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Qwest - Help!
By -

TWIN CITIES, MINNESOTA -- In August, I went kayaking and although I had my cell phone in 2 plastic bags, it got soaked. I called Qwest to order a new cell phone and was told that Qwest was going to be merging with Verizon in a few months and that then all customers will need to get a Verizon phone. I was told that inventory for Qwest phones was low for this reason. I was told they had a cheap pink Sanyo for $50. Although pink is not my color, I did not want to buy an expensive phone only to have to purchase another one soon and bought the pink Sanyo.

I noticed right away that if I called a number, then pushed end, and called another number that although the second number appeared on the screen, it would connect with the previous number. I learned that to avoid this I had to hit end at least 2 times. This happened to me several times a day if I forgot to push end 2 times. It was also annoying to the people I that got called back not without my intention. If I called my mother at 9 pm when she goes to bed and pushed end and then put it in my purse, and then at 10:30 called my son when he gets off of work, it would connect and call to my mother'€™s phone, waking her up.

This also costs me minutes as I am on a 1000 minutes (no free evening or weekend minutes) plan. Since I rarely even get close to using all of my minutes this was not a big issue at the time. In the meantime, I subscribed to the Qwest broadband and had several problems but that is another story.

On Sept. 25, I received a call from a hospital in another area code - 130 miles away - that my mother was in the hospital. Since my turnover day was the 27th (I thought 12 am the beginning of the 27th each month) I knew that I would probably be going over in minutes so I bought two phone cards at a large discount store to avoid overages.

The cashier failed to activate the cards. I had no real choice but to use my phone at the hospital to notify my relatives. Thinking I had a new 1000 minutes on the 27th, I made an 111 minute to my brother in Texas. I would never have talked that long with him had I known the new minutes do not begin until 12 midnight at the end of the 27th.

When I received my bill, which is typically around $35 and it was over $200, I was shocked. I looked over the bill and there were at least 50 times that the issue explained above - where a previous number is connected when I dial another one - occurred. I tried to explain this to customer service as I feel I should not have to pay for the approx. 50 some minutes. I was put on hold and shuffled around and when I asked to talk to a supervisor, it was impossible to do so without first telling the story and then being put on hold while they told the story, and then I had to correct the errors in the retelling of the employee to the supervisor.

I made several calls about this trying to get to the right person as they kept passing me around. During my third or fourth call, I remember a customer service person telling me that it was my fault because I bought a cheap Sanyo instead of a SAMSUNG. He said: "the phone calls doesn'€™t it and you can get calls, can't you?" He went on to tell me that if I were to by a KIA car instead of an expensive make, then I shouldn't expect the air conditioner to work. WHAT!!! If I buy a new product car or phone, cheap or expensive, I do expect it to work.

Then I was told it is normal that people call back the same number (50times?) - which I had mentioned as supporting my issue with the faulty phone and could be seen on the bill. The customer service representative was insinuating that I was lying and repeatedly told me that I had to go to a Qwest booth at a nearby mall to verify that the phone was the problem and then they would reduce my bill.

My mother was in the hospital for 3 weeks and I was visiting her daily and once out taking her to doctors appointments. The service representative told me the booth was only 10.5 miles away. I did get to the booth about a week ago and the person there said they would put the info into the computer. I had been told that once this occurred, the bill would be corrected and I would be notified.

The trip to the mall to have it verified that I am not lying was a great inconvenience and meant that my son had to wait an hour for me to pick him up. I asked that the manager in the booth call and draw attention to the fact that I had come in so they don't say they weren't aware.

Two days ago, my phone was cut off and I am FURIOUS because I have been very proactive in trying to take care of this. This is 2 days before my turn-over day and I repeatedly asked not to be put on hold, as I do not wish to go over on the minutes in trying to resolve this. I was told I wouldn't be on hold but a couple of minutes. I shortly talked to the 3 people, that I was shuffled around to, and on hold for over 40 minutes before I hung up.

At the 25-minute point, my phone said low battery and since I accidentally left the charger cord at the hospital out of town, I now charge my phone in the car. I ran out to the car to plug it in before the battery ran out and I would have to start all over YET AGAIN. As I didn't have the car key along and didn't want to run into the house as I might miss someone getting back to me off of hold, I sat and froze outside in the car (winter in Minnesota) and listened to the recording about how Qwest values its customers and values my time - NOT.

Let me digress. Many years ago, when my children were small and had ear infections, my phone had radio noise interference on the line to degree that I could not hear the other person and visa versa. So when it was much below zero and I had to call the doctor, I took my sick children in the car to call the doctor and then had to tell them that "no" the nurse cannot call me back. I spent much money in quarters at the pay phone up the road.

I called Qwest repeatedly to do something and nothing happened. When I first called, I said that if the problem were underground, the ground would freeze soon. I was reassured that they have machines that can dig through frozen ground. A few weeks - yes weeks later - I was told that the ground was frozen and they couldn't take care of it. Finally, a few more weeks of frustration I decided to call the FCC as a last resort. Within 2 hours someone was at my door to help me and they took care of it. What is it going to take to resolve my current problem? I want to be able to use my phone again.

By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- My name is ** and I was a reliable Qwest customer for two years in Portland, OR. I had a bundle package of phone, internet and DirecTV services. I was happy with my service while a customer. My frustrations with your company have come since I tried to cancel my service after moving to CA (where you do not provide service). I moved to CA in September 2007, and now in January 2008 I am still dealing with Qwest trying to resolve an issue that I have spent countless hours on the phone dealing with.

The story begins on September 17th, 2007 when I called to cancel my Qwest services. I had already moved to CA and no longer needed phone or Internet at my old address. I had already transferred my DirecTV service to CA through DirecTV and no longer needed Qwest to act as the billing “middleman”. I thought canceling my services would be sufficient. A month later, I received a final bill that included prorated phone/internet charges and another month of DirecTV. I paid it. The next month, I received another bill with only DirecTV charges. I was confused.

I called and was told that DirecTV would continue to be billed though Qwest unless I told Qwest to stop billing me. I was surprised that my previous request to “cancel all services with Qwest” did not include DirecTV, but advised the CSR that I wanted to cancel my relationship with Qwest and just be billed by DirecTV. I was told this would be taken care of.

The next month I received another bill from Qwest for DirecTV with a new customer account number. I called and asked why I was still being billed through Qwest. They said there was no record of my asking for it to be canceled. I explained that I didn't want to cancel DirecTV, just my account with Qwest (since I no longer had any Qwest services). I wanted to pay my bill directly to DirecTV. I was told that I had to call DirectTV and tell them that I wanted to cancel my relationship with Qwest.

Together, the Qwest CSR and I called DirecTV on a three-way line. DirectTV explained that Qwest had to “let me go” as a customer, and then DirecTV could bill me directly. They had already issued me my own DirecTV account number. Qwest said that they would make this happen.

The next month, I received ANOTHER bill from Qwest for DirecTV. I called again and explained the situation to yet another CSR. His name was ** (ID **). It was now December 19th, 2007. I had been dealing with this problem for 3 months! ** again called DirecTV with me on the line, got the same answer, spoke with a supervisor, and then advised me that he had put through an “opt out” for me and my relationship with Qwest would be ended. I had to pay off the existing balance, which I did immediately with a credit card, about 7 days before the bill was even due...just to get Qwest to go away.

It is now January 24, 2008 and I have received yet ANOTHER bill from Qwest. I am more than furious, frustrated and annoyed. I am ready to call the BBB and begin defaming Qwest to anyone who will listen. Today I called customer service and again got ** (ID **) on the line. He looked at his notes, saw that he “opted me out” last month, and promptly put me on hold. I waited about 10 minutes as he ran up to the next floor (so he says) to talk to a supervisor.

I was then told that I am “opted out” but it takes 3 billing cycles to end the relationship and I am to expect an additional 2 bills from Qwest. That means I have to deal with your company for 3 months after I have tried to end the relationship. I explained that this sounded absurd. What company makes you pay three bills with them after you end your service/relationship?

** explained that the three-month wait period is a company-wide protocol. I asked ** for some kind of proof of this…a letter or something in writing that states I am “opted out” and have to wait three months to be released from my bill enslavement. He replied that he has no way of doing this. I told him that I have no faith that what he says is accurate. At this point, can you blame me? I have been told since October that this problem has been solved, and yet here I am on the phone for the 5th time and about the 4th hour of my time.

While on hold, Qwest's recording stated repeatedly “thank you for holding…we know your time is valuable”. At my current wages, Qwest owes me about $200! At this point, I would like some kind of monetary compensation. I feel totally violated by Qwest, like I have been held hostage for months. I have wasted many hours on the phone with CSRs with no resolution. No one seemed to know how to handle the situation, and the one time I tried to involve a supervisor, I waited a while, then acquiesced to offers of resolution from the regular CSR. Failure reigns supreme!

So to-date, I really have no solution to this problem. I have been promised that one will arrive in two months, but again, I am not hopeful. I have no faith in Qwest's customer service at this point, but still wanted to tell my story as feedback so that no one else will have to endure the frustrating journey of unbundling services. I do not think I will ever voluntarily engage Qwest again in a business relationship.

I believe that Qwest should change its policies about unbundling. It must also educate its CSRs about how customers can cancel Qwest services, but keep DirecTV (as I am sure it happens often with people moving all over the country). No one seemed to understand (until **…who was, by the way, polite, professional, calm and as helpful as he could be…used the words “opt out”).

I hope this experience never happens to anyone else. I am frustrated enough to write a letter, which means a lot in this age of instant communication. I hope my feedback is taken seriously and leads to change. And $200 wouldn't hurt either.

My Move With Qwest - It's Still Not Over 4 Months Later
By -

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- Please read this letter and know that it is a cry for your company to reorganize its billing practices and promises to the public, (your profit). Customers detest being lied to and treated as though we are uninformed. I have been a client of Qwest for the last eight years. It is incredibly difficult for me to provide you with any piece of positive feedback.

It cannot be easy to read a letter that reeks with negativity, but that is what I am experiencing from your company. A lack of quality, broken promises and reliability...and now you want to start offering cable as well. I sincerely recommend that you first put your house in good working order. It would make far more sense to make profit with respect from your users than to make profit and have them feel as though they were used.

In July this year I made what was to be a simple move from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington, just across the river. Same services, no change in what I currently had. A seamless transition. OK…with from for error, I would say a maximum of three phone calls for clarification would be sufficient.

We (Qwest and I) are now going into the fourth month since my move. Collectively I have spent more than twenty five hours on the phone and made over fifty calls to Qwest to resolve the trouble and incredible inconvenience you have caused me. Each call ends with...”you should have no further problems”. It is hard to abbreviate the nightmare I have been through, but I will try. Imagine if I were including everything verbatim.

Having not received a bill for a while after my move, I called Qwest and was told to wait for a revised final bill. In this call there was discussion of several inaccuracies going toward my final bill as well as a review of bundling and services at my new address. Each service and charge was gone over in detail and the fees for my new address were itemized. A few days passed and I received a bill for my new phone number for sixty five dollars. I knew this could not be accurate, so I called customer service and found that there was no record of the previous phone call and the services to be bundled at my new address. Keep in mind.

Nothing was changing from the services I had at the old address. My wireless was missing. DirecTV was missing, broadband was missing. I was told that the charges would catch up and to wait and also, keep waiting for that revised final bill on the old number. Each call, the customer service representative would note an inaccuracy on that final bill and change it.

Great! Here we are on page two. There is no way to keep this to a one page business letter. It's like a mini-series with at least two episodes a week. The next item to arrive in the mail was a disconnect notice on my new number. I called and spoke to the representative and said I wanted to make sure that the billing issues were straightened out before I paid it, but also did not want to lose service, so would pay it in hopes that the monies would be distributed appropriately when all the billing caught up with itself.

He then told me that there were no other services attached to this bill and that he would be happy to set them up for me. Having gone through this horrible experience with Qwest on a move just over a year earlier, I had gotten the email from the person who set up my new service and he told me to contact him if anything went wrong, so I declined going over yet another new order with this representative and told him I would contact the original guy.

I sent several emails. No response. Then I got response saying he would check my order between other customer service calls. No response for a couple days. I emailed again. I got an email stating that he had a disabled family member that took a lot of his time and he couldn't pay attention to this problem like it should be handled.

I received a letter from Qwest Collections telling me that my credit status was in danger with Qwest. I'm thinking, how can this be, I don't even have a final bill. So I called Qwest again. I was then told that the final bill was in progress and that my cell phone phone was not bundled. I then found out that it had been separated from my main bill, had a balance on it and was still being billed to the old address. They were going to disconnect service if it was not paid, even though I had no bill.

The amount was ridiculous and somehow the charges were messed up from having been separated from the main account. At any rate, my services and rates were once again reviewed and once again I was assured that a revised final bill was being sent. The representative transferred me to the collection department where the agent told me that this was normal and that it is a form letter that is sent to every customer that is sent a final bill. I asked how I could be sent to collections when I didn't even have a final bill. He told me that it sounded like I needed to talk to Billing and that he needed to transfer me back to them, but they were closed.

OK…we are now about halfway through the story of my experience thus far and every time I call Qwest your “hold” voice says to me; “Your call is important to us.” “We want to hear from you.” “We know your time is valuable.” Do you think I believe any of this at this point?

A couple days later, I get a collection notice from an outside collection agency on my old Qwest phone number of which I still have not received a final bill. To say I was livid, would put it mildly. This was becoming common on nearly every day I would arrive home from work to race to contact Qwest before closing. Now I was calling from work and Qwest was eating up my time there. Promise after promise, only to have the nightmare continue.

I called the collection agency and was treated rudely by the lady who was helping me. When I told her that I was asked to wait for a final bill, she said she was going to find that representative and “slap them up the side the head.” Then she instructed me to pay up because this is what I owed. I was outraged at the treatment she was giving me. Almost criminal. This is the one time in all the calls I have been on with Qwest, that I lost it and told her she was the straw that broke the camels back and began to recapitulate all that had happened thus far.

She said I was angry and she was turning the call over to a manager who just said, “I'm sorry.” “How would you like to pay for this?” “Do you want to make a payment arrangement?” No! I didn't want to make a payment arrangement. I wanted to pay for it all right there and have the problem go away and never deal with Qwest again. I paid it and told the representative that I was certain my problems were still not over. He assured me that everything was fine now. Two days later I got the final bill on the old phone number.

In a few days I called to make payment on the old wireless bill and found that my wireless was still being billed separately. When I asked to have it put on the same bill as my home phone, the representative informed me I would have to change my cell phone number to a Washington number. I agreed to this and was transferred to a representative in Utah who spent over an hour on the phone with me and was unsuccessful at completing the order.

I then agreed to have him call me back on my day off to complete the process. The wireless was associated successfully and a review was once again done on all five services that I have to qualify for the bundling discount rate.

I still had not gotten a bill with all of my services on the same bill when a disconnect notice arrived with an account number on it. Not a phone number, but an account number that made no sense. It was the DirecTV portion of my bill that was not associated with any phone number. This was my first bill regarding it, and it was a disconnect notice from Qwest. Can you possibly begin to imagine what I felt like and how frustrated I am at this point?

Out of sheer desperation I went to my manager's office at work and asked to close the door to her office and call Qwest, eating up more of my company time. I called and was in touch with a representative in the “Loyalty” department who began to sort through everything. She found that I was still being billed a monthly charge for long distance to my old phone number. She found that DirecTV's billing was not associated with my new phone number and being billed correctly.

I told her that at this point I was feeling that I needed to be compensated for my many hours on the phone with Qwest and these continuous problems. Or as Qwest states, “We know your time is valuable.” She said she would work through this problem, correct it and talk to me about an appropriate compensation for my trouble. I was given her email to provide her with some additional facts from one of my bills at home and a phone number to leave a message with her coach.

Three emails later and three calls to her coaches voice mail over the course of a week; no one either called me or responded to my emails. I was not surprised. I called again. This time I got a rather complacent individual who knew nothing of what I had been through. She said she knew how to reach the party I had been emailing and sent her a text message. Pause…then she says, obviously reading her response, “don't give me attitude girl!” She tells me that the representative has turned my problem over to “Complex Billing”, another department and that they would be calling me in a couple of days.

Now doesn't it make sense that she would have needed to relay that information to me…the customer? During this phone call, I got an email from the representative in “Loyalty” telling me it should be taken care of. I told the girl that I was speaking with that this is not acceptable and that I would like a phone number or an email address for someone with authority in Customer Service or Quality Control. She says, “Oh, I'm Retention.”

I tried to explain what I was going through and told her that I had been told that I would be compensated. She said, “Like a personal check?” I told her no...I certainly didn't expect that. I knew that would be impossible. But I said, “Something…like your best wireless phone at no charge.” She asked if she could place me on a “brief” hold. I accepted.

Ten minutes later, I was still on hold. I wondered if she was just sick of the call and wasn't coming back. She finally told me that she had gotten her manager and was explaining the problem to her. Her manager finally comes on the phone and tells me that this has been turned over to “Complex Billing” and that she is sure that I will hear from them within forty eight hours and that that is all she has to offer.

That is where it stands today and I have yet to be contacted by Qwest Complex Billing. At this point, hearing the word “Qwest” just makes me cringe. No compensation can erase this from my mind, albeit God knows I have been put through enough to qualify for free services for life. Ha! But come on…show some loyalty to your paying and so very patient customer. Do something! Straighten this mess out and reward me to prove that “I am important to you.” “My time is valuable.”

Upon going to my mailbox today, I have yet another disconnect notice and charges for supposedly breaking my wireless contract with Qwest. I have the same cell phone with the same lame company, Qwest. Go figure. It's not over.

Incorrect Billing AND Issues with Customer Service
By -

I am writing this email in response to a series of events that began as a billing issue and has now evolved to include the quality of your customer service representatives as well. Allow me to explain the situation. At the beginning of May, I contacted a Qwest representative in Iowa City to set up an account that would be scheduled to begin May 21, 2007.

Within a few days of account initiation, I decided to cancel the service; as a graduate student relying solely on student loans, it was simply an added expense I could do without, especially when I knew I would be on campus 8 hours or more per day where there was access to computers and free internet service. Therefore, on May 25, 2007 I contacted customer service at 1-800-244-1111 to disconnect my service. I was told by whoever handled the call at the time that this would be taken care of, and that I could expect to receive a prorated bill within a few weeks.

In June I received a bill in the amount of $48.09, which I assumed had been processed and mailed around the time. I had called to disconnect my service and therefore had not taken into account that I had already terminated the service. I had been told that this could very well happen, so I did not contact Qwest, expecting that I would be receiving the correct and prorated bill at any time now.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when in July I received a bill in the amount of $85.08. The bill was dated July 1, 2007. Given the fact that I was extremely busy with my program and in class every weekday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., I did not contact Qwest until July 10, at which point I was told that even though I was calling during the appropriate business hours, the Loyalty Department was temporarily unavailable that afternoon. The reasons for this I cannot recall, but I am sure that this information is accessible by you or by someone who works for your company.

I then called again on Saturday, July 14 not knowing the Loyalty Department was not in operation over the weekend. On July 23, I finally reached a customer service representative in the Loyalty Department who was exceedingly polite, friendly, and helpful. As I explained the situation, I was informed that there had been no previous record to show I had canceled my internet service on May 25.

I was completely surprised and baffled by this, yet this young man assured me that the problem would be taken care of immediately. He said my account would be credited in the amount of $96.55, and that I could expect to receive a statement showing that I no longer had an outstanding balance with Qwest within 7-10 business days.

Once again, you can imagine my surprise when I received yet another bill the first week of August, this time in the amount of $76.48. I thought maybe the credit that was to have been issued July 23 had been applied after this bill had been processed, so I waited it out. I then received another bill for the same amount the first week of September, this time with the threat of a collection agency referral notification. At this point my frustration had understandably grown, but I firmly believed that a final call to the Loyalty Department would resolve the issue.

I called today at 4:45 p.m. and spent 45 minutes on the phone, most of which were spent speaking to a woman named ____. By the time I got off of the phone with ____, my blood was boiling. While I do not wish for ____'s position with Qwest to be compromised, I think that for future reference she needs to know that a lot of the stress and frustration I experienced as I spoke with her could have been prevented had she simply said from the get-go that she did not have the authority to drop the charges on my account.

From there she could have informed me that she would submit my case (rather than use “escalate”, which clearly has a negative connotation) to management for further review. Though this only would prolong the issue, I would've been perfectly content with this response, and I would have completely respected her position.

Instead, I felt like _____ and I were arguing a case of my word against her records, which made me feel as though she was questioning my integrity and honesty, an enormous insult. Yes, $76.48 is a lot of money to me now that I am in grad school and on a very strict budget. Even still, it is certainly not a sum of money I would ever jeopardize my character over; I would not be disputing these charges if I did not believe that I am not responsible for them. With that said, I am asking for the last time that you please credit or eliminate the charges unrightfully issued to my account.

I have no idea why there is no record in your system of my cancellation, or even of my phone call on May 25, but I can tell you that I absolutely did call, and the most proof I can offer you is a copy of my cell phone bill from May which shows that I did indeed call Qwest customer service on May 25, 2007. Thank you for your time, and I anticipate hearing back from you. I can be reached by email at _____, or by phone at _____.

Just want to include an update: As of today, September 20, 2007 I have yet to hear from a Qwest manager. After my call on September 7, I was told my case would be given to management, and that I would hear from them within 2 business days. Additionally, I ended up mailing this letter to Qwest headquarters in Denver, CO and have not heard from them either. The worst part is that today I received a letter from a collection agency. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should do, I'm willing to listen! This is insane!

Resolution Update 10/04/2007:

After several phone calls, emails, and finally a letter mailed to Qwest executives in Denver, CO, my billing issues have been resolved and Qwest has eliminated all of the charges.

Horrible Rural Dial Up
By -

COLORADO -- My wife and I are senior citizens, South of Calhan, Colorado. We've been on this ROTTEN rural dial-up (runs at 28K) for years. We can't afford to pay the typical $40/$50 a month thing for high speed. I'd think I'd gone to heaven if I could get 115K as a dial up thing. I'd be willing to pay $25 a month for that, so I'm not trying to get something for nothing. They don't care...their Qwest is for money. Right, Mueller?

Answer to the Letter I Got From Qwest
By -

Hello, thank you for your recent e-mail inquiry to Qwest. Thank you also for the rather detailed account of a former trainee of Qwest. I will address that in a moment. First allow me to address the reason for what kept happening. There is a simple explanation and it is this: there are a few older bill that went unpaid that caused a specific department to disallow you to have anything on your line besides basic dial tone.

Every time an agent added the requested features, the review that comes through found the old bills and disallowed the features and removed them. Here is the good news. There were a total of 4 bills involved. The total of them is 2.99. This amount is not reportable to credit agencies, nor collection agencies, so they are mostly off the radar. As of September 23rd, those bills have been zeroed out and you are clear to have unimpeded service now. I apologize for this issue.

Now, speaking to the statements from the former Qwest trainee, I must agree with some of the things he mentioned, namely that the job in which he was hired is grueling and is sales-based. The job title is not Customer Service Representative, but Sales Agent. The 6 weeks of on the phones training is initially getting their feet wet in the office environment and in the early stages is related to billing calls, which are the most difficult type of calls to handle.

The goal is not unreasonable. $600 a day is not hard to reach. If I sold you a 7m internet today, it would give me a net revenue in the tracker of about $390. That is one sale. A single long distance is worth nearly $100. This 6 weeks is also to weed out those that are dishonest and weak. I was in sales for nearly 4 years and I was in the top 3% of the entire company 3 years running, all without slamming or cramming a single order. I am the last of my training class in which only a handful graduated.

Please understand that Qwest is a business and businesses are in business to make money. The only way to do that is to sell products and services to those who need them. It is done every day without negative issues and we have far more happy customers than not. The person writing those statements is dishonest in his own way. In an economy in which 1 out of every 10 people cannot get a job, NO ONE is quitting their job ON PRINCIPAL.

The truth is that he either couldn't hack it or was caught trying to cheat in some way. I sincerely hope that this response finds you well and can lend some understanding to how things happened the way they did. Now that the issue that was causing the problem has been cleared, I invite you to come back to us. If this option is something you would like to explore, please call us at please call 1-800-850-5252. Sincerely, Glenn Qwest Customer Care Consumer Markets.

By -

COLORADO -- Back in the summer of 2001 I needed to get home phone service, and at that time Comcast didn't offer home phone service. So I ordered home phone service through Qwest. My service was fine until I needed to get Caller ID, voice mail, and other calling features. In 2002 is when the issues started. My services would disappear. I would call in to have them placed back on, they would disappear.

I was fed up and asked customer service and ask them why my services that I'm paying for would disappear after I would call to have them placed back on. I asked them if it was my bill, and they said no. I also asked them if anyone called in to remove my services, they again said no. I also asked them if there is any record of me calling in to have my calling features/services turned back on, they again said no.

Qwest doesn't keep accurate and up-to-date records even though I was told that it would be noted in my account each time that I would call in to have my calling features/services turned back on. I should keep on calling to have them placed back on after they have been removed. I then called customer service again and asked them to investigate then they transferred me to another customer service agent who then placed me on a written correspondence only restriction where I could only request changes in writing to the "Channel Support Team". I wasn't allowed to call in about my services.

When I attempted to make my service right customer service would inform me that either: (1) they couldn't find my account, (2) the systems are down, or (3) they were unable to access my account. Even repair was unable to access my account. I couldn't get cell phone service because of my credit score/history and prepaid cell phones are too expensive. I needed phone service with no long distance, voice mail, line backer wire maintenance, caller ID and non-published and that's all. Some genie in the sky was changing my services without my authorization and Qwest wouldn't investigate the issue and find out who or what was causing my issues.

I spent many, many hours on the phone with Qwest. I've almost had to go to the hospital due to chest pains because of Qwest's issues. Just to note: this is a direct quote from the Better Business Bureau - "Following our second notice of the complaint, if the BBB still does not receive a response from the business we will call them as a reminder; four business days from the date of the phone call, if the BBB has still not received a response your complaint will close as unanswered.

The BBB serves as intermediary between the consumer and business and does not have any law enforcement authority to force a company to issue the consumers request for resolution. It is voluntary for the company to resolve and address all of your concerns -€“ we are not an enforcement agency. In the event that the matter is not resolved using the BBB Self-Regulatory process, you may wish to speak with an attorney for further guidance." Also to note: according to the Better Business Bureau Qwest has an "A" rating with the BBB. I feel that rating is a crock and inaccurate!

In closing, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR QWEST SERVICE WHETHER HOME PHONE, INTERNET OR TV SERVICE. Also below you'll find the address to Qwest's "Channel Support Team": Qwest - CST 1005 17th
Floor 4, Denver, CO 80202. Also, I have another Qwest address for you: Qwest Communications Channel Support Team - 1005 17th Street, Suite 430, Denver, CO 80202. ATTN: Mr. **, Supervisor Channel Support. I looked on the Qwest website **, you can email Advice.Line@qwest.com the link for the page is: **.

False and Deceptive Advertising
By -

DENVER -- In response to a solicitation from Qwest Communications International, I agreed to sign-up for Qwest Unlimited (intraLATA and interLATA) residential long distance telephone service beginning January 5, 2005. Initially I had been able to place unlimited, uninterrupted long distance telephone calls, consisting almost entirely of in-state calls. Shortly thereafter I began to experience frequent, unexpected disconnects when calling a friend across the state. On more than one occasion, I called Qwest Customer Service to complain of the regular disconnects.

Concerned that my monthly long distance calls were totaling an average of roughly five to six thousand minutes per month, the Qwest Customer Service representative asked if I had been running a business; I assured them that I was not. For a short time thereafter I was able to once again place unlimited, uninterrupted long distance telephone calls in which four hours or more per call were not unusual. It was not long afterwards that the disconnects resumed. Further complaints to Qwest Customer Service yielded no resolution of the disconnect problem.

Failing to resolve the disconnect issue through Qwest Customer Service I began filing complaints with the local regulatory authority: the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, hereinafter referred to as the WUTC. After several complaints had been filed with the WUTC I was promptly contacted by Qwest Customer Service. I informed them that the regular disconnects had (temporarily) stopped.

Shortly following the calls from Qwest Customer Service, I received a call from a Qwest engineer admitting that Qwest monitors long distance calls and uses programmable timers, as a precaution, to disconnect telephone circuits that they believe may have been accidentally or inadvertently left open for long periods of time. Once again the disconnects temporarily stopped. This was followed not long after by a continuation of the regular disconnects. Each time the disconnects began, I immediately called the WUTC to complain. The disconnect problem continues to this day, with brief periods of unlimited, uninterrupted long distance calling.

Throughout this ordeal Qwest representatives persist in blaming my local telephone carrier, Verizon, the carrier of the receiving party I call most often, CenturyTel (now CenturyLink,) as well as my telephone equipment, which I have long since replaced to no avail. Over the last couple of years Verizon has placed traps on my phone line in an effort to determine if the source of the disconnect problem is the result of Verizon's equipment. According to Verizon, each time the results have shown Verizon's equipment to be operating properly.

Qwest has never explicitly informed me - by phone or in writing - that they have performed similar troubleshooting efforts. After five years the WUTC, adding further insult to injury, continues to accept excuses from Qwest Communications thereby holding Qwest unaccountable for its actions or lack thereof. As someone who is on Social Security Disability and has long suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, depression and other psychiatric disorders, I feel greatly betrayed by Qwest and the local telecom regulator.

I unequivocally believe Qwest is solely responsible for the regular disconnects and that they are not the result of equipment malfunction or any other random act. In other words, as a frequent caller I firmly believe that I am being targeted by Qwest in an effort to coerce me into discontinuing my current, unprofitable Qwest long distance calling plan. It is my contention that Qwest must honor their UNLIMITED calling plan as promoted and advertised. Enduring regular disconnects for five years and counting is simply unacceptable and I intend to hold Qwest accountable.

Qwest Are Liars
By -

I had been bogarting unsecured internet connects for a while and decided it was time to pay for my own reliable connection. I did pricing around town and finally settled for Qwest as they were offering prepaid Visa cards to new Internet subscribers. In my area the only speeds offered are 1.5, 3 and 7. I naturally wanted 7. The promo was $50 for 1.5 and 3 and $100 for 7 and up. I remember the sales guy saying that it was great because I was essentially getting my money back for buying the $90 wireless router. I would receive it in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

In that time, appx. one month later, I hooked up a home phone through them and bundled my internet with it. The cost was actually going to be cheaper to have a phone and Internet together. LOLLOLLOL what a JOKE!!! I have yet to receive a bill UNDER $100! When I have called about it, I'm SO confused that I just give up!

OK back to the prepaid card. So I called in June to inquire about the card, they said it would be here in July. I was fine with that (was planning to use it for "back to school shopping" anyway...). So I waited all of July still nothing. Aug 1st I emailed them and they responded with a link. I went there, typed in my number...nothing, "call customer service" imagine my surprise!! (Sarcasm noted.)

So I wait a few more days just to be sure it doesn't show up then I call. Guess what? My name isn't even down for a promo card!!! So I had to call Qwest and request a 3-way call with the promo place. When I told them my date of service was May 1, 2010, they told me that they were only doing the $50 promo at that time!! I saw with my own two eyes the sales they had online, and heard with my own two ears what the sales guy said to me. I tried to reason but of course it was a losing battle On top of all that I was told I have to wait ANOTHER 4-6 weeks for a card to be issued!!!! I even spoke with a manager!

I am 33 and have had 2 strokes. Holding it together is difficult for me, I managed for 45 minutes. Then I broke and couldn't even speak. My 13 yr old son had to finish the conversation for me!! Bottom line, I think companies are too big and there is no accountability anywhere anymore. I am looking into a small locally owned co. now. It costs a bit more than what Qwest "quoted me" but I know they will be fair and the service will be top notch.

We collectively need to start giving our support and money to small business for this very reason. Their prices go down, the more customers they get to so it's a win-win. we complain about big business and customer service but I guess we get what we pay for discounted prices equals discounted service...

The Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With
By -

DENVER, COLORADO, COLORADO -- I have had Qwest Communication for 37 years. In October, I received a really good offer for both phone & TV from Comcast. I changed on 11-5-09. Comcast told me not to tell Qwest about changing until it is done, because they get really mad when you leave. I notified Qwest on that day, and the woman said that because I had just paid for November, and since I pay for the month ahead, I would receive a check for November back in the mail. I did get a check back from DirecTV for their half of the bill paid ahead, but from Qwest Communications, I received a bill for another $112...I was flabbergasted.

I wrote Edward A. Mueller, Chairman & CEO of Qwest and he had a really "nifty" woman call me and she just kept saying, "Well, you really do owe us money". And I just kept saying "No, I really don't, you owe me". So I went to my bank, got copies of all the past 6 months checks, corresponding with the last 6 months bills, all of which clearly state that the Flat Fee Bill is paying ahead. My services included unlimited local and long distance service plus 2 other services. I had no other charges on any of these bills. There is tax for the service, but that is all.

After hours and hours of searching for all these records, and putting it all in order and writing a lengthy letter to Edward A. Mueller, and adding all the copies from the bank and from me, I get a letter from a guy in Cody, Wyoming stating that he had reviewed my file and that to the best he could ascertain I was not paying ahead for everything and I still owed $47...

Obviously, he couldn't grasp the concept that I paid ahead every month for a long time. So, now I am really angry. I am sending everything to the AG office, however they have never been of any help to anyone that I know of, and I want to know if there is a class-action lawsuit for me, too? I will give up the phone all-together before I will ever use Qwest again. It is hard to believe that they choose to harass senior citizens like this. Their statements state quite clearly that I pay for the month ahead.

They have now sent me to a collection agency. I have sent them a bill for my time, and they have not paid me for either the bill for my time nor the November re-payment. Maybe if we all band together, we can put them out of business. I have found several other great phone companies that do not do this bilking of senior citizens. I do work for a law firm, so I already have legal help.

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