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Bad Experience
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TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA -- My Uncle booked 2 rooms with a corporate rate. There was a dispute about his card, so I put the rooms on my card when we checked in. The 11-7 person, **, called my room at 11:30 pm, demanding that we come to the front desk. When we got there and tried to explain to him, he asked for a credit card. He did not want us staying in a room without paying. I gave it to him and told him he already had a copy of it. He checked and said "have a nice night!"

Room was dirty and had cockroaches, my Dad's room had fleas. When I complained to Manager **, she was very animated and said she would give us a "better break" on the bill. Well, no break and she said that "her boss" would not let her but she had a meeting the next night. I called her again and she would not agree to a discount.

Refused to Honor My Confirmed Reservation Room Rate
By -

RUIDOSO DOWNS, NEW MEXICO -- On Sat July 4th I checked in to the Ramada in Ruidoso Downs. I had a confirmed reservation and a price of $103. At check-in the person on the desk, whom I assume was owner or manager became very upset at my rate, asking me how I got that price etc. However, he checked me in. At checkout next day I was presented with an invoice for $172 plus tax and told my rate would not be honored and that I should take it up with my travel agent or whoever gave me the reservation. Is this how Ramada treats customers? I thought a confirmed reservation and price was just that, confirmed. Is this corporate America at work today?

By -

EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY -- My husband and I stayed at the Ramada Hotel that was recently built about 2-3 years ago in East Orange, NJ. When we arrived it was early in the morning around 1-1:30 am. After waking up I felt my phone vibrating in the bed I started pulling the sheets down to find the phone however I found that there were bed bugs in the bed. I seen two on top of the sheets and when I pulled all the sheets off including the fitted sheet I noticed more and black spots in the crease of the mattress, there was in a bed bug between the wall and the carpet!

I immediately called the front desk and the service desk clerk came and I showed him the bugs and the bugs that were in the mattress. He removed the bugs and threw them in the trash and offered to put us in another room. We said "No way. If they are in this room, they must be in other rooms." He then offered to give us half of our money back.

We agreed because we thought everything was fine. Well the next day when I woke up I had bite marks on my arm, back leg and side of my breast. I immediately contacted my doctor who instructed me to go the emergency room to be seen. I then received a bill from the hospital and I submitted it to the Ramada to pay the bill and I am awaiting a response.

Quality of Room
By -

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I just have to express my dissatisfaction with the room we were in this weekend. When we got there, the room was musty. We went to a nearby store to purchase air fresheners and a candle (thinking the room had not been used in a while). When we got back from the wedding rehearsal dinner, the pillowcases and comforter was slightly damp. We just thought the air conditioner was acting up. We went to bed because we were tired and it was late.

My husband woke up about 3 am saying he had trouble breathing and we turned the air conditioner off until morning. When we got up, the room smelled horrible and everything was damp, ( including our clothes that we hanging up to wear to the wedding). The front desk person changed our room, but still charged us for that night, even though the hallway was smelly too.

We have both developed a cough and were miserable the next day. The room they moved us to wasn't much better. I am not writing this to be vindictive, but to warn people who have health problems. This is a safety issue. I have talked to the manager there, but I doubt if anything will be done. Maybe even changing the air filters more often may help.

Ramada Inn Harasses Their Hotel Quests
By -

ORLANDO -- The Ramada Inn International Lakefront on International Drive in Orlando treats their hotel quests horribly!! Do not go there! They advertise complimentary breakfast - until 10 AM. When my husband and I went down to the cafe to eat, about 9:20 AM, a cleaning woman harassed us and forced us to leave, speaking in "broken English". She would not allow us to eat a bagel in peace and went to this manager named ** to complain about us. She sided with her employee (without listening to what we were told about the complimentary breakfast) and called the police on us too to make us leave the hotel at once!!!

This Has to Be the Worst Place in the Entire Chain
By -

NIAGARA FALLS CN -- I just has the worst experience of my life at one of your franchises namely: Ramada, 7389 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 2W9 905-356-6119. I planned a company meeting to be held at this property. I had 30 of my guest check in. I rented the Banquet hall for a day. The following day I rented a meeting room for the morning. When booking this event, I felt that if it was a Ramada that the accommodations would be acceptable. Out of 30 rooms rented we had a serious problem with 21 of them. That's over 2/3 customer complaints rate or 66% however you count it.

One of my attendees was told that he complained too much and they were taking him out of the room and he should find another hotel. MIND YOU THIS IS AUGUST!! Many of the attendees had no air conditioning and after complaining to the main desk they were informed that the property owners knew about it, but there was nothing they could do.

Another guest that requested to be moved from a room that had the carpet covered in blood so bad that they could not stay in that room. They were moved to another room that had no air conditioning. In attempt to complain, the phone did not work. After going to the desk, the clerk said she knew that but there was nothing she could do. I moved them into one of the rooms I had reserved. Then when checking out they were charged for all three rooms for two nights.

I had a guest who had two babies, 2 and 4 years old, in a room with no air conditioning. When request at least a fan they were told that there were no fans on the property, as you know THE WINDOWS DO NOT OPEN. This property has such a bad reputation that the shuttle bus driver upon hearing us talking, asked if they were in rooms ** and **, upon telling him yes, he asked if they ever fixed the air conditioning and if they ever cleaned up the blood at the front door. Many guest had bloodstains on their sheets and floors or had holes and rips in the sheets.

One guest had only one towel. Upon calling to the desk they were told they had no one to bring anything up, but if they came to the front desk they think they could find another towel. This situation was so bad, that during dinner I gave everyone a piece of paper and instructed them to put their room number on it and if there room was OK they should say so. If they had a problem they should indicate that also. I know that some on these problems are just normal complaints and should be taken with a grain of salt, but please take the time to read them and I think you will see that this property does not deserve your branding.

I have asked ** Operations Manager (and the highest person on the property) for an explanation. He shook his head and said everything was fine. I asked that everyone be given a $50.00 credit per night. He almost laughed and told me he would go out of business if he did that, then he offered me $20.00 off my room for two nights (apparently it is cheaper to give refunds of $10.00 each night than to fix everything). The sad part is that all of the desk people know and keep apologizing and say there is nothing they can do and that they hear it everyday.

I organize sales meetings all of the time, and around the country, to help keep everyone pumped up and motivated. It doesn't work when my salespeople spend half the day (all morning) complaining about how bad the rooms were and how nobody cared! What a waste of money on my part! I would like to see that everyone be given a $50.00 credit on their card for each night they paid for. I feel this would be the fairest solution for the property and my salespeople.

Even after I told them not to charge my card till everything got worked out, they did. Hopefully you care about the Ramada Branding.

Do Not Go To This Hotel It Is Very Unsanitary And The Staff Is Beyond Mean. Do Not Waste Your Money!!!
By -

4109 PADRE BLVD SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX 78597, TEXAS -- I booked a week at this hotel for my family and I online. It was a last minute vacation and I did not have much time to research the hotel. I relied on the good reputation of Ramada. First of all, the pictures online are very misleading. The pictures made the hotel appear to be clean and neat. Which it was very far from! The building looked as if it would topple over any second. The pool was absolutely DEPLORABLE! The pool was so disgusting and unhealthy that I'm sure that it had not been clean in weeks! I hope no one has gotten diseases from it.

I was hoping that the condition of the rooms would be much better. That was wishful thinking! As soon as I walked in there was an odor as if someone had deceased in it! I couldn't believe the multiple stains on both the walls and sheets. I even saw blood and hair on the sheets! My family could not sleep in this hotel for a week without vomiting, so I decided to confront the manager about this.

I walked into the small dirty office and asked to speak to the manager. He said I am the manager and I began to tell him about the stains on the sheets. Before I could even finish, he interrupted me by asking what room I was staying in. I told him and then he abruptly darted off to the room. I had to practically run after him. He then entered my hotel room and then he YELLED "Show me the stains." Before I could even begin to point to the stained sheets he called me a liar. I was stunned. How could this man call me a liar when the evidence was straight in front of him. HOW RUDE!

He then persisted to yell at me and talk down at me. He made several comments that informed me that he wasn't too fond of women or America. He sounded like a terrorist. I truly believe he is one! Well anyway, he refused to refund my money. I demanded to speak to the owner. He told me that he was the owner and it was a franchise. I told him I would file a complaint with Ramada. He laughed and told me to go right ahead. Well, I really could not stay there so I walked next door to Super 8 Motel to see if they had any empty rooms. I was in luck. They did!

Unlike Ramada, Super 8 Motel was absolutely gorgeous! I didn't expect it to be as nice as it was. When you walk inside there is marble and it just looks gorgeous. The staff was so nice and understanding when I told them of the problem I had next door. They even apologized and gave me a discount! The room there was so clean and neat! I talked to the staff and they said that their motel was rated one of the cleanest motels. That did not surprise me at all. It looked like it was!

So everyone learn from my mistake and just go to the Super 8 Motel next door or go to La Copa Inn. Just go anywhere but at Ramada! Please if you work for the Health and Sanitation department please go check Ramada out! I really don't want people getting sick there!

Ramada's Personal Best?
By -

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- May 25th began a series of mishaps that I never experienced before in a Ramada hotel. The James Weldon Johnson Community School of the Arts decided to have its planning retreat at the Ramada Inn on 2802 Plank Road in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I reserved six rooms for two days, one of which was to serve as a meeting room for our organization.

Due to a very bad storm, I realized that I was going to arrive late. I called the inn to guarantee late arrival. One of the staff members told me that two of my members have already arrived and registered at the hotel. I told him that I wanted to guarantee late arrival for the remaining rooms. Apparently, this request was a difficult request for him because it took nearly twenty-five minutes to guarantee the four rooms.

After arriving at the hotel and checking into my room, I called the front desk to contact one of the members whom I was told earlier have already arrived and registered at the hotel. The woman replied that the member canceled her reservation and left the hotel. To no avail, I told her that this must be a mistake because I was previously told that the member was at the hotel. When I called the member's home phone number, her husband told me that she was at the hotel and gave me her room number.

After talking to the member, I called the front desk again and told the front desk about the situation and requested a refund or some type of credit for the long distance call. He refused to honor this request. I then asked for a person in charge. This led to another long wait. Meantime, I was already more than thirty minutes late for our first scheduled meeting. The person who apparently was in charge at the hotel replied that because I made the call, they had to charge the expense and that there is nothing they can do to honor my request. At this point, I was very upset and I was very late for my scheduled meeting. I decided to try to resolve this matter at a later time.

On May 26 at approximately 1:30 p.m., I left my room to prepare the meeting room for an upcoming meeting. I saw a couple of maintenance workers cleaning the meeting room and replacing a light bulb. I decided to come back to the room thirty minutes later. When I came back to the meeting room, I found the room with the door left open. I added this incident to my ever growing list of complaints. When I finished preparing the meeting room for the upcoming meeting, I closed the door and returned to my room.

When I put my access card in the slot, the access card would not work. I tried five more times believing that it would eventually work. My members and I had experienced problems with our access cards on many occasions even though we were very careful in regards to where we placed our cards. Being unable to access my room, I returned to the meeting room in order to call the front desk. My access card for the meeting room would not work either. The access cards for nearly all of my fellow board members failed to work at the same time. Except for one board member, we were all locked out of our rooms.

I walked to the front desk and told the woman at the desk our problem. She told me that this might happen because their guests normally stay for one day and the cards may have been set to expire after one day. With this type of service, that answer was completely understandable. She reactivated our cards but we lost nearly another hour of meeting time. This incident also turned out to be the last straw for some of our board members.

Two of our board members decided to leave the hotel even though they paid for the second day. One of the board members, the one that I was told earlier had canceled her reservation and left the hotel, told me that she had other problems with this hotel and could not take it anymore. To this day she refuses to give me details about her experience at the hotel. With their imminent and eventual departure, the retreat was nearly a total ruin.

The next day, one of my board members and I went to the front desk and asked for the manager of the hotel. The front desk staff appeared confused and told us that the general manager was away on vacation and that there was no one who was really in charge at the hotel. They told us that the best person to talk to was the head of maintenance who is also the assistant manager of the hotel. We agreed to talk to this person. We told him about the problems that we encountered at the hotel. He told us that he would inform the general manager and that we should expect to be contacted shortly. To this date, I have not been contacted by anyone from the hotel.

After what has eventually turned out to be an unproductive meeting with the head of maintenance, I proceeded to checkout. The front desk seemed to not know how to check out three rooms. It took more than twenty minutes to accomplish this task.

In closing, this experience has left me the impression that the staff at this hotel did their personal best to make my stay a near complete disaster. Our planning retreat ended a day earlier than planned due to the mishaps at this hotel. I was able to warn another group who was considering to stay at this hotel to avoid this Ramada Inn. They decided to stay at Holiday Inn. I also stayed at a Holiday Inn two months after this horrendous experience. I used to associate Ramada with reasonable accommodations and service. With this experience, Ramada will be my last preference for hotels. I will continue to warn others about my experience at Ramada.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: A refund and better service during a future stay in Ramada Inn would help to improve my confidence in Ramada. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

Great Customer Service
By -

MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- They had the best customer service I have received through my years in traveling. Definitely will return to this establishment for future stays. Great people friendly housekeeping ladies. Just overall a great experience.

By -

CALHOUN, GEORGIA -- Placed a reservation with Ramada Limited located in Calhoun, GA on the Internet. I cancelled my reservation four days before due to arrive 8/8/09. The thieving foreigners still debited my credit card for the full rate. When I contacted them they refused to credit back my account and were rude and very unprofessional. Now I have to get my bank and attorney involved. I recommend the Ramada Limited in Calhoun, GA to anyone who wants to be cheated.

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