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Bad TV, Worse Customer Service
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Bought this reasonably priced TV at the local Costco warehouse, with a full 2-year warranty from Costco (in addition to the 90-day Proscan warranty).
After six months of adequate functioning, it simply won't turn on anymore. Kaput. Did some trouble-shooting with the new "Costco Concierge" service, to no avail. (By the way -- Costco Concierge is great! They answer the phone quickly, and work with you to resolve your technical problems with merchandise).
Anyway, Costco said they would help us contact Proscan to get them to authorize service on the TV. The problem is, there is no way to contact Proscan except by telephone, and the line is either busy or goes directly to an answering machine which tells you "Do Not Leave More Than One Message Per Day." Well, Costco and I each left one message per day, for SEVEN days, and no one from Proscan ever called us back.
Finally, yesterday, I made my daily call to Proscan and HALLELUJAH, a woman actually answered the phone. She was actually very nice and quickly authorized me to take the set into the nearest authorized repair center, very close to my own home, where it sits now, getting diagnosed and hopefully, repaired.
Why doesn't Proscan staff up enough that the calls will be answered in some vague semblance of timeliness? The woman who did answer the phone admitted they were "catching up" on phone messages. Geez, Louise, catching up on messages that are more than a week old?
Can't they just hire a few more folks to pick up the phone? It would go a long way toward making a customer feel a little less irate by the time someone finally responds.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/11/2010:
They do, also, have an email address.

Anonymous on 02/11/2010:
But, them taking a week to get back in touch with you...
I've known some places that get such an influx of calls and tickets, that it might take them a day to get back with you, but not a week.
That's just ridiculous.
I Like Honesty on 02/11/2010:
Thanks, bearkat. Not only did they not get back to me, it was MY call to THEM where I finally reached a live person. The Costco fellow told me that Costco may be dropping the Proscan line based on the incredibly bad service. And the authorized repair shop I finally took the TV in to told me the same thing. Proscan won't pay them unless the work has been previously authorized, but it's really really difficult to get ahold of Proscan to give the authorization.
Anonymous on 02/11/2010:
From what I read about Proscan, they were once owned by RCA and then sold off to UN Corp, a Korean based corporation. Not sure if that has any bearing on it, but just thought to mention it.
rkwilliams on 02/05/2011:
I bought a Proscan TV from Walmart last June. It stopped working within 3 months. It was still under warranty. They sent a repair person out and told me it would take 2 weeks for the part. That was the first of LAST October. I have called every number possible and I am told there is no part therefore the TV will not be fixed. I am at a total loss of what to do next.
Jsintilme on 04/13/2013:
Same thing. I have bought a Proscan tv from hhgregg, and in exactly 4 months, it has stopped working. I keep calling that given number that I saw online,unfortunately nobody is picking up. Now I have this huge thing just sitting in my room. That irritates me.
pawlt on 07/01/2013:
What was the Proscan phione number please...? I'm havign a lot fo trouble finding anyone...!
George on 04/07/2014:
Bought a 37" Proscan at Kmart in March 2013 for vacation home. It began to turn off (by inself) after 10-15 minutes. After turning the tv back on several times, instead of turning off it goes to a screen of static with loud volume static noise and won't respond to controls, must be unplugged to stop.
George on 04/07/2014:
I sent the TV in for warranty repair. It cost me $75 to ship. They returned 4 weeks later, tv still does the same thing, turns itself off and after several cycles goes to the loud static screen and must be unplugged. Customer service says call back in a week for their response!
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