact thing with Progressive now. They won't even pay Medicare back.. Why is the Dept. of Justice not prosecuting them. They told me the same thing. Sue our customer we don't care.
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Bad Dealings With Progressive
Posted by Danjmcn on 03/31/2004
RIDLEY PARK, PENNSYLVANIA -- A strong word to the wise...be prepared to 'reap the whirlwind' if you ever have to rely on Progressive for any accident claim. I signed up with them almost a year ago at the behest of my agent. They never had any issues with me paying my premium up front and in full and in adavance. However, I was recently involved in a minor accident where another car veered into my lane while I was attempting to pass. Though the police inferred I was at fault, I am in the process of contesting that. But...my complaint deals with another dimension entirely. The accident in question transpired away from home. I reside in PA but make frequent visits to NJ owing to the fact my friends and family are based there. It was during such a visit this accident transpired. When I went to make a call regarding the accident claim, the Progressive agent took the required information and stated that a claims adjuster would be contacting me the next day and also asked for a secondary number to reach me. I specified a time and a place to do so since I was away from home. Turns out the adjuster called at a time of their choosing and contacted my father's residence. He had no idea who was contacting him and was asked by said adjuster of my whereabouts. My father mistakenly stated that 'he lives here'(in NJ) as opposed to my residence in PA owing out of confusion and that I do spend some of my time in NJ (including working there in the summer). This aroused the suspicions of the adjuster and I contacted him at his behest. Thinking he was eager to get my information regarding the accident, it ended up turning into an 'interrogation session' questioning the validity of my residency in PA! I told the adjuster that I was a bona fide resident of the address of which my policy was registered to and that my father owned the house of which I along with my grandfather reside in. I relocated there about a year ago to help him out and established my residency there, and of course I am licensed and insured in the state of PA. However, since I make frequent visits to my former residence in NJ(I have 2 friends who rent an apartment there I used to room with and stay with from time to time)as well as my parents and siblings, I am now under suspicion of being a valid resident of my primary residency! The adjuster was rude, abrupt, snarky, and dismissive...and inferred that he would conduct a 'thorough' investigation of the veracity of my residency. After so much of this, I told him that we were supposed to be discussing my accident and not of this nonsense of where I resided! That portion of the conversation was almost an afterthought. The rep concluded I would be found at fault(the other driver struck my rear without using a turn signal or braking)AND stated that if no 'sufficient' proof could be established of my residency in PA, I would be liable for any damages if found culpable. Ludicrous! Also, at the very least, I am likely to be dropped for 'garaging'(don't worry, after such a hostile reception I *WILL* be dropping them in any event). Regardless of how things turn out, I plan on spreading the word of the substandard, abrasive, and devious tactics this company has deployed. Forget the lure of low rates. When push comes to shove, Progressive becomes Oppressive.

To date, Progressive dispatched several certified letters to my former address in NJ as well as merely 2 such letters at my primary residential address. I have been traveling for the last couple months and have not been home often. Imagine my surprise to find in said letters: “as a result of not cooperating with our investigation process (I already informed them of all pertinent information) we have decided to deny you any and all coverage regarding this accident". Then,
they mention something regarding ‘total costs to date’ using some form of convoluted process of calculation bringing me a bill for just shy of $3000. Amazing! These expenses weren’t even
itemized and contained no explanation of their basis. The car that was damaged in the accident
(the one that struck me to begin with)is an older car that sustained minor damages and is not even worth more than $1500 at best according to the Blue Book Value. And that is what is generally used as the basis of providing a deductible.

I intend to challenge this organized band of crooks to the best of my ability. “Caveat Empor” applies to any and all who deal with Progressive.
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Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-03-31:
As an insurance agent myself , I can tell you Progressive sucks! Sure the rate looks attractive, but where are they when you need them? The company that I work for does not insure in NJ, and policyholders are constantly trying to pull a fast one. I am not implying that you are, but it happens. We here those things on a daily basis, "I don't live in NJ, or my 18 yr old son does not have a license",etc. 90% of the time, people are lying to save a buck or two and what ends up happening is just what you stated above...Maybe you are one of the few honest ones left.....anyways good luck and steer clear from Progressive!
Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-04-01:
Continue to contest everything. If the claims adjustor you've been talking to isn't any help, speak with a supervisor. Also, call your agent directly, they sometimes have some pull with claims. Furthermore, most accidents like yours (being hit in the rear), result in the driver who hit you being at fault, not you, unless you were doing something illegal. Obtain copies of the police report, and contact an attorney if Progressive continues to fight you. As long as you are providing them with all the information they are asking for and cooperating with them, there's no reason for them to treat you this way. And, once this claim is settled, switch insurance companies and go with a company that has been around for a while and has a good reputation. You may pay a little more, but in times like this you won't have to fight a claims adjustor. Good luck!
Posted by laurenvandenhoues on 2004-04-01:
Find the least expensive insurance you can. Get some cheap mexican insurance provider. They will be the same as progressive but at least you're getting a monetary discount.
Posted by newentrepeneurs on 2004-04-01:
Like sanford, I'm an insurance agent (and have been for over 4 yrs (so don't think i'm here to defend progressive)), i have a couple of quick questions: 1) how much time is spent in new jersey? you did advise that you work up there during the summer. 2) although you have a drivers license for the state of pa and you have license plates for pa that doesn't mean that you aren't driving most of the time in nj. this is probably explaining the "third degree interrogation session" you had. I'm not defending that adjuster's beligerent behavior, by any means, but you need to understand that thousands of people try to avoid paying insurance in nj because they have the highest rates in the u.s.. insurance is based off of where you are driving your vehicle, not where the license plates are from. i see this type of thing all the time, i'm not accusing you of rate-jumping but be ready for an ass-load of evidence that you must be ready and able to provide at any moment. good luck!
Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-04-01:
The post under new entrepeneurs was me...
i just wanted to add this last little nugget:
avoid litigation if you can...this will only cost you more money. Why? who gets the money....LAWYERS!!! they are gonna get 30-50% of whatever settlement you get! just provide the necessary info and try to get the best settlement available. try to talk to an independent adjuster (if you have any photos of the damages to your car, this can help to make sure that progressive doesn't under pay you!) they will give you an unbiased opinion and give you necessary ammo to counter any offer that progressive comes to you with. hope this helps.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-04-05:
What's wrong with lawyers?!? We have to get paid too? How else are we going to pay off our overpriced education?
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-05:
I consider lawyers like nuclear weapons, nice to have but you never want to use them
Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-04-08:
not you mad_eye...just the ambulance chasers. THEY HELP TO DRIVE UP COST OF INSURANCE!!! you at least help people!
Posted by Barthenon on 2004-04-26:
I am always wary of companies who name themselves things like Progressive. The name could not be further from the truth. They are a draconic organization looking to make as much money as possible by collecting more than they pay out. My wife was injured in an automobile accident, and was treated harshly by Progressive representatives. They even offered a $500 bonus in "consideration of our difficulty." Turned out to be a simple bribe, because we had to sign a paper saying we would not sue. We didn't sign.

Insurance companies provide nothing other than harrassment and humiliation and charge a lot for it.
Posted by Henry on 2004-06-09:
It's called rate evasion! Insurance companies have the right to investigate individuals who cross state lines in order to obtain a better rate on insurance. If you have nothing to hide you should just cooperate with them and get things settled once and for all. Show them a copy of where you file your taxes. You will have the same problem no matter what insurance company you goto.
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-08:
Where I worked, if you lived out of the state for over 2 months, we wouldn't insure you. Also, if there was a child in college out of state we would non-renew your policy. The fact that you move back & forth between states so much is VERY suspect & the claims adjuster has to investigate it. Can you show the adjuster your PA driver's license? Maybe your RECENT utility bill w/ your home address on it?
Posted by Garcia on 2008-11-15:
I dare you to look up Safeco (aka Progressive) in the BBB,anywhere. UNSAT. I'll cut to the chase. Hit by someone with Progressive Insurance? Get a lawyer. All states have a state bar referral servcice. You can get a 1/2 hour for about $30. All you need to take these clowns to small claims and get your vehicle fixed properly. Then get on your State representatives case about why this company is able to operate. This is dishonest company.
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Payment Policy
Posted by Myra on 06/07/2005
MICHIGAN -- I had progressive insurance for about 2 months and found a better deal elsewhere. However, after purchasing a new vehicle, I had no choice but to back to progressive as my insurance compnay at the time would not allow us to drive the vehicle home without a full body inspection. This was at 7:00 P.M. and we had no time for this. After calling and cancelling my insurance from my prior vehicle, I called progressive to insure this new vehicle so we could drive it home. The rates were comparable on this new vehicle so I didn't see a problem with going back to progressive. The agent on the phone needed a credit card for the first payment. That's understandable. Then I am told that they cannot take future payments via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) without a written confirmation from me. Which I DID NOT SIGN! I'm old fashioned. I like a bill in the mail and I like to pay by check like the old days before this EFT CRAP! L:ong story short, they took the next payment by EFT without my consent which caused my bank account to be in the hole. When I called progressive and demanded something be done, it was like being on a carousel! I had already mailed the payment and when asked what he was going to do with that payment he said it would have to clear my bank and that it would post to my account. I am a simple person who basically lives paycheck to paycheck. If I wanted to pay 2 payments, I would have sent 2 checks!! Long story even shorter, I stopped payment on the check I sent them and my bank agreed to cover the majority of bounced check fees. I have since cancelled my insurance with progressive and would not recommend them to anyone!
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Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-05-18:
Hate to hear you had such a hard time with them, but good thing you canceled your check.
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Cheated and hung up on... repeatedly!
Posted by Messyro on 01/23/2008
HARRISBURG -- Where to start--I was hit by someone who ran a stop sign and also not doing the speed limit, and trying to keep his dog from falling off the front seat. needless to say I was quite jarred. I received whip lash and terrible bouts of dizziness for about 3 weeks. I had to go through pt and lost a lot of hours through work--I couldn't life let alone move too fast and I am a CNA. Of course there was someone at my house 4 days after the accident to "settle" , NO WAY. Sorry I forgot to mention, we both have progressive ins.

I was convinced to take my van (a Windstar--that was hit by a full sized Cadillac in the front driver's side fender) to one of their shops-MISTAKE. The repairs were done in a week. My van came out completely crooked. I pointed it out to shop. I was spoken to like a "stupid" woman (whose father was a body man and a mechanic all of my life. Needless to say there was a fight.Eventually it was fixed buy a good shop, but they could only do as much as the company would "allow"--we still have mismatched paint and they wouldn't fix a tie rod damaged on that side-stating wear and tear.

We finally settled on a small settlement of $2500.

The accident was the end of September 2007 and then in December we discover we mysteriously have a cracked transmission,which had started making noise in October (we just wasn't sure what it was and it didn't occur all the time) We again started dealing with the insurance co. The ford dealer ship with certified ford mechanics could not determine definite cause but were sure that it could possibly have a connection to the accident. After fighting with them for 2 weeks no go. I offered to go half's with them, no go.

So now we are stuck with a $3000 bill. We went through many arrogant managers, and when I asked for a # for a headquarters, I was repeatedly hung up on. As you know when you call they want your claim number, when they would get that they would also hang up on me. So I am still fighting, I sure to no avail.

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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-01-23:
Possible and definite are HUGE it the world of insurance. In order to have a claim you need a "snap shot" of when the damage occurred. You can't go based on assumptions- even the certified mechanics couldn't trace it back to the accident. Other mechanics had already pointed out that there was wear and tear on your vehicle. At this point it's only a 50/50 change and insurance doesn't pay out on 50/50 only 100% proven.
Posted by msnanny on 2008-01-23:
You settled already, end of story, sorry.
Posted by miketech on 2008-01-23:
I feel you have to know your banker and your Insurance people in real life. Cause with those two things when something goes wrong it goes very wrong. A real live person can and will usually help, someone over the phone can avoid you forever.
Posted by jenjenn on 2008-01-23:
You got it msnanny!
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-01-23:
You settled. Insurance is done.

However, I doubt if your transmission cracked 2 months later as a result of the accident. Things do happen.
Posted by Sail27 on 2008-01-23:
DO NOT TRUST INSURANCE COMPANIES. Sounds pretty basic... but it's way too easy to forget. I carry a disposable digital cameras in all of my cars at all times, and have my cell phone video mode easily started by one keypress. *ANY* small bump by anyone to my car or person - no matter how small - and the phone comes out, video comes on, and I start documenting everything.

A lot of folks go the route of "Let's keep insurance out of this". Been there - done that with a minor no-injury accident a long time ago... big mistake as the *#!(%$ never paid me and the potential future liability by the "really nice person" can bite you in the rear.

It sucks that it has to be this way but trust NOBODY when it comes to any accident to your vehicle and / or your body. Look out for #1.
Posted by Driab on 2009-02-17:
Progressive will never hang up on you like many other reputable companies. That never happened, check your cell phone signal.
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Ripped Off by Progressive
Posted by Konakane on 08/25/2007
HILO, HAWAII -- My 1987 Pathfinder was unlucky enough to get hit by a person running a red light. This SUV was my baby. It was Black, & fully loaded. The guy that hit me had Progressive Insurance. Instead of getting the 3,100 it booked at, they want to give me a lousy $2,300 bucks. I complained and they told me any accident you get into it's gonna cost you money. What a crack.

Anyway it's almost 2 weeks later. They have my truck, I'm without a vehicle and I haven't got my money yet.

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Posted by geather-c on 2007-08-25:
what do you expect it's owned be liberal,anti American George Sorous(probably misspelled),how did he get so rich? off the backs of people who carry his insurance.your insurance company is supposed to represent you in a court case,go for it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-25:
If they refuse to give you what the SUV is worth then you may go to court to sue for the remainder. You can also demand a sum for your 'pain and suffering'.

geather-c: If Soros is anti-American why did he emigrate here in the 1950s? And what's wrong with a liberal owning a corporation? His organization gave a substantial sum to the RNC during the last presidential election.
Posted by trumania on 2007-08-28:
The Kelly Blue Book says that car in excellent condition with 100K miles is worth 2,300 dollars. But... that is in excellent condition and with only 100K mils.
Posted by Lawyer_XX on 2007-12-22:
My wife had her auto insurance with PROGRESSIVE. She hit ice and totalled the car. We fought but took a reasonable settlement. They wrote us a check, we deposited it, and it bounced!!! Avoid PROGRESSIVE at all cost. It will save you money. NEVER let them repair at one of their shops. NEVER !!!
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I hope you don't get hit by a drunk progressive driver
Posted by Dojasc on 07/06/2010
Top reasons why I will never switch from USAA to Progressive:

1. Clientele: while driving down the highway I was struck from the rear by an inebriated unemployed Progressive driver, who was already on probation for DUI. Its feels good to insure others who would be court-martialed if they behaved like this individual.
2. Clarity: when I call USAA I don’t have to be transferred from a National Office to a local office, and since I don’t need to be transferred I don’t get two different stories about the service they provide. When I call Progressive the national office tells me that they will go wherever I need, service and inspect the car wherever I like and generally accommodate me, but when I call the local office I am told I must go to their body shop during working hours have my car checked out. When I call the national office and ask to speak to someone higher up, they route me to another claims adjuster in the same department who also cannot help. No bureaucracy, that’s why I love USAA.
3. Availability: when I call USAA I am told we will be here all night to help you. My Progressive claims adjuster works only works four days per week.
4. Attitude: when I speak to USAA about my accident they can’t wait to genuinely show concern and look out for my welfare. When I can get a hold of anyone at Progressive I get terse responses and feigned concern. When I come to the Progressive office, the claims adjuster tells the secretary to take my paperwork and lets the secretary try to determine what is happening with my case because she is too busy to see me (though she seen doing a deliberate about face upon seeing me and calls the secretary twice to see if I have gone away yet). When she does come to see me she tells me “You just don’t know how the insurance business works.” Clearly, I don’t know how Progressive works, but I know how USAA does, I am treated with respect, concern and prompt service.
5. Responsibility: When I take the day off work to personally fetch police reports, contact sheriffs departments, rental car companies and bring needed documentation to the office, but am still told that Progressive does not have the documentation to repair my car and that I should contact my insurance company because they can work faster. USAA bends over backward to cover everything, pay out the claim and get my car into the shop though it was no fault of theirs; it consumes their time and resources and involves them unnecessarily.
6. Understanding and Timeliness: USAA understands when I tell them I am leaving at 5AM for predeployment certification training for two weeks and that I will not be able to contact them for two weeks. USAA apologizes for the service that Progressive has provided and stresses that they understand that it is not acceptable to leave my wife without transportation. The progressive claims adjustor tells me after an exterior examination of my car that it is not their fault that I am leaving, that the brake light on my dash must have been on before the accident and that my car should be drivable for my wife. Progressive also suggests that I should use my predeployment leave to fix the car.

In a word USAA understands service.

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Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2010-07-07:
I take it that USAA is your insurance company and Progressive is the other guy's. You should always work with your company - they represent you. The other company represents the other party - they'll never be helpful to you.
Posted by veryupset on 2012-03-26:
I have to agree with your comments. The driver who slamed in to my car and two others is insured by Progressive as well. They lie and are very UNREPUTABLE company. They tell me that their claimant has issues with their policy. Imagine that! They can not help me till they investigate the accident. Its been two days and the claimant has not called them so they say. Well I am not going to fuss with them and I will not have my insurance cover the damages because than Progessive gets off easy. They and their customers need to be accountable. I have contacted my attorney and will take them to court for not honoring the TEXAS Law that states "the person who caused the accident and their insurance company needs to provide transportation for the person who is out of a vehicel". Well they messed with the wrong person. I have every intent to expose them for who they really are "crooks".
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Unhappy with service I received
Posted by Feel cheated on 08/30/2007
READING, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was rear ended by a man who has progressive auto ins. He did not even report the accident to his ins I had to. I had 6 witnesses including a Federal Fugitive Recovery Agent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was his fault 100%.

I am getting the run around with Progressive on the repairs to my car!
The insurance adjuster is claiming my bumper can be repaired my repair man at the dealer where I bought my car is telling me it cannot be repaired and expected to last any amount of time it needs to be replaced!!!

The ins adjuster pretty much told me the dealer will lie about needing new parts just to get more money!!

I am going to believe my mechanic before I believe some adjuster. They just don't want to pay!! The difference is like $100!!!

I am so irritated with this company I am thinking of contacting a manager or someone other than this adjuster.

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Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-08-30:
Have you reported this accident to your insurance company? Insist that the other guy's insurance pays, but it may help to talk to someone at your insurance company and get some advice from them.
Posted by trumania on 2007-08-30:
Exactly what spiderman2 said, why are you trying to do this on your own? Get your insurance company to handle it that is what you pay them for.

And no insurance company wants to pay out, every time they pay out their profits get smaller, this is true about ANY insurance company. Get an estimate from the dealer and fax it to Progressive, got to a few other shops and get other estimates and send them too. Good documentation always helps.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-08-30:
Resident insurance Guru to help:

I'm alittle tired right now so please check with your agent... and also the laws may be different in your state.

You can get as many estimates as you would like and I suggest getting at least two. BUT the insurance company then has the right to take the lower quote provided.

And I hate to tell you, but insurance companies and adjusters do have a lot of experience when it comes to handling these types of claims. You're probabaly not the first fender bender he's seen. So while it is wise to wonder if he does have your best interests at heart, be aware that although this might be your first accident, it's most likely his millionth.

Also, you ARE allowed to haggle with adjusters. If you really want your car bumper replaced and it CAN be fixed, the insurance company doesn't have to pay to have it replaced... That's on your own.

I would suggest getting a second estimate (from a trusted NON dealer if possible).

DO NOT settle until you are comfortable though.

Hope this helps. And if you have questions, feel free to ask and I can help out the best I can.
Posted by CataBrook on 2008-05-22:
Left you without medical care? Did you have Medical Payments on your policy?? It is VERY important that you know what coverage you are getting and what those coverages mean! Don't just say "okay" when your agent/whomever gives you a policy, quote, etc. Know what you are getting!
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Improper handling of policy change request, result no collision/no coverage!!!
Posted by Mikepg on 04/16/2005
I moved to a new state and called to inform progressive. I called 1-800-PROGRESSIVE. I told them that I needed to change my address and that I would like to add collision to my car. They quoted me a price but told me that I had to go to a local agent to do it, and they had to write me a new policy. Having just purchased the car, I didn't have the title yet. I contacted the local insurance agency Progressive directed me to and they said that I had to have the title and have the new registration for the state I just moved to. No title, no new reg, no new policy.

I then had an accident and didn't have collision. As it turns out, when I asked to have collision added to my policy, they could have done it right then on the phone! There was no need for me to get a new policy at the time. They informed me that they have a recording of the conversation and have requested to listen to it. It has now been a month and I have not gotten any farther!

I have been lied to by my "official progressive" claims adjusted. He has told me that he has mailed the recording to my local office and it has not shown up in 16 days!!! I have done all the work diggin up the dates, times and other info needed to find this recording and the are dragging their feet. I just want to hear the recording they say they have so I can figure out what to do with my car!

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Progressive deceptions and deceit
Posted by Progressive Victim on 04/22/2010
On a beautiful clear day, my Grand Cherokee Limited was struck in the rear by a driver insured by Progressive. The police came and issued a ticket to the Progressive driver for traveling too close. Not for "texting while driving" which is a crime in this state. But the Progressive driver admitted liability and fault with no attempt to lessen responsibility. Their car was totally destroyed.

Then came the Progressive trickster. They offered me a "settlement" that was lower then the cost to repair my vehicle. I found that the Kelly Blue book placed the value of my Grand Cherokee at 7800.00. I was told that if the value of the repairs were greater then the value of the vehicle, then the vehicle would be declared a total loss. From a highly rated repair shop, I got an estimate of 7200.00. LESS THEN the value Blue Book Value of my Jeep. There should have been no problem.

The Progressive Trickster said that Progressive does not use the Blue Book, they use NADA, which had the value of a similar vehicle at 5725.00. The problem was that the price quoted was for a different engine and different body style.

I obtained a Market Valuation Report for my Jeep, which is a lengthy fur very fair market appraisal for a vehicle. It showed the value to be at 7300.00. Again lower then the repair costs. I was then told that if the repairs exceed 70% of the value of the vehicle, then the vehicle will be declared a total lost. BUT....The Progressive Appraiser gave me a repair quote of $5000.00.
The Progressive Trickster said that Progressive had to take the HIGHEST repair estimate, which means they IGNORE their own appraisers.

After too much time being spent as a victim of a Progressive Policy Holder, I took the issue to my own insurance company. They will issue me a check that is very close to the repair cost and go after the money from the driver of the Progressive client.

In my own opinion, Progressive Insurance used any tricks, deceptions, misleading statements or half truths to keep from paying a legitimate claim. I wonder how badly Progressive treated their own policy holder.

My advice is the same as others I have seen, if you are hit by someone who is UNFORTUNATE enough to be paying Progressive for insurance, go to your own company first. They should go to bat for you and help make things right.
My state has a new law that is the culmination of years of insurance company abuse against its policy holders by unreasonably denying of delaying the payment of valid claims. The law requires insurance companies to pay DOUBLE damages if they don't pay what they own when they owe it.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2010-04-22:
Kudos to you for getting your insurance company involved. We see a lot of cases here where getting a professional advocate working for you would help a lot, but people are afraid to let their insurance company get involved.

As far as the threshold for totaling your car, their logic goes like this: It is rare that the first estimate on a major accident is the final estimate. Once crumpled metal is cut away, you almost always find more items that need replacement or repair. Although every company uses a different threshold, most of them will total the car once the estimate gets pretty close to the value of the car.
Posted by saj80 on 2010-04-22:
Many people now use NADA guidelines, as they seem to be more realistic with market values than Kelly Blue Book. Dealers like KBB because of their higher values, but most everyone else uses NADA.
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-04-22:
70% of $5725 is $4007.50, almost $1000 less than their appraiser's estimate. Most companies use market surveys now, not just the NADA. What company did you use to run the market survey, and did you provide a copy to them? Were the vehicles in the survey comparable to yours, i.e. same trim and mileage?
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-04-22:
It must be different in other states, but any time I have ever had damage to my automobile, I call my own insurance company and it's handled. I've never had to chase down anyone else's insurance company, that's what I pay my company to do.
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Posted by RainyDaiChick on 08/02/2009
About 5 1/2 weeks ago I was rear-ended by someone who has progressive insurance, admits total fault. Due to my bumper being pushed into the back tire my car had to be towed. I have since had neck and upper back problems including a couple incidences of pain shooting down my arm and my hand becoming all tingly. I drive as little as possible because of the medication I am on and due to the fact it hurts to turn my head. Not that they ever even offered me a rental vehicle. They deemed my car to be worth $4000, and went from saying the damage was "between 4 and 6 thousand" to "between six and 8 thousand" to "over 8 thousand" um, the damage hasn't changed since the car sat in my carport. So then the insurance agent tries saying I don't have the right to get a quote from anyone else. Knowing this is BS we take it to the shop a friends fiance works at, his boss agrees to give us a good deal on the repairs, repairing it for $3000, he says while this is a good deal, 6-8 thousand is a ridiculous quote. He then asks if we are dealing with John _______ to which I say yes and he groans. He says he hates that guy. Great, this guy has a reputation of being a pain. So, after fighting wth John he says he'll give us $4000 to total the car, we can buy it back for $700 and then we can pay to have it fixed and it is now a "salvaged" car. Fine, whatever, we don't plan to sell it ever anyway. So he gives me the paper that has the value of the car on it, and despite the fact he was told numerous times it was a special homecoming limited edition vehicle, it's listed as a standard edition. The back page of the packet says "editions available listed by value, increasing: std, homecoming" so I point this out to him. He tries fighting with me than gives me the check and says he'll call the company tomorrow and have them run the numbers and see if there is a difference and if so he'll send us another check for the difference. He calls back the next morning says they ran the numbers and it looks like we'll be getting $500 more. Over a week passes and no check, so I call again and he says that actually the car is worth $20 less than the standard. What?! How on earth is a limited edition car worth LESS than a standard when everything else is the same? How can something being a limited, special edition DECREASE value, especially when he originally told us it was worth more? We're getting screwed. I also overlooked the evaluation of the car where there were blatant lies such as saying it had a poor re-paint job and one of the panels didn't match the others, which is false. All the homecoming cars were painted the same color and we bought it from a dealership when it was 2 years old, and aside from the bumper having to be repainted, which was done well in the same color, nothing has been repainted. Now, not only is he screwing us on the car, my medical is a whole other story. He only wants to give me $700 for "inconvienence" and then my medical. I took 2 days off work and another combined 4 hours for medical so far, so that's $290 for my missed pay alone. I haven't been able to get myself around, and oh yeah, I've been in pain and unable to lift/carry things for 5 1/2 weeks so far. I work for a personal injury law firm, I know for a fact my pain and suffering should be way more than $410. I'm getting a lawyer, and praying I never have to deal with progressive again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-02:
Where is your own insurance agent in all of this?
Posted by Skye on 2009-08-02:
Good question Ken. They should still get a lawyer.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-02:
Have you asked your boss to look into the guy? Hopefully, you can hire your own firm and sue them for the money you deserve! Best of Luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-03:
I hope you didn't accept the settlement check or sign any agreement. That could complicate things even further. Just be sure you didn't waive your rights to sue by accepting Progressive's settlement offer.
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