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Bladder Stones
By -

BOTH MY DOGS HAD BLADDER STONES!!! They've been on Beneful all their lives (ages 5 and 8.) They are from two different breeders! I'm contacting Purina - they can pay the $3,500 of vet bills!!! My younger dog is having surgery today. I am REALLY upset, more that they suffered and couldn't tell me until I saw blood in the urine, than I am about the bills!!

Kidney Stones
By -

KINSTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I started giving my 6 year old shih tzu dog Purina beniful dog food. I gave it to here for around a year,she developed kidney stones took her to a vet in another town as I had gone to visit my son, the vet was a quack cost $232.00 For nothing,when I got home took her to my vet cost to remove stones 5 stones the size of your thumb(each stone) to the first joint $800+. Starting to give her Purina proplan stones were coming back. I googled causes of kidney stones in dogs. Up came a list of websites. One listed grains, veggies as the prime source(the ingredients in Purina)we spent another $260+ at the vet again. The Purina folks want to duck the issue reference number 16876964 at Purina. All evidence leads to Purina being the cause. Vet has all records and before the Purina she was fed from the table so to speak with no dog food &no problems and since we found out the cause and went back to her old diet the problem has solved it's self.

No more dogfood and especially no Purina. These companies have one thing in mind profit and not your pets.

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