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4 Months Of Hell Dealing With This "Communication" Company! 2010
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Don't go with Qwest....they are a company who employees individual's that are incapable of dealing with the public...there policies are horrible...that are ripping off the consumer, charging more than should be charged, charging for services that were not bought, and rude, rude, negative refusal to take care of the problem. Example, I return a modem, after being told I have to rent from them, which was a lie, my son came over and told me that is not true, I have proof etc. of when they received modem. I am charged for 3 months of modem rental when I did not have it. When I was asked for a refund/credit for this I was told "we don't give refunds", word games perhaps? When I said, it is against the law to charge a consumer for product they did not have and to charge extra tax on it, he said, we do not refund taxes?????? I had service from Sept and ended it in December, what a short time for a company to completely destroy a consumer's confidence in doing business with them! I have never nor will I ever do business with Qwest. Hours upon hours of being on the phone dealing with rude and impossible employees and trouble from the very beginning with the order. I have documented it all...keep my calls logged etc. etc. I have dealt with other companies through the years for similar services, had problems sometimes, but NEVER EVER on the level of trouble, over billing, illegal charges of taxes, not explaining increases in charges, telling me to call the federal government regarding my tax, and from the beginning lying to me about having to rent or buy their modem...
Service Hell with Qwest from Sept 2010 through December 2010 thank God only that much of my time has been wasted. By the way, I spent a lot of time with each bill, for they are confusing, and pulled out each part of it that I actually had service and PAID IN FULL online each month..so it has ended COMPLETELY. I am going with Comcast, for all 3 services!!!! Never had problems like this with Comcast and should have never changed. Qwest makes themselves look like a 3rd world company compared to Comcast!!!! I would rate them a minus 10!!!!! Bad billing, policy, service, communication, employee's customer service is the worst and this is a company who provides communication products!!!!!!
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Skye on 01/01/2011:
I have never had any issues with Qwest. For me, going from Qwest to Comcast for the internet, would be like jumping from the frying pan, into the fire. We use Qwest for our phones and internet. Comcast for TV.

Good luck.
JustSayNOtoQwest! on 02/02/2011:
Just wait until you get the bill with the ETF charges for your internet. You probably never agreed to a two year contract but they will claim you did and that you got a Price for Life guarantee in return for your agreement. When you dispute the charges, letting them know you NEVER signed a contract, they'll tell you you had a 'verbal agreement'. This is what they did to me. I refused to pay it and filed a complaint with the FCC. The FCC contacted them and Qwest reluctently removed the charges. If you find yourself in a similar situation, PLEASE contact the FCC online. I think if more people complained, they would have their business practices reviewed. I just feel bad for all the people victimized by this company.
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Working with Qwest is akin to embracing Murphy's Law
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I would like share my extremely frustrating experience with Qwest with you. First let me preface this letter by stating I have been a loyal Qwest for 5 years and have moved frequently and successfully with their service.

This year I moved in May 2007 and have had nothing but frustration with Qwest. My new housemates and I decided that we wanted to share wireless internet in our house. We order Qwest wireless the first week of June 2007.

When I received the modem and start up disc, none of the codes would work for my computer, nor my housemates. I called Qwest and was told that it was because I had a MacBook. During the month of June I called Qwest over nine times, and was repeatedly told in both polite and in rude terms that the problem was my Mac, not Qwest. During one call to Qwest, an employee told me that he could get it up and running in 30 seconds if my computer were a PC. When I asked him if any of his colleagues were trained for Macs, he told me that hardly anyone uses macs and Qwest should not have to train its employees in a practically obsolete system. He then transferred me, against my will, to the apple support line.

My computer is a 2007 Macbook that receives wireless at every coffee shop or business with wireless; I is not a problem with my computer. The apple support line should not have to pick up the pieces for Qwest employees.

The amount of time spent on the phone with Qwest in June, transfers directly to my cell phone bill. I went over my minutes for the first time in my cell phone contract by exactly the amount of time I was on the phone with Qwest. I admit, I do choose to have a cell phone instead of a landline. This means that 1-800 numbers cost minutes on my plan, yet if Qwest employees had been trained sufficiently in both Macs and PCs, I should have only had to make one phone call, and thus not go over my minutes. I do believe that part of my $57.54 monthly Qwest bill is to having access to customer service.

After this cell phone bill, I asked Qwest for a new modem to rent. I was sent a non-rental and charged roughly $100. I did not learn this until my bill at the end of July.

After receiving the new modem, I had the same series of problems with wireless not working in the household. After three more phone calls, I got a Qwest employee that knew Macs. He got the wireless up and running in under 30 seconds.

Shortly after the wireless got working, I got the bill for the charged modem. I immediately called billing and asked if I could have it transferred on my account as a rental. The first person I talked to did not think they could do it, but then I got them to transfer me to the Loyalties Department. The first person I talked to in loyalties, told me that they could change it to rental status, and because I was a loyal customer, he would give me three months for half price in recompense for all the pervious trouble. He told me to wait three days to pay my bill, because he would start the discount that month. I was much relieved. Yet when I called to check on my bill five business days later, it had not changed.

When I called to check with billing they had two different computer profiles for me, one gave the information that loyalties had told me, the other had the higher bill. They could not rectify it, so instead of Qwest figuring it out its own internal error, they forced me to talk to Loyalties, billing, and customer care. I spent over two hours on the phone that day. I should not be the one communicating to each department in Qwest about Qwest’s own internal error on my bill. Qwest should be taking responsibility for making sure their profiles on the customer’s is correct. I believe this is what customer service entails.

I canceled my service that day. This was the middle of August. I was told by Loyalties that my plan would be terminated, and essentially erase a month of service from my bill for all the inconvenience, and that she would send me a label with reference number for the modem, so that I wouldn’t have to eat the cost of the modem. I never received a reference number. It took the final bill until mid-September to arrive. Loyalties was able to give me the one month discount. Yet the modem had not been credited. I had to call again for a reference number to send the modem back. Again I was told not to pay the bill for the modem.

I sent the modem back near the end of September. On September 26th, I received notification that Qwest was going to send my bill to a collection agency if I did not pay or make arrangements for payments. The bill in question was the combination of the $100 erroneous charge for the modem, the non-credited month of service and a partial month of service. All of these charges I had been told by three separate employees to wait to pay, yet apparently interdepartmental communication had failed again. I called on the 26th and paid everything except for the modem cost, asking if that would stop them from sending it to collections. The Qwest employee told me it would.

One week later, I got another notice to pay the $100 for the modem, or it would be sent to collections. Again, I called and asked to put a stop on the transfer to collections. Again, I was told it would not be sent. Yet today, I got both a collections notice for the $100, and a phone call from collections. It was both the rudest letter and phone call that I have ever received, and it was because that I waited to pay the bill because Qwest had told me to wait. I paid the collections agency in order to save my credit rating, then called Qwest. I was told that the $100 had been credited to my account and the collections notice was a mistake.

I am dumbfounded that this went to collections despite my communication with Qwest. I feel harassed by this continued ill treatment, and blatant irresponsibility by Qwest. This irresponsibility has added up to a $100 collections bill, a threat to my credit, a $89 charge in overage minutes on my cell phone, and two months of bills paid to Qwest for wireless service when no wireless service was being received in our house. My main complaint is that as an individual paying for a service, I should receive that service in exchange for my payment. If that service should malfunction or not perform within the bounds of its contract, then the company should be responsible for fixing it. It is not the individual’s responsibility to call every department of a corporation to make sure they are getting proper customer service; it is the corporation’s responsibility in exchange for monthly payment to give proper service to the customer.

My house has switched to Charter and they had us up and running immediately. The one time that we have had a problem, Charter came to our house, and fixed it for us, free of charge. They did not force us to stay on the phone for multiple hours, or try to tell us that it was our computer’s problem.

Thank you for your time.
Lindz A
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Starlord on 10/16/2007:
I am sorry, but I could not wade through the verbiage, it could be cut down. I was a loyal Qwest customer for a long time, until I was offered a cell phone at a decent price because I was "a good customer." I never got to make or receive one call with it, as every time I tried, I got a message that I was not authorized to use the Alltel network. I tried to get an RA number, but they refused to give me one until 30 days had gone by, and said the phone was mine, and I had to pay $500 or lose my home phone service. I paid it off, and did not find out about an action against Qwest by Arizona's Attorney General until too late. I got the bill paid off and have the world's most expensive paperweight. Qwest offered me a special deal on bundled ISP and phone, and I told them quite graphically what they could do with it. I finally went with Transcend Broadband and called Qwest and told them to get their lines out of my house. It did my heart so much good.
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Disgusting lack of customer service provided
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I would like to share my recent experiences with Qwest “Spirit of Service” customer service…

We recently moved into a new home and decided to make Qwest our telephone and internet service provider. We were particularly motivated because we noted on the website that high-speed internet was offered in our new area by this provider. After hearing about a bundled package, we also decided to change our mobile phones to Qwest and add on Direct TV Satellite Service.

Unfortunately, the internet was not accurate in that our area is not covered by high-speed internet. Still, we decided that this move would be the most appropriate for our needs. Much to our disappointment, we have come to learn that the customer service with Qwest is severely lacking. If we hadn’t already invested in the change, we would gladly transfer to another provider. As it is, we are currently exploring our other options.

My husband set up service for almost an hour and a half with a customer representative a few weeks before our anticipated move. We were told that our new mobile phones would be delivered within the next few days. When we didn’t receive them, he called back to inquire. Apparently the order was cancelled because the “database” used did not show a match for his social security number or date of birth. He asked where this database originated and was unable to get an answer. He spoke with Lucia who was both rude and took an accusatory tone telling my husband he would have to call the social security office to clear this discrepancy. She ended up calling the social security office with my husband on the line to establish that the information provided was in fact correct. Our biggest problem with this issue was that we were never contacted and let know that the order was cancelled. My husband was informed that he would need to call another number to set up service again.

My husband called and left numerous messages for an associate at the number given. He was finally able to reach someone who could reorder the service. He was on the phone for nearly an hour with them. Much to our amazement, we were charged twice for the cellular phones. Another call had to be made to get a credit for the cancelled order. We are not wealthy people that can have nearly $200 withdrawn from our account unexpectedly without financial ramifications.

Had there only been one incident, we could certainly understand that unforeseen events happen with even the best of companies. Unfortunately, this was only the tip of the iceberg. We were told that we would be able to activate our cellular phone service on Sunday, September 3rd. I called on Saturday to verify this information since the activation information stated that this service was not available on Sundays. The representative I talked to said that she thought maybe some offices were open and that is why I was told that. Of course, they weren’t available on Sunday. Monday was a holiday, so we weren’t actually able to activate service until Tuesday, September 5th. This wouldn’t have been so bad if we could rely on our previous provider, but Qwest diligently cancelled that service on the 3rd. So we were left without telephone service for two days. I find this unacceptable. Especially considering that I have three small children and do not live in a highly populated area where telephones are easily accessible.

We were also told that our land-line telephone service, internet, and satellite service would be connected on Saturday, September 2nd. Direct TV came and were very polite and helpful. Qwest did not come. We were home all day waiting. When they did not arrive, I called to inquire. I was informed that new service is never set up on the weekend and that we were scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th before 5:00 pm. I again waited at home all day with the kids. I called at 4:15 to make sure that there were no problems with the address and that we were still on the schedule. I was told that yes, we were scheduled and that someone should be here before 5:00. I waited until 5:00 and called back again. I was told that the technician was running late but we were still in line for service. I then called at 6:15 and was told that we weren’t set up for jack installation though it was in the comments section. Unfortunately, we were disconnected so I called back. I was then told that jack installation was part of the order but since a technician did not come, we were going to be rescheduled for Saturday, September 9th. First, I was astounded that we were never called and notified that nobody would be coming out. Second, I was in disbelief that it would be rescheduled for four days later and on a Saturday (which, if you will recall, I was told they never set up service on the weekend.) I told them that this was unacceptable and requested to speak with a supervisor.

The supervisor I spoke to was named Lucas. I explained my situation and he told me he was sorry, but that there was nothing he could do but file a formal complaint. After a long conversation with him, he contacted scheduling and was told that one of the technicians called in sick, that another went home early, and the third didn’t realize that the first had called in sick. He said they might be able to fit us in on Wednesday, September 6th and that someone should call in the morning to let us know when they would be out. I asked if we should have been notified the same today and he said yes. Again, we were never contacted at all. I asked if there was anyone else I could contact to share this information, and Lucas gave me the address for the Executive Office. He asked if there was anything else he could do and I asked him to make the formal complaint formally offered. His response to me was, “I thought you were going to do that.” I couldn’t believe that he was pawning this responsibility off on me.

I am completely astounded by the poor customer service and complete lack of accountability met in these exchanges. It does not appear as though any department knows or has access to knowledge of what the other departments are doing. This is particularly frustrating in that this company prides itself on combining services which is supposed to benefit its customers. I would not recommend Qwest to anybody I know and do not plan to be a customer for long. I am dreading future interactions with Qwest and can only hope that our telephone and internet services will actually be connected soon without further difficulties.
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Lisa4000 on 12/16/2006:
lamomma, I feel your pain. Couldn't agree more with your comment "Had there only been one incident, we could certainly understand that unforeseen events happen with even the best of companies. Unfortunately, this was only the tip of the iceberg". They may sink like the Titanic eventually, since the phone companies are one utility who actually have competition. I'm finally at the end of dealing with a long, drawnout incident with them, & will be cancelling. I highly recommened people change their carriers. Dropping accounts with qwest, & utilizing the internet to share experiences, gives power back to the people.
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Qwest technical support is awful and the customer service is just as bad. I mistakenly decided to upgrade my internet, since the one I was using with QWEST was soooooo slow even though it was DSL. Within a couple minutes of my signing up online with Qwest to upgrade my service, I notices my pages taking an eternity to open only to get an error message saying the connection timed out or the page just NEVER opening. I found this odd, but my upgrade it said wouldn't take effect until 3 days later, so I thought it must have just been a coincidence. That was Aug 2nd. To this day, I still have problems opening certain pages on my intenet to include my MSN. COM homepage, Hotmail, several of my credit card companies pages, and sooo many more. When I contacted Qwest several days after the upgrade to tell them I wanted to cancel my upgrade because of the problem, they wouldn't let me and told me it must be MSN or my computer that is messing up. They contacted MSN, called me back and said it was my computer. So, I contacted Toshiba, and they couldn't figure out the problem, saying it must be my modem. I called Qwest again, they said NO! Toshiba said restore to factory default. I did that but it still didn't work (only made it worse because the connection at my house won't let me do any of my updates or download drivers and software, to include my antivirus program and print drivers) I called and emailed Qwest, the one guy hung up on me!! I took my laptop to a coffee shop and EVERYTHING works fine! - Proof it is my home connection with Qwest...it has been almost two months; Qwest is still charging for my Internet and my upgrade, but they haven't even tried to help resolve the issue. I even got an advertisement in my mail saying I am eligible for a free upgrade!!! Woohoo...we know where that got me in the first place. DON'T USE QWEST>>>THEY WON"T HELP YOU IF THEIR SYSTEM MESSES UP!
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Skye on 09/24/2010:
We have Qwest and our internet moves at the speed of light. Never have any issues with Qwest. Sorry yours did not work out.
Qwest on 09/27/2010:
Hello, Steph from Qwest here, I'm sorry to hear that you've had this ongoing trouble with your service and that none of your attempts to resolve it have helped. Please email me at talktous@qwest.com and I'll have a higher tier technical support specialist get in touch to help you resolve this. Please send me:

1)your billing phone number
2)your billing address
3)your best contact number
4)a copy of your post here

thank you

Stephanie Lake
Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

"At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”
jktshff1 on 09/27/2010:
So, Stephanie, it takes a complaint on a website for Qwestionable customer service to respond in a timely manner and take care of the problems? Like it's believable that YOUR e-mail is talktous@qwest.com. Just another scooter in the loop.
Anonymous on 09/27/2010:
Wonder if she is real and verified by m3c.
MRM on 09/27/2010:
Shes all woman.
Qwest on 09/28/2010:
Hello again, Steph here,

This might help you feel more secure that I do in fact work for Qwest, and do use websites to help find and resolve issues for customers.

thank you


Stephanie Lake
Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

"At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”

Anonymous on 09/28/2010:
Steph, it would also help if you got verified by m3c as a company rep like most legit businesses have on here.
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Qwest Internet quality
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I recently had a horrible weekend of operations at my company. I am a Cloud Computing consulting firm and as such we rely heavily on the internet. We recently ran past our 30 day money back guarantee and in return we got almost 52 hours of degraded quality of service.

As of current and since service connection, we've have their 7Mbps/896Kbps Service and we pretty much always got those speeds until recently. It first started on Friday night, I noticed it first when I was downloading a new Cloud Computing OS to review for a client, my download started at 124KB/s and was Falling! It finally bottomed out at 18KB/s. I thought to myself, oh, well it must be the web server this file is on, so I went on to check my hosted server I have with 1&1 hosting and sure enough, downloading from that server was effected too.

I went on to perform a speed test that Qwest has (speedtest. Qwest.net) and it told me everything was fine (5.6Mbps down and. 67Mbps Up which is within normal range). I then went and performed a speed test with speakeasy and speedtest.net and there it was, 1.24Mbps download it reported, even down to 0.94Mbps. I wanted to do the due diligence and test a few other sites to make sure things were just being weird and the results didn't change. I even tested with different computers and cables and tried using wireless. I tried turning off wireless and unplugging everything except one computer, still no good.

Next, I call Qwest Technical Support and then of course, they want to do testing that I've already done. That's OK, I understand ITIL and MOF so I indulged them. They tried a few things and the results didn't change. So they dispatched a technician to my office the next day. The tech gets here and what do ya know, nope, nothing. "Nothing is wrong" he tells me. Well, we argue back and forth about it because the tenant next to me has the same setup and so I tested my computer over there and everything's OK. Finally he tells me he's sending me a new modem (I roll my eyes).

So Sunday is here now and so I just decided to test again to see if anything has changed. Now the Qwest speed test is showing the real picture (2.9Mbps download). SO, I get back on the phone with Tech support and again, they don't know what's going on. But they suggest they send out another tech the following Wednesday and I was like Next Wednesday??? What's the Mean Time to Restoration here guys??? anyway I was tired of fighting so I said sure, fine, send another tech, it's your money.

No more than 2 hours after that call, everything is fixed (and might I point out it was 12:30am). So, I called Tech support again and told them to submit an internal inquiry with their supervisor and include me in the email. It's been 30 minutes and still no email. Wow, customer service is not synonymous with Qwest.

SO, let's think about this one for a minute. Hmm, issue started late Friday Night. Issue automagically resolved late Sunday Night - Hmm - Gee, this sounds a lot like a maintenance window here. "No record of maintenance" is the response I got from Qwest, which I believe because what tech support agent would ever have access to the real info - I mean, that would just make too much since.

All-in-all, I'm pretty upset here that nobody for 52 hours could tell me what was going on with my connection and now is back to normal. 99.9% uptime, well BAAM, blew that one right out of the sky. Maybe they should rethink that one and go with 99% uptime.

Now, let me clarify uptime, it's when a circuit is up and running with no fault. Degraded service - That's a fault and was their fault, not was through no cause of my own.

Word of advice, Go with Speakeasy if you can, I never had any downtime with them. I had their service for over a year. Wow, a company keeping good on their uptime promise, what a concept. Come on here folks, this is 2010 not 2000.
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Qwest on 04/15/2010:
Hello, this is Steph at Qwest,

I am sorry to hear about this frustrating slow time and lack of resolution by the representatives you worked with. I would be happy to see if I can get you the additional information about what truly took place as well as send feedback to the representatives. Please feel free to email me a talktous@qwest.com with your billing phone number and billing address and a copy of this post so I can research for you.

thank you

Steph Lake
Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

"At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”

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Unethical and dishonest billing, horrible customer service, the list goes on and on
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I have had problems with Qwest since DAY ONE. Never in my life have I seen such a corrupt and deceiving company and I would honestly rather pull my own fingernails off with a pair of pliers than to call their customer service line!

I was FORCED to join Qwest for internet when I moved into my apartment complex because they were "contracted" through Qwest. Every single bill was wrong. I was promised a certain price and then my bill would come in nearly $30 more than what was discussed! Their bills are like hieroglyphics to decipher and calling their "customer service reps" is a waste of time because 50% of them are the rudest bunch I've ever come across, talking over me and ignoring what I am trying to explain...the other 50% are just as dumb as can be and seemingly tell me false information just to get off the phone with me. At the apartment complex we were charged a "BSI" charge because to get our DirecTV service we were all using a communal satellite on top of the building. This charge was $6.24. This past fall I bought a house. I called Qwest's customer service number, the number that is right smack dab in the middle of my bill on page 1, and requested that they complete all the necessary steps to get my service transferred. They assured me it would all be switched over and that service at the old apartments would be disconnected. In the following months, I kept getting that BSI charge. I called in each month to inquire about it and was told each time it would "fall off" and that "information was probably still getting sent over" or "that was from the previous month and it will be credited back to you once information is updated." All sorts of excuses. I also was promised 2 free months of internet for upgrading my service. I only ever got 1 free month and from what I can tell on my bills...I am being double billed for about 5 days on each bill. There are also several charges on my bill that say "Other charges-5.99" "Current Charges-0.25" with absolutely no explanation as to what they are! They're scamming the unsuspecting general population and nickel and diming us!

Bottom line...go with Comcast. They're cheaper than DSL and I am sure that their bills aren't 6 pages long for a simple internet service!
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User Replies:
bunnyhead on 01/09/2010:
If you hated them so much, why did you use them when you bought a house? You could have cancelled and went with another internet co.
kevinmcc on 01/12/2010:
I have had so many of the same issues as you with Qwest. There are a number of areas in which I have a strong feeling that Qwest knows they have problems with their billing systems and simply does not correct them because they hope customers won't catch the problem. With Qwest, you HAVE TO WATCH EVERY BILL. And then you have to call once a month to get it corrected. Oh, and unlike other companies, you can't call after work. Their customer service is generally only open during business hours. It's funny to me that their motto is "Spirit of Service." That's like Penthouse choosing a motto of "The Image of Modesty". I highly recommend that EVERYONE who has had a problem with Qwest report that problem through the Better Business Bureau. They have a section where you can file complaints. Perhaps if enough complaints get filed, the BBB will see that these aren't isolated incidents and will do something to protect consumers against Qwests business practices.
david_co on 10/22/2010:
This is the answer I got from the BBB : "Following our second notice of the complaint, if the BBB still does not receive a response from the business we will call them as a reminder; four business days from the date of the phone call, if the BBB has still not received a response your complaint will close as unanswered. The BBB serves as intermediary between the consumer and business and does not have any law enforcement authority to force a company to issue the consumers request for resolution. It is voluntary for the company to resolve and address all of your concerns – we are not an enforcement agency. In the event that the matter is not resolved using the BBB Self-Regulatory process, you may wish to speak with an attorney for further guidance."
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Does Not Deliver Internet Speed As Advertised!
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TEMPE -- First off I would like to say that I have had nothing but problems with ALL Qwest services.

Let's start with the Modem:

I use my computer as a part of my entertainment system in the living room. Unfortunately the nearest phone jack is about 60 feet away and located in another room. I live in an apartment so I can't just tear up walls and install my own phone jack. So I went with the cheapest option of getting a 100 foot phone chord to connect my modem. Well, I end up getting a disconnection from my internet every 1 - 2 minutes and the modem kept restarting. I call Qwest at this point only for them to tell me that there was a temporary user ID and password. Even though I personally used my ID and password when activating the modem. After that the problem started all over again, only this time they found out that I was using a 100 foot hone chord and blamed that for my problems. They said the phone chord can only be a maximum length of 12 feet. They suggested that I put the modem in the other room using a short phone chord and then routing the modem to the computer in the living room using a long Ethernet chord. This did in fact solve that problem and burned $50.00 in my pocket.

Now the fun part. I recently ask my fiance about our internet service since she ordered it. I ask this because of all the cox commercials. I found out from her that we are paying $47.00 for the 1.5Mbps service. I gasped because our download speeds have only been at a maximum of 160Kbps since we started the service 2 years ago. (((And No, this has nothing to do with long cables or wires because we used to have the computer in the office with a phone jack only 2 feet from the computer.))) I immediately call "Tech Support" (if you can call it that) and explained the situation and my frustrations. He had me do this speed test from Qwest that "proved" that I was getting 1.5Mbps and that the 160Kbps had to do with the servers at some of the internet sites I visit. I then mentioned that that was funny because all websites I visit are that way when I download. He then had me go to another speed test website that again, proved that I was getting 1.5Mbps. The strange thing is that the results were from another ISP called BELL. Now isn't Bell affiliated with Qwest, At&T and BellSouth? Interesting.....

He explains that the test is registered by how fast the programs temporary file is downloaded and that there can't be anything wrong with their server. I then asked what file type was sent by the program. He didn't answer. I then told him that different file types download faster than others. So therefore if it sends an .iso, .zip or other compressed file, that the download speed would be in fact faster do to the extreme compression of the file. He could not respond to that. Quite frankly I think the program sends a ping and registers its response time. Then calculates and converts that response into Mbps. He then tried to belittle me and say that my computer's performance is causing the issue because it is too full of memory. I then shut him up and put his foot in his mouth when I proceeded to tell him I had a AMD 2X dual core 4200 processor with 700Gb hard drive and a Realtek 10/100 Ethernet card supported by 2Gb of RAM.

At this point he puts me on hold to "resolve" the issue for 10 minutes only to tell me that they had to "physically" change my port address to correct the issue and that no specialist will be available until the following day. He "PROMISED" me that when he "PERSONALLY" gets in that day that he would have the specialist change the port address at the server.

In my opinion, I think he said that because I had him backed in a corner and he did not know how to respond. You know, since "Technical Support" is just people reading off of a troubleshooting list.

If you get all your facts straight and show them you are computer savvy, then you will notice, every time you get them backed against the wall they put you on hold. Why? Because they have no idea what to do and go speak with a somewhat knowledgeable supervisor who tells them how to get out of big situations without actually resolving the problem.

I have been dealing with Qwest for years and this is the only way you are going to get anywhere with them. You have to back them into a corner so
that they have no choice but to fix your problem.

I will be calling back first thing tomorrow to see if anything is being corrected.

You have to be extremely persistent and curt or they will walk all over you.

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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/31/2008:
There are plenty of independent speed-verification sites out there - why not try a few of them yourself? CNet had a pretty good one last I knew.
Mario The Great on 07/31/2008:
Here's a couple of great ones for free.


As much as I despise Comcast, I love the 8MB dl and 2MB ul speeds. When I was with Qwest, I never, EVER came close to 1.5MB. It was around 200K tops. Qwest is def. more affordable BUT I just can't go back to Dialup X4. :) Hope this helps!
Anonymous on 07/31/2008:
sound advice mario.
tsardave on 08/14/2008:
I agree. Qwest performance is the worst. I was promised 3mbps and get only 1/10th that. And customer service is a joke!
Roach101011 on 11/16/2008:
Next time, before you show them how "computer savvy" you are, look up the difference between kbps and kBps. You were getting your advertised speed.

Though I will agree their customer service is horrid. I've heard 1st graders that know more English then them.
bill on 07/30/2011:
I have been a Qwest customer for 24 years. If there was a different land line I would be a member.
I have called them 3 days in a row! Over the last 3 months I have been bumped off the internet 4 times. The last was speed, I tried speakeasy but Qwest tech. wanted their site. so I did. Speed was 4,85 after 3 trys. By their say so that is a good speed. I am paying for 7.0 mbps. I know this is a rip off. One tech. told me two computors were the reason, next one said 4.85 was good. Yes I was put on hold a number of time also. They read from a place card and if you get them upset just a little they put you on hold longer.
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Qwest - Notorious for False Advertising
Posted by on
Qwest is the worst company for service and customer service on the planet. I have been with them for 18 years because I have no other provider. They are notorious for false advertising. They will sign you up for a program touting it is "price for Life" and when your bill comes, it is not what they told you. I lose my dial tone almost once a week and sometimes have to wait hours for it to come back. When I call them, they try to blame it on my internal systems and tell me they will charge $85 to come out. Why are they charging me when their system is broke? They won't let you speak to a supervisor ever.

I am sure it is because they are fielding so many complaints because their company and service suck!!!!! AVOID THEM AT ALL COST.
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Skye on 07/29/2011:
We have line backer protection on our service. This way if they ever do have to come out, it's a covered visit, and won't come out of our pocket.
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Qwest DSL Service
Posted by on
I have two DSL lines for my business -- so that if one goes down I can keep operating on the other one. Two days ago, both went down. I got on the phone -- no help at all. Best suggestion -- both modems, entirely coincidentally, went down at exactly the same time. Next day, both came back, all by themselves. Actually they weren't totally down, if I waited long enough, then clicked "view source", I did get some content. On rare occasions, I could get something to show up on the screen.

Then tonight, same problem. Very snippy Qwest representative told me that the problem is that the static IP address I've been assigned is wrong, and tomorrow morning I need to get it switched to another static IP address. This is, of course, absurd. And, two of the people I talked to said again that both modems, very coincidentally, went down at the exact same time. Problem is, it's a monopoly. There's nobody else to talk to.
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Alain on 06/17/2011:
Report this to: http://ftc.gov/bcp/consumer.shtm and to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints
(this serves at least to keep a running tab of complaints against a company and eventually someone notices and does something about it).
Also, try contacting Qwest HQ (1801 California St., Denver, CO 80202) at 800-244-1111.
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The worst company I have ever dealt with
Posted by on
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with! Unfortunately, there's not many choices in this area for an affordable internet. You would think that in a country that prides itself on being the world leader you would have more choices... A free internet is available to the citizens in some less "technologically advanced" countries, but here I am left with no choices but a terrible company named Qwest.
Where do I begin? From the start they screwed up my order - I ordered the service without the modem, for which they were trying to charge almost $200. I said No, thank you, and went and bought it in the store for $50 bucks. But Qwest still sent another modem and promptly charged me for it (plus $19.99 for shipping). When I called, they said it was a mistake, just send it back, and we'll issue the refund, BUT FOR NOW it's best if you pay the amount in full so it doesn't appear that you missed the payment. I said "okay" and foolishly paid the amount. It's took me over 5 months after I shipped the modem back to Qwest to get my "partial" refund. You know that this company has one of the most confusing billing practices. I had to spend countless hours to get some of the money back. The way they were calculating te refund was outrageous - I could not figure out if they were mathematically challenged or if they were doing this on purpose.
And there's much much more to complain, I just don't want to go through the entire list...
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trmn8r on 03/26/2011:
This sounds ridiculous. With VZ, when then sent modem equipment that was unnecessary, return labels were sent promptly and I was never charged.

The worst part of this story, IMO, is that the person told you to go ahead and pay. If you were returning it within a few days, the only reason I can think of that they would want you to pay is that their receiving department is overloaded and can't process incoming. That shouldn't be your problem.
canucks1 on 03/26/2011:
This company has already been the focus of a class action suit against them for unfair practices in the past, where they had to pay out to most of their customers in AZ, and OR, a few years ago.

Doesn't sound like anything has changed.

Glad I moved from OR years ago and got away from this company!
Qwest on 03/28/2011:
Hello, Steph from Qwest here,

I apologize you had so much difficulty getting resolution with the modem that was shipped in error. If you feel you weren't given full credit for the modem and shipping please email talktous@qwest.com (attention Steph) with your billing phone number and address and I'll review the charges and credits.

thank you

Stephanie Lake
Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

"At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”
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