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The Owner
Posted by on
THORNTON, COLORADO -- I went into Quiznos tonight as I usually do 2-3 nights a week. Every time, I order the same thing.... Chicken Carbonara with extra sauce no mushrooms large on wheat. They practically know me when I walk in. On this occasion someone I had never run across was there. No problem, I can't wait for her to get to know the usual.: ) This time I wanted to try something different and did. The entire time she assisted me she never smiled. She started to make a sandwich for me and I saw she was using mayo. I don't like mayo so I figured, my husband eats anything I'll have her make his so there is no waste. When I told her to make it tuna instead turkey she gave me a disgusted almost "mom" look. I felt horrible. After it came out of the oven she was there to dress the sandwiches. She never once smiled and seemed like she hated her job. I told my husband I feel I should say something to her. I waited outside until there were no customers and asked the gentleman if that was the manager. I would have been shocked it were had I not found out it was the owner! I was flabbergasted. I proceeded to tell her I felt bad for changing what I wanted on a sandwich and that she hadn't smiled at all. She smiled after I made the comment and then didn't seem to care when I said I felt it was bad customer service. I turned to walk out and outside the doors I looked back and as I suspected she was then talking to the employee with her hand on her hips about what just happened. I will not go back to that one or any other Quiznos. I would rather eat Mc Donald's than go back there. I will be posting on every website I can!
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Skye on 02/18/2011:
You've always had good service, so because of one night where you were not smiled at, your going to stop going to Quizno's?

Not everyone smiles all the time. Maybe she just received bad news. Who knows, but that's your choice, to give up something you enjoy.
localgod on 02/19/2011:
We all have days where we've received bad news or something else that puts us out of our element. Sometimes you have to leave your problems at the door and suck it up for a few hours to ensure the customers aren't affected (or is it effected?). What makes it all worth it is when you're having a s**t day and a particular customer puts a smile on your face. Don't we all wish they were like that. Even if the problem was the owner, please don't hold one incident against a place. Try to be that one great customer and we'll try to be that great customer service all-star!
Ytropious on 02/19/2011:
Some people don't smile OP, we aren't all blessed with bubbly, uplifting personalities. Why take it personally, it's not like she was smiling all day until you showed up, I'm sure she was like that all day. Some people take things entirely too personally.
trmn8r on 02/19/2011:
You *could* spend time posting this on every website you can find, but first you may want to consider that the bulk of your complaint is a CSR didn't smile.

Maybe this person's mother died that morning. Maybe her husband got drunk and ran over someone in a wheelchair the day before. Maybe she applied for a better job, and found out that day she didn't get it.

When this happens to me, I often try to engage the CSR in some manner. Often they light up and we exchange a few words. Sometimes not. That's life.
Anonymous on 02/19/2011:
Meg, I've got a smile for you. :)
Put it in your pocket and pull out when needed. Hope it helps. :)
if you are a regular there, and sounds like you are, and had never seen her there before, she was quite probably a new hire, and learning on the job, which can be quite stressful and could crack the smile and break the stride of any of us.
momsey on 02/19/2011:
There's no such thing as loyalty anymore. A person who loves a business enough to go there 2-3 times a week will then not only boycott that business but also will be posting complaints everywhere simply because someone didn't smile at her.
Anonymous on 02/19/2011:
I have never equated "no smile" to "bad customer service." I don't shop for smiles, I shop for products.
Ytropious on 02/19/2011:
BA Momsey and toto! Those are the best responses I've read in a while.
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Unbelievable Response To Negative Feedback By A Quiznos Store Owner
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I left negative feedback on a specific Quiznos store via the Quiznos web site. In my feedback I complained that when we asked if they were participating in the Quiznos "1 Million Sub Givaway" promotion we were told "Yes, but only if you purchase a drink and chips." The giveaway was a coupon you could print online for one free small sub without any restrictions other than it couldn't be combined with another offer. No other purchase requirement was specified or implied on the coupon. Since we hadn't eaten at Quiznos for a couple of years, all we wanted to do was try a couple of sandwiches. We wouldn't have got drinks & chips even if we were "paying customers." So we left that store and used the coupons at another nearby Quiznos who accepted them without question.

The next day I received a phone call from someone at Quiznos Corporate Offices who apologized profusely for the experience we had. She said that they've had problems with this owner and have been round and round with her about this promotion and she just doesn't get it. If the owner was a Quiznos corp. employee she would be fired. Unfortunately she is a franchise owner and there's not much they can do about it. The lady from Quiznos corp. was very nice and professional and I appreciated the response.

Then I received the following email from the store owner. It's quite long and unaltered but it speaks for itself . . .

---------- Forwarded message ----------


I am so glad that you are making me aware of my "bad business practices".. I am the owner of that Quiznos location and a few others in the Valley and have one of the most respectable reputations one could have as a business owner. So your perception is to say the least, off the mark. Mark.

So lets discuss this rip off and all of the other claims you threw out because you were not able to walk into a place of business, spend NO money and walk out with some sort of free product. Gosh I'm so sorry you feel that I should not be able to set guidlines for MY business or charge what I want in MY business. So let me educate you a bit Mark... do you know what Franchise means? Well let me explain it to you. ALL Quiznos are owned and operated by individuals... that's right privately owned. So is Taco Bell McDonalds, Burger King etc..etc.. That is why Mark you can not apply the pricing of one location to another as they are all different.. Most pricing may be the same but there can and are differences..

If you bothered to read your coupon before running out tripping over yourself getting into the first Quiznos you found to rush in and get your free whatever you would have noticed that 1. you can not combine the coupon with any other discount..... The combo discount can not be combined with your coupon and your coupon clearly stated that.....let me explain what a combo is... Ahhh chips and a drink.. Okay so there is no false advertising there. 2. the coupon clearly states "at participating locations" upon entering my stores and ordering your food there is a beautiful sign in full color outlining the guidlines for using that coupon. Had you read the sign or your coupon and not been just blinded by the words free..... you would have seen that a small purchase of a drink and any side was required to redeem the coupon for the free sub.. You would still get the FREE sub Mark... yes free.... 1 million sub givaway... yes it would have been free.. But yes at that location as clearly defined on the signs AT THAT LOCATION that the guidlines were that you had to purchase a drink and side. The entire meal including tax ends up being around $2.79 For the meal..... Gosh maybe I should have a fish bowl there for donations that go toward those who can't swing the $2.79

NOW at that point you had a decision to make Mark.. You can buy a drink and chips or any other combination of sides (hence combo) and receive your free sub. Did I say Free... That seems to get your attention.... But it also seems to distract you too.... OR you can leave as you did and find another Quiznos who will just give you the sub for free (theres that word again) and have no purchase requirements. Many places are franchised and the pricing and purchase requirements change.. If you go to the airport the price for a prime rib will be more than if you were in say Flagstaff.. That is the way it works and as a business owner in Franchising is my right. Or are we in North Korea and I don't have any rights...... Hmmm maybe you should move there.

I could have turned Quiznos down all together and said no way I am not giving away anymore free food because I have already given away $3600 alone just in the first free weeks of February. I already have a zillion buy one get one free or free or $2.00 off currently in circulation.... I did not want to not participate so as the OWNER it was my decision to simply compromise and have folks buy a drink and chips.

It's plain and simple. I see thousands of customers a week at ALL of my locations and believe if I'm not mistaken am the largest franchisee in the state of Arizona.. I got that way Mark by having GOOD business practices, HONEST and by offering AMAZING customer service. Additionally I have been extremely active in the community by sponsoring high schools, churches, colleges etc...

So before you accuse me of having bad business practices all based on "you could not receive a free sub" boo hooo hooo (do you play victim often??) and before you open your mouth accusing blah blah blah...it's all a rip off..... It's not fair.... this is a bad bad place.....you should read and understand your own coupon correctly...

So ya, I'm put off by your comments because the email that you believed was "INFORMING" corporate your ignorance had you not realizing I AM THE OWNER and your stupid comment came directly to me...

What the real issue is Mark is that you don't like the fact that I require folks (on this promo only I mind you) to make a small purchase.. Well that's fine and you are certainly entitled to your views but don't go around accusing me of ripping people off, of committing fraud and having bad business practices... I bet you were an only child because I can't imagine anyone making such a stink and making such blind allegations over a coupon..

Promotions that offer something for free with no strings attached brings out the lowest of life forms from all walks of life and has droves of the wrong sort of people flooding your stores all standing in line to get there free whatever and leave as fast as they come never to return and actually spend money again... I'm sorry but that's not the type of folks I want to attract. And that is what this ridiculous 1 Million Sub givaway has brought in.. Requiring folks to buy something filters out the RIFF RAFF and of all my locations the majority and I mean the majority of the poeple with those coupons have no issue with spending a couple bucks. Now I'm not saying that you are part of the RIFF RAFF but I am tired of the hand full of hard core cry babies that I have been dealing with over this ridiculous promotion and am offended by your unfounded comments/verbal attack towards me.

No response is necessary Mark as I have already afforded you way more time than you deserve by replying to your ridiculous remarks and claims.


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User Replies:
lobo65 on 03/03/2009:
I would love to see the email you sent in about him. All we are getting here is his response. He is right about franchising, although he could phrased it better than what he did. How is he going to make a profit if he gives free sandwiches to everyone who brings in a coupon without requiring at least some small purchase?

Many of these coupons say "at participating locations." I had that happen to me once at McDonald's. When they told me they weren't accepting it at that location I understood. I didn't complain to the company because it takes a lot more than that to get me riled up. You should have read the coupon more carefully. Simple as that.
Ponie on 03/03/2009:
'Since we hadn't eaten at Quiznos for a couple of years...' I think the reply you received to your complaint was correct. If you have a Denny's in your area, don't doubt you were first in line the day they were giving away the free Grand Slam breakfast--after not having eaten there for a couple of years.
woodsk1 on 03/03/2009:
I agree with Lobo- I would love to see what was sent in about the location and the actualt response from the owner- COuld this have been embellished some?
DumdHead on 03/03/2009:
He is just trying to stay in business. It isn't a soup Kitchen yoo know.
ChuhBaca on 03/03/2009:
Anonymous on 03/03/2009:
Even if the OP sent a scathing, ranting nonsense complaint, the business owner had no right to go off like this. I don't see how this Kristi can claim she has AMAZING customer service when she writes such an unprofessional email. If she wanted to respond, she could have simply apologized and reiterated her position. She is right, she is not required to participate as a franchisee.
DumdHead on 03/03/2009:
Never trust what some said someone said, or so someone said.
BokiBean on 03/03/2009:
She apparently got told by corporate, and she's lashing out.
Anonymous on 03/03/2009:
He he. I like your choice of handle
riffraff on 03/03/2009:
I wish I had a copy of my original feedback but it was submitted via a form on the Quiznos site, not in an email message. I also wish I had a copy of the coupon so I can show you that there is no possible way I could have read it wrong.

Yes, it said "at participating locations." All they had to do was say "no, we're not participating" and that would have been the end of the story. But when they say "Yes, but you also have to buy...." they're adding their own set of rules and that's not participating. That's the "false advertising" I referred to in the complaint.

The funny thing is, I'd probably driven past that store a hundred times and never new it existed because it's behind a bunch of trees. The only reason we found out it was there was by looking it up online, and we only looked it up because of the promotion. But this store owner obviously doesn't understand marketing and she doesn't have a clue about customer service.
Anonymous on 03/03/2009:
wow... I hope you forwarded the email to Quiznos Corporate. This is the kind of franchisee that will sink them.
bargod on 03/03/2009:
I don't think Kristi is going to stay in business very long if she goes off on all her customers like this. Like Ken said send the e-mail to corporate. Even franchisee's have to obey certain rules or they risk losing their franchise license.
madconsumer on 03/03/2009:
I want to hear from the owner about this. there has to be missing items.
bargod on 03/03/2009:
Did you even read this MadC? that giant long rant was from the owner.
madconsumer on 03/03/2009:
there can be edits to this. this was not a secured response from the owner.
bargod on 03/03/2009:
I see what you mean, in fact maybe the whole e-mail could have been made up.
riffraff on 03/03/2009:
Are you suggesting someone may have intercepted the owner's response and edited it before it got to me? Or do you think I embellished it? You'll have to trust me on this one. The mad rant is verbatim from the owner's email address: xxx@myquiznos.com.

I couldn't find an email address for Quiznos corp. offices but I got their "snail mail" address in Denver, CO and sent a hard copy of her email to them. It probably won't mean much to them but at least they'll know how one of their owners is tarnishing the Quiznos brand.
madconsumer on 03/03/2009:
um, yes ......
riffraff on 03/03/2009:
So what makes you so skeptical? I didn't even disclose her full name or the location of her store so what do you think would motivate me to fabricate this? I don't have that big of an imagination.
bargod on 03/03/2009:
The fact that anyone would consider this made up is absurd.
Slimjim on 03/03/2009:
I'm guessing Kristi is not particularly happy with this promotion. Frankly I don't blame her. Unless Qiznos is offering money back to cover the costs of the free sandwiches to their store owners, why did they go out and advertise their locations should give something away for nothing and require no additional purchase. It's a stupid campaign and I don't blame her for requiring an additional purchase. While her email is overdone and unnecessary, I see no problem in the fact of her setting the rules to accept the coupon. At participating retailers is pretty self explanatory. How is it false advertising or any better if she in fact, didn't give a free sub with any purchase?
jktshff1 on 03/03/2009:
I would send my e-mail and the business' response to one of those food critic guys/girls?? for a column
Soaring Consumer on 03/03/2009:
Initially, the idea of an email from the owner clarifying his/her side is a good idea.

However, the poor disrespect given to you is unwarranted. And now thousands will know about it. Voted helpful.
riffraff on 03/03/2009:
If it was such a bad promotion why didn't she instruct her employees to not accept the coupons at all? What she did was a bait-and-switch tactic and probably illegal. If there was a purchase requirement it should have been printed on the coupon. She claims that there was a sign in the store with her rules for using the coupon but I didn't see it. It may have been obscured by all of her "Amazing Customer Service" awards. Even if there was a sign, it wouldn't justify adding on her own purchase requirements to the promotion. If she wanted to give away free subs with the purchase of a drink and chips she should have done her own promotion instead of altering the Quiznos promotion.
Slimjim on 03/03/2009:
"Even if there was a sign, it wouldn't justify adding on her own purchase requirements to the promotion"
Yeah it does. In fact, it changes everything. No bait and switch since she did not advertise that offer and the coupon clearly opts out any location.
She put up a sign that stated the rules at that location for her to accept the coupon. Something she didn't have to do at all.
You're arguing that she was wrong to offer a free sub with chips and fries, instead of no free sub at all. This at her own store based on a coupon she didn't agree to that has an opt out clause she is utilizing.
riffraff on 03/03/2009:
Then she should have instructed her employees to inform her customers that her store was not participating in the "1 Million Sub Givaway" promotion. Her offer of a free sub with the purchase of chips and a side was NOT part of the promotion, thus false advertising.
Slimjim on 03/03/2009:
It sounds like you were informed, both verbally and by a big sign per her email.
Mark, you need to let it go man. Too many have obsessed here in the past over a bad $4 sammie experience.
riffraff on 03/03/2009:
You're right, the promotion isn't the story here. It's the email response from the owner.
Slimjim on 03/03/2009:
Now I'm on board Roy. She shows inexperience with drafting response letters to complaints. It's taken too personal and becomes unprofessional. She should have debated her points with you in short concise thoughts. The name calling and references to lower class exposes her lack of certain area business maturity.
*Brenda* on 03/03/2009:
Wowzas that owner sounds like a psycho!
jardead on 03/04/2009:
I would say it's a combination of a few things:

1. The business owner obviously doesn't like the promotion and was probably pressured into patricipating by corporate. If she was forced to participate, I can't imagine that corporate is not compensating her in some way for the free sandwhiches she is supposed to be giving away.

2. Business probably isn't going to well with the state of the economy and her store being in a poor location (behing trees not easy to see from the road).

3. riffraff's comments may have been the straw that broke the cammels back on a long line of complaints about her business and she snapped and went off on him.

No matter what it is, she should not have gone off in an e-mail like that. She has to be a complete moron to thing riffraff wouldn't tell every person he could (the internet is great for that, isn't it :) ) about what she did. I've found that no two Quizno's are the same and will pass one up to get to the one I know will provide the good food and customer service I expect and deserve.
Anonymous on 03/04/2009:
I was with Slim until his last comment. It's a (bad), faux-deli sammie. Kristi sent an overblown response. So what? Someone upset that Quizno's decided not to be a soup kitchen deserves an overblown response. The owner opted out, and created an alternative way to get a free meal, per her option. Riffraff had the opportunity to say, "Oh, no thanks." and go on down the road. Nobody died.
Rich Piotrowski on 03/13/2009:
I'm a former Quiznos owner, and there are two important things to consider here. First, this promotion was a bad idea, as giving away food has proven itself to be both overdone and not a good way to promote your business. That being said, there is a reason Quiznos did this and it had less to do with promoting the business as it did making money for the Owner of the brand known as Quiznos. Quiznos is as close to being a legal scam as they could possibly be. The owner of the brand, doesn't operate any stores except two in Colorado. The rest of the over 4000 stores in the US are owned by local mom and pop operators such as the woman that wrote this response. What the public does not know is, these Franchise owners are trapped like indentured servants and that is why so many refused to go along with this promo, as it was for many the straw that just broke the camels back. Although many hundreds of stores have closed in just this past year alone, many others would like to close as they are losing money, but it it the threat of lawsuits by Quiznos that keeps them from doing so. In years past, Quiznos was able to "re-sell" the closed locations after the first owner went broke to a new owner and repeat the cycle. Once again their threat of a lawsuit keep these cheated Franchise owners quiet, so Quiznos could keep on doing what it had been doing.

I am the only former Franchisee that can speak out legally against them as we were the only ones that beat them in court. Their effort in shutting down my business cost me and my wife our health, years of our life, and hundreds of thousands of dollars that fortunately we were able to borrow from relatives. If people knew what this company does to owners you would have simpathy for these and how they are struggling to survive. They are trapped in a system with no escape and that frustration shows in this response from this owner.

For those who are curious, you should do some reading on Quiznos, you will not believe how this scam is allowed to exist in this country. It will be stopped eventually, and a criminal like Rick Schaden will have to pay for the thousands of lives he has ruined, all while he makes hundreds of millions selling a failed business model, by wrapping it up as a chance to own your piece of the American Dream.

Just search out "Quiznos problems", or "Quiznos lawsuits", and you will be shocked by what you find. Here is one good place to start, it one of the dozens of stories on our win against them in court:
Costumerchx on 11/11/2010:
I think it's more about how the Manager reacted to your questions that put you off, and then when you complained, to have the owner be so Unprofessional, even if she is "sick" of the situation, she's setting an awful example for her employees and demonstrating horrible customer service. If she's so "sick" of it, maybe she should look into a different profession. What I'm getting from this was your initial disgust with how the situation was dealt with and then the backlash. I commiserate.
TC on 03/25/2012:
The Million Sub Giveaway should have been called the Put-Our-Company-Out-Of-Business promotion because that's what it did. The store owners had to buy the food from corporate, and corporate reimbursed only a fraction of the free food. If store owners refused to honor the free sub coupons, Quiznos would fine them and harass them. The result is that Quiznos went from about 4500 stores down to 2500 and still shrinking. When a store owner closes, they lose their entire investment and all of the months of work they invested. For most owners, this results in bankruptcy. So please forgive the store owner who got testy about his refusal to honor the free food coupon.
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Nasty Quiznos
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- To whom it may concern,

I presently work at Quiznos (120 North Avenue, Atlanta…#1473… 678-702-0777) . I have been working there for more than a year. In that time, I have been a witness to many incidents that I will outline in this note. For one thing, I recommend that you do surprise inspections at this particular Quiznos every week for a minimum of six months. The reason is because the owner cut more corners than you would believe someone to do. I have been looking over the Operations Manual, and I have noticed that the owner of the store instructs employees to bend or break about 95 % of Quiznos’s guidelines just so that she can make a profit. For example, She cut the bread too long because she doesn’t want to throw away end pieces. She purposely alters the weight of the scale so that the weight for meat will be at least an ounce off, then If an employee tries to put the right amount of meat on a sandwich, the owner will immediately reprimand the employee. I have witnessed her, on several occasions; take the meat off of a customer’s sandwich, after being toasted, to check the weight of a sandwich. Then she will yell at the employee in front of everyone. She would not even take into consideration that the meat has been dipped in water and there is cheese melted on. These two factors influence the weight of meat.

She also mixes roast beef with Prime Rib and Angus Steak, so that she can make the meat last longer. She does not change the containers that the food is in daily because she believes that it takes too much time to do. I try to change them when I come in, but usually I only work with one other person, and it is too hard for two people to get everything done and handle customers. She cut on average 6-8 bags of wheat 6-8 bags of white and up to 2 bags of rosemary parmesan bread everyday. This amount of bread is never eaten in one day’s time, so by the end of the day as much as 60 pieces of regular sized bread, 30 pieces of small and about 40 pieces of large sized bread can be left of till the next day. I believe that she does this so that she can under staff her shifts because cutting bread takes too much time for two people to do all day; anyhow, I realize that many days out of the week, the left over bread becomes moldy.

I have on plenty of occasions thrown out the moldy bread; however on more than two dozen occasions, I have seen the owner reach into the trash and take the bread out and put the moldy bread back into the bread closet to be served, so for me to think of the customers. I have to hide the fact that I am throwing rotten food away because the owner has and will take discarded food out of the trash in order to serve to customers.
She charges 2.99 to put extra meat on a large sub when she only adds an ounce.
She charges 1.29 to add half an ounce of bacon.
The pepper and picked we serve to customers, I don’t know when the last time they were changed.
Most of the necessary daily cleaning is not done. The owner doesn’t even wash dishes correctly. To save time she just plunges the dishes in soapy water then rinses it. Most of the time food is still in dishes that she so called washes.
Most of the time she hates when I correct her mistakes, but I try to maintain my integrity to myself and the customer.
My motto is to do it the Quiznos way
Her motto is, “this is my store, you do what I say” I would but she is so greedy and nasty.
She almost never throws food away even if it is in the guidelines. I believe that we are not supposed to keep soup in the store after 24 hours of being open, well I have seen , on many occasions, where chicken noodle soup was watered downed continuously and was warmed up every day for up to two weeks until it finally ran out. The owner adds about a liter of water to the broccoli and cheese daily. She does not follow the thawing guidelines. Most mornings she microwaves the soup so that it will thaw out faster to be served. Her refrigerator breaks often, so that means that the food is not at the right temp most of the time. I have never seen her visually check to see any food item was the right temp, but I have seen on many occasions where food was left out of the fridge for an entire shift. The owner does not follow any of the daily, weekly, nor monthly checklists that you have for her. Mostly she asks one of the employees to falsify information on them.
One of the things that have disgusted me the most is the rags. She buy I pack of rags once every 2 months, and she never washes nor bleaches them. Instead she instructs us to rinse them out at night and hag them on a ladder or just collect them in a bucket. The next day the same previous rags are used for deep cleaning, cleaning food area and anything else you can think of. For example one rag could be used to clean bathrooms, then rinsed and reused to clean the bread closet, then used to wash dishes, then used to clean a stain off the floor, then used to clean tables in the front, then used to wipe down cutting boards (which bread in being cut on), then used on dishes again. The rag is rinsed trough with water that night, then reused again for up to another two months. Because of these rags, and because of the old mop heads, the store in infested with knats and fruit flies. This has been going on, on and off since last summer. And I have never seen an exterminator, At this present time all of the drink machines are broken. If I put up a sign to warn customers, then she takes them down. Her toaster oven is broken, and she doesn’t want us to warn customers because they may leave. Plus she gets angry with us if we give customers refunds on things that are her fault.
Our store has had many complaints, but in my opinion, if the store wasn’t so understaffed then those incidents wouldn’t have happened.
I don’t wish to attack her personally, but these things must be said. She hires people on the spot, and when she doesn’t like any employee, instead of firing them, she makes the conditions so bad that they will want to quit. She is highly prejudiced and she instigates between her workers. Her starting pay is $6.00 and hour and she only gives one raise, period, which is 50 cents. That is the max she will pay an employee, then she on average has two people on every shift, If we are lucky there will be three people on a shift, but that is it. If there is a rush of customers we are literally RUNNING around the store trying to get things done. I have seen where she has taken hours off of an employee’s check. If the employee keeps their proof of hours receipt, then the owner will promise to add the hours to the employee’s next check, then she will FORGET to do so later. She lies to us. She does not pay for hours worked over 40 hours a week because she says that we are not full time. So she does not pay time and a half either, and she forces us to work on national holidays with no overtime.
This lady has no respect for her customers nor her employees. She will know who I am whenever this letter reaches her, so I know that she will try retaliating by firing me or something else. I do not care at this point because after all that I have seen, I do not think that I can work under for her, under those conditions any longer. I have about 20 witnesses to this information who will gladly confirm what I have said.
I feel bad because I didn’t say anything sooner, but now I can take it any more. I seriously believe that someone will get sick from her store. I don’t care if my job is compromised.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/13/2008:
Save yourself, poster. Run away from this person. You don't want to become one more 'disgruntled' fast food worker. Find a job where you are appreciated and recognize that you are unlikely to change this abysmal employer.
Principissa on 04/13/2008:
I agree with Ghost. But before you run, call the health department and Quizno's corporate and let them know what is going on. I guarantee you that if the health department sees unsafe food handling practices like taking food out of the trash and serving food well past the time she should will get her shut down. I don't know if this will help, but you can also call the department of weights and measures and let them know the scales are purposely off and unsuspecting customers are getting ripped off.
Starlord on 04/13/2008:
Send a copy of this to your County Health Department. They need to know about this woman. She has no business in food service.
chris513 on 04/14/2008:
Another knock on Quiznos...I don't know if they are anymore, but the Quiznos in the town that I was in the military was privately owned. This was a few years ago, but that Quiznos openly discriminated against military people and there familys. In one instance, a military parent went to this particular Quiznos and had a tough time ordering because she had just lost her son and was taking it pretty bad. The owner said to her "we don't have time for you to take this long, regardless of what happened to your son."....sounds crazy, but it is true. AVOID QUIZNOS AT ALL COSTS!
Anonymous on 04/14/2008:
mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm toasty!

I love the Quiznos,but if I'm ever in Georgia I will steer clear of this one
MSCANTBEWRONG on 04/14/2008:
Please contact the health department immediately!!!! Then contact the corporate office. Hopefully this franchise will be shut down...the actions of this owner are totally disgusting and in violation of virtually every health code known to man. Find a new job!!! Good luck!
BeccaBarbiedoll on 08/13/2008:
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Verbally Abused by Quiznos Associate
Posted by on
EAGLE ROCK, CALIFORNIA -- I have endured this place through the inept service, thinking the girl behind the counter was trying. I have endured them running out of soup, cheese, bacon,. even some of the meat for the sandwiches.

Tonight, I was running late and in a hurry, I got there a few minutes before closing time. Lights were still on, the doors were still open, the sign in the window was still on, and the clock behind the counter said I still had 5 minutes. I had my order ready, was going to be quick. The woman behind the counter as I walked rudely snapped "we're closed, so I am not going to make your sandwich". I had intended to walk in and ask if it was OK that I place the order, AND ask her if they had anything that they could make easily because I was aware they were close to closing. After her comment, I replied that it didn't seem the case with the lights on, he doors open and the clock saying it is not closing time yet. She then said "it's close to closing, be quick". I had my order ready, and it was a simple order.

I understand that you want to leave, and my order, if it had been done without her constant litany of complaints, and one insult that she was only making my sandwich because it was clear that Quiznos was the only place I was able to afford, would have taken just about 5 minutes. Instead she. locked the doors so I couldn't leave if I wanted to, and called the owner to tell her that she had a late customer who wanted to place an order. Ummmm.....wouldn't it be faster to just make the order? But OK. so she gets off the phone, and finishes making the order. Sort of. First she continued to complain that I was in close to closing. Then she complained that she had to put my fiancee's order through the toaster again because of the time she took to call the owner.

I finished and paid for the food. I would have just left without my order except the order wasn't for me, oh and the fact that I WAS LOCKED IN THE RESTAURANT.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/13/2011:
Maybe she locked the door so someone else who saw the lights on and the employee making sandwiches after closing time wouldn't come in the store. I'm sure that person would start complaining that even though it was after closing time, you are currently making serveral sandwiches for that customer, then you should take my order. Then five more people come in even later after closing time all crying that they should take thief orders. Then the owner calls the employing asking why you haven't called in the day's receipt. Then two more people come in because there are people in the store after hours, so the sign posted for store hours must be wrong, wouldn't the doors be locked if the store was closed?
Venice09 on 02/13/2011:
I agree that she probably spent more time arguing and calling the owner than it took to make the sandwich. If she wanted to close five minutes early, she should have locked the door instead of allowing you to come in and then complaining about it.

I realize that employees want to go home, but not too many people get to leave on time, regardless of the job or the pay. That's just the way it is.
b1ackm8tal on 02/13/2011:
I can guatantee the reason she locked the door was not to keep you "locked in". If you think about it, by the time she would be done making your order, there's a potential that a line could start to form behind you, and who knows when she would be able to get out of there then. Believe me, I've worked in FF, and it's happened to me. So after that incident, whenever a customer would come in that near to close, I would politely ask them if I could go lock the doors first before filling their order. I never had one say "no". She should have explained to you why she was doing it though. I agree that she should not have had the attitude, but I can sympathize with her.
GenuineNerd on 02/13/2011:
Still, a pet peeve with many restaurant employees is when the business closes at 11:00 PM, for example, a customer comes in at 10:59 PM wanting to place an order...especially if it is a coffee shop or a sit-down restaurant, and the customer orders "for here". Most such employees would rather, begrudgingly, take the order, rather than to turn the customer away and risk getting disciplined or fired, meaning that serving the customer would delay their time going home. Most restaurant employees are hourly. Sure, because these are minimum-wage positions, some employees would be glad to work that extra half hour, even if it means locking the doors at 11:00 on that dine-in customer, but other employees have families to go home to, or are tired and want to get home and get to bed, especially if their bosses scheduled them to work day shift the next day. Some restaurants also serve their dine-in customers using to-go containers (paper/styrofoam cups and plates, and plastic utensils, instead of glasses/cups, China, and silverware) when it's 1/2 hour or so before closing time, since the staff are in the process of putting away the dishes, glasses, and silverware, and cleaning and closing up the kitchen. Still, even last-minute customers would complain if they are served their orders to-go, because they expect that same service at 10:59 PM that they get if they came during lunch or dinner rush. And there have been restaurant employees fired because those last-minute customers felt rushed while they were eating. This also depends on the owner or manager of such a restaurant, regarding the policies of serving last-minute customers. Some are nice enough to serve the last-minute straggler, while others just want to clean up and close up, risking turning away a customer. Especially if it is a franchise of a corporate establishment, and the turned-away customer complains to corporate about being denied service or treated indifferently because he/she decided to come in at the last minute to order.
Anonymous on 02/13/2011:
Personally, I wouldn't go to any FF place 5 minutes before closing because the food I will be served will probably not be fresh.
ontario_girl on 02/13/2011:
Huge pet peeve of mine: customers showing up moments before closing, knowing full well that it's closing time.
Venice09 on 02/13/2011:
As a customer, I try never to go to a store ten to fifteen minutes before closing, but sometimes it happens. I don't do it on purpose, it just works out that way. With a little common sense and courtesy, it's not a big deal. It's only a problem when the employees and customers both have an attitude and butt heads. If I'm told the store is closing, I just leave. But if they are willing to help me, I am very appreciative and make it quick.
danny54 on 02/13/2011:
I worked restaurant for many years. Naturally people, including me, want to go home on time. However, it's the customers who make sure I keep getting a paycheck. Sure, it can be a pain, but it happens.

The one thing that was stressed to me as an employee that I passed on to my crew when I was a manager is that the last customer of the day deserves service and food that is just as high a quality as the first customer of the day.
Ytropious on 02/13/2011:
Thing is, Quiznos franchise owners are treated the worst by their parent company. They can barely keep their stores running usually and there is little profit margin. She probably had to call the owner because he demands them be out on time because he can't afford to keep them there later. It happens. I would never go to a place 5 minutes before closing but that's just me, I work in retail and I know how it is. 15 minutes to close is as close as I get.
Anonymous on 02/13/2011:
blackm8tal is spot-on in their assessment of the situation. In addition, the obvious solution for anyone wanting to order "in", you can just say that the lobby closed 30-minutes earlier, and that if you still want to order, it will have to be "to go".
madconsumer on 02/13/2011:
lots of business lock the door at closing time, regardless if anyone is inside still.
Venice09 on 02/13/2011:
Danny, that is my belief, too. I know it's not a popular opinion, and that there will always be customers who take advantage, but hours can't be set in stone. Everyone has things about their job that they don't like, and not being able to leave on time is one of them.
ontario_girl on 02/13/2011:
The question is, where does one draw the line? When I worked at the video store, I had to turn people away some nights because they just kept coming. If I didn't turn people away, I would have never gotten to close, period.
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Coupon "misspelled"
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- On Monday, October 25th 2010, at approximately 7:00 P.M. I had gone to Best Buy in the same shopping complex (Waterford Lakes), that this Quiznos was located. I realized that I had a coupon for Quiznos that I had personally cut from a coupon book for shops in Waterford Lakes. This specific coupon stated the following "Free Sub with the Purchase of Sub or Drink". Please note that this specific coupon stated "Sub OR Drink". I could have used coupons from several shops in Waterford Lakes including Subway, but chose Quiznos because of this coupon. Please understand that I am a full-time college student and I have a small budget, which forces me to be a very frugal spender.

I walked into the store and the gentleman behind the counter was very friendly. I showed the employee my coupon and he said there were no problems and it is accepted. I excitedly ordered two large subs because I was going to eat one of the subs and give the free sub to my girlfriend.

After the subs had been made, the only other employee present at the time who seemed to be the supervisor was going to ring me up. I presented the coupon and he stated that the coupon was a "misprint" and actually meant "Free sub with purchase of sub AND drink". I told him that I specifically came to Quiznos just because of the coupon and he rudely told me to give him a break, and that I am already receiving a great deal and I should just pay the extra $1.89 for a drink. I reminded him that I was a college student on a low budget, and he went on to tell me that I was crazy to think that a purchase of a drink would get me a free sub. I was going to walk out of the store because of his rude service but my friend who had come with me persuaded me to forget about it, my friend however did not realize that I was arguing about the specific wording of the coupon, and told me later that he would have backed my position had he known what I was arguing about.

In conclusion, I am very disappointed with the service I received, and being forced to pay for a drink because of a misprinted coupon. The employee who rang me up was very rude and forced me to pay for a drink that a coupon said I did not have to. Although I can handle paying extra for a drink, I did not want a drink and the sole reason I came to Quiznos to spend my money was to use the coupon. I do not plan to purchase food at Quiznos again and I just want the company to know of my rude service and being forced to pay for an item I did not want. From my understanding of customer service, and in this case it is truly applicable that the customer is always right.
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User Replies:
MRM on 10/29/2010:
It is a disappointment that the coupon was missprinted. They should put up a sign in the store noting the missprint coupon. Either that or accept the coupon as is.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
The tricky part of this situation is that food chains, grocery stores, retailers, etc...all have the right to refuse or accept coupons as they deem necessary. That is the right of each individual franchise as well.

My sister who was a full-time college student, single parent of two children, was also very frugal. And she would be the first to agree that eating out, even at that price is MUCH more expensive than shopping at the local supermarket yourself. So, perhaps you aren't quite as strapped as you'd like to think you are, if you can afford to eat out.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
The coupon sounded too good to be true, to me.
MDSasquatch on 10/29/2010:
Something similar happened to me at a place called The Green Turtle. I had a "$5 off an entire meal" coupon and there were three of us eating. After we ordered, the waitress told us that we got a free appetizer because we had ordered two burgers. When the check arrived our coupon was denied because we already received a "bonus". For us, this was an easy fix, we subtracted $5 from the tip and replaced it with the coupon.

Like you, I have not gone back and don't intend to. A coupon is supposed to drum up business, not create disgruntled customers.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Sasquatch...Absolutely loved your solution!
getoverit on 10/29/2010:
I would say that the Quizno's guy was right and you should give him a break except that you specifically asked in advance whether the coupon would be accepted.

It seems a little surprising that they didn't know there were misprinted coupons in play. That being the case, he should just eat the cost of the drink (which is nowhere near $1.89) and make sure they tell future customers up front that the coupon is a misprint.

He needed to give you a break.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Quiznos is overrated and overpriced as it is, and they can't even accept their own coupons. Lame. Just as lame and annoying as their stupid commercials. Needless to say, I avoid that chain as much as I can.
MDSasquatch on 10/29/2010:
You should give Blimpies a shot.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Looks like this particular Quiznos is just another "restaurant" that hates customers. MRM is correct.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Sasquatch, I'm curious, why stiff the waitress over the restaurant's policy/position? At the beginning of your meal, did she know you had a coupon you were planning to use?
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
MRM and getoverit nailed this one. If this was the first they knew of a miss-print, they should have honored it for you since they had previously told you the coupon was good and then posted a sign. Simple solution and a happy customer that likely would have written a compliment.

It isn't anyone's business here how strapped you are either, I think it's great that a college aged person comes across as being as responsible as you are with their finances. Great review, thanks for posting it.

MDSasquatch on 10/29/2010:
I didn't stiff the waitress, I gave her a coupon that had a value of $5. She knew I had the coupon before I ordered, but waited until the check arrived before she told us it would not be accepted. I rewarded her appropriately
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Sasquatch, I say bravo to you! I've had plenty of servers tell me particular coupons weren't good on particular days or for particular meals at the *start* of my meals (when I showed it). To wait until the end and "surprise" me is a bad form.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
I always present coupons at a restaurant before ordering to be sure there is no problem when the check arrives.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Just Cause> If it's none of our business to know of her financial situaiton, then why does she go out of her way to remind us of it on two different occasions?
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Many coupons state that they need to be presented at time of service ( which would be when the order is being placed) to avoid such situations.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Bud, the OP mentioned it twice because he is a college student on a budget..he was emphasizing his point that he is watching his pennies and being frugal..which is relevant to his post.

Accusing the OP of not being as strapped as he claims to be by comparing him to your sister...a single parent of 2 children, was what I don't think is anyone's business.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Normally, people watching their pennies don't eat out. That was my point. Forgive the error of tossing in my sister to bolster that train of thought, even though I felt it relevant in substantiating my line of reasoning.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Hey, people on a budget deserve to go out just like anyone else. If a company is offering coupons to customers, then they need to do their part and accept them. They're certainly not making their business look good by getting customers in their store and then telling them the coupon is no good or changing up the offer on them. If anything, they are making it WORSE for them. See, I'm stubborn. If the owner would have told me to give him a break, I would have told him "fine I'll give you a break" and walked out. not only did he waste 2 perfectly good sandwiches, but he lost the sale completely.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
Prince> I never stated that people on budgets didn't DESERVE to go out. I just said that they genereally don't. We all deserve to live a little high on the hog once in a while. As for the rest of the comment...I seriously doubt the "owner" would have been serving you. Although, in theory, the employees should be a direct reflection of ownership, we all know that isn't always the case. They couldn't care less if you leave the store or not. In the eyes of the teenager making the sandwhiches (sorry for the stereotype), they see it as one less customer they have to serve. Easier on them. Sad, but fairly true.
Ytropious on 10/29/2010:
Misprints happen, but I wonder how long this misprint has been known about. There should have been a sign if you ask me, but I wouldn't have gotten mad at him. I'm in college and poor too OP but I don't use it as an excuse to get free stuff. I suggest you read up on how terrible Quiznos treats its franchisees. Most Quiznos don't even want to accept coupons because they LOSE money on them. All the Quiznos around me have closed because they just can't afford to stay open with Quiznos' terrible franchisee agreements. I won't explain it all here but I suggest you look into it. ALL of you, then maybe your opinions on Quiznos would change.
yoke on 10/29/2010:
ript, the OP did show the employee the coupon and was told it would be accepted. Had I been the OP I would have walked out. The manager would have had 2 sandwiches he could not sell at that point.
Anonymous on 10/29/2010:
yoke, my comment was a reflection of MD's comment of his experience. I agree with you, I probably would have walked out also.
redmx3racer on 10/30/2010:
Had it been practical I would have found another identical coupon, bought a drink, and then demanded a free sub and see what they said then. :)
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Horrible Service + Charges For Toppings = Worst Quiznos Ever!
Posted by on
NORTH YORK, ONTARIO -- I have been a happy customer of Quiznos Subs for many years. I have been to several locations across Ontario, and have always enjoyed my meal. I find that the food is delicious and a great bang for your buck. However, recently, I visited the location on 2215 Steeles Avenue West in North York, Ontario, and I was seriously disappointed! Upon my arrival, the employee, who I assume was the owner by the way he was dressed, was too busy talking on his phone. He was the only employee working. He did not acknowledge my arrival and it took him over 5 minutes to serve me. He did not wash his hands after hanging up the phone and before handling the food. I ordered a large tuna on whole wheat. He told me that the sandwich comes with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I requested that I would like tomato, onion, mushroom and olives, but no lettuce. The owner then repeated that the sandwich came with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Again, I asked that those toppings be changed. The owner then told me he would only make a change to the toppings for an extra charge! I asked him if he was kidding. I told him that I have never been to a Quiznos that charges for toppings. He claimed that it's posted on the menu, that substitutions are extra. After arguing with me, he finally agreed to give me the toppings, free of charge. At the register, I noticed that "help yourself bar" where the pickles, hot peppers, and sauces are usually displayed, was empty. I asked if he had any of these items available. He said yes, but only if he put the condiments on my sub for me. Again, another first for me at Quiznos, since he was very stingy and I'm usually used to helping myself to these condiments.

Finally, the sub was ready. There was very little tuna in it as well. He asked if I wanted a bag. I said sure, so he attempted to charge me for that too. I told him he could keep the bag. This rant is not directed towards Quiznos in general, as I still enjoy this restaurant in general, but to advise people of the horrible services provided by this specific location (Quiznos Store #4442).
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/05/2010:
Yeah I think I would have bailed out when the 'owner' repeated what came on the sandwich..
Anonymous on 04/05/2010:
good review, domven01. nice to read you won't be boycotting all Quiznos over this one crappy one. charging for a bag? that's just dumb on his part. I sure hope this wasn't the owner else this locale won't be in biz long.
Starlord on 04/05/2010:
Sounds like someone badly needs Gordon Ramsay.
warddw1526 on 04/06/2010:
In terms of them charging for the bag, some cities are now having places charge for the bag as a tax. It is there way of encouraging people to be more environmentally friendly.
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Never Order Online!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WEST VALLEY UTAH, UTAH -- Today I am home sick. So I figured a nice warm sub and a good bowl of soup would be best! So I ordered from Quiznos, I normally don't, but I figured to try something new today. Bad, bad decision. Once I got online the website was confusing and hard to understand, I felt like I typed in my information too many times. Not fast, not easy, not SATISFIED! It took them a whopping 1 hour and 36 minutes to deliver to me. Completely unsatisfied today. Once food was delivered, sub (French Dip with Auju Sauce) was mild warm, auju was the same. The sub I ordered was supposed to be custom, extra meat, extra cheese, with no peppers and no onions. The problem was, it came with no cheese, extra meat, peppers and onions. Once again, not satisfied. Will never try Quiznos again.
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My Iphone Battery Exploded
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
While charging my phone, iPhone 3, it popped, and lo and behold there was a distended back, and a separating screen. The battery gave up the ghost.

It made a small noise, and had I not been in the room, it might have done more.

This phone worked fine 2 months ago, but not anymore.

My 10 yr old NoKia works, my cheap buy minutes phones work. .. .not the iphone.
If it was out of date, if software could not be updated that is one issue. This is a defect in the product, its battery / design or mfg. This could have been a fire.

I'm back to not getting an ipad. I'm traveling, not like I can get it fixed at 12:58am.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 11/04/2013:
The phone isn't exactly new, the iphone 3 went out of production a few years ago. And I'm not aware of any chronic design faults with it. But it does sound like the there was a short somewhere. If you got 5 years out of a phone, then that's acceptable IMHO. It's really just the luck to draw though.
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Corporate Sucks!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OREGON -- Quiznos corporate sucks!!!! They are complete morons and should not have jobs in this industry. I recently found out two of my favorite employees from the Sherwood Quiznos were fired by corporate, Caleb and Jessica, for one complaint by a customer. This was the first complaint these employees have ever gotten in their entire time of employment.

Corporate didn't bother to care about about the hundreds to thousands of compliments these employees received for what amazing customer service they have had from this establishment when they were there working and how clean their facility was compared to all other Quiznos and other fast food establishments in the area. No they just care about the one complaint by some bored old lady who decided to write to corporate about these wonderful people... I drive from Washington square to come see them when I live five min from the other one.

Quiznos corporate treats their employees like crap and I will never go to a Quiznos again because of this reason these we're two of the best people I have ever had in the customer service world and you are mental for letting them go!!!
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User Replies:
azRider on 10/07/2013:
I stopped going there once I found mold on my sandwich I got there. the manager is like 'I'm so surprised! we freeze or bread to keep it fresh' really thawed frozen bread? I never went back.
nikalseyn on 10/07/2013:
You are being somewhat coy. What, exactly was the complaint? If corporate thought it was serious, they would move to immediately terminate one's employment. So, what was the complaint about?
299288user on 10/09/2013:
I agree .. I am shocked and can't believe they would get rid of the only people who knew what customer service was at all .. they will definitely be missed ..
Bee on 10/14/2013:
Interesting that you agree with your own letter. Shocking! Next time, change the user name before faking a positive comment.
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You Have to Purchase Something to Go to the Restroom
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VAIL, ARIZONA -- I am a senior and stopped at a Quiznos on Colossal Cave Rd off I-10 in Vail, Az. I went to the restroom first but the door was locked. An employee was eating a sandwich and saw me, she told me I had to have a key and it was at the counter. I waited for someone to acknowledge me at the counter and finally he did. I asked for the key to the restroom and he asked if I was going to purchase anything. Well that shocked me, I have never been in an establishment that ask me to purchase something before I could go to the restroom. So beware, if you're not going to purchase something at Quiznos, don't try to go to the restroom. However, if you go into the DQ next door, they will be glad to serve you, you don't have to have a key for the restroom and you won't get embarrasssed.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/24/2012:
Since this is Vail, it is possible that this establishment is in a location where a large number of non-patrons try to use its restroom. It would be nice for them to have a tasteful sign indicating that it isn't a full service location.
madconsumer on 10/24/2012:
many establishments offer restrooms to patrons only.
Elle74 on 10/24/2012:
That would have been bad if the woman had an emergency and couldn't hold it. Some people do have health problems that make it difficult to hold it when they really have to go to the bathroom, and it can be embarrassing. Maybe the employee should use discretion and make a judgment call next time.
revan on 10/24/2012:
Many moons ago I was an Asst. Manager at a Taco Bell and had just closed the store. An old woman came to the locked door and I opened it and told her we were closed. She told me "Emergency!" and brushed passed me and rushed to the restroom. It was an amusing experience. So the next time they ask you if you are going to buy something just tell them it's an emergency.
melissa253 on 10/24/2012:
My husband and I were at a Quiznos in downtown Denver and while he was in line I asked for the bathroom key and the guy asked me if I was ordering because the RR is for customers only. I didn't get mad. I said yes.
Quiznos on 10/25/2012:
We're sorry to hear that you have received unsatisfactory service at your local Quiznos. We take pride in our efforts to provide our customers with the best service possible. Do you mind providing us with details of your experience and the location so that we can reach out to the store owner? http://www.quiznos.com/About/Contact-Us.aspx.
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