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Don't Buy Cell Phones From Radio Shack
By -

GARDEN CITY PARK, NEW YORK -- Went to upgrade my Verizon phone at Radio Shack to get the new Bionic in 9/2011, had a salesperson that knew almost nothing about the phone or Verizon and I was in the store for close to 4 hours to do a simple upgrade. The salesperson told me that Radio Shack's insurance plan was better than Verizon's for the same price, that they replaced your phone with a new phone instead of a refurbished one, which is what he said Verizon did. I asked about lost or stolen phones and he told me they were included, so I switched from Verizon's plan to Radio Shacks.

About 2 weeks later, I brought the Droid Bionic back because it kept shutting down for no reason. They switched it for another one, again in the store for over 2 hours, they just didn't know how to use the equipment. I have to say after all of this I never lost my patience. Went back to Radio Shack this past weekend, 12/18, for a totally different reason and was met with the normal unprofessional behavior of the salespeople. They didn't know what was in their circular, where products were in the store, didn't care if they helped me.

I had my phone in my hand and put it on the counter to find some batteries in my bag that I wanted to recycle. The sales person told me RS doesn't recycle batteries. I told him I was pretty sure they did, so he took them. I left the store, walked to my car, went to make a phone call and realized I didn't have my phone. I searched my car and realized I left it in the store. Went back in within a few minutes of leaving and asked the guys if they saw my phone and they said no.

Another customer offered to call the phone for me and it was ringing on his end, but we couldn't hear it in the store. the ringer was definitely on, so I went back to my car, looked for it some more, looked in the parking lot and called it several more times, nowhere to be found. Very strange since I hadn't gone anywhere. I asked about my insurance plan and guess what? it doesn't cover lost or stolen phones!!!

SO I am out my very expensive phone, have no insurance and no upgrade left. I called and emailed Radio Shack corporate and they couldn't care less, they don't care that their salespeople are lazy and uninterested, don't know how to sell their product and couldn't care less when you walk into the store on football Sunday, because they are too busy watching the game in the back.

Employee Fried My Sony Vaio!
By -

EL PASO, TEXAS -- 3 weeks ago this Wednesday I happened to make a poor mistake in life. I took my computer to work when I realized I was low in battery and I forgot my charger. I then called a nearby Radio Shack store to confirm if they had any OEM or universal chargers, and the employee (who happens to be brand new and in his first day of opening the store by himself) said to bring the laptop over to see which charging tip it was going to be. I got there about 30 minutes after I called to buy the charger, I took my computer as instructed and I put it in sleep mode with only 15% battery left.

The RS employee then begun trying universal tips on my computer and finally found one that fitted with no problems. He then found a universal plug in the wall charger, which I thought it was weird as laptops only use AC adapters, and connected it to the wall. The computer then completely shut off. My laptop is a Sony Vaio w/ 19.5v plug in. I left the store thinking my computer was completely out of battery and that I had to wait till I got home and that's what I did.

When I got home I connected my computer to the OEM AC adapter and still did NOT turn on. I then removed the battery and smelled it giving me a burned smell and I started fearing the worst, that my computer was fried. I called a computer tech friend and he confirmed that my computer or at least the motherboard was fried. The store where the incident happened has no manager, just a supervisor which makes no sense. I've called the district manager the day it happened and have been calling her constantly and says it all depends on risk management dept. I need my computer to work yet they have no hurry. What should I do?? It's been 3 weeks, should I seek legal advice?

Return Policy
By -

JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN -- I am endlessly amazed by the stupidity displayed by organizations in the retail industry. And Radio Shack is certainly on the cutting edge of jumping over dollars to get to pennies. Not only are their products overpriced, but returning them is akin to attending a parole hearing.

Today I tried returning an iPod (4) after having been assured that I could return it within thirty days of purchase. I confidently meandered in receipt in hand, iPod re-bundled into its casing, fully expecting a refund. Instead the iPod was thoroughly inspected by the all-knowing minimum wage employee for? Get this... Scratches! Not on the screen mind you, on the silver backing. Anyone familiar with the iPod Touch can attest to the fact that this backing gets scratches if you glance at it.

After interrogating me, shaking his head in dismay, he announces that he will need to call the District Manager to get a determination as to whether or not they will refund my money. And with a grace which could only be scripted, he proceeds to drop the iPod on the floor. Hmmm... That certainly couldn't have helped it's condition? And I must say in the two and a half weeks I had the iPod in my possession, I did manage to keep a firm grasp on it.

If you have had any experience with Radio Shack, you probably already know the ending. I was not given a refund. In fact, they refused to give me an in store credit, even after the store clerk dropped it on the floor. I called the district office... Imagine my shock when I didn't receive a return phone call! (Sarcasm.) If you're in the market for anything that Radio Shack is willing to sell you at their inflated prices go to a garage sale! In my experience most of them are run more professionally!!!

When You Read Other Nasty Reviews, Sometimes Consider the Source! if You Put the Extra Effort Into Digging Into Who You Need...
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Hi, I am writing today because I encountered my first issue with Radio Shack yesterday. There was an advertised price on the internet for an item and the website showed that my local store had it in stock and NO other store within 100 miles had it. So I thought cool I will go and get it right away before others come and buy them up.

I get to my local (franchise store) and find the item, I was tickled... I was getting something that I wanted at a great price. I go to pay and the item came up full price, I told the associate what the price should be (according to the internet) and he instructed me that his store did not have to honor the advertised prices... I wasn't happy.

So today I called Radio Shack Corporate office (Do not call They are not corporate.) So I spoke with a very friendly gentleman that takes problem calls from consumers. He understood my feelings and offered to put me in contact with a regional manager that had the product that I was looking for! Great I said, he transferred me to the area director (forgive me if I have the title wrong) and she was so friendly and helpful!! A++, she was an area director out of Pensacola, Florida.

I again explained my issue, she put me on hold and contacted one of her stores in her area that had the item and they are now sending it to my local COMPANY OWNED STORES for me to go pick up. What else would a customer ask for!! :-)

NOTE: If you deal with a franchise store look on your receipt at the return policy, most of them are 7 DAYS only and that maybe for exchange only... I don't care for that but your COMPANY STORES HAVE a 30 DAY REFUND POLICY.

So bottom line is I want to thank the nice gentleman I spoke to in corporate, but ESPECIALLY THE WONDERFUL AREA MANAGER IN PENSACOLA, FL. Her name was Scarlet and she was awesome to me. Radio Shack is a nice company to work with, just don't be lazy and expect everything to fall at your feet.

False statements to sell a product
By -

This past Feb. my 15 year old son saw the ARCHOS 8GB hand held computer unit in Radio Shack when I was buying my laptop there also. I worked out a deal with him and told him I would buy his Apple I-touch from him so he could purchase the ARCHOS. That day I bought a laptop, long range walkie talkies, a digital camera, new cell phone AND THE ARCHOS. Spending well over 1000 dollars. I bought the replacement service plan for each item. When it was time to purchase the ARCHOS, I specifically asked the sales clerk that if the screen became cracked or broken would it be replaced under this plan? The clerk answered YES.

The ARCHOS has a large glass screen and I told the clerk I was concerned on how easy it could break. He assured me that it would be covered. So I left the store spending well over 1000 dollars thinking I was covered. July 4th weekend while on vacation with my son, I noticed he was almost in tears. When I asked him what was wrong, he showed me the screen on the ARCHOS and it was broke. The unit will not work at all. He had been with me the whole time and I knew he didn't drop it and he must have bumped into something because he had just used it about 15 minutes earlier.

I assured him not to worry that it was covered under the replacement plan. Upon returning from vacation, I went to the local Radio Shack where I purchased the ARCHOS and was told that it was not covered. I asked to speak to the clerk that sold it to me and was told he no longer worked there. Furious, I called the 1-800 number and talked to a representative who stated there was nothing I could do and that I was out 350 dollars because it wasn't covered. I left several messages on the Radio Shack website for someone to call me back, left several emails for someone to contact me, one month later no one has called or emailed.

I always did business with Radio Shack in the past but as of this incident, I will never set foot in another Radio Shack again. To have the clerk lie to me to make a sale after spending all that money in there that day to no one returning calls or emails about my complaint, I am very disgusted with Radio Shack and so is my son who really loved his ARCHOS.

Warranty Is Worthless & Misleading
By -

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I bought a budget DVD player without a 'special' warranty and it ceased proper functioning in 4 months. That alone I find annoying - that products fail so quickly and it's somehow acceptable to manufacturers to put out such shoddy merchandise, but capitalistic greed is another subject. So with becoming more accustomed to the sad state of affairs for manufacturing and sub-par standards being the norm, I opted to purchase Radioshack's extended warranty with my replacement purchase, an 8" Accession portable DVD player.

I was told they'd either fix a problem or replace the device. They added that one guy was on his 3rd new player (Tells you something right there about quality...). Of course once I needed the warranty service and read the fine print more carefully, I wondered how there could be a series of replacements when it read they were only liable for one replacement, period. So what was the employee talking about? How could that be? Was that an outright lie? My issue with the player was, besides numerous keys that did not always function properly, at one point when opening the cover, the plastic actually cracked at the hinge area and the screen would not stay open.

When talking to the warranty company, the man on the phone was a robitron who repeatedly told me all decisions on coverage were the total discretion of the reviewer, who I could not talk to. Every question I had in trying to understand their process was answered with that and he could guarantee nothing, which he said at least 10 times. And once he heard there was a crack it was all over. He kept saying that I could have dropped it and that's how it cracked (I didn't) and since they wouldn't know, they probably would decide I was at fault, (with no recourse) since I couldn't prove I didn't drop it.

Then he accused me of opening it too forcefully. What?? Like plastic can't weaken and crack without mishandling? It's PLASTIC for chrissake! So there's no contest; they will not believe what you say if they can come up with an alternative reason that falls out of their responsibility.

Another company policy that's based on greed; screw the customer out of service if you can since it's less expense. Makes me sick that they can get away with such practices. Radioshack needs to change their warranty company; there are still a few products and services that are good and the providers show care and concern to the customer. Radioshack's warranty company SUCKS.

Misleading Customers
By -

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- On 01/18/2010 I have purchased a CLEAR wireless modem at Radio Shack store. The reason I did not purchase it online at, because my home address was showing as non-covered area. My neighbor has CLEAR; so I decided to try, maybe it will work. I explained the situation to the sales representative at Radio Shack and specifically asked him if I can purchase the devise, go try it and if it does not work bring it back. He told me yes it is possible and I have 8 days to return it. He was a new employee by the way.

The devise we purchased did not work and I took it back to the store. The supervisor told me that if I would read the receipt I would see that I cannot return it to the store; I have to call CLEAR and return it directly. I refused to do so because that is not what I have been told at the time of purchase. She called the manager and unfortunately she could not help me as well. She said that she personally trained that employee and he knows about the return policy. So I end up with waiting another week until Clear wireless will receive my package.

I'€™m very unhappy with this kind of business practice. I think it is misleading customers just to sell something. If I would not ask specifically if I can bring it back if it does not work, I would not complain. Now I am trying to cancel the service because it does not work the way it is advertised. I was surprised to find out that I have to pay $120.00 cancellation fee. Never before I was told about this even though I asked if there is any cancellation fee. It seems like Clear is trying to make money in very unfair way. The lie is their main strategy. Is this a good business practice? Is it fair to the customer? Is it lawful to lie, to mislead?

Phone Protection Plan
By -

My son purchased a new blackberry 8520 from the Radio Shack in IL. While in the service there close to his base. They suckered him into buying the protection plan on his phone. The blackberry phone retailed for $50 he paid $359 and another $124 for the insurance. Five days later phone became damaged. He took it into store, they mailed it in and unbeknown to him they replaced it with a downgraded refurbished phone. After several hours on hold talking to many reps they realized they sent him the downgraded phone.

They asked him to mail the phone back and promised to send him another. They received the phone on 12-4-09 and have yet to return a phone to him. I had to add him to my phone plan Verizon so he could be in touch with his commanding officer while on leave for thanksgiving. I can't even begin to say how frustrating this entire situation has been and the way they have treated us. To make it worse I explained my son was shipping out on 12-9-09 to San Diego and would be heading overseas and if we could not get a phone before he left we would be unable to get it to him thus severing our only chance of communicating with him.

They obviously have no regard for our service men and it is truly disappointing. They did not seem to care about the urgency of our situation. Everyday that I called they would place me on hold for 57min at a time and come back with "oh we have no notes in your file because our system hasn't been updated." I insisted they issue a cash credit so he could get a phone before he leaves at another Radio Shack store, but they have refused to help us. FYI do not purchase anything from Radioshack especially their "no Hassle protection Plan". It is a consumer ripoff.

Don't Believe You When They Tell You the Price on an Item - You Get Charge Something Different
By -

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA -- I stopped in your Santa Clara RadioShack to purchase a cellphone recorder only to be told that there is no such thing. It was funny because I just saw one in the Camarillo store the day before. After arguing with the clerk and his unwillingness to even look online to find one for me, I keep looking in the store and was able to find it.

After I purchased the unit I passed by the counter where there was two different KVM units. One was priced at $29 and the other one at $9. I wanted to make sure that the USB one I needed was the $9 unit. I confirmed it with the clerk and even asked why the USB unit was priced lower than the PS2 unit. I expected that the PS2 unit would be on sale but the clerk assured me that the USB was the $9 unit.

When I got to the register to purchase the USB KVM the price I was being charged was $29 plus tax. I brought that to the clerk's attention and at that point he turned me over Crystal that was outside on her cellphone. She seemed to be upset that I interrupted her call and had to come in to help. After researching the tags on the shelf she found that the sales price was placed over the wrong item. Even after I explained the situation in being assured that the price on the USB KVM was $9, she stated that did not matter and there was nothing she could do to help.

I asked if there was a manager that I could talk with and she said no and too bad that they had made a mistake in marking the KVM unit with the wrong price“ but she could and would not do anything about it. At that point I returned the cellphone recorder on return # 830960 and let them know that due to the poor service that I would never purchase anything from RadioShack and would do whatever I could to relay this story to anyone that is ever thinking about purchasing anything from RadioShack.

Employee Perspective
By -

I work at a RadioShack and just want to say that some of the stuff on here is rather correct. Except I did see a review saying that a woman purchased a laptop for 700 and the employees pocketed some of her money. Never experienced anything like that.

One thing I want to get off my chest that is frequently experienced, RadioShack is NOT TECH SUPPORT!!! DO NOT call RadioShack if your computer isn't work, if you can't figure out how to work your GPS or phone or whatever. There is a number on every product for you to call for support. We don't get paid extra to walk you through an install guide. So, have a little respect for us, for once.

Yes we're here to serve you in store, but once you're out, you're on your own. That's not just RadioShack, mind you. That's EVERY store you'll ever go to. Buy your stuff, get out, done. The store doesn't care about you anymore. As mean as it may sound, it's true. Get over it and call tech support, deal with the wait.

Unless you get a RadioShack Protection Plan (RSSP) don't bother coming in asking to get something fixed. It'll most likely cost a bundle to get whatever you need repaired without the plan. Go to a real computer store. We are not experts. We never said we were experts on electronics. I work here because the economy is terrible, I work three jobs, all pay minimum wage, and I don't get ahead at all. Whatever. Either way, if we don't know, we don't know.

There's a site called Google you should check out before whining to us. Now for stuff you may like to hear. Sprint is BS. They screw their customers more than any other phone company. And at Radioshack, yeah you'll get a cheaper price but Sprint locks us out a lot because they want you to go to a real Sprint store. Our phones ARE cheaper. You'll get the same everything that you would if you went to an AT&T or Sprint store, only much cheaper. So, activate your phones here. That part is true. But do so with AT&T. Best rates.

If you're still reading bravo, I doubt many will even see this, I'm typing on the POS system now so I'm venting as well. Buy AT&T, get Protection Plan, don't call us for tech support, we are not experts, never meant to be employees at RS, get crapped on worse than a lot of other retail stores.

They don't care about their employees one lick. The bigwigs never worked in retail, they just get out of business school and read statistics and breathe down our necks. But that's part of our job so we do it. But, our job doesn't concern answering your phone calls about how to install Drivers. Probably more, but done for now.

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