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Ulaan Baator Suffocation in Mongolia! NOT a 4 star hotel!
Posted by on
We had a reservation made on our behalf and came to your the Ramada CityCenter in UB on August 3. What we did not know is that the hotel was not functioning yet. (There was no coffee available in the lobby bar, there was no restaurant in the hotel that was open, floors were still being painted and renovated, there was no place to eat breakfast in the morning, etc.) Nevertheless the next morning when we wanted to check out and pay for our two connecting hotel rooms the bill had an extra charge for four breakfasts even though breakfast was clearly included in the room rate for the four persons staying in two rooms. (Additionally, the dining room was not open, we had to walk through a construction site from the kitchen to a small enclosed room off the as yet unopened mall, and our breakfasts were carried through this construction zone to the small room where guests were asked to have breakfast. We would never have eaten breakfast at all if it were not included in the room rate, and indeed did not eat what was put on our plates. The breakfast under these conditions was extremely unpleasant and loud given the buzz saws and hammering and dust all around us.) So, we were asked to pay for a breakfast we didn't really want to eat and while discussing this became dangerously late for our flight. The desk manager guaranteed that if we came back the next week as planned the hotel would be finished, all the glitches would be resolved, and that we would be extremely happy customers with the services provided. We made a reservation again for the same two connecting rooms one week hence.

When we arrived one week later we were told that there was no reservation for us. When we insisted there was, the reservation was found but we were told that there were no two connecting rooms available. Since we were traveling with children this was an impossibility for us. Connecting rooms were then found on a floor that was still under construction (although we were not told that). The noise was incessant. The smell of paint overwhelming. And the air conditioning not functioning. Upon arriving in the room we called the desk to say there was no ventilation in either room. We asked for two other rooms. Now we waited for the ventilation in the rooms we were stuck with to be fixed. This took several hours and we were forced to wait without being able to take showers after one week on the road, in the airless rooms, until the technicians could figure out why there was no ventilation available in the middle of summer in Ulaan Baator. This lost us several hours and forced us to take dinner in the hotel (which was another disaster).

The next morning we needed to use the business center partially for urgent emails related to my medical practice as a doctor. We were not able to use the business center since it had been rented out completely. So it took us a whole morning until finally we were lent a computer, that crashed several times, for use in the lobby. Then when we wanted to print the documents that was another long story. Then when we asked for two envelopes, the hotel bizarrely did not have any envelopes that were not pre-addressed TO the hotel. So there was not one envelope for use in this supposedly four star hotel.

In summary, I think everyone understands how sub standard it was compared to any 3 star experience in Europe or North America, and certainly any hotel with the Ramada name on it.

When we finally came to settle the bill and leave for the airport our second + final time, the desk manager felt uncomfortable and didn't know how to settle the bill. So finally he offered us a free stay for the first night, and a lousy reduction on the second night. So it is now unbelievable that after offering us the free stay, and after three weeks the Ramada Hotel wants to charge us ! (and even worse not even contacting us directly, but harassing the poor people who made the reservation to pay a bill they have nothing to do with)!!

The hotel is unfinished, and the top management quite amateurish and under par).

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At Your Service on 08/31/2011:
To me, it sounds as if giving you free night's stay, along with covering a portion of the second night, sounds reasonable. This, to me, is based upon the fact you elected to stay the entire time and never left because of any issues you've brought up.

I definitely wouldn't want or expect to inconvenience the people who made the reservations over the fact you're unwilling to pay the bill.
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Ramada suggests I leave their hotel with my children at 3:00am to avoid threatening prostitutes
Posted by on
ESSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- We stayed for 2 days at the Ramada Inn on Industrial Highway by the Phila. airport. On our 2nd night there was a convention of biker cops - no joke. These people were partying on every floor of the hotel until 4:00am!!!!! There were prostitutes all over the place, people blasting music, slamming doors, running around in the halls, screaming, etc. We complained to the manager at least half a dozen times. These people were asked repeatedly to get out of the hallways, and absolutely refused. When I went down to the desk in person in my pajamas at 3:00am there were several prostitutes mixing with these "police officers" and one of them tried to attack me because I she said that they were not slamming doors and she said that they were not slamming doors. One of the men in the group had to grab her and pull her away from me before she attacked me. The manager was pathetic, completely unable to handle the situation. The next morning one of the prostitutes came running out of her room screaming that I was a f###ing b#tch because me and my husband and our 7 and 10 year old child were making too much noise as we were leaving the hotel to catch our airplane. The woman in the van with us to the hotel told us that she was pushing furniture up against the door, as she was so afraid of these people. When I called Hotwire to tell them what happened, they apologized and contacted the hotel. At first they told us that there was no report of any trouble in the hotel that night, then finally someone called me, apologized and told us that we would be refunded the full amount of our stay. Turns out that then, one of the managers decided that we should only be refunded for the night that we were threated by the prostitutes, not the other night, as we were not physically threated the other night!!!!!!!!! When I called the main number for Ramada to complain about this, the woman, Danielle, made all kinds of excuses for the hotel. She asked why I didn't leave the hotel if I was threatened? That is their customer care - threatened in our hotels? Just pack up your family in the middle of the night and sleep at the airport. This should be their new advertising campaign. Gee, I never thought of getting my kids out of bed at 3 in the morning, getting them dressed, packed and out of the hotel - we had no car - so I guess we could have taken the shuttle to the airport and slept on the floor of the airport, or I guess that is what the people at Ramada think is a great alternative to staying in their hotels, being kept up all night and being cursed at and threatened. I guess it never occurred to her to apologize for what had gone on at their property - maybe because this is par for the course? I'm wondering if they have an official policy stating that you can only get refunds on the days that other "guests" at the hotel threaten you. If you spend other days at their hotel and aren't physically threatened or kept awake all night, then that's a good day for the Ramada and they will not refund your money!!!!!!!
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momsey on 01/04/2011:
I'm just a tad confused about the last line. They did refund your money, right?

That's a terrible situation. I probably would have called the cops if the hotel wasn't going to, although I don't know what good that would have done if the people doing all the partying were cops.
tnchuck100 on 01/04/2011:
When you have 50+ (??) paying partyers and 1 disrespected other person guess who gets favored?

That's right .... the money!

It may not be fair but that is what the hotel looks at. Where the most money coming from.
Anonymous on 01/04/2011:
How did you know they were prostitutes?
Anonymous on 01/04/2011:
Wow, sounds like a horrific experience, and I think you should get fully compensated for both nights. If you want to allow the larger profit to take over the hotel, and cause a huge problem for the other guests, you deserve to be compensated for your ENTIRE stay....Sounds like that manager needs a refresher course on common courtesy.
Nate. on 01/04/2011:
I disagree that you deserve a refund for the other night. If you had a good stay, got a good nights sleep, and did not get threatened, then I think you got what you paid for. The one night was bad, and you got a refund for that, so I think that makes it right.

If I were working night audit that night, I would have called the police. It sounds like they dropped the ball.
rockfishing on 01/04/2011:
If you were attacked you should have called 911. You should only be comped for one night that you couldn't sleep. It's best to research hotels where you want to stay and book direct. If you are going through Hotwire I doubt if you'll get your money back.
trmn8r on 01/04/2011:
The biker cops and their chicks showed up the second night, so I am not sure why there should be any refund of the first night's stay unless it is a penalty. But the penalty is that they refunded the second night's stay, as they should have.

This is a tough situation. The hotel has a large number of guests and they want to party. There is the significant factor that they are cops. I almost think a complaint to the police department is in order. Someone should have called the police that night, just to see what happened.
karleebarlee on 01/04/2011:
I'm confused as to whether these people were actually cops or not. If they were cops, I doubt they would be partying with prostitutes. And, I agree, that a refund for just that one night should be sufficient. You should have called the cops if the front desk was not calling the cops.
momsey on 01/04/2011:
Cops would definitely party with prostitutes. I'm doubtful whether these were actual prostitutes or were just good time girls.
PepperElf on 01/04/2011:
hothead - you know I'm thinking the same thing. how do you know they were prostitutes.

could just be sleezy party dress. or tramps. doesn't mean they're actually turning tricks.

and ... biker cops? were they cops? I'm wondering cos I didn't see any reference to the bikers actually referring to themselves as police. again could just be cosplay.
leet60 on 01/04/2011:
In general, I will NOT stay at airport hotels. The type of guest and behavior that the OP saw is almost typical of Airport locations.
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Would Not Recommend Unless in Dire Straits
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- We booked this room after 5 days without power in the sweltering summer. Although the air conditioning was so very welcome, and the hotel lobby was set up beautifully, it was not at all representative of the hotel itself.

The halls and balconies were poorly lit, dirty, with broken tiles and decay very evident. You could see the street below where the balcony walls did not meet the floors and the insulation had decayed and browned. The "laundry facilities" consisted of a washer and dryer crammed into a small space next to an ice machine - with no lights and sketchy power sources. The "recreational facilities" consisted of 2 tandem bikes - seemingly from the prior century - and a treadmill that was unusable due to the belt being dry-rotted. (Yes, it was that old). There was a strange odor in the lobby hallways and the parking lot was full of holes, chunks of asphalt, and cracks.

The room itself was no better - outside of the conveniences of air and power. The room was billed as a queen size room. The headboard was queen size, the bed itself was a full. The blanket had holes in it and barely fit the bed. There were dark stains on the carpet and the box spring. There was no smoke alarm, and no knob for the "heater" in the bathroom. The toilet was filthy and looked as if the underside of the rim had not been cleaned in ages. The ceiling tiles in the bathroom were cut and did not fit in the drop-down grid properly, leaving dark gaps in the ceiling area. Although there were a microwave and mini-fridge in the room, both were old, scarred, and dirty. There were spill stains/runs on the wall, as if someone had thrown something liquid against it and it had never been cleaned. The lampshades were dirty and torn and the ironing board cover was stained and dirty as well.

It seems as if more attention has been paid to the lobby - to give appearance of beauty and style - than to the rooms, which are much more important to the guests who must reside in them. Again - although it provided a respite from our situation - I would not recommend this hotel in the state that it is currently in.
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User Replies:
Nohandle on 07/05/2012:
Nicely written review. You even mentioned the few things you were grateful for under the circumstances. Your experience is the reason many have lost faith in some of the *chain* establishments. Years ago in order to maintain that sign out front it required certain standards. Unfortunately it's a toss-up with many places now.
trmn8r on 07/05/2012:
Yes, this is a well written review.

I spent time in Roanoke back in the late 70's and 80's. Sounds like it hasn't been updated as the years passed.
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This has to be the worst place in the entire chain
Posted by on
NIAGARA FALLS CN -- I just has the worst experience of my life at one of your franchises namely:
Ramada, 7389 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 2W9 905-356-6119

I planned a company meeting to be held at this property. I had 30 of my guest check in, I rented the Banquet hall for a day, the following day I rented a meeting room for the morning. When booking this event, I felt that if it was a Ramada that the accommodations would be acceptable. Out of 30 rooms rented we had a serious problem with 21 of them. That’s over 2/3 customer complaints rate or 66% however you count it.

One of my attendees was told that he complained too much and they were taking him out of the room and he should find another hotel.

MIND YOU THIS IS AUGUST!! Many of the attendees had no air conditioning and after complaining to the main desk they were informed that the property owners knew about it, but there was nothing they could do.

Another guest that requested to be moved from a room that had the carpet covered in blood so bad that they could not stay in that room. They were moved to another room that had no air conditioning. In attempt to complain the phone did not work, after going to the desk the clerk said she new that but there was nothing she could do I moved them into one of the rooms I had reserved. Then when checking out they were charged for all three rooms for two nights.

I had a guest who had two babies 2 and 4 years old in a room with no air conditioning when request at least a fan they were told that there were no fans on the property, as you know THE WINDOWS DO NOT OPEN.

This property has such a bad reputation that the shuttle bus driver upon hearing us talking, asked if they were in rooms XXX and XXX upon telling him yes, he asked if they ever fixed the air conditioning and if they ever cleaned up the blood at the front door.

Many guest had bloodstains on there sheets and floors or had holes and rips in the sheets.

One guest had only one towel upon calling to the desk they were told they had no one to bring anything up, but if they came to the front desk they think they could find another towel.

This situation was so bad, that during dinner I gave everyone a piece of paper and instructed them to put their room number on it and if there room was OK they should say so. If they had a problem they should indicate that also. Enclosed is a copy of all of the ones I received back. I know that some on these problems are just normal complaints and should be taken with a grain of salt, but please take the time to read them and I think you will see that this property does not deserve your branding.

I have asked Vahid Amini “Operations Manager” (and the highest person on the property) for an explanation, he shook his head and said everything was fine. I asked that everyone be given a $50.00 credit per night he almost laughed and told me he would go out of business if he did that, then he offered me $20.00 off my room for two nights (apparently it is cheaper to give refunds of $10.00 each night than to fix everything). The sad part is that all of the desk people know and keep apologizing and say “there is nothing they can do and that they hear it everyday”.

I organize sales meetings all of the time, and around the country, to help keep everyone pumped up and motivated. It doesn’t work when my salespeople spend half the day (all morning) complaining about how bad the rooms were and how nobody cared! What a waste of money on my part!

I would like to see that everyone be given a $50.00 credit on their card for each night they paid for. I feel this would be the fairest solution for the property and my salespeople.

Even after I told them not to charge my card till everything got worked out, they did.

Hopefully you care about the “Ramada Branding”.


This is from the Canadian office
I would first like to tell you that this stay was for business and that my complaints to follow are not just my experiences. I have many to report, there was a large bunch of us and this location was a half way point for the customers. I have been appointed spokes person for the Canadian division and you will be hearing from the USA division via Carl Jenny. Please allow me to say that your name and reputation is being jeopardized by this hotel location, the reason that we booked where we did is because no one involved with planning this meeting was from the area so we booked with your chain simply because of your good name, we will never book anything in an Ramada again and we will make sure that everyone we know will pass this information along to everyone they know and so on. I would however before I list the problems at the hotel let you know that the front line staff (the young kids) were wonderful they were left on their own with no power and all the complaints and they handled themselves in a very professional and courtesy way. There were a young girl who had only been there 2 weeks and an young boy 18 the day we checked in I forget their names but they did everything they could to handle the pressure and should be commended for this please convey this for us, the one young lady who was very good at what she did and how she handled herself was "Jasspreet" lovely girl however here hands were tied in what she was allowed to do.

Now on to our complaints, foremost it was hot and humid and 5 of the 6 rooms that head office Canada were paying for (2 nights) had NO air-conditioning working the windows didn't open and there were no floor fans the comforter in one room was dirty and was taking down to the front desk and the guy asked for a clean one first they told him that he didn't need it as it was too hot anyway!!!!! Then said they would fix the problem they put it back on the bed, this was totally unacceptable procedure he slept in his chair the two nights because he didn't know if the sheets had even been changed, as a matter of fact he went out and bought towels as so not to have to use what was in the room. Three out of the 6 rooms we had the phones didn't work and neither did the TV's and/or the remotes and the sheets curtains and carpeting were deplorable. I am only speaking strictly from the 6 rooms that I was in charge of having booked for this head office the partner from the USA "Carl" has had all our customers write down everything that was wrong with the rooms and he is compiling a list for you, I know that we negotiated a good rate @ $119.00 per room or $139.00 per suite but that is what you do when organizing meetings, though all of this there were no apologies give for any inconvenience the only thing that my boss was offered was one night free for only one room. I believe that we are owed something for the embarrassment of booking this hotel. We brought our customers from across North American with the expectation of letting them see what a professional organization they are dealing with instead we looked like fools for not knowing better and not being able to accommodate there needs. I would like some kind of explanation and some kind of courtesy call from a spokesperson from you hotel chain. I can be reached @ 705-741-1385 ext 225 Monday to Friday 9-5.
If there is not some kind of contact from this hotel within the next 7 days I will be sending an editorial to all the major papers in and around the Toronto area and I will also be contacting the consumer report from the TV stations in Toronto and asking them to do some kind of report to protect all the people who think that they will have a pleasant stay at what we believe is to be a quality hotel chain.

Cheryl Findlay

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
Ramada is an old dinosaur. Most of the properties have past their prime long ago so the usual bunch of Indian's mainly Patel's will come along and take them over. They put nothing into the properties, only squeeze every dime they can out of them. The Patel bunch are a dirty lot that have standards far below what Americans expect. Just look at the filth they live in in India, they bring that with them when they show up here.

Ramada as a chain is poorly run and has weak management that can not control it's franchises any longer. In fact they are afraid of the Indian's running their hotels that they will jump ship and Ramada will then lose the paltry franchise fee's they are getting. Best advice, stay away from the Ramada name. Check out the thousands of complaints about "Beware: Ramada Plaza Resorts". Ramada has had this bad apple around for years and has done nothing to clean up the mess.
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Bad experience
Posted by on
My family arrived at Ramada Inn St. Louis Airport on August 10, 2010. It was 101 degrees in St. Louis when we arrived. We checked into a hotel room at the front desk. When we pulled around to the side of the building to bring our luggage in, the rear door was not secured and anyone could walk in off the street. The halls smelled of mildew and stench. After arriving to the room, we found the A/C not working. Attempting to let the A/C blow hoping it would cool off eventually, I called the front desk and made the gentleman who answered aware of the problem. I told him that we were going to go out to dinner and would return later. His suggestion was to let the broken A/C blow while we were gone and he would have maintenance look at it, then if it wasn't repaired by the time we got back, he would change our room.

We returned to the hotel to find the room still hot and my son's brand new sneakers missing. I called the front desk to make the gentleman aware of the hot room and the missing shoes but he was off shift and I spoke to his relief, a woman who assured me that the missing shoes would be looked into and that we would be moved to a new room. So we moved to a new room and as my family got settled in, I went to the front desk to lodge the complain about the missing sneakers. The woman at the front desk asked me several questions, as if suggesting that I had forgotten to lock the door or had not brought the sneakers in the first place. I insisted that the door was locked and I was fully aware of the sneakers in the room prior to leaving for dinner. She said that she could check the room log and that she could tell me if anyone had been in the room while we were out. she asked me to have a seat while she went through a door and "checked the logs." I decided, instead, to walk down the hallway to see if the hotel complimentary computer station was working. It wasn't of course, so I returned down the hall, only to find the woman at the front desk, who was supposed to be checking the room log, goofing off in the hall with another employee. She didn't see me as she slipped back into the office from the side door and proceeded to the front desk to tell me that the room log showed no sign of entry.

It's obvious to me that she didn't really check the room log. It's also obvious to me that the gentleman who knew me and my family would be out to dinner and the maintenance department were the only people to have access to the room and our schedule. The theft of my son's gym shoes was an inside job.

I returned to our new room to tell my wife that we were being taken advantage of and found her and my sons loading the luggage tow because the center nightstand in the new room was literally crawling with ants. We immediately checked out and as I asked for the lady at the front desk's name I was told just to give the date of the incident and the shift if I had any further complaint.

This was the worst experience I've ever had in ANY hotel. I complained to Hotwire.com through whom I booked the room and they had no solution to offer. They claimed the hotel rating changed after we arrived and they apologized for not making us aware of the change before we arrived. They said they couldn't refund the money from our stay because although the experience was bad and customer service was poor, we had at least stayed one day. Ramada Inn has done nothing to date to resolve this unfortunate incident and have made no effort to compensate us for our valuables being stolen. The hotel was not secure as advertised and the staff was in no way professional or courteous.

Hotwire misrepresented their rating system and when the hotel they endorsed was not up to standard, they stood idly by. I will never again use Ramada Inn or Hotwire.com for anything.

We were on vacation and it was nearly ruined by this experience. My son's $100.00 sneakers were stolen from what was supposed to be a secure room in what was supposed to be a secure hotel, neither of which were the case. We had to spend an extra $400.00 to book another hotel at the last minute because of this experience. It cost us $500.00 and a significant portion of our vacation lost.

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getoverit on 10/21/2010:
If I'm reading you post correctly, you didn't even stay one night. So, IMO, you should be entitled to a full refund of anything you paid. Both rooms they provided were clearly substandard and not something you should have to pay for. The missing shoes, of course, only make the whole thing that much worse.

However, I wouldn't expect the refund to come from Hotwire. Deal with Ramada, and file a credit card dispute, if a reasonable attempt to get results from Ramada is not fruitful.

I've never used Hotwire but have used some of the other online travel agents. I don't regard their listings of hotel properties as endorsements in any way. They are a middleman, nothing more or nothing less.

Ytropious on 10/21/2010:
"It's obvious to me that she didn't really check the room log."

How so? You were not there while she checked it, or left to check it. You left to check the computer terminal. That takes time. I'm sure it doesn't take long for her to pull up the log. I can head to my computer at work and check something for a guest and have an answer for them in 30 seconds. Maybe she was on her way back and talked with another employee who was talking to her. You say goofing off, but I think they were just talking about something. Just because she was talking to another employee does not mean she didn't check the log first.
trmn8r on 10/21/2010:
For my money, I am going to continue booking directly with motels and hotels. There are many horror stories about these discount booking agencies. I am really sorry this happened to you, but I don't know what you can do now.
KeithAS on 10/22/2010:
The computer I glanced at was around the corner like 300 feet away. As she closed the door, I stepped around the corner, took a few steps down the hall, noticed the computer station was dark and turned back to go to the front. Before I even stepped toward the computer, she was out of the side door, almost immediately after I turned the corner, as if she closed her door and opened the side door. I saw her in the hall, ducking behind a pillar, playing, not conversing, with an employee. I may not have been clear in my original description of her actions, but unless she stepped through the door, hit a button, goofed around in the hall while the room log processed, then stepped back in, saw a blank log and stepped up front to tell me all in one motion, her "investigation" was suspect.
momsey on 10/22/2010:
Did you file a police report about the missing sneakers? I hope you did.

And yeah, it doesn't seem like you even stayed one night, so you shouldn't be charged anything. Sounds like a terrible place. Yuck.
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Huge Disappointment!
Posted by on
BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- I was NOT pleased at all with our stay at this Ramada Inn location.

I booked our room online and was pleased when I found it to be GRAND OPENING weekend of a newly remodeled hotel.

This hotel was also supposed to have Sharky the Shark AND the Backyardagains ALL DAY Saturday.
We have a 3 year old son that was estatic to see them and thus, the reason I booked THIS particular hotel.

To my disbelief.......my son DID NOT see either of them on Saturday. I was told when we checked in on Friday night that they would be there Saturday from 2:00 - 6:00pm from 2 different individuals.

Then again while at the Mall of America I decided to call the Ramada just to verify again that they would be there for my son to see and yet again was told, yes ma'am until 6:00pm., I called around 4:00pm and rushed through the mall to be sure to make it back in time to the hotel so my son could see these costumed people. I would NOT have made it such a big deal, but to a 3 year old, of course these things ARE a big deal and unhappily enough....no sign of them in the lobby.....where I specifically was told they would be. I asked at the front desk lobby and was told: oh they left around 4:45pm, we got there around 5:00pm.

I can't believe how unprofessional this was taken, like big deal they aren't here, oh well for you, kind of attitude I was given at the front desk.

If I would have to rate this location on a scale from 1 (worst) - 10 (superb), I would give it a 3, just for the fact that the pool was clean and the renovation on the new outdoor area pool/firepits/bar area was added. We never got to use it however, it rained Sat. and Sunday and on Friday
night we were told we couldn't sit down because they were taking pictures to place on the website. Which I understood, but after the comedy club we
went back outdoors only to find the bar area was closed down and there were 3 women sitting talking outside with blankets around them and 1 of the
firepits going, they may have worked there, I don't really know.

They did a really great job on this outside part, but the rest of the hotel looks like a shack, nasty, dirty floors throughout hotel, looks like back in the 70's.
When we got to our room, my mom thought it was just fine, but I looked around waiting for the cockroaches to appear. I was NOT impressed one bit.
My husband just gave me this look like: this is your deal, your vacation, let's make the best of it, but I wasn't expecting to pay for this.
Yes, I got the grand opening sneak peek deal of $69.00 + tax a night, but I've stayed at way better than this for about the same price.
The room just looked dirty, not the beds, but the room in general. The bathtub looked like dirty feet had been there and left on the bottom of the tub for
eternity, the bottom floor was caked with a black ring around the whole floor of the tub, the ceiling tile wasn't in place in some spots, the wall tiles were dirty
and dust surrounded many of the tiles, when I went to open the window shades, the windows looked like they've never been cleaned with windex in ages and
were streaked inside and out, they were so bad we couldn't even look through them. The walls when we first walked in looked like they were pegged with
paintballs at one time and just replaced with wallpaper to cover the holes, but you could still see every single spot. The walls were paper thin, my husband and I
heard a woman in the next room crying, I felt awful. This is possibly the WORST hotel I personally have stayed in.

We were only supposed to stay Friday night and leave Saturday, but we didn't get in everything that we wanted to do so we stayed an additional night and left on
Sunday. I personally wanted to change hotels, but my husband suggested asking for a different room, possibly a larger room or a connecting room.
No discount was even discussed and it felt like they were trying to raise the price if anything with us.

Just overall.....this is the worst place I have stayed at.
No great customer service here, it felt like they didn't even care that we chose their vicinity, when the economy isn't at its best and there are many, many places to stay...
I should have gone with my gutt feeling and changed hotels after Friday night, but I thought maybe they would help us out and try to please us and make us want to stay there.
No....they could have cared less.
The breakfast in the morning was miserable as well and what's with the water and pop in MN, tastes like your drinking from a swimming pool, so not many great things to say about THIS HOTEL unfortunately.

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Anonymous on 06/22/2009:
Sounds like you started looking for things to be wrong when the entertainment was not there when you returned. YOU left and missed them. The hotel does not own the 'troupe' and they really set their own schedule. Perhaps there were not many children and the troupe left early. That is not the hotel's fault.

ALso, if it was so bad, why would you stay another night?
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Extremely Disappointed Customer
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Two weeks ago I spent a Monday and Tuesday night at the Ramada on Hotel Circle. That Thursday, I realized I could not find my phone charger and called the hotel. Sure enough, they had found it in the room. The person at the desk asked for my address and credit card number, which I gave him.

I checked the mail for it every day after that. I waited one full week before calling again (in the mean time I had to go out and buy a new cell phone charger) to ask if it had been mailed. This time the person at the desk referred me to someone else, a manager of some type, who was conveniently "not at her desk", even though it was during normal business hours. I left a message on this manager's voice mail, with explicit details on my situation. At this point, I was still unfussed.

I was not contacted by this manager the following day so I called again on Saturday. The person at the desk told me that she was out for the day but that she would for sure call me the next day, Sunday. Well, unfortunately, that never happened.

So I called again today (Monday) and finally this manager actually seemed to be in her office. I talked to her, explained my situation once more and told her I had left several messages for her, expecting to be called back. She was nothing but rude with me, and snippily replied that she had left me a message. That was entirely untrue because I had received multiple messages from other people after my I bought a new charger, but not one was from the manager of the Ramada. Regardless, if she had actually left me a message, how was I supposed to reply, she's never "at her desk".

Anyway, she said that she needed clarification on my credit card details, which I gave her. She said it would be mailed first thing in the morning. Ten minutes later, she calls again and leaves a message, as I am otherwise occupied. She said that my credit card still wasn't working, and that "we would have to go over this again tomorrow". As if I were in some way inconveniencing her.

Fair enough. I planned on calling her again tomorrow. Then, I checked my account online and guess what? Apparently my card information was valid because she has charged me three times for shipping. So now, I still have to call her tomorrow morning, but not to verify card info, but instead to try to get her to refund me for the other two charges.

By now I am incredibly angry and have no intention of staying at this hotel ever again. Even if it had been the most amazing hotel I had ever seen (which it wasn't), I would still avoid this place like the plague because of the terrible customer service of this one woman in particular. How she ever got to be a manager when she treats customers so rudely is beyond me.

Oh, and one other interesting little tidbit. This week I had the beginnings of a strange rash. I went to my doctor and he told me that it looked like scabies. Lovely. Yet again, another disappointment. There is no other place I could have gotten that delightful specimen other than that hotel. My mother always warned me about using the comforter on the bed in a hotel. I used to think she was crazy, now I think she was right.

I would never recommend this place to anyone. Don't stay here if you can avoid it.
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Soaring Consumer on 05/18/2009:
You may need to dispute the excessive shipping charges with your credit card company.

I have gotten a lot better treatment from the Ramada at JFK a few months back, so needless to say I am surprised by the poor treatment you have gotten with this. Phone chargers are usually fairly inexpensive considering (about $30 give or take) so it may just be worth dropping the issue. They will lose more than the charger's value in business based on you posting your story.
DRVROFRED on 05/19/2009:
I absolutely agree with Soaring. I think It would have been a red flag for me if they insisted on verifying my credit card since you should have had one on file during your stay. I would spend the time speaking with your credit card company and don't waste anymore time with this hotel. I know there are signs all over most if not all hotels stating they are not responsible for items lost or left behind but it would have been a nice jesture on the part of the hotel to have sent it to you. And as I also agreed at the beginning, they aren't very expensive and my nerves would not be worth the small amount of money to deal with this company. The thing to do is what you are doing and share the bad experience for many to read. If it does nothing else, it's at least a sounding board and good therepy.
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Incredibly Loud Party Until 12 Midnight in Room Inside Hotel Rooms Built Around.
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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Stayed in this hotel since Wednesday night, for a total of four nights. Hotel overall MUCH better than one we stayed at two weeks ago in Laramie Wyoming (however that wouldn't take much). However, tonight the hotel has rented out a large room that sits in the center of the hotel. All of the walls of this room are glass and all of the inside hotel rooms are built around this so that the room windows look into this room. There is a party going on with live music that is so loud we can not hear our TV without it being turned up to extremely high volume. We feel like we are at a concert sitting front row stage center (except its not even good music) with the band yelling into the mike.

We were told by the front desk this party will be going on until midnight. Really? You would book a party like this at a hotel that does not have a proper Banquet room away from other hotel guest?!

We should have been warned. We are here on business and have had to get up early to work every morning including tomorrow. This will be the last time we ever stay in a Ramada and for obvious reasons ever recommend one. Very surprised Wyndham owns hotels of this quality.
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Worst Experience Ever
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FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Started my vacation with 3 days 2 nights in Ft. Lauderdale then to West Palm for a cruise. When we called the hotel to say our plane was delayed they did not have us registered. Had to call the reservation specialist to find out what happened and they finally found us. First night awoke during the night to my hand and back and leg itching. Got up in the morning to find I had horrible bed bug bites. My hand was swollen from my wrist to the knuckles, my thigh was swollen twice its size, my shoulder, back and neck were hugh and it hurt so bad I hand to go to the ER.

When we returned to the hotel to show them they moved our room but kept saying it was not bed bugs. The next night my husband had the same thing happen to him. We checked out immediately. The rest of our vacation was ruined as we were in pain and itching for the entire time. We notified the company and got the biggest round around ever, saying they checked the room nothing, finally they admitted they found bed bugs in our second room however this was weeks later and I wanted compensation for my medical bills and for the pain and ruined vacation. Well they really don't care about their guest they paid the bill reluctantly and I only got $350 for pain and my ruined vacation.
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Motel 8 Is Better
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TAMARAK, FLORIDA -- Spent a couple of nights at the Ramada on business trip. I was told by some lady at the door to watch my car at night time and to stay in at night time. So thinking that it could have been some personal experience, I still walked to the front desk. As they provided me with breakfast vouchers, I explained to her that I was traveling alone but she insisted to take two just in case I found a special night companion.

So I went to my room and as I exited the elevator I knew the experience was not going to be the best. Patched holes on the walls, carpet was old, discolored, door locks discolored and old. And inside the room old second hand furniture. The TV came from my grandma's living room and the lamps were from 1970s. At approximately 1100 pm I heard detonations outside. Did not dare to look.

Next morning I intended to take a shower but I took a bath at the same time since the drain was plug. So get to breakfast and between the host and the line I lost my appetite. What happened to the name of Ramada. It looks like an expensive super 8.
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trmn8r on 07/06/2012:
The Ramada near me is a dump. Over the years, they applied a facelift to the outside, instead of doing the right thing and applying a wrecking ball to the entire thing.

This is pretty odd: "As they provided me with breakfast vouchers, I explained to her that I was traveling alone but she insisted to take two just in case I found a special night companion."
GenuineNerd on 07/06/2012:
Considering it's 4th of July week, those detonations could very well be somebody shooting off fireworks. As for personal safety, I also assume that that Ramada is in a sketchy neighborhood. I've stayed at a Ramada in Columbus, OH several times (for an old-movie convention) that looks like it's seen better days. In my case, the room was clean, but still had an old CRT-type TV. At least the wi-fi was free and the hotel's restaurant had an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. And the way the hotel is maintained depends on the franchisee. Ramada is just another of Wyndham's many brands, whose hotels can range from dumps to palaces, depending on how the properties are kept up.
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