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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AMHERST, OHIO -- Pictures do not lie!!! Google this company to see them. Besides our torch-down front roofing blowing off due to only two nails one in each front corner, the rear half of home was re-roofed. Rotted wood was left above kitchen and yet the sheet right next to the rotted one was replaced. Also, the vent cap for the furnace was not put on correctly, causing it to fall and block off the flow, destroying the vent motor @ $468.00.

I am a divorced female senior citizen and have all the bills from the poor work done by Raymond Roofing. My mistake was paying in cash, no doubt the funds were not claimed to the IRS.

Other reviewer: How dare you defend this poor Craftsman and a Christian??? HA!!! The truth is in the pictures. Mr. Raymond has not repaired or refunded anything. How do folks like this sleep at night let alone sit on a church pew???

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User Replies:
ok4now on 03/29/2012:
Sorry to hear that you were ripped off. Had you used a credit card you could have disputed the charge. Next time try Angie's List first to get recommendations for honest people who treat the customer right.
Kris10 on 03/30/2012:
Can you take them to small claims court? They should have to fix what they did (or hire someone who can) and pay for the motor that their poor craftsmanship destroyed.
ok4now on 03/31/2012:
Kris, That's good advise and the OP should pursue this option if necessary. Having said that small claims court has its limitations. If you win and the judge orders the defendant to pay restitution it's very difficult to collect. The defendant in many cases just ignores the judgment and refuses to pay. Small claims court does not have the power of the IRS where they come after you.
Kris10 on 04/02/2012:
ok4now, but if there is a standing court order that the defendant is ignoring, then you can pursue criminal charges in most states.
CowboyFan on 04/02/2012:
"Restitution" is a criminal case term. In small court, one gets a "judgment." Failing to pay a judgment is not a criminal offense, judgments can even be eliminated in bankruptcy.

Telling people who get home repair work done on a credit card to dispute it, is not good for everyone else. A friend of mine, licensed contractor, did a pool deck screen enclosure, got paid by credit card, and then released his lien, only to have the homeowner later challenge the credit payment for $16,000.00, Nothing was wrong with the work, she just did not want to pay as much. He finally got the money, but the homeowner's actions could fall under criminal fraud for getting the contractor's lien released by paying him with a credit card, with an intent to challenge that payment later with her credit company. If nothing else, it guaranteed that he, and every contractor he knew, would not accept credit cards for payment--which caused problems for other homeowners.
trmn8r on 04/02/2012:
Cowboyfan has some very good information in their post.
The term restitution in this case really is a judgment. I have one against someone, and it was in a matter that involved criminal malfeasance. So my lawyer put language in the judgment, signed by the judge, to foresee bankruptcy declaration. A judgment such as may occur in this matter would likely be discharged in BK, whereas the one I have will probably not be.

The advice about credit cards is very good as well. I wouldn't be surprised if many contractors refuse to accept them, and I wouldn't blame them. There is also the issue that the contractor would lose 2.5% or so to the credit card issuer.
Kris10 on 04/02/2012:
and yet if they're ignoring a court order, barring bankruptcy, it's still contempt.
CowboyFan on 04/02/2012:
You have inadvertently confused a court judgment with an order to pay, Kris10. A judgment is nothing more than a finding by the Court that the defendant owes the plaintiff money. It is not an order to pay. The plaintiff can go through various court procedures to discover assets, etc., but the judgment does not order the defendant to pay--it simply says the defendant owes money.

Only in a limited type of cases, e.g. child support, criminal restitution, does the court actually order payment. Since a judgment is not an order to pay, there is no contempt for failing to pay it.
Kris10 on 04/04/2012:
I'd have to look into the particulars here in PA, but I do have a friend who had recourse when someone she took to small claims and won against wasn't paying. She did get her money from them with some help from the law, but I'm not sure how she went about it then.
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Shoddy Work Rude Raymond Roofing Contractor, Rip Off!!
Posted by on
AMHERST, OHIO -- We need help in correcting our roof problems, by Raymond roofing, rotted wood was not replaced & torch down flat roof blew off due to incorrect installation,& ice guard was not installed as promised.

We are out 5K & the contractor refuses to fix his mistakes, note pics of new wood next to rotted that was not replaced causing a leak this past winter, resulting in our kitchen ceiling falling in exposing the rotted wood & water pouring in...BUYER BEWARE DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!!
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 06/07/2009:
Your best option is to hire a lawyer and sue him in civil court for poor workmanship.
Nohandle on 06/07/2009:
When you received your quote for roof replacement did they state they would take care of the repairs to your home in addition to installing the new roof? The reason I'm asking is when I had a new roof installed the roofing company did not take care of that and I had to contract with another company before the roof was installed.
Ponie on 06/07/2009:
Nohandle, I would say your best option is to hire a lawyer and sue him in civil court for poor workmanship. Too many companies take advantage of consumers.
Soaring Consumer on 06/07/2009:
Did you copy and paste my post Ponie?
shingleslinger on 07/01/2009:
Why would they replace a piece of wood next to the one that was rotted and not that one too? Sounds highly unlikely and the leak must have sprung up after the new roof was put on for whatever reason. Not to mention the fact that if it was already rotted, then the leak was there before they did the job and yes you would have known. Because after all, it did ruin your ceiling and that wouldn't have taken long to do that!! Your story doesn't add up
consumer ripped off on 09/13/2013:
pictures do not lie
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