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Progressive Auto Insurance
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Rip Off Con Artists Swall Car Dealership
By -

CALGARY, ALBERTA CANADA, ARKANSAS -- On Wednesday March 23, 2011, I visited Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales for a potential vehicle purchase. Upon arrival I met salesman **. Told him that I was looking and that I would have to get a car loan. ** told me that I could put a deposit down to hold it and if I was turned down for a loan I would get my money back immediately. So I put a deposit down of $2400.00 on their used 2004 Audi A4 1.8T AWD and he had me sign what looked like a sales agreement. ** instantly said not to worry I still would get the deposit back if I hadn't a loan.

Same day Wednesday March 23, 2011, I drove directly to my bank and applied for a car loan with **, Financial Services Rep at Royal Bank of Canada on Strathcona Blvd SW. He informed me that I may not get an approval because of my debt ratio and insufficient credit rating but he will send it into the RBC Loan Center and see what the outcome is.

On Wednesday March 30, 2011, I got a call from ** of Royal Bank of Canada to meet me regarding the loan. Upon my meeting, I was informed by ** of RBC that my application for a car loan was turned down for the reasons he mentioned in our prior meeting a week earlier and was handed the letter of the non approval. Same day March 30, 2011, I called ** of Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales and notified him that I was turned down for the car loan.

On Saturday April 2, 2011, I received a call and spoke to **. He told me to meet him at his office on Tuesday April 5,2011 to pick up my refund deposit check and I said yes I will meet him. Shortly after the call on Saturday April 2, 2011, I received another call from ** telling me that I will not be getting my refund with no explanations and hung up on me.

On Tuesday April 5, 2011, I went to Progressive to see what the calls were about. I spoke to ** and he acknowledged out loud that he did say I will get reimbursed the deposit. When a man by the name of ** stepped in and said NO I won't. I showed him my letter from the bank and asked him why, his response was "that the money was a substantial amount" then walked away.

I then left Progressive Leasing & Auto Sales and filed a complaint (April 5, 2011) with the Better Business Bureau where the officer in attendance informed me that they are supposed to return the money according to the law and handed me the letter of complaint. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY !!

PROGRESSIVE LEASING & AUTO SALES PERSONNEL IS SHORT On CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, LACK OF MORALS, AND IS EXCEPTIONAL WITH BROKEN PROMISES. They succeed in specializing to rob the public from their hard earned money. Go ahead and just hand over YOUR hard earned money!

Irresponsible, unreliable, incompetent.
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I have Progressive for 4 yrs now. I am a Gold Member. I live in Alaska. They have not paid me a claim yet. I have full everything! Recently My Motor Home had carburetor problems in Little Susitna Access Road in Point McKenzie area. My cellular carrier AT&T does not have coverage where I broke down. I called them through a propane facility nearby that just close for the day after I used their phone and after giving Road Assistance accurate directions. I waited and waited and no sign of the Road Assistance person. Finally, I had to walk nearly 3 miles on that cold, dark, isolated road near a State Prison to get in cell range. I got hold of the Road Service area guy and asked why he has not come yet. He said, he is coming from Anchorage, and I was in Point Mackenzie! Several cities away! There are no tow Trucks in the Mat-Su valley? I asked him why they do not send someone locally and he was silent. The guy tells me that he has to take the drive-shaft off or else he will leave me stranded. I asked him why they did not bring a flat-bed tow truck knowing the distance it had to be towed beforehand. He said my 21 ft 8,000 lb Motor Home was too heavy! I told him that I have seen Buses on them. He was silent. He tells me that he has 9 years experience doing this. I notice, when he was taking the drive-shaft that he should not force it out. He forced it without my consent and bended one u- bolt and stripped the thread of both. He said, 'I have some replacements'. He did not have any. Today I called auto parts and have not found u-bolts yet. I also found a cup bearing missing. I called them up. He said to the answering lady that he gave it to me. He did not tie the cups! You think they called me to bring me the parts? They did not. I complained to Progressive. They gave me the lip service, but no action yet. I am still stranded. There were farmers there that tried to give more assistance than they could to me, but were unable. And you think Progressive is trying to outdo them! Also, when the tow truck guy was pulling out the tow bar from underneath, he was forcing with the hydraulics the tires and I do not know yet if he damaged the steering since I cannot drive it yet. I had to help him get out his device so he would not damage or puncture my tire. By the way I was courteous all the time and there was no provocation or argument from my part except that if they will not come, I will seek another company. Because, they were telling me they did not find me yet and I had the policy in front of me saying that I was covered until October of next year. Saying that, they decided to respond. If they wanted me to fix the problem myself; I was unable to do so. Tuesday, they had a guy come to take pictures of the damage. In the meantime, I had to pay, about $70 dollars in parts and taxi and still did not get the right parts. Instead of them fixing the problem they are passing the bucket to the tow company. It seems they are doing their best not to pay. There is one thing the public needs to be aware of and that is that having a squeaky clean record is no indicator that those who have such record are what the record implies. Records can be forged. If the Progressive Alaska guy is defrauding customers so that he looks squeaky clean to his company, Progressive, because he appears to be a 'good luck' guy to have since the company does not have to pay claims while they have him. This would be an example of that in the case that Progressive does not know about it, which appears to be the case! Since this guy is very accommodating when I call Progressive and does not answer me when I call him directly. So far it is still lip service, passing the bucket and nothing done by them to solve the problem except to take pictures. I was broken down on Saturday and it was yesterday, a Tuesday that I was able to solve the problem myself and as I expected, Progressive did not beat me to it. Now it remains to be seen if they reimburse me or they fabricate excuses not to pay and even have the audacity to make it look my fault or even worse, that I deserved it. It is the last case I am after. People should do the best job they can regardless of whether the customer is deserving or not. In my case, I did not do anything to either company to deserve this treatment.

I hope you don't get hit by a drunk progressive driver
By -

Top reasons why I will never switch from USAA to Progressive. Clientele: While driving down the highway, I was struck from the rear by an inebriated unemployed Progressive driver, who was already on probation for DUI. It feels good to insure others who would be court-martialed if they behaved like this individual.

Clarity: When I call USAA, I don't have to be transferred from a National Office to a local office, and since I don't need to be transferred I don't get two different stories about the service they provide. When I call Progressive, the national office tells me that they will go wherever I need, service and inspect the car wherever I like and generally accommodate me.

But when I call the local office I am told I must go to their body shop during working hours have my car checked out. When I call the national office and ask to speak to someone higher up, they route me to another claims adjuster in the same department who also cannot help. No bureaucracy, that's why I love USAA.

Availability: When I call USAA, I am told we will be here all night to help you. My Progressive claims adjuster works only works four days per week.

Attitude: When I speak to USAA about my accident they can't wait to genuinely show concern and look out for my welfare. When I can get a hold of anyone at Progressive, I get terse responses and feigned concern. When I come to the Progressive office, the claims adjuster tells the secretary to take my paperwork and lets the secretary try to determine what is happening with my case because she is too busy to see me (though she saw doing a deliberate about face upon seeing me and calls the secretary twice to see if I have gone away yet).

When she does come to see me she tells me “You just don't know how the insurance business works.” Clearly, I don't know how Progressive works, but I know how USAA does, I am treated with respect, concern and prompt service.

Responsibility: When I take the day off work to personally fetch police reports, contact sheriffs departments, rental car companies and bring needed documentation to the office, but am still told that Progressive does not have the documentation to repair my car and that I should contact my insurance company because they can work faster. USAA bends over backward to cover everything, pay out the claim and get my car into the shop though it was no fault of theirs; it consumes their time and resources and involves them unnecessarily.

Understanding and Timeliness: USAA understands when I tell them I am leaving at 5AM for pre-deployment certification training for two weeks and that I will not be able to contact them for two weeks. USAA apologizes for the service that Progressive has provided and stresses that they understand that it is not acceptable to leave my wife without transportation.

The Progressive claims adjustor tells me after an exterior examination of my car that it is not their fault that I am leaving, that the brake light on my dash must have been on before the accident and that my car should be drivable for my wife. Progressive also suggests that I should use my pre-deployment leave to fix the car. In a word USAA understands service.

Sloppy vehicle collision claim review and decision
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I have been a Progressive Auto Insurance client since 2005, however since 2001, I was with Drive Insurance, which was acquired by Progressive in 2005.

9 days ago, when I was backing out from a private parking lot, I had a very mild collision with a vehicle, which was not present behind me at the time I was backing out. I checked my back thoroughly. When the tail of my vehicle was about 1/4th in the aisle, an impact with a vehicle occurred. The 3 passengers from that vehicle stated they were sitting behind me, in stopped position in their car, for approx. 20 seconds, "looking at their navigator". Had that been true, I would have seen them. Where they came from, and at what speed, remained speculative at best.

The adjuster at Progressive took my recorded statement and expressed that I was at fault, without obtaining the recorded statement from the other driver yet. Progressive's adjuster defended the other driver's position, stating they had the right of way. In my view, he disregarded that the other driver's defense lacked logic, as I would have seen a vehicle parked right behind me, on the aisle.

My theory is the other driver made their move after I began to back out, as my back was clear at the time of my motion, whereas they advanced at a speed that made their motion unpredictable. Anybody can back out when the back is clear, however, if a vehicle approaches the vehicle which is in the process of backing out, at a speed that guarantees a collision, the collision will not be preventable by the vehicle which is backing out. Accusing the one who is backing out of fault automatically, is nothing short of sloppy.

This fine detail was disregarded by the adjuster, who proposed fault on my behalf, without even having taken a statement from the other driver yet. I am very disappointed about my insurance's opinion-oriented approach to a scenario that definitely is not as simple as they scripted. Their at-fault decision against me is formed without regard to illogicalities in the development of the impact.

Progressive decided I was at fault and is increasing my insurance premium, plus giving me "points". The damage on the other driver's property was a mild dent on the front right fender. I paid insurance premiums for 5 years to Progressive, plus 5 years to Drive Insurance, which they acquired. What I paid them on premiums by now, would take care of the minor damage they wish to pay for with ease, and still leave them with excellent profit. Seems not enough.

Thus, they raise my premium amount, plus add "points". Certainly, how else would that "Progressive-Lady" in TV commercials be on air every 30 minutes nationwide, manically selling promises which sound too good to be true. If the government decides to regulate insurance companies' profit mongerism at the expense of consumers by arbitrary fault decision, I surely will be the first one to vote for that. I'll terminate my clientelship with Progressive latest at the time of premium increase. I do not recommend Progressive to anyone.

PS: They also imposed a late fee penalty on my account once "by mistake", though I always paid on time. Had I not requested correction, I would have overpaid them.

By -

About 5 1/2 weeks ago I was rear-ended by someone who has progressive insurance, admits total fault. Due to my bumper being pushed into the back tire, my car had to be towed. I have since had neck and upper back problems including a couple incidences of pain shooting down my arm and my hand becoming all tingly. I drive as little as possible because of the medication I am on and because it hurts to turn my head.

Not that they ever even offered me a rental vehicle. They deemed my car to be worth $4000, and went from saying the damage was "between 4 and 6 thousand" to "between six and 8 thousand" to "over 8 thousand" um, the damage hasn't changed since the car sat in my carport. So then the insurance agent tries saying I don't have the right to get a quote from anyone else. Knowing this is BS we take it to the shop a friends fiancé works at, his boss agrees to give us a good deal on the repairs, repairing it for $3000. He says while this is a good deal, 6-8 thousand is a ridiculous quote.

He then asks if we are dealing with ** to which I say yes and he groans. He says he hates that guy. Great, this guy has a reputation of being a pain. So, after fighting with **, he says he'll give us $4000 to total the car, we can buy it back for $700 and then we can pay to have it fixed and it is now a "salvaged" car. Fine, whatever, we don't plan to sell it ever anyway.

So he gives me the paper that has the value of the car on it, and despite the fact he was told numerous times it was a special homecoming limited edition vehicle, it's listed as a standard edition. The back page of the packet says "editions available listed by value, increasing: std, homecoming" so I point this out to him.

He tries fighting with me than gives me the check and says he'll call the company tomorrow and have them run the numbers and see if there is a difference and if so he'll send us another check for the difference. He calls back the next morning says they ran the numbers and it looks like we'll be getting $500 more. Over a week passes and no check, so I call again and he says that actually the car is worth $20 less than the standard. What?! How on earth is a limited edition car worth LESS than a standard when everything else is the same? How can something being a limited, special edition DECREASE value, especially when he originally told us it was worth more?

We're getting screwed. I also overlooked the evaluation of the car where there were blatant lies such as saying it had a poor re-paint job and one of the panels didn't match the others, which is false. All the homecoming cars were painted the same color and we bought it from a dealership when it was 2 years old, and aside from the bumper having to be repainted, which was done well in the same color, nothing has been repainted.

Now, not only is he screwing us on the car, my medical is a whole other story. He only wants to give me $700 for "inconvenience" and then my medical. I took 2 days off work and another combined 4 hours for medical so far, so that's $290 for my missed pay alone. I haven't been able to get myself around, and oh yeah, I've been in pain and unable to lift/carry things for 5 1/2 weeks so far. I work for a personal injury law firm, I know for a fact my pain and suffering should be way more than $410. I'm getting a lawyer, and praying I never have to deal with Progressive again.

Get a Lawyer!
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In late February of 2006 I was rear ended by a driver who was covered by Progressive Insurance. The woman who hit me admitted that she was at fault and we each filed claim regarding the incident. As a result of the accident I was injured and required therapy to treat these injuries.

At this time I have completed my therapy sessions and have amassed over $2,100 in medical bills as a result. Progressive Insurance is stating that they are only going to pay for the first 6-8 weeks of medical bills and are offering me a little over $1,300 because they claim that "soft tissue damage heals in 6-8 weeks". They do not care that a medical professional deemed it necessary for my treatments to continue beyond their arbitrary time frame.

In addition, the agent assigned to this claim literally adds insult to injury. Whenever I speak with her she is rude, condescending, talks over me, cuts me off and refuses to allow me to speak with her supervisor. Whenever I ask to speak with her supervisor she asks why and I let her know that what she is offering me is unsatisfactory and I want to discuss the claim with her supervisor. The agent tells me that's what she is there for. It's a maddening circle.

At this point, in order for my medical bills to be paid in full I will have to consult an attorney to bring a lawsuit against the woman who hit me as well as Progressive Insurance, and as everyone knows bringing a lawyer to the table will drive up the settlement amount exponentially... it would be much more economical on behalf of Progressive Insurance to pay out the additional $800 than to have this become a lawsuit.

But, the impression I get from my personal experience as well as from reading reviews on this site as well as others is that Progressive Insurance doesn't give a damn about people. All they care about is their bottom line. Understandably, they are in business to make money, but the idea that the victim of one of their insured should be left with $800 in medical bills is absolutely ludicrous.

On their website, Progressive Insurance boasts about their extensive art collection that is housed at all of their facilities in addition to their corporate office. I find it admirable that this company would support the arts, after all I am an artisan myself, but before they purchase their next piece they should take care of those who are injured at the hands of their insured.

If I am ever again hit by a driver who is insured through Progressive I will take the following actions: Call the police for an accident report, Call for an ambulance to the emergency room regardless of how I feel at the time of the incident, GET A LAWYER to talk to Progressive Insurance on my behalf. I will NOT be bullied by another one of their representatives again.

This is my second complaint against this company regarding this claim, although it is my first "public" one. Previously I complained to my state's Insurance Commissioner's office. Their response was to speak with the claim adjustors manager. I received a letter from the manager and left her voicemails in response, but never received a single return call from the manager.

I will be following up this commentary with the following: Addressing this issue on the "contact us" page of Progressives website, repeating this entry on every site such as this one that I can find, blogging about it extensively on my personal blog, making another complaint to my state Insurance Commissioner's office since the manager is being completely unresponsive.

If you are a customer of Progressive Insurance, or considering becoming one, you may want to think about investing in prepaid legal assistance because if you were to be found at fault in an accident and people were injured you could very likely be sued because Progressive will not pay out full medical costs of those who are injured.

Thieves and Liars
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Rating: 1/51

OREGON -- I purchased an auto insurance policy for a new vehicle, filled out all of the particulars and paid initial payment. On the way to DMV was pulled over as vehicle had no current tags. Officer said the paperwork Progressive had provided me was not legal in my state. I called Progressive's helpline and explained I needed an online insurance card or an email with the correct documents. The person on the phone with me seemed to have a decent command of the English language, but seemed utterly befuddled as to how to provide the documents. The officer left me with over 700 dollars worth of tickets. I was very lucky the car was not towed.

Somewhere between the 20 and 30 minute mark the Progressive helper sent me emails with the "correct" documents. Having printed the new documents I went to the DMV to license the vehicle, 3 hours later my number was called at the DMV, where the clerk rejected the documents. I got home and contacted Progressive. After being hung up on twice, I asked for an immediate refund and to cancel the policy. I was given a name and a reference number. This all occurred on 9/23/15. I was "insured" with Progressive for less than 6 hours. It is currently 10/4/2015 and I have received no refund.

To summarize, Progressive sold me a bogus policy costing me over 700 dollars in tickets and adding dings to my driving record. They then wasted over 3 hours of my time, and to follow it up they stole my insurance payment. Lying thieves, so if you want to feel like you have been prison raped, go with Progressive. If that doesn't sound fun to you, run, don't walk, away from the single worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

Ridiculous, Unbelievable High Renewal Rate After Being a "Diamond Member"
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I had been a client with Progressive since 2003. I made it to their "Diamond Member list" which means "full large accident forgiveness" which meant that it helped me keep my rates from going up if you're in an accident - even if it's your fault." I was so excited when I was told I was a "Diamond Member". After 11 years of paying for full coverage for 5 vehicles and four drivers and being a good paying client, I was forced to leave them in 2015 because I had a bad year in 2014 and some hail and theft claims during the years I was with them.

At the end of my 6 months policy of 2014, I received my renewal for January to August 2015. To my SURPRISE, I was going to pay close to $1000.00 for the 6 months! That is a house payment! I called and asked nicely why my rate more than doubled and they said because I had one accident which I was at fault, one accident not at fault, two hail claims and one theft claim! THAT is why I paid you every month so you can cover for that for over 11 years!

I have paid you way over in these 11 years to cover for my claims and have more left over! I never wanted to change because I was happy with them and their rates. But I realized that if you have "accidents" or claims, they don't care. As long as you don't make them pay they will treat you good. Insurance's overall suck. They make you pay ridiculous rates after you have claims or accidents. That is why they are called "accidents", most of the time you can't avoid them!

Now, I have been forced to look elsewhere, but luckily I found an insurance that would insure me for more than half the price Progressive wanted to charge me. My advice is, try to fix any problems yourself before contacting your insurance! :(

Lousy Service
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- I called to get insurance on my new vehicle and was given instructions. I went online and paid my first month premium. When I called back the next day just to verify, I was told that the information was incorrect. This would cause a 5 day delay in getting my car on the road. I cancelled my policy the same day and it took almost a month to get the money back even though it was withdrawn from my checking account the next day. Customer service gave a different story every time I called. Very poor service. Will never use them.

Progressive Lies
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Rating: 1/51

OHIO -- I cannot understand how a company as large as Progressive has decided to force insurance agents to rate all their insured's who are businesses as one rate - the highest rate they have, no matter what type of business they have. Progressive also stated that if a business has a particular type name, they will rate them based on their name no matter what they do in their business and how much you prove them wrong.

Today, a lot of business owners have DOT #'s and are required to have other federal # and Progressive has stated if anyone who have these items they will be rated the highest rate they have even though they are not the type of business. Progressive also stated we as agents have a guideline to follow with Progressive but nowhere in this guideline does it state no matter what type of business you are or if you have federal # you will be rated the highest rate with Progressive which is triple or almost quadruple.

Also Progressive has said agents represent them. Well, last time I looked I thought we represented the insured. If an insured calls and tells us what type of business they do and provide proof, is that not enough Progressive? Are you so greedy you don't give a care about anyone. You say it does not matter what type of business they are, you will use the highest rate will and they will still be protected. Then how come other carriers don't think that way? Is there not any way to stop this lying company and all their misrepresentations on the TV and infomercials. Come on someone?

I was told since I deliberately disobeyed them and if I do not rate my clients with their high rate I can no longer write for them because I am not protecting them, Progressive. This is sad. Force an agent's hands and say to keep your appointment with Progressive you have to rate all your business clients with our highest rate no matter what and if not you can no longer write with us. OMG!

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