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Disgusted With The Way You Run A Business
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YORKVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Raging Waves Waterpark in Yorkville, IL opened up into the middle of this summer season, due to numerous delays! My fiance and I bought season passes the day it opened. From the moment we bought those passes we have had nothing but issues with the waterpark. I am not going to start with the beginning but instead what made me so upset this past week is where it set me off. On Thursday July 10 I headed out to the water park to meet up with some family (that I talked into getting passes) and my friend with her 1 daughter and her 2 friends. My friend had to pay the 28.00 general admission and her daughter had a free ticket for reading in school. The two friends had to pay their 28.00 as well.

Now this is a key point here; the waterpark is 28.00 for an all day pass so from 10-7pm. Or you can buy the half day pass which is from 3-7 and that is for 18.95. Now we got to the park at 10 am when it opened. We checked the weather right before we came and they weren't calling for rain till late that night. So anyway we are all at the water park and around 2 or 230pm we went to our cars to each lunch (they nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING!!) So we were sitting outside and there were some storms rolling in, started to lighten in the near distance. The waterpark was still operating full swing! We hurried to get back inside because our things were still on the chair. I bumped into my one friend and I asked her they they are closing the park for the day. She told me that she asked a manager what was going on and he told her that he wasn't really sure because they didn't have a rain policy intact. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU OPEN AN OUTDOOR WATERPARK in ILLINOIS, AND NOT HAVE A RAIN/STORM POLICY?? It is lightning for about 10 minutes and finally they blow whistles to get everyone off the rides. Here all these people are walking around with water just surrounding them all over.

They waited a few minutes before requiring everyone to leave the park. Everyone began asking for a rain voucher and they proudly answered that they DO NOT do rain vouchers. It is only 3 in the afternoon and all these people (including my friends) still have 4 hours left for the day. Now I can compromise, and I understand if they don't hand out free tickets considering most ppl have used a couple hrs there. HOWEVER, if you are going to have split admission like after 3 its like 10 bucks cheaper, then maybe when a waterpark has to close before 3 they should issue a coupon for 10 bucks off admission, or a free pass from 3-7 for another day. Almost 30.00 for a day at a water park is expensive ESPECIALLY when you can only be there for Less than 5 hours on a day it wasn't even supposed to rain till late that night!!

I live across the street from the waterpark and I bought season passes, but I can guarantee you that next year we will not be going to raging waves. I will make sure that my clients at my job will know about their terrible business practices from the moment they opened their door till this past week.

I must laugh because so many people didn't want this waterpark to come to our growing town. I couldn't understand why but now it's quite clear to people's resistant attitudes. In the newspaper the 2 owners talked about wanting to be a part of this community, however I have seen and heard nothing but many angry guests so far.

This is place does not change their cheap business practices they will run themselves out of town.
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Slimjim on 07/12/2008:
I highly doubt the resistance for building the park from the community had anything to do with a future rain policy, or any SOP of the park. More like the same old people standing in the way of economic progress for the area because they are afraid or unwilling to accept change.
Anonymous on 07/12/2008:
Sounds like you were taken for a ride.
madconsumer on 07/12/2008:
I wonder if on the ticket it says "no rain chaecks" due to weather.
yoke on 07/12/2008:
Why are you blaming the waterpark for the rain coming early? I don't know of any water place that does not close when it is lightning and thundering out. The town pools close and do not reopen once a storm comes in. It is a chance you take when you buy tickets for a water amusement place.
Anonymous on 07/12/2008:
Every park is like this. You have to watch the weather very carefully. If there is even the smallest chance of a storm, I would have done it another day. I never planned an expensive trip to any park without looking at the forecast first. Money is too hard to come by.
Brian0770 on 07/12/2008:
Our family also has season passes to this water park. There are signs before you walk in that clearly state that they do NOT offer "rain checks" or refunds due to weather. ( The signs are on the three little buildings, where you buy the tickets ) Sure they're a little spendy for our area, however, we've had nothing but positive experiences with the staff. We also live near and unlike this unhappy patron, we love the place ( not to mention the tax relief they will provide ). You want to talk about nickel and diming.....we just went to Great America...Yikes!! 25 bucks for parking. If you plan to go on any rides and you have a fannie or back pack they make you rent a locker for one dollar at each ride!!!! After that experience, Raging Waves ( with their free parking ) looked like a really great deal to us.
TGT101 on 07/13/2008:
Every amusement park will "nickel and dime" you. Also bring back the vowels. Why write a 2 page complaint and then stop using vowels for people and hour?
MadderFragger on 05/26/2009:
Yes I agree with the poster. I'm so glad they didn't open in Sugar Grove. Most common people doesn't understand and all they can see is "Oh it would be fun to have something to do close by."
If you read the manuscript of the proceedings from the village of Sugar Grove, these parks hardly make any money, let alone bring money to the village. Nickeling and Diming you is their best recourse. And giving out vouchers for whatever valid reasons will bring their balance sheets to red.
Yorkville residents have made their bed, now they must lie in it.
bcamp on 06/11/2009:
I think this place is terrific! People like MadderFragger are igornant. My son got a job there this year and last. He loved the place, who else has brought hundreds of much needed summer jobs to our city? How many have you created Madder? My neighbor works in city hall, she told me that last fall the park paid the city over $160,000 in fees alone, again Madder you are ignorant of the facts. You definitely sound like you live in Sugar Grove, I hope you stay there and keep your nose out of Yorkvilles business.
I hope we can attract more business like Raging Waves, it s great project run by terrific people. Have you ever tried to get to know them?
In these tuff economic times we Americans need all the help and jobs we can get, it's sad that you are trying to bad-mouth and bring down local business (that you obviously know little about. I say we should all support this and any other local project 100%. How does the area benefit from any failed business? Come on people, lets stop all the nastyness and work together for the benefit of all.
jwest on 06/23/2009:
It sounds to me like you should give them another chance and visit Raging Waves again this summer, especially since you live so close. It's their first full season -- all rides operational. I think it's a great value, esp. for families who check the weather first and then spend the day there. High quality food, great rides, and I'm reading on the website about special events that will be fun. (The zoo ones look great.) Here's the site: www.ragingwaves.com.
stylist2382 on 06/23/2009:
Hi this is stylist2382. The one that started this rant. I am proud to say that I am NOT a season pass holder this year. I have read all your comments even the most recent one. This is my big issue with the park. Last year our season passes were about 50 dollars. Which I must say is a pretty good deal. (we were residents) Now the season passes this year went up in price! I guess I must be crazy but in a middle of a recession I do not think it is ethical to raise the price. 78 dollars plus tax for a season pass. Now I know that may not sound like a whole lot but when you compare it to my reasons below I hope you see where I am coming from. BTW it is 129.00 plus tax for NON residents!!! That is CRAZY! So here is what I have to say......
1) Great America right now has a season pass for like 80 bucks (whoever you are) That is TWO parks. A water park AND an amusement park. If we lived close by I would purchase a season pass.

2) Also Great America is opened a lot longer than R.W. (maybe not the water park but almost 2 months for the amusement park)

3)Now this may be irrelevant to many. My fiance and I are actually planning to move to Florida in August. I was AMAZED at how CHEAP season passes are.
A season pass to their water park is 99 dollars. That is for TWO HUGE and I mean HUGE water parks.

Did I also mention that their season is for 365 days- a year! Now that is a GREAT deal.

It is cheaper for a season pass for 2 water parks, valid for a whole year and you could pretty much use it all year long, and its 30 dollars cheaper then a Non-resident pass to raging waves!!!

It is just my opinion but I think the water park is OVER priced in comparison to other water parks, how short a swimming season is, and how unpredictable the weather is here. Also a RECESSION is going on!

I am a hairstylist within the community and I have had numerous conversations in regards to the waterpark. MANY of my clients completely agree with me that it is OVERPRICED!!! It's like they are trying to earn their money back the first couple years they are open!

I will say that if you can afford and you think it is a great value, it is a nice park. It was well maintained last year and the rides were enjoyable.

Thanks for your time! Enjoy your day
PepperElf on 06/23/2009:
not surprised the prices went up.
that's what happens when the costs of running the place go up.

and it has everything to do with ethics... cos it would be unethical to not pay their employees or their own bills... which have also gone up.
stylist2382 on 06/23/2009:
too bad they pay their employees min. wage. its like 7.55 an hour. something crazy! My friend went to get a job with them last year and it is the same pay this year. That is unethical!
stylist2382 on 06/24/2009:
I re-read my post LADYSCOT and I am just trying to figure out where I complained about getting wet??? It was storming with lightning??? Nothing to do with rain. Rain policy/Storm policy. I don't care if it was raining.

Actually I am a very positive person. I hardly ever complain about stuff, but this park is the one thing that ticks me off, among many other people.

I understand that Florida has no winter. But I am saying I can't imagine the cost is that much more at Great America (Gurnee) and look how cheap their season pass is for TWO parks together.

I just think those prices are steep and they are overcharging people. If you do some research of waterparks in the area, their prices are considerably higher.
stylist2382 on 06/24/2009:
The reason why I said there is water all over, if you re-read it is because it was LIGHTNING and they didn't have a storm procedure. Not because it was starting to rain. This waterpark is out in the middle of corn fields. There aren't even many trees around.

It is a personal choice to save money. It is also a personal choice to post your opinion about something as well. There are many ppl that don't agree with me, and there are also many ppl that do. I am just stating my opinion and how I feel about it. That is why its called "My three cents"

It would be no different if someone posted on here that they had terrible experiences at a grocery store or restaurant and another person responding may have had nothing but Great experiences.
Anonymous on 06/24/2009:
When I used to go swimming as soon as 'lightning' was spotted we were ushered out of the pool.
Slimjim on 06/24/2009:
Would you say it was like meddling in a bowl of vegetable soup ZZ?
stylist2382 on 06/24/2009:
slim jim- WHAT>?>?> are you talking about?
MRM on 06/24/2009:
Slim is complicated man. You wouldn't understand him.
bitter6784 on 08/07/2009:
Park Closing Policy - Rain Checks
Raging Waves is open every day of the season, rain or shine. If we experience inclement weather that includes lightning (or some other extreme weather condition), the park will suspend operations until it passes. If the park closes for the day, all customers remaining in the park (except season pass holders) will receive a complimentary return ticket for a visit during the 2009 season.
Rhonda4 on 07/25/2010:
Obviously this comment is outdated. Raging Waves is on its third season, and has greatly improved. There is a rain policy, and the staff and management do their best to keep the park safe, clean, and fun. I don't know what the reviewer is talking about the community not wanting the water park. Everyone I know and have talked to is thrilled that a water park is in town. I wonder if it's because stylist2382 doesn't have children? It's a family-orientated water park. Not buying season passes and recommending this park to people is a huge mistake! The park is wonderful- modern, fun, clean, safe, friendly- and more!
idontthinkso on 07/26/2010:
Y'know..Every once in a while I wish there was a Cue-by-four button for this place. The OP had a legitimate complaint. They have been bashed, insulted and belittled. Get over yourselves. This is SUPPOSED to be a forum to give opinions, not bash each other. Seeing a two year old post resurrected to bash the OP AGAIN is shameful.
KMC on 06/23/2011:
They now give rain checks. From their website:
"If the park closes for the day due to inclement weather, all customers remaining in the park with valid ticket stub (except season pass holders) will receive a complimentary return ticket for a visit during the 2011 water parks season."
MKA on 07/16/2013:
I have personally worked at raging waves as a life guard and a security guard and it is not worth the money to go there. The admission is over priced and there is a separate fee for the zip line. The food is too expensive as well. Raging Waves is more concerned with making money and being cheap than they are with the quality of service and the fair treatment of their employees.
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