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Quest Diagnostics
324 E Par St Ste 100
Orlando, FL 32804
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Supervisor Retaliation
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FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Quest Diagnostics is supposed to be zero retaliation. Well that's not true. It's the most uncomfortable place to work and to be treated fairly. If you say anything they will retaliate against you. Be careful!

Don't Go as a Walk-In

RANDOLPH, NEW JERSEY -- Don't go as a walk-in as the waiting time is ridiculous and the front desk calls up walk-ins out of the sign-in order. I had patiently waited for 1 1/2 hours when the front desk called a "walk-in" gentleman that signed-in AFTER me. I immediately asked why she was calling the walk-ins out of order. She said that she had to monitor his test. I pointed out that she had no idea what test I was there for or that of the other walk-ins in the waiting room. As such, how could she correctly assess priority appointments? I don't think she cared. After an hour and a half, I walked out disgusted. I will NEVER use Quest Diagnostics.

Waiting for 2 1/2 - 3 Hrs
By -

I went to Quest labs (Haddon Heights NJ) on 9/21/11. I arrived at 7am. There were about 8-10 people ahead of me. There was only one tech working. This girl did the paperwork, drew blood, urines etc. Not only were they shorthanded to say the least, but to take appointments when people have been sitting there for 2 hours already was a disgrace. It's hard to get an appointment.

This elderly lady next to me, walked out at about 9:45 am. She had been fasting and arrived there at 6:45. To wait 3 hours and have to walk out is a disgrace. 3 other people ahead of me walked out too. One girls job yelled for her to get in work and she had to leave. The tech advised us that she called in for help but to no avail. Shame on you Quest labs. LabCorp was empty, but most insurances are not covered at LabCorp. I waited three hours just to give a urine sample for my work.

By -

Many customers fail to understand that at Quest Diagnostics draw stations are very understaffed. The employees are very stressed because we are given limits as to how we help you, what we can say to you, what services we can provide, taking time out to call a doctor for DX codes or add a CC: or something else. There is a 10-20 min guideline we must follow for each patient. When we get above 20 min. heads begin to roll and employees who are set to leave for the day must stay to draw to get the time down.

To help make things better for yourself and the employees, comment cards that help impact how employees are treated should also be a factor. Those who draw blood are not machines, but we are treated like ones just to keep patient standards high. Not all sites are horrible with service, some places bust their butts to give great service but are harshly treated by patients and the higher ups.

Honked Off
By -

MILTON, FLORIDA -- I went to the Milton, Florida office to give a urine sample for the second time. I told the lady that their lab had called me and they had mishandled my sample. They also said that I would not have to wait in line again as it was their mistake! On the previous visit, I had to wait for 90 minutes for their "service". She said I would have to wait my turn as she was taking appointments.

I tried to explain to her that the lab said I would not have to wait again as it was their fault. She again told me to wait my turn. I waited 30 minutes, ask her again, and she said to wait my turn. Another 15 minutes later, I ask her again, she said I was next in line. She then proceeded to call a person that had just walked in. I was honked off.

Stick It!
By -

I am appalled at the number of complaints of inhumane behavior exhibited by lab techs on this website. Let me add mine. There were only two other customers at this lab when I went in. A nice looking 30 something woman with her husband was crying and holding out her arm to the lab tech, saying he could try to draw again. He refused and told her to wait for some other employee. He wouldn't face me in the now near empty reception room. He was visibly an angry man.

I tried to talk this guy down and like a fool, I let him draw my blood, against my better judgment. He didn't observe any safety protocols, doesn't follow rules. Then he jabbed me and poked so hard, that two veins were raised in my arm and a space of five inches antecubital was blackened for a week. Not discolored, blackened. Called CSR, was treated like I had a lot of nerve, and then they reported my complaining to my doctor!!

Want a Career? Then Don't Go With Quest Diagnostics - Warning!
By -

FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS -- After twenty-two years with Quest Diagnostics, they felt they could shut me up. Manager called left threats of legal action and just blown out her a** as normal. Don't make a career with this company as they will say and do anything to get rid of you when you hit the limit of vacation time. You earn it, and they don't want you to take it. Get hurt once in twenty-two years and they threaten you daily that your job won't be there if you don't get better. This company I send mail to every other week, they're returned and not given to the president.

All those in stock market with Quest best get out as soon as possible. That company is going to take a real hard fall. This is a known fact because they have been terminating, firing all their older employees for what can I say. THE BOTTOM LINE. Customer service is none. It is now the customers fault for anything now. Don't believe it, then read as well as go get your blood drawn one day and see how they cry. Sit down and your turn will be called when I am ready.

They also over bill and continue to bill even after you have paid. This is always a mistake on their part. Yea right just like the 16 point drop from Jan 1 to date of July 14th, 2008. This company is getting word of mouth all over the world on the internet.

So, help put this company out where it belongs. In the non-existence with all the others that are biting the dust. Go to LabCorp or any private practice doctor and have your blood drawn. Quest will be a pain in your side if you use them for any service or work for them. I use my real name as well as address as I know how they cheat and steal and lie. You have been warned!

Supervisors Are Lazy, Untrained, Plain Stupid!
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- As an employee of Quest, I also have to fill out a review each year as to how your supervisor treats and trains you. Of course you're not able to be openly honest as then they find ways to mistreat you or write you up and terminate you. There is one super that went as far as to call employees into a private area and then she would swear and cuss you out. Of course all you ever seen of this witch is ladylike in front of others. But, if she wanted you gone she would belittle you and call you every name in the book.

This so called woman is a she devil and that is the best way I can put it. I had to go high up the ladder to get this freak of a so called lady off of me. She has killed one person and fired two or I should say two people quit. One had ten years of service. But, he could not take her rants and did tell the she devil off and left. Has anyone ever seen such witches in their jobs as they have at Quest?

Mistreatment / Carelessness
By -

HACKETTSTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I am writing on the behalf of a loved one that was mistreated at Quest Diagnostics in Hackettstown NJ on Monday November 9,2009. The Lab tech which will remain nameless but identified by her multiple rings on each finger was very uncaring, and hurtful. My loved one told her his left arm was the one always used to draw blood. She told him that didn't matter and proceeded to jam a syringe into his right arm in a very painful manner. This is Friday 11/13/09 and he still has bruises and pain from her very rough treatment.

Quest Diagnostics: Patient Treatment - Deplorable
By -

Patient visited Hamden, Ct. location for a pregnancy test. She politely asked a procedural question which was witnessed by another patient sitting next to her. She was treated with impatience especially by one staff member who addressed her question in a highly rude tone. The patient did not turn her cheek to this poor treatment and asked that she please address patients in the future in a "softer" manner. The patient was then confronted verbally by the staff member. The staff member left the lobby area, slamming doors and blurting expletives ready to walk-off the job as seen and heard by her Managing Director. The patient did not think someone with such an aggressive demeanor should work within a health care environment and thus, calmly mentioned it to the angry staff member. The staff member physically accosted the patient (it took three staff members to restrain her physically, the assailing staff member).

Now it is the patients fault for expressing an opinion validating the violent behavior received from the staff member.

Patient left sobbing with a 3 inch scratch mark down the side of her arm from assailant.

Deplorable atmosphere for patients. Cold, uninviting and even dangerous.

The staff members are visibly (in this office) insecure and unhappy.

Patients should not have to turn their cheek to offensive treatment. Precisely what this patient has been asked to do.

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