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Fraud Hiding Behind "Policies and Procedures
Posted by on
Razoreye Medica group dba Web Detective is a company who has a policies and procedures that appear to have been composed by a lawyer. Now, being an attorney, I am fully aware that there are, unfortunately, dishonest attorneys - the attorneys associated with Razoreye are among that group of lawyers who should be disbarred. Yes, consumers should fully read all disclosures made by Razoreye-which, by design, were drafted to be so lengthy and confusing to the common consumer, that Razoreye would surely reap large monetary rewards. If Razoreye actually offered a product for the money it continuously withdraws from unsuspecting consumers accounts, Razoreye would be deemed a viable, successful business. However, Razoreye offers a product that is completely useless and defective. All consumers should be very aware of companies like Razoreye - they are the scam artists of the internet.

It is a shame that the founders and operators of Razor have enjoyed such large profits from these scams. The world tends to have a way to inflict "what goes around, comes around". Razoreye representatives - what out when it comes around. CONSUMERS EDUCATE YOURSELF AGAINST THESE CORPORATE EMBEZZLERS.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 06/03/2008:
You didn't actually tell us what they supposedly did to you. How about a little specificity?
couldbeyou on 07/11/2008:
You are absolutely correct! I took a 3 day "trial", stupidly gave them the info on my debit card and cancelled the next day. Now they stole $38.83 out of my account plus $1.16 for international charges and made me overdraft to the tune of $70! They refuse a refund. They claimed I bought a service I did not buy. Their terms are confusing. They are confusing. Their c.s. office is in New Delhi, India! Their other office is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Let's get rid of them!
couldbeyou on 07/12/2008:
I got my money from my bank. They filed fraud against the company and found them to be fraudulent!

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Razoreye - Web Dectective Scam. Takes your money for services that either doesn't work or you didn't willingly sign up for - and d
Posted by on
CANADA -- This company is such is scam.

On 4/3/08 I signed up for a 3 day trial period for $2.95. They lead me to believe that a record was found. I submitted my credit card info to continue my search. Then when I had to select the state of my search all the states of the US were listed EXCEPT my state, so therefore this was useless to me. Within 5 minutes I canceled this membership and received an email stating my membership WAS CANCELED.

Now a month later 5/5/08 I have a charge for $38.83 on my credit card. I called them and was told this charge was for a privacy chest which was a separate subscription. I told them I did not sign up for this, that this is fraud and theft. They told me that the privacy chest was a box that is checked off BY THEM and if I did not want it I would have needed to to "uncheck" the box. I DID NOT SEE ANY PRIVACY CHEST ON THIS WEBSITE.

I told them I did not want this and to cancel it and they supposedly did but my card was still charged.

Now I am batteling back and forth between phone calls and emails and not getting any help.

I also spoke to a Jesse Mc and he told me no managers are in the building and all he can do is submit a ticket to the helpdesk. When I asked for a phone # for that dept... I was of course told there isn't one. I asked Jesse what the email address is for the helpdesk and guess what he told me. SUPPORT@RAZOREYE.COM... The same email address I have been writting to for days and not getting any responses to when he told me they respond within 48 hrs.

This company is a crock.

I have reported them to the Canadian Better Business Bureau at:
complaints@calgary.bbb.org ( this is the email address )

The Canadian BBB website is:

I also filed a complaint on this page:

Now I am filing complaints against them on every and any page I find. This will be on the web EVERYWHERE so hopefully no one will have to suffer as I am. All I can do now is contact my back, file a dispute with them against this company, and cancel my card so it is not charged anymore.

I lost a total of $41.78 to this scam of a company and NO ONE is refunding anything.

Please don't make the same mistake I did
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Anonymous on 05/08/2008:
Thanks for your post. I am curious, it appears you did a 'free' search to see if any information was available. Did you have to enter your state during the 'free' search? Then, when you paid for a full search, the state was not available. Yep, I smell a scam. Contest the charges with your card issuer. Good luck!!
DebtorBasher on 05/08/2008:
Thanks for the warning...I do a lot of skip tracing and will be sure not to get sucked in on this one.

Daisy, check your IM...I sent you a message.
Daisy14915 on 05/08/2008:
Ghost of Doc J
That was exactly what happened. I did a free search with my state but once I entered my cc info, my state disappeared from the list.

I did not get a IM
DebtorBasher on 05/08/2008:
Daisy...look at your upper right hand corner of this page...you have an "InBox", above it it should say, "1 New Message", then just click on that. If there is no message there, let me know and I'll send it again.
old_goat on 05/08/2008:

That's unfortunate that they had hit your credit card for an extra 40 dollar charge. Especially since you could not even render their services.

When paying for services like these must always make sure to print out what you will be getting in the deal. And always print the page directly from the internet (9 out of 10 times this will have it time stamped from most pcs). This most deffinately helps to support your credit claim of a scam.

But with what happened, it sounds like you took the right steps.

The only
couldbeyou on 07/11/2008:
Same here, same problem. Let's get together and complain to everyone we can. I'm out that fee $38.83 PLUS overdraft fees due to them. I looked at the website today and Privacy Chest was NOT CHECKED! They do it to us.
couldbeyou on 07/12/2008:
Guys! I got my money refunded by my bank as well as the charges incurred! It IS fraud and my bank determined that.
File fraud charges with your bank today and get your money back! Let the Federal Reserve deal with the company! Good luck!!
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No Word
Posted by on
CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Razoreye Media Group draws you in and makes you feel like they will have access to more public documents than other sites; however, that is not the case. When you sign up, you do have access, but the records don't seem up-to-date. If you try to email them and cancel your services, you will receive no word back EVER.

They are a really non-customer service based company.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/01/2007:
What is it they do and what do they charge?
chris513 on 11/01/2007:
same as superbowl...I tried to go to the website, but it didn't really tell me much...pls explain further..
Anonymous on 11/02/2007:
Better off searching the web pages of the organization you need info from. Plus usually it's free.
Beezer on 11/16/2007:
I have not been able to access the site, I have tried to call with no luck. I have emailed and have not yet received a response. I want to cancel this, does any one know how I should go about this.
cat34 on 01/15/2008:
agreed, they are less than honest in their tactics, and unavailable, even at their local number in miami.
I tried to report them to the bbb, but they are already "f", you can't go any lower
depodol on 05/05/2008:
I signed up for the trial period March 21, 2008 ~ I was able to use it but none of it was useful ~ they just send you to other sites that "might" have the information that you are looking for but then you have to pay those web sites more money to use them~ so web-detective is more or less a yellow pages for sites that can really give you the info your looking for ~ with a little hard work on the net you can find those sites without web-detective.

so anyway ~ I canceled the trial membership within 2 days ~ sent them an email like they requested ~ I sent my cancel request to cancel@razoreye.com explaining my dissatisfaction with their product and I have a copy of that email ~ it was $4.90 for my trial ~ waste of my money ~

then three days ago ~on a FRIDAY !! May 2,2008 I see a pending transaction for $38.83 from web-detective on my bank account! Of course it's the freaking weekend and I can't get a hold of anyone at web-detective. So I called the two numbers I could find on the site 305-671-3165 and 877-207-0626 ~ I could only leave a message on the 305- 671-3165 and it kept cutting my off ~ so I ended up leaving three messages explaining my complaint.

then I emailed support@razoreye.com and explained my complaint in detail.

then I went to the web site http://www.web-detective.com/cancel.aspx and canceled again.

So Sat I get a call from Shelby who says that she is from web-detective ~ she explains to me that my subscription to web-detective was canceled but there was a "checked box" on the site that I DID NOT "UNCHECK" for a "privacy chest" product to help me protect my identity so that was also included in my trial package but I would have to call a separate number to cancel that ..... WTF???

first off If there was a box checked for that I would have unchecked it because I have no use for a identity theft protection product ! and second why would they make it so difficult to cancel everything all at once ?? ~ third maybe it was so freaking small I didn't see it ....

Shelby said that I was supposed to get some sort of package from them via snail mail but I never got anything ~ never used the privacy chest thing ~ never even knew I was subscribed to it ~ nothing until I saw that pending charge on my account ...

Shelby said there was no manager that I could talk to and that I just had to call 888-432-4378 which was the direct number to the privacy chest ~ she said they were the only ones that could help me with my complaint....

so I called 888-432-4378 , I was on hold for 33 minutes before I spoke with Darwin ~ I explained my complaint to him and he said that all he could do was cancel my subscription to privacy chest so there wouldn't be anymore charges but he could not help me with the pending transaction. He also said there was no manager that I could speak with but I could call 877-769-9323 and ask for help with the pending transaction. .... WTF ????

so then I called 877-769-9323 , I was on hold for 28 minutes before I spoke with Jesse. He informed me that the only thing he could do was write a help ticket for me and submit it to the billing dept... which would get back to me via phone or email within 48 hours... he could not give me a confirmation number ~ he could not give me means to contact the billing debt directly ~ he said that his manager Maria wasn't even there ~ and wouldn't be in for a few hours but of course she would tell me the same thing he had already ~ that there was nothing else they could due to help me ~

so this freaking charge in going to go through my account tonight ~ I didn't authorize it ~ I didn't want it ~ I didn't use the product privacy chest ~ I never received any type of information that I was subscribed to it ~ I didn't even know I was subscribed to it and I can't get a hold of anyone in this company to help me get my money back ~

these people suck
couldbeyou on 07/12/2008:
deleted comment by user
couldbeyou on 07/12/2008:
You can call once and then they block the number. I got my info, cancelled it but didn't know they signed me up with an id theft company at the rate of $38.83 a month, PLUS an international fee. Check your cc statements for that one. It's small, but it adds up.

They will cancel your webdetective account if you send an email to cancel@razoreye.com and give your name and email address ONLY. No explanations. They ask for that later. You will get a confirmation in email.

BUT, you have to cancel the other one separately. They don't tell you that. However, it is fraud and your bank can handle fraud. I got my money back through the bank. Razoreye will NOT refund a cent.
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