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Lousy Service
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- I called to get insurance on my new vehicle and was given instructions. I went online and paid my first month premium. When I called back the next day just to verify, I was told that the information was incorrect. This would cause a 5 day delay in getting my car on the road. I cancelled my policy the same day and it took almost a month to get the money back even though it was withdrawn from my checking account the next day. Customer service gave a different story every time I called. Very poor service. Will never use them.

Progressive Flat Out Stole Money From Me
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Rating: 1/51

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA -- I agree to have $152.88 a month taken from my account for insurance. The first month was $152.88 and it was to be the same for the next 5 months. Well on 7/23/2013 my account was charged $172 and now they're telling me it's going to be 12 days before they can give me back the money they stole.... I live paycheck to paycheck and this overcharge has caused my account to be overdrawn by $10.99 and they have no plans of covering my overdraft fees which was $35... I just don't understand how they can steal my money and hold it for 12 days and I'm stuck with overdraft fees?

Needless to say this company thrives on stealing money and using other people's money for up to 12 days. I wish there was something I could do but I guess since this is a big company and I'm just one person I may as well be talking to a wall right now.... BTW I canceled my insurance with these crooks and I changed companies and I ended up saving $40 a month. AVOID Progressive Insurance at all cost because they will steal your money too.

Get a Lawyer!
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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In late February of 2006 I was rear ended by a driver who was covered by Progressive Insurance. The woman who hit me admitted that she was at fault and we each filed claim regarding the incident. As a result of the accident I was injured and required therapy to treat these injuries.

At this time I have completed my therapy sessions and have amassed over $2,100 in medical bills as a result. Progressive Insurance is stating that they are only going to pay for the first 6-8 weeks of medical bills and are offering me a little over $1,300 because they claim that "soft tissue damage heals in 6-8 weeks". They do not care that a medical professional deemed it necessary for my treatments to continue beyond their arbitrary time frame.

In addition, the agent assigned to this claim literally adds insult to injury. Whenever I speak with her she is rude, condescending, talks over me, cuts me off and refuses to allow me to speak with her supervisor. Whenever I ask to speak with her supervisor she asks why and I let her know that what she is offering me is unsatisfactory and I want to discuss the claim with her supervisor. The agent tells me that's what she is there for. It's a maddening circle.

At this point, in order for my medical bills to be paid in full I will have to consult an attorney to bring a lawsuit against the woman who hit me as well as Progressive Insurance, and as everyone knows bringing a lawyer to the table will drive up the settlement amount exponentially... it would be much more economical on behalf of Progressive Insurance to pay out the additional $800 than to have this become a lawsuit.

But, the impression I get from my personal experience as well as from reading reviews on this site as well as others is that Progressive Insurance doesn't give a damn about people. All they care about is their bottom line. Understandably, they are in business to make money, but the idea that the victim of one of their insured should be left with $800 in medical bills is absolutely ludicrous.

On their website, Progressive Insurance boasts about their extensive art collection that is housed at all of their facilities in addition to their corporate office. I find it admirable that this company would support the arts, after all I am an artisan myself, but before they purchase their next piece they should take care of those who are injured at the hands of their insured.

If I am ever again hit by a driver who is insured through Progressive I will take the following actions: Call the police for an accident report, Call for an ambulance to the emergency room regardless of how I feel at the time of the incident, GET A LAWYER to talk to Progressive Insurance on my behalf. I will NOT be bullied by another one of their representatives again.

This is my second complaint against this company regarding this claim, although it is my first "public" one. Previously I complained to my state's Insurance Commissioner's office. Their response was to speak with the claim adjustors manager. I received a letter from the manager and left her voicemails in response, but never received a single return call from the manager.

I will be following up this commentary with the following: Addressing this issue on the "contact us" page of Progressives website, repeating this entry on every site such as this one that I can find, blogging about it extensively on my personal blog, making another complaint to my state Insurance Commissioner's office since the manager is being completely unresponsive.

If you are a customer of Progressive Insurance, or considering becoming one, you may want to think about investing in prepaid legal assistance because if you were to be found at fault in an accident and people were injured you could very likely be sued because Progressive will not pay out full medical costs of those who are injured.

No Customer Loyalty Whatsoever!
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Rating: 2/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I've been a Progressive customer since 2002 and have comes to terms that with this insurance provider loyalty, and exceptional driving record and good credit mean nothing. Previously, I shared a policy with my son and before the recent increase we were paying $236.00 per month for one full coverage vehicle/one liability coverage vehicle; which was still okay, I thought…

About four weeks ago, I received a notification of a $60 increase with no reasoning why other than “rate increases”. I knew then I needed to start shopping around and since my son purchased himself a new vehicle we feared this was going to be an issue with cost.

Through Progressive his insurance on the new vehicle was close to $450 dollars, so he decided to part ways with Progressive purchasing coverage through Esurance for $300 dollars, $150 LESS! I thought, well good for him and looked forward to having him removed from my policy to bring down my rates of carrying a young driver with Progressive. Needless to say by removing his vehicle from my policy I was looking at an increase that would cost me $360 a month for just myself.

($360.00) No way! I asked why and was told that since I am taking a vehicle off my policy I lose the benefits of a lower rate. Unacceptable, plain and simple. So, today I cancelled my policy after 12 years. They did not care whatsoever which was disheartening. But on the flip side of things… I called Esurance and for the exact same coverage and because of my driving record I was rewarded. Moving forward my insurance is $113.00, per month, again for the EXACT same coverage. So long Progressive, your high-priced policy won't be missed.

Raising Rates Without Telling You
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Rating: 2/51

COLCHESTER, VERMONT -- I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in finding out that my rates have gone up because of some ** 'area rate increase'. When I signed up with your company I was quoted a fair price for my auto insurance. I now find my bill to be $10 more per month. I should not be lump summed into some category with other crappy drivers. I have an impeccable driving record, I pay my bills on time, and my payment and coverage should reflect that, not the driving habits of others in my area.

I will go ahead with this higher payment until my next 6 months are up. If I find that you have again raised my rate I will absolutely drop your insurance and I will report you to the Better Business Bureau as a company that misrepresents its promises to its customers. So much for good business practices in our world today.

Progressive Paid Out Too Much Than Raised Our Premium!
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Rating: 3/51

CALIFORNIA -- Over a year ago my son rolled back into a big American made vehicle parked behind him in our parking lot. He still had his foot on the brakes when he rolled back. Our vehicle is sandwiched between two full-size SUV's so reversing out is a bit of a challenge. I was watching him from my apartment window and saw the brake lights reflect in her car window but too late to yell at him. We were insured with Progressive. Her back passenger side door was slightly dented.

It was a wintery morning and he did not see the grey colored vehicle. We sustained a minor dent to our rear door where the tire is mounted which came in contact with her vehicle. Progressive paid $2400.00 to the woman. In California the driver who is reversing out is at fault regardless of road conditions, why that car was parked right behind ours so on. We called the company and reported the accident and expected them to fix her vehicle but $2400?

Our premium went up so we dropped Progressive but they came through for us after seven years of premium payments. I know it doesn't cost that much to fix a minor dent on one door so she milked the company for her older vehicle and bought a new Honda SUV. She parked behind my vehicle one day again in her daughter's older vehicle, I yelled at her she is not getting another dime out of my insurance company (AAA) to buy another new vehicle and to get the hell out of our apartment complex (she doesn't live here), and if I ever see her there I will call the police for blocking us and harassment. The insurance companies are crooked so are the people today!

Progressive Does Not Want to Take a Responsibility for a Damage to My Car by Their Policy Holder
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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I was sitting inside my parked car when I felt a hit; a car pulling out of a parking space back-ended my car. I got of the car to speak with the driver who blatantly denied hitting me despite all the signs on my car (my bumper was dented, a lot of scratches and damage to the sensors on the driver side) and her car. I asked for her insurance info and her ID she refused to give me either one.

That forced me to call Montgomery county police, at which point the lady decided to give me her insurance information. I took a picture of the damages on both cars as well as her insurance card. Police stated that they would not come if no one was injured. I didn't think I needed a report as physical damages to both cars would be evident.

I called Progressive to report the accident, they scheduled me to get an estimate, I went to their office in Glen Burnie, got my estimate. They said the sensor on the back, they wouldn't know until Lexus dealer looks at the damage. A week later they called to tell me that it is my words against her words and the measurements do not match so they are not responsible. They stated after reviewing the damages: "not consistent to a car hit, looks like a vehicle hitting a solid stationary object". Absolute lie.

So why would I have a stranger's insurance information if she did not hit me/ Why wouldn't she ask for my information if she thinks I hit her? This is absolutely NOT acceptable, Progressive insurance NEED to take responsibility and PAY for my damages.

HORRIBLE Customer Service!!
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Rating: 1/51

Never received my first bill after paying nearly half of my year's total as a deposit. Finally I received a cancellation notice. Called in and spoke with a very friendly and helpful woman who informed me that as long as I sent in the minimum due there was no issue. I told her I would be sending in the total remaining balance and confirmed the method of payment and the mailing address. A week later, I receive a notice that my policy has been cancelled.

I call in only to hear that the representative made no notes on the account, and since they have no "proof" that I called (because phone records apparently are useless) they would not be able to assist me in any way. Manager was by far the RUDEST customer representative I have ever spoken to in from ANY company.

He said it was "out of the realm of possibility that he would do anything to help reinstate my policy" and that they had mailed me back my check. He said there were only 3 people who could have taken my call, but that it was not his job to ask them about it, because legally he didn't have to.

Said to me "There is nothing that I will do for you ma'am. I suggest you hurry up and try to get another policy, because you are driving completely illegally right now." Then stated that he had nothing else to say to me and this conversation was serving him no purpose. Sorry that I tried to give you my business and money!! I don't know who is worse, the friendly idiot or the jerk manager!?!

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Upon returning from Active Military Duty, I spoke a representative from Progressive Insurance, explaining I would like to purchase an auto policy which would cover me when driving my dad's truck, or another family member's vehicle. I was clear in the fact I wanted full coverage to cover the vehicle I would be operating and would cover any vehicle or property to which I might encounter in an accident.

The Progressive Agent informed me that since I did not own a vehicle, I should purchase coverage under a "Non-Owner-Operator" Insurance policy. I was advised that such a policy would in fact "fully" cover me and any vehicle I would driving. Recently during a heavy rain storm, I was driving my dad's pickup when it left the road, and I crashed into the interstate guard rail, causing extensive damage to the truck, I was not injured. Upon contacting the Progressive company, I was assured that the accident would be covered, my dad's truck would be repaired.

Later I was contacted by the company and informed that there were numerous exclusions, found on pages never furnished to me, plus the policy coverage was so limited, their own representative stated "They never pay claims on such policies". So what they sold me and what I had was totally different. The policy of the company seems to "Bait and Switch".

Rip Off Con Artists Swall Car Dealership
By -

CALGARY, ALBERTA CANADA, ARKANSAS -- On Wednesday March 23, 2011, I visited Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales for a potential vehicle purchase. Upon arrival I met salesman **. Told him that I was looking and that I would have to get a car loan. ** told me that I could put a deposit down to hold it and if I was turned down for a loan I would get my money back immediately. So I put a deposit down of $2400.00 on their used 2004 Audi A4 1.8T AWD and he had me sign what looked like a sales agreement. ** instantly said not to worry I still would get the deposit back if I hadn't a loan.

Same day Wednesday March 23, 2011, I drove directly to my bank and applied for a car loan with **, Financial Services Rep at Royal Bank of Canada on Strathcona Blvd SW. He informed me that I may not get an approval because of my debt ratio and insufficient credit rating but he will send it into the RBC Loan Center and see what the outcome is.

On Wednesday March 30, 2011, I got a call from ** of Royal Bank of Canada to meet me regarding the loan. Upon my meeting, I was informed by ** of RBC that my application for a car loan was turned down for the reasons he mentioned in our prior meeting a week earlier and was handed the letter of the non approval. Same day March 30, 2011, I called ** of Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales and notified him that I was turned down for the car loan.

On Saturday April 2, 2011, I received a call and spoke to **. He told me to meet him at his office on Tuesday April 5,2011 to pick up my refund deposit check and I said yes I will meet him. Shortly after the call on Saturday April 2, 2011, I received another call from ** telling me that I will not be getting my refund with no explanations and hung up on me.

On Tuesday April 5, 2011, I went to Progressive to see what the calls were about. I spoke to ** and he acknowledged out loud that he did say I will get reimbursed the deposit. When a man by the name of ** stepped in and said NO I won't. I showed him my letter from the bank and asked him why, his response was "that the money was a substantial amount" then walked away.

I then left Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales and filed a complaint (April 5, 2011) with the Better Business Bureau where the officer in attendance informed me that they are supposed to return the money according to the law and handed me the letter of complaint. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY !!

PROGRESSIVE LEASING & AUTO SALES PERSONNEL IS SHORT On CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, LACK OF MORALS, AND IS EXCEPTIONAL WITH BROKEN PROMISES. They succeed in specializing to rob the public from their hard earned money. Go ahead and just hand over YOUR hard earned money!

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