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Paymore And Shenanigans
Posted by Drpitlikeitsscot on 04/13/2014
JOHNSON CITY, NEW YORK -- Where do I start with my rant about Raymour and Flanagan? probably would begin with 2 words... Paymore and Shenanigans.....I've had about every bad experience that I could possibly have with this company or at least with the Johnson City, NY store.

First, their sales tactics are extremely pushy and unprofessional. All the employees are liars. Being able to look beyond that I made the huge mistake of buying an expensive bedroom set from them because I thought we were getting good quality furniture. Wrong!! Extremely defective furniture was redelivered 4 times because of major flaws until I finally had to demand my money back and provide legal documentation that I was entitled to my money back under NYS implied warranty law.

At the same time I bought the bedroom set I purchased a replacement table for my dining room set that I purchased previously at Raymour. the table had to be delivered 3 times until it was finally right. When I was negotiating a price for all the furniture the salesperson and I agreed on a price plus FREE DELIVERY. When I paid, a delivery charge was added to the bill but they subtracted the cost of delivery from one of the pieces of furniture. Now they refunded the bedroom set but I kept my table since I have the rest of the set....when I received my refund it was short $80 plus tax.....go figure....the delivery fee....I call and explain to them that the salesperson had offered me free delivery and they told me that I was paying the delivery fee end of discussion.

I went there to talk to them in person only to have them call the police on me (or at least they said they did) I don't know because I left at that point.... I didn't do anything to involve the police....in fact I tried calling several times for 2 days to resolve it on the phone until I showed up there. Every employee has lied to me and I feel like I have been cheated. Raymour has literally stolen my money and are refusing to give it back. I was told by the store manager that I was no longer a Raymour Flanagan customer as if I did something wrong by refusing to take defective furniture with wood filler and broken drawers and other major flaws.

To top everything off, I had paid for a 5 year warranty on my table. Apparently that warranty is null and void and my money was returned to me without my permission. Isn't a warranty a legally binding contract? There are sooooo many more details I left out of this to even make it semi short and there are so many more things I could say but I won't waste any more of my time. Raymour has already wasted a month of it and the situation still hasn't been completely resolved.

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Endless Runaround Til You Give Up From Exhaustion Customer Care Policy
Posted by Joycemay2 on 06/21/2013
NEW YORK -- This review is for the whole customer care treatment policy of Raymour and Flanigan so is applicable to all their stores. I purchased a mattress from them that turned out to be defective--within two weeks it was sagging so badly that I would roll into the middle of it like I was in a hammock (and I only weigh 130 pounds!). The runaround and hoops they made me go through to get a new mattress were so time-consuming and onerous that it truly hijacked my life for months.

First, they said I had to have one of their service techs come out to evaluate the mattress which took a couple of weeks to get an appointment for that. After he did come and evaluate the mattress, he refused to tell me his findings--he said he wasn't allowed to discuss it with me and that I would hear from R&F what his report was. I was given no copy of this report (they told me that was not their policy to let me have a copy), nor of his findings and that I had to wait for the next step from R&F. They said their Tech's report said my mattress was sagging because the mattress had improper support. Well, the support I had were slats that had worked fine with my previous mattress for 25 years!

Also, at the time I purchased the new R&F mattress with one of THEIR new box springs, R&F assured me this support system was fine. Despite the issues with the new mattress sagging, they said it was only sagging 1 inch and the warranty needed it to be sagging 1-and-a half inch. That warranty is the same sagging allowance for a mattress that is years old--the reasonable logic is that if my mattress was already sagging an inch after less than one month of use, something is wrong. Also, the measurement to detect sagging is taken with nothing on the bed, and since it was a pillow-top mattress and the pillow top had fluffed back up and disguised how much the underlying structure was sagging, this was a very bad measurement of how the mattress was performing when even a small person like me was on on it. I then was left on my own by R&F to try to fix the issue myself somehow.

I tried by going to a hardware store and buying more supports thinking that might help, but it didn't. I was desperate to get resolution because I wasn't sleeping at night and was exhausted, and beginning to have serious back pain because the mattress was sagging so badly. I eventually even put the mattress directly on the floor to try to fix the "bad support issue" that the R&F Tech claimed was the problem, but the mattress still would almost collapse when I lay on it. I finally bought an inflatable camping air mattress and had to sleep on that just to get some rest. This was over the course of several months that I was struggling with this misery.

I finally went back to the R&F store and begged them to fix it. After more weeks of waiting while they said they had to send another service tech person out to evaluate the mattress again, based on what the second tech evaluation revealed they finally decided to treat my bad mattress as a "reselection" issue rather than a warranty issue--meaning that they would not concede that the mattress was defective but rather they maintained that I "just didn't like it" (the same model I tried out in the store when I bought it was fine and nothing like what I ended up with). The problem with their "reselection" policy is that it is at their discretion, and requires that the new mattress I select be more expensive than the previous one, and I that I pay the cost difference and full redelivery charge up front. Very interestingly, the model of my defective mattress was no longer being sold and had been discontinued.

I was so worn out and worn down, and desperate to have a decent mattress to sleep on since I was having major surgery in two days and desperately needed a decent mattress to sleep on, that I just paid the fees for delivery and the price for the more expensive mattress they insisted I had to buy. Their idea of customer care is "wear you out and wear you down until you lie down and they walk all over you"--in other words, their "customer care" is non-existent. The prevailing attitude I got from the many different "customer care" people I talked to over the course of trying to get this issue resolved was condescending and insulting to my intelligence--where instead of getting me a new mattress according to the warranty, they kept offering me $75 gift coupons towards a future furniture purchase--as if they thought I was stupid enough to buy ANYTHING from them again!
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The Worst Ever
Posted by Mharbin10 on 06/05/2013
I purchased a bed it was put together very badly I have to fix it once a week and it broken because they use plywood to hold the box spring and mattress up.
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From Vladimir Kagan to a Raymour and Flanigan Leather Recliner Wow!
Posted by Melanieradley on 05/07/2013
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- We acquired a walk-out basement that turned into our media room and incorporated our vintage Kagan monolithic couch. We spent most of our time watching television in bed or on our cramped screen in the den. Ditch the couch a friend suggested, get those home media center couches. With cup holders? I protested How ugly. But I did some research on the web--very few places to try them out--Raymour and Flanigan was one and the closest. I had never been in one. What a surprise. A knowledgeable salesman, Tim, let us bounce, recline, twist and turn on a range of choices and made practical suggestions. Turned off by black and cup holders, we selected a two seater, Italian leather in a saddle leather with exaggerated arm rests and a matching oversized chair. Used to decorators that deliver furniture custom made months later I was confused when he said, we can deliver it tomorrow. And they did, with prompt on time, in the framework promised, with two of the most professional deliverymen I've encountered in a long time. What a difference, we now watch our big screen t. v. in comfort, we are enjoying the room and everyone who has seen it is amazed at the quality, the style, and best of all the comfort. This is real value for the money and in its niche I think R&F offers more in terms of service, quality, and responsiveness than its competitors. Most of its styles aren't mine but I wouldn't hesitate to return for particular items.

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Not Reputable-Thieves-Liars-Stay Away
Posted by Charles752 on 05/03/2013
WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I went to a Woodbridge, NJ branch to buy a mattress. My wife is 73 y. o. and has Cancer. We were shown an IMatress setup with an adjustable frame. Told that the remote for the base can be wired or non wired. I chose the wired model. Lucky that I was looking over the salesman's shoulder when he wrote up the order as I noticed that the base he wrote up was a Temperpedic brand. He did not tell me this but just went ahead and wrote it in on the order. When I asked him what he was doing I was only then told that the IMatress does not make a base that was wired. Did not tell me this before.

I asked to see what the Temperpedic base looked like and was shown this crappy ugly base that was in a different area of the bed dept. The base was not cheap ($2,800). HE TRIED TO SLIP THIS IN WITHOUT TELLING ME. I said Ok I'll take the wireless IMatress remote model and paid the extra $200. I then asked if the delivery men wore shoe covers as I have white rugs. He said yes they do. Ok then I paid. When it came to deliver the mattress- the drivers did not bring shoe covers with them. When I offered them some to wear, they refused. I said then you'll have to take your shoes off.-They refused to do that that also. I said then I will cancel the order. They did not care.

They called the store mgr - he said that they cannot do any of that and never would. SALESMAN LIED AGAIN. I cancelled the order which was about $5,600.00. When I asked the mgr to credit my cc account I was told that I had to come into the store to do that. What a terrible policy. I told him that if I called my credit card company to cancel that the store would have to fill out paperwork. He did not care. I SAY STAY AWAY FROM THES STORES. They lied to me and they tried to pull the wool over my eyes. THEY ARE NOT REPUTABLE & WILL MISLEAD YOU. THIEVES-STAY AWAY. THEIR POLICYS SUCK.
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2 Months Waiting to Exchange a Defective Chair!
Posted by Simba228 on 04/28/2013
Purchased two office chairs two months ago. One arrived broken and I'm still waiting for a new one. They told me the part is in China and there is nothing they could do about it.

They took my money fast and now they are playing me.

Very bad customer service.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-04-29:
If you used a credit card, dispute the charge.
Posted by onlooker on 2013-04-29:
If the product was packaged broken at the factory, or somehow broke during shipping - the store doesn't have the part. And there is little to no incentive for the factory to provide the part, for one chair ....SO keep pushing - the store, the credit card company just keep pushing.
Long supply chains for mfg also means that they may not be able to find the supplier to replace the broken part etc.
So push the store - return both?? get new ones??? and again push the credit card company
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Scammed from Raymor and Flanigan Yonkers Location.
Posted by Scammedbyrandf on 11/04/2012
YONKERS, NEW YORK -- Please do NOT buy furniture at this store. I purchased a mattress from this store and was told if I opened up a store credit card that I would get no interest for one year.
When I received my credit card statement a few weeks later, I found interest was added and would be charged until my balance was paid off. I called the bank who issued the card who then told me to contact the Raymour and Flanigan corporate office. I then contacted the R&F corporate office who then told me to contact the store where I purchased the mattress from which was the Yonkers location. This is where the shadiness of this company begins. When I contacted the Yonkers location I was put on hold about 4 times from the secretary who can barely speak good English. I was then transferred to the salesperson who's name is GARY that sold me my mattress. He became VERY IRATE with me when I explained my situation TO THE POINT WHERE HE WAS YELLING AT ME. I then asked to speak with the manager. I then spoke with the manager who's name is SETH. Seth told me he would call me back to straighten out the situation. I received a phone call a few hours later from the Yonkers store stating they could fix the no interest problem but would need to add a $185.00 charge to the account in order to remedy the situation. This company scams shoppers. Please do not shop at this store. You cannot return their mattresses and they scam you with opening up their store credit cards.
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Scammed into buying a mattress
Posted by Jesusjunky4 on 07/09/2012
LONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK -- On June 19th 2012, I went to Raymour and Flanagan's in Green Acres Mall, Long Island to purchase a bed room set for my daughters 16th birthday. 2 months prior I bought a sofa and recliner, and I was pleased with the service so I decided to give them another try. As my daughter and I walked into the store were were approached by a sales associate name [snip]. She was very polite and patient as my daughter looked around for what she wanted. Eventually she chose a bedroom designed by Kristan Cunningham. We bought the full post bed, door chest, vanity with mirror and the vanity chair. I then proceeded to look at the mattresses in stock. I explained to [snip]that I currently suffer with lower back pain from my current mattress. She explained to me that I can try it out for thirty days, and then I can return it if it does not work. That sounded good to me so I decided to give it a try. The furniture and mattress was delivered on June 28th. I slept on the mattress that night and the lower back pain was worse than before. Two weeks after sleeping on the mattress, I suffered excruciating pain. I could not take it any longer, I tried calling the store and could not get in touch with anyone. Finally I got hold of someone and told them that I wanted to return the mattress that I had for 2 weeks. They told me that it was not that easy, and connected me to an associate. It was [snip]. To my disbelief she told me that I had to pay for them to pick it up which is $200, then I have to pay for something else plus re-stocking fee. Then I have to make an appointment to come into the store to choose another mattress of same value or more expensive because they do not give back the money. I was in shock! Why did she have to scam me into buying something that she knew she was telling a lie. I was going to buy another quality mattress, and more expensive at a later date. My daughter's door chest is still wrapped up waiting to be assembled as I write this review. The delivery man told me that a part was missing and it would be delivered the next day, I'm still waiting. Trying to get in touch with someone is like trying to contact someone from a foreign country with bad connection. This is the last time that raymour and Flanigan is getting my business. The corner stores are more honest and professional.

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Posted by Skye on 2012-07-09:
Sales people will tell you ANYTHING to seal the deal. It's what is in writing that is important.

Your review is a good reminder to always know what you are agreeing to, before buying anything, and getting ALL promises in writing.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-07-09:
They lied to you big time just to get your money. Always always read the fine print.
Posted by dan gordon on 2012-07-10:
lie may be a bit harsh. Just like any warranty has some conditions you need to read the fine print. They should have told you the conditions to 'return' the mattress before you left the store. Normally when I hear the 'conditions' I pass on the purchase.
Posted by ede2929 on 2013-07-24:
I just bought and expensive mattress from Raymour Flannigan. After a week, we decided we didn't like it by the company refuses to do anything. what happened in your case?
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Terrible quality
Posted by Scott17 on 05/01/2012
STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- We purchased a dining room table, six chairs, a China cabinet, and table pad, in August 2011. In January 2012, only five months later, two of our chair cushions started to sink. The technician from Raymour And Flanigan agreed and told us he was ordering the replacement seats. It is now May 2012, we now have three chairs that are sinking (one is not usable at all.) Depending who we speak to, we have been told that the set is discontinued by the manufacturer and that it is only not being carried by Raymour And Flanigan. They cannot get their story straight. We were told we could reselect the chairs, but they no longer carry anything that matches the table or China cabinet. I was also told a manager at the Customer Service Center in Culver Road that we would be charged between 3-5% usage fee for the time we had the chairs if we wanted to return them. We were told by the Staten Island store manager that they cannot do anything because it would cause the store money, and the store can't lose out. I asked if the customer who was stuck with shoddy merchandise should lose out, and she repeated that I could not expect the store to lose out. Poorly manufactured merchandise, and terrible customer service.
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Helpful Sales Associated Make Furniture Buying Easy
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 06/21/2011
When my wife and I were looking to buy furniture for our new home, we had a some idea of what we wanted to buy. We were still waiting to close on our home and saw an ad on TV at Raymour & Flanigan about an offer for no interest until 2015. I'm a bit of a sucker for those type of deals when I know I'm going to buy a lot of items anyway, so we headed out to the closest Raymour & Flanigan.

When we got there, we saw several sales people. One lady greeted us quickly and we explained we were going to browse. She asked if we wanted water and got us a couple of free water bottles, then let us go on our own (as we kind of requested). We saw several sectional couches that we were somewhat interested. Not actually owning the house yet and not having access to it, we weren't 100% positive of the dimensions of the furniture we could fit in there. We found a few items we liked, having a general idea of the dimensions, so we inquired with the sales person if there was a way to get the sale, but not actually purchase anything on that day. She said that we could put a deposit down on an item and then come back whenever we would like and we would still get the sale. She said if we put a deposit on item A, but wanted to buy item B, C, and D instead of A, then the sale would still apply. So we put a deposit down on a sectional.

A couple weeks later, once we settled on the house and had the dimensions, we went back to the Raymour & Flanigan. We realized the sectional we originally picked out was not good for the house. We were in the store for around 3 hours looking at just sectionals. The sales person from before remembered us and assisted us when we need it, and gave us space when we needed it. Eventually we found one we liked. We didn't purchase it yet since we wanted to get those measurements and map it out in the room. We spent only about 30 minutes picking out a dining room set.

Later that week, my wife went to the store and actually made the purchase of the sectional and dining room set. Delivery was set up for a Saturday when we were going to be physically moving everything into the house from our apartment. The timing was perfect.

The delivery truck pulled up when they said they would be there, even giving us a phone call 30 minutes before they arrived to let us know they would be there in 30 minutes. The furniture they had was unloaded and put into our house. It seemed to be the wrong furniture, but I wasn't certain because there were two sets of sectionals that we were looking at. I thought this was the one we decided against, but I figured that maybe my wife changed her mind at the last minute. I signed (since they did deliver what was on the delivery ticket). My wife was taking a test that morning, so she wasn't there for delivery.

When she got back, she took a look a knew right away that it was the wrong furniture. She immediately called one of the two salespeople who helped us. He took the call and said he would look into it. He called me back within 30 minutes and said that they did mess up. He scheduled a delivery for the correct furniture to arrive in a few days and said not to worry about the furniture we had presently (in terms of any damage that may be made from our pet or anything of that nature).

When the new furniture came in, they took away the wrong furniture with no problems at all. Overall the entire experience was much better than I thought it was going to be. The only problems were deciding which furniture we wanted.
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Posted by Churro on 2011-06-21:
First of all congratulations on the new house Mr. Wiginowski. Chasing the American dream. That’s awesome.

Sounds like a really good company. They tripped up and then promptly corrected the situation. Amazing the results achieved when all involved act like calm rational adults. I wish you and your wife all the best in your new home with your new furniture.

Outstanding Review!
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-06-21:
Churro, thank you very much. When my wife told me it was the wrong furniture, I immediately thought about all of the reviews in here where someone can't return something because they signed for it. I was very greatful that they not only resolved the issue, but they resolved it quickly.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-06-21:
I see ads for Raymour & Flanigan on television all the time and have wondered just how good they are. If your experience is typical, I'd say they are pretty darn good! I may even check them out myself.

Congratulations to you and your wife on your first home. It's a lot of hard work but definitely worth it.
Posted by Alain on 2011-06-22:
Congratulations on your new home and very useful review. There aren't any Raymour and Flanigan stores in my area, but the have them near my brother's in Jersey so this will be helpful to him.
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