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Absolute Filth!
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Rating: 1/51
SACREMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- This has got to be the worst hotel I have ever been let alone seen. This is no Ramada Inn this is a fake a Motel with a fancy name. Because of the absolute filth in that place I will never ever for as long as I live set foot in another Ramada Inn anywhere. I will never say a good thing about Ramada or anything else associated with the Ramada name. I spent 15 minutes there walking around the building and seeing our rooms and was already dreading to sleep in the building. And because I got it through Hot Wire I could not cancel. D*** you Hot Wire you got me and d*** you Ramada for not even having minimum standards.
Ramada's Personal Best?
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FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- May 25th began a series of mishaps that I never experienced before in a Ramada hotel. The James Weldon Johnson Community School of the Arts decided to have its planning retreat at the Ramada Inn on 2802 Plank Road in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I reserved six rooms for two days, one of which was to serve as a meeting room for our organization. Due to a very bad storm, I realized that I was going to arrive late. I called the inn to guarantee late arrival. One of the staff members told me that two of my members have already arrived and registered at the hotel. I told him that I wanted to guarantee late arrival for the remaining rooms. Apparently, this request was a difficult request for him because it took nearly twenty-five minutes to guarantee the four rooms.

After arriving at the hotel and checking into my room, I called the front desk to contact one of the members whom I was told earlier have already arrived and registered at the hotel. The woman replied that the member canceled her reservation and left the hotel. To no avail, I told her that this must be a mistake because I was previously told that the member was at the hotel. When I called the member's home phone number, her husband told me that she was at the hotel and gave me her room number. After talking to the member, I called the front desk again and told the front desk about the situation and requested a refund or some type of credit for the long distance call. He refused to honor this request. I then asked for a person in charge. This led to another long wait. Meantime, I was already more than thirty minutes late for our first scheduled meeting. The person who apparently was in charge at the hotel replied that because I made the call, they had to charge the expense and that there is nothing they can do to honor my request. At this point, I was very upset and I was very late for my scheduled meeting. I decided to try to resolve this matter at a later time.

On May 26 at approximately, 1:30 p.m., I left my room to prepare the meeting room for an upcoming meeting. I saw a couple of maintenance workers cleaning the meeting room and replacing a light bulb. I decided to come back to the room thirty minutes later. When I came back to the meeting room, I found the room with the door left open. I added this incident to my ever growing list of complaints. When I finished preparing the meeting room for the upcoming meeting, I closed the door and returned to my room. When I put my access card in the slot, the access card would not work. I tried five more times believing that it would eventually work. My members and I had experienced problems with our access cards on many occasions even though we were very careful in regards to where we placed our cards. Being unable to access my room, I returned to the meeting room in order to call the front desk. My access card for the meeting room would not work either. The access cards for nearly all of my fellow board members failed to work at the same time. Except for one board member, we were all locked out of our rooms. I walked to the front desk and told the woman at the desk our problem. She told me that this might happen because their guests normally stay for one day and the cards may have been set to expire after one day. With this type of service, that answer was completely understandable. She reactivated our cards but we lost nearly another hour of meeting time. This incident also turned out to be the last straw for some of our board members. Two of our board members decided to leave the hotel even though they paid for the second day. One of the board members, the one that I was told earlier had canceled her reservation and left the hotel, told me that she had other problems with this hotel and could not take it anymore. To this day she refuses to give me details about her experience at the hotel. With their imminent and eventual departure, the retreat was nearly a total ruin.

The next day, one of my board members and I went to the front desk and asked for the manager of the hotel. The front desk staff appeared confused and told us that the general manager was away on vacation and that there was no one who was really in charge at the hotel. They told us that the best person to talk to was the head of maintenance who is also the assistant manager of the hotel. We agreed to talk to this person. We told him about the problems that we encountered at the hotel. He told us that he would inform the general manager and that we should expect to be contacted shortly. To this date, I have not been contacted by anyone from the hotel.

After what has eventually turned out to be an unproductive meeting with the head of maintenance, I proceeded to checkout. The front desk seemed to not know how to check out three rooms. It took more than twenty minutes to accomplish this task.

In closing, this experience has left me the impression that the staff at this hotel did their personal best to make my stay a near complete disaster. Our planning retreat ended a day earlier than planned due to the mishaps at this hotel. I was able to warn another group who was considering to stay at this hotel to avoid this Ramada Inn. They decided to stay at Holiday Inn. I also stayed at a Holiday Inn two months after this horrendous experience. I used to associate Ramada with reasonable accommodations and service. With this experience, Ramada will be my last preference for hotels. I will continue to warn others about my experience at Ramada.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

A refund and better service during a future stay in Ramada Inn would help to improve my confidence in Ramada.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.
Minorities Beware
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LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- First there was no Internet access in the room though there was a computer in the lobby. The rooms were clean enough but musty from use.

STAY AWAY FROM THE RESTAURANT. I am a mulatto (African-American and Irish-American), my son is African-American and my wife is Caucasian. My eight year old son, I and my wife went downstairs to get a bite to eat. The waitress asked me if I wanted a drink and then disappeared, not asking anyone else. When she returned to the table, I told the waitress what my Son and Wife would like to drink. A middle aged lady stood at the jukebox (it looked like she came from the kitchen) and started playing country music (not entirely bad but she kept increasing the volume to where you couldn’t hear the person next to you). The waitress returned with our drinks but looked frazzled. I told her that we wanted to see some menus and she disappeared again. At this time there was a balding guy two tables behind me that was mumbling for a while. He raised his voice and said “whites only on the left”. My son became very scared so I walked up to the bar and paid for my drinks and quickly went back to my room.

You may ask why I didn’t report this to the hotel until the next morning. I had a frightened boy and an upset wife that was afraid to leave there hotel rooms. It is also not a good idea during an anti-racial moment to tell people who may or may not be involved what room you are in and what car you are driving. Thank god Domino’s delivers, at least my son didn’t have to go to bed hungry.

The next morning when we went to complain about the incident, the person at the front desk replied “did you pay for your drinks?”. After my wife assured her that we had, the desk agent said that “there was no reason that people have to act like animals”. I think she was going to let her manager know but I got the feeling from the other deer-in-the-headlight looking minority customers that this was not an unusual situation.
If you don't mind...
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BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT -- My experiences are too many and too long to post in their entirety. But they have been almost too humorous, if not unbelievable. I recommended the Ramada in Brattleboro, Vermont to guests coming in for one of the biggest events of the year, the Olympic ski jump re-opening there, the weekend of February 13th, 2009. The front desk "hospitality professionals" must have been recruited from a fast food burger operation, or dollar store, where I suspect they do a better job.

The night we arrived, Friday the 13th, the front desk person, a disheveled women in her 60's, was wearing a baseball cap turned sideways, ala "gangsta" style. The reservation was totally screwed up. She tried to insist that my guests, who were standing there with me at 12:30 a. m., were not due until the next night. I told her that was not correct and she replied, "I didn't say they can't stay here, I only told you they're not due in until tomorrow night." It only went down hill from there, over the next three days. Every encounter was bizarre. The attitude was, "if you don't like it, just leave."

Later in the weekend, I also tried to reach my guests and there was never any answer at the front desk. No answer at a hotel's front desk? I had to call my guests on their cell phone.

I filed a well intentioned complaint with the Ramada 800 "customer care" department on Feb. 14th, as things continued to go awry. I thought I would want to know if I was a business owner, or stock holder. Now I know the source of the problems. After being cut off mid sentence, I was told I would hear from the manager of the Brattleboro Ramada within 23 hours. About two weeks later I got a call back, a message was left asking me to return the call. I did. The manager was not available and his voice mail was not working, according to "Amanda" at the front desk. I filed another on-line complaint with Ramada. I received a call from "Polly", a supervisor with Ramada "customer care" who left a message and asked I return the call. She did not leave a contact phone number. I called the 800 number I found on-line. My final attempt to contact "Polly", the supervisor for Ramada, at the Ramada "customer care" professionals was yesterday, March 1st. I was told there was no supervisor available.

They appear to have no concept of what "hospitality" is or "customer" appreciation. Nor do they seem to know how to handle bad public relations. This is less than mediocrity, for sale, at a decent price. I am not a difficult or demanding person, but I do expect the "hospitality" industry to reflect the very concept of hospitality, and graciousness in public relations. Ramada seems to only want your money. This one experience was enough. I can get this for a whole lot less cost, anywhere.
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Rating: 1/51
LAKE PLACID, FLORIDA -- Poor customer service front desk.
For people around the world, whether the clerk's manners?
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I was told to enter the room with the clerk of the Indian reserve.
At that time, the clerk yawned three times that. Without even the hidden hand.

In Japan, this practice is never cheap in any business hotel.

Ramada hotel ratings for this act alone, and found manners.

I have never in my life to stay at this hotel will not.
I'd rather sleep in the car if staying in this hotel.

I want to be rich and save money, because only in this manner is unforgivable than savings.

A much more pleasant and comfortable hotel just stayed in $ 100 to $ 150 if it You will stay.

Ashamed To Call Myself A Ramada Employee
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- First of all I made my reservations 2 months in advance and I was given the rate of 69.95 for four rooms and an employee rate for one room of 45.00. I then asked them e-mail me my confirmation numbers cause I was on the road. When I called two weeks before the event, they told me I didn't have any reservations. So made them again. and they said I couldn't get employee discount, because of the event. I wrote my confirmation numbers down and asked him again to e-mail them to me and I never received it. When I called that morning the manager john whom I had talked to every time stated I didn't have a reservation. So when I gave him my confirmation numbers, he stated they over booked and all he had was 3 rooms. And I needed 5 rooms for for 4 nights. So I had to put my customers in another hotel. And when I checked in the 3 rooms he stated my rate was now 99.00 plus tax. When we got in the rooms, one of the doors didn't lock, another the air condition didn't work. There was mold in the bathroom.

When we called the office they said they didn't have any other rooms and they would fix the door. John said if we didn't like it we could leave. After complaining he moved one couple to another room and said that was all he could do.

Never did we get him to apologize about our stay. Do yourself a favor and never stay at the Ramada downtown San Antonio.
Not safe
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FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN -- The Fond du lac Wisconsin Ramada is noted for robberies. The night regarding this review there were people roaming the hallways that were not guests. They were not asked to leave. They robbed a room during the early morning hours.
My family members were veritable prisoners in their room. It was not safe to leave it. This hotel has no security, no night watch service. The manager doesn't appear to care what happens. Guests are frequently robbed. Weddings are robbed. Robberies are listed in the local newspaper.
You are risking your own safety. Do not stay at this hotel. It is not safe for families or individuals.
When calls were made to the manager regarding this situation none were returned. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL. This hotel should be closed.
Ramada EWR-Good Refugee Service For Passengers Of Cancelled Flights
Posted by on
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- The Ramada Inn-Newark Int. Airport has lodging for passengers of cancelled flights down to a science. The process begins after you get your vouchers from the airline (hopefully) and get the shuttle at the P4 station on the Airport Tram. The shuttles run about every 30 minutes. At the desk a smiling and sympathetic Ramada employee (The man who greeted us really was smiling and sympathetic) takes your voucher, hands you a room key and points out the sandwich shop & Teddy's Sports Grill to you where you can use your food vouchers. Our lodging voucher, by the way, was accepted for our stay with no cash or credit card required. Your food vouchers are for $12 or $6 depending on what you were able to get from the airlines. Most of the food items are priced at $6 or $12(or less) and the food is really quite good with large portions. Or you can use your vouchers for drinks, if you're so inclined. The rooms are not fancy, but they are clean, have soap & shampoo for a shower or bath, and comfortable beds. On the whole, the staff is efficient, professional, and friendly. Much better than what you most likely experienced at the airport. Even if you didn't get vouchers, I'd stay here since its a well run motel and close to the airport with a reliable shuttle every 1/2 hour so you can get your flight (with luck) and proceed to your destination. Rooms begin at $65 and they have 234 of them so there is usually space for a few loads of Airline Refugees.
Think Twice Before Staying at the Ramada Orlando Celebration
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IRLO BRONSON HIGHWAY, FLORIDA -- We were looking forward to a nice Valentine's Weekend (as a Group) at the Ramada Orlando Celebration in Kissimmee, FL. It was extremely cold during this time of year. Our room's heating system (the one that sits on the floor and does not have a thermostat on the wall) was turned on to 74 degrees. After about 20 minutes, the room was still cold. We turned the heat up a little higher, still no heat. After one hour we called the front desk and they sent a maintenance person to repair it. After 10 minutes he determined that it was not repairable and called the front desk and only spoke in his foreign language. Then he called my husband to the phone to speak with the representative They offered us another room (by this time it is 1:00 a. m.). When we asked them if the heat worked in that room, he stated "he could not guarantee heat worked". It was 36 degrees! In the bathroom, the ceiling had mold from a roof leak that streaked down the wall. The tile on the floor of the walk-in shower was black in several spots and needed Tilex/Bleach. We didn't take off our shoes. No comforter was on the bed, only sheets and a thin blanket drapped at the foot. We had to leave the hotel at 1:30 A.M. to find another one. They gave us a refund but continued to place a $50 hold on our credit card for 10 days. No apologies. Nothing. Do not believe what is on the internet-their website does not offer a Feedback page either. Our friends (in the same group that came that weekend) did not have heat either. Worst experience ever. They also charged them $50 to upgrade to a King Sized Bed!
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