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Bad Settlement
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Rating: 1/51

THEY'RE EVERYWHERE, OHIO -- I had a seven year old, $45,000 Toyota van. I had an accident. They totaled my van. Progressive said my van would typically be worth $13,000 or so. Then they deducted $6,000 more. Let's be clear. My $43,000 van was valued at $13,000 seven years later. Why would they do that? Because seven years of wear and tear is pretty significant.

So why, in the photos taken after the accident, did they emphasize damage THAT WAS THE RESULT OF THE ACCIDENT? I'm not talking about broken body parts and bent axles and stuff, I'm talking about repeated photos of the bag of water softener salt that split open, went all over the place. I'm talking about wood chips and shards of bark from taking firewood to the Girl Scout camporee. I'm talking a small fortune in colored pens and pencils. And two close-ups of empty fruit drink bottles from recent rides to school.

I'm talking about the places where the inadequate die job on the brand new leather seats began to show its age after seven years. (Isn't that the wear and tear that decreased the value of my car by $32,000?) They highlighted three areas where my daughter's leaf collection split apart and left little brown crumbs in the corners of consoles and drink trays. A good five minutes with a vacuum cleaner would fix that horror show right up.

They photographed rusty tools. They stood outside and pointed to where the corners of the plastic chrome had begun to rub off. They showed, and this is the worst, a photo of a brand new, well lighted odometer with about 50,000 more miles than I had a month ago. From a car with no functioning battery and a crushed electrical system.

These grifters nickle-and-dimed $6,000 off the value of my car. A car they totaled. They took money off for things that were housecleaning. No detail escaped their attention. None was spared their write-down juggernaut. Questions were answered in stentorian tones about the "condition of your van." I felt small and despicable.

So, here's an interesting thing that happened. Keeping in mind this is now a totaled van. After pointing out the wrinkles in the seats from people, you know, sitting there. After deducting who knows how much for signs of hands on the armrests and steering wheel. After letting me know in no uncertain terms that there is a policy for museum quality vehicles. It occurred to me that I had one of the middle seats home and perfectly safe in my garage. (Remember the camporee?)

In the spirit of obsessive attention to meaningless details I asked, since they were deducting for every other thing that might be found in a seven year old van, how much would they reimburse me if I brought them this perfectly fine, undamaged seat. Surely a hundred bucks or so? Oh, no. They said their adjuster didn't count the missing seat. (Not buying that.) Then, best of all, they said I was lucky because, if the seat had been there, he would have made deductions for the condition of the seat.

Like I say, Flo's OK. But Progressive is maybe the worst company on the face of the earth. Do stay away. Or refuse to allow the police to call for towing until you've had a chance to hire an on-site detailer to fix things up a bit. It's a small club, but Progressive has made my tally of evil in the world.

Progressive Never Again!
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Rating: 1/51

Bought auto insurance from Progressive on 7-15-2017. Funds were taken from my checking on 7-16-17. I canceled on 7/16/17. Refund will not be processed until 7-27-17 and check will be mailed to me! It is a scam to keep your funds for a while to obtain more interest. All they have to do is reverse the charges or issue a refund right back to my card. They said it takes so long to make sure funds are being honored by the bank, of course it will be honored, it's on a debit card, not a paper check from me! Never again. Plus I found auto insurance through GEICO for $200 less.

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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- I've been with Progressive ten years diamond member and bundled two homes and two vehicles but then after a minor accident didn't qualify for accident forgiveness as promised and premiums went up. Customer service is rude and nothing but lies.

Progressive Is the Most Criminal Insurance Company I Have Ever Used
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Rating: 1/51

KANEOHE, HAWAII -- Progressive is the most criminal insurance company I have ever used. Let's start from the beginning... I was in search of a new vehicle since my current commute car was on its last leg. Being a Progressive customer already, I figured I'd continue to use them for the new vehicle. When I was quoted twice the amount (Full Coverage) I was currently paying (Liability on a 13 yr old vehicle) I figured I'd shop around. Geico offered the exact same coverage as Progressive for the same cost as my previous liability policy through Progressive. I thought "Great! Ill be switching right away".

I quickly signed up with Geico and called Progressive to cancel… That's when it all started. The Progressive agent asked what she could do for me and I stated that I'd like to cancel my current policy. She asked why and I explained that I was switching to Geico. I was told that I needed to be transferred to the “Cancellation” department. The new agent began to tell me that she would be unable to cancel the policy due to it being updated. She then proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't call back tomorrow “at this time” because it will be updating again.

Huge red flags went up as the agent didn't give me a time frame in which the account could be updating. It felt more like the agent was aware that this was a convenient time for me to call and was instructed to tell people that they needed to call back at a different time. I asked for her supervisor… When the supervisor got on the phone I asked why the agent would feed me a line of garbage like that. Being in IT I know they have software capable of doing all kinds of nifty tricks so a simple cancellation (regardless if it's “updating”) is an extremely easy task.

She stated that the agent should not have told me that incorrect information and that she would personally handle the cancellation and follow up with an email the following day. That day came and went with no email, no phone call, nothing. Two days had gone by so I figured it was up to me to follow up with the company. When the agent got on the phone they asked for my name and what they could do for me. I gave a brief explanation of what was going on and asked for his supervisor's supervisor. He said he could process the cancellation but I told him that this issue is ongoing and that I've been told that once before.

When his supervisor got on the phone I again explained the situation and was told that for some reason the other supervisor was unable to process the cancellation when I called in two days ago. I got kind of upset at this point and demanded that I speak to her supervisor (two levels above the normal agents) which took almost 20 minutes. When he got on the phone, he asked what he could do for me and I started explaining the situation. I asked him to review the recorded calls from earlier in the week to get up to speed but he told me he could see that notes in the account.

I asked why my policy was still active when I requested to have it cancelled two days ago. He stated that he would be unable to give me the reason why it wasn't cancelled. I said "that's **" because if my card was declined, they would cancel my coverage until they got their money. So why is it that when the table is turned and I don't need their coverage anymore, they won't just cancel? He started asking what I wanted him to do to make this right. I made unrealistic demands as there's no way they can make this right.

At this point it's not about money, It's about the fact that Progressive as a company does not hold their employees or management accountable for customer commitments. I then asked for an email stating that the policy had been cancelled but was then told that it would be automatically sent by the system after it has been processed in two days.

I then asked for a simple email from this upper management supervisor stating that we had the call and that I requested the account be cancelled. He said that the email content I was requesting was not possible!!! I will never trust this insurance company again and advise EVERYONE to use anyone but Progressive. I wouldn't even with this coverage on my worst enemy…

Do Not Buy Progressive Insurance!!!
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- DO NOT BUY PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE for your RV, Boat, and possibly for any other vehicle. I had a full coverage “stated value” policy for over ten years. I paid extra (around $500 yearly) to cover the RV for a value of $19,000. Then I had ONE claim this year due to a windstorm ripping off the roof, a roof on a much newer RV beside mine, and a large oak limb behind it.

Right from the beginning on the phone the adjuster talked like he had already made up his mind that he would find an “exclusion” in the policy to deny my claim. Sure enough, he looked at the RV for 5 minutes, took some pictures, and proceeded to tell me that the roof was old and damage was due to “wear and tear” and thus, not covered. They would not even offer to cover a portion of the damage even though it was CLEARLY due to high wind and rain, not age.

I continue to complain to management, the BBB, the state insurance division, and others. But Progressive continues to come up with excuses for their position. There are only two excuses: Greed, The policy is worthless.

Of course the roof had a little age. It is a 1992 Winnebago. They knew the age of the roof, yet GLADLY took the high premiums every year. The point is, their “exclusions page” deep in the policy is MUCH longer than the coverage page and is purposely written vaguely to give them MANY ways to DENY YOUR CLAIM. I am not the first to discover this. Many thousands before have complained too, but they do not care. DO NOT BUY PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. DO NOT BUY PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE.

Bad Faith, Unfair Dealing, Unprofessional, and Can't Talk With Management!
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- June 2009, I purchased an auto policy from Progressive Insurance to protect myself against accidental risks and to provide financial security, and peace of mind. Five and a half years I trusted that since I paid every payment on time and every premium, that I would be protected and treated fair when I needed them. Early September 2013, I hit a little puddle of water and it ran me into a curb, there was no body damage just areas of the wheels were hit and two arms bent, it was totally driveable. I reported the claim to Progressive shortly after and spend what seemed like an hour telling the representative that I didn't want to take my car to their hack shop repair center.

After reporting my claim. I took my car to a the quality repair facility because I had seen some of their work and I knew that it could be fixed quickly. I pick up a rental car from and thought that I was in good hands. Two days later, I received a call from Progressive stating that my car was a total loss and that I had 72 hours to return the rental car. This news was a total shock because the vehicles showed no signs of damage to the body, just the wheels and some underneath components.

Progressive also told me that the actual value of my car was $9,200 after the deductible. I asked how they determined the value of my vehicle? I was told that Progressive had done extensive research to determine my car's actual value through regional car values and J.D. power and associates. It seemed fishy to me so I asked them to send the report attached along with the estimate. I received a Mitchell vehicle valuation report. The procedures that they claimed to be €"extensive"€ were actually from a website that only insurance companies used to quickly give a low ball report and summary of the values of vehicles.

This report used to evaluate my Infiniti sports coupe was deceptive and artificially law. Throughout the report I found multiple errors and was very concerned with precisely how these data was collected. This report is used by insurance companies in order to justify offering as little cash possible for vehicles. The report even listed the MSRP of my vehicle at $32,750 when in fact the sticker on my car was $37,240. There was no tax. The mile search range was totally off (25 miles), they told me 150 miles is the lowest range.

Reductions for condition of my car listing poor/fair. Options were missing. Inflated reductions for market adjustments, reduced value amounts for having a sunroof in multiple comparable vehicles. Also all for tires were new. The report was so off and flawed. I emailed my concerns about the report. I called them to tell him all the errors but he kept cutting me off and told me €œ"it is what it is".€ I begin to feel pressured to accept what I believed was an unfair valuation of my vehicle and to total my vehicle was ridiculous.

Several days went by and I had not heard from them, so I decided to call the supervisor. I explained to them that if the real, unflawed value of my car and the correct estimate amount were applied my car would not be close to a total loss at all. I also advised them that the repair estimate was unnecessarily inflated. I also explained to them that I do not have a way of qualifying for another vehicle and I really need to have this car repaired. They told me that they revised the estimate but the actual car value could not be adjusted. She told me the car was still a total loss.

She also disregarded my concerns that the report contained errors. I then called an independent appraiser and scheduled appointment to have my car appraised based on their review, my car was worth $13,600. I emailed this report to Progressive and I called to make sure that he received the report and asked them to review the claim to see if my car could be repaired. The representative, while laughing, said "certainly not." I was shocked because I've never been treated so terrible in all my life and asked to speak with his supervisor again but he said she was not in.

Later that day, I received a call from another supervisor and I told her about the representatives conduct and the fact that it was not acceptable. I made it a point to tell her all the errors and how I had been treated. I also asked if I could get a rental car until we figure out a solution to the problem. She told me no,€ that once the car is declared a total loss, she would not be able to provide me with a rental car. I explained to her that that the Infiniti was the only vehicle I owned, but she did not seem concerned.

It has been over 2 to 3 month since the claim and I have not been able to talk to anyone from Progressive that was even willing to listen to me or explain the discrepancies in their numbers. I can't understand why I am stuck with no vehicle, no help, and no information. Their behavior with the insults and verbal abuse were intimidating and wrong. Progressive used scare tactics and threats of fees to urge me to act now. I asked the supervisor to place me with another adjuster but she refused.

To top it all off when I bought the policy they gave me paper that tells you all about their wonderful auto loyalty member rewards. The pamphlet says after you are insured with them for 4 years you become a diamond member, with "full large accident forgiveness" and goes on to say "This helps keep your rates from going up if you're in an accident-even if its your fault". When I asked them about it, they told me "Yeah we changed that to 5 years now." WTF! Progressive is The Worst Auto Insurance Company, I would think Twice.

Thieves and Liars
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- I purchased an auto insurance policy for a new vehicle, filled out all of the particulars and paid initial payment. On the way to DMV was pulled over as vehicle had no current tags. Officer said the paperwork Progressive had provided me was not legal in my state. I called Progressive's helpline and explained I needed an online insurance card or an email with the correct documents. The person on the phone with me seemed to have a decent command of the English language, but seemed utterly befuddled as to how to provide the documents. The officer left me with over 700 dollars worth of tickets. I was very lucky the car was not towed.

Somewhere between the 20 and 30 minute mark the Progressive helper sent me emails with the "correct" documents. Having printed the new documents I went to the DMV to license the vehicle, 3 hours later my number was called at the DMV, where the clerk rejected the documents. I got home and contacted Progressive. After being hung up on twice, I asked for an immediate refund and to cancel the policy. I was given a name and a reference number. This all occurred on 9/23/15. I was "insured" with Progressive for less than 6 hours. It is currently 10/4/2015 and I have received no refund.

To summarize, Progressive sold me a bogus policy costing me over 700 dollars in tickets and adding dings to my driving record. They then wasted over 3 hours of my time, and to follow it up they stole my insurance payment. Lying thieves, so if you want to feel like you have been prison raped, go with Progressive. If that doesn't sound fun to you, run, don't walk, away from the single worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

Ridiculous, Unbelievable High Renewal Rate After Being a "Diamond Member"
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I had been a client with Progressive since 2003. I made it to their "Diamond Member list" which means "full large accident forgiveness" which meant that it helped me keep my rates from going up if you're in an accident - even if it's your fault." I was so excited when I was told I was a "Diamond Member". After 11 years of paying for full coverage for 5 vehicles and four drivers and being a good paying client, I was forced to leave them in 2015 because I had a bad year in 2014 and some hail and theft claims during the years I was with them.

At the end of my 6 months policy of 2014, I received my renewal for January to August 2015. To my SURPRISE, I was going to pay close to $1000.00 for the 6 months! That is a house payment! I called and asked nicely why my rate more than doubled and they said because I had one accident which I was at fault, one accident not at fault, two hail claims and one theft claim! THAT is why I paid you every month so you can cover for that for over 11 years!

I have paid you way over in these 11 years to cover for my claims and have more left over! I never wanted to change because I was happy with them and their rates. But I realized that if you have "accidents" or claims, they don't care. As long as you don't make them pay they will treat you good. Insurance's overall suck. They make you pay ridiculous rates after you have claims or accidents. That is why they are called "accidents", most of the time you can't avoid them!

Now, I have been forced to look elsewhere, but luckily I found an insurance that would insure me for more than half the price Progressive wanted to charge me. My advice is, try to fix any problems yourself before contacting your insurance! :(

Worst Possible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Progressive has what may be the most outrageously incompetent customer service I've ever experienced. Over 9 personnel transfers today, almost 4 hours on the phone, and after 7 years being with them I've come to my wits end.

It all started with leasing a new car in December. I added the new car to my Progressive account. They faxed verification of account to the dealership so that they would hand over the keys. Now 4 months later, I find out the car was never added, there is a warrant out for me for driving without insurance, and attempting to resolve the issue with Progressive supervisors was fruitless. There are plenty of unworthy places to do business with. Perhaps Monsanto and Halliburton are at the top, but after today, I'd place Progressive close to those ranks.

Progressive Insured Crashed Into My Office While Texting and Progressive Won't Pay
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Rating: 1/51

Hello, I have my office in a small quaint little East Texas town, it is (or was) a gorgeous old home just off the two lane highway going through town. It is a pier and beam with some of the original bodark stumps. I had just recently remodeled the gorgeous office which is a focal point while driving through town. On May 6 of 2013, a woman insured by Progressive was speeding through town and veered sharp to the right to avoid a car that had their left blinker on to turn into the apartments that I own across the two land highway.

The woman insured by Progressive was rude and upset. She had been texting and looked up to see the car stopped in front of her. The police came, we all took photos, even photos of the insured. The damage to my office building took pillars out, crashed my porch, my new Austin stone, my doors were immediately out of whack and were hard to open, the antique furnishings inside were slanting from the impact and it was clear that the foundation had shifted from various other obvious factors.

Progressive was called and they took weeks to send an adjuster out, when he finally arrived he stated that he was concerned for he had never handled an auto claim where their insured had crashed into a building. As expected from his attitude, it took weeks but the estimate came in at $2500.00 dollars and claimed that their insured had not caused all of the damage.

I threw a complete fit with Progressive and contacted the CEO. I was assured that I would be taken care of. Progressive then sent what they told me was a Texas State Licensed Engineer out to write a report. The report took weeks and my tenant and I waited and waited, we had been told not to use our building until the Engineers report was in.

After weeks of my daily emails requesting that the report be completed, the report came back with a ridiculous finding. The building was fine, according to their "Engineer", I had anticipated some type of Fraud response as I had looked Progressive up with the Texas Insurance Commission and seen that they had been fined many times and paid the fines for using unlicensed individuals to try to pay less on claims.

With this information, I looked up the Engineer, ** with Rimkus Engineering and SURE ENOUGH! ** had been sanctioned in 2002 NEVER to practice engineering in the state of Texas until he acquired his Texas PE License. ** was fined, and ** had recently been fined within months early and Rimkus Engineering hired an attorney to get him off for practicing without his Texas License.

I hired a REAL Licensed Engineer and a REAL foundation company to come in and give reports. This cost money, but I wanted a REAL answer. Sure enough, Progressive had tried to defraud me, as they had many others. I have estimates totaling way over $84,000.00 to make the repairs on my office building, not $2500.00 that Progressive wanted to pay.

To top this off, when we finally re entered my office, an armoire that had been knocked by the impact fell on top of me and pinned me down. I had to have surgery on my knee and am still enduring painful months of physical therapy. Progressive is a terrible insurance company and needs to be stopped. Everyone needs to switch insurance companies. Many innocent people are being defrauded on a daily basis.

I am going to the Texas insurance Commission, they will be fined. I am having to hire an attorney to go after Progressive. Progressive has tried to send a "Licensed Engineer". Now that they have been caught. They had their chance and Progressive has been caught red handed, ONCE AGAIN.

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