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The Worst Motel Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

MYSTIC, COLORADO -- Our experience was horrific. The fire alarm went off at 2:30 AM. **, the Front Office Manager, went down the hall, banging on doors, telling people to evacuate. The situation was very chaotic and we were given no information. I spoke to a girl who worked at the front desk and she said that she printed out a guest list before she went outside. However, there was no roll call taken so there was no way to tell if some people were still inside their rooms. If this had been a real disaster, this information would have been necessary.

We went out the closest door - it was propped open with a large red plastic gas can. This is so dangerous, had there been a real fire! When we went out, people were shouting to leave the door propped open. It was freezing, standing outside for over a half hour without a jacket. Waiting in the car was not an option, as we went out without the car keys and were told not to go back inside the motel. When we finally came back inside, the hall was filled with the stench of cigarette smoke, as people were smoking by the door.

Housekeeping was not up to the Choice Hotels standards. When we checked in, there was an open bag of candy and an open bottle of soda in the room. I brought these to the front desk and was told that they would tell housekeeping. The bathroom sink faucet was corroded and had several hairs on it. The toilet seat was stained. There were nail clippings and other white particles on the carpet. There was a huge amount of dust in corners and along the baseboard. The electrical was not safe, as the microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker were all plugged into the same outlet. The coffee maker did not work; it kept shutting off every thirty seconds.

On 4/15/2013, I wrote an email to customer service at Choice Hotels. Two days later, I received a phone message asking me to call back, and when I did, ** gave me the email address of **, the General Manager and said that he would be contacting me. As of this date, this has not happened. Instead, he gave my email to **, the front desk manager. I had asked for a refund, but was only given a credit for fifteen dollars.

I understand that the fire alarm going off was not the motel's fault. However, the way they handled it, certainly, was their responsibility and fault. Also, the maintenance and housekeeping issues were not at all addressed by Mr. **. I will certainly think twice before staying at another Choice Hotels'.

Not Terrible, but Not Great
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Rating: 4/51

SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I reserved one room for two nights and an additional room for another night (5/11 and 5/12) on the Choice Hotels website a week prior to our arrival. We arrived that motel at about 11:30 PM, that was nobody at the front desk, but there was a sign saying that someone would be back shortly. There was no bell to ring or button to push to summon an employee.

After a ten minute wait, a lady comes out and we proceed to check in. We go to our room. It's a typical motel room, which basically what I expected. The bathroom wasn't spotless, but I've seen far worse in my travels. The next morning, before heading off to the racetrack, we took in the Continental breakfast which actually exceeded expectations. It had the usual fare, plus a waffle station, a toaster, and some hot dishes.

Upon returning from the racetrack at 2:00 AM, I approached the front desk again to get the key for the 2nd room. Again, the front desk was barren, and again, I waited for a good ten minutes before anyone showed up. Eventually, a gentleman showed up and gave me the key to the second room, which conveniently located next door to the first room. I went to the first room to get my things out of it and transferred to the 2nd room. Unfortunately, neither key card worked. So I went back to the front desk, the gentleman behind the front desk was fortunately still there.

I told him that neither key card worked, so he takes them back, runs them through a machine and hands them back. I head back over across the motel to where the rooms were and this time one of the two key cards work. So I schlep back over the front desk, this time around I get two different key cards, and they end up working correctly. The second room was pretty much the same as the first room, pretty much average in every way, which was all I was really hoping for. It's about 2:20 by this time, so I just take a shower and get some sleep. Check out was easy and quick.

Overall, it's a pretty ordinary motel. The rooms are average, the breakfast spread is good, the service wasn't exactly amazing, but I do understand both nights were late check-ins. So I can't fault them too terribly for that. However, a bell or some way to signal an employee that someone is waiting at front desk wouldn't be a bad idea. The real plus here was that the rates were very reasonable for race weekend, so it was a good value for money in that respect. While it's not an utterly amazing place to stay, it wasn't terrible, and I've stayed in far worse hotel/motels before. I'd stay there again if I needed to.

Bad Customer Service
By -

SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA -- I did a search on Orbitz for a non-smoking room. I made and paid for reservations at a hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel, I was informed that they do not have non-smoking rooms. I tried to cancel my reservation then, but the hotel said I had to cancel through Orbits. So I went online and canceled my reservation with Orbitz and expected a refund on the next business day (Monday 6/13/11).

On Tuesday (6/14/11), not having received a refund, I called Orbitz and asked for a refund. They had to contact the hotel manager to gain approval for the refund. The hotel manager was not available, so Orbitz asked me to call back on Wednesday. I called Orbitz back on Wednesday (6/15/11) and was informed by ** that the Hotel manager declined the refund. I feel that since Orbitz allowed a reservation to be made that was not fulfilling my request, they should be responsible for the refund. So I asked to speak with **'s supervisor of.

While I was speaking with **'s Orbitz supervisor, **, I was informed that the hotel absolutely refused to refund me and there was nothing she could do to refund me. So I asked to speak with someone who can give me a full refund. ** then transferred me to **, who again informed me that there was no way she could give me a full refund. However, she did offer a 49% refund. I explained to her that this is not acceptable and I would like a full refund. I requested to speak with her supervisor and was informed that she is the highest person I am going to get today. After going around in circles, she offered to call the Hotel manager, yet again.

I have now been on the phone for 43 minutes. She came back and informed me that there was absolutely no possible way to get a full refund. She did offer up to 75%, but nothing more. I declined the 75% refund because I paid 100% and I expect 100% for services not rendered. I did get their corporate address and Customer Relations email address, I intend on using both. Here they are, in case anyone else would like to have it: Orbitz, 500 W. Madison, Ste 1000, Chicago, IL 60661 -

The hotel was Quality Inn Historic District, 1111 N. Ponce De Leon Blvd., Saint Augustine, FL 32084 - (904) 824-5554. On 6/21, I did receive my full refund from Orbitz as a "one time exception". However, the hotel did not act in good faith at all.

Quality Inn - You Will Get Exactly 49.95 Service. No More, No Less!!!!
By -

RUTHERGLEN VA -- Stayed in the Quality Inn on June 11. Checked out the Sat. of June 12, 2011. It was a surprise Graduation party for my cousin who finished high school and was not looking for paying a high rate for a 3 day stay at a hotel. Checked into this Quality Inn and should have known we made a poor error in judgment. One the receptionist said that staff was short, the rooms are OK. OK, meaning half clean or semi clean or just nasty. So had no choice. I was with ma and dad they were paying for the room. I just steeled myself and said this is going to be a long night.

The room was not vacuumed. This weird slime was in the bottom of the bathtub, and dad has this rash on the bottom of his feet now. But there is more, whoever had the room before had dogs in the bed. You could smell the doggy smell in the comforter and blanket. I like dogs but not when the dog pees in the bed which is how it smelled. The TV was broken and didn't work. The chairs had gum, and to make it worse, I forgot to take pictures of the room to post on this site.

The receptionist said that no other rooms were available, meaning that people were checking out of their nasty rooms. The couple in the room next to us just finished yelling to the other people watching them, to check out of their nasty rooms. So it was a long night. I slept sideways on the bed, the pillows and rest of bedding on the floor. I was half hoping that for what my parents paid, we, at least, get a half a decent room. Not happening but at least the place had a pool, but that was closed as well, something about the water.

But woke up and we checked out and stayed at Comfort Inn which was Great!!! Nice and clean!!! Not to make this review too long. The Restaurant next to Quality Inn called Auntie's Sarah's wasn't great either. Walked in, ordered a burger. It came half done. Sent it back and it came back burnt, so I gave up and ordered from one of the pizza menus on the front desk.

Stay Could Have Ended Up in Tragedy
By -

CARLISLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- FIRST THING: NEVER STAY AT THE QUALITY INN IN CARLISLE PA, UNLESS YOU LIKE SLEEPING WITH BED BUGS! My husband and I were traveling back from Florida and were trying to make it home to Maine in as little time as possible. We chose the easiest routes, and to ensure safe travel planned, to stay overnight on one night at a respectable hotel. This was a great idea but took the worst turn once we laid down in the hotel's bed to sleep. Since we were so very tired, we simply brushed our teeth and went to bed.

After 3.5 hours of being in the bed, I was beginning without realizing it to have a serious allergic reaction from… "BED BUG BITES!!!” By 5 in the morning, I was almost unable to take in a decent breath. My husband apparently had been trying to ask me during the night "Are you OK? You sound like you are having a rough night's sleep." I was unable to think clearly enough to understand what was happening. Finally, he woke me, got me up and out of the bed when we both noticed the serious redness all over my body, one eye almost totally shut from swelling and oh yeah, the fact that I was having a very hard time to breathe.

He wanted to take me immediately to a hospital, but we did not have time. Fortunately, it was allergy season and I had both liquid and pill form benadryl. I immediately took the medication and called for info on how much I could take for such a serious reaction. I was fortunate, but once I could breathe better, we decided to pull back the sheets on our bed since we had seen a segment on NBC and SHOCK… all the signs were there!!! BED BUGS… I paid a high price for not checking first.

We will NEVER again stay at a Quality Inn, Choice Hotels, Sleep Inn or anything affiliated with this company because they simply responded to my complaint with “Sorry, hope you try us again!” Really, not even a refund was offered, not even a discount for such a horrible incident!!! So, consider where you stay and please google bed bugs and the signs so that no one you love has this experience.

Don't Stay Here
By -

We stopped at this hotel during our drive from Texas to Florida. Within the first five minutes of our arrival, our toilet wouldn't flush. So I called the front desk and was told that someone would be up to plunge the toilet. When I asked if this would be a problem, the whole stay I was very rudely told that "Ma'am, this is obviously a hotel and we obviously use a lot of water and have many toilets flushing, so this occurs at times." The man comes up, plunges the toilet and leaves… problem solved… Nope.

When we woke up the next morning at 7 am the toilet still does not work. When I called the front desk and spoke to the manager (**), I was told that there was nobody to fix the toilet and that there was nobody to bring a plunger up to the room. He suggested that my family either use the bathroom in the lobby or send someone to get the plunger from the front desk and plunge the toilet ourselves. I took the stairs downstairs (the elevator didn't work) and went to the front desk to get the plunger.

The manager (**) was at the front desk and when I told him that our stay had been not worth the $100 charged, he pointed his finger in my face while leaning over the counter and yelled at me. He yelled so loud that people were coming to see what was going on and asking if I was okay. At this point, I ran upstairs and told my husband and my son that we were not staying until checkout and we left then. On our way out the door, my husband stopped at the desk to check out and to return the hotel's plunger. He asked ** why he would yell at me like he did and **'s response was to yell at him also and call him curse names.

Needless to say, we called the main number for the hotel chain and made a complaint and were told that we would have to have any compensation made from the owner of that hotel. We've never heard from the owner after several attempts to contact him and leaving messages and faxes for him to contact us. The customer relations department for the corporation has apologized and offered up $75 coupon for our next stay at Quality Inn but we have turned down this offer… Believe me, we will never stay at another Quality Inn or any other hotel that is in that chain.

Flea Bites and Credit Card Charges
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Rating: 2/51

JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- There were fleas in two of the rooms - 103 and 111. Therefore, the guest ended up with multiple bites that are still present and two horrible nights of trying to receive some relaxation. The complaints were brought to the attention with two front desk clerks (morning male and evening female) and the housekeeper (**). The housekeeper was presented with a flea that was captured on a piece of toilet tissue. She stated she was referring this to her manager. The male front desk clerk asked for a credit card and stated, “card info was to ensure, if there were any damages, it would be charged to the card.”

Upon checkout there was no damage to the room but there was bites to the guest. The hotel was contacted on 09/24/2013 and was told by a female employee that a manager would contact us about the overcharge on the card. The card showed a charge of $161 yet the receipt shows a balance of $101.70. On 09/30/2013, there had not been any feedback or resolution.

Roaches, Smelly Room, Injured on Their Property
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Rating: 1/51

ORANGE CITY, FLORIDA -- DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL OR AT THIS CHAIN… Roaches in room, bad odor, faucets did not work, internet did not work. Also, received an injury while in the room. Shards of glass cut my back while using the bath towels. Also, overcharged me by $45, then would only credit me $25. Have tried dealing with the Corporate Guest Relations in Rockville, MD to no avail. Everyone puts you off, says they'll contact the hotel, then you have to contact the hotel, then no one returns emails, phone calls, etc. Nobody cares! What a rip-off. Will report them to the local BBB, Health Department. They have to be in violation of some kind of business ethics.

Very Noisy at 3:00 Am. No Assistance!
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Rating: 1/51

GREENEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- There was a minor league baseball team that was staying at the hotel. These are men and they acted like they never stayed at a hotel before. 3:00 am they're pounding on doors. Laughing and yelling. We were in the fourth floor. I had to go to the desk in the morning due to the bill not being correct and explained the situation and the manager just stated that they had addressed the problem with the coach! We had a 7 hour drive ahead of us and we felt like it was a hazard due to lack of sleep. The manager just apologized, however, really didn't care. There were other folks that were also upset!

Worst Hotel Experience!
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Rating: 1/51

HERMOSA BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- The Quality Inn in Hermosa Beach, Calif. is a tired looking and dysfunctional hotel. We arrived on a 95 degree day, to find a dirty lobby with no ice available on our floor. Our room was sweltering and it took over an hour to cool it down. When we left the room, the AC was turned off and our cell phones were unplugged from the outlets. I instructed the front desk to inform housekeeping NOT to turn off any AC or cell phones.

Our requests were ignored, so we continually returned to a sweltering room. The final blow was waking up to find that the hotel ran out of hot water. We were told that the boiler was broken. I asked to speak to the manager, but was told that she was off for the weekend.

After checking out, I contacted the manager by phone and email, but never received a response. I finally contacted corporate and was treated shabbily. My only consolation came from Expedia who recommended we immediately checkout when service is unsatisfactory. Because of my poor experience and worse customer service, I will express my option as a consumer to never stay at a Quality Inn again.

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