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furniture delivery
Posted by on 01/02/2003
On 12/29/02 we purchased a queen mattress/box spring from Raymour and Flanigan Furniture, in Cherry Hill, NJ. We were promised a delivery date of 12/31/02 anywhere between the hours of 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm. You guessed it; no delivery! I made phone call after phone call to the store where we purchased the set, and also to the distribution center where deliveries are made from. I got nowhere! Every phone call was met with, I don't know where the truck is, I can't get in touch w/the driver, it will be there, but we don't know what time, etc., etc. Finally, at about 5:00 pm on New Year's Eve, I realized that I was not getting my mattress no matter what they said. They actually told me that the driver would continue to make deliveries until his truck was empty! Funny! They can't expect me to believe that, but they said it was true! Anyway, the store closed at 6:00 pm, but at around 5:15 the computers went down! How fortunate for them, just when I needed their help the most, but they can't help me at the store, I was told. They have nothing to do with the delivery service. I think that is pretty sad when they are supposed to be making the customer deliveries promptly! Well, my husband and I went into the store yesterday, 1/1/03 for a full refund, because we had paid by check, but we were told they show the delivery actually being made on 12/31/02! HAHAHAHA They also will not give me a refund, I now have to wait for my check to be mailed from "CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS" in the amount of $1239.14! They didn't hesitate to cash my check which I paid for in good faith two days before! This is their policy and I believe it stinks! They didn't even offer anything else! They actually called yesterday morning before I went in for the refund to see how I liked the mattress and did everything go well with the delivery! Never again will I trust Raymour and Flanigan! At a party on New Yesr's Eve, we were overwhelmed with other horror stories about this same store, so buyers beware! Thanks! Roscoe2517@aol.com

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Posted by spreadtrader on 2004-11-18:
I have never had any problems with a Raymour and Flanigan delivery...I don't think its the company's fault at all in your case, its the delivery men. One of the biggest problems is when a person delivers a piece of furniture they forget to tell the sales associate the special circumstances like and old piece being hauled away. So the delivery guys estimate a short time and they spend an hour messing around which delays all the rest of the deliveries. If you didn't receive your bed then you must have crooks for delivery men because they DO deliver until the truck is empty....why? Because the delivery men only get paid for what they deliver.

Raymour and Flanigan is a great store with great sales associates and great products. What other furniture store gives you the personal attention and free drinks at the door. Delays are bound to occur in any business....you can't give them a bad review just because your bed didn't come on the 31st....if you would have been patient it would have been there the next day.
Posted by bobbicurl on 2008-07-17:
I am writing about a purchase AT fLANNIGANS IN Olean, Ny
The sectional we bought is a Berkline and the cost was great and paid in faith. In 1 year the couch is falling apart. No one will make the deal right. We have talked to Berkline who brushed us off and Flannigans wants to rebuild the couch. The man who came twice said it can,t be fixed right and they have not gotten the right parts any way. Flannigans will replace the couch but wand us to pay 3% usage which is almost half of what we paid . We have even called the main headquarters and nobody cares. Barb
Posted by pissed customer on 2008-08-19:
I bought a king size mattress from Raymour & Flanigan in 2006 with a 5 year extended warranty. The mattress has progressively gotten worse since day one with one side sagging. We scheduled a service call with the company and a tech came out - visually inspected the mattress and left. We got a call shortly thereafter that the mattress is not defective because it didn’t have a big enough dip and there is a BIG difference between defective and comfortable. That is true customer service for you!!! Needless to say, I am pissed - a couple of grand later I have a mattress that is causing me daily discomfort and a company that could care less. I wanted to share my pain!!!

Posted by Herb Thomas on 2008-08-30:
Poor You! You bought a mattress and it was not delivered on the scheduled date. How could anyone blame you for marching right into the store the very next day and demanding your money back! How dare they not perform in accordance with the plan! After all, you are entitled to get what you paid for right away, just like every other person in this great country of ours! Why should you have to suffer the inconvenience of waiting another day or even another hour?! I say when you arrived in the store to announce your greivance the sales clerk should have fallen to his/her knees and begged your forgiveness. After all, you had to suffer the indignity of sleeping on the same old mattress you had in your bedroom for yet another night! You were right to protest! Yes, I am sure of it! Next time, make them follow you home with the truck carrying your merchandise so you can be sure to have it right away!

Posted by DonnaB on 2008-09-14:
We purchased a Mattress from them- $1700. We bought the memory foam- Raymour and Flanigan brand- "Pisces" was the name of the mattress. Purchased it 8/2006- Within a matter of months- had sink holes where you lay. You can not turn this type of mattress over. After several calls and with some hassle- they sent someone out to verify. They came and replaced the mattress. It is now 9/2008- had the new one a little over a year. Sink holes again- and my back and body just ache every night. I am only 140 lbs- not like I am a big person. I wake up several times in the night in pain.
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Horrible Place to Buy Furniture
Posted by Thp on 08/25/2005
NEWINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I was warned, but I did not heed and now I regret it! The problems started as soon as we walked in the door and the sales lady wanted to show us everything (as long as it was top of the line). Had to search the store ourselves to find something in our budget. When we decided what we were going to buy she asked us 3 times if we wanted to take the cleaning warranty for $300, after we said NO 3 times. Then we brought up we saw an offer for no interest for 2 years and she said there was no such thing. Until of course we pulled out the newspaper ad with that day's date on it with the offer. "Oh", was her answer and then she asked if we wanted the $300 cleaning warranty again! We ordered a dining room set along with an entertainment unit that included 2 bookends, a lightbar and a console. We said we would only buy it if we could get it in a week (mind you they guarantee delivery of 3 days). She promised we would have it in 3 days (Tues), the absolute latest on Friday.

The call came in on Mon that they would deliver only the console on Tues and the rest may come in on Friday. I asked them to hold delivery of the one item so that all items could be delivered together. Ok. The manager of the Newington store then called the same day to ask us please to take delivery of the one item because he doesn't get paid unless delivery is made. Offered to waive the delivery fee. I told him no. He offered to hunt down the bookends and dining table. Called the next day and alas has found the bookends, light bar and dining table but that they released the console to someone else. I still don't understand. Anyway because I wanted him to stop calling me and was afraid if I held delivery again that they would release the other stuff I took it. Delivery came on Fri 8/19 between the hours of 9-3. Asked for the hour ahead call time so I could leave work. Called 20 min before. Delivered entertainment unit without console and dining table that had 7 wobbly chairs, 1 damaged end chair and table that they left without putting together. Asked the delivery guys about the chairs and they told me to put felt on the bottom. Said they don't put together furniture.

I then called the store manager and they should have indeed put together the table and that they would have to send a service technician to look at the chairs. I looked myself and the chairs were wobbly because the legs did not all have the circle wooden tabs, only 2 on each chair did - hence the wobbling. They set up the technician coming out on a separate day that they could deliver the console and put the table together. Came on 8/25 (called 20 min before instead of the agreed upon 1 hr before)to put the table together - guess what? Table had a chip. Was informed that they would send a technician out to repair! I told him that it was unacceptable, that I wanted a brand new table, not a brand new table that would be repaired.

So it's now 2 weeks later and I have damaged furniture in my brand new house still without a resolution. NEVER AGAIN, BUYER BEWARE!
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Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2005-08-25:
Great (Well put together) Post - sorry to hear about your frustration. I've been there. Will avoid this company. And remember...as always...it could have been worse. They could have claimed YOU damaged the table, or that they weren't liable...or that, for religious reasons, they couldn't make a third or fourth trip back to your home. Congrats on the new house, though! Good luck - Mad Eye
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-08-25:
I know when I get something new I want to show it off and it should look great. I'll bet because you didn't bend to there schedule they gave you the floor model. Who wants to show off new furniture thats broken.
I had my new couches delivered from Imperial and they snagged the couch on the wall coming in my house and wanted go give me a discount. They also left me with a couch with only two of the four legs on it and said they would go get me something from a different couch untill they could find them. NO WAY! You got to stay on top of them to get what you paid for.
Hope you have a nice house warming party and get to show off "perfect" new furniture.
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Raymour & Flannigan Reviews - Where the customer is always WRONG, the prices are HIGH and delivery in 4-20 WEEKS
Posted by Raymoursucks on 10/22/2007
AMHERST, NEW YORK -- Raymour & Flannigan Reviews - Where the customer is always WRONG, the prices are HIGH and delivery in 4-20 WEEKS

I purchased $9,000 of furniture from Raymour & Flannigan (Amherst, NY). Customer service was OK, until they got my money. From there service was terrible. They delivered a damaged dining room table FOUR times. The delivered a non-matching ottoman, apologized and said they would replace in 4-6 weeks. I called 6 weeks later and they hadn't even ordered yet. 20 weeks later, still no ottoman. Customer service and sales people, not apologetic (must be a common occurrence).

My advice...GO ELSEWHERE unless you like high prices, later/no delivery and horrible customer service.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-22:
Can you get your money back,and go elsewhere?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-22:
Take your business somewhere else.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-22:
I hear Ashley Furniture is pretty good. :{p
Posted by Sparticus on 2007-10-22:
Ken is joking! (In case the poster didn't get that... ;-)
Posted by david07003 on 2007-12-30:
I worked at Raymour, its a tough gig there. In the Raymour that I worked at they had 40 salespeople on the floor. They make the sales people stand in a room called the bullpin and then dispatch them as the customers come through the door. Then you have to follow these customers until they leave the store. The whole time management is watching you. Customers dont like it.
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Wells Fargo Credit Card
Posted by Chloe0601 on 06/22/2010
Had house under construction, went to Raymour and Flanigan to purchase new bed, mattress and chairs. They put it on a "1010" meaning not sure of delivery date. I had Amex gift cards to pay for my purchase, however, to "hold the sale price" they opened a Raymour and Flanigan credit card and then I could come to the store to pay with the gift cards. Took delivery of my furniture, go to the store to pay the bill in full, they don't take the payment there?? What I ask, isn't this like going to Macy's paying your bill in the store, no they advised me I had a Wells Fargo credit card because I had "good credit". Called Wells Fargo to no avail. Then I was advised to go to Wachovia Bank as they take the Wells Fargo payments. No such luck, they could not bring my account up to pay it. Call Raymour and Flanigan I requested they back the order out so I could pay it in full, they couldn't do it. So I now have Amex gift cards that were to pay the furniture in full, that cannot be used by Wells Fargo to pay my account. I could have paid for the furniture in full and never taken the Raymour and Flanigan credit card. Wells Fargo charges 25.99%, where is the "good credit" that I have. In speaking to others that have purchased from Raymour and Flanigan, it seems they have done this to others. Very angry that I was fooled and you must close this account out when you pay the bill otherwise it shows you have another Visa type account. I am done with Raymour and Flanigan.

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Scam artists. Bait and switch
Posted by Wesleycrossnyc on 08/31/2010
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Scam artists. My wife and I bought a sectional sofa from the store located at 133 E14th Street, Manhattan NY 10003. It was $2050 which included $100 delivery surcharge. I wanted to finance it and Marc Silverstone who was our salesman offered us 12 months 0% finance. I mentioned that my credit score was 800 so they shouldn’t have any problem getting me approved. I remember Marc made a joke that I was proud of my score. When we came to a counter to sign forms there was a place on a form where it said 25.99% APR and Marc asked me to put my initials there. Naturally I asked why it said that. He said it was an old form and it simply meant that it was going to be my APR if I don’t pay the balance during the first 12 months. I signed the papers.
Trouble began when 3 weeks later they ‘delivered’ the furniture. They couldn’t get it through the door and I have a very standard Brooklyn apartment door. I called R&F and they said that was something they couldn’t help me with. I had to hire a company to get my furniture disassembled and reassembled inside the apartment for an additional $360. Not to mentioned that I had to take off from work so I could deal with that madness. I am still wondering what exactly I paid $100 for.
Then two more weeks later I got a bill from them which said 25.99% APR. I immediately called Marc at the store and asked him how come my bill doesn’t say anything about the first 12 months interest free. He assured me first that it should be on the bill and that the bill also should specify the date by which the balance should be paid to avoid paying interest. I couldn’t find it on the bill. He placed me on hold and when he picked up again said that I don’t get 12 months at 0%, instead I get 30 days deferment of my bill and if I don’t pay it within 30 days then I will be charged 25.99%. When I asked why he told me I was getting 0% financing when I asked him that multiple times during our purchase he said that he ‘didn’t recall such conversation’. Then he brought Drewry Penn on the phone, who introduced himself as a manager. Mr. Penn said that I was confused and misunderstood the terms. When I said that such thing as ’30 day deferment’ was not even mentioned when I was in the store and that I multiple times asked about the term he said ‘We’ve got you on paper’ and that ‘against your word it would be Marc’s and my receptionist’s’. Further conversation with Mr. Penn proved to be fruitless because he continued to insist that I was simply confused (basically implying that I am an idiot) and 12 months 0% was never in the picture. I filed a complaint to BBB and am willing to go as far as sue them for misleading me and insulting me in the process. Bait and switch places should be out of business.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-31:
Wesley, thanks for posting. This is a great example of how customers are deceived by so called "honest" businesses. Come back and let us know if you make any headway with these guys...obviously, customers can trust no one any more.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-31:
Good info.
OK with filing with the bbb, but what you were told has no bearing in court vs the contract you signed. sleazy yea, but save your money and chalk it up as experience.
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-08-31:
R & F is a real sleezey outfit to deal with. We bought a kitchen table and chairs, and a new mattress. The kitchen stuff we picked up but it was pure insanity getting the mattress. First in was In stock ready for delivery. We had 3 out of stock delivery cancellations. Then they gave us a hard time cancelling the order. The refund to the credit card had ended up with me yelling in the store after getting sick of the lies. It's best to pitch a fit with these slimeballs.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-08-31:
File a complaint with the NY Attorney General's office.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-31:
Did you ever get the furniture in your apartment?

Oh, and I agree with the other posters.
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what a horrible place to buy furniture
Posted by Foreveryoung917 on 09/20/2004
DEPTFORD, NEW JERSEY -- i walked in and was attacked by a salesperson. proceeded to buy 7200.00 worth of furniture. was told there would be no payments, no interest till 2007. LIE. bedroom furniture delivered 3 weeks late. 2 mattress sets i ordered broke. charged for 1 set i never ordered. have 3 different bills with 3 different amounts due. kitchen table delivered damaged. daily calls to store in deptford and warehouse. shuffled from manager to manager. and on top of all that i got a bill that i had to start making payments on furniture that was damaged. LIARS! eveyone i talked to had a different story. had to write to credit card company, B.B.B., had to get a lawyer. they even bad mouthed each other. the resolution: they came and took the furniture back ( which i wanted ). now i'm waiting for them to clear the credit card. had to date and document everything lucky i did. but it's still pending from the B.B.B. which has raymour and flanigan's listed as unsatifactory in their business dealings. it was a nightmare that lasted almost 2 months. now i have no furniture in my house . threw everything out because i thought i had found such a nice store to shop in. WRONG. the one thing i hate most in this world are LIARS.
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Sealy Mattresses From Raymour And Flanigan Are Terrible!
Posted by Silly squirrel on 03/16/2009
LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK -- I purchased a full size pillow-top Sealy mattress from Raymour and Flanigan in 2004 that developed an impression of 3+ inches (making it uncomfortable to sleep on) within a year of using it. Raymour and Flanigan replaced the mattress with another one exactly like it due to "manufacture defect". The second mattress also developed an impression of 2.5 to 3 inches deep in less than a year. After calling in to notify Raymour and Flanigan that the second mattress had also failed, they gave me store credit based on the purchase price of bad mattress that I could use to purchase a different one. I ended up using the store credit towards a Sealy plush queen sized mattress. The same thing happened again with the plush queen mattress. It developed a very deep impression of about 3 inches were I slept on it within a year. As one might imagine I got annoyed at haveing my mattress fail every year. Raymour and Flanigan told me to "rotate" the mattress. This was BS since the impression was the same down the middle of the mattress rotated one way as it was the other. They replaced the mattress yet again with another one just like it that also failed and formed a deep impression in well under a year. After the second queen mattress had failed Ramour and Flanigan gave me store credit based on the price of my queen mattress to come in and select a different one.

When I came in the store to make this reselection the salesman was pushy and lied to me about what mattresses were available. He tried to talk me into getting onto a payment plan for a $2000.00+ mattress when my store credit was for $600.00 based on the queen mattress I bought just two years before. And get this; all there mattress prices had gone up. That meant that if I wanted to purchase a mattress the same as the one that failed, I would have to spend an additional $150.00-$200.00 on top of my store credit from the old mattress. I was very pee'd and ended up using my store credit to buy the cheapest Sealy queen mattress that I could find ( no thanks to the lying salesman).

At present 2009 the cheap mattress that I bought is forming a good impression. It hasn't even been 6 months since I bought it! All I really want at this point is to return the mattress to Raymour and Flanigan for a full refund ( which they don't do). I'll buy a $40.00 air mattress from Dick's sporting goods and sleep on it. At least it will never form an uncomfortable impression. If it's too soft I'll add air. If it's too firm I'll take air away. If anything happens to it I'm only out 40 bucks!
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Posted by david07003 on 2009-10-04:
You have to call Sealy directly on this one. Its not really Raymours fault. After a certain time it reverts to the manufacturer.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-04:
I am getting the 'impression' that you are a large person. Honestly, there is no other explanation for you having 3 mattresses have impressions in them where you sleep. UNLESS, you bought mattresses that CONFORM to your shape. In that case, they are SUPPOSED to do that.
Posted by Brian on 2012-05-04:
Ladyscot - you're wrong. I'm 6', 180 lbs.. by no means a "large person" and have had the same problem. It's the manufacturer's fault.
Posted by Susan on 2012-07-12:
I have had the same problem with R and F. Purchased a Simmons Queen Beautyrest-after 2 months 1 1/2 " depression that was starting to hurt my back-they claimed it was a mfg defect-changed with same bed-after 2 months same thing.Went to store-got upgraded bed Berringer Firm by Simmons-delivered had a tear changed that one to a Simmons beautyrest Elite-guess what...its sinking but according to R and F not enough..I wake up every morning with backaches. I now go to a chiropractor EVERY week because of it..i just want my money back-if i dont get it i will go to 7 on your side and complain! This was supposed to last me for 10 years??? yea right it didnt even last 10 months! If a company is soooo sure that there products are good supposedly stand by the product why then do i need to change my bed this is the 4th time in 1 year! Its awful! I would not recommend R and F to anyone and i dred the road i a about to enbark on just to get my money back so i can get a new mattress!!! BUYER BEWARE!!HONESTLY
Posted by bill on 2013-10-26:
All I keep reading is that Ray our and flanigan replaces manufacturers defects. They seem to be going out of their way to help people. They do not make the mattress, but sure seem to pay handlers to pick and load a replacement, and pay to have 2 men deliver and take back the mattress. Sounds like they are doing everything they can to satisfy the customer.
Posted by Brendan on 2014-01-25:
I have heard about and witnessed MANY stories just like this, especially from R and F. I'm not sure how the industry works, but I think they elect people to construct the mattresses on demand. Based on personal experiences, the stories I've heard, and what I've seen, I think they make bad choices in manufacturers. More often than not they're defective in some way from R and F - no exaggeration. And I think they should give you your money back in full. Store credit is shifty, and I think most of their salesmen are too.
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"preferred customer" credit scam - misleading
Posted by Pmurf on 04/20/2010
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I don't have the furniture yet but BUYER BEWARE these folks will scam you into a Wells Fargo Credit Account. They refused my Visa card and told me to get the sales price I would have to finance through Wells Fargo. Now I get the store charge in the mail. Nice! Wonder how far my FICO score has been knocked down by the extra credit!

Also really difficult to get in touch with Wells Fargo.... the dead end automated phone loop...


I will never, ever buy so much as a throw pillow at this scam joint again!!!!!!

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Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-04-20:
They offered you a promotional rate if you used their financing. You didn't have to take it, but you wanted the lower price. Doesn't seem like a scam to me.
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Bad Business Ethic and Rude Managers
Posted by Rdbunny14 on 02/25/2009
STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- My mother purchased a twin mattress from the Richmond Avenue Staten Island location of the store. The sales person was very helpful (or course he was, we were there to spend money) and eventually my mom picked out an acceptable mattress at a reasonable price, a Sealy Posturepedic Cambria Heights model. I should mention that we also went to Macy's to compare, but ultimately went with Raymour and Flanigan because of their free delivery and quick delivery date.
The mattress was delivered on time, with no hassles. However, after a few days, my mother was complaining that the mattress was too soft, and she thought that she should exchange the mattress for a firmer, more expensive model. We waited until today, 2/25/09. The mattress was originally purchased on 1/26/09. We went to he store to speak to Victor, who remembered us and told us to come with him when we explained the situation. He brought us to a woman who we assumed was the store manager. She never introduced herself, and would not speak to us directly, only to Victor.

After walking away from us, with our paperwork, she finally returned a few minutes later and told us that in order for us to exchange mattresses, we would have to pay an additional $99. This is because, as she said, they throw out the mattress, so this is them taking a loss on the product. We said, so then they throw it out? She said yes, even though it has been documented that this mattress is only a month old. In addition, we would now have to pay over $100 for pick up of the "old" mattress and delivery of the new one. Huh??But the original delivery fee was free. Before we've even upgraded we are already spending $200. We asked where in the policy this was written. She was holding a slip of paper in her hand, the one not holding our envelope, and said we should have received that information.

We told her that we didn't have it in our packet, and she then tried to slip it into our paperwork while calling us liars. At least Victor looked embarrassed and tried to get her to make a deal with us, but she basically told us that the policy stood, whether we had had it explained to us at the time of purchase or not, and to take it or leave it. She was so rude that we ended up leaving without our new mattress. This was a scam and we are so disgusted that we want everyone to know about their shoddy consumer practices, and their callousness in dealing with us.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-25:
The mattress is used, even if for only a month. I don't think thay can do anything with it other than throw it out. Most transfer stations and dumps charge a fee for disposing of mattresses.
With the large increase in bed bug infestations in recent years, who wants to take the chance on a used mattress?
(I am currently battling an infestation from a neighbor in an adjoining apartment. It ain't fun).
Sounds like a sound policy to me.
Posted by rdbunny14 on 2009-02-25:
It wasn't the policy that we objected to. And by the way, whether they tell you or not, most companies do keep the mattresses and just re-cover them. It saves them on shipping costs and materials. They have been doing this for years, and Macy's and Stern's were both sued over this issue years ago, but they still do it.
My issue was that they didn't share any of this with us until we wanted to return the mattress for a better one. Honestly, with the way they cated, I would have been more than happy to put the stupid thing on the roof of my car and bring it over myself, if we didn't need a replacement. I found their practices underhanded and shady, and the manager was openly hostile to us. This is not good policy, no matter where you go. They forget that they need us. I am making sure that they never forget.

Good luck with your infestation. I can imagine it is pretty miserable. I hope it all works out for you.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-26:
I feel your pain, but mattresses are like underwear, you just don't take them back after you've had them for a month. And frankly, I've never had to have a mattress dealer tell me that.

BTW, I really DO feel your pain, I'm basically in the same situation with my mama, except that I know there's nothing to be done but listen to her complain about it. Sorry for your troubles.
Posted by NPNJ on 2009-08-11:
You expect to return a used mattress? that's gross. No they aren't allowed to recover and resell them. You even said it. If you changed your mind on such an item you can't expect the store to take the total loss. Be realistic.
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Got a couch delivered with Fleas
Posted by Nannypink7 on 03/16/2010
Had a new couch delivered in the summer of 2009 and it came infested with fleas. It was delivered from the Queens, NY warehouse.
Their customer service would not pick up - I had to have people remove the couch and then rip all apart so no one else would take the couch.
They would not even give me a refund if I did not have the couch removed on my own.

My living conditions since August has been terrible. I can't seem to get rid of these fleas. It was a brand new apartment that I moved into that was totally clean.
They are a totally awful company, and everyone that I come into contact with I let them know what kind of furniture that they deliver.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2010-03-16:
Have you tried flea bombing the place? Having cats for years, occasionally I've run into flea infestation and the cans you can get at the grocery store always killed them off for me. I'm surprised you destroyed the couch. Why didn't you just get an exterminator to spray their flea treatment all over it, (and the rest of the place while there), and go after R&F for the costs?
Also, can you be sure the fleas weren't in the apartment already? Clean doesn't mean flea free. Get an exterminator now. They can rid the fleas within a day or two.
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