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"preferred customer" credit scam - misleading
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I don't have the furniture yet but BUYER BEWARE these folks will scam you into a Wells Fargo Credit Account. They refused my Visa card and told me to get the sales price I would have to finance through Wells Fargo. Now I get the store charge in the mail. Nice! Wonder how far my FICO score has been knocked down by the extra credit!

Also really difficult to get in touch with Wells Fargo.... the dead end automated phone loop...


I will never, ever buy so much as a throw pillow at this scam joint again!!!!!!

Do not stand behind their products
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LANGHORNE PA, PENNSYLVANIA -- My recliner is just over one year & I noticed when someone sat on it that the bottom of the back went down in proportion to the front. After turning it over I saw that there was one piece that was missing. On the bottom of the wood part of the chair are 6 holes where this one is missing from. This part just snaps into the round plastic piece which allows the chair to spin.
After speaking to the manager of the Oxford Valley Store in Langhorne, Pa she told me that since I had the chair for over a year that it was out of warranty and would need to send a technician out to the house for $45.00 to fix it. I can pop the piece into the empty hole myself. The missing piece can't cost more than $2.00. Yet they will not send it to me.
She tells me that they would not know what part it is unless the tech. came out.
You mean to tell me that they do not have the spec's for this item so they can order the part after the tech. comes to the house? How do you think he will know what to order then? Maybe he has a crystal ball.
I have brought furniture from Raymour & Flanigan before. They had to come out and fix my couch. That tech ruined the fabric & they had to deliver me another one. That one had to be fixed also. The lounge chair that is a part of the set is sqeaking & I believe that the wood frame is cracking. My husband weight is 160 & I am 140 (not heavy enough to crack the furniture.
"Your number one with us". "Our customers are not dependent upon us we are dependent upon them". What a bunch of crap.
I have a bedroom set from Mealeys. It was ten years old when I needed some plastic pieces for the underneath part of the draws. Them mailed tham out to me along with extra ones no questions asked.
What a racket they have going on. Great for return customers!
Here is what really bothers me. The piece is large just a bit smaller than a golf ball. It had to be delivered to us that way because there is no way that we could have walked by it without seeing. The store manager thinks that I should have known this at the time of delivery. Who turns their furniture over? We don't. We may move it to vacuum but there is no reason to turn it over unless it needs to be repaired.

Got a couch delivered with Fleas
By -

Had a new couch delivered in the summer of 2009 and it came infested with fleas. It was delivered from the Queens, NY warehouse.
Their customer service would not pick up - I had to have people remove the couch and then rip all apart so no one else would take the couch.
They would not even give me a refund if I did not have the couch removed on my own.

My living conditions since August has been terrible. I can't seem to get rid of these fleas. It was a brand new apartment that I moved into that was totally clean.
They are a totally awful company, and everyone that I come into contact with I let them know what kind of furniture that they deliver.

I Was Very Satisfied And Pleased With The Manager At Raymour And Flanagan
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Rating: 5/51

NANUET, NEW YORK -- I was very happy with the manager at Raymour and Flanagan. She was
understanding and empathetic. She understood what I wanted and
helped me choose a new mattress. I really appreciate the professionalism that you get from Raymour and Flanagan. I will only shop there.

The Worst Ever
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a bed it was put together very badly I have to fix it once a week and it broken because they use plywood to hold the box spring and mattress up.

2 Months Waiting to Exchange a Defective Chair!
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Rating: 1/51

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Purchased two office chairs two months ago. One arrived broken and I'm still waiting for a new one. They told me the part is in China and there is nothing they could do about it.

They took my money fast and now they are playing me.

Very bad customer service.

Be Very Careful
By -

NEWINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I was shopping for 3 bedroom sets for my children. I have looked at Pottery Barn, Macy's and R & F. I was very clear and told my sales man I was comparing quality and how much do I get for my $, that I was shopping around. He said not a problem and after spending some time with me in a empty store I had a list of furniture. I told him I would go home and talk over with my husband, the salesman said to hold the price he needed some information, which I gave him with trust.
7 days later I received a Wells Fargo Credit Card in my husbands name, who never came to the store, we never signed anything, and the following day they called to schedule a delivery for furniture I never purchased. The salesman said to me on the phone, you said you would return....I said and since I didn't wouldn't you assume I was not interested, so you take it upon yourself to order furniture for me? They are a joke.
I ended up getting a better deal with Pottery Barn and of course much better quality.

Upsetting Experience
By -

I went to a Raymour & Flanigan store to simply shop. (Get prices, see what I might be interested in for future purchase) I explained that I was considering moving to a Sr. Apt and would have to downsize my furniture. I asked for a list of the items of interest and was told I could have a computer printout. I initialed the print out and accepted it as a quote, once again I stressed to the salesperson that it would be in the future if at all. When I got home and read the list, I noticed it said thank you for your purchase and all sales final. There was $7500 on the order! I called and was told it was just how their computers worked. One week later I had a voice message asking me how my move went and received a statement in the mail the same day stating that my furniture was on layaway and I owed $25. What started out as a simple research on my part has turned into a nightmare. Calling once again I was told this is just how there computers work. I will never feel comfortable going into Raymour & Flanigan again for any reason whatsoever.

Nomour And Flanigan
By -

NEW YORK AREA, NEW YORK -- Bought a media console for a new wide screen TV the unit was delivered half wrapped in plastic with the doors off. delivery man put doors on poorly which I noticed after they left. Thought I could make a small adjustment but I had to re-drill new holes for the hinges because the doors were severely misaligned. Did not want to leave TV on floor for weeks so I repaired it myself. Poor quality for the money. Made in Mexico and certainly not for the discriminating buyer. Have a co-worker who is having a bad time with customer service. I know my piece was a floor model because I remember the same exact stain mark on the front veneer panel. Won't shop there again. Poor quality.

Would expect this from a discount furniture store which they are not!

Raymour & Flanigan False Promise And Bad Service And Bad Customer Service
By -

11757, NEW YORK -- I ordered a sectional sofa set and a king size bedroom set and the delivery set for 2nd jan wed between 12 and 4. We had an appointment with doctor for 4'o clock. So I called them to check if they can deliver it at least by 3.30, The answer was they don't know where there driver is at that time and once the order is complete they don't have control on the delivery, for that we have to call there warehouse!!! The real problem is something else. They delivered the furnitures but they said they forgot to bring the brackets to fix the mirror to the dresser and they promised to bring and fix the mirror next day morning!!!

I'm writing this 8 days after the delivery but nobody turned up. I have a 14 month old baby and thi big mirror they kept against the wall, and today its almost fell on him. So I called them to find out what's happening. I called the store which I bought this things which is on route 110, farmingdale in ny, a lady picked up, I told her the whole story. She put me in hold after 2 min she came back ond asked my ph# to pull my record from the file, which she should have done first time again put me on hold after2 min she asked me what's the problem really!!!! She kept me on hold without even understanding my issue!!! Then again on hold this time its for 5 minutes, came back and told me that they'll parcel the bracket to me and I have to fix it myself! I said no they promised me everything will be delivered and istalled in proper place. Then she put me on hold again after five minutes another lady came on line and asked me how can she help me!!!! I asked her back "do I have to explain everything to you again"???

Then went on like that but they din't solve my problem I' am still waiting for them to call me back which they promised to do... My advise is to not to go there, look at the way they treats me after spending $3500.00 There not a week ago. All I got is pieces of furnitures in my home which even may harm my son. I think everything is too expensive there than outside too. I will never shop from there again nor I will allow my friends and family to do so too.

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