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Progressive Insurance Is Refusing to Pay My Auto Accident Claim
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- Progressive Insurance has frustrated me so much so far. I got rear ended in 2009, leading to numerous problems with my back, neck and a nasal septum deviation. Before the accident, I did not have a history of nosebleeds or deviated septum. The result has been constant nose run with clear discharge, sinus infections and numerous non-stoppable nasal bleeds. All this started after the accident and all the people can bear witness that I did not have prior history of nose bleeds or septum deviation. Fortunately, the septum deviation has recently been corrected through nasal surgery in August 2013. However, Progressive Insurance Company has refused to pay the medical cost and my pain and sufferings. My efforts to resolve the issue has been met with retrogression, intimidation, patronizing and humiliation.

Initially, I had a lawyer but realized that my case was not being adequately represented. So far, all they have offered me is less than 25% of my medical cost and when I refused the offer, I was labeled “an angry woman, out to take down Progressive Insurance”, I would like to use my story to bring awareness and hopefully pressure on Progressive Insurance. I have suffered from this constant nose bleed from August 2009 to date, have undergone 4 cauterizations with no end in sight. I have been fortunate to find another lawyer who has been trying to settle the case with Progressive Insurance, but they are not returning any of his calls or emails. Progressive lawyers had told me I would lose everything and end up with less than 1,000 dollars when they were done with me. Help me to take a stand against Progressive Insurance Company. Help me tell them that they cannot harass, manipulate, and prey on innocent injured people merely seeking remedy for their sufferings. Contact: Ms. Shamilla Amulega at
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 01/04/2014:
You need to get a new lawyer. Pronto.
saj80 on 01/04/2014:
Most auto policies have very limited medical reimbursement, and it is usually for passengers
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Dropped me with inadequate notice after 15 years
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have had Progressive Insurance since May 1998. My policy has been paid automatically for at least the last 10 years. I've never had a claim with them and haven't had a ticket for 5-6 years. Last September they raised my rates 40% for no reason. When I called for an explanation, Progressive said that the entire state of Oregon will be raising insurance rates due to some new law. We then talked about lowering my rates by going "paperless" and prepaying a 6 month policy rather than paying every month. So I prepaid for 6 months and was content. Last Friday, 5/3/13 I was rear ended by an insured motorist. So I call my insurance company from the scene of the accident, file a report, receive a claim number, and waited to hear back. 4 days later I after leaving 4 messages with my Progressive "adjuster", she finally called me to tell me that I didn't have insurance with them anymore. That it expired on 4/2/2013 due to non payment of renewal. In 15 years I've never had to do anything to renew. Its always been automatic.

Then they proceed to tell me that 6 month policies don't automatically renew, and that I was supposed to call, mail, or pay online. Again, in 15 years I've never had to do this. AND, they even sent me new insurance cards good 3/2013-9/2013. They had an old email address on file so I didn't get the renewal emails. They never mailed or called me. ONLY email. All of the billing information they had from me was current, all they had to do was charge me. I had no idea that I didn't have insurance. Never had a lapse in all of the time I had them. So then I asked them if I reinstated my policy if they could still help me. The other insurance company of the guy that hit me is taking 100% liability, and it costs my insurance company nothing. Just time to help me in dealing with the other insurance company. THEY REFUSED!

They took my money for 15 years, and the one time I needed them, mysteriously my policy didn't renew, and they gave me the cold shoulder. So much for their commercials about "being there" for their clients. Why would they send me new insurance cards for a policy that didn't renew? Why would I call them from the scene of an accident if I didn't think I had insurance with them? Why didn't they tell me when I called from the scene of the accident that I didn't have insurance? Why not send me something in the mail or a certified letter? And once again, there was 0% liability to them in this situation.

STAY CLEAR of Progressive insurance! They WILL screw you over if given the chance.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 05/09/2013:
I suggest contacting your state's insurance commissioner about what Progressive did, also you may want to get a consultation with an auto accident attorney, in most cases the at-fault party's insurance would pay attorney's fees.
Bill on 05/09/2013:
I only deal with real insurance companies like Nationwide, Prudential, State Farm, etc.
That way you get a local agent, somebody to contact you personally when things go wrong.

Nationwide home and auto for 20 yrs.
clutzycook on 05/09/2013:
You went paperless but didn't give them an email address that you regularly check. Paperless means that they aren't going to send you anything through the USPS. It's 100% electronic. They're not going to know that the email address you gave them isn't valid. I often receive my insurance cards before I pay my insurance at renewal, but if I don't pay, they're no good. They wouldn't send you a letter about your renewal went paperless.
Old Timer on 05/09/2013:
Flo strikes again!!
onlooker on 05/09/2013:
You have a card with confirmation that cover is in effect at the time of the accident? That card sure looks like you the insured had cover.
Paperless does require a different 'habit' of checking your status with the company.
See a local legal rep, that insurance card could be used to show you had a more than reasonable expectation that you were covered.
BUT please learn your responsibilities for the paperless client profile
Susan on 05/09/2013:
You were sent new insurance cards in anticipation of your renewing your policy. It was your responsibility to make sure they had your correct email address as this was the way you agreed to communicate with them. And since you elected to go paperless they aren't going to call you or send you a letter.
trmn8r on 05/09/2013:
Receiving new insurance cards doesn't mean anything - once you are a regular customer they send them for the following period with the bill. Unless you have "paperless bulling," evidently, then they just send the cards.

I don't go "paperless" on anything for just this reason - that paying {whatever} will be forgotten. You can try pursuing this, but you may be out of luck.
FoDaddy19 on 05/09/2013:
I can see where this would be very frustrating, but if you opted for paperless, and you didn't give them a current email address, then they wouldn't be able to send you a renewal notice. The good news is that the other person's insurance company is on the hook for everything, you probably wouldn't need to involve your insurance company in this anyway. Assuming there's a police report and everything.
MANDYRAY10 on 06/05/2013:
Just because you went paperless doesn't mean anything. I had a terrible time with them and when you go paperless, they do everything by email and if they have trouble with payment they're supposed to give you one phone call but they refuse to call you anymore if they have anymore problems after that. and they are supposed to send you a piece of paper in the mail stating when your policy ended and at what time and what phone number to contact them by if you wish to renew or relook into their insurance. Even if you went paperless.
Really? on 06/07/2013:
File a complaint to the State Board of Insurance. The more than write to them, the better. Also file with your Local Better Business Bureau. Unless there is a Class-Action suit against them, and individual couldn't sue them unless the attorney accepts a contingency.
Just Me on 06/08/2013:
Although you were not a fault for the car accident, you are most certainly at fault for not properly managing the insurance portion of your financial affairs.
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Dishonest Company
Posted by on
SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE -- I had been a Progressive Auto Insurance customer for over eight years, with NO incidents, when one of my custom antique cars was vandalized in my own driveway. I called the police that night, they had me fill out a report, found evidence of someone else at the scene, and informed me that there had been similar vandalism in the area, suggesting that this was not an isolated event.

The following morning I called Progressive, and informed them of the situation. They finally sent an adjuster out three days later to look at my vehicle. Right away I had a bad feeling about the whole situation with the insurance company, as the adjuster knew nothing about antique cars, and didn't seem to have a whole lot of knowledge of automobiles in general. He informed me that I should get together any receipts I had for work on my vehicle, and he would try to locate replacement parts. The whole time the adjuster was there, he never seemed completely attentive, as he was too busy complaining that Progressive only provided them with 2.0 megapixel digital cameras, and they took horrible photos.

So I collected all the receipts I had for the vehicle, and in the meantime, the adjuster called me asking for photos of the vehicle before the vandalism, and also stated that he could not find certain parts for the vehicle. Along with the receipts, I included original photos of the car, and I was also able to locate companies that produced the parts that he could not find, and passed the information along to him.

One week later I heard back from Progressive, and they told me they wanted me to come in to their office, and in a meeting, provide them with more information to help with the investigation of who did this to my vehicle.

Was I in for a surprise. The meeting started out innocent enough, the Progressive "investigator" asked me some basic questions about the car, and if I had any "enemies" that would want to do this. I told him no, and pointed him to the police remarks that there were other incidents involving the same "tags" and type of damage. Ignoring this, he went on to inform me that 'he knew nothing about cars,' but then proceeded to grill me on the custom details of my car. In an hour long tirade, he told me that he thought the receipts I provided were fake, and that this custom work was not done to the car. I challenged him over and over again to go see the car for himself, I had nothing to hide, you could plainly see the modifications that were done.

When he realized that he was either going to have to go see the car for himself, or come up with a different way to accuse me of fraud, he did just that. He then began passively accusing me of vandalizing the car myself to collect the insurance money, and also accused friends of mine that had helped me with the vehicle over the years.

At this point I was completely flustered. I originally thought I was meeting with them/him to give as much information as I could in hopes that we could find the person or people that did this, and instead I was accused of the act myself! I didn't even know what to say, as he wasn't listening to anything I said, wasn't acknowledging the physical work done to the car that you could plainly see, and was ignoring what the police had to say on the matter. They clearly lied about what the meeting was about, and I clearly should have showed up with a lawyer at my side (you don't think about these things when you believe you're just going over your policy with the company). As a side note, after I collected all the receipts I had for the vehicle, I realized I had under-insured it, however they also accused me of insuring it for more than what it was worth.

So the meeting comes to an end, and the investigator is demanding information that I don't even know that I can provide. We are a non-title state with antique autos, and he is demanding the original bill of sale, the name of the person I bought it from (YEARS AND YEARS before this happened), along with a plethora of paperwork that is going to keep me busy for weeks.

In the meantime, the adjuster is ignoring parts information that I have submitted to him, and is instead making UNDER-estimates of what he believes parts will cost, along with stating that he believes my $5,000+ base/clear paint job that I provided receipts for, is now only a $900 single-stage paint job from Maaco. I even tried to help them out when they estimated that it would cost $1,500 to fix my damaged hood, and I told him that it could be replaced with a new one for $400-$500.

So while they were enacting all their scare tactics, and trying to devalue my vehicle, they kept probing me for more information. Every time I would provide them with more paperwork/information, they would ask for something else, over and over and over again.

I will admit that I was very inexperienced in this area, as I had never had to deal with an insurance company before, and I will also admit that I was outraged at their accusations, and was stubborn about the issue. I was completely innocent, and I refused to hire a lawyer because of that fact.
Progressive had three workers on my case, and while the three of them continued to ask for information, dragging the length of the case out, not one of them verbally, or in writing, informed me that they only had 60 days from the incident to make a decision on my case (I have since found out this is illegal). One day I received a message on my phone from one of the workers, stating that I had denied them information they asked for, and that they had been forced to make a decision without all the required information, and that they were denying my claim.

I made one last call to find out what was going on, and it appeared to me that they had "mis-placed" (*wink-wink-nudge-nudge*) information that I had given them about my vehicle.

I broke down and cried. I had spent close to five years, and the equivalent of one whole year of pay, restoring this vehicle. I thought I had done the right thing, insuring this vehicle with a company I had been with for years.
At this point in time, my nerves were shot, and my emotions were all over the place with what I had just been put through with this company, that I didn't even know what to do. I wanted to be done with them, and that's all I cared about.

I wanted to talk about what happened with me, so that people could [hopefully] see what this company is about. I was attracted to them by their cheap rates, lulled into a false sense of security with their commercials, and I will admit, friendly phone-reps. But when it came time for them to pay on a legitimate policy, with an eight-year-loyal customer, they were not the company they claimed to be all those years. I have since spoken with many ex-customers of Progressive, and have also spoken with many garages, body-shops, and even insurance underwriters that refuse to do business with Progressive due to their reputation; a reputation that is unfortunately not well known to the general public.

Avoid Progressive, and if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, swallow your pride and hire a lawyer.
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User Replies:
skelly39 on 12/15/2010:
1. Reopen your claim. See if your policy has an appraisal clause. Both you and the insurance company will hire your own appraisers. If the appraisers can't agree on the amount it will cost to repair the vehicle, they will find a neutral third appraiser to make a final decision.

2. File a complaint with the insurance commissioner in your state. Insurance companies cannot deny claims just because of suspicions. If they had the information and failed to review it, denying your claim instead, they could be heavily fined and forced to pay your claim.

Please do not give up. Once you understand your rights under the policy and file a valid complaint, you will be surprised how quickly the issue can be resolved.
Inat on 12/15/2010:
I would hire a lawyer
timmyj3 on 12/15/2010:
For the future you may want to seek a specialty insurance carrier that covers antique and classic cars. I believe one of the popular companies is called Heggarty. It should offer you better protection for the future.
JerryCee on 12/15/2010:
That company is Hagerty. I had my classic Mercedes insured with them. I never had a claim so I don't know if they are reliable. They are very low cost but very restrictive on coverage.
You may want to talk to these guys:

Make Progressive backup any claims of fraud and don't be intimidated. Take'em to court.
Venice09 on 12/15/2010:
I would follow skelly's advice. And whatever you do, don't give up. That's exactly what they want you to do.

I also agree with timmy. It may be more expensive but at least you won't have a false sense of security.

This is a good review. It's easy to read and understand. I hope you pursue this until your car is completely restored. Good luck.
danny54 on 12/15/2010:
I really feel for you with all you've had to put up with, especially when they all but accused you of doing the damage yourself.

There's been a lot of good suggestions so far. I'm wondering if there's a consumer "on your side" type of newspaper or TV reporter in your area. If so, maybe they'd take up your cause as well. I'm sure the insurance company doesn't want a lot of negative publicity.

Just a thought.
JD840 on 12/23/2010:
Sue them for the claim. Some stole my $35,000 dollar paid for Porsche. I was accused of the theft, told I was too poor to own the car then they lied about an eyewitness. I am suing them for my loss. The more I look into this companies reputation the more awful the stories seem to get. It would be fantastic to get all the people that were mistreated and denied legitimate claims together and file a class action suite. Their actions have got to be stopped. For what its worth I wrote letters to every state agency that this applies too, the short of it is they have no teeth to do anything. They write letters to progressive and that's about it. Progressive has 20 days to respond but the agencies (Dept. of Commerce), (Dept of Insurance) the (MN Attorney Generals Office)cannot do much. Its a civil issue and must go to court. My 3 cents.
Augustus2099 on 12/23/2010:
Thankfully I live in a state that has to require a title for a Antique car.
Stormi on 08/01/2013:
I just was denied last night for my Mercedes Benz vandalism claim date of incident 3/20/13 have been through hell was accused of doing this myself by investigators went through three depositions accused me n my grounds works I have never been so stressed have a lawyer since 2nd deposition was made to fell I was to poor to own a car like mine never been treated with such disrespect.
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Progressive Does Not Care About Their Customers
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
My dad had Progressive insurance for 10 years, but we noticed for the past few years that his rates were going up for no reason. His last renewal notice was high by almost $500, so he called them to clarify last week. They informed him that he had 2 points on his history and as a result his rate increased. He was shocked because he was not aware of this, so he went to the DMV to retrieve his full vehicle history, and noticed that it was spotless other than a 4 stop sign he ran in early 2011; not given any points for it. I called them the next day so they could rectify this, and the lady was very rude but gave me the fax number to send over the papers from the DMV, she said that I could check back the next day to ensure they had received it.

I called the next evening and spent close to 3 hours dealing with this situation. As it turns out, Progressive "awards" points to their drivers if they have any violations, whether their driving records are clean or not. She knew that this was not showing on my dad's driving history, but regardless, they still increased his rates. I requested proof of paperwork for this, and she told me that she could only give me a paper with the date of the violation, but not the point system given as this was an "internal decision", so regardless she couldn't help us. Not only were the news bad, but the way I was provided this information was rude and this lady sounded bothered to be on the phone with me.

I am very upset with them because despite my dad's loyalty to them, they have had no consideration towards him. I got on the phone with Geico right after that and the lady I spoke to was nice and pleasant, and you can really tell the difference in training that these company associates receive. We also insured his home with Geico at the same time. I have never put a complaint before against anyone, but this has tipped me over, and I will tell as many people as I can, not insure with Progressive.
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User Replies:
ok4now on 05/03/2013:
Your experience shows that progressive doesn't care about their current customers. They advertise heavily trying to suck new unsuspecting customers in. All of those unending commercials with Flo aren't cheap so your rate increase helps to pay for it. My advise is to dump these toads and shop around where your business is appreciated.

FYI: Consumer Reports lists the top auto insurance companies in their current issue. Guess what? Progressive didn't make the list.
Obsfucation on 05/03/2013:
If the stop sign violation isn't on his drivi9ng record, how did Progressive become aware of it?
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Raising Rates For No Reason
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51

Subject: I have a question about my policy

Message: I have been with Progressive for many years. In that time I have not made a claim or received a ticket, yet my premium has increased the past two billing cycles. Explain to me why my premium is increasing and why I shouldn't just go elsewhere for auto insurance.

Dear -------,
The higher premium that you see is without the Paid in full Discount. If you pay the renewal premium in full the total amount due is $192.00.
Debra H.
Progressive Internet Representative

To: Progressive
That's correct, and $192 is more than I have paid for a few years. Of course, being a customer service representative you should already know that. Is it too much to ask for an explanation as to why you are charging me more for the same product?

Dear -------,
Thank you for contacting Progressive. I appreciate this opportunity to assist you.
Many factors affect auto insurance premiums. […] Our total costs are going up due to:
- Bodily injury claims
- Medical claims
- Weather-related claims
- Regulatory requirements
These increased costs affect the premiums of all drivers, not just those who have accidents. [...] The results of our recent review indicated that it was necessary to increase our premium. […]
Thank you for choosing Progressive. We appreciate the trust you place in us.
Claudia F.
Progressive Internet Representative

To: Progressive
So, according to your cut and paste response, after 7 years of paying around $1/day (more than $2500 total) for nothing more than an insurance ID card, you expect me, along with other good drivers, to pay more to cover other people's claims!? This is not group coverage, I will not pay more for Progressive's bad decisions. Applying another discount I should've already been receiving if eligible will not change the fact that I am paying more than I would have a year ago.
Will you lower my rate or would you prefer to not have my $1/day in exchange for a laminated piece of paper?

Dear -------,
We encourage our customers to compare Progressive's rates with those of other insurance companies. If you find a lower price elsewhere, we ask that you also consider the value and service you currently enjoy. […]
Rochelle C.
Progressive Internet Representative

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/25/2013:
It's insurance, so yes, the pool of insureds to some extent will pay more if costs go up. That's the concept.

That said, some companies (like State Farm) and proactive about identifying high risk clients and finding ways to either charge them more or encourage them to go elsewhere. As a result, premiums for the good drivers and loyal customers don't rise that often. I don't believe Progressive is in the same class.
ok4now on 01/25/2013:
You're not going to win with these people. Insurance companies are a greedy bunch who want to suck every last dime out of you. They justify premium increases because costs are going up as you have illustrated. Did you notice that they conveniently left out one huge controllable cost? That would be the millions they spend on advertising to lure new unsuspecting customers in. Everyday I must see 20 plus commercials with Flo and her cheap wig and makeup job. This costs big bucks and you're paying for it.

Here's a better way. This is a business so don't have any loyalty to them just because you have been with them for years. If you file a claim they're real quick with a rate increase. As a customer be real quick to dump them and find a better rate. I know that it's time consuming but the savings are huge. Try Liberty Mutual and Amica. They are both excellent companies with low premiums and great customer service.
leet60 on 01/25/2013:
I once moved across the street. As it happened one side of the street was in "Baltimore county" and the other in "Baltimore City". As a result my auto insurance premiums increased significantly and immediately - this with never having a claim, paying in full at the start of the policy term for years with the same company. As ok4now said you cannot win with insurers.
wjk898 on 01/27/2013:
Always shop around for a new auto insurance company after about 3 - 5 years. You'll almost always get a lower rate from the new one assuming no tickets no claims.
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Lost my payment!!!
Posted by on
As if it wasn't bad enough having my identity stolen and closing my bank account! Now this! I've been sending my payment (money order) for the last 3 months. I phoned PROGRESSIVE and got all the details to manually send my payment in. Well, A month later, they claim they did not receive my January payment. excuse me but wouldn't they have canceled my policy if they didn't get my payment? Anyway I phone them and they ask me to fax them a copy of the money order. OK, sounds like they are going to help, HA! I fax it to them and they tell me to call the number on the back of the money order. I call and the money order has been cashed, by THEM! A copy of the money order will take 3 to 4 weeks and cost $15 OR... A faxed copy will take 3 to 4 days and cost$25! Which I will have to pay. Not PROGRESSIVE!
Then they call me back and demand $30 to keep them from canceling my policy. immediately! All this while I'm at work!
Not to mention I move, and called them to change my address months ago. Of course they had no record of that, and proceeded to tell me my rates have increased!
They are a rip off! this whole thing is going to cost me over $150 for their mistakes that they haven't even admitted to. Also time I missed at work. Good way to treat a customer of 8 years! With no accidents by the way.

They found the time to call me when they wanted my money, "immediately" which they got "immediately" but now will not return MY calls

Go anywhere but PROGRESSIVE
They will lose your money, and treat you like dirt!

The goofy hipster chick in the commercials doesn't fool me!
I think I like the lizard better
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User Replies:
Kurizumaru on 02/21/2011:
I'm sorry this happened to you. I had a similar experience with Geico several years ago. However, I can tell you that I've since been with Nationwide and have a local agent and it's so much better and my rates DECREASED for better coverage. I can say that having a local agent for probably any insurance company will be beneficial.
Anonymous on 02/21/2011:
Do you have a checking account or a credit card? Its so much easy making an instand payment by check or credit card. Will save you a lot of hassle.
Nohandle on 02/21/2011:
A number of years ago a company was called due to a past due invoice. It was one where an employee had charged to the company account and the invoice was still outstanding. She had purchased a money order, paid them upfront in cash, and thought everything was fine. She sent copies of her transactions to us but we had never received payment nor had any money order been cashed by us. Yes, she had documentation of what she had paid. The embarrassed lady came in and paid in cash and then she had to straighten it out with them.
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Progressive Auto Insurance dishonest company
Posted by on
MAYFIELD VILLAGE, OHIO -- I had Progressive auto insurance for more than 10 years. My wife had an accident back in June 2010. She was struck on the side by a irresponsible driver, no license and no insurance. My wife had a broken ribs, broken ankle, broken pelvis, concussion on liver and kidney and they had to remove spleen and pancreas. She spent 12 days in the hospital, 1 day in ER, 2 days in ICU and 10 days in recovery room. She's been in physical therapy since then until today, Feb 15, 2011 and still more to come.
She is disabled, I been having to work from home with the danger of losing my job, I work and take care of my children's education and home shores and many other things that she was capable of doing.
When I submitted the claim to progressive, the only thing I got back from them was finger. Not a single penny was paid. The looked for all possible excuses to deny payment, they used the most ridiculous reasons for not paying for anything. ER, ICU, Hospital, physical therapy, wound care, recovery room services, surgery services, orthopedic services, pharmacy expenses, disability items like wheelchair, walker, hospital electric bed, etc, etc, etc, all 250K dollars and didn't get a penny from Progressive. Progressive is the most dishonest company ever. I don't recommended Progressive even to my worst enemy.

I was paying $68 a month with them and got the minimum coverage, if I wanted more it could cost double the monthly fee. Geico gave me full coverage and 500K accident coverage, 10K coverage, any incidental/accidental (broken window, stolen stereo, etc) coverage for my vehicle with a deductible of $500, car rental reimbursement and a lot more FOR $55 a month.
Progressive is reliable and all you see in their commercials is false. they will not be there for you if have an accident. The same goes for Fred Loya Insurance. They are both the same, SO YOU TAKE THE RISK or wait until you have an accident (God forbid) to probe what I said is true??? Stay away from Progressive because the only you will get is freaking laser scan from that stupid lady in their commercial, no refunds.
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User Replies:
lilly on 06/29/2011:
you must work for progressive. the guy said that progressive didn't pay him a penny. So he didn't even get $25K you're talking about. I don't think you should comment if you're going to just ignore the point of the original comment.
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Stay away from progressive
Posted by on
I didn't know this web site existed until I was looking on line for a way to get help with a progressive claim. Wish I saw it and all the complaints earlier, may have saved my family a big headache.

Last June my parents bought a brand new 31 foot motor home. My dad worked his whole life and scrimped and saved for this motor home for use in his retirement.

My parents used the motor home three times in the past year for a total of 11 days. The motor home had a total of 800 miles on it. About five weeks ago my dad was taking the motor home in to have it de-winterized so he could use it to go camping when he was in a chain reaction accident.

My father was stopped in a traffic jam when someone came speeding up from the rear at a very high rate of speed. The car hit 1 car which skid into a second car, which skid into the rear of the motor home. The motor home was heavy enough to stop the forward progress of the accident, but it suffered quite a bit of damage.

My father called his insurance company, Progressive, and has had nothing but problems. First The person who caused the accident has the lowest policy allowed by law $10,000/$50,000, but it should be no problem as my parent carry under insured motorist. That's where we were wrong.

Progressive required my parents to take the motor home to a certain shop to have the work done. I believe this is illegal, but my parents did it. The adjuster came out and said there was about $5000 worth of damage. According to the repair shop there is a lot more than that. The frame is bent in one place, and broken in another. I think this should warrant totaling the motor home and replacing it, but they say it can be fixed. Then the adjuster told my parents some of the damage was done prior to the accident and they would not pay for it. Remember this was a brand new motor home. The whole body is so out of whack the doors and cupboards will not close. They said it wasn't leaking, the refrigerator was leaking. It had been winterized and was in storage for the 5 months before, the refrigerator was off and cleaned out, there was nothing to leak.

Now, five weeks later the motor home is still sitting at the repair facility and progressive will not allow the work to be done. The only thing I can figure is progressive wants to keep the claim below the 10,000 the other insurance company will pay. One of the other people in the accident was a friend of the family. Their insurance company had their car totaled, and a check in their hand five days after the accident. Progressive is stalling hoping to get my elderly parents to agree with everything they say and sign off on the lower amount.

If at all possible stay away from progressive and save yourself lots of headaches.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 04/19/2010:
You need to get your parent's insurance company involved right away and let them start dealing with Progressive. Part of what they have been paying for is for their insurer to act as their advocate when dealing with other companies.

In addition, I would get your state's insurance commissioner's office involved. It's amazing what a little pressure applied properly can do. Best of luck!

saj80 on 04/19/2010:
Hugh, from how I read this, Progressive is his insurance company. His only option may be with his state's insurance commission.
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Price spike on auto insurance
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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- So I've been a valued customer according to Progressive. hmmm... well two months ago I look and see a slight increase, so I call them. I talked to a woman, or should I say puppet. I ask why the increase? she replys, it happens every so often. she said it has to do with corporate office. I didn't argue the fact, it was only a 15$ increase. last month I received some valued customer thing in the mail saying look for a discount the following months to come. so I just opened my new bill to find a 100$ increase per month, 1200$ annual. I call again, and talk to yet another puppet, who says the same exact thing. one would think if there going to make such drastic increases they would have someone to talk to with the correct answers. not just ginny pigs. I have a clean driving history, I'm 41, and pay, or would be paying should I say 350.00 a month for a ford F150. I've been insured, and screwed by them for the last time. after 10yrs with them, I will be happy to say good by, and will never give a recommendation. for whoever reads this. this is a true story. there all scams, but Progressive is the best at it. good luck
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trmn8r on 10/24/2012:
I believe you mean a "guinea" pig. You certainly have justification for being upset about what sounds like 100/250 or 40% increase. I have an F-150 also, and we also get whacked for both registration and insurance. Not THAT bad though.
CowboyFan on 10/24/2012:
This is no scam. The insurance company has made an offer to you that for this insurance you have to pay this amount. You are free to pay it or find another company.

If I were the OP, I would first look at factors related to the family: Is there someone in the household that has had accidents or tickets, has a child turned 16 years of age, has the OP's credit score gone down. These might all be factors why there was an increase.

I would also talk personally to my agent, or write a letter to Progressive for further explanation.

FoDaddy19 on 10/24/2012:
$1200 a *month* for a single F-150? That's absurd. I pay about $950 a *year* for an F-150, a Mustang GT, and an old Triumph TR6. Shop around dude, you can do way better than that.
ok4now on 10/25/2012:
You got screwed with an undeserved rate increase. Look at this another way. Have you seen the unending 24/7 Progressive Insurance commercials? Sure you have..we all now know Flo with the wig and heavy make-up. This cost big bucks trying to lure new customers in. They want the increased premium payments (profit) then look for excuses not to pay the customer. I would refuse to do business with these toads.
FoDaddy19 on 10/25/2012:
Whoops, "I meant "$1200 a *year*" not $1200 a month. $1200 a month would be grossly excessive, like someting a 17 year old in the UK might face.
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They Suck
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MILLERSVILLE, MARYLAND -- My Daughter was the Victim of a Hit and Run. A Criminal Offence. The police caught the person within hours. Upon notifying PROGRESSIVE she was told It MIGHT not go against her and she would have to pay the deductible. This is ridiculous!!! They do anything they can to NOT pay out. Here is a case where they have a crime, the perpetrator’s name and address yet they want their client to Belly Up.

Unbelievable, I had recommended NOT going with an impersonal online company because of this very reason. They should be shut down. I contacted Both Brian the “ONLINE REP” and his boss Kelly and was told tuff. So now you know the cost of saving 40 buck a year in premium. $250.00 deductible, which you pay, whether it’s your fault or not. Even if a crime (HIT AND RUN) is committed, they do not care. You still PAY.

Save yourself this aggravation and deal with a local representative that will go to bat for you and also supports your community.
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ok4now on 09/01/2012:
Generally with any insurance company you have to pay the deductible up front. When they collect you are reimbursed for the money you put out. This is a standard practice and Progressive is not taking advantage of you. Read the terms of your policy.
Terrie on 09/26/2012:
I too had a hit and run that totaled my new car. Fortunately someone had witnessed the accident and gave me the tag number of the car that hit me. Evidently the car had been taken without the owner's permission, Needless to say, Progressive was amazing in paying off my car, paid all doctor bills, and gave me enough money to buy a new car. --all within a week. I am so very happy with Progresswive-they were caring, speedy and paid off above my expectatins
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