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People complain so they can get free stuff. More than half of the problems I see at the store is User Error. If yelling at the bottom of the totem pole is what makes you feel like a bigger person - then good for you. Just because they pay the employees to serve the consumer does not mean that they have to take abuse from them. Are there exceptions to the rule? Absolutely. I worked in a store where none of us were trained by management, we had to train eachother - and the staff was not composed of idiots. If you don't like how a company is run then write a LETTER to corporate. If the employees are ignorant it is most likely due to the way they were trained. Customer service is not always personal. I worked in a store that would put people on the schedule for twelve hours at a time back to back days, or put someone on for 13 days without a break. No one is happy all the time kids. NO ONE.
If you get bad service - look around. Consider being human, one bad customer can ruin your WHOLE day, and one understanding person can turn it around.
Get over yourselves. When you call a store and send the employees on a scavenger hunt, or when you get angry because we don't know what you want, or when you point fingers at the people just trying to help you - when you yell because Virgin Mobile screwed up your account, when you come in and just want to yell at someone - or when the ignorance is NOT a problem of the staff - BE HUMAN. The angrier you are - the less I want to help you. It is that simple.
We work in a thankless environment. We have to know about everything in the store - and there are new things coming in on every order.
Personally - I don't know why your phone isn't working. Managing your prepaid account is not listed in my job description.
Working at Radio Shack has made me a better customer in other stores.
Keep working hard guys.
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User Replies:
goduke on 07/13/2009:
Dude, you really need to find another job. This one is causing you way to much grief.
Anonymous on 07/13/2009:
Seriously are y'all coworkers?

Ponie on 07/13/2009:
' bad customer can ruin your WHOLE day...' And one way out rant like this and the one MissM referenced, can ruin MY whole day. My local watering hole is now open for the day. Think I'll go down and drink my lunch.
Eloise on 07/13/2009:
If both the customer and the employee would treat each other with respect it would make for a more pleasant shopping expreience for both.
Ponie on 07/13/2009:
Eloise, you're making too much sense, something the poster apparently does not possess.
WOWreally! on 08/14/2009:
Eloise what utopia do you livin I want to live there you give the best advice......... are you a jedi........ lol
D. Aliff on 09/08/2009:
I had a man come in today and buy a Yamaha 5 channel receiver to hook up his home theater system. I showed him where he would hook his componants in (DVD player, VCR, cable box), I showed him where he would hook his speakers in (two left, two right, one center, one subwoofer) and he left the store a happy man.

He called 30 minutes later because his unit wasn't working. My co-worker spent another 30 minutes on the phone with him trying to figure out why it wasn't working, we even hooked up our display model to ensure we knew how it worked and could tell him. The first question my co-worker asked him was 'is it turned up' and the man replied with an angry "OF COURSE, WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, AN IDIOT?!?!"

So we tell him to bring it in, he gets there, we hook the same speaker up in the same position he had it in at home, it doesn't work. Co-worker reaches over and turns the volume up, magically it works perfectly.

"What did you do?" says the man.
"I simply turned the volume up," replies my co-worker.
"Well they need to make that more clear in the directions they have you follow to set this thing up!" exclaims the man, who then proceeds to mutter a 'thanks' and stroll out the door.

OP is right, we're people folks, we mess up too. My favorite customers are the ones who UNDERSTAND that we mess up, that we can't do EVERYTHING they want us to do. That's why when a customer buys a phone and asks me to apply their screen protector for them, I'll tell them 'no' if they've spent their entire visit complaining about how I don't have the phone that the AT&T Store has and how I don't have a machine to transfer their contacts and how I don't have silicone skins for the sliding phone they just bought, whereas I will apply all four screen protectors to the man's phones that just waited an hour for me having to call AT&T Customer Service because there was a problem with porting one of his numbers from US Cellular all the while telling me to 'take my time.'

Retail shopping is like any other experience in life, you get out what you put in.
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I have read several reviews about bad customer service people have received. the truth is that most of the "bad customer service" is due to the ignorance of customers.
First off Radio Shack is not there to fix your crap. if you bought a telephone from Walmart ten years ago and it stopped working don't bring it in to Radioshack to try to have an associate fix it. honestly it is a huge waste of time for us and we probably don't care because even if we are able to fix it for you, you are just going to say thanks and walk away. its nice of you to say thanks but really we get nothing for helping you and you don't buy anything. you can't expect us to care that much about your broken items.

second if you think a Radioshack associate is pushy, its because we have to be or we will lose our jobs. if we go a week without selling a cell phone, RSSP, batteries, or accessories, we get written up. if you think about it, you would be pushy too if your job depended on it.

third, a lot of people say that Radioshack employees don't know anything. half of the time we do know but your are too stubborn to listen to us. elderly people at the worst with this, since I am in my twenties old people come in and assume that since I am so young I know nothing and they won't deal with me, most of the time they ask for my manager. I will tell old people something but they will not believe me, then they talk to my manager who tells them the same thing and suddenly now they understand what I told them. another thing that will get you bad customer service is when you walk in, 90 percent of the time you will be greeted, when you say you don't need any help, we assume that you don't need help. so when you decline the help we offer don't expect us to stay by you so you can ask us questions that you stated before that you didn't have. another thing is that we don't know everything about everything that is carried in the store. and sorry to burst your bubble but hardly anyone that works at Radio Shack has a masters degree in electronics, so maybe we don't know everything. as it turns all those people with degrees in electronics don't want to work for radioshack.

last thing if an employee seems upset because you are returning something its because we are probably losing money on our pay checks. I'm sure that if you were in our situation you would be upset as well. I know its hard to believe but Radioshack only pays minimum wage plus commission. so if our paycheck get even smaller it just makes matters worse.
if you do need to return something, return it for a just cause. let me let you in on a little secret the company name is Radio Shack not "rent-a-shack" so don't just buy something cause you need to use it once then return it. its a waste of our time and we know when people do it. finally, if you return something because it "does not work" its probably because you do not know how to use it. every time I get a "it didn't work" return, I try it out, and I would say about 85 percent of the time, guess what IT WORKS!!!! shocker
so if you get am employee that "doesn't care" its because we get paid next to nothing and most of us are just working there to have some income while we are looking for another job
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User Replies:
Ponie on 07/13/2009:
Although I agree with many of your statements, your manner of presentation leaves a lot to be desired. Remember--years from now you're going to be one of the 'elderly' or 'older' people you resent and no longer the snot-nosed kid you sound like. As mentioned, even though I somewhat agree, I cannot vote this post Helpful.
old fart on 07/13/2009:
I am one of those "old People" you speak of and let me tell ya sonny, I don't give a rats rear how much "trouble" I give you! I want service when I ask for it and you damm sure better give it to me because I'm entitled as a paying customer whose age of 69 years gives me the right to demand good service!
Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!
Ponie on 07/13/2009:
oldfart, I think he already did. :)
old fart on 07/13/2009:
Yup yup Ponie... just what everyone needs , a crackhead Radioshack employee venting his spleen...LMAO
BokiBean on 07/13/2009:
Find that "other job". Maybe your attitude will be better.
Ponie on 07/13/2009:
It's too bad about his attitude. Probably the kid has a lot of smarts--just doesn't apply them in the proper manner.
Nohandle on 07/13/2009:
Most of the old people, as you call them, will tell you they welcome advice from a younger employee because they feel a young person is more up to date on the latest electronics. Perhaps you should consider a career change since you obviously don't enjoy employment with Radio Shack.
old fart on 07/13/2009:
His attitude is so negative that it wouldn't surprise me if he was no longer employed by Radio Shack as we speak...
BokiBean on 07/13/2009:
And let me just say AGAIN, that our RS has GREAT employees who take time with each customer and answer all their questions thoroughly. In fact, you'd never know they even cared about a commission. Some people can hang, some can't.
Anonymous on 07/13/2009:
It sounds to me like you hate your job. I'm willing to bet that you give "old people" an attitude and that's why they go talk to a manager. When you work in customer service, you need to be respectful of people of ALL ages.
Anonymous on 07/13/2009:
Yeah, I agree with just about everything you all have to say. I'll only add, that this lack of service attitude seems to be pretty relevant most places. What they seem to fail to understand is, that it's MY money I'm're giving away your stuff, then I have few money....chop...chop....and don't think I'm against coming across the counter and re-enforcing my attitude....chop....chop
old fart on 07/13/2009:
Pale rider... You and I think alike... having some snot-nosed young whippersnapper give me attitude would be the last thing I'd tolerate...

rs employee, respect your elders!
DebtorBasher on 07/13/2009:
Anytime I've ever bought anything from Radio Shack, there was a problem.
My much older brother used to by those leather tool kits and made belts, wallets and made a purse for my Mom....they should give up electronics and go back to selling the Tandy Leather Kit products with the little metal hammer to hammer in designs...LOL!
tinydancer89 on 07/13/2009:
I totally agree with you. I am not here to solve all your technical problems. I sell cell phones and that's the only reason I work here. I understand your frustration, as a female working here many customers assume that I won't know what to do so they automatically look for a male employee. if you have something that needs fixing, Best Buy has a Geek Squad who are paid to fix your problems. sometimes you get lucky and can find an associate who has more of a technical background, but chances are most of us just don't have any more of a clue than you do. I for one will happily give you the number to the nearest Best Buy or computer repair shop.
Ponie on 07/14/2009:
tinydancer, I feel what you posted is exactly what this letter writer was trying to do. Wonder why he couldn't have done it as eloquently as you?
WOWreally! on 08/14/2009:
and Geek Squad rips people off big time they are worse than the radioshack repair center. watch the fox news report its a pisser
PepperElf on 08/14/2009:
actually I've never had bad service with Radio Shack.

I've also used them for repairs from time to time, though I knew they had to send the item off.

I'm not sure if they do that anymore, but it wasn't a free service ... so I'm wondering if these people who complain were expecting free repairs or something.

of course, whenever I think of RS, I think of the cat-5 crimpers I bought from them. practically had to lock them up at work because the government-purchased ones we had sucked.

so when I need parts... that's what I think of first =)
texmml on 10/24/2009:
I have been working with Radio Shack since 2008 and I'm going to tell you a little story.

I work with a manager who has been working with Radio Shack for almost over 20 years. Every day at least 5-10 times a day I get asked, "Is the Manager in?" "Is he in now?" Does it get annoy hell yeah, I don't know a person on this earth who wouldn't think that is annoying. But I can tell you this I have NEVER had ANYONE ask me for the manager when they come in the store. They come in the store I greet them and 90% of the time I know what they need and I can do it in a quick manner.

Now on the matter of "old people" I am 19 years old, and yes you will get that occasional elderly person who seems like their sole purpose is to make your life hard. However the BULK of them AFTER they realize that you can give them proper advise and suit them with their product in a timely manner will not treat bad in any way. In fact most of them will ask for you. I know I have countless elderly people ask for me and another associate because of how well him and I work together. And I may not have a MASTERS degree in electronics but I am relatively close to an ASSOCIATES in COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS. That and I have worked there for approaching 2 years now. And I have to say it really isn't that hard to get the battery out, test it and/or replace it and see if the damn thing functions properly, it really isn't. I'm not one who is right then and there going to go into the circuit board of whatever your product is and see if I can soder a connection back together or rewire it, but if I think I can fix it and there is at least an 80% chance I won't break it, you can bet your ass in trying it.

And FYI I have not sold a POST PAID phone in almost 3 months and have yet to get written up. And if I get fired for NOT selling post paid phones there are a lot of stores that I am sure would greatly appreciate my service.
benny on 05/20/2012:
why do Radio Shack be so unattenative and rude?
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In Regards to Service Plans
Posted by on
I have seen a few different situations regarding the Service plans we offer at Radio Shacks across the United States of America (and Puerto Rico) Having read a number of reviews while online searching about my beloved Company, I discovered some discontent about the RSSP (Radio Shack Service Plan). I would like to break down the reasons a person should or should not purchase a RSSP.

I will make references to the real scenarios I have seen in my job for your benefit.

When not to buy-
1. If you are a particularly hard handler of your products, you should not buy a RSSP. It covers normal wear and tear. It does not however, cover if you let your portable DVD player fall into the wrong hands and the hinge gets snapped. If you work in Construction, do not purchase a RSSP on your phone. If it falls off the roof of a work site and cracks the screen, it will not be replaced. In fact if you are going to crack the screen of anything don't worry about the RSSP... it won't help you.

2. If you use your Cellphone around water, do no buy the RSSP. In mid 2008 they began covering "Minor" humidity Damage. We really just tell you it doesn't cover water damage. Because it doesn't. It covers Humidity Damage, that means the water indicator in your phone has turned LIGHT PINK. Not Red and definitely not the shade of red where it has gotten so wet the sticker peeled off some. In the beginning I saw a phone that had been in the rain all night get sent out and replaced. Since then the rules have been tightened significantly and you really are only going to be able to bring Humidity damage in.

3. If your product is Likely to be stolen. Don't buy a RSSP. I know, bad things happen to good people. But The Vast majority of people rarely have things stolen. Cell phones are a major risk item. If your child had lost more than one phone in the past two years, don't get the RSSP on their phone. If you Have your phone stolen or lose it frequently, don't get a RSSP.

When To buy-

1. When you are purchasing an item that will be used every day and is plugged into a power line constantly. The world is Fallible, if you have something plugged in all the time. The odds of it getting fried with a power surge is higher. Also, for those of us with surge protectors, be aware that phone lines and Television cables can carry a surge just as easily. A major benefit of the RSSP is that in the event of a power surge. You will be protected.

2. If you are able to maintain a level of protection to your product. That sounds like an entirely exclusive statement, but you don't have to be an old lady that only calls on her phone once a week on Sundays to protect your investments. Simple things like Keeping cords out of reach of your pets and children can make the RSSP a good investment.

3. If the Item has a Rechargeable battery. You really want the RSSP. I've never purchased anything at a Radioshack that had rechargeable batteries without the RSSP. As long as you get the two year plan, you get a new battery for your product once a year. In the case of cordless house phones it gets each handset a new battery once a year. That sort of savings racks up really fast. I've seen people of all tracks of life save 20 bucks a year on batteries. Not even a joke.

There are things that will make your life easier with a RSSP-

1. Get the Terms and conditions with the purchase. The little booklet will give you all the information you will ever need.

2. You don't need the receipt to use a RSSP. you just need to know the phone number you put on the RSSP. We can look you up by that alone. But if you bring us the receipt with it, it makes our life easier.

3.Any associate or manager who tells you we can not call in to get your product sent out for repair is being lazy. I love my company and I would like to believe that no one in it would be like that but I've seen it happen. If you run into this, simply ask for the number of the next highest rank in radioshack. The district office number is a particularly good resource. The next highest level will more than likely make up for whatever shortcoming the first had.

4. I would also like to think customers are all completely honest people, but on the safe side, Don't worry about trying to scam the system because your child/dog/significant other broke something. The rules are very definite and getting angry at an associate for following them just makes the poor associate feel terrible on something they didn't deserve the abuse for.

If you keep these things in mind, you should have a very knowledgeable basis for if a RSSP is right for you. Don't feel bad about saying no if you know buying it is a waste of your money.

As a side note. To Consumers who have been turned from Radioshack because of bad experiences with the RSSP, I urge you to give us another shot. A lot of improvements have been made to our company in recent years and You have to consider that Assurant (our RSSP handlers) is in fact an entirely different company and sometimes we simply don't have the power at the store level to deal with their inner workings. Be Patient and we will work our hardest to solve the problem for you.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/08/2009:
Thanks for the review; most of the info you provided is very helpful. But, I wonder if saving $20/year on batteries for two years is really worth the price of an extended warranty? Probably not. Regardless, very helpful review.
Anonymous on 02/08/2009:
Great post. It ought to apply to any extended warranty regardless of where purchased.

When to Buy #1 also should include: Never purchase any extended warranty without reading it first. If you are told the warranty will be mailed then refuse it. Do not take the word of a salesperson regardless of circumstances. Salespeople have been known to lie, yes I know it's horrible what some will due to earn a commission. Even if a salesperson gives you a guarantee in writing no warranty will honor it. Changes or additions can only be done by the warranty issuer.
D. Aliff on 02/27/2009:
If you save $40 over two years with an RSSP that costs $10.99, I'd say that's a pretty good deal.

The problem most customers have with the RSSP in general is that since its called a 'RadioShack Service Plan' they think it's handled by RadioShack. When they have a problem, they want it fixed by the person they can physically see. While it's understandable, most retail customers are completely unreasonable and tend to think they're being lied to no matter what happens.

Not to mention that Assurant usually doesn't help us too much. I sold myself a TV with a service plan and was told my salesman lied to me when he told me my service plan was for 'in-home repair'.

As far as calling FOR the customer, I personally refuse to do that. If I was in a strip store, I may feel differently, but my store has too much traffic to call. Especially since every time I call, I seem to get connected to the newest employee there with the slowest typing speed in the entire company so it takes 45 minutes to end the call when it should only take 15 at the most.

The plans were designed for the customer to take care of it themselves, that's what they should do. If one of the stores near me does an in-store replacement (something that used to be common but is no longer allowed) and that customer tells their friend about it, their friend is going to expect the same thing to happen for them. When they come in and I tell them that's not how it works, they get angry at me because I won't go outside of policy and cost my store a charge back so that they can get their item replaced free of charge.

If people would actually read the literature we give them and listen to what we say when we give them the literature, there would be A LOT less complaints about RadioShack as a company.
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This Is One Store You Don't Want To Bother With
Posted by on
REIDSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My mother, who lives in Reidsville, NC recently bought a new Vista computer and wanted to set it up with DSL service. I live in Rock Hill, SC, and had to schedule a trip up on the weekend to get the DSL installed.

I drove up on Friday, 8/22/08 and discovered that her new computer did not come with an Ethernet card. Not a problem, I told her, Radio Shack is just down the street.

We called the store (less than a quarter mile from the house.) I spoke to a very pleasant older man who listened carefully and told me that he had a Netgear 10/100 MBPS PCI ETHERNET card in stock, model FA311 for $25. I took Mom down to pick it up and was back at the house in less than 20 minutes.

We installed the card and then found that the DSL modem could not see it. Visa showed the card as properly installed but could not see the DSL modem. My first thought was to change the cable, so I went down to the store and got another of those. I still couldn't connect. We called AT&T and they felt it could be the modem, and sent another out right away.

It arrived this morning, and Mom connected all the wiring as I'd shown her and started the computer. The DSL still could not see the Ethernet card, and it couldn't see the modem.

Feeling that I might have a bad Ethernet card I called the store. I got a man, (whom I later discovered was the manager) and began to explain the situation. He cut me off and told me that he only sells wireless Ethernet cards. I explained that we had bought the FA311 Netgear card, and it was not wireless. He told me he knew what he carried, and we had not bought it there. (Hold the bus here..we have a receipt.) I tried a couple of times to explain things, with him interrupting to say he couldn't help me, and he cut me off again to say that he didn't have any tech support at the store and couldn't do this. I got angry at this point, and asked for the manager. When he told me he was the manager, he was almost laughing. I told him I would be up on Saturday to bring the card back. He stated "That's too bad, I won't be here on Saturday." I then asked for the owner. He laughed and told me it was Radio Shack.

OK folks. You can see by now I'm upset. I emailed Radio Shack and someone did call me on Saturday 8/30/08. I went over the above facts with them as you see them, and was actually asked if I had been disrespectful to the manager. (?) The final upshot was that I told him AT&T had been out to find there was nothing wrong with the card or DSL, but a wire in the phone box outside. I told the Radio Shack representative who called me that I was willing to forget the whole thing if the manager called me and apologized. He told me he would have the manager call me on Sunday, 8/31/08.

He never called. The Rep called me back and told me that the manager would not be calling as he didn't feel he had been rude or disrespectful and shouldn't have to apologize. (?) Hang on... did I just imagine all this? OK... here's my 3 cents worth. This particular store will not get my business anymore, and probably shouldn't get yours.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/02/2008:
There's only one Radio Shack in Reidsville and according to Radio Shack's web page that store stocks the very item the manager insisted he doesn't carry.
D. Aliff on 10/22/2008:
It sounds like the manager was quite rude with you, but it also sounds like you may have been quite rude with him.

Personally, I've never heard of a wireless ethernet card. I've heard of wireless cards for computers, I sell them quite often, but that wouldn't give you an ethernet connection. It really just sounds like a fit of bad communication between yourself and the manager, no matter who initiated it.

You say he was short with you, but you have to realize that during the day, we get some of the most ridiculous calls (I.e. the woman today who complained that she wasn't informed that she wouldn't be able to purchase an extended warranty for her iPod after her original warranty ran out). It's very plausible that this manager just got done dealing with someone who wanted to drag a conversation out for 15 minutes about how they couldn't get their webcam installed because it didn't have Vista drivers installed, he was a little annoyed, and didn't fully understand your concern/problem.

As far as you 'forgetting the whole thing if he apologized to you,' you'd have a hard time getting that out of me as well. Even if I was completely wrong about the situation and I misspoke about something (inadvertently, as I never intentionally lie to customers), I would sooner lose my job than call someone and apologize. If this means I have bad customer service skills, so be it, but I don't feel it's my responsibility to try to salvage a customer because they're angry we had a disagreement over a $25 product.
Downwithignorantcustomers on 01/27/2009:
Managers can get frustrated and customers are half the reason (corporate is the other half). They're people, too, and they have their limits. Asking someone to call you up and apologize is the same as asking if you can strip them naked and beat them in the town square for a while.
Naman on 01/29/2009:
No disrespect intended, D.Aliff, but I was never rude to this manager. If you reread my post, you see that it was his manager who asked me if I had been. That was a surprise. And Downwithignorantcustomers- I work in customer service and can appreciate and experience first hand the frustration from dealing with customers who have no idea what they are talking about and make unreasonable demands. If it was unreasonable to ask for an apology after the treatment I received, somebody has a funny idea how to deal with the public. I will say this again..I was cut off and told I had not bought the item in that store, that it wasn't sold there, and laughed at when I asked for the manager and owner.
Downwithignorantcustomers on 02/04/2009:
Here's food for thought in a "walk a mile in the other person's shoes" kind of way:

You say that somebody has a funny idea about how to deal with the public.

Ever stop to consider the possibility that the public has a funny idea about how to deal with associates?
MRM on 02/04/2009:
I just want to be sure, but have you installed the driver for the Ethernet card?
madconsumer on 02/04/2009:
there should be software for the modem. that would be required for any dsl or cable modem. one other thing to do is check to see the computer can get an ip address. this will verify the modem and computer are not talking to each other.

it really sounds like software for the modem issue.
Naman on 02/04/2009:
OK..last time. It was the modem itself. Problem was solved two ways. First, the modem was fixed. Second, I will shop at any other Radio Shack but that one. Nuff said.
jktshff1 on 02/04/2009:
MRM, my driver's a Calloway and I don't have any problems with it. LOL
RS Manager on 02/10/2009:
She showed the computer having the card installed properly. That's not the issue at all here. The issue is a very very rude manager. And as far as the call for the apology, How difficult is it for a silly mistake to be fixed by less than two minutes of phone call? I would gladly call a customer to apologize. I mean, they aren't saying "I'll forget about it if they fire you" are they? As much as human error can be attributed, little things like apologies have vanished far to quickly from the modern Corporations. So Here, I'll apologize for him and you can come visit my Radioshack instead. :D
Anonymous on 02/10/2009:
Tech nerd that I am, I can't help but wonder what kind of computer you bought that doesn't have a network connection. I am pretty sure that there hasn't been a computer manufactured in the last ten years that doesn't have network connectivity built in. What model buy mom buy?
WOWreally! on 07/13/2009:
On behalf of Radio Shack I appologize. People like this should not be working in our company.
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Employee Dropped and Broke My GPS and takes no responsibility
Posted by on
GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- I went to your store in Grapevine Texas. (Grapevine Mills Mall) I went in to find a USB adapter for my GPS unit. I handed it to the employee by the name of Trey. He then dropped it on the floor!!! His statement was "it will be okay, you can't get a signal in here anyway since we have a copper roof here." He did not find a adapter for my GPS, but then tried to sell me a card reader! I told him I didn't need one, I have one already. My husband and I left the mall at that point. I took my GPS out of my purse, connected it to the window/dash, plugged in the DC adapter, turned it on and it was on a screen showing the location of the mall....the words "Grapevine Mills" (Street/Lane/Road), which of course is where he dropped it!!! I thought that while driving it would change but it didn't. I turned it off to reset it. I left it off for 5-10 minutes several times while taking my 45 minute drive home and it still was stuck on that screen!!!

I took the SD card out hoping that would help, it didn't. When we got home, I called the store back and spoke with the employee Trey. He told me that he was sorry he dropped it, but that I needed to call the manufacturer of the GPS for assistance since this was not a brand that Radio Shack carries and that he could not assist me. He made it seem that it was my fault!!! I advised him that I was not the one that dropped it and it had never been dropped and was working perfectly before I even entered the store!!! I just wanted the adapter so I could download the updated maps.

He then said he could not help me and hung up. Seriously furious at this point, I called the Radio Shack Customer Service number 800-843-7422 and was told by that person that they could not help me and that I would have to call again tomorrow due to them being in Florida and that they could not assist me since they only handle web problems and this was very unfortunate and he knows that Radio Shack would make this right and replace my GPS. And, this was "customer service" not being able to help???

Anyway, I then called my local store here in Mansfield. (This is the store I normally go to and trust) I spoke with Aaron, the manager, and explained what had happened. He couldn't believe how I have been treated and gave me the phone number to a District Manager named Ken and a Tina at 972-399-8700. He also advised that Risk Management should be notified so this can be taken care of as soon as possible.

Since this happened after business hours Thursday January 3, 2008, no one could do anything. I am very upset because this salesperson at your store basically blew me off and broke my GPS. HE DROPPED AND BROKE MY GPS, I didn't do it, he did and he is refusing to take any responsibility!!!

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User Replies:
Sparticus on 01/04/2008:
Sounds like you still have a good chance of getting this resolved. Let's just hope the employee doesn't lie when the District managers call to confirm you story. That might make things more difficult. Did anyone else see him drop it?
Principissa on 01/04/2008:
I agree with Sparticus, I'm hoping that even if he does try to lie about this, they will have some kind of surveillance cameras in the store, especially if it was by the registers to confirm your story. Make sure you stick to your guns, remain calm and don't get into a shouting match with them. Also request that they pull the surveillance tapes and look at them if the employee does try to lie about dropping the GPS. The employee is totally at fault and it should be replaced at no cost to you.
MRM on 01/04/2008:
I hate it when a salesperson are careless in handling your properties including, but not limited to, automobiles, electronics, and appliances.
msrozz on 01/04/2008:
This happened during store hours....but after banking or regular business hours. This occurred between 7p-8p. The corporate locations close at 5p. I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions.
msrozz on 01/05/2008:
Update: I received a call from the District Manager and The Risk Management Depts. today. I was able to choose another GPS that is similar to my original one. They didn't have one in the district currently, but have ordered one from another district and was sent Fed Ex they claim today and should be received at my local store by Tuesday. I will be given a receipt with a $0.00 for their records and mine. I got an apology from both parties today. Also, the local manager took it upon himself after I spoke with him Thursday night to call the District Manager and Risk Management for me as well. I was also told that the employee who dropped my GPS was reprimanded as well. I will keep you all informed of the happenings.
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Radio Shack
Posted by on
LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS -- 1. On 9/8/2007, I took the phone (Cingular 8125) to the Radio Shack store where I bought it. The touch screen had deteriorated to a basically unusable condition at 10 months old.

2. The store manager listened to the problem, looked online to determine that I had a Radio Shack service plan and called the Service Center for me. He gave them a brief description of the problem and handed the phone to me.

3. The Service Representative confirmed my information, told me she would need to have my credit card info in order to charge me for the core price if I failed to return the old phone. She then said I would receive a replacement phone in two business days and I should return the old phone within 30 days to avoid being charged for the core.

4. I received a box by FedEx in 4, not 2, business days and was surprised upon opening it to find it empty except for a couple of packing air bubbles, a return address label and a sheet of instructions, stating “Due to your model phone no longer being available you will be contacted by the Radio Shack service plan to arrange compensation or reimbursement. Once this is complete you MUST return your defective phone in this box.” THIS IS UNHAPPY # 1!

5. I waited two days for the call promised on the sheet before calling Radio Shack customer service to see what was going on. I explained that I was waiting on a call from them. She told me that they don’t call – they wait for my call before initiating anything. UNHAPPY #2! She then made me a reimbursement offer, which would not be enough to replace my phone with the closest current model (Cingular 8525). UNHAPPY #3! Next, she informed me I would receive a Radio Shack gift card – not a check or credit on my credit card – UNHAPPY #4 -- when the tracking number was in their system showing I had mailed the old phone. When I complained about the lag time, she assured me the system would pick up the tracking number and cause the gift card to be issued.

6. Not trusting the system by now, I called the service center 3 or 4 days later and talked to another service rep. She advised me the system showed they had received the old phone the day before and were waiting on my call to set up the gift card. WHOA! What about the lie saying the system does that upon discovering the tracking number? UNHAPPY #5. Unbelievably, I am still fairly calm about the whole situation, so I stated, “OK, so my gift card should be here in a couple or three days since you’re in Fort Worth, right?” “Wrong”, she stated. It would take 2-3 days at her location before it would be sent to Atlanta, where it would be further processed and issued. It would be 10 to 14 days before I would actually receive the gift card. REALLY UNHAPPY #6! THIS IS REAL SERVICE- NOT!

7. OK, It’s been a week since the last contact and now I receive in the mail an envelope from ASSURANT Solutions. I know by now, this is the service plan provider for Radio Shack, so I can’t wait to get into the house to open it, hit the road to Radio Shack and get a new phone. Hmmm, doesn’t feel like a card inside. Wonder if they actually sent a check instead? NOPE, it’s a SURVEY! It wants me to tell how happy I am with the extended warranty plan. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO HAPPY #7 !!!!!

8. OK, it’s now 9/28/2007 and no good news in the mail. I call the service center again. The service rep reviews my case on the computer and tells me the card was cut on 9/13. That’s one day over the 10-14 days I was told it would take for me to receive the card. “Ohhh”, says the rep, “that would be 10-14 business days, not calendar days. EXTREMELY UNHAPPY #8 !!!!!

Lies, incompetent, unknowledgeable, uncaring personnel and procedures an idiot could fix blindfolded. This best describes the Radio Shack service plan.

A good service plan would not leave a customer stranded without a phone for even one day. It would bend over backwards to live up to the name Customer Service. It would have upgraded my 8125 to an 8525 or at least given me the option of paying some extra to do that on the spot instead of going through this insane reimbursement process and making me wait weeks to buy another phone at Radio Shack by giving me a gift card (I may be presumptuous, because I still haven’t received it) instead of a check or credit card refund.

UNHAPPY? Yes, extremely. Would I recommend the Radio Shack service plan to my friends? Get real!! I have already told my story to several and haven’t even started, yet

The only positives are the Radio Shack manager and employees at the Lake Jackson, Texas, store. They have bent over backwards for me and are probably embarrassed about the whole thing.

This review has already been mailed to Radio Shack, but as expected, no response has been received.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/28/2007:
You should always deal with the carrier direct. If it's AT&T go to an AT&T location or store. They will try to resolve the problem on the spot and send you out with a new phone. Dealing with third parties like Radio Shack will always lead to grief and problems.
Mad Eye Moody on 09/28/2007:
You should have received a replacement phone on the spot - your model, or the next HIGHEST model. However, Superbowl's correct - going directly to the carrier would have been a better course of action; but you shouldn't have had to do that, and frankly, I would have done the same thing you did. Good luck on the campaign - hopefully Radio Shack does something to make it up to you.
Mad Eye Moody on 09/28/2007:
Could be; either way, in the spirit of customer service, a resolution w/o all the red tape was and always is possible. It's just getting someone who has the authority to cut the red tape on the line that seems to be a problem with many corporations.
chemman on 09/28/2007:
AlleyS, the way I see it, I don't care if it's an out of store warranty or not. RadioShack sold the phone as well as the warranty to the OP (and I'm sure they made a profit on the warranty plan) so they should be responsible for subcontracting out the warranty service to an outside company. If the outside company does/isn't offering the expected level of service I would definitely hold the retail store accountable for resolving the issue. As Mad Eye said, companies should be willing to stand behind their product and make it right for the customer, in the case their "product" was the warranty that was sold to the OP. An example of this would be a car purchase, many people buy cars with extended warranties (that are offered by an outside company), if the transmission goes out at 50000 miles, you take the car to the dealer and they honor the warranty that they sold you, they don't tell you "sorry, you out of luck contact the warranty company yourself and deal with it" because they are trying to build brand loyalty and ensure repeat business. I guess in your store you are too annoyed to worry about ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Mad Eye Moody on 09/28/2007:
Nicely put, Chemman.
jal3866 on 09/28/2007:
OK, since this was my post, I'll jump in and clarify that the service plan brochure is labeled "RadioShack Wireless Service Plan." It's their plan, although they farm out the logistics to "Assurant Solutions." Just like they don't actually manufacture any of the RadioShack branded electronic products, they are branding someone else's product (warranty logistics). It's still RadioShack and it's the RadioShack reputation which is tarnished. And another thing, just because I dropped by the RadioShack store to discuss the problem with the manager instead of digging out the paperwork on it, doesn't make me a bad guy or justify being badmouthed for not following procedure. If the store manager says, "hey, let me call RadioShack Service for you right now and we'll get it handled", should I have said, "oh, no, that wouldn't be the correct way to handle this."?
DigitalCommando on 09/28/2007:
Radio Shack is not some far away mail order house where an "ouside" warranty would be expected. It is a walk-in retail store. They should service what they sell and assist you when you have a problem. "We made our profit off of you and now that you have a problem, we do not exist"! Yeah right. Every cell phone provider that operates storefront retail outlets, allows you to bring the bad phone there. If Radio Shack want's to be a real cell phone store, it needs to get with the program.
geather-c on 09/29/2007:
radio schack is the best I have ever seen(at their products breaking down a day after the warranty expires)I quit them 20 some years ago and it would seem I made a wise choice.
Perly on 12/20/2007:
It's the RadioShack Service Plan, underwritten by Assurant logistics. Just like Sprint and AT&T sell insurance that is underwritten by somebody else.

It's unfortunate that your case ended up as it did, however, I will say that a discontinued phone will be very hard to come by after its been discontinued. The replacement thing is pretty new; RadioShack used to only be able to repair your phone for you, which would leave you without a phone for at least a week.

A few people dropped the ball in this situation, but the gist of it is that your phone is replaced by mail because RadioShack stores have neither the inventory nor the product status resolution capabilities to handle replacements of every phone that walks through their doors.

On a side note, AT&T does have a 1-year Exchange-by-Mail program which allows for defective phones to be exchanged (with a refurbished model) within the first year.

I've frequently found that talking to different people on the phone will yield different results, and that happens regardless of which company you're dealing with. It's horrible that this happened to you, but in the end, hopefully you DID receive your gift card and were able to go to see the fantastic people in your local store, who helped you out with a new phone. And I'm that your experience, while atrocious, is the exception rather than the rule.
timmillah on 01/04/2008:
I work at Radio Shack, and I agree that the WIRELESS replacement plans are a load of CRAP. I don't even ask customers anymore because I had a customer buy one before and about 6 months later his antenna broke off of it because he dropped it...I called in the number for him and we talked to a lady, explained what happened and she said it's not covered..even though the paper clearly states normal wear and tear is covered. I felt horrible because I actually care about my customers and I had told this one that his phone would be covered if ANYTHING happened to it (except water damage or theft) and they didn't come through.

Regular extended warranties, however, are definitely worth the money. They just mail you a new gift card in less than a week. It's great.
Anonymous on 01/04/2008:
A couple of years ago, I took my sprint phone to a sprint store - the little button tip of the antenna had come off and gotten lost. Wouldn't have been a big deal, but I didn't fancy the idea of poking myself in the eye with the wire antenna end. So I goes to the store and requested just a little plastic ball end to put back on. I axed the clerk if "there isn't just a scrap piece - junked one lying around I could harvest the worthless little plastic ball end off of............" He considered the idea, went to the back - consulted a tech and returned to me to say...."Uh, no, we don't have anything like that (liar!) but the tech sez for 20 bucks he can sell you a new antenna!
NateT on 01/11/2008:
timmillah, perhaps you were not properly trained for wireless service plan, or I guess any of the plans. Wear and tear, does not mean dropping, or physical damage. That would be like me crashing into a tree on an icy day, and expecting my car warranty to fix it. Obviously there is a huge cost difference but it is the same thing.

ASM 1532
cvneza06 on 08/05/2008:
They are doing the same crap to me and my Zune.... I should be "receiving my gift card in two-three business days".... which I have seen how this is handled already... so I know that won't happen anytime soon. I should have received it today but didn't. The only thing tha is different about my situation which really urks me is that I got the item during a black Friday sale for $99.99... when it normally runs for $199.99.... so they are just refunding what I paid... not even enough for another 30 gb Zune. I hate radioshack with a passion.
D. Aliff on 10/26/2008:
"AlleyS, the way I see it, I don't care if it's an out of store warranty or not. RadioShack sold the phone as well as the warranty to the OP (and I'm sure they made a profit on the warranty plan) so they should be responsible for subcontracting out the warranty service to an outside company. If the outside company does/isn't offering the expected level of service I would definitely hold the retail store accountable for resolving the issue. As Mad Eye said, companies should be willing to stand behind their product and make it right for the customer, in the case their "product" was the warranty that was sold to the OP. An example of this would be a car purchase, many people buy cars with extended warranties (that are offered by an outside company), if the transmission goes out at 50000 miles, you take the car to the dealer and they honor the warranty that they sold you, they don't tell you "sorry, you out of luck contact the warranty company yourself and deal with it" because they are trying to build brand loyalty and ensure repeat business. I guess in your store you are too annoyed to worry about ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction."

I was reading this complaint and was trying to think of a way to relate to it with a situation I had been through. The closest thing I could think of was an extended auto warranty.

I used to work at a car dealership. There WERE times when a customer brought in a car that had one of these extended warranties and they were fixed on the spot with no problems. However, there were also times where they either were fixed after about 4 weeks of waiting for the authorization to come through to pay the technician. There were times where I had to walk up to the customer and say, "I'm sorry ma'am, but your warranty company said they refuse to pay for this repair."

"I work at Radio Shack, and I agree that the WIRELESS replacement plans are a load of CRAP. I don't even ask customers anymore because I had a customer buy one before and about 6 months later his antenna broke off of it because he dropped it...I called in the number for him and we talked to a lady, explained what happened and she said it's not covered..even though the paper clearly states normal wear and tear is covered. I felt horrible because I actually care about my customers and I had told this one that his phone would be covered if ANYTHING happened to it (except water damage or theft) and they didn't come through.

Regular extended warranties, however, are definitely worth the money. They just mail you a new gift card in less than a week. It's great."

Normal wear and tear denotes things a cellphone normally goes through. Having a button stick because it's pressed too much. Having a battery fail within the year. Having the speaker blow.

Phones aren't meant to be dropped. If the customer had forgone the extended warranty, still dropped their phone, then called their carrier to replace the phone under its normal 1-year warranty, it would not have been replaced.

It's not RadioShack's fault, or Assurant's since that's who handles our warranties, that you misinformed your customer.

"They are doing the same crap to me and my Zune.... I should be "receiving my gift card in two-three business days".... which I have seen how this is handled already... so I know that won't happen anytime soon. I should have received it today but didn't. The only thing tha is different about my situation which really urks me is that I got the item during a black Friday sale for $99.99... when it normally runs for $199.99.... so they are just refunding what I paid... not even enough for another 30 gb Zune. I hate radioshack with a passion."

I have read a lot of complaints on here, especially today, and this is by far the stupidest one.

You bought something for $100 when it was on sale, you purchased a replacement warranty on it, and you're mad because they're not refunding you TWICE what you paid?

I understand you got it for cheaper than normal price, but if things were replaced for what the price was when you broke it and not what you actually paid for it, the scams would be EVERYWHERE.

I would go to Wal-Mart, buy a bunch of stuff that was on sale, then return it when it went off sale so I could make anice profit.

Now to address the OP's complaint.

Like someone else said, if your phone was discontinued, of course it's going to be hard to find it. RadioShack stores have no control over when phones get discontinued (be it by Cingular, the manufacturer of the phone, or the RadioShack parent company) and they have no control over the phones they stock.

The brochure you were given says the claims aren't handled by RadioShack. It also tells you to call that 800 number. The way it happened is the way it should happen.

Your complaint isn't with RadioShack, it's with Assurant.

I have explained my disstaste with Assurant in the past on this website. I sold myself a television from our store and bought the '3-Year In Home Warranty' on it. That's what popped up on my screen. As an associate, they only told us about the repair procedures for everything else, and no one was aware that televisions were different.

The TV had some problems a few months later, instead of using my 1-year manufacturer warranty, I called Assurant. Their brochure says they'd fix the item, if they couldn't fix it, they'd refund my purchase price.

The lady tells me that they don't have a service center near me, so the in-home repair is out. They don't want to pay to ship it anywhere because of the extra cost. They offer to find me a replacement (which I tried to find myself when I noticed the problem), but the only ones out there were display models that I did not want because I had not purchased a display model. Since I refused to have it replaced with the same model of TV because they were all display models, the girl tried to get me to replace it with a cheaper television (that was not on display, but that had a lower resolution than the one I purchased). When I refused this, she said they could offer me a gift card to replace my television.

This seemed reasonable to me, but when she told me the amount, I got fairly angry. When I bought the TV, I paid $699.99 + $179.99 for the TV, that's $880 before taxes, $900+ after taxes. She was offering me a gift card for $579.97, the CURRENT retail price for my television. I quoted their brochure saying I'd get full price for the phone, her response was, "Sir, your sales associate must have lied to you. We don't do that, we give current retail price for the product."

Now, I sold this to myself. This lady at Assurant called me a liar to my face. When I finally, after much b*tching to Assurant, got them to agree to ship my TV off, it was gone for almost 2 weeks. The repair center told me there was nothing wrong with my TV, I told them to ship it back. When I received the television back, the repair slip showed they had repaired a faulty connection that had been causing my problem.

Yes, RadioShack's extended warranties can be TERRIBLE sometimes, but I've sold them to customers and they've had their products replaced with no complaints.
Anonymous on 10/26/2008:
D. Aliff, you realize you are posting to comments that are over a year old? Alley posted her comment on 09/28/2007 and I doubt she will ever see your reply as Alley has not posted on M3C's since August.
D. Aliff on 10/26/2008:
superbowl, you realize that I don't care?

I was at work and saw a complaint that I thought was friviolous. Is there some sort of rule where I'm not allowed to respond to a complaint that was made so long ago?

The OP was made in 07, the last reply, before mine, was a little over 2 months ago. Someone is going to be like me and see this complaint and want to add their 'three cents' to this review, just like you did.
Anonymous on 10/26/2008:
You seemed like a nice enough guy and I was just giving you a heads up. Guess I was wrong, carry on. Alley's comment that you were responding to is dated 09/28/2007.

ps) Like most everyone else I know I avoid RS now also. They have truly become the gang that can't shoot straight or even know who's on first anymore. Years ago they were such a good company, just goes to prove the point a company is as bad as its employee's want it to be. Terrible management does not help either.
old fart on 10/26/2008:
Super.. It seems that any of them in my area are staffed by 17 year old computer geeks..not something to build your confidence in a company...
D. Aliff on 10/27/2008:
Would you like me to tell you why people seem to be bothered when you go into RadioShack and want to converse about resistors?

I work at RadioShack, I'm here now, able to type this message because it's Monday and we're completely dead.

If he came in right now, I wouldn't mind helping Joe Thomas look for a fuse to put in his radar detector's CLA. That's fine to me, it's Monday, I have nothing else to do and no other customers to attend to.

It's when a customer comes in at 4:30 on a Saturday, when one of our employees is on their dinner break and the other is activating a cellphone. There are 4 groups of customers in the store, and Joe wants to tell me the EXACT application he's going to be using this fuse in and ask my opinion on it.

I don't have time to do that type of thing. Of course, I care about my sales, but that's not the reason why I don't want to 'shoot the sh*t' with him. It's because these other groups of customers see me talking with him and think, "Wow. He's been with that guy for that long and all he's buying is a $3 pack of fuses? I'm over here looking at a $40 router and he hasn't even spoken to me."

I don't want my customers to feel like that. It's not me being rude, it's me trying to manage customers in order of their importance. It's more important to me to talk to a person about how to set up a wireless network in their house than it is to talk to a guy about wether he should use a slow-blow fuse or a fast-blow fuse.

Yes, some of our employees are less-than knowledgeable. I had a 'Manager In Training' call me yesterday and ask how he could translate milliamps into amps. That's something I learned when I was 10, but he didn't know that.

Yea, some of our employees can see a little rude sometimes, but look at it from our perspective. Here's a conversation I just had.

Me: "Hello, is there something I can help you find?"
Woman: "Yes, do you have CD-Rs?"
Me: "Yes, we do. They're right over here."
Woman: "The cheapest pack you have is $17.99 for 50?"
Me: "Yes ma'am. This is the first time in a while I don't have a pack on sale."
Woman: "Well can you give them to me for cheaper?"
Me: "No ma'am, I'm not allowed to change prices on things."
Woman: "So you can't give me the sale price?"
Me: "No, I can't give you the sale price since they're not on sale."
Woman: "Okay, well they're too expensive. Do you have the headphones with the headphones built in?"
Me: "I'm sorry?"
Woman: "You know, the microphones with the headphones built in."
Me: "What is it you're trying to do?"
Woman: "I can put them on and listen to the radio through them."
Me: "A headset with a radio built in? We have those back here."
Woman: "Those aren't on sale either? I suppose you can't give me a sale price on them, can you?"

This woman came in, looking for a deal, and instead of accepting the prices, tried to haggle with me, then seemed annoyed when I was unwilling to lower the price for her.

I had a customer once get mad because we didn't have altimeters. He was on the phone and said, "Why don't you have them? You need to order some damn it. I need it for hunting." When I explained that we don't order things like that, that we're sent what they decide to send us, his reply was, "I don't give a f*ck, you need to get one."

People complain about lack of service and all this, but no one ever thinks about how many stupid, frivilous, ridiculous questions that employee has to answer that day.

I have people call me every day, they'll ask me if we have a product, they'll ask me what it does, they'll ask me about its features, they'll ask me about accessories, they'll ask me questions for 10 minutes, then they'll ask me the number to a different store so they can go get it there.

My point is, you don't KNOW what retail employees go through. I live in West Virginia, if I get this many people asking stupid/annoying questions, I can only imagine how many stupid/annoying questions someone in New York or California gets.

Yes, the retail employee may be rude sometimes. Yes, they may be a little less knowledgeable than they should be. You have to remember though, they're people too. They forget things, they don't find things out, they have bad days.

Not only am I a retail sales person, I'm also in customer service. I'm expected to maintain both at an extremely high level, and if I don't I shouldn't expect my job to stay around. It gets REALLY difficult to maintain a positive attitude all the time when you're not dealing with any problems, and it gets even harder when you get a customer who's being an assh*le for no reason.

...and for the record, you must be 18 to work here.
WOWreally! on 08/28/2009:
D. Aliff I get what you get times 100. I am 25 for one, two you are tottaly correct. People want A+ service on what ever they buy and when someone else is getting it instead of them they complain about it not being them. The average consumer is no more mature than a small child when it comes to waiting their turn that's why I have the throw a temper tantrum ger thrown out rule. Does not effct my sales revenues at all because I'm WAY over plan for this year and I don't have to deal with cry babies. See heres the thing people will swarm to a retailer who has the word FREE in his window. As far as the tool box on the phone goes that attitude is adjusted by a swift hang up because I don't take abuse from telephone tough guys.
lauren209 on 02/24/2012:
It does not matter if you call the service number or go into the store radioshacks warranty still sucks. There are tons of hoops you have to jump through to get a new phone because the one you received was defective. And then you have to jump through hoops to get your deposit back. I've talked to 3 different representitives and they all have different answers to when I get my money back. Now I am canceling my plan and jumping through hoops to do that.
jessica on 06/20/2013:
Having a similar issue. I have an accidental damage replacement warranty on my phone, it cost close to $100. The phone gor wet and no longer worked. I went to Radio Shack and they contacted the warranty dept. They would send out packaging for me to send my phone back and if they couldn't fix it or replace it with a comparable model, I would receive a gift card. Fine. I got the packaging the next day and sent my phone out FedEx express about 2 hrs later. A week went by and I didn't get a phone or any communication regarding the status of my replacement. I finally called THEM and they said I would be issued either a check,an actual gift card or an electronic gift card through my email. I opted for the email because it would take 10 days for the other options to reach me, whereas I would receive the email in 24 hrs. Cool. Not. Its day 2. I called again to see what was up and apparently they entered the email address wrong and would have to reissue the email. Cool. Not. I have to wait 3-5 more days just so they can make sure I didn't receive the email and use the card already. I'm now without a phone for 10 days. I was under the impression that a warranty would eliminate any hassle in getting a new phone. Not so. Very unhappy.
Mark on 08/19/2013:
Same problems that Jessica is having. Now into 14th day and they still haven't contacted me about a replacement settlement. I have contacted them 5 times. Now. I am going back to Sprint for their extended warranty on the next phone. They mail a replacement to you first and you then send back the old one, makes it so much better.
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Purchased a 29 Dollar Cell for 79 Dollars.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CROMWELL, CONNECTICUT -- After paying 79 dollars for this phone, I feel that I shouldn't have to pay an extra35 dollars to re activate this phone..The cell was a Kona that was sold by Radio Shack..I wasn't told that there was a premium to be paid to
activate my phone.That is double dipping.It was never told to my by an employee that I had to do this..I just want my money back and all I get is baloney from them.I sent them my email address and gave them my telephone number.My real biggest [snip] is when you look for the account number on the sales slip, There are so many numbers there, which one do you use.
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Have not received my refund check , between Jan 2, 2013 - Feb. 11, 2013
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SOUTH PASADENA. CALIF 91030-2605 -- Store clerk took returned watches, said that they couldn't refund my money yet because the check hadn't had time to clear yet, and that as soon as it cleared I would receive a check for my refund, of $43.48,in about 14 days. It has been over a month and after, checking the mail daily, calling the store several times, and visiting the store to talk to " Malcolm" nothing has been taken care of. I think that Radio Shack people are incompetent, from the store employees to Corporate Headquarters and don't think that this is important enough to fix this mess. You can be sure that and when I do receive my check, and it should have an extra amount because of our hassle with you people, that I won't bother patronizing your company again. It was my fault that I trusted the store enough to leave the watches without getting the refund, and should have waited longer to return the watches. But I will not make that mistake again with your company. My Trans. # 3286, Store #013627 Ticket #013286 (By the way, my husband is blind and hard of hearing, and the watches are not loud enough to hear correctly, and are of inferior quality.)
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trmn8r on 02/11/2013:
What reason (excuse) has the store manager or corporate given you for the fact you still have not received the refund?
leet60 on 02/12/2013:
You did not specify in your post, but have you determined if the check ever cleared your bank? If so, the refund should have been processed. Have you contacted the corporate office?
jess951 on 03/02/2013:
Radio shack is such a B.S. company I bought the new galaxy s2 and had problems with it, so I only tried to return it 6 times ...they have me a new phone..and same problem again. Then I went storming into there store and this arrogant brad Pitt looking guy was the rudest associate I told him ...I've had give me my money back he refunds me my money but only through a check that hasn't arrived for a month!!! Wtf!!
C. Stahler on 03/03/2013:
My wife was promised $10 dallor rebates for every $50 dollars spent. She purchased a Tom-Tom for over $100. After 1 hour on the phone with Radio Shack and getting the run around they then cut me off. I called the store manager where the purshase was made and he tried to help to no avail. This purchase was made in November of 2013 on black Friday. Needless to say Radio Shack has lost our business forever.
samuel moreno on 09/19/2013:
Hi my name is Samuel moreno,
I purchased a am/fm radio may be two months ago. Never received an invoice on my email add. that the company got my return. My email add. is
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Deceptive Advertising/ Coupon Offer 10$ Back; if Price Goes Down Promise
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Radio Shack- still engaging in practices I thought they were censured for in the past. Case in point:

Coupon offer: good luck trying to collect. There's some technical glitch the consumer doesn't readily know about..very convenient for Radio Shack -- they don't have to honor the coupon, but sure used it as a heavy sales tactic to sell the original item.

Price matching: good luck collecting on that. In my case, I bought a phone; a day later Radio Shack offered it for a lower price. I went to get the price difference, and again, oh, a technicality, we can't pay the difference.

(technicality had to do with the original phone getting changed out by the manufacturer three days following the Radio Shack purchase, so although it was the same purchase, the serial numbers were not the same; plenty of documentation exists on the change out. It's obviously the same phone, it's the same phone number and same carrier. The transaction would take a human to intervene, but Radio Shack won't bother. I'm still waiting for the manager to call me back, hasn't happened and two weeks have passed.
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trmn8r on 12/26/2012:
What happened with the coupon?

The problem with the price guarantee is understandable at a glance, but it does appear that an exception should be made. It will be interesting to know what management's response is when you do speak with them. Please let us know.
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Radio Shack Has Poor Customer Service
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RIVERDALE, NEW YORK -- I stopped in the Radio Shack on Johnson Avenue in Riverdale NY, (Store ##01-2796) on 8/24/12 at 10:40 am to return a ten dollar cable. I presented the sales person with the unopened item and the receipt and said that I want to return it. The sales person asked for my phone number and I said that I don't give out my number. She got the manager who told me that I had to give them my number and address. I said that was ridiculous for a ten dollar cash sale, and if that was their policy I would not shop there again and would tell everyone I know not to shop there.

The manager said he was fine with me not shopping there. He said Radio Shack would do just fine without me. I also said that I would tell everyone I knew and post on every internet site that I could find my recommendation to STAY AWAY FROM RADIO SHACK. He told me to go right ahead.

After a lot of yelling and screaming the manager finially
did refund my money without me having to give out my personal information.

I have been a Radio Shack customer for most of my life. Was it worth it for Radio Shack to loose a customer? They don't seem to care.
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FoDaddy19 on 08/24/2012:
Unfortunately people have been abusing the return policies for a while now at many retail stores. So to counteract this problem, stores have been getting people's phone number/name/whatever to try to weed out those who "rent" items. Granted in your case the item was unopened, but usually submitting a phone number is par for the course these days. Radio Shack isn't the only company that does this, most major retail chains do. Even Costco has revamped there previously *very* generous return policy.

I can't fault Radio Shack here. If you want someone to blame, blame the people who abused the stores return policy in the past. If you have problem with this policy I'm afraid your shopping options are going to be limited as many stores have a similar policy.
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