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Quiet Rock is not so Quiet
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SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- Save money by choosing a sound proofing material other than Quiet Rock. At $39.95 a sheet for half inch board, I thought the material would do a great job of blocking sound coming from the townhome kitchen next door. I even had it installed the entire length of the party wall, so that there would no chance to sound to make it through. HA! I still hear cabinet doors, the microwave door, and Nascar racing through that wall.
I suppose it is possible that the three fourth inch material would have worked better than the half inch, but it would have cost even more. So, before you invest in Quiet Rock soundproofing sheet rock, investigate all sound proofing options. You might find a better product for a more reasonable price. Quiet Rock/Quiet Solution is a division of Serious Materials Company.
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