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Bladder Stones
Posted by on
BOTH MY DOGS HAD BLADDER STONES!!! They've been on Beneful all their lives (ages 5 and 8.) They are from two different breeders! I'm contacting Purina - they can pay the $3,500 of vet bills!!! My younger dog is having surgery today. I am REALLY upset, more that they suffered and couldn't tell me until I saw blood in the urine, than I am about the bills!!
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User Replies:
DumdHead on 03/03/2009:
And this is Purina's fault how?
BokiBean on 03/03/2009:
Oh that is freakin weird. My chihuahua has cystic bladder stones too and the dry kibble munch I keep out all the time is Beneful.
Anonymous on 03/03/2009:
OP has it backwards. Purina makes a special diet for dogs with bladder stones.
BokiBean on 03/03/2009:
Purina makes a couple of different foods for dogs with bladder stones. It depends on what kind of stones they have, and these foods are prescribed by a vet.

What OP is talking about is Beneful, regular dog food, sold in grocery stores and places like Walmart.
lilydarling on 03/03/2009:
Don't blame Purina if you can't do research on what kind of dog food is good or bad for dogs.

Anonymous on 03/03/2009:
I'm sure the OP knows this, Purina will not send the OP $3500 on receipt of an angry letter. They will pass it on to their legal department. At best, the OP will get a 'We apologize for any inconvenience' letter that is as sincere as it sounds. In some states, liability to a pet owner is limited to the value of the pet. If the OP pursues a civil remedy, I hope their lawyer can explain away 'coincidence' and other possible factors related to bladder calculi. (BTW: Hope the dogs are doing okay! You obviously love them a great deal.)
BokiBean on 03/03/2009:
Bingo, Doc. I think she was just venting.
Anonymous on 03/03/2009:
Venting is good.
BokiBean on 03/03/2009:
I've been thinking about this poster. My dog's stones are basically bad genes..really baaad genes.

Some breeds are predisposed to stones, and the OP didn't say what breed(s) we are talkin' here.

ccamp on 05/06/2009:
What ever happened with this? Did you contact Purina? I have two pugs and they are from different breeders, and are almost two years apart. I started feeding them Beneful when I we got the second dog, and they both have developed bladder stones, about a month apart. It's hard to believe that this is just coincidence, and the dog food is the only thing that I can think of that would cause this. Let me know how it turned out for you if you can - this is getting to be a VERY expensive and stressful problem.
dac429 on 03/01/2010:
Didn't know any of this until my dog went in for a routine teeth cleaning and kidney function off and blood in urine. No other symtoms. Lg stone in bladder. In surgery right now. Vet said a high % of stones, dogs eat Beniful. Researching Beniful and found this. Wanted to add my findings too. Will not feed him Beniful anymore. Had no idea. Thanks for all the info.
PepperElf on 03/01/2010:
you know one of the preventions for humans I''ve been told is beer every day

dogs like beer..

hope your doggy feels better soon tho
friend on 01/15/2014:
My friend has a pomeranian and her dog ate Beneful and developed stones, she got her dog from me, and ALL of my dogs are 100% healthy and have had several litters of puppies and they too are ALL 100% healthy, no stones ever! My dogs eat Fromm Gold, I do believe "Beneful" is definitely to blame!
Sunny on 03/19/2014:
Today we brought our 15 lb, 4 yr old Sheltie to the Vet. I've noticed her trying to pee but nothing came out. Last night there was a small amount of urine on my kitchen floor but it was pink. Urinary tract infection was on my mind. The Doctor felt her stomach and told me he felt stones and took an xray. He called me in to show me what he found. Her little bladder was "full" of stones!! Yes, I started feeding her Beneful Little Bites about 4 to 5 months ago. Surgery is estimated at $1,500. We are trying a prescription canned food made to break down these stones and hoping it will work. The Vet Tech asked me what kind of food she was eating and I told her. She stated that her friend did a research paper on Benefull dog food and found out it caused stones in the bladder. I came home and went on the internet and that's how I found this site. I agree with the poster............. I totally believe the Beneful caused her stones. No more Beneful in this house!!!
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Kidney Stones
Posted by on
KINSTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I started giving my 6 year old shih tzu dog Purina beniful dog food. I gave it to here for around a year,she developed kidney stones took her to a vet in another town as I had gone to visit my son, the vet was a quack cost $232.00 For nothing,when I got home took her to my vet cost to remove stones 5 stones the size of your thumb(each stone) to the first joint $800+. Starting to give her Purina proplan stones were coming back. I googled causes of kidney stones in dogs. Up came a list of websites. One listed grains, veggies as the prime source(the ingredients in Purina)we spent another $260+ at the vet again. The Purina folks want to duck the issue reference number 16876964 at Purina. All evidence leads to Purina being the cause. Vet has all records and before the Purina she was fed from the table so to speak with no dog food &no problems and since we found out the cause and went back to her old diet the problem has solved it's self.

No more dogfood and especially no Purina. These companies have one thing in mind profit and not your pets.
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User Replies:
*Brenda* on 09/29/2007:
You fed your dog one of the cheapest dog foods out there. What did you expect? Did you do any research on dog food before switching her diet?

As you can see, it is a one star dog food (out of 6) because of its crappy ingredients.

This is the food I feed my dog. It may be three times as expensive than what you were feeding your dog but it is well worth it.
Anonymous on 09/29/2007:
Thanks for your post, sorry your pup became ill. :( I would think Purina was good food too, I guess you can't really judge by the brand name, hope she has good health in the future.
Sparticus on 09/29/2007:
We use Science Diet brand... so far so good for our new puppy!
Anonymous on 09/29/2007:
My dogs are fed Purina Beneful, and, they have had no issues, whatsoever.
Ponie on 09/29/2007:
'...remove stones 5 stones the size of your thumb(each stone)...' This is a typo, right? Wouldn't that be about the size of the whole dog? Otherwise, I hope your pooch is OK now.
Anonymous on 09/29/2007:
Another reason I don't have a dog.
Nohandle on 09/29/2007:
I had a miniature Dachshund and you'd be amazed at the size of the bladder stones removed when I noticed frequent urination and took her to the vets. After surgery he actually had the stones in a ziplock bag and gave them to me. I suppose somewhat like a physician used to give a kid his tonsils in a jar of formaldhide to show off to his classmates. Those stones get really hugh, and my vet told me some dogs are predisposed for stones, but diet really plays a factor.
CrazyRedHead on 09/29/2007:
How much water do you give our dog. I have a bowl of water out all day, I change it twice a day.
geather-c on 09/30/2007:
the size was no typo they were the size stated.the size of your thumb to the first joint and 5 of them,they grew this size in about one year.my father raised and loved dogs he died at age 89 and had countless dogs in his years and never any known kidney stones,he used Purina before the company became greedy and put profit before animals.never any Purina again.OH! Purina sent me some discount coupons since they were made aware of the problem.giving a dog water with 1/4 teaspoon of salt to a pint of water will make a dog urinate more and help pass stones(I am pretty up to date on what to do now)
geather-c on 09/30/2007:
brenda at $6.99 for a 7 pound bag it is not cheap and we don't use wet dog food we keep a bowl of water for her and change it around 4 times a day.she is treated like a child.
*Brenda* on 09/30/2007:
That is cheap. Very cheap.
Anonymous on 09/30/2007:
Science Diet, great dog food, wet or dry. Have 13yr and 4yr old small dogs, never a problem.
Nohandle on 09/30/2007:
I have an acquaintance who's dog had surgery not once, not twice but three times for bladder stones. She tried every diet there was that she was told about. I do know in her household she had three dogs, all served the same dog food diet, and only one had bladder stones. As I stated further up, my vet told me some dogs are predisposed for stones. Anyone remember the days when the family dog was fed the scraps from the table? I know, worse thing in the world according to the vets now, but many people did it and their dogs seemed to thrive.
*Brenda* on 09/30/2007:
Yeah Nohandle. Dogs probably could thrive on any food but would just be healthier on a high quality food. I hope your acquaintance's dog did okay!

These cheap foods are filled with grains and fillers that dogs just don't need. With a high quality food you actually feed less so it isn't THAT much more expensive. If I fed Beneful the feeding instructions are 2.5 cups for my dog's weight. On the higher quality food he only has to eat 1 - 1.5 cups to get the nutrients he needs.

www.dogfoodanalysis.com rates all different types of dog foods according to their nutritional content. That's what I used to pick my dog's food. :)

That reminds me, I have to pick up some dog food today!
Nohandle on 09/30/2007:
Brenda, my vet actually recommends the Hill's Science Diet but as long as a dog is doing well none in the four vet practice insist on a particular diet. Now, get on down there and pick up poochie some food before you run out! lol
*Brenda* on 09/30/2007:
Yeah it all comes down to whatever works for the pet. I'm not telling people they have to switch but if you can find and can afford a food without the grains and fillers then I'd recommend doing it. Less poop, amazing coats and no farts are all definitely GOOD things LOL!

I did a lot of research before picking Rascal's new food because MAN his farts STUNK and I had to find a way to stop that! He was like a farting MACHINE.

My vet sells Science Diet too. A LOT of vets do.. so many that I'm thinking they get some sort of kickback for doing it, of course they'd probably deny that LOL. The prescription Science Diet is good though! I think the regular Science Diet is too expensive for the quality you get.

Okay time to go shopping. Can you tell I'm putting it off? Today is a lazy day for me LOL!
Nohandle on 09/30/2007:
Brenda, would you believe I've wondered the same about "kick backs" if you will, or perhaps stated a bit nicer an incentive towards steering to a particular brand? There are some really good quality dog foods out there. I think it is finding one that works for your pet and sticking with that one. Again, my vet recommends the Hills, that I don't use, but as long as a pet is doing well they don't insist on any particular brand. I personally had never heard of the Innova brand until you recommended it and I checked it out on the website. It appears you are well pleased.
DigitalCommando on 09/30/2007:
Hey Brenda, maybe we can send your dog to Iraq and use his "chemical warfare" to bring this farce to an end.
Anonymous on 09/30/2007:
It is almost just as cheap to feed them real food now, I give my cats real meat and two of them eat it, the little one likes dry cat food. Of course the other two catch, kill and eat rabbits and stuff anyway.
*Brenda* on 09/30/2007:
Nohandle, a lot of these no grain no filler foods are only available in small independently owned pet stores or feed stores. Luckily a small pet store behind my house sells it. There are some good ones at Petsmart & Petco like Natural Balance.

Digital, believe me his farts probably could end it LOL!

Lidman, you feed them raw meat? That's supposed to be the healthiest and the bones keep their teeth nice and healthy! I couldn't do that because I hate touching raw meat heh.

Poor bunnies! :)
dac429 on 03/01/2010:
Didn't know any of this until my dog went in for a routine teeth cleaning and kidney function off and blood in urine. No other symtoms. Lg stone in bladder. In surgery right now. Vet said a high % of stones, dogs eat Beniful. Researching Beniful and found this. Wanted to add my findings too. Will not feed him Beniful anymore. Had no idea. Thanks for all the info.
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