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Security sucks
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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- My name is danny I'm 19 years old and I was just went to raley's with my g/f(18) her mom(35) and her 2 little brothers(7&11) to buy a home baked pizza. I've been going to this same raley's for about ten years. while in the store there were 4-6 minors asking me if I was 21 to see if I could buy them alcohol. I said no and continued shopping. later on while at the self checkout counter we were confused on how to use our ebt card so it was a little frustrating and taking a long time so my g/f's mom told her to take her little brothers to the car and get it ready to go. when we finally got our purchase over with we walked out to the van to encounter another problem, those same minors that asked me to illegally buy them alcohol had walked out of the store and randomly started to terrorize the parking lot hitting peoples cars and jumping up and down on the hood of cars all in the mean time security was just standing there watching them and I know he saw them because when they got to my car (with my g/f and her little brothers inside) they hit my window and my g/f got out and told the security officer he said he would have to ask the manager of the rayle's store if he could call the police or not. the manager didn't think the minors were enough of a hindorance to call the police. so I had to ride home with two crying boys and the insecurity of not being able to shop at rayley's safely anymore. its ridiculous how a peson can just jump up and down on someones car right infront of security and not have any one do anything about it if I was outside when it happened you know I would've been kicking some butt

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