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Beware of Existing MOLD in Compartments
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ST. LOUIS MO -- I have a couple of issues. One complaint regarding the procedures of this location in St. Louis County on Lindbergh Blvd., They advertise $1. or FREE first Months Rent, but then charge $20 to open the account- misleading advertising. Secondly, I would like to warn would be clients that use the 'climate controlled' rooms that they could end up with MOLD on every surface of their furnishings. Beware of any black areas on the floor before you move in. This could be mold just waiting to be circulated by the AC/Heat system and end up on your goods. Some of the smaller items had to be tossed. This was pretty wicked looking mold, appearing as blotches on furniture cloth and fibrous whitish blobs on other items. The temp is apparently the perfect incubator for this type of mold. My goods were stored for 8 months. Good luck.
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Public Storage Preys on its Customers
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I am even now, as I'm writing this, being harassed by Public Storage for money. Lucky for me they cannot get my property; I took it out just in time.

I began suspecting that Public Storage operates a racket this past year by their very hardball and arbitrary business practices. What could be their motive? Well, they hit you for extravagant fines if you are even one day late in paying. Then the sum starts to increase exponentially, every couple of weeks after that. Secondly, they increase your rent frequently. Thirdly, they can confiscate your stored goods.

As for my complaint, apparently I was being set up. It was over a sum of money they say I owed them. Can you believe it: $2.00? What happened was that they increased my rent (which occurs all too frequently). I paid the increase, already determined to look for another storage facility. But they wrote that the sum I owed them was $2.00 over what the notice stated. They locked me out of their facility, and actually sent me an extraordinary letter threatening auction of my goods if I did not pay, even though I was only a few days late on their deadline. So I paid it, at the office, with protest. I asked them how could they treat their good customers with such a mean spirit? They tell you that computers send the letters, and they have no control. I told them that computers are programmed for company policy. And, besides, it is not true they have no control. I found out the office manager does have certain discretion over late fees. And that evening, after their office hours, I took all my goods out of their storage, so that they could not interfere.

The next day I reported to the office for termination of my rental with them. They weren't too happy that I did this, even though there is no rental lease. It is simply month to month. Now, even though I have the final payment papers, they have begun sending me bills. First a bill for the $2.00 I already paid. A week later a bill for the entire month of June, even though I took my goods out the end of May.

I know where this is going. They will bill me, I won't pay; they will give it to a collection agency, and my credit rating will be harmed. This is their revenge.

Anyone who has had any such experiences with this company please make complaints. Let it be known publicly. And perhaps a class action suit can be filed. Even now I'm talking to a lawyer about action against them.

And do not rent from Public Storage under any circumstance. It is clear from these complaints that the company has got a racket going on, and makes a lot of money from both the rental and the auction of your goods.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/19/2009:
I think you're right, it sounds like a scam and an act of revenge.

Send them one of these: ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

or one of these: ┌∩┐(°_°)┌∩┐
MRM on 06/19/2009:
LOL! For a minute there I thought you were stealing my trademark which is the second image.
Somebodyhere on 06/30/2009:
you get a rent increase after 1 year. your rent is due on the first and you get a late fee on the 7th. and another on the 30th. Yes computers send out the balance due letters. Employees have no say on late fee's. even if you owe 25 cents. The gate locks you out. you have to give a 2 day notice to vacate. If you owe money when you leave there could have police involved as it is breaking and entering.. READ THE LEASE BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN
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Worst Experience : Public Storage @ Fair Oaks Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA
Posted by on
SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to tell you about a worst customer experience I had at the Public Storage on Fair Oaks Avenue in Sunnyvale, CA .

I rented a unit in the Public Storage at 1096 N Fair Oaks Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, from 11/19/2008 to 12/17/2008.

When I took out my stuff on 12/17, I talked with [snip], the property manager, to make sure all the payments are done and there is no amount due. I called him again on 12/18 and 12/19 to make sure the same thing. And he said everything is fine and I am good to go.

Yesterday on 02/09/2008, I received a letter (dated 01/27/2009..!!) from Allied Interstate (Collecting Agency) that $25 is due on my account. I went to the same Public Storage and talked with [snip]. ([snip] was on leave, so she was acting property manager) She said that I have been charged for dumpster usage. I explained her that I haven't left a single paper on your premises or put empty boxes in your dumpster, then why am I being charged.

Her response :- "There were some boxes left on premises that day, we don't know who did it, but since you ([snip]) were the only one to move out that day, we charged you." What the ***** is this. So tomorrow, if I go to that Public Storage, throw a box at night, would they charge the guy who left that day. This is total BS.

I asked her to give the Field/Regional Manager email id or phone number. But she won't give one right away. Finally after lot of discussion she gave me [snip] phone number. I called that number and no one answered, left a voicemail, no one called back...!!!

Firstly those guys put a false charge on my account. Then without notifying me (either through phone call or letter) they forwarded it to collecting agency. The collecting agency reported this to credit bureau and my credit history got screwed. My two active credit cards got deactivated because of collection agency on my credit report. What the **** is this.

I am really hurt with this incident. It was embarrassing to see those credit cards getting declined every time when I tried using them before knowing they have been deactivated.

When I asked everything is clear, [snip] replies yes everything is fine and I am good to go. After that they put wrong charges. Don't inform me via phone or letter, directly give it to collecting agency and then screw my history. And all these for no fault of mine.

I would like to know if there are any laws to protect consumers like me for the false charges, not notifying me, credit history getting screwed and emotional distress I am going through. I am not a rich person, so I can't afford to pay for lawyers fees, just want to know if some non-profit organization can fight for me.

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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/11/2009:
Sue them in small claims court. You don't need an attorney to do that.
FHOA on 02/11/2009:
Hi "Soaring Consumer"

Thanks for your reply. I am lil new to US, can you explain me how to approach small claims court and what would be the procedure there.

Anonymous on 02/11/2009:
It's very easy FHOA. First you determine what courthouse covers the area where the business is. Go to the courthouse and ask for the small claims office. In there, they will give you a form to fill out detailing yuour case. You pay a small fee. ( I think it is $19 here)
In the mail you will get a letter with a court date and time. When you go to court, you appear before a magistrate and explain what happened. You'd pretty much tell them what you told us here. The company has a chance to respond, then the magistrate decides.

In some states you can file a 'unfair or deceptive business practices' case. If you prevail in that, you get triple damages automatically.

I'd say your case is good, and you'll likely prevail. I'd be surprised if the company even showed up.

Now the downside is that you may have trouble actually collecting the damages. In a case I had, I had to send the sheriff out multiple times to get payment. Each time I had to pay the sheriff $45, but I just tacked it on to what they owed me. I eventually got it all.

Good luck.
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Public Storage Bills After Move OUT
Posted by on
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Public Storage has many ways of making money depending upon your situation. In my case since I was out of state, they chose to keep on billing me for a non-existent account.

I had a storage locker for 10 years. I contacted PS about moving out and local organizations who would pickup donations. Donna was very helpful. I was able to contribute thousands of dollars of clothes, furniture, and other household goods to the Viet Nam Veteran for their use or resale.

After I moved out the new clerk went on a rampage billing me for an account that I no longer had. I called Donna and she seemed very scared of this new clerk and his system of billing. The other clerks had even nicknamed him a very derogatory name. She wanted nothing more to do with the situation.

Needless to say, I received a bill for over $500 but it did not include disposal charges for the items that were supposedly there. As I would not pay for this modern day extortion, PS referred the charges to a collection agency. I gave them my information and supporting data but of course they do not get paid if I do not pay. The account has ended up on my credit report as a dispute. Be very careful with Public Storage company. I have had 4 other rental situations with other storage companies during and after the time that I had the account with Public Storage, and there were never any problems. Perhaps that they were small private companies was beneficial.

I contacted the Public Storage home office but they couldn't care less. After all their clerks have found ways to make money in creative ways.

Love to know if there are any lawyers who specialize in going after a company like Public Storage that can invoice you without a valid contract and for not providing any services.
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User Replies:
moneybags on 05/31/2008:
Sounds like a big scam. Contact the DA. Also, if the "company" does nothing, perhaps a US attorney might be interested in a RICO case.
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Public Storage... more like Pubic Storage. They are the "real storage experts" at taking your money, and poor customer service
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I made the mistake of using their self storage company back at the beginning of September 2006. I have never used self storage before so I booked a reservation online with Public Storage. Their website was easy to navigate and setting up a reservation was actually pretty easy. My movers were on time and everything was actually going smoothely as far as the moving process. I followed the online directions and the public storage location I had printed out driving directions on was not there! I stopped into a Shurgard Storage and they had let me know they were in fact the Public Storage and something about Public recently merged with them. I gave them my reservation number, and the person working there went to show me the storage unit, when they opened it there was a drunk man sleeping inside the unit. I was shocked not only was he apparently living in the storage unit he was using it as a restroom. I was utterly disgusted. The manager apologized to me and offered to transfer me into another unit, and said they would take care of the situation later. We spent another 30 minutes in the office trying to locate a space that would accommodate me while my movers where waiting outside. My movers were being paid by the hour and I had been there just a little over an hour and nothing had been moved in yet. The person behind the counter told me there was no more units to move into and offered to go take care of the situation so I could move in. I said NO WAY, she then found a unit for me at a facillity another 20 minutes drive from that location and transferred my reservation, when I arrived there I found a sign on the door that said they would be back in the next 15 minutes... 50 minutes later I see this person come up and unlock the door and let me in. This individual who claimed to be the manager had to have the worst personal appearance I had seen that day aside from the vagrant found in my original storage unit at the other location. With no apology for the delay the manager proceeds to take their time shows me the unit which I found was acceptable. More time passes while my movers wait because the manager is going over the 30 minutes of paper work that I had done for the second time. I bought my lock and was given a code to access the gate. The manager let my movers in to get me moved finally and I thought all the calamity was over. It turns out I finished the move after the office had closed I put my code into the gate correctly and the gate DID NOT OPEN. I called the office number too see what I could do and I was rolled over to the managers voice mail. I eventually waited until someone came to access the property to exit with my movers. After paying an enormous moving bill I called the store again to complain where I had moved into. It turns out the manager was illiterate and wrote the wrong code on my card. They told me next time I came up there they could fix that issue for me. I asked if I could get the code over the phone because I needed to go there later that evening after the store closed. They told me they couldn't give codes over the phone and I just had to wait until I could come in during business hours. I plan to get my items out of storage as soon as my home is ready to move in. The sooner the better, I just hope my stuff is safe for the time being.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/21/2006:
Public Storage managers have poor personal appearance because they tend to be spun-out tweakers who more often than not trade the blue-prints to the storage facility for an 8-ball of speed.
rah332 on 09/21/2006:
is it possible to put your own lock on the storage dr? I had a neighbor that had things in storage. they checked back on the locker a month later and things are missing. the strange thing is the lock was still on there and no signs of tampering. someone else had a copy of the key or they are expert locksmith. good luck
Anonymous on 09/21/2006:
robwolf100, you know everything about everybody, don't you? I'm very impressed...
Ponie on 09/23/2006:
I was going to read your letter--really I was. I got as far as the 8th word and refuse to go any further! Whatever happened to you--if you were highly overcharged for something--if you were swindled in some way--you deserve it and I hope it doubles! Tacky--tacky--tacky!
Gengar on 04/15/2008:
Public Storage is the worst and I would strongly warn anyone against using them. There are plenty of other choices for storage options.
storage on 06/09/2008:
I believe this. In MI on Haggerty Rd the roofs leak and the employees tell that bids have been taken. The problem seems to be the district management. When you try to resolve issues, you get told to be calm. A mess growing daily.
storage on 06/30/2008:
They are getting worse. Now the unit I use is getting painted; not repaired but a cheap coat of paint and a sign. The roofs still leak, district management hard as ever to get hold of, but apparently paint will improve things. I am trying to relocate.
ncoclub on 01/27/2011:
I am a Ex PS employee. Knowing the policies, I find it highly unlikely that someone was actually living a unit reserved for a customer or living at the property as well. Will be happy to answer further questions about PS. PS was not perfect but in my opinion was not a rip-off.
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A Good Experience
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Rating: 5/51
MINNETONKA MN -- The manager Suzanne was more than helpful. She picked out a unit that exactly fit my needs. She showed me the unit and how to operate the lock. She went over the paperwork with me. She answered my questions appeared to enjoy her work. She was well spoken, intelligent, and solution oriented. She made me feel very welcome. My only problem with public storage is that they sent out a bill for a second month when I was only renting for one month. I suspect that second month invoice will be retracted since I have now vacated.
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Wonderful Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51
5240 EDISON AVE COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- The first time I stopped by to check the place, I knew that this was where I wanted to leave my possessions. Kristie was a very knowledgeable person, and offered to show us the place without being pushy.

she made us feel comfortable, we moved from Las Vegas NV, and we immediately felt safe and knew that our possessions would be well taken care of. The place is clean, and has easy access.
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Outrageous Rate Increases After 6 Months
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- This is the second time I've rented from Public Storage and I should have learned my lesson the first time. They increased my rent more than 12% the first time and I stupidly paid it without complaint. I searched for another storage place but Public Storage had slightly better rates (but not if they are increased after 6 months). And moved. So here I am again. Six months later I am being told that my rates have increased by 14%!!!!!
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Considerate, Efficient and Informative Service
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Rating: 5/51
25820, FLORIDA -- Recently my husband passed away and left the storage unit in my care. the manager, Fred, was very helpful and patient in informing me how to obtain entry into the unit.
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Great Service after break-ins PLUS manager Monte busted BOTH guys
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- At location # 24103 my unit was broken into 2x after we got a new manager. He was quick to inform, very sympathetic and apologetic, had a good handle on making the next attempt harder, at PS' expense, and because of being really vigilant after hours he was able to get police there before the 1st guy finished his 2nd attempt, and again, in time to nail the 2nd guy red-handed. Not only that, but he's always cheerful, polite and professional.
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