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Scammers A Vacationer's Worst Nightmare
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While vacationing in Puerto Vallarta at Paradise Village we were called multiple times to come see a presentation. On our last day after several calls we agreed. We sat and heard a timeshare presentation. After deciding we weren't interested the sales rep/manager became very rude so after I confronted him for his nasty attitude and said I would never buy here they took us to another office within the property to speak to another representative.

My husband and I just figured they were bringing us to another room to apologize etc. After all my husband and I own a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas at Club Casa Dorada or also known as the Hilton Los Cabos. We purchased that on another vacation 7 years ago and had a wonderful experience. Unfortunately for us that was not to be the case in Puerto Vallarta at Paradise Village.

After much hours of giving us the sales pitch and stating that we could turn over our existing CABO SAN LUCAS TIMESHARE and that they would continue to pay the maintenance fees going forward in 2011 if we purchased a Gold Crown Membership also known as GCR we could purchase for $3,200. They also told us that our existing resort in Cabo which is part of Interval Internal Exchange company would also be a vacation option.

So we figured why not sounds good. Well next we made the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF OUR LIVES!! We then signed these agreements for GCR membership and you guessed it paid on our Discover card. You know how it goes - you initial all along the page and agree to whatever they are saying just to be able to enjoy some sun before departing for NJ the next day. After all we must have been sitting with them for at least 3 hours. Well that would prove to be the BIGGEST MISTAKE because the whole sales pitch was nothing but a SCAM!!!

Remember the timeshare resort I own in Cabo which I mentioned earlier well that resort is NOT accessible through Gold Crown Resorts as the representatives of Promotora advised. This was the only reason we had agreed to purchase because we figured we still would have access to our Luxurious resort in Cabo and also have access to other locations without having to pay exchange fees each time we wanted to exchange.

After filling out the paperwork to transfer ownership of our Cabo resort so that they would pay the maintenance fee GCR advised I should have sent over the paperwork at least 60 days prior to 2011 and because I didn't I would then have to pay the maintenance fees for 2011 as well. So now I'm furious and disgusted with all parties Promotora and GCR as they are obviously in business to defraud and not to provide a reputable product/service.

After much discussion with the credit card company and NO FOLLOW UP calls from the Exit Manager at Promotora it became clear that these people are not interested in being truthful and do not in any way want to make amends with consumers who have been scammed. Basically if you sell a product and that product is not 100% what you represented then you're basically no better than a thief.

So I warn you all that if you're vacationing in Puerto Vallarta stay away from Paradise Village because Promotora PVG is on site and they will sucker you in to a presentation that will rob you of your hard earned money. DON'T DO IT!! You can go on so many sites and vacation at so many better high quality resorts which are definitely not offered via GCR. SAVE yourself the agony, stress and disappointment that we've been through. Sadly I'm not the first victim and hope as you read this you aren't reading it because you were the next.

Promotora PVG and Gold Crown Resorts Scam
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OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- I was coerced into buying a membership to GCR when I was at Paradise Village through Promotora PVG. They said it would be a 90 minute consultation and six hours later they still would not let us leave and were not allowing us to talk to our children in the Kids Club. We reluctantly bought to get out of there. Yes, it sounds nuts but if you had been there you would have felt the stress and pressure as well. Once I checked the site and saw that they lied about the resorts etc... that were available I went back to the sales representative and he voided the contract.

They are now refusing to honor that void and have kept the $2998.00 they charged to my card. I have tried to work the problem through AMEX to no avail. I then went to the BBB. The funny thing is that Promotora responded to my complaint even though I filed against GCR. GCR has suspended my membership until I withdraw the complaint and say I filed it fraudulently since they are not the same company as Promotora. If they are not affiliated then how could Promotora respond to a BBB complaint against GCR. Promotora sent an email to GCR to re-instate my membership immediately and GCR still has not done it.

This has been going on for over four months. They have lied about voiding my contract, they have lied about the resorts in GCR and have now denied me access to my supposed membership. They have just taken my $2998 and provided nothing in return. I hope this helps at least one person to not go to their timeshare scam of a presentation.

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