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Absolute worst
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROMEOVILLE, ILLINOIS -- This was absolutely the worst decision of my life to go here. At first going in the school for the first time it did seem kind of like a car salesman trying sell me a car or an army recruiter trying to get me to enlist and I should have recognized that and walked away but It was convenient that I can take all of my classes online which I couldn’t do at my local junior college and I wouldn’t have had to wait weeks to meet with someone like at the junior college which now I look back and I wish I would have been more patient. As soon as I signed everything and my financial aid went through that’s when all there talk about were here for you to achieve went out the window and I could not reach my career counselor and he would never return my messages. The school goes by quarters not semesters as for the first quarter I took two classes and aced them both and was even on the dean’s list but at the beginning of the second quarter I had a couple of personal family issues that I was dealing with that was interfering with me being able to do my school work.

After falling behind I was finally able to get ahold of my career counselor after several calls and explained the situation in depth to him in hopes that he would understand and I thought he did he said he realizes that I’m trying to make an effort and that they would have to withdraw me this quarter but I could comeback for the next quarter. So between the end of that quarter and the beginning of the next I spent my time again trying to get ahold of my career counselor with no success I even tried going up to the school where I was informed that he was on vacation in Las Vegas. So the next quarter begins with me still trying to get a hold of my career counselor I figured if I could get ahold of him I could just start the quarter late and make up the work. Finally after calling several times the secretary at the front desk put me on hold where she would usually tell me that my counselor wasn’t in so I figured finally I’ll get some answers and be able to attend school again but I was wrong she ended up transferring the call to the financial aid department and the person answering the phone I believe was the head of financial aid I can’t recall. The secretary must have told her who was on the phone because the person already knew my name and immediately started discussing a repayment plan for me. I told her the reason I was calling was to get back into school and that I talked to my career counselor and he said that was OK. She ended up saying it was too late and I would have repay in order to attend school. I proceeded to tell her that I am unemployed and I can’t afford it I then told her of the situation that led me to get withdrawn from school which was very personal to me and something I didn’t want to discuss but did anyway in hopes she would understand. Her response to me was that it wasn’t her problem and when can she be expecting a payment from me I then hung up the phone.

Now it’s fairly easy to communicate with someone at the college they call my phone, email me, and even send letters in the mail saying that they will either take my tax refund or garnish my wages which is kind of hard to do since I’m unemployed the letter also states that they could sue me which is also hard to do seeing that I don’t own any assets no vehicle or house and doesn’t look like I ever will thanks to Rasmussen since I have no experience in anything and no education that’s why its practically impossible to find a job and also the reason why I wanted to go to college in the first place now I can’t go back until I pay back the loan. I owe almost seven thousand dollars for a quarter and a half of school maybe one day I can finally get a job as fry cook or janitor or even a bag person and then they can garnish those wages.

Now I know I actually don’t owe Rasmussen I owe the government but Rasmussen didn't care about me all they wanted was the money and they made no attempt to help me get back to school. I write this review so maybe it helps someone not make the same horrible mistake I made and if you don’t believe me check it out for yourself and see if there not like a car salesman or army recruiter and also look at what they charge its almost double a credit hour compared to a junior college.
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Amazing, Online, College Experience
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- I graduated high school in 2005 where I was an AP and honor roll student. Of course, I went straight into college; however, my father came down with cancer and I moved back home after about a few years. After his fight, he ended up losing his battle; meanwhile, I lost my personal cheerleader. So, I didn't have the motivation to go back to school, and I joined the work force.

Despite not having a college education, I climbed the corporate ladder very quickly no matter where I worked. Finally, I started working for a company where I had the time to not only enjoy with my social life but extra time I knew I could use to go back to school. After speaking with several different colleges, Rasmussen College is the only, and I mean only one, college that did not harass me like I was trying to purchase a car. When I said I needed a few months to think about it, they didn't even contact me. I had told the same thing to another college, but I ended up in their automated dialer system.

Finally, I ended up speaking with an enrollment representative and getting enrolling as a student of Rasmussen College despite all the bad reviews that I read, which I am glad I did. Not only does their staff have industry experience in the courses they are teaching, they accept the fact their students may have industry experience as well, and welcome it. Some professors in my first years of college would completely disregard the students' experience; however, all of my professors have accepted I have experience beyond the classroom, and in some instances asked me to speak to the class about it. Granted, I have held back at times, because I know there is a learning process which needs to take place in order to get a good foundation.

In any case, I happened to see this website on Google and felt I needed to tell everyone about my great experience with Rasmussen College since there are so many bad reviews. In all honesty, I read the bad reviews, know the team at Rasmussen College, and can't help but think, why didn't you contact them?! I have missed assignments at times due to my company requiring I spend extra time on projects, which my professors have only asked that my supervisor notify them and have accepted my work without penalty.

If you're searching for an online experience to truly push your boundaries and make you a better professional in your field, I highly recommend Rasmussen.
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User Replies:
Paul on 06/23/2014:
" there are so many bad reviews." Yes, there certainly are. There must be a reason for that, I assume. On the internet, you look over all the information you can find, and then come to an independent conclusion. I would highly recommend to people that they read all the reviews they can find *before* contacting Rasmussen. Then if they are still interested, contact them and continue information gathering.
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Hungry For Money at Rasmussen College
Posted by on
BURR RIDGE, ILLINOIS -- I enrolled at Rasmussen College Fort Myers Florida, 9160 Forum Corporate Pkwy Fort Myers, FL 33905 (239) 477-2100 over the summer of 2010 in their Paralegal Studies Program. I believe I was scheduled to start school somewhere the first week of July 2010. During the course of the commotion of starting school I find out from my doctor I had to have a procedure done on my lower back and that it would interfere with me executing my studies effectively so I chose to dis-enroll from school within the allotted time frame without penalties. Now the problem is the text books, now take to mind I started the first week of school so I had to open my text books which came shrink wrapped, which I had to return those text books to the school which I did and received a receipt for such said text books and it was noted they were taken out of the shrink wrap which is logical because I had to use them but they are in the very same new condition no marks in them they were barely looked at, no bent pages etc. Now I understand the economy is horrible but on the other hand it's outrageously pathetic that the school is trying to strong arm me into giving them a 100.00 dollars to re-shrink wrap the books. How feeble minded are they that they think I'm going to pay them 100.00 dollars to re-shrink wrap the text books. They are going to re-shrink wrap them and re-sell them to another student, I didn't fall out of the coconut tree the other day and I am not a fool, what are your thoughts or opinions, thank you.
Oh! by the way Rasmussen sent me on a goose chase by directing me to a department that doesn't handle the situation, nice try Rasmussen College.
Company Response 10/11/2010:
Please contact the Rasmussen College Personal Support Center at 866-693-2211, and we would be happy to further investigate this situation. We strive to provide the best customer service to our current and former students, and will work with you to have this issue resolved. Thanks!
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User Replies:
raven2010 on 10/09/2010:
Read your agreement. I am willing to bet my next five years of pay that this fee is clearly spelled out.
Anonymous on 10/09/2010:
They have policies. The wrap was not only off of the books, you actually used them for about a week. I am not sure how much the books cost in total so I cannot make a judgment about the $100 fee but the books were being returned in USED condition, not NEW condition. You got a full refund for the class which surprises me, my school drops to 50% after the very first day of class. I would either keep the books for next term or MAYBE ask for a reduction in the fee because the "used" books were in "like new" condition but I think you should owe them something.

No comment on the "uneducated and pathetic" comment. It speaks volumes.
Skye on 10/09/2010:
You can try and have the books shrink wrapped yourself at one of those packing and shipping places.
Ben There on 10/09/2010:
Check out selling them on eBay or one of the many used text book websites out there. You won't get all of your money back, but you might make more than if you return them less $100.
Anonymous on 10/09/2010:
Hang on to them if you plan on continuing your studies after you recover from surgery.
Anonymous on 10/09/2010:
You can post them for sale on the student college board. If you are planning on resuming classes, and are electing to keep the texts, check current class quarter required texts because they change frequently to updated or different textbooks altogether.
werelucky on 10/09/2010:
College text books are one of those eternal scams. They were outrageously expensive when I went to school, and are more so with my kids.
Anonymous on 10/09/2010:
They are ridiculously priced @werelucky. I always check first to see if they have an "international version". They are usually about 25% the price of the ones here and they have the exact same wording (in English). They are almost always paperback and in black and white - no glossy pics, etc but they do the trick. They price the EXACT same books higher in the US market because they they feel we have more disposable income here. E-books are also a really great option. You get a large percentage discount on those too.
Anonymous on 10/10/2010:
Its college. Its the American way. Everything in college is expensive.
Anonymous on 10/10/2010:
My daughter used to get some pretty good deals on her books through Amazon.com. Some were gently used--and incredibly cheap. She never received any that were not in almost perfect condition. She was usually able to sell them to someone else at the end of term too.
skelly39 on 10/11/2010:
werelucky +10000000
nuff said
momsey on 10/11/2010:
I'm surprised you're only going to eat $100 of the cost of the books. I would have guessed you would have gotten the price they pay for used books, since that's what they are. The used price is usually a small percentage of the new price.

The college textbook business is one of those rackets that makes us mad, but we can't do too much about it. You need that particular book, that particular edition, by a certain date, and you have to play by their rules.
Marine 63 on 10/12/2010:
I suppose a lot of people are not understanding what I said. I am no longer in school, the books were never used they were looked at in my home and placed back in the box and returned to the school which they were accepted by the school. It's an issue of re-shrink wrapping the books and being charged 100.00 dollars to do that. I am not in school and I don't plan on recommending the school to anyone and I will not return to that school for furthering my education. Now, what do you think, is it highway robbery to pay 100.00 dollars to re-shrink wrap books?
Ytropious on 10/12/2010:
I don't think you realize depreciation costs. Text books are an arm and a leg brand new (for whatever reason). Used ones on the market cost half as much even if they look brand new. If the book is not shrink wrapped, it is not new, it is used and worth a fraction of what it should be because it is not NEW anymore. You can only sell it as a very good hardly used USED book. That's just how textbooks are, trust me. And as soon as a new edition comes out yours will be worth no more than 20 bucks no matter how nice they are. I don't see why you blame the school, this is standard procedure at ANY college book store. Says right on the receipt most times that books in shrink wrap MUST be returned in shrink wrap to get full refunds. You are wrong, they are not asking 100 dollars to re wrap them, they are now having to sell them as USED books, not wrapping used books to call them new.
Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
But if you want to cheat - and that is strictly between you and the Lord - go on Amazon and buy some shrink wrap for about $5 or less and shrink it with a blow dryer. Get it as hot as you can. I used to shrink baskets when I sold Mary Kay and I don't see why it won't work with a book.

Try this: http://www.amazon.com/Basket-Accents-Shrink-Wrap-Large/dp/B001687PMG/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1286904235&sr=8-10
Marine 63 on 10/13/2010:
Is this AMERICA I am listening to, no wonder this country is the way it is. We take it laying down and do nothing about it. Some people have told me there is nothing you can do about it, it's just the way it is, colleges are just going to rip us off and get away with it. Great people where is your back bone. Why don't we send a message to the colleges that we are no longer going to tolerate ludicrous policies and not do business with them. Why can't we as Americans tell our Gov't we are fed up with earmarks and lobbyist and get rid of politicians who don't want to work for the people. We are a WEAK AMERICA, that it why companies and stores and your bosses get away with doing what ever they want to you because AMERICA got a bunch of weak people who don't stand up and defend their rights. I don't care if the books are opened, they are new and I am not going to let some college bully me into turning over 100.00 dollars and anybody else that goes through this or anything similar should stand up and fight for their rights and let their voices be heard and not let someone or some entity jerk you off and take advantage of you, what do you think AMERICA.
getoverit on 10/13/2010:
I hope that the procedure on your back is a great success. It sounds like you are facing some very unfortunate circumstances.

It also sounds like you have the opportunity to cancel out of courses that you already started, return the books, and you're only out a hundred bucks. That's not bad at all.

Pay the hundred bucks and move on.
Marine 63 on 10/14/2010:
I am a Disabled Vet and the procedure on my back was not a success but that's not the point, the point is do we the people continue to let corporate America rip us off because their policies say they can do so. Where is our voice as Americans, doesn't our constitution provide us with rights. Why is it that the small unfortunate person in America continue to suffer at the hands of unfair policies created by these companies to deliberately screw hard working Americans over. When is it enough, aren't we supposed to stand up for our rights and say something, it's these companies betting on it that Americans keep their mouths shut and take it laying down so they can continue to laugh at us behind our backs and get rich off us because Americans no longer have back bones to stand up and say HEY! we are tired of being abused by abusive Govts, abusive corporations, etc. Remember it was our founding fathers who stood up and said, we had enough and we are not going to stand for any more, stand up for your rights and SHOUT America its time to recalim our rights to be free of coroporate abuse.
Ytropious on 10/14/2010:
#1 No one is forcing you to buy the book. You don't have to buy the book unless the teacher assigns homework from it. You're talking to an A student who rarely buys books. The publisher websites have power points and free practice quizzes on the book's material most of the time, you just have to dig and find it.

#2. Buy the international version. They're cheap.

#3. Education aint cheap either, but you deal with it.
trmn8r on 10/14/2010:
To the people telling the OP to shrink-wrap the books - the OP no longer has the books.

OP - did the school tell you they are charging you $100 to shrink-wrap the books, or are you assuming that is what they will do? To me, those books are now used, even if in mint condition. How much total origonally were the books you were charged $100 for?
Marine 63 on 10/20/2010:
That's what the school said that they were told the books were taken out of shrink wrap and they were going to charge me $100.00 for that reason.
getoverit on 10/21/2010:
Yeah, I think Ytropious and trmn8r have this about right. You bought new books and now you're selling back used books. If there were still in shrink wrap, they could still be re-sold as new. Somebody has to eat the difference.

It's just like buying a new car. Once it's titled to you, it becomes a new car. Even if you just drive around the block and come back to trade it in. It can no longer be sold as a new car.

OK, so textbooks are expensive. But that's not the school's fault.
Marine 63 on 10/22/2010:
Are you kidding me getoverit, if I test drive a car and take it around the block and bring it back its considered new, yeah right. When I bring the car back why can't I tell them the piece of S**t is used and tell them they have to sell it to me as used now. Same S**t with my books they are still new because they were never used. Or maybe Rasmussen is trying to take advantage of me, they can take the books and stuff it up their A*S, just like the car dealer who takes advantage of people also. Maybe Americans should stop just taking up their A**SES from the elite and do something about it.
Anonymous on 10/22/2010:
Language OP :(
Hide the kids? on 12/30/2010:
Wow,such bitterness. This goes a lot deeper then the books. The political views, the profanity, etc. Do you think it is free to ship the books? Ever pay to ship something across country? Do you have any idea how much time and money was spent on getting you prepared and ready for school? Someone like you gets in touch with a school and asks questions. That school tests you, helps you complete enrollment documents, spends time going over your financial aid with you, puts together an orientation,spends countless hours trying to reach you on the phone, scheduling you, etc. After weeks of working with you, you can no longer come to school. The school will receive ZERO dollars for spending all that time with you. How much is that time worth? If I were running the school I would let you have the $100.00 for the book cost and charge you for time wasted, I'm just guesing here but maybe $1000.00? How does that sound? You spout off on how bad this school is and you will never come back, how did you feel when they were helping you get ready for a new career? Think about it, you got help from internet marketing, admissions, testing center, faculty, registrar, support services, financial aid dept., and more. Yeah, you are right, it sounds like to me Rasmussen College is probably just in it to take your $100.00.
Dreams Shattered. on 01/09/2014:
Going towards my second degree at Rasmussen and being unsuccessful on their behalf, I too know that Rasmussen is a money hungary school of uneducated washed up cops, non-speaking English teachers, and the financial aid office is filled with laziness individuals with no morals or any math skills. I too owe money on books that I returned after I was told that my financial aid has run out--after the fact that the quarter had just started, so not only did I get charged for the books I returned, but was charged for a class that they said I was funded but then, I was not. I only have an issue with them mainly because I went to become a paralegal, my last quarter of class, I double failed one class (which was my bad and theirs. I had tried to contact the teacher but being all classes are only online--I never heard back so the class I just didn't understand, so they forced me to start over. Well come to find out they dropped that class from their curriculum anyway but that didn't affect me so I still needed to pass that class, it was obvious that nobody else was able to pass the class. I then took an entire two years and just about to graduate when they told me that I was no longer funded and gave me no other options but to drop out. So now here I am fifty thousand dollars in debt with two unsuccessful degrees and not even sure where to turn. Plus a debt with Rasmussen for 200.00 for my returned books. And when I ask for any kind of help they said I can re-enroll to finish my second degree but I cannot afford it with no financial aid because I am currently unemployed. SO I AM BEGGING, DOES ANYBODY KNOW OF ANYTHING I CAN DUE TO RESOLVE THIS or to get my degrees. None of their credits transfer either which is not helpful and I really would like to get one of my degrees finished even at Rasmussen if I have to, but I felt like I didn't learn anything from that school because they fly through the info so fast and without a teacher or in class sessions, I am not one to learn from reading just the material. I was also a straight A student and take pride in my work. I just feel cheated by both the government and the school that I put my dream in their hands.
EX-Student on 03/17/2014:
I'm sorry that you had an unpleasant experience. My experience was pretty much a dream killer. When I started to look at online colleges Rasmussen made me hopeful how they sold themselves, answered all my questions. The counselors called daily. I was getting most of my education paid for by a gov't agency. They said they had experience with this process. I gave them the name of my counselor so they could communicate directly. One week before finals of my first semester I received a call saying I was responsible for the entire semester and pretty much not trying to help me rectify the situation. I got on the dean's list that semester, but can not get any credit for those classes I took and not one person has answered any of my calls or e-mails to help with this situation at all. Now I am stuck with a 3K debt to pay for one semester. I'm so frustrated and discouraged. The instructors were great, but the entrance advisers and financial aid counselors do not know what they are doing. I really liked the classes.
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