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Junk Raypak 206 Heater For 3 Grand - Lasted Just As Long As Their So-Called Warranty
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MARSHALL, MICHIGAN -- Had a Raypak 206 heater professionally installed by pool company for a cost of $4,000.

Two summers later it is leaking out of the bottom; cannot run the pump for the pool at all because water runs through the heater and out the bottom. Used the thing a total of seven months. Two summers.

This so-called piece of equipment broke the first month into the third summer. Fourth of July weekend can't even run the pool pump or the heater.

Disgusted is all I can say. Raypak warranties this POS for a year and uses a substandard heat exchanger they know will deteriorate. When it does, they charge $1200 for a new one. Just a scam company. Skip the heater. It is sunk cost unless you want to pay $2000 for repairs every year. What a piece of crap.

Raypak pool heater
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RAMSEY, NEW JERSEY -- Raypak/Rheem just doesn't care that they made a bad coil design and all heaters will leak within a few years, not because of wear and tear or bad grounding or exxissive chlorine, just bad Craftsman ship and a faulty design. I am a licensed trained electrical and plumbing contractor and inspector and these heat exchangers are just no good, they are a copper pipe with and expansion press into a stainless steel plate with quality control of none they look terrible once you take it apart. I don't think it is worth buying a replacement coil it will just leak again. I had the heater turned off all year so it was not from abuse it just started leaking through a bad connection made at the factory

Raypak Pool Heater - Waste of Money
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BUYER BEWARE! My Raypak 406A Natural Gas pool heater failed after 4 to 5 months. We noticed it leaking and contacted Raypak to start a warranty claim. After paying $96 to a certified service technician to come out and look at the heater, we were informed by him AND Raypak that they would not honor the warranty. They blamed the product's failure on us. They said our pool water chemistry was to blame. I have had a pool for 20 years. I test my pool water 2 to 3 times per week and then follow up for testing at my local pool store every other week. Any pool owner knows that water chemistry will fluctuate day to day, week to week. This is a loop hole in their warranty that you don't find out about until AFTER you purchase the product and read the manual. I strongly suggest you do not make the same $2500 mistake we made - DO NOT BUY RAYPAK POOL HEATERS.

Raypak swimming pool heater
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LAMBERTVILLE, MICHIGAN -- I have a Raypak 2100 millivolt swimming pool heater that's now 6 years old. It never worked properly. Sometimes the burner would light, other times it wouldn't. Since installation, it has worked only sporadically. To top it off, the lousy company I purchased it from quickly went out of business.

You'd think that because I couldn't get the original retailer to cover the warranty, Raypak would find someone to help. They didn't. I was left on my own to try to get this crap-pile working.

I have changed a pressure switch, all the wiring, the on/off toggle, the thermostat and several other parts trying to get some function out of it. I fnally got some "heater technician" out to look at it and he instructed me to "buy a new heater." Its a $1700 heater...hardly disposable.

I've been in contact with Raypak over the short time I've had it, and all they've done is email me a "troubleshooting guide." I finally emailed them and insisted I had a "lemon." They returned the "troubleshooting guide" to me.

Beware if you're going to get talked into a Raypak heater. If you get a faulty one from the box, the company isn't willing to stand by its product.

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