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I Can't Ride Without Feeling Unsafe Because of This
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Rating: 1/51

"SANTA ROSA" -- Nov. 20, 2015 I was struck by a car after I changed lanes to go around a bus with good faith after looking in my mirror and over my shoulder twice. I was struck by a woman who said on scene that she was in the lane I changed from and she had been behind me, but later would change her story after she called me to extort money and that didn't work. On scene there was a 'witness' who saw nothing but her getting out of her car to yell at me while I was still pinned down, and from that he concluded that I was negligent.

He did not tell me this though, even hearing me express that I did not believe I was at fault. He felt no moral responsibility to have the police come so this to be settled, instead he convinced me that I could be seriously injured and that I should go to the hospital as soon as possible. I saw the nurse practitioner at my college and then called to file my claim. The agent I was connected with instantly treated me like a criminal after he confirmed I was a cyclist.

After this I would send him my photos of my injuries and the damage to both our vehicles and I would rarely and not in a timely fashion receive a response back from him. I would because of this find out he was not local, he is in another part of the state, and I asked at one point if there was a local representative I could work with, but he blew me off and I could never get in contact with him. He would send me emails or leave me voicemails to say he was working on my case but not respond to me.

Almost a month after being struck I received a very suspicious voicemail from him saying simple something to the point of "There has been a decision on your claim". I would then call him and not receive an answer, and in his own time he would get back to me to say that he had decided I was completely at fault. He gave me no physical explanation as to how I was at fault, he rejected my every question as to what he had done to back this up, only answering that "It doesn't matter" for what my photos and the bus video would say. He had taken statements from the 'witness' and the woman who struck me and based on their testimony I was 100% at fault.

I said that I would accept fault if I was at fault, because it's the right thing to do, but did not offer me anything to say I had done something wrong. He reached the peak of belittling by shushing me and say this to me: "Think about this for a second; if you hadn't been there, would there have been an accident?" After having a panic attack I emailed him to say I wanted information on how to file an appeal. He would not respond to me for days to eventually say he had made his decision and he would not give me anything but a printed copy of my own statement.

This never came and the period of appeal ended, and there's nothing I can do about it now with only my photos of the crash and no evidence of correspondence between him and I (as I cannot find the emails anymore and he would not give me copies of our recorded phone conversations). Do not go to this company, because no one could act like this. There was not a climate behind him fostering that kind of behavior, and everyone deserves to be treated like a paying customer, let alone a person.

Sent to Collections 6 Months After Cancelling My Policy
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Rating: 1/51

RUSTON, WASHINGTON -- Just sending out a warning about what a terrible company Progressive is for Auto Insurance and how unfair you can expect to be treated. Sure, their TV ads are cute and funny and their premiums are about as cheap. I used them for about three years and thankfully only had to use them for one very minor car repair, which they handled so poorly, I cannot imagine what a nightmare it would have been if it was serious accident.

Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. And every phone call left me frustrated and with a disdain for the company after they kept me on the phone for up to an hour each call and pass me off from agent to agent, each asking for all my info before they could talk to me.

Here's the deal. I had a policy for myself, my wife and son for about 3 years with Progressive and never had a problem, no accidents, one speeding ticket for my wife, no need for insurance and I always paid 6 months in full to get the top discount, pretty safe risk for an insurance company, I would think. Someone in a truck with a trailer hitch backed into my wife's Audi in a parking lot and did about $1700 damage her car, hit and run style. Not that big of a deal. We paid our $500 deductible and had it fixed, the shop handled all of it.

About a year later our renewal came up and our policy had increased about $1200 more for 6 months (I always pay 6 months premium in full), I assumed this must be a mistake. When I call to question the increase, they say because of the accident that shows on our record. I explained that it's not a traffic accident, someone bumped our car in a parking lot. Because of the increase in premium I choose to shop for cheaper insurance, which we found and we changed companies.

We continued to receive letters stating that our insurance was going to be canceled, I called before the policy date to tell them I was not renewing my policy and to cancel my policy. They continued to send me letters stating that if I didn't pay my policy would be canceled. After the cancellation date they continued to send me statements and each time they would be billing me for coverage, I would call them to tell them that they can canceled me, and that I had canceled and that they need to stop sending me statements and stop harassing me.

They insisted that they have not canceled my policy and that they had been covering me all this time even though I had not paid. Eventually, they said the only way they could settle it was if I could send them a statement from my new insurance policy showing that I was covered after my policy with Progressive had ended. I scanned and emailed that to the proper person and did not hear anything until today almost a year later from a collections company for Progressive for 6 months premium.

I know I don't owe them a dime and I know I hold the cards here. As long as they continue to harass me I will be spreading my message to as many people as will possibly listen. STAY CLEAR OF PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE. They will suck your time and frustrate the hell out of you.

I'm Frozen To Death And Progressive Says "Hang In There"
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- 12/9/13, I was in an accident in Illinois while trying to get to safety in a blizzard. Filed a claim with Progressive. My representative ** out of Sacramento, CA took the claim and assigned it to a very young boy in his late teens to early 20's. His business card says senior adjuster. He requested that I drive the RV to a repair shop of his choosing. It was very clear that the vehicle was not road worth due to large panels and other items handing if not falling off the RV.

I said are you kidding? He answered why? I replied are you now joking? He said no. I said you drive the RV and I'll follow in your truck. He refused and said I can't do that, and I said I am not willing to kill someone should these parts fly off and hit someone. Mind you it was 10-15 degrees below zero at the time. So I was forced to secure the parts so I did not kill anyone. The adjuster sat in his warm truck and watched me secure all the parts for the trip to the shop.

The shop wrote an estimate, the adjuster requested I fax it to him, but he failed to mention the fax number on his card was disconnected. I had to wait 4 days in a parking lot and nearly froze to death, after several calls to the adjuster, he decided to call back. He stated that the fax number was to a office that closed down a year ago. And he gave me the correct fax number. It's my belief this is a tactic to delay payment. When he received the estimate, he called and started asking me questions about the estimate swaying toward the denial of damages.

I have been dealing with this incompetent lazy kid for over a week, while I'm disabled in a parking lot in subzero temps for over a week. And still no result, I can go on and on how this company's main concern is to procrastinate the claim. I will file lawsuit for far more than this claim should have paid. I will also make it a full time job to make sure no one else falls in their trap.

Progressive Insurance Is Refusing to Pay My Auto Accident Claim
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Rating: 1/51

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- Progressive Insurance has frustrated me so much so far. I got rear ended in 2009, leading to numerous problems with my back, neck and a nasal septum deviation. Before the accident, I did not have a history of nosebleeds or deviated septum. The result has been constant nose run with clear discharge, sinus infections and numerous non-stoppable nasal bleeds. All this started after the accident and all the people can bear witness that I did not have prior history of nose bleeds or septum deviation.

Fortunately, the septum deviation has recently been corrected through nasal surgery in August 2013. However, Progressive Insurance Company has refused to pay the medical cost and my pain and sufferings. My efforts to resolve the issue has been met with retrogression, intimidation, patronizing and humiliation.

Initially, I had a lawyer but realized that my case was not being adequately represented. So far, all they have offered me is less than 25% of my medical cost and when I refused the offer, I was labeled “an angry woman, out to take down Progressive Insurance.” I would like to use my story to bring awareness and hopefully pressure on Progressive Insurance.

I have suffered from this constant nose bleed from August 2009 to date, have undergone 4 cauterizations with no end in sight. I have been fortunate to find another lawyer who has been trying to settle the case with Progressive Insurance, but they are not returning any of his calls or emails. Progressive lawyers had told me I would lose everything and end up with less than 1,000 dollars when they were done with me. Help me to take a stand against Progressive Insurance Company. Help me tell them that they cannot harass, manipulate, and prey on innocent injured people merely seeking remedy for their sufferings.

I Will Not Go With This Company
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Rating: 1/51

EULESS, TEXAS -- I spoke with "Robin" in order to set up auto insurance and she was very rude. It made me change my mind about going with Progressive. She was basically very sarcastic and treated me like I was incompetent. I am a student, I've never had auto insurance before and she basically read from a script. She didn't care at all about wanting to help me get auto insurance.

Every time I asked a question she was rude and sarcastic. All she wanted was the sale, didn't care that I was not knowledgeable at all about auto insurance and that I have never had it under my own name. Too bad I was not able to do a customer survey on her. I tried calling back to get another person's help but I believe she answered the phone again. So, because of her I will not be going with this company with people like that working for them. Progressive probably has really good deals but it means nothing with poor customer service.

Excessive Cost, Unfair treatment
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- The reason that I canceled my insurance with Progressive was due to excessive cost. I paid them $283 for the 2 months that I was with them. Now they are telling me that I owe $647 more. There is no way that 2 months of insurance can cost almost $1000!!! I only had insurance with Progressive from March until May of this year 2014. $283 is plenty for 2 months of insurance.

I will not pay another dime. They took it upon themselves to add my daughter to the policy, without my permission, who has been married and out of my house for a year now. She got married on 6/15/2013 and even if she wasn't, $283 is still plenty for 2 months of insurance. I tried to explain this to them, but it fell on deaf ears. I called them and personally spoke to them to try to explain this, but they wanted me to prove it. This is unreal, I have never had to prove to any other insurance company the persons who lived in my household.

It would have been very easy for them to verify her address with the post office and see that it is different than mine. I would venture to say that there is not a single employee at Progressive that would pay $1000 for 2 months of insurance. But, they have the arrogance as to try to force me to. They have turned me in to Credit Collections Services and are ruining my credit unjustly.

Small Accident Rocketed My Insurance Payments!
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Rating: 2/51

DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA -- I have been with Progressive for over 3 years and have small accident forgiveness on my policy. Problem is their small accident forgiveness is for $500 or less. Anyone who has had an accident knows that 500 bucks will cover a scratch on car that's about it. Hit my neighbor in the door backing out of the driveway and put small dent in the door cost 1700 bucks! Now they've raise my insurance premium to $800 more and year. They tell you that they only keep accidents on your policy for 3 years instead of 5 like some of the others but if that's the case then I will end up paying them 2400 for the accident plus my insurance premium.

I am sick of all the fine print of these companies written purposely to screw you over in the event of you have to use their services that YOU ALREADY PAY FOR! This is ridiculous to have have to fight with the people you trusted with your business in the first place. Posting this rant on a forum doesn't do us any good maybe makes you feel better that it's out there for people to read but what is actually being done about these things? Time for the little guy to come out on top! If there is a site or forum that actually makes a difference on these things, please let me know!!

Unresponsive to Claim After One Year - Aggressive Behavior When Asked to Rectify Claim
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Rating: 1/51

CHINO VALLEY AZ, ARIZONA -- Progressive has failed to meet their responsibility on an auto claim. Her client accepted responsibility for damages, but she has been uncooperative and rude to the parties damaged by her client's actions. Her client accepted responsibility from the beginning, at the occurrence of the auto accident, but Ms. has failed to represent her client and assist with the damages to the other party.

Avoid all contact with Ms. **. You will not be represented well. Progressive Ins, please dump this agent, as she represents you - and any other insurance BADLY, VERY BADLY! We tried multiple times to deal with her, to no avail... She is rude and uncooperative despite the fact that her client admits to fault, but due to the uncooperativeness, we continue to battle the issue of a small amount of damages. These damages multiply as her resistance and pain in the ass (extra hassle, time and energy to us) multiplies.

Ms. **, I will never choose to have you as an agent based on the performance you have shown. Anyone considering Progressive Insurance, OR Patti of Chino Valley, Arizona - DON'T DO IT!! We have firsthand knowledge of her lack of performance, rude attitude, lack of professional knowledge. DO NOT DEAL WITH PATTI of Progressive Insurance, Chino Valley, AZ!! I stand behind these statements with personal knowledge and will back them up with facts.

No Check, Been Almost 2 Weeks Now!
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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- My brother was travelling from FL to N GA to visit me when he was involved in a car accident that totaled his car in a small town 4 hours away from me (Friday before Vet Day). It is now 11/19 and he is still without a car, or even an insurance check. He has had Progressive for over 10 years and all of a sudden he no longer has his car rental insurance either. He never cancelled it. It took a week before his car was towed away for inspection. Where is FLO?

Needless to say, I cancelled my insurance from them and so will he when this claim is settled. Good thing I was ONLY 4 hours away. The town he was stuck in had no motels or car rental agencies. What would he have done if I had not been nearby (If you consider 4 hours to be nearby)?

Dishonest Company
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SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE -- I had been a Progressive Auto Insurance customer for over eight years, with NO incidents, when one of my custom antique cars was vandalized in my own driveway. I called the police that night, they had me fill out a report, found evidence of someone else at the scene, and informed me that there had been similar vandalism in the area, suggesting that this was not an isolated event.

The following morning I called Progressive, and informed them of the situation. They finally sent an adjuster out three days later to look at my vehicle. Right away I had a bad feeling about the whole situation with the insurance company, as the adjuster knew nothing about antique cars, and didn't seem to have a whole lot of knowledge of automobiles in general.

He informed me that I should get together any receipts I had for work on my vehicle, and he would try to locate replacement parts. The whole time the adjuster was there, he never seemed completely attentive, as he was too busy complaining that Progressive only provided them with 2.0 megapixel digital cameras, and they took horrible photos.

So I collected all the receipts I had for the vehicle, and in the meantime, the adjuster called me asking for photos of the vehicle before the vandalism, and also stated that he could not find certain parts for the vehicle. Along with the receipts, I included original photos of the car, and I was also able to locate companies that produced the parts that he could not find, and passed the information along to him. One week later I heard back from Progressive, and they told me they wanted me to come in to their office, and in a meeting, provide them with more information to help with the investigation of who did this to my vehicle.

Was I in for a surprise. The meeting started out innocent enough, the Progressive "investigator" asked me some basic questions about the car, and if I had any "enemies" that would want to do this. I told him no, and pointed him to the police remarks that there were other incidents involving the same "tags" and type of damage.

Ignoring this, he went on to inform me that 'he knew nothing about cars,' but then proceeded to grill me on the custom details of my car. In an hour long tirade, he told me that he thought the receipts I provided were fake, and that this custom work was not done to the car. I challenged him over and over again to go see the car for himself, I had nothing to hide. You could plainly see the modifications that were done.

When he realized that he was either going to have to go see the car for himself, or come up with a different way to accuse me of fraud, he did just that. He then began passively accusing me of vandalizing the car myself to collect the insurance money, and also accused friends of mine that had helped me with the vehicle over the years.

At this point I was completely flustered. I originally thought I was meeting with them/him to give as much information as I could in hopes that we could find the person or people that did this, and instead I was accused of the act myself! I didn't even know what to say, as he wasn't listening to anything I said, wasn't acknowledging the physical work done to the car that you could plainly see, and was ignoring what the police had to say on the matter.

They clearly lied about what the meeting was about, and I clearly should have showed up with a lawyer at my side (you don't think about these things when you believe you're just going over your policy with the company). As a side note, after I collected all the receipts I had for the vehicle, I realized I had under-insured it, however they also accused me of insuring it for more than what it was worth.

So the meeting comes to an end, and the investigator is demanding information that I don't even know that I can provide. We are a non-title state with antique autos, and he is demanding the original bill of sale, the name of the person I bought it from (YEARS AND YEARS before this happened), along with a plethora of paperwork that is going to keep me busy for weeks.

In the meantime, the adjuster is ignoring parts information that I have submitted to him, and is instead making UNDER-estimates of what he believes parts will cost, along with stating that he believes my $5,000+ base/clear paint job that I provided receipts for, is now only a $900 single-stage paint job from Maaco. I even tried to help them out when they estimated that it would cost $1,500 to fix my damaged hood, and I told him that it could be replaced with a new one for $400-$500.

So while they were enacting all their scare tactics, and trying to devalue my vehicle, they kept probing me for more information. Every time I would provide them with more paperwork/information, they would ask for something else, over and over and over again.I will admit that I was very inexperienced in this area, as I had never had to deal with an insurance company before, and I will also admit that I was outraged at their accusations, and was stubborn about the issue. I was completely innocent, and I refused to hire a lawyer because of that fact.

Progressive had three workers on my case, and while the three of them continued to ask for information, dragging the length of the case out, not one of them verbally, or in writing, informed me that they only had 60 days from the incident to make a decision on my case (I have since found out this is illegal). One day I received a message on my phone from one of the workers, stating that I had denied them information they asked for, and that they had been forced to make a decision without all the required information, and that they were denying my claim.

I made one last call to find out what was going on, and it appeared to me that they had "mis-placed" (*wink-wink-nudge-nudge*) information that I had given them about my vehicle. I broke down and cried. I had spent close to five years, and the equivalent of one whole year of pay, restoring this vehicle. I thought I had done the right thing, insuring this vehicle with a company I had been with for years. At this point in time, my nerves were shot, and my emotions were all over the place with what I had just been put through with this company, that I didn't even know what to do. I wanted to be done with them, and that's all I cared about.

I wanted to talk about what happened with me, so that people could [hopefully] see what this company is about. I was attracted to them by their cheap rates, lulled into a false sense of security with their commercials, and I will admit, friendly phone-reps. But when it came time for them to pay on a legitimate policy, with an eight-year-loyal customer, they were not the company they claimed to be all those years.

I have since spoken with many ex-customers of Progressive, and have also spoken with many garages, body-shops, and even insurance underwriters that refuse to do business with Progressive due to their reputation; a reputation that is unfortunately not well known to the general public. Avoid Progressive, and if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, swallow your pride and hire a lawyer.

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