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Posted to my credit rating causing problems
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had been a QVC member since the 80's, with a flawless history. We temporary moved to Europe and my daughter was going to manage the domestic invoice payments. This worked extremely well until QVC made a decision for me. I had shipments go to my daughters or brothers - whichever I would visit next on home leave...the Bill To remained the same: my daughter's address. Some hog they picked up my address in Holland, and took it upon themselves to change the Bill To. I called my daughter and she said she had no idea why they were change it, all invoices were paid IN FULL, ON TIME.

At the same time, Holland closed their formal post offices, and assigned retail businesses the duties. As a side note, I purchased from many other US companies and all transactions were without issue. We had to abruptly return to the US as my brother had died, my mother was about to and my sister was in need of help in caring for Mom, as my sister had been diagnosed with cancer. I had to pack up the European house, do all exiting paperwork, including all requirements to ship two dogs. After moving back I ordered several QVC items, my life was still in limbo as my mother died and my sister had surgery and her health rapidly declined . This meant I constantly on the road, my banking was done on line. One day while home I noticed an envelope from QVC it was a letter saying they closed my account and turned me over to collections. I owed $1,900 approximately. I had not realized there was a problem. I called immediately to figure out what went wrong. All invoices were sent to Holland and they said I should have thought to have mail forwarded. I told her our company didn't send us to Europe to use our expertise because we were dummies. I asked if they had any knowledge how mail works over there, no they didn't. It wasn't their problem. I said that they had gotten the closing letter to the correct address so why didn't they see what had happened. In all the years I had been an excellent customer, paying mostly in full every time. I asked who changed my address from US to Europe. They said it didn't matter, their job is not to tell me to pay my bills.

I offered to pay ASAP, but no, they said I had to deal with the collector. After all was said and done, I paid the total direct deposit to the collector. I was advised that QVC would still send an adverse filing on my credit rating. The fact of all the mix up, decisions they made with no authorization to change addresses, etc. made no difference. In setting up accounts for our return to the States this problem has been an issue. When I tell the vendor to look at ALL my credit history, no matter how far back, is a clean slate, it's usually resolved.

Since then I have written letters and called QVC asking why all the changes were made without my authorization and the answer is the same. Account closed, no further action by them. Their customer service / accounting departments have plummeted in the past few years. I am not alone, search the net, many people have experienced the same thing. Makes no sense.
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trmn8r on 03/23/2013:
It is your responsibility to pay your credit bills, whether you receive a bill or not; thus the statement made by the CSR rep is correct IMO.

I don't see a problem with a credit issuer figuring out that you have moved to another country, and changing your address. Logically, it seems like it should be a borrower's responsibility to notify a lender of such an event.
clutzycook on 03/23/2013:
Were you having stuff shipped to you in Europe? That may be how they got your address in Holland.
smith on 05/19/2013:
I disagree the lady said her bill was changed to her daughters address and her daughter was talking care of her bill.I understand I worked overseas for two yrs most.of bills where electronic email I did have a couple. Of mishaps ltrying two correct errors inthe states is bad an all consuming its even harder when u are on the other side of the world.keep disputing it with the credit agencies an it will be deleted just stay on it
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Deceptive policies
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
QVC Easy Pay, Not easy and a true nightmare

on air the hosts continually boast how simple it is the open an account and use easy pay with your first order. This is completely untrue which in my book is a deceptive business practice.

I ordered my nephew an advance order of a PS3 which Qvc cancelled stating I must pay it in whole upfront because of have no pay history with them? Excuse me? you have lost this sale and the sale of a laptop for my college age daughter. Toys R Us has layaway and so does Best Buy. I love the convenience of shopping online or by phone at unusual hours, but if QVC sold washing machines and mine was broken, I would carry my clothes to a creek and beat them with rocks before I'd give QVC my business.

QVC cancelled my brothers account because whoever lived in the foreclosed home he moved into apparently owed on orders< what does this have to do with a current occupant? You all do realize people move right ?

Also QVC will not take debit cards for easy pay although it states clearly on the customer service tab they do. If you feel debit cards or prepaid cards which I might add 1/2 of the US population has due to changes in Social Security no longer issuing a paper check and forcing many to find a way to deposit funds with lower fees than a traditional bank then you need to connect with Pay Pal like HSN and Shop NBC do, that would solve that.

Nowhere on your CS tab in help and support does it state that people cannot use easy pay on 1st order and I'm curious how anyone can build a payment history if you cannot use easy pay to begin with that is just stupid. Also it clearly states that debit cards are accepted. It is none of the CS reps business why a customer doesn't use a traditional bank and lastly if a person has their proof of residencey such as mortgage, lease, utilities etc then you need to take into consideration especially in today's economy that many people buy forclosed homes ( this in itself would indicate that someone couldn't or wouldn't pay their TV shopping bills )

Do you all have so much business that you can afford to alienate a new customer or lose someone who's shopped years simply because the bought a home ? If so I'd like your secret because the company I work for we need business so send your overages our way.

I find it apaulling that customers are misled, and once hooked in you close accts at will no explanations as I can see on 5 different complaint sites online as well as the BBB of PA. I suggest anyone considering ordering for the holidays do so now because once they demand a blood and dna sample photos of you in front of your house with the mortgage broker with a newspaper dated that day you are unlikely to get your order so save yourself the hassle. HSN has fewer payments, and charges all taxes and shipping upfront but are far more flexible with the use of debit, pre paids etc and they will allow Pay Pal in lieu of a debit card .

I found the PS3 at my local Toys R Us on advance sale and it is 40.00 cheaper and I was able to laway. Research your options, you can most likely fare better somewhere else with the hassles the QVC CS team gives you, if they even show you the courtesy of a call or email prior to cancelling your order or Closing your account with no explanations

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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 09/19/2012:
I think the issue with with flex pay or whatever they call it in your situation was that you tried to pay with a debit card. From their perspective that's a dicey proposition for them. If you had ordered with a credit card, I'd bet there wouldn't have been a problem.

Personally I'm against making payments on anything if possible. If I can't afford to pay for something I want in full, I don't buy it or save until I can.

Also I've never found the "deals" on QVC/HSN/ShopNBC to be very good. Especially on electronics and computers. From what I've seen their *very* best deals are just a few bucks below that of brick and mortar retail stores, and significantly higher than the big online retailers.
farrah on 01/28/2013:
QVC just call me and I request a supervisor to do so
and took few hours.
The call(working in law I know it is illegal and it is a clearly deceptive practice TO ADVERTISE one thing, such as QVC DO ACCEPT VISA DEBIT CARD pre-pay ,
however the lady goes, name is SUZANNE or suzann:

"Well,we say subject to APPROVAL."

I go,"So your telling me the merchandise,when the
1st payment does go through,your then going to say
we will still DENY the party BIASLY,the product,
VISA DEBIT,RELOADABLE CARD,even if the payment did at least go through,and this is a new customer.

so we agree with this complaint on QVC,DEBIT false
advertisement and illegal practice,they will be I am sure of it working in law,head of the firm has
said,they are going to be sued more and do poorly
in sales more,and more,while HSN,NBC shop etc.and
other outlets like that flourish.I challenge her
for which I record and she AGREE when I said this:
SO,WHY DON'T YOU JUST BE FORTHRIGHT,and adage on the WEBSITE, TV Show,infomercials,late night and day by day the TRUTH, SAY,WE ARE NOT GOING TO AT ALL SHIP OUT YOUR MERCHANDISE you ordered,IF we verify,it is not a BANK-Checking Acct.Issued type
bank card.
why not be honest to add QVC Shall NEVER accept any type of VISA DEBIT RELOADABLE CARD,that is not link to a bank account.

SEE?She got silent then says Farrah...Your right,
We should.
That prove #1. I know my law work for 12 yrs. in a field like this,and #2.It prove QVC is using a very bad,unlawful,illegal deceptive practive and I do pray in time,we all can get together as others
and successfully file suit.Since I work in this field,I want to try to properly assist you all in your suit if your interested email me,directly.
I write up suits each week,and I will love to see change,so no one else will be/feel bias against,
like you.and or my sister,family etc.they are now
approve at guess where today? HSN computer and they are happier.Being receive in just one day.
A LAWSUIT DO CHANGE THINGS,usually for the better.
QVC before I hang up with the last word, I let her know I am sure they will be sued as more as they already have been.

Farrah @
James on 01/29/2013:
I purchased my first order from QVC and HSN using a debt Card no problem at all
Judy on 04/15/2013:
I have been with qvc and HSN and I ONLY USE FOR 14 years my DEBIT card. Never had a problem once!
Heather on 07/12/2013:
Very strange! I have used my debit card for almost all my easy pay purchases with QVC over the years. Never had one problem!
Nate on 08/11/2013:
The issue is with PRE PAID debit cards. If you have a regular visa/MasterCard debit with your bank or credit union you should be fine. If you have a re-loadable pre paid card then they won't accept it.
Debbie on 08/22/2013:
Non bank issued debit or credit cards indicate a past problem managing money and payment history- always had , always will
Bob on 09/05/2013:
I know this post is old but I couldn't help laugh when I read it. Of course a company isn't going to accept a pre paid card for easy pay. Would you take payments from a stranger who said I'll give you x amoutn up front and I may or may not have it next month? They cannot process a pre paid card like typical debit and credit cards. Gas stations are the same way. You cannot use them at the pump. I don't even think rental centers take pre paid cards. You can use bank debit cards with qvc easy pay as I have. They just put a hold on the amount for 48 hours to verify you actually have the funds available. They can't do this with a pre paid card. This really shouldn't be a surprise and honestly if you can't use a major credit card or debit card that's linked to a bank account you shouldn't be buying things with a payment plan.
Lacey on 11/05/2013:
My daughter bought a tv using easy pay and a prepaid debit card with no problems two years ago. She even paid it off early. This year she ordered some items on easy pay and they called her back a few days later told her they don't take prepaid debit. They don't even know their own policies.
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Very Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Despite the fact that I'd like to do differently, I will be very short and to the point with this complaint and try to take my emotions out of it.

My mother ordered me a Dell Inspirion laptop from QVC for Christmas. I didn't even plug the computer in until the following day. On December 29th the computer stopped working and I doubt I've used it more than 3 or 4 hour combined. I spent an hour and half on the phone with Dell and they were unable to remedy the problem. They gave me several options, but the point that stuck out with me the most was they said "because I had purchased the laptop through QVC they were unable to replace the computer immediately" however, they could send me discs where they could walk me through a repair that would take a "very long time" and "was very confusing", their words, not mine. Or they also gave me an option to send a technician to my house to switch out the motherboard but were unable to send someone for up to a week. I understand that Dell was trying to be accommodating and I thanked them for that, but I was unhappy with the idea of getting a BRAND NEW COMPUTER and then immediately having to have repairs done to it.

Following this information I contacted QVC because with my new computer came instructions that if I had any problems I was to contact their customer service. When I was finally connected with a representative, she was curt and rude with me from the very instant she introduced herself. I gave her the short synopsis of my computer malfunctioning and that at this point it was a complete loss. She said "what do you want me to do about it". I told her I wanted a new computer and I needed it immediately due to a high volume of work and school work that I had looming and she said well , "all I can do is offer a you a refund, the computer ships directly from Dell and it's their problem." Here's the thing, the computer was purchased through QVC, I want QVC to fix the problem. I told her that I was not satisfied with a refund. At that point, I didn't want to talk to her anymore because I could instantly tell she was not going to be helpful.

At this point, my parents are out $1000, I have a computer that is not functioning, and I'm inconvenienced because I've had to take time out of my day for a problem that should have been fixed like this. "We'll send you a new computer with overnight shipping right now. It should be there tomorrow".

I have worked in customer service my ENTIRE life and I have eaten a TON of crow when people ask for things even when they are in the wrong, I oblige because the customer is always right. Well, I'm right, QVC is WRONG and this is terrible customer service. I encourage you to DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH QVC. AGAIN DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH QVC. Save your money time and hastle by going directly to the consumer.
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User Replies:
rosie s on 02/04/2012:
shoppers BEWARE! qvc's employees are not qualified to do their job. was put through a collection agency for $13.18 and the charge was not my mistake. spent hours trying to get it corrected to no avail. after a tedious run a round, I took care of it. check your bills carefully and have a lawyer if you choose to shop qvc!
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QVC is a business
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Some of the complaints about QVC may be valid but others really shock me. QVC is a business like any other. If you don't pay the electric, it gets shut off..etc etc. They don't black list people without good reason. There seem to be a lot of compulsive buyers who when the big credit card bill comes in and they lose the race to the mailbox to their husband, or find they bought too much that month and can't afford the bill....then try to return way too much and are put out when QVC halts their "buying privileges" I surely don't blame QVC for closing accounts if over 50% of someones purchases keep being returned for various excuses as they have to pay for the restocking or throwing the items out that can't be resold. People keep out of trouble by being a savy responsible shopper. Don't buy more than you can pay for. I can tell many are not telling the WHOLE STORY here. If you know you are going to lose your job or plan ongoing bankrupt, don't continue to buy on credit and don't expect special consideration. I have not one bad experience in buying or returning items from QVC but I don't buy more than I can pay off in 2 months either. Yeah I got a lot of wants...but I don't let that get in my way of being a responsible shopper. I don't buy big ticket items such as chairs and computers at QVC. You drive a car b4 you buy it don't you? Just because you get a 10,000 credit limit doesn't mean you need to spend that amount. Is the consumers responsibility to keep out of trouble...not the company. If you can't control TV shopping urges then turn the channel. And for the one commentor who went Chapter 13 bankrupt and thinks she is so "entitled" to keep charging items on QVC and has admitted publicly she is scamming the company by fake names?? You disgust me and people like you are the reason this country has such economic woes. You ruin everything for the responsible folks. You have bad credit for 10 years and can't blame everyone else for your irresponsibility so suck it up and put on your big girl pants. You probably are on public assistance of every kind too and feel entitled to charge up luxury big ticket items and is why you ended up bankrupt. I hope they have charged you with fraud. As for those who didn't fit into the shopoholics and scammers comments are not directed to you.
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User Replies:
Vinnie11 on 11/12/2012:
I really wouldn't have any problem with it EXCEPT for the way they tell you repeatedly you can return it when they are selling it. It's a given that you can make returns, people usually mention it only when you can't so for them to hawk their return policy then penalize you for using it is wrong in my opinion.
copper_works_ on 11/12/2012:
I only watched QVC once and it reminded me of carnival barkers. Ummm, no thanks!
leet60 on 11/13/2012:
Comparing a retail business to a utility is not a valid comparison. In most instances you have no "options" with utilities to choose another company. You have those options in retail. My experience with QVC is that they offer overpriced, often liquidation merchandise to less than saavy consumers. It is the consumers responsibility to be informed, so this is not QVC's fault.
FoDaddy19 on 11/13/2012:
I've never shopped at QVC or HSN or anything. I do turn in for a good laugh whenever they are doing a presentation on absurdly overpriced computers. It's always awe-inspiring to see some presenter who obviously has no clue what he/she is talking about prattle on and on about the virtues of a dual core CPU (in 2012 mind you) and how 4 GB and a 500GB HDD are the bee's knees, and how it can all yours (cheap TN panel monitor included!) for the low, low, price of $1200.

A couple months ago a QVC presenter seemed particularly impressed with a 13.3 inch MacBook Pro they were selling for the "incredible" price of $1799. Same computer sold on Apple's website for $1100 at the time. What a deal.
Leann on 06/24/2013:
Although I agree that she should not keep shopping and definitely should not be using false names, I find it so disrespectful that you would assume she would be on all types of assistance and feels entitled. Although there does seem to be some underlying issues, nor everyone is privileged in life even through hard work. Everyone deserves to have something for themselves from time to time. Don't be so rude and hateful. Didn't your mother teach you manners as a child.
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QVC Discriminates
Posted by on
QVC has cancelled my account...several times. We had a CHAPTER 13 bankruptcy a few years ago. QVC was one of the accounts listed in that bankruptcy. In a chapter 13, you pay back just a percentage of what you owe to each company. The company, in return, HAS THE OPTION OF EITHER ACCEPTING OR REJECTING the terms of the chapter13. QVC ACCEPTED THE TERMS of our chapter 13. Then, a couple of YEARS later, I had ordered something and when I went to check the status of my order, my account had been CLOSED. When I called and asked WHY, I was told that I "owed Qvc money" and until that was resolved, I was no longer "allowed to shop" with them!! I explained that they had ACCEPTED the terms, but got nowhere. So, I opened another account...under an alias using the same address, email, etc. I got away with that for several months when they once again caught on, and closed my account. So I used my DOGS name this time, and my maiden name and opened yet ANOTHER account and for some time got away with it and was ordering to my hearts content. They closed my account sooner this time so I called to find out WHY and was told the same thing. They called me by my real name and I told them I was not that person, and why would they cancel my account, and they said any account using the DEBIT CARD number I was using would "not be allowed to shop with them". So, I simply got a different debit card with a new number. I once again changed my name and this time got away with it for TWO YEARS which really made them mad, lol. I tried to get into my account yesterday and saw it once again had been closed down and my order cancelled. The common denominator in this: Each time my account had been cancelled, it was when I had ordered something expensive. Like the one time it was a big screen TV, another time, an 8 foot Christmas Tree, and this time it was a Dyson vacuum cleaner which I didn't really need; just thought it was a good deal. So once again I called these phlegmwads and they said that "I owed Qvc money.", and I told them I did not owe them anything and they said that a person by my real name DID. So I told them I was "living with relatives" and was told that "NO ORDERS OR ACCOUNT WOULD BE ACCEPTED FROM ANYONE AT MY HOME ADDRESS!!! THat was when I told them right out that they only cancelled my account because of the chapter 13 bankruptcy in which they had ACCEPTED THE TERMs, and they therefore had NO RIGHT to cancel my account! There was silence on the phone; they had nothing to say as I let them know that I KNEW why they kept closing my account.
QVC feels they can discriminate and that is against the law. THEY ACCEPTED THE TERMS OF THE CHAPTER 13 and therefore, I do not see HOW they have the right to tell me I cannot have an account there. I intend to start calling attorneys to file a lawsuit against them for discrimination as that is exactly what they are doing. They are royally ticked that we filed a chapter13 and only paid back a small percentage of what we owed, HOWEVER, THEY HAD THE OPTION OF NOT ACCEPTING THOSE TERMS, IN WHICH CASE NEGOTIATIONS WOULD HAVE CONTINUED UNTIL AN AGREEMENT WAS REACHED." IF an agreement had not been reached, IF they still refused to accept the conditions, we would then have had to pay them in full...but THEY ACCEPTED THE TERMS!!! So, as far as I'm concerned, they have no right to ban me from shopping at their site. The only reason I am fighting this is strictly on the principle of the issue. IF I cannot find a lawyer who will take this case, I will once again open an account under a NEW name, and I have several other ADDRESSES I can use as I have lots of FRIENDS who will let me have things delivered to their homes. I also am getting yet another debit card number, and will be using a different phone number as well. They will NEVER be able to stop me from shopping there, and I am going to do this just to prove to those idiots that they cannot do this; it is not right, and I'm not going to take it. They simply don't know who they are dealing with, lol.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/24/2010:
"They simply don't know who they are dealing with, lol."

How could they, you keep changing aliases...
raven2010 on 07/24/2010:
any company can refuse to do business with you---chapter 13 or not.
madconsumer on 07/24/2010:
sounds like you tried to cheat their system and got caught.
bcd on 07/24/2010:
A company is not required to accept your future business just because they accepted the terms of a previous bankruptcy. They are not guilty of discrimination. You have been blacklisted.

You could be charged with fraud because you used a debit card with an unregistered fictitious name. You do not have any legal recourse against them and I don’t expect you will find a lawyer to represent you.
drugdoc121 on 07/24/2010:
Why would a company want to continue doing business with a customer that stiffed them out of the full amount they were due? Sounds like good business sense to me.
leet60 on 07/24/2010:
bcd +10. A company accepting the terms of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy does not obligate them to keep your account open or to do business with you at any time in the future. They simply accept the terms, the trustee pays them a small percentage of the debt you owe, and the remainder cannot be actively collected upon.
Venice09 on 07/24/2010:
So is it any wonder QVC banned the OP? I learned something new here today.
yoke on 07/24/2010:
Has the OP paid any of the new QVC accounts? I would not be surprised if it will be QVC getting a lawyer involved in this? What the OP has done is fraud.
clutzycook on 07/24/2010:
I hope you're right nano.
Venice09 on 07/24/2010:
Yep, the OP will probably be seeing a lawyer, just not the one she thought. I'm sure QVC has a team of attorneys on the payroll.
happy camper on 06/21/2013:
Seriously??? Shame on you!!! Instead of trying to scam the system and using fraudulent identies why don't you stop buying luxury items and pay your old debt back. Good luck with a lawsuit. It's people like you who ruin the economy for honest people who pay their bills. Why don't you just walk into an store and buy your stuff? Oh yes then you would have to be yourself!!! Ugh.
Just me on 09/15/2013:
Why would QVC want your business? You stiffed them....didn't pay them the money you owed and now you're ordering new items? You really think anyone is going to have sympathy for you?'re dishonest....I wouldn't want your business either!
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Received Used Items Twice!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Last year I bought a tablet for my son it arrived with someones information all threw the tablet. I called QVC asked them how can I give this as a gift already used so I returned it, it was going to take forever to get another one so I ended up canceling and it took so long to get my refund it was over a month. So this year here I go again I bought another tablet and the same thing another used one and its an item that cost $200.00. I think I should receive a new one and I'm praying I receive a new one and that it arrives before xmas. Every time I purchase something on QVC I think really hard about it because of their return policy. When you shop with ShopNBC they send you another item before they even get the return item back and that's the reason why I purchase so much from them. No more QVC for me.
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User Replies:
Jody on 11/28/2012:
I love QVC, especially the easy pay, but lately I haven't been hearing good things about them, which dissapoints me. I hope they straighten out their act and that you receive a brand new unopen item before Christmas.
trmn8r on 11/28/2012:
Very few companies will send a replacement before receiving the original back, which is easy to understand. OTOH, I have agreed to pay for a second item, and wait for my refund once the first one is received back. Good luck.
Susan on 11/28/2012:
I purchase quite a bit from QVC and have only had one problem which they quickly resolved. However, I seriously doubt that ShopNBC shipped you a replacement item before receiving the original without charging you for it.
Vinnie11 on 11/29/2012:
They're driving me crazy lately too. I placed an order in July and they somehow made two orders out of it. I was charged twice and received two identical blouses. When I inquired, they insisted I did it.
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Don't Buy Mattress From QVC
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- Buy from a reputable local store you can trust instead.

Ordering went smoothly but that's where anything positive about purchasing my mattress set through QVC ended.

It took several weeks to arrive and if I hadn't phoned and emailed several times I might still be waiting months later. The promise was it would ship within 7 days, and they claimed it did.

Once it finally arrived the material on the bottom of the box spring tore when the delivery guys removed the shipping plastic. They tore it. They then advised me that QVC would ship a replacement right away, I only had to contact them. They also said they noted the damage was caused by removal of the shipping plastic on their paperwork.

I began by emailing QVC support immediately. They responded that a replacement would be shipped right away. After several more email exchanges they finally advised me that I needed to call the support number to sort it out. When I called, they said they had no record of the situation and that they would need to have a supervisor call me back. The call never came. After further calls I continued to get the same response, that someone would call me back, which never happened. During the last call I made they began accusing me of causing the damage but that a supervisor would call me back. I never received a call. Months later I still have the damaged box springs.

My conclusion is don't buy anything from QVC. If there is a problem they won't back it up. Buy from a local store you know you can trust and that provides dependable customer service.
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User Replies:
melissa253 on 10/02/2012:
At this point for your own sanity maybe you should just let it go. You said that the tear was caused when the deliver guy removed the plastic, right? So how big can this tear really be? The tear cannot be visible once you put the mattress on and make the bed. right? And if you are concerned about the tear getting bigger. maybe you can sew it yourself? I know that they should have replaced it but it's been months.

I would think twice about ordering any large items off of a TV show because you might get the runaround forever.
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They select which reviews to post
Posted by on
I recently purchased a Diamonique ring from QVC. The ring itself isn't half bad, so I wrote a review, giving it a 4-star, but pointing it out that it's still a simulated diamond (CZ)that comparing to other CZ jewelries it's pricey, and suggested QVC bringing more simple style jewelries. And guess what? A couples of days later, they sent me an email saying they could not post my review, but didn't specify why. So I wasn't even complaining about the product and they still pulled me out? Oh, I guess that's how they have all those "Top-rated" products, right? I've NEVER had such experience with ANY online stores, let alone a store that's on TV all the time. How can I expect any quality in their customer services now that they are not even honest about our reviews? Hold on to your wallet from this store!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 05/13/2011:
I used to defend QVC, but their tactics lately have caused me to rethink my position. Maybe they are feeling the effects of the economy and are looking for ways not to lose customers.
I don't think it's working though. For every customer they keep, they lose another.
madconsumer on 05/13/2011:
qvc has every right to choose what reviews to post. it is their website after all.
Anonymous on 05/13/2011:
Well pointing out that it expensive for a sim (cz) may be seen as a complaint. Still though, I have seen negative reviews on their site. I just purchased an eternagold necklace and quite a few of them had negative reviews regarding their size.
Venice09 on 05/13/2011:
I've seen more complaints about QVC in the last year than I've ever seen before. If I know a website removes negative reviews, then I can't trust the site or the reviews and probably wouldn't order from them. QVC better be careful what they do before its too late. They are up against a failing economy, which should make them more determined than ever to hold on to each and every customer.
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Black Listed for no Reason
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WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been blacked listed by QVC because I allowed a friend who was not computer savy to use my email address. I was a loyal customer for many years. When things started to go wrong, I called QVC to correct the email problem, but because my friend had so many returns and standby orders not processed, QVC banned us both from placing orders. I set up new accounts, but they eventually put blackmark against my address.

I wrote to the corporate office to explain and try to get reinstated, but they never responded to my letter. Never was their any fraudulent intent, I just wanted to shop.

Oh well, their lost is HSN's gain.
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getoverit on 03/27/2011:
That's unfortunate but I can't totally blame them. You could have helped your friend establish their own account with their own address.

It sounds as if your friend placed a lot of orders. It's one thing to let that person use your account for one or two transactions. But, beyond that, you should have insisted that he or she set up their own - computer savvy or noy.
Anonymous on 03/27/2011:
I'm not sure what to believe on this review. You title it that you were blacklisted for no reason, then give the reason you were blacklisted. Your issue is with your friend, not QVC.
momsey on 03/27/2011:
With yahoo, gmail, hotmail and probably countless other free email services, there's no reason anyone should have to borrow anyone else's email address.

I don't quite know what happened here, but it seems like your friend ticked off QVC with his or her shopping habits and QVC had enough.
essence702 on 03/28/2011:
Like I tried to explain here. My friend does not have a computer, and is completely computer illiterate. I didn't know at the time that her using my email address was going to create such a mess. I just know that my years of shopping with QVC and the thousands of dollars I spent with them apparently meant nothing to them.
Venice09 on 03/28/2011:
Unless you are doing it for her, your friend can't be too computer illiterate if she's using an email address to order merchandise online. I've had a QVC account for twenty years. I don't use it much anymore but recently returned a large amount of items and received a warning letter. They are obviously cracking down on returns even though their main sales pitch is the 30-day return policy.

I agree that it's QVC's loss. They need you more than you need them. The only thing they really offer is Convenience. Quality and Value, not so much.
tnchuck100 on 03/28/2011:
People are just too free with their personal information. SSN,s, debit card numbers/PIN, bank account numbers. Be aware of this: If you help someone out paying their cable or satellite bill with your credit or debit card that company WILL use your account again if necessary when your friend owes them money. VERY good way to end a friendship.
momsey on 03/28/2011:
Again, there's no reason ever to share an email address. If you were helping her every step of the way, you could have taken an extra five minutes and set up an email address just for her.
essence702 on 03/28/2011:
To further clarify, my friend was not shopping on line, she was shopping via the telephone. I don't know how or why she needed and why QVC requested an email address. But it happened! The fact that all my attempts to get QVC to unlink the accounts went unheeded. I really didn't consider email address to be "personal" information like ss#'s, pin #'s and banking information.
Anonymous on 03/28/2011:
It isn't overly personal information essence702. Everyone you e-mail has it and judging from the amount of spam floating around these days a whole bunch of folks you DON'T e-mail have it. I have been reading more than 2 or 3 of these complaints about QVC giving folks the boot. They will regret it in the long run. Happy shopping at HSN!
Venice09 on 03/28/2011:
When ordering on the telephone, there is no reason to supply an email address. It is not required. I really don't understand why she used your address unless something was already going on with her account that required an email address. That would have been the first clue not to let her use yours. I think it was wrong of her to involve you in this. QVC may close accounts, but I don't think they blacklist anyone without good reason. They don't want to lose customers permanently unless it's absolutely necessary.

I hope your friend realizes what her actions caused. I would feel terrible if I did this to someone. You obviously wanted to continue shopping with QVC and now you can't. I personally think you are better off without them, but I certainly understand how you feel.
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Closed account without notification
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PENNSYLVANIA -- After being a loyal customer for a number of years - yesterday my account was closed with no notification or explanation. I was told to call the Corporate Office for the reason but they don't answer the phone or return calls from messages left on their answering machine. Then later we discovered that my husbands account was closed as well. Guilt by association (same address). If it's because I have had returns - well there is nothing stated in their return policy that if you go over a certain percentage we will close you out. In fact their hosts encourage you to try a product and return it if you are unhappy. If it is because I have cancelled orders they certainly can not tell me that they put a product aside for me because that is bull - I have put an order into motion days later to be told it is on back order so they are not holding anything specific aside when you place your order. Well I guess this just means that another lucky company will now get my business. Shame on you QVC!
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Skye on 03/05/2011:
How about writing them? Not an email, actually writing them a letter, and ask them to please tell you why they closed both accounts. Here is their mailing address:

QVC, Inc.
Customer Service
1200 Wilson Drive at Studio Park
West Chester, PA 19380
Venice09 on 03/06/2011:
I think QVC has been going through some changes lately. Perhaps too many people are taking them up on their offer to try products and return them if not satisfied, which I believe is their primary selling strategy. But they can't have it both ways. If they're going to encourage customers to purchase items with the confidence of knowing they can be returned, then they shouldn't complain about the amount of returns.

I shopped frequently with QVC years ago, but I no longer have the need since so many stores opened in my area. However, last Spring I ordered a lot of clothes, most of which were returned, and I received a lengthy warning letter. I let them know that I didn't appreciate the warning, but I never heard back. I stopped short of closing my account but will most likely never order from them again. For all I know, they closed the account for me. I can't really say that I care.

I say take your business elsewhere. The only advantage of shopping with QVC is the Convenience. As far as the Quality and Value, not so much.
suzisunshine on 03/07/2011:
Thanks for the advise from the 2 people that posted. They both summed up my thoughts exactly - I have composed a letter and will see if I get a response and will take my business elsewhere - QVC isn't the only place to shop!
trmn8r on 03/07/2011:
While they may encourage customers to return items, this kind of activity does have a cost. So does cancelled orders. It may be that they put on one face, but they have another. A two-face - I don't respect that.
Venice09 on 03/07/2011:
Trmn, of course there's a cost, but it's factored into the price of the merchandise. I think QVC started feeling the crunch of the economy long before it actually crashed, and it caused them to show two faces, as you said. I believe the OP was just doing what she was encouraged to do by the salespeople/hosts, and for that she AND her husband were punished. Trust me, everyone can live without QVC.
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