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Card may not even be worth the registration fee.
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I will preface this report by saying this is not exactly a "rip-off" but I do want add my 3 cents worth to caution others about this company whether or not they want to risk $20. They also offer health cards under other name (cust. serv. agt. when I called said other name but I think all calls for different companies go to 1.800.561.4480.

Since I am in generally good health, health insurance isn't economically a good option for me especially since health insurance companies are more concerned with one age whether than one's general health so when I got a mailer for this company when I googled them, and all I saw about them was an inquiry about them on the New York Better Business Bureau but no formal complaint was filed and there were no other negative reports (there have been other companies offering health discount cards that HAVE had a bad rap but I couldn't find any connection with this company.)

I went on the website where they had a link to some of the doctors who offered discounts (supposedly) with this plan. There were five doctors on the list I called one of the doctors and since I didn't have a membership number he said he couldn't tell me what the discount was. The other doctor said they would get back to me but never did. When I called the Q, the company assured me that they had many more doctors than listed on the website link but couldn't tell me unless I joined. Since they offered a refund of your first month (which was $75) minus the twenty dollars registration fee I decided to take the risk.

After joining and getting my membership number I called to get more doctors and of the 5 cardiologists on the list, three were no longer participating, so they gave me three more. Of the two on the original list, the two I originally called, one said they hadn't heard of them, the second said they did NOT take the card. Of the three new ones, one, the doctor was no longer at the practice and the present doctor never heard of them, at the second, that doctor never had been there and that present doctor never heard of them, and with the last, the doctor had never heard of them either!!!

I was very disappointed and contacted the company and asked if I could get a complete refund because that the card was totally useless for me. I was told verbally over the phone that I would get a refund minus the twenty dollars due to the company policy (they would not honor my request) but a week later received a testy letter saying they say that the would not offer me a refund unless I agreed that I would accept the refund on their terms and fax a letter back (I would hardly sue a company in New York for $20 being in Calif.). They also seem to admonish me for asking for the non-refundable fee back although I had already told them I completely understood the policy, but only requested the full refund because I couldn't use the card at ALL. (Found out after I faxed the letter back that it was just a threat, it had already been credited to my credit card.)

To their benefit, the customer service agents were polite and the company refunded what they promised. Perhaps if I didn't look for a doctor within 20 miles of me (I live in the L.A. area so there should've been many to choose from) I may have been able to find a doctor or since they say that they can negotiate discounts off hospital visits, maybe then could've done that. However I have heard of companies that do that, where you don't pay anything upfront they just get part of the savings you get, or you may be able to negotiate the savings yourself.) The only positive thing was one of the doctors was one of the cheapest when I called around, but that was his regular non-card price and I wasn't sure that I wanted to go to him, as it was in a poorer Hispanic neighborhood.

What I am more concerned with than the money, is the company on the up and up, do they really have doctors participating in the plans or do they put their doctors on their list without their knowledge? All the doctors seemed of foreign origin, if they did take the card, were they willing to take the card because they had less patients for that reason or did they just have lower prices because they may be in poorer neighborhoods and thus the quality of care may not be quite as good as other locations?

I am more disappointed than mad, I think this is a good idea but based on my experience I would not do it again, for those that absolutely can't afford or can't get health insurance due to their health, $20 to find out may not seem too much to see if it works for them but it's caveat emptor for all!!!
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READ THIS! Customer Service Quality destroyed my interest in the company!
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I have never been so dissatisfied with customer service at this company. I’ve been attempting every day for a week to obtain as much information as I can get to understand better how this company works. I don't have insurance and I need some sort of coverage. Not only have I been rudely spoken to but also HUNG UP on. Is that any way to treat a potential client? At this point, I no longer would like to inquire on any services with this company so please remove all/any messages I left (if the representative even took my info down as promised). I've been waiting for the "marketing department" to contact me back but there doesn't seem to be such a thing. The representative has very little to no information other than just directing me to the website. I found this company by the web so I am looking at the website but I'm looking for over the phone inquiries and customer service. All you keep saying is look at the website…Don't bother calling me back! I wouldn't want to trouble anyone...

The funniest part about my experience was that Mr. Asher (marketing manager?) was whom I needed to speak to but was "conveniently" left for that day and won't be back till Monday. (Today is Wed) BUT this is where it gets good...Ext 7112 puts me on hold a couple times to come back on and explain that Mr. Asher "said" he left for the day and quickly covered herself and persistently claims he is really gone...If you don't want to talk to me, then just tell me to my face...or over the phone.

I guess I'm not qualified for Qualified Health.

PS. Please teach Extension 7112 from customer care and Clair from the "Package Sending" department to stop hanging up on potential clients because that is rude and very unprofessional!
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Qualified Health/Beech Street are shady at best
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- Qualified Health/Beech Street are not to be trusted...when I tried to contact their list of providers in my zip code area, either they did not exist, phones were disconnected, or on the rare occasion that I was able to speak with someone, they knew nothing about Qualified Health or Beech Street. I've been trying to cancel my policy for months now, but they won't acknowledge receipt of my faxed cancellation, and they are still harassing me to pay money not owed them. Stay away from this outfit...they are up to no good.
Cash Banister
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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/28/2009:
Send them a certified letter stating your wish to cancel your policy.
Credentialing on 07/23/2010:

What is Beech Street?

Beech Street is a corporation that offers “...one of the largest PPO networks in the nation, comprehensive healthcare management services, and an array of cost containment products and services that provide a total solution for our clients and their members.” According to their website they are “Always Exceptional. No Exceptions.”

One would assume that they credential all of their providers carefully. Here, in fact, is a quote from a Beech Street customer representative, in response to a question concerning board-certification and recredentialing:

[These are quotes from original documents, which can be made available upon request at: stopbeechstreet@gmail.com]

“Yes, all doctors that are participating with Beech Street are board certified physicians. We have a 2-4 month credentialing period to ensure correct information and participation eligibility. We also
re-credential all of our physicians every 3 years.”

How do they re-credential their doctors?:

“We do not do credentialing in house. We outsource this service to a company called Ingenix/Aperture. Mandatory information needed to keep the providers contract valid will be either given from the provider or the provider will be termed.”

Ingenix was then asked if they had provided the credentialing for a specific doctor, as Beech Street indicated was the case. Here’s what Ingenix wrote: “This fax will confirm that...Aperture Ingenix never did the credentialing for [....] with Beech Street insurance.”

Maybe, in this case, Beech Street did the credentialing itself?

As of June, 2010 - these were the expiration dates of the most recent documents they had for this doctor: July, 1994; December, 1994; and August, 1995.

The most recent documents on file were - 15 years old?

Beech Street’s position is that they have met all of their contractual obligations.

Is that the credentialing that one would expect from Beech Street? Is that how they usually do their credentialing?

“Always Exceptional. No Exceptions.”
madinbuff on 01/09/2011:
I am an employee of a company that obtained the services of Beech St. Now I have been fighting with Beech St for almost 2 years to pay my medical bills. All they keep telling us is they never received them. I know for a fact they have because I have sent them the itemized bills myself and have the fax reciepts showing they have been received. Still no payment. More excuses. Now my credit is getting ruined. I have to make payments or go to collects. What have I been paying for? I am ready to sue them. No only for the payments but for all the anguish they have caused me. Any lawyers want to help me?
sandy on 06/02/2011:
Same prob. with Qualified Health, did not discount
anything, now harassing me for money.Say they willl turn over to collection. Could never reaach
them to cancell, so I cancelled them on my credit card.
Beechstreet NoWay on 11/20/2011:
Beechstreet is a Scam. They operate under dozens of different names. Here they are, so far..FYI: they all have .COM's 1.Beechstreet.com 2.firststreet 3.Patriot Health 4. United Health Solutions 5. Help Solutions1 6. Multiplan 7. 4rehabilitation.com 8.Health Options1 Don't be fooled by them. They are SCAMARTISTS. The FBI SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THEM years ago, but hasn't. These people are connected to organised crime gangs in Africa, and several other seedy lands that harbor them. Beware. If you have already been scammed by them CALL YOUR BANK and notify them of the UNAUTHORISED FRAUD against you. Then ask to have your account number changed, especially the card number you used with them. Next call the FBI and complain. If you don't at least do the first two, then YOU WILL BE SCREWED. GUARANTEED. And For A LONG Time.
pretend on 12/27/2011:
this company cannot be contacted and when you finally do get a real person they hang up on you none of the providers match within network hospitals doesn't matter where in the country you are there is no way to cross search guess they have no tech people get ready for a eternal wait
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