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Raymour And Flanigan
7248 Morgan Rd.
Liverpool, NY 13088
1-866-383-4484 (ph)
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Insult to injury
By -

The Raymour & Flanigan at Seneca Mall Rte 57 Warners, NY 13164 315-652-3711 is the worst store on the planet. They sold a friend of mine a sectional couch for a 1,000 bucks. That would have been fine if the couch was not damaged. We were going to load the couch onto my truck when we had noticed that it had a rip in the bottom about 5 inches long. If you have ever moved a couch you know that it is easier to move though doorways without the feet on. So my friend unscrewed one of the feet from the bottom of the couch. Upon doing this about a 20inch by 20 inch corner from the bottom cover fell. It was being held on by the foot of the couch!

Now the inside of the couch had been reveled. We saw that the corner of the frame of the couch had been broken and then repaired! Someone had "fixed" it by taking a piece of pine and "marring" it with sheet rock screws to the broken frame. So we tell the stock boys what we had found and one of them asked "did you rip it?" They then got the sales girl who said she "didn't no nothing about it" "they should have done a 360 on it" then went to get the store manager. The store manager (**) came back and asked us why WE ripped it. We said it was ripped to fix a broken frame and not stapled back up.

She then told us that she had us on video RIPPING the cover off the couch!! I was so pissed. I felt so bad for my friend. He was sold a broken couch, discovered the cover-up and then was accused of damaging property to get a discount! I left the building because I was so pissed off. My friend made them show him the video tape they claimed they had and it showed that we did NOT do what they accused us of. They refunded his money and told him that they had the same couch at a different store for 700 bucks more. Real nice. He declined the offer and left. I will never shop at Raymour And Flanigan. And I will tell all my friends of my experience.

Sealy Mattresses From Raymour And Flanigan Are Terrible!
By -

LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK -- I purchased a full size pillow-top Sealy mattress from Raymour and Flanigan in 2004 that developed an impression of 3+ inches (making it uncomfortable to sleep on) within a year of using it. Raymour and Flanigan replaced the mattress with another one exactly like it due to "manufacture defect". The second mattress also developed an impression of 2.5 to 3 inches deep in less than a year. After calling in to notify Raymour and Flanigan that the second mattress had also failed, they gave me store credit based on the purchase price of bad mattress that I could used to purchase a different one. I ended up using the store credit towards a Sealy plush queen sized mattress.

The same thing happened again with the plush queen mattress. It developed a very deep impression of about 3 inches were I slept on it within a year. As one might imagine I got annoyed at having my mattress fail every year. Raymour and Flanigan told me to "rotate" the mattress. This was BS since the impression was the same down the middle of the mattress rotated one way as it was the other. They replaced the mattress yet again with another one just like it that also failed and formed a deep impression in well under a year.

After the second queen mattress had failed Ramour and Flanigan gave me store credit based on the price of my queen mattress to come in and select a different one. When I came in the store to make this reselection the salesman was pushy and lied to me about what mattresses were available. He tried to talk me into getting onto a payment plan for a $2000.00+ mattress when my store credit was for $600.00 based on the queen mattress I bought just two years before.

And get this; all their mattress prices had gone up. That meant that if I wanted to purchase a mattress the same as the one that failed, I would have to spend an additional $150.00-$200.00 on top of my store credit from the old mattress. I was very pee'd and ended up using my store credit to buy the cheapest Sealy queen mattress that I could find (no thanks to the lying salesman).

At present 2009 the cheap mattress that I bought is forming a good impression. It hasn't even been 6 months since I bought it! All I really want at this point is to return the mattress to Raymour and Flanigan for a full refund (which they don't do). I'll buy a $40.00 air mattress from Dick's sporting goods and sleep on it. At least it will never form an uncomfortable impression. If it's too soft I'll add air. If it's too firm I'll take air away. If anything happens to it I'm only out 40 bucks!

Bad Business Ethic and Rude Managers
By -

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- My mother purchased a twin mattress from the Richmond Avenue Staten Island location of the store. The sales person was very helpful (or course he was, we were there to spend money) and eventually my mom picked out an acceptable mattress at a reasonable price, a Sealy Posturepedic Cambria Heights model. I should mention that we also went to Macy's to compare, but ultimately went with Raymour and Flanigan because of their free delivery and quick delivery date.

The mattress was delivered on time, with no hassles. However, after a few days, my mother was complaining that the mattress was too soft, and she thought that she should exchange the mattress for a firmer, more expensive model. We waited until today, 2/25/09. The mattress was originally purchased on 1/26/09. We went to the store to speak to **, who remembered us and told us to come with him when we explained the situation. He brought us to a woman who we assumed was the store manager. She never introduced herself, and would not speak to us directly, only to **.

After walking away from us, with our paperwork, she finally returned a few minutes later and told us that in order for us to exchange mattresses, we would have to pay an additional $99. This is because, as she said, they throw out the mattress, so this is them taking a loss on the product. We said, "so then they throw it out?" She said yes, even though it has been documented that this mattress is only a month old. In addition, we would now have to pay over $100 for pick up of the "old" mattress and delivery of the new one. Huh?? But the original delivery fee was free.

Before we've even upgraded we are already spending $200. We asked where in the policy this was written. She was holding a slip of paper in her hand, the one not holding our envelope, and said we should have received that information.

We told her that we didn't have it in our packet, and she then tried to slip it into our paperwork while calling us liars. At least ** looked embarrassed and tried to get her to make a deal with us, but she basically told us that the policy stood, whether we had had it explained to us at the time of purchase or not, and to take it or leave it. She was so rude that we ended up leaving without our new mattress. This was a scam and we are so disgusted that we want everyone to know about their shoddy consumer practices, and their callousness in dealing with us.

Purchase From Hell
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Re: A purchase from hell: Raymour & Flanigan, Franklin Mills Store. On Sept. 7, 2008 I purchased a Shelburne king size bedroom set from your Franklin Mills store. When the bedroom set was delivered, I did not see a screw point on the headboard sticking up through the top which held the lamp underneath the headboard on. When my husband came home from work that day he noticed it immediately and called the store. The customer service told him because I accepted the delivery I can'€™t return it.

I had to give up a one time return policy to have them give me an undamaged headboard. This was a manufacturer defect per one of your techs, I found out later. When I purchased the set I told ** that I wanted this set and the chest. I never received the chest.

** told me he did not add that to the order and I would have to come to purchase that and would have to pay another $75 delivery charge. When I came in he apologized and told me he will give me the discount of $75 to make up for the mistake. I thanked him and went on my way. That weekend we set the bed up. We discovered the base is incorrect. The drawers should be at the bottom and the empty panel at the headboard per the R&F website image.

The footboard also does not line up with the pre-drilled holes that the manufacture had made. The one I have now has the drawers at the headboard leaving me unable to access the two drawers. I called the store to speak with **. He told me to just move the nightstand when I need to access them. I told him the nightstand was heavy and hard to move.

He told me to leave enough room between the two so I can access it. According to the direction there is a right and left base. I had to wait 3 wk. for a tech to come out and agree it was the wrong side and I showed him the directions, he drew a diagram and I signed it. I got a call saying the drawer base will be delivered. I took the day off and when it was delivered the person said it'€™s the same one that I have now. I paid over $3600.00 for this set it was not a floor model nor an outlet item.

Finally they said they will special order the base. They finally ordered the correct base. On 12/15 I got a call and was told the base was in. On 12/20 I was told the base was badly damaged and there will not be a delivery today. I could have cried. Till this day 12/26/2008 I have not received the correct drawer base.

When I received my bill that I financed through Wells Fargo and it had finance charges on it of $75. I called and spoke to Cust. Service and they told me that because the items were made on different days I was not eligible for the 2012 no interest charge. It should have been made on one day but ** never placed the order correctly. On 12/20 I received my bill again and the finance is still there.

I called them again and was told the manager is now gone to redo the bill and charge me reg. price for the bedroom set. I told the women I didn'€™t receive a sale price. She told me I will be charged for the special order base charge and the full cost of the chest with two delivery charges which would come to $4119.00 then, I can have no financing till 2012. She said "because see SWEETIE you can'€™t have them both"€. I can'€™t believe how I have been treated. My husband wants the set out of the house because of the way he was treated. I was not rude with them. I love this set.

After talking to them on 12/20 I agree with my husband, I would also like the bedroom set taken out. I have always brought from R&F. They are a decent business and won'€™t close their doors tomorrow morning. I could have received this experience from La Donne€™ furniture. My mother always brought her furniture from Mealy'€™s. I will also from this from point on. I am in need of a living room set, a child's bedroom set, and a king size mattress. I am sorry to say R&F will not receive my business. I would like the furniture to be picked up. I will no longer deal with the store.

Big Problems All Around
By -

WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- My husband and I have ordered a large amount of furniture from here recently. We ordered a leather sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, 6 seat dining table, office desk, hutch, two book shelves, and hall tree. These orders were spread out between two different times in about a 2-3 month time span. First off their 3 day delivery is false advertising. I think maybe the living room furniture was the only thing that came in 3 days. Then the arm to the couch had a huge chunk of stuffing missing in it when it was delivered. We called to have it replaced. A guy came out to see it and said a whole new couch would come and someone would call me.

No one called me for 2-3 weeks and then delivered it when it was convenient for them. Then, the dining table came broken as well. The delivery people just took it back on the truck with them. So I called and they said a new one would be at my home on that Thursday. Thursday came, no table and no call. So I call them again and they said that it would be there over another week, the next Friday. That 3 day guarantee sure is great.

After a bunch of hassle we finally got our table. Now, when we ordered the hall tree which was another $600 we were told it ships later because it's a special item. We were told that the date it would be delivered to our home was January 4th. We ordered it early November by the way. January 4th came and went to call to hall tree once again. We called and talked to the store manager, **, 4 different occasions for the table and now this. He has always been rude and never tried to solve the problem. All he has ever said was when the tree will get here "next time". Oh... he did offer us a $100 gift card that couldn't be used towards our order.

It could only be used towards a new purchase where we spend more money on their furniture. Like that would ever happen. So he then proceeds to tell me that it would be here Jan 24th and gave me his word he would call me personally a couple days in advance with delivery times. Well.... he never did. So the 23rd I called the Sales Manager, **, who is the one who sold us the furniture in the first place. He seemed very nice and I thought he would be more accommodating. I called him and he said this was the first he had heard of any of this and was very disturbed by it.

He assured me he would call the manufacturer the next day and call me immediately to let me know what was going on. I was a little relieved after getting off the phone with him till the next day when I never received a call. It is now the 25th and I call **, the store manager again.

He doesn't apologize or anything than say it was supposed to be here and he'll have to call to see when it will "really" get here again for the third time. I am almost 100% positive I will not hear from him until I have to call again and I still do not know when and if I will ever get my hall tree. What's better is he says I have to deal with it because I cannot cancel my order for this item. Another great thing about their company other than the delivery times and staff is that every single time the delivery guys came they tracked mud and dirt all over my carpet.

After the first time they did this I let it go. The next time they came to redeliver the couch I put 3 very large paint tarps on the carpet. I asked them politely to step on those and they said sure. Lo and behold they stepped on the tarps as well as the carpet too. I am sick of Raymour and Flanigan and will NEVER buy furniture from them again.

Horrible Place to Buy Furniture
By -

NEWINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I was warned, but I did not heed and now I regret it! The problems started as soon as we walked in the door and the sales lady wanted to show us everything (as long as it was top of the line). Had to search the store ourselves to find something in our budget. When we decided what we were going to buy she asked us 3 times if we wanted to take the cleaning warranty for $300, after we said NO 3 times. Then we brought up we saw an offer for no interest for 2 years and she said there was no such thing. Until of course we pulled out the newspaper ad with that day's date on it with the offer. "Oh", was her answer and then she asked if we wanted the $300 cleaning warranty again!

We ordered a dining room set along with an entertainment unit that included 2 bookends, a light bar and a console. We said we would only buy it if we could get it in a week (mind you they guarantee delivery of 3 days). She promised we would have it in 3 days (Tues), the absolute latest on Friday.

The call came in on Mon that they would deliver only the console on Tues and the rest may come in on Friday. I asked them to hold delivery of the one item so that all items could be delivered together. OK. The manager of the Newington store then called the same day to ask us please to take delivery of the one item because he doesn't get paid unless delivery is made. Offered to waive the delivery fee. I told him no. He offered to hunt down the bookends and dining table. Called the next day and alas has found the bookends, light bar and dining table but that they released the console to someone else. I still don't understand.

Anyway because I wanted him to stop calling me and was afraid if I held delivery again that they would release the other stuff I took it. Delivery came on Fri 8/19 between the hours of 9-3. Asked for the hour ahead call time so I could leave work. Called 20 min before. Delivered entertainment unit without console and dining table that had 7 wobbly chairs, 1 damaged end chair and table that they left without putting together. Asked the delivery guys about the chairs and they told me to put felt on the bottom. Said they don't put together furniture.

I then called the store manager and they should have indeed put together the table and that they would have to send a service technician to look at the chairs. I looked myself and the chairs were wobbly because the legs did not all have the circle wooden tabs, only 2 on each chair did - hence the wobbling. They set up the technician coming out on a separate day that they could deliver the console and put the table together.

Came on 8/25 (called 20 min before instead of the agreed upon 1 hr before) to put the table together - guess what? Table had a chip. Was informed that they would send a technician out to repair! I told him that it was unacceptable, that I wanted a brand new table, not a brand new table that would be repaired. So it's now 2 weeks later and I have damaged furniture in my brand new house still without a resolution. NEVER AGAIN, BUYER BEWARE!

Furniture Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

135 EAST 125TH ST MANHATTAN, NEW YORK -- Raymour and Flanigan misinformed me about my delivery date. Then, they brought part of my living room furniture and the wrong size frame for my bed. After setting a new delivery date with them, they showed me the amount of customers that ordered the same piece of furniture and expects me to be sympathetic to those customers and forget that I'm a customer also. They took it upon themselves to deliver the supposed correct bed frame to my door on a date that I did not schedule with them and parked it in front my closet door.

Every day I have to drag this huge box to get into my closet. Presently I am still awaiting part of my living room. The excuses for my complete delivery has been going on for close to one month. I am a disgusted and disappointed customer and would not shop at this store ever again.

Non-Delivery of Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

LIVERPOOL, NEW YORK -- Placed an order for a sofa and loveseat on 4/16/15. Next day received a call from Raymour & Flanigan Customer Services that the items was out of stock, will be shipped on 5/4/15. On 5/4, no call. Called Customer Services to inquire about my purchase, was told item and loveseat were still on back order, will be in stock on 5/11/15. On 5/11/15, receive a call from customer services that the sofa & loveseat was in stock and will be delivered on 5/19/15.

Today (5/15/15) I received a call, was told my items were out of stock, will be in stock by the end of June. How can this be out of stock when I was told both sofa and loveseat were scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday 5/19? Sounds like Raymour & Flanigan gave my items to someone else more worthy than I. There is a saying, at least once in your life you will experience the worst customer service you can ever imagine, well my experience with this purchase was definitely was my worst. After this experience, I will NEVER, EVER shop Raymour & Flanigan.

Was happy until...
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Rating: 1/51

PHILLIPSBURG, NEW JERSEY -- We recently purchased a living room set - Sofa, 2 Chairs and an accent table - from Raymour and Flanigan. I have to say, the sales consultant was pretty helpful. The only complaint with him was he kept stopping to try to take care of other potential customers as he was showing us furniture. It wasn't like we were taking up a lot of time, so it was kind of insulting and annoying.

Anyway, once we made a selection, we were passed off to a manager to complete the sale. The store had all kinds of signs stating 12 months no interest. It really didn't matter to us, because we planned to pay cash or with our credit card. The manager said we could finance the furniture and wouldn't need to pay any interest if we paid it off right away. OK, no problem, we gave him enough information to do this and were on our way.

About 4 days later, we received a Raymour and Flanigan credit card in the mail. We were not informed we were signing up for a credit card and were pretty pissed. We have very few credit cards and are very careful with credit. We did not want a new credit card. I immediately cancelled it, but this sort of trickery will not be rewarded by shopping there again.

Do Not Trust This Company
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Rating: 1/51

HALFMOON, NEW YORK -- Customers Beware!!! The product starts to fall apart within 12 months of purchase. A technician visited our home 4 times to try to repair the piece for different structural problems. When we finally decided to replace the product we discovered that the sales representative had lied to us at the time of purchase deceitfully charging us an extra $259.95 which he hid in the bill. At the time, I asked for an itemized bill but he said there was no need, we were not being charged for the Platinum Protection Plan, it was being offered free of charge as a special promotion.

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. ALWAYS INSIST ON AN ITEMIZED BILL. THIS COMPANY LIES TO ITS CUSTOMERS. When discussing this issue with the regional vice-president of sales his comment was "The salesman did not lie to you, he was simply enhancing your buying experience, allowing you to purchase the product without the need to worry about any additional expenses." Bottom line, that sales representative stole $259.95 from me and his action has been condoned and supported at all managerial levels. This company and its managers are not to be trusted with their twisted sense of morality.

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