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Rainex Forever
Posted by on
I keep seeing rave reviews about Rainex. I think it is a safety hazard! Even though my mechanic warned me to never use Rainex, I put the washer fluid in my car. Now there is a cloudy film on the windshield that I can not get off. In the morning when the sun hits the windshield, I can barely see the traffic and turning on the wipers only makes it worse. I have tried everything including a careful application of "Goof-Off" hoping to remove the film. I see dumb suggestions online such as it might be on the inside. Please give a person more credit than that. I bet a man wrote that.

I live in Florida and the sun is much more of an issue than ice and snow. No, I did not polish the windshield after pushing the washer button, I am usually driving at that time.
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 09/21/2010:
I use this stuff and love it!
Anonymous on 09/21/2010:
I also use this stuff. It's great!
momsey on 09/21/2010:
FYI, you labeled this review as a compliment!
MRM on 09/21/2010:
I, too, use this stuff! Its grrrrreat
Anonymous on 09/21/2010:
Huh. Makes me wonder. I tried it once and, I too, had the same filmy problem. I wonder why it works for some and not others. I remember that when I used it, I cleaned the windshield thoroughly, so it definitely didn't have anything to do with that. If anyone has a solution to the film problem or why it may be happening, please let us know. I live in a cold, rainy climate, so the conditions aren't even the same as the op's.
TheMightyBoosh on 09/21/2010:
I think you need the Goof-Off. Boom.
MRM on 09/21/2010:
Bada boom bada Bing!
Starlord on 09/22/2010:
Cut an onion in half and rub it all over the windshield, then hose it down. We once paid over $8 each for a pair of Rain-X wiper blades for our Dodge truck, and they both fell off, Went back to the Ansco (?) blades and they are still going strong, 5 times longer and half the cost.
Anonymous on 09/22/2010:
Thanks, Starlord. I'll give that a try when I return. Of course, my neighbors will think I've lost it, but, do I care? Have to ask though. Have you tried this method?
Starlord on 09/22/2010:
Sing, I have never had any trouble with Rain=X liquid, but in Arizona, where they have chipseal roads, it works wonders on glass. It is also highly recommended for cleaning BBQ grills. Get the grill hot, cut a large onion in half, and using a BBQ fork, dip the cut side of the onion in a bit of oil and scrub the grill with it. I would not recommend anything I had not tried myself. Good luck.
Anonymous on 09/22/2010:
Oh, okay. Great. I'll leave the grill cleaning for someone else, *wink, *wink. But if I can get the film off my windows, that will be fantastic.
applenan on 09/23/2010:
Thanks for the onion solution. As I drove to work today, trying to see through the mess on my window, I considered stopping at a store to buy and onion. I will definitely try it. Another source suggested that the pollen that collects on windows in Florida when mixed with the waxy solution of Rainex may result in the fog. I park in a wooded area and there is a great amount of pollen.
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