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Razoreye - Web Dectective Scam. Takes your money for services that either doesn't work or you didn't willingly sign up for - and d
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CANADA -- This company is such is scam. On 4/3/08 I signed up for a 3 day trial period for $2.95. They lead me to believe that a record was found. I submitted my credit card info to continue my search. Then when I had to select the state of my search all the states of the US were listed EXCEPT my state, so therefore this was useless to me. Within 5 minutes I canceled this membership and received an email stating my membership WAS CANCELED.

Now a month later 5/5/08 I have a charge for $38.83 on my credit card. I called them and was told this charge was for a privacy chest which was a separate subscription. I told them I did not sign up for this, that this is fraud and theft. They told me that the privacy chest was a box that is checked off BY THEM and if I did not want it I would have needed to "uncheck" the box. I DID NOT SEE ANY PRIVACY CHEST ON THIS WEBSITE.

I told them I did not want this and to cancel it and they supposedly did but my card was still charged. Now I am battling back and forth between phone calls and emails and not getting any help. I also spoke to a Jesse ** and he told me no managers are in the building and all he can do is submit a ticket to the helpdesk. When I asked for a phone # for that dept. I was of course told there isn't one. I asked Jesse what the email address is for the helpdesk and guess what he told me. SUPPORT@RAZOREYE.COM. The same email address I have been writing to for days and not getting any responses to when he told me they respond within 48 hrs.

This company is a crock. I have reported them to the Canadian Better Business Bureau at: (this is the email address). The Canadian BBB website is: I also filed a complaint on this page:

Now I am filing complaints against them on every and any page I find. This will be on the web EVERYWHERE so hopefully no one will have to suffer as I am. All I can do now is contact my back, file a dispute with them against this company, and cancel my card so it is not charged anymore. I lost a total of $41.78 to this scam of a company and NO ONE is refunding anything. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

Fraud Hiding Behind "Policies and Procedures
By -

Razoreye Media group dba Web Detective is a company who has a policies and procedures that appear to have been composed by a lawyer. Now, being an attorney, I am fully aware that there are, unfortunately, dishonest attorneys - the attorneys associated with Razoreye are among that group of lawyers who should be disbarred. Yes, consumers should fully read all disclosures made by Razoreye - which, by design, were drafted to be so lengthy and confusing to the common consumer, that Razoreye would surely reap large monetary rewards.

If Razoreye actually offered a product for the money it continuously withdraws from unsuspecting consumers accounts, Razoreye would be deemed a viable, successful business. However, Razoreye offers a product that is completely useless and defective. All consumers should be very aware of companies like Razoreye. They are the scam artists of the internet.

It is a shame that the founders and operators of Razor have enjoyed such large profits from these scams. The world tends to have a way to inflict "what goes around, comes around". Razoreye representatives - what out when it comes around. CONSUMERS EDUCATE YOURSELF AGAINST THESE CORPORATE EMBEZZLERS.

No Word
By -

CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Razoreye Media Group draws you in and makes you feel like they will have access to more public documents than other sites; however, that is not the case. When you sign up, you do have access, but the records don't seem up-to-date. If you try to email them and cancel your services, you will receive no word back EVER. They are a really non-customer service based company.

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3 reviews & complaints.
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Razoreye Media Group
246 Stewart Green SW, Box 1011
Calgary, AB T3H 3C8
403-932-1935 (ph)
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