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Quality Auto Sales Has Bad Customer Service, Bad Vehicles and Is a Family Owned Business That Is Out to Scam You. Stay Away From
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SPRING LAKE PARK MN, MINNESOTA -- I traded in a 2000 Chrysler lhs that was in great condition because I needed more room. I came in after talking to jake and they showed me a few suvs and after sitting there for about 4 hours they had some guy pull up with a 2000 denali. The deal was done. My payments were only supposed to be under 200 to find out that after I looked over everything that the payments were 270 which would have been fine until the very next day. I showed my brother the truck and he let me know that the 4 wheel was rigged up so that the lights would come on but the line was cut.

I called the lot and spoke with terry nord who is the owner of this scamming car lot. I told him that I did not want this truck anymore and wanted something else for the money I'm paying. He says he has nothing else to offer me until I have this truck for 6 months. But he did tell me to bring the truck in and they would fix but I would have to pay for this so I do then terry calls me and says the truck is fixed so I go pick it up.

A little while after that I go down to the dmv to ask about a title and they let me know that the car lot sent over the info but left some spots blank and they keep trying to get a hold of them at the lot and they get no response, come to find out the dmv shows that there is another lien on the truck besides mine so I have no title. I puts 23 inch rims on the truck and a TV deck and put a lot of money into this truck just to have them come and repo the truck last month.

And come to find out I'm not the first person they have done this to so now I lose my trade in that was paid off all my payments I paid them all the repairs and out 3000 for my rims and deck. And have to take them to court and spend more money just to get some of mine back.

I am a single mother raising 3 kids and do not have money like this. I attend college and my money is tight so please stay away from this lot so this doesn't happen to you, and if this already has happen please speak out so they can stop taking our honest earned money for their scamming business. I apologize for them because they will never do it. Thanks for your time and pass the word on this loot is junk and I hope karma smacks them in the face.

Appalling Customer Treatment at Quality Auto of Spring Lake Park, MN
By -

SPRING LAKE PARK, MINNESOTA -- Quality Auto of Spring Lake Park will never get my business. I called and spoke to the owner ** one day about a 2005 Hyundai Sonata that he described as being in "excellent" condition. He said he needed to let me go before I got all of the info I was looking for and that he would get back to me.

He hadn't called me back by the following day so I called again and spoke to a salesman who described the vehicle as being in "good" or "very good" condition. I asked him to provide more of a description regarding the condition of the vehicle's interior and exterior and to be more specific about any scratches or dings or imperfections as there is a big difference between a vehicle in good condition and a vehicle in excellent condition, especially when it comes to the blue book value. Plus I live 130 miles away from the car lot and wanted all the info I could get before driving the distance to take a look at it.

He replied that it was a used car so of course it had been driven and sat in. I asked him to be more specific and he said he couldn't possibly answer my impossible questions. He was rude and condescending in tone and I asked him to please let me speak to someone else. He refused and when I insisted on speaking to someone else he refused again. I hung up and called back and left a message for the owner letting him know about my treatment and asking him to please give me the info I had still not been given. He did not call me back. I don't know if the fact that I'm a woman played a role in my treatment or not, but I would never recommend Quality Auto to ANYBODY.

Faulty Repair and Horrible Customer Service
By -

SOUTH ORANGE, NEW JERSEY -- I brought my car to Quality Auto Center of S. Orange on 12/15/07 in order to change my front tires and rotate the current front tire to the rear, at the same time I got an oil and filter change and the bill came out to $327.75. To check my breaks I attempted to remove the front tires, but found out that I could not unscrew all the nuts, and one of the nuts ended up braking off the threading on one of the nuts and bolts. On 8/16/08 I took the car back to Quality and asked them to try to remove the nuts from the tire.

The told me that they could not, and if they do they would end up braking them. I told them I would not pay for the repair because they were the last ones to touch my tires and were the reason for the problem. In response, the manager told us that someone was playing with the tires before and that he was not responsible. After explaining to him that no one had touched the tires since we last took the car to his shop in December, and that the reason that we tried to unscrew them and one was broken off, was because we tried to change the breaks.

I mentioned that this was a major safety issue, since if the tire went flat I would not be able to replace it on the road. Then I told him I would report him to the BBB, and at that point he laughed, and threw the broken nut we gave him to the ground and told me to go ahead and do it, and that it was my word against his. His mechanic tried to calm everyone down and said that if we paid for the parts he would charge $40 for labor. I decided I did not want anything to do with the service company and went to another shop for replacement, which cost $180.

Quality not only did not live up to its name, but put my families and my own safety at risk by having me be unable to replace my tires in case of an emergency, the horrible customer service afterwards and the brazen flaunting of my inability to do anything against them, in a he said she said case, was very unprofessional and rude.

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Rating: 1/51

SPRING LAKE PARK, MINNESOTA -- Quality Auto contacted me from a posting I placed on Craigslist. They told me that they could sell my vehicle within a few days for what I was asking. I took it over there and parked it on their lot. Well, weeks went by and every time I called they had someone on the verge of purchasing the vehicle. Of course, the vehicle didn't sell. Don't fall for this if they call you off of a Craigslist posting.

I went to pick it up after several weeks and upon entering my vehicle I noticed that my custom molded floor mats were missing from the front and the back. Quality Auto kept telling me that they would replace them. After several months they failed to live up to everything they promised and chose to ignore me.

Bad Business Practice
By -

SPRING LAKE PARK, MINNESOTA -- My son & daughter in law went to buy a car they had advertised in the Star Tribune. That car was supposedly sold that morning. The first thing they had my daughter in law do was fill out paper work for a credit check before they would show her any other car. This should have been a red flag, but my husband and the children continued. It seems she would qualify for any car on the lot. So, they looked and found a car. The next day my daughter in law told them to go ahead with finding financing.

The salesperson ** promised he could keep the payment under $150.00 since they explained to him very clearly that was the budgeted amount per month they wanted to pay. Well we drive 40 minutes out there since ** called and told her the interest rate was 6.65%. We get there only to find out the payment is $170.00 per month. This would include warranty and gap insurance. Then ** tells us no it doesn't include the warranty just the gap insurance. Which they would not need since the blue book was higher than the sale price.

So, we decided to cancel the gap insurance which was only going to be approximately $5.00 per month. Well that lowered the payment $20.00. Not sure how. So we checked the fluids in the vehicle only to find out the oil was a quart low. But ** the salesperson has no idea what to do with the oil. We just needed a quart of oil, since my son is a mechanic. Since they had no vehicle and her credit had been run, we had no choice but to buy the car. This was their first major purchase and I did not want their credit score to be affected by this. So, as we are leaving I ask the sales person if there is any gas in the car. He has no clue.

So, we go out there and there is NO gas in the car. I go back and the guy gives us $20.00 for gas and that should solve all the problems. I called the place to ask for the owner to explain my disappointment with **. When I asked for his last name he would not give it to me, I cannot imagine why, he also stated he was a member of the BBB. So, I went online to the BBB and there is a used car place with a different name listed at that address and there is a complaint regarding the workmanship of the dealer. The owner, ** explained to me that he is in the business to sell cars. I guess that means customer service is not part of his business.

They mentioned to my husband that they sell mainly to first time buyers. I guess I can understand why. No one will go back for a second car after dealing with them. Please beware of this used dealer. Quality Auto Sales located on 926 County Highway 10 in Spring Lake Park Minnesota. They also will answer the phone with several different names. When we originally called on the first car it was Alliant Auto. Just please do not buy from them. They just sell cars regardless and it is not their policy to put gas in a used vehicle.

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