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Furniture Delivery Left on Front Lawn
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Rating: 1/51

CONNECTICUT -- Went TO THE STORE and purchased a recliner for my mother-in-law. What I did not know is the SALESPERSON did not order from stock, she ordered from the web page. At the store we were told we would be contacted with delivery date within the week. We did get a notification, A FEDEX tracking number! Called customer service and was told it is an internet only FEDEX delivery item and it would be delivered at 10:30 AM next morning which was forecast to rain.

I had to take the day off work and when I arrived at 10:15 AM, it was already sitting on the ground in front of the house. I called Raymour's customer service again to get help to get it in the house and basically got laughed at... and told I would have to pay a 3rd party to finish the delivery! If I wanted the chair without in-home delivery, I would have paid less and purchased it on my sofa at home. I made the effort to go to the store ONLY because I needed it to be delivered. This deceptive practice is completely unacceptable. I paid more because I believed it would be delivered better than just dropped on my lawn.

Epic Rug Failure - on Every Level
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Buyer Beware of this location - NYC Westside. Bought a living rm rug (delivery date was important to me). All in all lost almost 3 full days of work - waiting at home. They gave me 95% chance of delivery on 3rd day. "3-5 days" no rug on day 3... Nor day 5. Rang and was told it would actually be delivered weeks later than quoted (?!?). I requested my $ back. (I'd spent over $1200.00, all the while being told I was getting a remarkable deal - 1 rug, 1 mirror, and a flower painting...)

After that weekend, lo & behold a UPS delivery status was emailed!? (Oh btw, not FedEx like they said... without giving any tracking info stating 'it just shows up at the door'. Red flags all over the place, I know.) So I raced home today, a Monday morning, to be on time for 10 am delivery!!! But nope, not to be...

Hour after hour pass. My mgr annoyed at all this... Then at last, 5:02 pm the buzzer rang - but you guessed it; WRONG rug altogether. Why am I even fazed by this? I know, bc I've lost 3 days pay bc I still believed! My bad. Hard lesson. Costly lesson.

Note: No Refund as of yet - tbd (2 business days and a weekend passed). Manager called He offered an apology, stated they were 100% at fault. If only apologies could make up for the loss on my paycheck... :'( I'm only writing this to save whomever might be tempted to visit the store please rethink.

Predatory Payment Policies
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Rating: 2/51

I am so disgusted with Raymour & Flanigan today. Justin and I purchased a sofa and we have a year to pay it off interest free. Before we made the purchase I asked if I would be able to set up automatic monthly payments and was told I could. I just got the bill and got online to set up the monthly payments and their system is designed to only allow me to make monthly payments in the amount of the minimum payment due - which will not have us pay off the sofa in time and would then have us pay interest in an amount almost equal to the cost of the sofa itself.

In addition, the loan is set up as a credit card so there are late fees if you don't pay monthly. I called customer service, assuming there was a technical glitch that wouldn't allow me to enter a larger amount, and was told by the associate that this is how the system is designed. She said I can set up recurring payments for the minimum amount and then call each month if I want to pay more than that. They are literally doing everything they can to try to screw people out of money by making it incredibly inconvenient to pay.

Late Charges on Bill
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Rating: 1/51

FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK -- We have bought at least 4 rooms of furniture. We signed up for the no interest for 4 years. We have automatic payments sent from Bank of America to Raymour and Flanigan every month. BOA sends these payments every month by the due date - proof as of my bank statements - they do not credit the amount until days later. We have been charged late fees every month because of this practice. They blame the bank - Thank God for BOA who credited us the late fees. Raymour and Flanigan's suggestion - have payment sent out earlier - which was done. They still credited it late - fees again! I wrote a letter to the corporate office - never heard back - no response.

This no interest policy they have is a bunch of crap - sure they don't charge interest but they don't credit your account until late so they rack up the late fees. We will NEVER buy from them again. Suggestion - pay off your bill 1 month ahead of time or you will be charged 4 years of interest.

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Rating: 1/51

SEEKONK, MASSACHUSETTS -- I bought a dining table with chairs. I was persuaded to finance with '0%' for six month. I paid in full within the six month but I was charged all the interest because my end date for the 0% was different than their date. I tried to talk to a representative, but they weren't helpful or nice. Also I wish the furniture salesmen weren't that aggressive and pushy. They are bored so they won't stop talking or chasing after you. Bad experience altogether.

Wonderful Experience With Showroom Manager Jason ** and James **
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Rating: 5/51

YONKERS, NEW YORK -- Showroom Manager Jason ** and sales consultant James ** at the Yonkers NY store were very patient and courteous with my cousin as she decided which mattress set to purchase. They were incredibly knowledgeable, down to being able to rattle off mattress depth and length, and appropriate linen measurements to use. I highly recommend making an appointment with them to make sure you get a professional, knowledgeable and patient sales consultant.

Paymore And Shenanigans
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Rating: 1/51

JOHNSON CITY, NEW YORK -- Where do I start with my rant about Raymour and Flanigan? Probably would begin with 2 words... Paymore and Shenanigans..... I've had about every bad experience that I could possibly have with this company or at least with the Johnson City, NY store.

First, their sales tactics are extremely pushy and unprofessional. All the employees are liars. Being able to look beyond that I made the huge mistake of buying an expensive bedroom set from them because I thought we were getting good quality furniture. Wrong!! Extremely defective furniture was redelivered 4 times because of major flaws until I finally had to demand my money back and provide legal documentation that I was entitled to my money back under NYS implied warranty law.

At the same time I bought the bedroom set I purchased a replacement table for my dining room set that I purchased previously at Raymour. The table had to be delivered 3 times until it was finally right. When I was negotiating a price for all the furniture the salesperson and I agreed on a price plus FREE DELIVERY. When I paid, a delivery charge was added to the bill but they subtracted the cost of delivery from one of the pieces of furniture.

Now they refunded the bedroom set but I kept my table since I have the rest of the set. When I received my refund it was short $80 plus tax... Go figure... The delivery fee... I call and explain to them that the salesperson had offered me free delivery and they told me that I was paying the delivery fee end of discussion.

I went there to talk to them in person only to have them call the police on me (or at least they said they did) I don't know because I left at that point.... I didn't do anything to involve the police.... in fact I tried calling several times for 2 days to resolve it on the phone until I showed up there.

Every employee has lied to me and I feel like I have been cheated. Raymour has literally stolen my money and are refusing to give it back. I was told by the store manager that I was no longer a Raymour & Flanigan customer as if I did something wrong by refusing to take defective furniture with wood filler and broken drawers and other major flaws.

To top everything off, I had paid for a 5 year warranty on my table. Apparently that warranty is null and void and my money was returned to me without my permission. Isn't a warranty a legally binding contract? There are sooooo many more details I left out of this to even make it semi short and there are so many more things I could say but I won't waste any more of my time. Raymour has already wasted a month of it and the situation still hasn't been completely resolved.

Do Not Trust This Company
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Rating: 1/51

HALFMOON, NEW YORK -- Customers Beware!!! The product starts to fall apart within 12 months of purchase. A technician visited our home 4 times to try to repair the piece for different structural problems. When we finally decided to replace the product we discovered that the sales representative had lied to us at the time of purchase deceitfully charging us an extra $259.95 which he hid in the bill. At the time, I asked for an itemized bill but he said there was no need, we were not being charged for the Platinum Protection Plan, it was being offered free of charge as a special promotion.

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. ALWAYS INSIST ON AN ITEMIZED BILL. THIS COMPANY LIES TO ITS CUSTOMERS. When discussing this issue with the regional vice-president of sales his comment was "The salesman did not lie to you, he was simply enhancing your buying experience, allowing you to purchase the product without the need to worry about any additional expenses." Bottom line, that sales representative stole $259.95 from me and his action has been condoned and supported at all managerial levels. This company and its managers are not to be trusted with their twisted sense of morality.

Endless Runaround Till You Give Up From Exhaustion Customer Care Policy
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- This review is for the whole customer care treatment policy of Raymour and Flanigan so is applicable to all their stores. I purchased a mattress from them that turned out to be defective--within two weeks it was sagging so badly that I would roll into the middle of it like I was in a hammock (and I only weigh 130 pounds!). The runaround and hoops they made me go through to get a new mattress were so time-consuming and onerous that it truly hijacked my life for months.

First, they said I had to have one of their service techs come out to evaluate the mattress which took a couple of weeks to get an appointment for that. After he did come and evaluate the mattress, he refused to tell me his findings--he said he wasn't allowed to discuss it with me and that I would hear from R&F what his report was. I was given no copy of this report (they told me that was not their policy to let me have a copy), nor of his findings and that I had to wait for the next step from R&F.

They said their Tech's report said my mattress was sagging because the mattress had improper support. Well, the support I had were slats that had worked fine with my previous mattress for 25 years! Also, at the time I purchased the new R&F mattress with one of THEIR new box springs, R&F assured me this support system was fine. Despite the issues with the new mattress sagging, they said it was only sagging 1 inch and the warranty needed it to be sagging 1-and-a half inch.

That warranty is the same sagging allowance for a mattress that is years old--the reasonable logic is that if my mattress was already sagging an inch after less than one month of use, something is wrong. Also, the measurement to detect sagging is taken with nothing on the bed, and since it was a pillow-top mattress and the pillow top had fluffed back up and disguised how much the underlying structure was sagging, this was a very bad measurement of how the mattress was performing when even a small person like me was on on it. I then was left on my own by R&F to try to fix the issue myself somehow.

I tried by going to a hardware store and buying more supports thinking that might help, but it didn't. I was desperate to get resolution because I wasn't sleeping at night and was exhausted, and beginning to have serious back pain because the mattress was sagging so badly. I eventually even put the mattress directly on the floor to try to fix the "bad support issue" that the R&F Tech claimed was the problem, but the mattress still would almost collapse when I lie on it. I finally bought an inflatable camping air mattress and had to sleep on that just to get some rest. This was over the course of several months that I was struggling with this misery.

I finally went back to the R&F store and begged them to fix it. After more weeks of waiting while they said they had to send another service tech person out to evaluate the mattress again, based on what the second tech evaluation revealed they finally decided to treat my bad mattress as a "reselection" issue rather than a warranty issue--meaning that they would not concede that the mattress was defective but rather they maintained that I "just didn't like it" (the same model I tried out in the store when I bought it was fine and nothing like what I ended up with).

The problem with their "reselection" policy is that it is at their discretion, and requires that the new mattress I select be more expensive than the previous one, and I that I pay the cost difference and full redelivery charge up front. Very interestingly, the model of my defective mattress was no longer being sold and had been discontinued.

I was so worn out and worn down, and desperate to have a decent mattress to sleep on since I was having major surgery in two days and desperately needed a decent mattress to sleep on, that I just paid the fees for delivery and the price for the more expensive mattress they insisted I had to buy. Their idea of customer care is "wear you out and wear you down until you lie down and they walk all over you"--in other words, their "customer care" is non-existent.

The prevailing attitude I got from the many different "customer care" people I talked to over the course of trying to get this issue resolved was condescending and insulting to my intelligence--where instead of getting me a new mattress according to the warranty, they kept offering me $75 gift coupons towards a future furniture purchase--as if they thought I was stupid enough to buy ANYTHING from them again!

Scam artists. Bait and switch
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Scam artists. My wife and I bought a sectional sofa from the store located at 133 E14th Street, Manhattan NY 10003. It was $2050 which included $100 delivery surcharge. I wanted to finance it and ** who was our salesman offered us 12 months 0% finance. I mentioned that my credit score was 800 so they shouldn't have any problem getting me approved. I remember ** made a joke that I was proud of my score.

When we came to a counter to sign forms there was a place on a form where it said 25.99% APR and ** asked me to put my initials there. Naturally I asked why it said that. He said it was an old form and it simply meant that it was going to be my APR if I don't pay the balance during the first 12 months. I signed the papers. Trouble began when 3 weeks later they ‘delivered' the furniture. They couldn't get it through the door and I have a very standard Brooklyn apartment door. I called R&F and they said that was something they couldn't help me with. I had to hire a company to get my furniture disassembled and reassembled inside the apartment for an additional $360.

Not to mentioned that I had to take off from work so I could deal with that madness. I am still wondering what exactly I paid $100 for. Then two more weeks later I got a bill from them which said 25.99% APR. I immediately called ** at the store and asked him how come my bill doesn't say anything about the first 12 months interest free. He assured me first that it should be on the bill and that the bill also should specify the date by which the balance should be paid to avoid paying interest. I couldn't find it on the bill.

He placed me on hold and when he picked up again said that I don't get 12 months at 0%, instead I get 30 days deferment of my bill and if I don't pay it within 30 days then I will be charged 25.99%. When I asked why he told me I was getting 0% financing when I asked him that multiple times during our purchase he said that he ‘didn't recall such conversation'. Then he brought ** on the phone, who introduced himself as a manager. Mr. ** said that I was confused and misunderstood the terms.

When I said that such thing as '30 day deferment' was not even mentioned when I was in the store and that I multiple times asked about the term he said ‘We've got you on paper' and that ‘against your word it would be **'s and my receptionist's'. Further conversation with Mr. ** proved to be fruitless because he continued to insist that I was simply confused (basically implying that I am an idiot) and 12 months 0% was never in the picture. I filed a complaint to BBB and am willing to go as far as sue them for misleading me and insulting me in the process. Bait and switch places should be out of business.

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