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CASA GRANDE, ARIZONA -- On Monday morning, June 4, we got a call from Purcell's to pick up our van, that they had gotten the light to go out (never did tell us how). We went to their shop, paid an almost $75 bill and came home. The diagnostic report they gave us showed all test parameters to be within limits. They said that if the light came back on, that they did not know what it could be, but that it would be a dealer item, and they would refer us to Ford.

We drove it a total of 48 miles before the light came on again. I have a website that sells catalytic converters for anywhere from $58 for a universal to $550 + for an exact OEM replacement. Nice diagnostics, they can't tell what is wrong, but do know that it is a dealer item, which means mucho dinero, muy mucho.

Almost Recurring Problem
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CASA GRANDE, ARIZONA -- Recently, we had our 'Check engine soon' light come on in our 1998 Ford Windstar. We took it to Purcell's Tire, a Goodyear shop in Casa Grande, AZ, as they have worked on the vehicle since my wife's mother bought it. Seems there were some parts on the intake manifold or something that went bad on both sides of the engine. Over $800 and something to fix.

Jump ahead to almost a month later, the 'Check engine soon' light comes on again, and we get it into Purcell's as fast as we can, hoping it is the same problem, as it would be under warranty. Well, of course it is not the same problem. Who'd have think? They put the diagnostic reader on it, and said it was the catalytic converter. The mechanic said it also gave him 3 pages of things to check before replacing the converter. The wife just called Purcell's to see if they had an estimate yet, and of course, they don't. Turns out the guy doing the work on it is not there for some reason. They promise an estimate first thing Monday morning.

Meanwhile, here we sit out in the peach orchards twiddling our thumbs, as our scooters do not have the range to get anywhere. What I want to know is, why was this not detected when they fixed it the first time? Converters don't just suddenly fail overnight, and the diagnostic computer should have found a problem when it was worked on before. Purcell's is going to have to do a really great job at a decent price if they expect to keep us as a customer. Purcell is a multi-state tire and repair shop that was given a prize by an industry magazine at one time.

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