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Cereal Bugs & worms!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I have been a long time customer for Quaker. I purchased two boxes of the Quaker Natural Granola Oats, honey, raisins and almond cereal about last Monday (08/02/12) at Target, Charlotte, NC (Rae Road). I served myself cereal today (I mixed Special K and Quaker with Bananas). Once I sat down and had a couple of spoons I realized there was a bug floating on my milk. I grabbed another bowl and served both cereals again this time without bananas. I assumed that it was a banana bug. I grab a spoon while on the way to the sofa, when I sit down I realize there were about five bugs floating around.. I immediately called my husband at work not to eat his cereal (which he already had) but he didn't notice any bugs. I assumed it was the Special K cereal and I called Kellogg's furious.. Once of the phone with Kellogg's, I emptied both cereals on my counter top, waiting a couple of seconds to see live bugs and worms crawling out of the Quaker cereal!!! I took a video and pictures.. Now thanks to Quaker I am out of all of my food that was in my pantry (except for canned goods). I tried calling Quaker but after being on hold for 7 minutes I hung up because the thought of it just made me sick! It is now 2:30 pm and I have yet to have anything to eat because I've been cleaning and sick to my stomach! My husband hasn't been able to concentrate at work thinking about it either. We have both eaten live bugs and worms. I am nursing our daughter and wonder what that would do to her! UPC # 3000006720, exp 09/04/12.
I left another box of Quaker cereal I purchased at the same time unopened in case Quaker wants to look at it....
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Anna Molly on 08/06/2012:
Just a few observations. I cannot spot the live bug in that picture. I take it that by cleaning, you mean that you threw out all other opened dry foods stored in your pantry. Eating a live bug that was in your pantry is VERY unlikely to harm you or the child you are nursing.
Anonymous on 08/06/2012:
Eating bugs is gross, but it doesn't pose any threat to consume bugs while nursing. The thought of eating bugs is probably what made you sick all day. The FDA allows a certain percentage of bugs and bug parts in our food and we swallow bugs in our sleep all the time. Bugs area part of this world and are unavoidable. Again, they are gross, but not harmful to you or your baby.
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