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Not Worthy of Ramada Name
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Just a dirty and worn hotel. Restaurant was not clean, food is inexpensive and we learned why that's so! Half the elevators didn't work. Halls and room were seedy, lighting poor, and on top of all this, they overcharged me - more than their emailed confirm called for. Had to threaten action if they ignored the agreed price - but it seems like the rules changed, depending upon who was on duty at the front desk.

The only good thing: if you're going on a cruise and want to leave your car in their parking lot for the duration, they don't mind and the parking is free. That worked fine for us, but if you'll be doing so, try to park in the front where the lighting is good! In short: a disgrace to the Ramada brand. Never again.

Bad Experience
By -

TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA -- My Uncle booked 2 rooms with a corporate rate. There was a dispute about his card, so I put the rooms on my card when we checked in. The 11-7 person, **, called my room at 11:30 pm, demanding that we come to the front desk. When we got there and tried to explain to him, he asked for a credit card. He did not want us staying in a room without paying. I gave it to him and told him he already had a copy of it. He checked and said "have a nice night!"

Room was dirty and had cockroaches, my Dad's room had fleas. When I complained to Manager **, she was very animated and said she would give us a "better break" on the bill. Well, no break and she said that "her boss" would not let her but she had a meeting the next night. I called her again and she would not agree to a discount.

Refused to Honor My Confirmed Reservation Room Rate
By -

RUIDOSO DOWNS, NEW MEXICO -- On Sat July 4th I checked in to the Ramada in Ruidoso Downs. I had a confirmed reservation and a price of $103. At check-in the person on the desk, whom I assume was owner or manager became very upset at my rate, asking me how I got that price etc. However, he checked me in. At checkout next day I was presented with an invoice for $172 plus tax and told my rate would not be honored and that I should take it up with my travel agent or whoever gave me the reservation. Is this how Ramada treats customers? I thought a confirmed reservation and price was just that, confirmed. Is this corporate America at work today?

By -

EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY -- My husband and I stayed at the Ramada Hotel that was recently built about 2-3years ago in East Orange, NJ. When we arrived it was early in the morning around 1-1:30 am, after waking up I felt my phone vibrating in the bed I started pulling the sheets down to find the phone however I found that there were bed bugs in the bed. I seen to on top of the sheets and when I pulled all the sheets off including the fitted sheet I noticed more and black spots in the crease of the mattress there was in a bed bug between the wall and the carpet! I immediately called the front desk and the service desk clerk came and I showed him the bugs and the bugs that were in the mattress, he removed the bugs and threw them in the trash and offered to put us in another room we said no way if they are in this room they must be in other rooms.

He than offered to give us have of our money back we agreed because we thought everything was fine well the next day when I woke up I had bite marks on my arm, back leg and side of my breast. I immediately contacted my doctor who instructed me to go the emergency room to be seen, I than received a bill from the hospital and I submitted it to the Ramada to pay the bill and I am awaiting a response...

They Went The Extra Mile To Provide Good Service
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Tonight I checked into the Ramada Plaza hotel at JFK. The appearance of the hotel itself did not match it's website, instead of a nice warm yellow color as depicted, it was a solid grey concrete color. I walked in and was met with a nice friendly receptionist. I had reserved a room with two double beds and was given a price of $109 ($125 after taxes) She gave me a key-card to a room on the fifth floor.

When I walked in, I was surprised with the deteriorated condition of the room - the curtains were like dirty abused rags, the television was not working, a lamp was out, the ceiling had evidence of a water leak, and the plug for the bathtub was missing. I went back down to the lobby and the very friendly receptionist gave me a key-card to another room on the fourth floor.

I was pleasantly surprised that she was willing to let me try another room, and when I got to it, it was a lot better, except there was a problem with the toilet. Unlike the other room, this toilet had an automatic flushing mechanism. For the ordinary guest this wouldn't be a problem but I had a bad experience with automatic toilets as a child.

Once again the friendly receptionist let me try another room, on the sixth floor. It was perfect. It was clean, in great condition, and it even had a bigger television than the other two rooms. I am typing this review from the room right now, as free wi-fi is provided.

When I went for supper, again I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dinner service. I had the best hamburger that I have ever gotten and the waiter was very attentive.

Despite the somewhat degraded state of the hotel, I would rate the service I have received as a 6 out of 5. I will feel comfortable sleeping here tonight and I will look forward to my next stay at a Ramada.

Ramada - East Hanover NJ - STAY AWAY
By -

EAST HANOVER, NEW JERSEY -- I had the worst Hotel experience of my life at this location. We were there for a wedding.

First they had us booked in a single bedroom, when I reserved a room with two beds. So we had to stay in a smoking room.

Next, there was no TV remote. I requested one the night we arrived. What happened next is shocking and appalling. After promising to send the remote right up, it never came. The next day after the wedding, the other couple we were with asked for a remote at the front desk. Due to bad timing, I also called down at the same time to request a remote again. Apparently this was too much for the hotel staff to handle. One of the Ramada Inn employees threatened my friend who had asked for the remote at the front desk. He was yelling, making a scene, making threats and pointing his finger in his face, all because he asked that we receive a remote for our room.

When I called down, they informed us they were asking us to leave. That had police escort us out of the hotel. This was a huge embarrassment, and we had to find another hotel.

I know what people are probably thinking. We must have somehow caused a huge, drunken scene. This was not the case. We merely asked for a remote for our TV that we had already requested the night before.

The worst part about all of this - They charged us for the night that we were kicked out. Ramada Customer service refused to reimburse us the money, even though they acknowledged that the actions of this location and management were out of line. The hotel refused to remove the charge for the night they asked us to leave. Also the manager on duty that night acknowledged to the groom who had booked the rooms that the hotel employee who made the threats was out of line, yet still refused to reimburse us our money.

We are currently fighting it and disputing the charges, but getting nowhere with Ramada headquarters or the hotel.

I filed a claim the morning after. The person who took our claim assured me it would be dealt with within 7 days and said she couldn't believe management would behave that way. Seven days passed and I had not heard. I called back and was told they could not and would not do anything to assist me, and I had to deal with the Hotel. The hotel again refused. One manager I spoke with could not even give me a straight answer when I asked why were kicked out. I asked, "Was it because we asked for a remote?" His response was "no". "Then why?" He had no answer.

Hopefully this review will cause at least one person to avoid staying at this nightmare of a hotel and it's horrible management.

Ramada limited LA Mesa, California
By -

LA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- Avoid Ramada Limited, in La Mesa California!

The staff and management are careless and most neglectful! The hotel is completely inattentive and negligent toward the hotel guest.
This is the brief history, including partial details of their total inattention.
I made reservation several weeks in advance for November 14, 2006 for a regular room for two.
Upon checking in (approximately at noon), we were offered a handicap room. I asked for a regular room because we are not handicapped. We did not accept the handicapped room and the front desk clerk assured us that when we come back in the evening we would have a regular room. Upon our return at approximately 8 P.M, we were given exactly the same handicapped room, which we refused. The desk clerk did have another room, which we accepted. Upon entering the room, there was no toilet paper. The desk clerk did not offer to send the toilet paper and asked that we pick it up, I did. The beds appeared to have been ‘used' because the sheets were ruffled not stretched, as they would be after the beds were made after use. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast. The breakfast area is extremely small and the seating is very limited. The heavily watered down and tasteless “orange juice” was, more like orange flavored (barely) water at best. Approximately 15 minutes before the posted breakfast period was over, the coffee dispenser became empty. The man in charge refused to make more coffee. He claimed breakfast is over.
I complained, in writing to Ramada's worldwide president. His reply and written promise was that the site manager would contact me. The manager never did contact me. Subsequent letters to the president and Customer Service Director resulted in meaningless PR spin that Ramada maintains high standards and offered some compensation. The small compensation was a check with a wrong payee name. Additional communication from Ramada, the excuse was that the property is a franchise and they are not responsible. My request for a replacement check remained unanswered! From that point on, there were no additional replies from anyone at Ramada. It appears that the Ramada executive management does not care and they do not impose compliance with their standards on the various properties. Possibly, the standards are very low.

If you wish specific details, please contact me at avoidramada@yahoo.com and I will send you exact copies (electronic .pdf format) of my communication with the Ramada's president and Customer Service Director. When making this request, please provide me with your full name and inform me if you are employed by Ramada or any of its affiliates.

If you wish to be abused and mistreated, stay at Ramada. Otherwise, avoid this hotel chain.


My 6 year old found a crack pipe in our hotel room
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I am so angry right now I can't stand it! My family took a weekend vacation in Cincinnati Ohio on August 4th and were checking out on the 6th. While we were getting ready to check out and looking for my 3 year old sons shoes my daughter pulls a white t-shirt out from under a bench and says "Look Mommy what's this" I about had a heart attack. There was a crack pipe wrapped up in this t-shirt.
My husband immediately took it to the front desk and showed the front desk manager Scott. He chuckled and said "Oh wow let me get you breakfast for that" My husband was insulted. There was no apology no empathy, nothing.
They wanted a copy of my drivers license so I took it down to Scott. He made a copy and told me that he would file a police report and someone would call me within 14 days to let me know if I am entitled to a refunded. Oh my Goodness I was about to explode.

I tried calling the GM CHris Ott on 8/7/06 2 times and left messages. He never called. I then called the police department and a police report was never filed. The hotel doesn't have to do that but since Scott told me he was going to do I I expected him to do it! I then called the Ramada 800 Guest satisfaction line to file a report. They did apologize and couldn't believe that happened. They told me the GM from the hotel would call me in 7 business days. Those days went by and I didn't hear anything! I then called the 800 number again to let them know. They offered to give me 1/2 of a nights stay. That insulted me, I wasn't looking for money. I was looking for an apology and insurance that the housekeeper that cleaned my room would have consequences to deal with. Is it so hard to give that to a customer? The 800 agent gave me the owners name which is Bob Kunvarji and his number.I first called and left the GM Chris Ott a message again. No reply in 24 hours. I then called the owner. He also insulted me by asking me if I was just looking for money. Hell No I'm not! My 6 year old daughter now knows what a crack pipe looks like. What if my 3 year old found it and put it in his mouth!!!!!!!!!
This hotel is a joke and I am going to let every one know about it!

Thank You for letting me be heard.

Galloway, Ohio

By -

4109 PADRE BLVD SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX 78597, TEXAS -- I booked a week at this hotel for my family and I online. It was a last minute vacation and I did not have much time to research the hotel. I relied on the good reputation of Ramada. First of all, the pictures online are very misleading. The pictures made the hotel appear to be clean and neat. Which it was VERY far from! The building looked as if it would topple over any second. The pool was absolutely DEPLORABLE! The pool was so disgusting and unhealthy that I'm sure that it had not been clean in weeks! I hope no one has gotten diseases from it. I was hoping that the condition of the rooms would be much better. That was wishful thinking! As soon as I walked in there was an odor as if someone had deceased in it! I couldn't believe the multiple stains on both the walls and sheets. I even saw blood and hair on the sheets! My family could not sleep in this hotel for a week without vommiting, so I decided to confront the manager about this. I walked into the small dirty office and asked to speak to the manager. He said I am the manager and I began to tell him about the stains on the sheets. Before I could even finish, he interrupted me by asking what room I was staying in. I told him and then he abruptly darted off to the room. I had to practically run after him. He then entered my hotel room and then he YELLED "Show me the stains" before I could even begin to point to the stained sheets he called me a liar. I was stunned how could this man call me a liar when the evidence was straight in front of him. HOW RUDE! He then persisted to yell at me and talk down at me. He made several comments that informed me that he wasn't too fond of women or America. He sounded like a terrorist. I truly believe he is one! Well anyway, he refused to refund my money. I demanded to speak to the owner. He told me that he was the owner and it was a franchise. I told him I would file a complaint with Ramada. He laughed and told me to go right ahead. Well, I really could not stay there so I walked next door to Super 8 Motel to see if they had any empty rooms. I was in luck they did! Unlike Ramada, Super 8 Motel was absolutely goregous! I didn't expect it to be as nice as it was. When you walk inside there is marble and it just looks goregous. The staff was so nice and understanding when I told them of the problem I had next door. They even apologized and gave me a discount! The room there was so clean and neat! I talked to the staff and they said that their motel was rated one of the cleanest motels. That did not surprise me at all it looked like it was! So everyone learn from my mistake and just go to the Super 8 Motel next door or go to La Copa Inn. Just go anywhere but at Ramada!
Please if you work for the Health and Sanitation department please go check Ramada out! I really don't want people getting sick there!

Great Customer Service
By -

MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- They had the best customer service I have received through my years in traveling. definitely will return to this establishment for future stays. great people friendly housekeeping ladies. just overall a great experience

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