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Rainex Forever
By -

I keep seeing rave reviews about Rainex. I think it is a safety hazard! Even though my mechanic warned me to never use Rainex, I put the washer fluid in my car. Now there is a cloudy film on the windshield that I can not get off. In the morning when the sun hits the windshield, I can barely see the traffic and turning on the wipers only makes it worse. I have tried everything including a careful application of "Goof-Off" hoping to remove the film. I see dumb suggestions online such as it might be on the inside. Please give a person more credit than that. I bet a man wrote that.

I live in Florida and the sun is much more of an issue than ice and snow. No, I did not polish the windshield after pushing the washer button, I am usually driving at that time.

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