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Beware of book scam
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RANTOUL, ILLINOIS -- I ordered some books from Quality Paperback Books, because they had some books that interested me. Did I ever step on my lower lip! I lost track of the status of my membership, and received an email from QPB that I had to order two more books to meet my obligation. I went through their offerings and selected two books and ordered them. I received an email that stated my obligation had been met, and offering a free book. I thought that was a pretty good deal until I read that receiving the free book was contingent on buying another book. The other day, I received another email from QPB that the time was about to expire for my claiming my free book. I looked through the latest offerings and nothing interested me. Couple that with the relaization that I would be charged shipping for my so-called free book. I decided to take a pass on the offer. The other day, I received another email, again claiming that I still needed to purchase two books or they would bill me for over $35, which would be the same as if I had purchase two of their more expensive books. I sent them a copy of their email, stating I had met my obligation, with the offer of the free book. Now they say the books I ordered did not meet the qualifications, and that I must still buy two books. Where does it end? They will just continue telling me I am clear, then turning around and threatening to bill me again for more books which I will not get. If you get material from Quality Paperback Books, tear it up, burn it, then burn the ashes. Sprinkle it with holy water and bury it at a crossroad at midnight with a stake through it. The people are crooks, plain and simple. You order stuff in good faith, then they own you and will bill you forevermore. This is just a cheap scam.
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trp2hevn on 02/02/2010:
Good info! Lesson learned.
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
Sounds like a book club I used to be in...you had to buy books that were a certain dollar amount to have them qualify as your obligatory books. Anything on sale or discountinued or marked down did not count. I actually enjoyed the service as the amount I saved overall was worth it.
FlShopper on 02/03/2010:
I've been a member of QPBC for years. I've saved a lot of money on books over that time and I will continue to use their service.
flyingdutchman on 05/31/2010:
The same thing happened to me. I'm choosing to fight the fees and have instructed them to stop harassing me. If they choose to keep doing so without taking me to court, then they are breaking state debt collection laws (which also allow for penalties against the so called "debt" collector).
rustyshack86 on 09/13/2010:
QUALITY PAPERBACK IS A SCAM! So far I have received 4 books that I did not order and they have billed billed me over $85 for them. VERY SCARY! I reversed the charges on them so now I get a letter in the mail every week telling me to pay. There is no customer service number though, Don't bother I've tried. I finally got a call from a collector which I was expecting. I her plain and simple: "I don't pay for books I don't order" I offered to return the books to the company. In-fact I offered to ship the books back if they sent me labels. Which they did. I sent back the books but I still get letters every week. . Wonder when the next colletor will call?
FlShopper on 09/13/2010:
Did you open up the box? If not, just could've just written "refused and returned" on the box and sent it back. I've done that a few times when I forgot to reply to the monthly offer and it was sent to me. It was always credited back.
You say they sent you the shipping label; are you able to track it? Hopefully this will take care of itself soon and you can get them off your back.
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