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Quiznos vs Subway
Posted by on
PETAWAWA -- I live in Canada, and have always seen the Quiznos commercials on TV and thought, oh how I wish we had one here, because I am getting tired of Subway, and Quiznos subs look so good. Well, they finally opened one where I live in Petawawa Ontario Canada. I thought wow finally, this is a military town, we have tons of pizza joints but not much else, so this is a good change, or so I thought. The place had been open about a week before I noticed it was even there, no advertising they were coming or anything. So I thought great, that's what my family will be having for dinner tonight. Every single thing we bought was paper thin with not much taste. The soup was old and tasted burnt. Chicken sub was not bad, but hardly any meat on it. The flat bread pizza had practically nothing on it, and we got the works. It was pathetic. Wasn't it Quiznos that had that commercial on TV competing with Subway on how much meat is on their subs compared to Subway? Wow what a lie. I never went back to Quiznos until today. I thought maybe it would be better now that it has been open a couple of months, so they get one more chance. Boy was I wrong. I got a double meat Italian sub, the meat was so thin you could see through it. When compared to Subways similar sub with double meat, the one at Quiznos double meat sub is the same thickness as Subways single meat. So never again will I go back there. I think they will close anyway, every time I drive past the place the parking lot is empty, and with the military base right there, business should be booming. So even though I was bored with Subway, there is not way I will stray from them again, they beat Quiznos in every category. I tried to find contact information online for Quiznos to tell them my feelings directly, but there is no way to contact them at their website, so I guess they don't care if they lose customers or not.

There was one thing I liked about Quiznos, their white sub buns have sesame seeds on them hahaha.
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Anonymous on 2010-02-18:
Quiznos is a rip off everything they sell is overpriced and you get small arse portions. I choose subway you get your money's worth there.
Anonymous on 2010-02-18:
When Quiznos first moved into this area, 5 or 6 years ago, they were awesome. I don't know what happened in the interim, but they really stink now. Shops that used to be packed, are now starting to close. It's too bad, I'd be willing to pay more if they were like they used to be.
Anonymous on 2010-02-18:
I've been to Quiznos once and that was enough
Anonymous on 2010-02-18:
I had a look at their website and the OP is correct. One of the few bigger businesses that I've seen that does not have a direct contact link from their website, only a phone number and brick and mortar address. Here is the link you'll have to copy and paste as I can't seem to put a direct link in my posts.

redmx3racer on 2010-02-19:
Quiznos years ago was good. 4 out of the 6 stores in my area have gone under in the past year. They used be a little pricy, but had a higher quality product. Now they are pricy and the quality has gone downhill.
Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
Spot on, Red
Ytropious on 2010-02-19:
I love Quiznos food....BUT the franchise closest to me is terrible. They always close on stupid holidays. Example, Presidents day this past Monday. The university gave Tuesday off for it. The Quiznos took BOTH Monday and Tuesday off for whatever reason! Hello, I'm out and about and I want Quiznos and your lazy ass doesn't want to come in on the day most others have off? WTF from a business stand point that makes no sense. Also the service is lacking but I won't get into that.
Anonymous on 2010-02-19:
Employees hardly make the call on if the store is closed or not. That being said, I'm sure they weren't too broken up about it either.
Ytropious on 2010-02-20:
I never said it was the employees' fault but it still isn't a smart decision on the franchise owner's part. The service is a different issue.
Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
"Hello, I'm out and about and I want Quiznos and your lazy ass doesn't want to come in on the day most others have off?"

Oh, OK......I must have misunderstood the above from your previous statement then. I interpreteted it to mean the lazy employees didn't want to come in....you must mean the lazy owner didn't want to come in and make food. Sorry.
Ytropious on 2010-02-21:
Yeah I didn't mean the employees were lazy, they have no say over what the lazy owner dictates. At most of the Quiznos I'm used to the owner is the manager, meaning he works there as well.
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Quiznos is a rip off
Posted by on
WEST. ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- I had the same exact situation as the guy from Eau claire, I am from The Twin cities area by the way, I almost ordered the same exact sub as you today but got the Chicken Carbonara(not one of those $4 torpedoes, mine was an $8 one) and like you I hadn't been their in about 6 months. well when I was their at a different location last time I ordered a large sub and it was huge, today My sub looked exactly like you described. I called the manager of that store soon after we left and told him my thoughts and He said its a tough economy so in order to lower prices they need to lower portions(I believe when I had that sub 6 months ago or so It was maybe $9 at the most and would have much rather paid the extra 75 cents to a buck more to have that sub versus this waste of time and money thing). I read on a different forum of complaints written by Quiznos franchisees how their getting screwed by corporate because corporate is forcing them to lower their prices in their franchised owned stores yet still charging the franchise owner the same food costs and other overhead and still telling them to give out the same portions and I saw one franchise owner comment that the only stores that will survive in these times are the ones that don't follow all of the orders of corporate, so basically skimmping customers out of food even though there not supposed to. I don't know who I should be more annoyed by, that franchise owner and report him to corporate because He scammed Me or feel sorry for him because He's getting royally screwed. I read that the average Quiznos owner works 60 to 70 hours per week and only nets 35K A year after operating costs. I'll take My business to Subway or Jimmy Johns and I told him. My buddy ordered one of those $4 torpedoes and his sub looked the same size as mine, I'm sorry but I paid $8 for mine with no special fancy schmancy meats on it and should have got a much thicker sub
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BokiBean on 2009-04-07:
I'm thinkin' this is why Subway is doing huge business with their $5 subs...they're still huge.
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Not Very Friendly
Posted by on
CLEAR LAKE, TEXAS -- I've had bad experiences from the Clear Lake Tx stores.. I bring in a coupon and they refused to honor it. They say they are an individual franchise and they are not participating in the program.. The other store gives me these weird looks when I bring in the coupon. Then all of a sudden they talk to each other in Hindi or Urdu or what ever these folks speak.. I'm sure they are saying not to make these like the others. When I get the sandwich, It is a watered down version of the real ones. I have to ask for everything. They never say thank you or hello. We went in the other night and ordered a large sub with a 2 dollar off coupon. They make us a regular and take a dollar off. When we mention that to them, they start arguing with us. Then once again they start talking to each other in that weird language again.. It's almost like we're causing them an inconvenience. They are cheap and act like their store is going to go under if they fill the sub the way the picture looks. As for the 5 dollars subs with more meat than Subway, these subs are once again watered down to the bone!

Hardly any meat, and once again they don't offer any condiments unless you ask. They also have the vegetables out of view so you can't see them.. Half their subs aren't even on the menu. But I guess there's a reason for that. I'd feel bad too if I was selling a footlong meatball sub for 8 bucks! I'm a manager at a pizza place and we would never treat customers like this. When these same people order pizza from my place, they always want something for nothing and when the driver goes to their door with a 50 dollars order they pay with a 100 and ask for every penny back. Then they get mad when we bring in a coupon. I will never shop at another Quiznos again.. There is a reason you have to wait in a big line at Subway, and when you go in Quiznos, there's 3 people in there. Besides, Subway employees are nice and they are Americans of all color. I never see any Hispanics, African Americans or White people working in Quiznos.

Also, someone needs to tell the people in Quiznos that in American we use underarm deodorant. I'm going to Subway right now to get my 5 dollar sub. They are offering every sub on the menu at that price, for the exception of two. They don't mind taking coupons either. Thanks for your time. Sincerly Craig.. (Pizza Manager)...
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Anonymous on 2009-03-27:
You know, I am really sick of posts like this. Who cares what race the employee is? All Americans have the right to work in fast food regardless of their color. I have seen people of all races working at Quiznos. Please keep your racist comments to yourself or bring them up at the next "meeting"
Anonymous on 2009-03-27:
Maybe you should move out of "American" cuz I have some news for you, its people with attitudes like yours that keep the race issues going. If they aren't talking directly to you in their first language, what do you care? Are you paranoid or something? Deal with your issue in a mature manner and treat all people the same. Anyone that actually takes the time to notice what color a persons skin is upon entering a business and then making note of it, has some real issues, IMO.
Anonymous on 2009-03-27:
Tito, they have the right to not honor your coupons. What part do you not understand and judging from the way this rant was written you go to this place with a chip on your shoulder from the start. They ought to have you hauled away for "disturbing the peace" or something.
You run your pizza joint your way and let them run their business their way.
You are a pizza runner not a SANDWICH ARTIST!!!
Principissa on 2009-03-27:
What does it matter if they are Indian, Spanish, or Green? If you get poor service, regardless of what race they are, you get poor service. Careful, those white sheets are showing a little.
Anonymous on 2009-03-27:
"These people?" Nice how you condemn an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. Nothing makes me angrier than such blatant racism. "These" people are Americans regardless of the colour of their skin or the language they speak. Your attitude probably has a lot to do with the service you get - try treating these employees with some respect and you'll be treated with respect.
Starlord on 2009-03-28:
Luckily, you did not mention the name of your pizza joint, so the people who read this can't boycott your place for your racism. I have seen people of all races working at Quizno's, and most of them provide better service that Papa John's or Pizza Hut or Round Table. Papa Murphy's would wipe you out in a head to head competition. Your hood is showing.
jktshff1 on 2009-03-27:
I apologize in advance. Admin forgive me, but this ain't right.
tito....you are just a friggin bigoted jerk, fix your own stuff at home and cram it.
Anonymous on 2009-03-27:
Who voted this cr@p helpful??!?
DebtorBasher on 2009-03-27:
How does a person "water down" a sub sandwich? You might want to double check your coupon...there's a good chance it says, "at participating locations only". And the location you went to was not participating.
DRVROFRED on 2009-03-28:
DB; That was my question. If they left the condiments off how could the sandwich be watered down. Did the customer actually see them pour a glass of water on it or drag out the hose from the back. Hmmmm
And you need to check on the coupons as the say "at participating stores only" That means exactly that. Franchise owned stors vs self owned stores can have different offers and prices. It's just food, I can't stand it when people get all upset over food when there are a million places to go if you can't cook at home, which I do understand can happen. Just relax and find another place.
DebtorBasher on 2009-03-28:
If you want it done right...do it yourself...then you have no one but yourself to blame.
Anonymous on 2009-03-28:
Come on Basher..... the subject is subs, not sex.
DebtorBasher on 2009-03-28:
I agree Alley...but as long as people are willing to pay 3 times price hike...then who are the smart business people?
Ben There on 2009-03-28:
Maybe you should move to Vidor if you don't like people who are not white.
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Million Sub Promotion, Or Is It?
Posted by on
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Reading many of the reviews, it appears that the Million Sub promotion backfired on the image of Quiznos. I tried to submit an inquiry to corporate regarding our experience with the promotion, but never received a response, even after trying to avoid sounding negative, but just asking for a response.

I found this website and it stated it could forward feedback to the company on my behalf, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Our local TV station researches and airs promotions where people can get great deals or specials. One morning they aired Quiznos Million Sub giveaway, this was at 6:00 am. I immediately went online and successfully completed the steps to receive a free sub coupon. I informed my wife who also completed the steps successfully. Around 8:00 am that morning I informed our son, who again logged into the site and successfully completed the steps.

Our son received an email with the coupon and took the coupon to a store. It was refused. He later tried a second store, again to be refused. He returned to his workplace, and already his co-workers were talking about their similar experience with the coupons. Our son submitted feedback on the Quiznos site, and never received a response. He submitted feedback a second time and has still received no response.

As for my submission and my wife's; neither of us received an email. I went to the Quiznos site and submitted feedback explaining the situation and asking if there was a reason for not receiving the coupon and if they could research our submission. Neither of us received a response, neither by email nor phone. I then tried to contact the corporate office by phone, but the number on their website appears to be for internal use, asking you to enter your mailbox number. I could not get through to speak to a person.

So as it stands, all three of us have received no responses from the corporate office or the franchise owner. However, that same TV station reports the experience its viewers submit on the promotions that they air. Quizno's was mentioned again on the news, but that most people were reporting that the promotion was not honored and shared actual experiences submitted by viewers.

In the end, I think it became widely known, not only how the promotion was not being honored, but the lack of care expressed by Quiznos owners and employees.

Has anyone out there experienced the same?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2009-03-27:
I never even heard of this promotion. I wonder how many people went ahead and ate since they were already there with a worthless coupon?
Anonymous on 2009-03-27:
Even with a coupon I'd skip Quiznos and go to Subway
ticia232 on 2009-03-29:
I am sorry for what you went through. But what you is a complaint against Quizno's Corporate.

They are the ones whom went ahead with a promotion that the paid franchise owners less than what the sub was worth just in meat and I'm not talking about anything but the meat, I worked at a franchised Quizno's before this promotion came out and Corporate only paid them $1.00 per free sub citing the economic times as why they couldn't pay the franchise owners the full price of the sub. (They are already forcing the franchise owners to buy from a company they own.
WENDYBAIRD on 2009-09-01:
I run a Quiznos and remember the promotion. I got a few coupons in but didn't have to accept them. I chose to because it was another sale and would make customer happy. This to me is common sense. But some locations chose not to because of the economy or whatever. If it is a common occurrence you may ask for the general manager is they ever accept coupons... Or ask for their reps number. Could be a training thing. But situations like this give Quiznos a bad name and make people not even want to come to my store and I had nothing to do with it. I think it is good there is a place to talk about stuff like this and even better than I can explain some of the insides issues. Hope this helped
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Rude Lady @ Quizno's #2040, Federal Way, WA
Posted by on
FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- I experienced a very rude employee at Store #2040 in Federal Way, WA on Feb 26, 2009. I was the only customer at 10:30am. I ordered two sandwiches, with a coupon for "Buy One, Get One Free". When they went to ring up the coupon, the clerk couldn't read the promotion code on the bottom of the coupon because I had accidentally cut it a little close, cutting off the bottom half of the five digit code. I had the other coupons with me and pieced them together so you could make out the code, but the lady said, "Corporate won't accept that." I asked her if she had a piece of scotch tape, and we could tape it together. She said, "I don't have any tape. Why don't you just use the other coupon." By that time, I was getting a little irritated because she was being so petty. I told her, "Because the coupons are not the same. That one is 'Buy a drink and a sandwich, get a sandwich free'." Then she said, "So you wouldn't pay a $1 to get a free sandwich?". Now I am getting mad. "No! I have a coupon and this is the one I want to use." She said, "I don't HAVE to accept any coupon." So, I said, "I don't HAVE to shop here," and headed for the door. She yelled after me, "Your sandwiches are ready. Are you going to just waste them?" I told her, "You eat them or throw them away. I don't care." I went to another Quiznos a couple miles away and used the coupon, no problem, but, Rude Quiznos Lady @ Store #2040....hope you enjoyed your lunch. You'll never see me again.

I tried to file a complaint at Quizno's website, but it looks like it goes directly to the offending store, and it wouldn't go through and she wouldn't care anyway.
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Slimjim on 2009-02-28:
Excellent move! She was busting your stones when all you were doing is giving them business. Hopefully that was an owner or manager who felt a little sting when she had to waste the sammies.
Anonymous on 2009-02-28:
Wait a minute, you gave her a coupon that had the code ripped off on it and you got upset when she didn't have scotch tape for you to tape it back together? She then gave you other alternatives..use your other coupons and pay one dollar more..and you threw a fit? Sorry, but I side with Quizno's on this one.
BokiBean on 2009-02-28:
Not me, if she had the other part of the coupon, it was there in its entirety and should have been accepted without a word.
TGT101 on 2009-03-01:
Boki but it seems that in order for the store to get credit for the coupon they need the code intact on the bottom.
BokiBean on 2009-03-01:
The only difference between a damaged coupon and an undamaged one is the ability to scan it. Its just as good, it just has to be manually entered. The code wasn't ripped off, it was cut in two, but the OP had both parts.
Anonymous on 2009-03-01:
I hear ya Boki and I agree the employee could have handled the situation a little better than they did, who knows maybe they were new and really didn't know what to do and didn't think to ask anyone else?....What I don't get is getting worked up into an absolute frenzy over what amounted to be an extra buck, to the point that I would throw a fit, start screaming at the employee and leave my food at the counter and walk out. That dollar just wouldn't mean that much to me, but that's me. And, I don't know about Quizno's, but I do know that most stores can refuse coupons if they've been damaged or altered....just a thought. I still think the OP overreacted on this one, but jmo.
BokiBean on 2009-03-01:
They were probably both just having a bad day. :D
Merrykays on 2009-03-01:
OP here...the only part of the coupon missing was about 1/8"...the bottom part of a 5 digit promotional code (which I would imagine they would know by heart), not the bar code. And, the rest of the precious code was on another coupon, which I had. It was only 10:30am, too early to be having a bad day. I wasn't, until I met up with this lady. I think she might have been the manager since she was the older of the two employees in the store. I didn't yell or pitch a fit, I just wasn't going to put up with rudeness on her part and chose to take my business to a different Quiznos, where I had no problem using the same coupon.
old fart on 2009-03-01:
You took the coupon to another Quizno's..?
Sounds like you an obsession with Quizno's..
BokiBean on 2009-03-01:
OF, a Quizno's coupon is not likely to work anywhere else..
old fart on 2009-03-01:
LOL Boki...You are absolutely right!
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Bad Customer Service in Burlington Quiznos
Posted by on
BURLINGTON, WASHINGTON -- On 2/21 my daughters and I went to the Quiznos in Burlington, WA for lunch. I had a coupon for Buy one/Get one Free. I ordered my sandwich, a Prime Rib Cheesesteak, adding "no cheese" as I am highly allergic to dairy, and I always order my sandwich no cheese. Then I said my daughter would be ordering the free sandwich. When my sandwich came out of the toaster, I noticed it had cheese on it. I told the girl I had ordered it no cheese, and she said she had made both my Prime Rib Cheesesteaks with cheese. When I pointed out that I had only ordered one, and that I had specified no cheese, she got really snotty and called the owner over to explain. He argued with me about the fact that Prime Rib Cheesesteaks have cheese in the name therefore, it comes with cheese. I explained about my food allergy and had my daughters confirm that I had ordered it without cheese, and he kept arguing that the sandwich has cheese in the name, therefore it was not their fault it had cheese on it. I also pointed out that I only ordered one Prime Rib Cheesesteak and that my daughter ordered a different sandwich as the free one, and once again I got argued with over that! I finally got my sandwich and my daughter's and sat down. But when the next customer came in, the owner offered the 2 Prime Rib Cheesesteaks they had made in error them, pointing me out and letting them know I had made a mistake in ordering them!! I have had bad experiences in this shop before and only came because my daughters and I were on a tight schedule and didn't have time to go to the Quiznos in the next town. I have never been treated so rudely, with no apology, and then to be pointed out and humiliated to the next customers.

This man, who is the owner, is arrogant and rude with no care for the customers who come in, only about making money. I will NEVER go in there again and will tell everyone I know to go to Mount Vernon, and stop going to the Burlington Quiznos.
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Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
Sounds like a crappy location for sure..How hard is it to listen to the customer?

Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
I used to get lunch all the time at the Quizno's in Burlington MA. They must be like bookends.
Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-23:
If I were you then I would have filed a lawsuit for defamation of character. But that is just what I would have done, few people would take it that far.
jenjenn on 2009-02-24:
The local Quiznos where I work refuses to take any coupons at all. On another note, I worked for Pizza Hut and we had a (regular) customer that came in with a child highly allergic to cheese. We would make his pizza without...even though cheese always comes on it! What BS...
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Poor Service At Quiznos, Employees Don't Care, Poor Conditions
Posted by on
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We loved the food at Quiznos, but we have finally had enough of their poor customer service. We have tried 2 different Indianapolis locations (75th & Shadeland, and the one on Ft. Harrison), but we run into basically the same stuff at both locations. They are always out of regular chips, (but always heavily stocked with the unpopular flavors, and always have lame excuses, like the weather was bad, their truck didn't come, so how did the rest of the stuff get there?) they don't listen to you when you place your order, the pickles and pepper trays are always empty or nearly so, dried out, etc. If you try to change anything on a sandwich (say you want mayo instead of Rosemary Sauce) they say it becomes a different sandwich and you can't have it. If a sandwich normally comes with swiss cheese and you don't like swiss, screw you. No changes. You can tell them you don't want oregano, but they dump it on anyway (even on tuna!) You can't hear yourself think for the screaming heavy metal music they blast at all times, so the wifi is useless unless you wear ear plugs.

At the 75th street store we quit going because of the heavy cigarette smoke billowing out of the back room and filling the whole restaurant, at Ft Harrison we got tired of the couldn't care less attitude of servers who don't listen, dump on toppings you don't want and didn't ask for, or drown it in mayo down and back on each side when you asked specifically for a little mayo, both places are dirty, nearly everybody who comes in gets wrong orders and leaves unhappy. We couldn't find anyplace to complain at the Quiznos website other than back to the offending store that couldn't care less about your complaint in person, much less about one sent in an email. We were eating at one or the other of these stores 1-2 times a week, but no more. Clean up your act, Quiznos.

We see complaints all over the net from frustrated customers, people will only take so much before they draw a big line through your name and take their business elsewhere, as we are doing now.
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Poor attitudes at the Quiznos in Palo Alto, CA
Posted by on
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I have eaten there twice. Both times we have had poor, half-assed service and now know never to go there again.

The first time we went, I ordered a tuna melt. The guy behind the counter seemed to be annoyed by the very fact that we had come in and interruped his goofing off and social time with his fellow employee's and angrily starting throwing together the sandwich ingredients before plopping it in the oven. I fortunately was able to remind him that the tuna melt comes with cheese, before it was too late, and he exasperatedly grabbed the cheese and threw it on the bread before it disappeared on the oven conveyor belt.

The second (and last) time we went to Quiznos for lunch was merely because my husband received a gift card we wanted to use up, so we went back to the same restaurant, which proved to be a big mistake. This time, there was someone who appeared new putting together the sandwiches. I had a hard time understanding him every time he asked me a question because he was mumbling so quietly, and I don't think English was his first language.

I finally made it known to him that I wanted the chicken, swiss ranch sandwich. while he was making the sandwich, I stepped back and let my husband order. I figure he couldn't go wrong on the sandwich ingredients because all the main ingredients was in the title of the sandwich.

Perhaps I was too hasty in my trusting judgment because again, when my sandwich came out of the oven and was given to me when we went to pay at the cashier, I noticed again...no cheese.

I told the cashier there was no cheese on my chicken, swiss ranch sandwich. She just stood there looking at me with a bored, annoyed expression and didn't say anything. After a few seconds of awkward silence, my husband chimed in and said, "I am sure they would be happy to add cheese to your sandwich", wouldn't you? He asked the cashier. Still....dead silence from her end. A few more awkward moments of silence, and I contemplated walking away without paying, but then thought we had to use up our gift card sometime, and trying to find another Quiznos seemed to be more effort than it was worth, so we just took the cheeseless sandwiches and paid.

Think we will be taking our business to subway down the street from now on whenever we get a craving for a sandwich! At least the service there is friendly!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2009-01-06:
Sounds as if this Quiznos is Sub par.
Anonymous on 2009-01-06:
lol Sheriff!
nbaycaligirl on 2009-01-06:
LOL. Boooo! hehe
Anonymous on 2009-01-06:
Quizno's is usually good..sounds like a poorly managed location...

Is this location on campus?

nbaycaligirl on 2009-01-06:
Surprisingly, No. It is on California st. Funny thing is, the Quiznos in this whole area are shutting down one by one. I guess it is just a short matter of time before this one kick's the bucket as well!
Anonymous on 2009-01-06:
we have a Quizno's here in the Sacto area that is hit and miss...if the owner is working,the service sucks...its weird...
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Quizno's sucks
Posted by on
EVERYWHERE -- Having read other reviews on Quizno's I as a former employee know what you are talking about. We are told not to give anyone more portions not even family or friends( which I did do cuz well screw Quiznos) but anyway the managers are 9 times out of ten the owners and the owners are pricks. There have been several complaints against the store I used to work at due to the owner because he feeds people moldy bread even thou we the employee's tell him its moldy he just cuts it up turns it into garlic bread and gives it for free. The corporation hot lines don't work trust me I've told people your better of just not going back because talking to corporate is like talking to a brick wall. The subs thou being good when u load them up suck other wise due to lack of portions a 6 inch gets 2 ounces of meat at my old store and you have to ask us to put on extra veggies cuz if we put them on otherwise and the boss catches us we get yelled at. That stuff you see us dipping the meet in is usually about 3 days old just that we strain it at the end of the night and throw it in the fridge. Things are bad at Quizno's we aren't even aloud to take mandatory breaks which is why some of us snap thou that one chick with the refusal is bull because we are NOT allowed to refuse service. The peppers are Months old by the time they get out to the pepper bar so I wouldn't suggest eating them. So take it from a former employee of Quiznos don't go there everything is old people have gotten sick because of it the employee's cannot do anything because we're watched 24/7 by video camera and even our conversations at the store I work at and if we do something to aid a customer we're yelled at like the time a lady passed out in our store do to hypoglemia I gave her subs to her 4 free because they were cold and she'd bin through enough the next day yelled at for giving a lady 5 bucks worth of sub we couldn't sell! So in conclusion don't go to Quizno's just don't the only thing that makes it good is a good employee who the odds are will be fired because of it trust me it happened to me for talking with a customer too long and putting on extra meat without charging 2 bucks for it just avoid it all together if you can.
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Anonymous on 2007-03-14:
Quiznos subs...mmmmmmmm....sour grapes....
Pinkprincess08 on 2007-12-11:
Ooop it's there are no 6 in. subs my bad. It's been awhile since I worked there
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Disgusting All Bread 8.99 Large Sub With No Ingredients Never Ever Again
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RICHMOND HILL, OKLAHOMA -- Used a 50% off coupon...ordered two large subs which would have been over twenty bucks.....No ingredients!!!! All bread, there wasn' t enough meat even for half a sub.
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