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Fraud Insurance Company "Progressive"
By -

My story beats all of the rest of the stories. My car was vandalized sometime 2 months ago and now Progressive insurance company is investigating me over the claim. I have been with them for at least 5 years. They have obtained recorded statement from me and my family, asked for my phone bills and bank accounts information. The best part of it all they came to my house and took sample of oil and transmission fluid from the car. Instead of paying or fixing the claim they rather take the time and ask for something crazy every week. My truck was badly vandalized and I have no way of getting around but to borrow another car.

I will never ever go back to progressive nor I will recommend this insurance to anyone. Please stay away from these people. The car was slashed all around. They broke the back glass and the inside seats were also slashed. On top of it all they have spray tagged RR on the hood of the car. I am still waiting to settle the claim. God Bless.

Progressive Poor Claim Settlement Experience
By -

Progressive is not responsible in their claim settlements. I was hit by a car on my new F-150 Ford Lariat in Sioux City, Iowa that was just 2 months old. We both had Progressive. Progressive ended up totaling the almost new truck. The adjuster came up with a replacement price of $31,196.13 for a two-month-old truck that had a MSRP of over $41,000. One-year-old Lariats trucks are booked for more than I was given for a settlement for this essentially new truck.

When I pointed this out to the adjuster, they never even had the decency to respond to this gross undervalued settlement. I simply got a check in the mail. I have been told by several people that deal with insurance company's that Progressive is the hardest company to work with. Now I know why. I will soon be dropping my insurance with Progressive after this less than satisfactory conclusion. I am sure Progressive couldn't care less about this claim."

From Amica to Progressive Accident 101
By -

I recently switched to Progressive Auto Insurance from Amica Auto Insurance. Murphy's law: I get into a minor accident which resulted in another car clipping my passenger side mirror. Total cost, about $40.00. Not a big deal, but to be safe went through the motions of insurance claim.

First I contacted Prog. through their online claim. A representative contacted me three times that day. Once we touched base, I gave a recorded incident report. It was at this point they said they would be sending me a written report to fill out and draw a diagram. Through email I downloaded the form, filled it out and faxed it to my representative that day.

Progressive then emailed me with the contact information for the other car's insurance company (Travelers)
I called them as instructed and left another recorded accident report statement. Travelers Ins. then sent me an accident report to fill out. Repeating the Same information I said, and wrote for Progressive and said to Travelers.

Now I feel like my statements and written information is redundant and inefficient. Aggravation is peaking, as I'm paying monthly payments to this Insurance company but feel like I'm doing all the leg work for this claim. Now, it could be because I'm inexperienced in this area. However... I have been in one other accident, filled out my info online, spoke to a representative once online and everything else was taken care of.

I'm beginning to think that the reduced prices at Progressive comes at quite the cost. If you don't get into an accident, insurance with Progressive is fine. If you do get into an accident, you better hope you paid for them to do all the work.

Major Problems With a Minor Claim
By -

I am a 15+ year customer of Progressive with no tickets, accidents, and I have never made a claim. A few weeks ago someone parked next to me in a parking lot in an SUV opened their tailgate causing their spare tire carrier to swing around and the tire put a little dent in my fender. Total damage: around $800. I took a week off from work to get it fixed. The claim problems began when claim representative Stephanie declared this was a COLLISION and not a comp claim, thereby increasing my deductible from $250 to $500 even though the paint was unscratched in and around the dent.

When I tried to argue the point, she called me a liar and accused me of attempting to defraud her of the $250 difference! Then, after I got my estimates and decided on a body shop, Progressive's estimator didn't show up as promised for several days causing me to have to pay a week's worth of additional rental car fees to get to work.

This tiny claim was a nightmare. Claim Rep Stephanie was a heavy handed unprofessional bully whose primary motivation was obviously geared more toward her 'no claim payout' bonus check than to helping me get back on the road. For 15 years Progressive was great at accepting my payments. But when it finally came time to make a very small claim, the friendly demeanor was gone. Never again.

Progressive? Never again
By -

My son and I both had our trucks vandalized a few weeks ago; we both had 2 tires slashed by neighborhood punks. I have State Farm, my son has Progressive. The Progressive agent just left our house (after taking almost 4 weeks to get here), and told us my son would be getting nothing back from his claim, because the cost of buying tires IN THE SAME CONDITION AS THE OTHER 2 ALREADY ON THE TRUCK, was less that his $500 deductible. They wanted us to buy USED tires to replace the slashed ones, which were less than 1 year old. He had already bought 2 new tires because Progressive told him not to do anything until the agent saw and evaluated his slashed ones.

So he was expected to sit and wait 4 weeks waiting for the adjuster to show up before he could use his truck! His couldn't wait, of course, and his cost for 2 new tires was $1200. He had a $500 deductible, and Progressive says they will pay nothing. I my State Farm agent the day we found the slashed tires, and they told me to go buy 2 NEW tires and send them the invoice by fax. I had a check in 4 days, for the full amount of the tires, minus my $250 deductible. Progressive? How about renaming them Regressive! State Farm never even sent someone to examine the tires. Is State Farm more expensive than Progressive? Not when Progressive refuses to pay their claims!

Progressive Won't Pay Fair Value
By -

RANCHO CORDOVA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been in an accident. I am fine, but my car was rear-ended by a non-insured driver. My car is a 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 convertible, it has very low miles (53K). I have had this car for over 17 years, and it's like a child to me, it had been in storage for 6-7 years, which explains the low miles and the good condition. The car had $4300 damage in the accident, I had gotten several official estimates.

The car is not in perfect condition, but I would consider it in good condition for the age of the vehicle. I have over the last few years been restoring it in my spare time. I bought replacement (original Ford parts) for the bumper, fenders, seats, carpet. The vinyl top has been replaced, the transmission rebuilt. It had been maintenanced regularly. There was some additional trim work to be completed, and then all it needed was painted. The car then would be in near excellent condition.

My issue is that Progressive Insurance will only pay me $2400 and they keep my car, or pay me $1800 and I can keep my car. I only want my car fixed. They say the value of the car is less than the repair cost. But they have not shown me their research where I can get the exact same condition car for $2400. Or I could take their money and buy one, which in reality, I would be afraid to do, as I know the history and care I have given my own car. I don't want to have my car replaced with someone else's problem car.

Millar Agency And Progressive Insurance, They Will Get You In A Claim!
By -

LAKE OSWEGO, OREGON -- I purchased an RV and planned to live in it full time. I wanted to be fully covered so I called many companies to make sure I got the right insurance. I spoke with ** 3 different times for over 1 hour total. He promised me that he knew how to insure a full-timer. I told him everything we had in the RV to make sure we were covered. He had me purchase an additional $10,000 Full Replacement Cost coverage for my computer and ham radio equipment on top of the full coverage policy. I believed him.

6 months after I purchased the Progressive policy from them, I was parked next to a building that took a lightning strike. The adjuster came out to look over all our ruined electronics. I had $6000 worth of damage. I was glad I had purchased the extra insurance. But WAIT! $10,000 FULL REPLACEMENT COST does not mean $10,000 full replacement cost. It ONLY means UP TO $2,500 per category AND It only means UP TO $1000 per item!! What a surprise. They would only pay me $3000 for the $6000 in damage no matter that I paid for FULL replacement cost.

This company is a rip off either because they don't know how to insure people or they are dishonest about it. I wanted to make sure I was covered. ** did not take care of me. They said there was nothing they could do and I should buy more coverage in the future. Buyer beware.

Get a Lawyer!
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In late February of 2006 I was rear ended by a driver who was covered by Progressive Insurance. The woman who hit me admitted that she was at fault and we each filed claim regarding the incident. As a result of the accident I was injured and required therapy to treat these injuries.

At this time I have completed my therapy sessions and have amassed over $2,100 in medical bills as a result. Progressive Insurance is stating that they are only going to pay for the first 6-8 weeks of medical bills and are offering me a little over $1,300 because they claim that "soft tissue damage heals in 6-8 weeks". They do not care that a medical professional deemed it necessary for my treatments to continue beyond their arbitrary time frame.

In addition, the agent assigned to this claim literally adds insult to injury. Whenever I speak with her she is rude, condescending, talks over me, cuts me off and refuses to allow me to speak with her supervisor. Whenever I ask to speak with her supervisor she asks why and I let her know that what she is offering me is unsatisfactory and I want to discuss the claim with her supervisor. The agent tells me that's what she is there for. It's a maddening circle.

At this point, in order for my medical bills to be paid in full I will have to consult an attorney to bring a lawsuit against the woman who hit me as well as Progressive Insurance, and as everyone knows bringing a lawyer to the table will drive up the settlement amount exponentially... it would be much more economical on behalf of Progressive Insurance to pay out the additional $800 than to have this become a lawsuit.

But, the impression I get from my personal experience as well as from reading reviews on this site as well as others is that Progressive Insurance doesn't give a damn about people. All they care about is their bottom line. Understandably, they are in business to make money, but the idea that the victim of one of their insured should be left with $800 in medical bills is absolutely ludicrous.

On their website, Progressive Insurance boasts about their extensive art collection that is housed at all of their facilities in addition to their corporate office. I find it admirable that this company would support the arts, after all I am an artisan myself, but before they purchase their next piece they should take care of those who are injured at the hands of their insured.

If I am ever again hit by a driver who is insured through Progressive I will take the following actions: Call the police for an accident report, Call for an ambulance to the emergency room regardless of how I feel at the time of the incident, GET A LAWYER to talk to Progressive Insurance on my behalf. I will NOT be bullied by another one of their representatives again.

This is my second complaint against this company regarding this claim, although it is my first "public" one. Previously I complained to my state's Insurance Commissioner's office. Their response was to speak with the claim adjustors manager. I received a letter from the manager and left her voicemails in response, but never received a single return call from the manager.

I will be following up this commentary with the following: Addressing this issue on the "contact us" page of Progressives website, repeating this entry on every site such as this one that I can find, blogging about it extensively on my personal blog, making another complaint to my state Insurance Commissioner's office since the manager is being completely unresponsive.

If you are a customer of Progressive Insurance, or considering becoming one, you may want to think about investing in prepaid legal assistance because if you were to be found at fault in an accident and people were injured you could very likely be sued because Progressive will not pay out full medical costs of those who are injured.

Bad Dealings With Progressive
By -

RIDLEY PARK, PENNSYLVANIA -- A strong word to the prepared to 'reap the whirlwind' if you ever have to rely on Progressive for any accident claim. I signed up with them almost a year ago at the behest of my agent. They never had any issues with me paying my premium up front and in full and in advance. However, I was recently involved in a minor accident where another car veered into my lane while I was attempting to pass. Though the police inferred I was at fault, I am in the process of contesting that. But my complaint deals with another dimension entirely. The accident in question transpired away from home.

I reside in PA but make frequent visits to NJ owing to the fact my friends and family are based there. It was during such a visit this accident transpired. When I went to make a call regarding the accident claim, the Progressive agent took the required information and stated that a claims adjuster would be contacting me the next day and also asked for a secondary number to reach me. I specified a time and a place to do so since I was away from home. Turns out the adjuster called at a time of their choosing and contacted my father's residence. He had no idea who was contacting him and was asked by said adjuster of my whereabouts.

My father mistakenly stated that 'he lives here' (in NJ) as opposed to my residence in PA owing out of confusion and that I do spend some of my time in NJ (including working there in the summer). This aroused the suspicions of the adjuster and I contacted him at his behest. Thinking he was eager to get my information regarding the accident, it ended up turning into an 'interrogation session' questioning the validity of my residency in PA! I told the adjuster that I was a bona fide resident of the address of which my policy was registered to and that my father owned the house of which I along with my grandfather reside in.

I relocated there about a year ago to help him out and established my residency there, and of course I am licensed and insured in the state of PA. However, since I make frequent visits to my former residence in NJ (I have 2 friends who rent an apartment there I used to room with and stay with from time to time) as well as my parents and siblings, I am now under suspicion of being a valid resident of my primary residency! The adjuster was rude, abrupt, snarky, and dismissive...and inferred that he would conduct a 'thorough' investigation of the veracity of my residency.

After so much of this, I told him that we were supposed to be discussing my accident and not of this nonsense of where I resided! That portion of the conversation was almost an afterthought. The rep concluded I would be found at fault (the other driver struck my rear without using a turn signal or braking) AND stated that if no 'sufficient' proof could be established of my residency in PA, I would be liable for any damages if found culpable. Ludicrous! Also, at the very least, I am likely to be dropped for 'garaging' (don't worry, after such a hostile reception I *WILL* be dropping them in any event).

Regardless of how things turn out, I plan on spreading the word of the substandard, abrasive, and devious tactics this company has deployed. Forget the lure of low rates. When push comes to shove, Progressive becomes Oppressive. To date, Progressive dispatched several certified letters to my former address in NJ as well as merely 2 such letters at my primary residential address. I have been traveling for the last couple months and have not been home often.

Imagine my surprise to find in said letters: "as a result of not cooperating with our investigation process (I already informed them of all pertinent information) we have decided to deny you any and all coverage regarding this accident". Then, they mention something regarding "total costs to date" using some form of convoluted process of calculation bringing me a bill for just shy of $3000. Amazing! These expenses weren't even
itemized and contained no explanation of their basis.

The car that was damaged in the accident (the one that struck me to begin with) is an older car that sustained minor damages and is not even worth more than $1500 at best according to the Blue Book Value. And that is what is generally used as the basis of providing a deductible. I intend to challenge this organized band of crooks to the best of my ability. "Caveat Emptor" applies to any and all who deal with Progressive.

No Customer Loyalty Whatsoever!
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Rating: 2/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I've been a Progressive customer since 2002 and have comes to terms that with this insurance provider loyalty, and exceptional driving record and good credit mean nothing. Previously, I shared a policy with my son and before the recent increase we were paying $236.00 per month for one full coverage vehicle/one liability coverage vehicle; which was still okay, I thought…

About four weeks ago, I received a notification of a $60 increase with no reasoning why other than “rate increases”. I knew then I needed to start shopping around and since my son purchased himself a new vehicle we feared this was going to be an issue with cost.

Through Progressive his insurance on the new vehicle was close to $450 dollars, so he decided to part ways with Progressive purchasing coverage through Esurance for $300 dollars, $150 LESS! I thought, well good for him and looked forward to having him removed from my policy to bring down my rates of carrying a young driver with Progressive. Needless to say by removing his vehicle from my policy I was looking at an increase that would cost me $360 a month for just myself.

($360.00) No way! I asked why and was told that since I am taking a vehicle off my policy I lose the benefits of a lower rate. Unacceptable, plain and simple. So, today I cancelled my policy after 12 years. They did not care whatsoever which was disheartening. But on the flip side of things… I called Esurance and for the exact same coverage and because of my driving record I was rewarded. Moving forward my insurance is $113.00, per month, again for the EXACT same coverage. So long Progressive, your high-priced policy won't be missed.

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