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Bad services
Posted by Blackbettyboop on 08/03/2009
This cable company is terrible. Their services sucks and so do their customer services reps. There need to be more options for cable in Chicago. I'm so tired of these bootleg companies that overpriced the consumers for their greed

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RCN sneaks in a fee
Posted by on 04/21/2009
For those of you who have service from RCN you may have recently received a notice of rate increases. Most people probably glanced at the back at what looks like a listing of services. Buried in that listing is a notice. Beginning May 1 they will charge $5 per transaction for downgrading any service. So if you are angered at the higher new rates with less choices you'd better downgrade now before they hit you with that fee.

If you change internet speeds $5; cable TV package, another $5; phone service is another $5.
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-21:
I wasn't sure who RCN was but I figured it out. Helpful!
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-04-21:
That is downright evil. Voted helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-21:
Very helpful and good info, great catch PB!
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Less Product For The Money
Posted by Joe plumber on 11/15/2008
MORTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- Is it me? Are we the only household with three or more TV sets? RCN recently went digital in our area. We received our "free" converter box. ($2.99 for each additional) Won't go into the hours wasted and anxiety levels in getting the unit working.

( Hello? RCN. . You've got to get more people on the phones for cable service support. The wait times are inexcusable. )

So step back a bit. I went from four TV sets. (Living Room, den, kitchen, bedroom. ) to one. Oh yeah, forget the days of recording on one channel and watching another. Unless you fork out for another converter box, that convenience is out the window.

I haven't made the leap of faith as to how to add more converter boxes. The cable modem is one split for my feed. Add two more converter boxes and you've split the signal even more. The field tech said my signal was marginal for the one box that I installed. Blamed it on the quality of the cable I was using. OK, so what kind should I get? No help there in that department.

I envision a bundle of cables flying to the house from the utility pole to feed my insatiable thirst for entertainment. One for each box.

Speaking of entertainment. Now that we're "digital" I have more channels than ever to sift through to find ones that will work using my basic package.

Hello? RCN Are you listening? It it too much to ask that only the directory listings of operational (active) channels for a given cable package be downloaded to that customer's converter box? And it's not like you can picture in picture scroll down to the ones that do work.

Clever marketing on your part. Make me cave in for the full-blown package so ALL the listed channels will work. Stick it. And it's not like I had a choice. It was go digital or NOTHING.
It's subtle but we have to adjust our mindset into learning that the cast is already made and you will pay for each and every device connected to the system.
Makes me re-think the awkward question. "Do I REALLY need TV?"

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-15:
It sounds like you are addicted to TV. Perhaps this is a lesson for you. There are more important things in life than having a TV in every room. Go out and volunteer for some organization.
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Customer Service = Hours Of Painful Hold Music And Endless, Useless Transfers
Posted by SusanLaws on 11/06/2008
I am so worn down from trying to get an RCN-created problem solved that I don't have the energy left to provide an informative review.

All I can say is that if you place even the smallest value on your sanity, do not even think about doing business with this company.

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Does Any Have An RCN Corporate Number I Can Use?
Posted by RCNsucks on 10/27/2008
Does anyone have RCN corporate number I can use? Contacting there regular customer service is a waste of time 90 percent of the time. Also, you are on hold for AT LEAST 45 mins. This company stinks!
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-10-27:
It would help if we knew what RCN was.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-27:
The last few words are "This company stinks" so Im thinking its Comcast cable
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-27:
seriously though,what does RCN stand for?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-27:
Try Googling it up.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-10-27:
Nah, let the op do it. They are the ones complaining.
Posted by BRICKslayer on 2008-11-11:
For RCN Corporation found online---YMMV
Richard Ramlall, 703-434-8430
Michael Houghton, 703-799-7383

Posted by MistressSian on 2010-09-26:
RCN Corporate offices are:
28 West 23rd St
11th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Michael Martini senior director of operations
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Using Digital Cut Over To Make More Money
Posted by Shaun0063 on 10/05/2008
PHILA AREA, PENNSYLVANIA -- RCN is now going to charge more money to the consumer to rent you their converter boxes for each TV in your house, they are encoding their signal calling it all digital. So you must rent their box only and can not buy one. What a way to rip the everyone off for a monthly fee, like they don't over charge enough now!

Are we going backward in technology. Not mention they have the worst customer service hours on the phone.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-05:
One way to avoid paying the box fee ($7.95/month) is to obtain a cable card ($1.50/month) from RCN. However, if your TV or computer can not use a cable card then you are sunk. Using a DTV converter will not work because it doesn't decrypt the channels. There lots of complaints online about this. Some are looking at a class action because they feel the change is a breach of contract.
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Billing / Customer Service
Posted by Alberto on 09/22/2008
MASSACHUSETTS -- Well, another 40 minutes on hold & why? Because they sent me a letter of service suspension and I want to find out why.I received their latest invoice last week, and the notice of suspension arrived today. Only the current month is owing, nothing else. They have also left phone messages about the non-payment. Their representative told me that it was all automatic and there was nothing she could do - but that I was overdue by 1 day. So the notice of suspension was sent out before the bill was even due!

Their rates are not even that good anymore - time for a change.
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10 Day Disconnect Policy
Posted by Sarah1234 on 08/27/2008
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I've had RCN for the past two years and am moving out of state. Their rude customer service person told me I would have to pay for an additional 10 days BEYOND my regular billing date (which is already 10 days out). They said their final billing process is long and it takes that long to get the technician out to turn off the service. As if that is my fault! I just cancelled my electric service, cell phone and newspaper with no "disconnect policy". When I complained to a supervisor, she said that I "was lucky-- it's usually longer than 10 days." I've also complained to the BBB in MA, where there are already 59 complaints in the last 36 months.

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Posted by RCNistheworst on 2009-02-03:
Just ran into the same problem with RCN – 10-day cancellation ’policy’. After many technical issues over the 1.5 yrs that I was with them (including me having to call into technical support 4 times over the past 8 days), I decided to cancel. When I called into Customer Service today (2/3/09) to cancel service, I was told that the cancellation would be effective 2/11/09 (10 days later) as this was their policy. I told them I was not aware of such a policy, but the woman at Customer Service told me there was nothing she could do. That I would have to talk to Billing about not paying for service beyond today. I was transferred.

The gentleman I spoke with in Billing was very nice, but couldn’t help me either. In the time I was on hold between the two departments I was able to research (on their website! - http://www.rcn.com/boston/policies-and-disclaimers/customer-terms ) that a 'Customer may terminate any or all services at any time by notifying RCN of its desire to do so.' Nowhere in the termination section was there any mention of a 10-day notification policy, or any advance notification policy for that matter. He said he understood what I was saying, and knew what I was referring to, but that was how they did it. Presumably hoping that people will give up on complaining and RCN is able to squeeze an extra $30 out of each customer that cancels (my bill is $95/month so $30 is approx. 10 days of service/equipment).

The gentleman told me to go ahead and get my equipment returned as soon as possible and then call back to state that I returned the equipment and, therefore, could not use the service so I should be credited from the date I return the equipment going forward. He would add notes to the file about this for when I call back in. The problem is that with service center hours (at all MA locations) being only 9-5, I can’t return the equipment until Saturday (2/7/09). I explained that issue to him and, again, he told me there was nothing he could do.

We’ll see how it all pans out, but in the meantime I’ll make anyone aware that will listen. Regardless of the monetary outcome, I will be submitting complaints to Consumer Affairs (https://www.consumeraffairs.com/php/a_report.php) and the Better Business Bureau (http://us.bbb.org/WWWRoot/SitePage.aspx?site=113&id=46a6a9cd-5402-454e-9476-e4df22e6f371 ) as the practice of even trying to say that they require 10-days notices is not within their own Customer Terms & Conditions.
Posted by sheila on 2013-08-16:
I just ran into the same problem about "10-day notification/cancellation policy". It just totally doesn't make sense. Who gave them the right of charging the customers for the period that they were using their service? Nowhere it is mentioned in their terms and conditions when we subscribed to their service. The representative kept telling me that was their policy, hoping that I would get frustrated and gave up. Yes, I was frustrated but I kept repeating what I had said like they did and asked to speak to a supervisor. The representative finally gave up by putting me on hold a few times. They still said they had to charge me for five days. I didn't have time to talk it down so I was forced to say ok.
But trust me, I'll continue to complain until proving that they are wrong.
They should call this 'since you are leaving, I'm gonna get a piece of you policy'.
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Awful customer service & representatives lacking knowledge & professionalism
Posted by Jensthoughts on 08/13/2008
WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I'm not sure even where to begin but just want to be sure my opinion of this absolutely awful customer service is logged onto the web somewhere. I had called in the beginning of July to request a shut off date of 7/31 because I was moving.
I came home on 7/17 to no channels above 11. Called the technical support # on my bill & was told that I had no cable because of a pending work order for termination & I needed to call billing in the morning because they may have terminated it early in error. I called billing in the morning & was told that my acct looked fine, I'd need to call technical support. I called technical support again & spk with someone who went thru LOTS of different steps to try to correct my issue. From unplugging everything, making sure things are "tight", holding my power button for 5 seconds, waiting for it to turn on & off (which it never did) sending a signal to my box, then sending "the strongest signal" to my box which could take 15 minutes to 2 hours to work. I'd have to call back in 2 hours if it didn't' work & start the explanation process all over again. Oh & by the way, once we tried all her special tricks I ended up with no channels at all never mind only 11. She also told me that "they removed the most important part of your package. The premium channels" I explained nothing should have been removed & this was an error. She rudely came back at me stating she could put it back for a $48 activation fee. She said I'd need to speak with billing about the fee if I didn't agree but there'd be a charge. I then called billing & was told that this person did see something on my acct not the premium issue but that I was on the recent "crush list." (a list of people with analog boxes, which I did not have) She said "you were part of the crush, but shouldn't have been part of the crush, but actually haven't been crushed yet. I'll email the team handling this." She couldn't give me a timeframe that I'd have my cable back on. Since this was 7/18 (no cable for 2 days already)and I was scheduled to move & end service on the 31st anyway, I then asked to terminate service effective immediately instead as it wasn't worth waiting to see when they could fix it. I then had to speak w/"Darla" in the termination dept who was really helpful & understanding. She said she'd "end the billing as of 7/18 & then put in a backdated adjustment for 2 days back to the 16th." She told me to return the equipment asap so there'd be no problems receiving credit. She gave me her # & I forgot to write down her extension. BIG MISTAKE! Returned everything the next day, Saturday.
Received 2 more bills after this even though I had already paid thru 7/20 before any of this even happened. I called today & was told to speak with billing. The billing rep couldn't do anything for me because I "was being billed still because there is a 10 notice required for service termination requests" so when asking for a supervisor she said she'd call her "lead billing team" After another lovely lengthy hold came back to tell me that they'll credit my acct $23 which will go back to 7/19 the date that I returned my equipment. "Leaving a balance of $23." Not understanding how I could have a balance due & was not due back $, I had to ask for a supervisor. "Only 2 were taking calls so it will be a long hold." After quite sometime then got the rudest person yet. She claimed to "not be stupid" and "when she was able to read notes that matched what I was saying she'd then be able to help me" "You've already received a lot of credit. They even credited you for your prorated month 7/28-8/20"
She kept saying there was "no call on 7/16"...I know this but she couldn't get past that to even understand the problem that existed. I asked for her supervisor's name..."we don't give that information out." After rattling off rude, attitude filled remarks and comments she then was angry enough to give in & "get another supervisor because we really aren't going to get anywhere with this." I then spk to Moe the "lead supervisor" who was helpful. He calculated what 3 days of service would be & rounded up to give me "a $5 credit onto my account bringing my balance to..." YEP!! Still not understanding I've already paid thru 7/20, no service as of 7/16 & still owe $????? It REALLY doesn't take a genius here!!
Finally, he realized my point & took additional time to review further & came back advising that he "brought the account to zero and cleared the balance due." Mind you I still paid 4 days of service that I didn't have! Yes it adds up to be a small amount of $ but its more the principle. AND never mind the minutes used making all these calls!! I spent well over 4 hours all together. Just today & the 18th's calls took over 3 hrs!

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Worst Service Ever
Posted by Tok9 on 07/10/2008
WATERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is an actual email I sent to rcn CEO/few board members. Here are their email addresses below.


I'm sure by looking at the subject line you know what this is all about. Well I will start from the beginning and I will try not to bore you too much.

About 5 months ago I signed up for a Static IP Service with you people. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_address) This is the definition of static IP, but I will sum it up for you. It means that that your IP address is Dynamic and does not change for any reason at all.

About a week into the service my internet service went down, I called your support line 1-800 RING-RCN, I spent about 2 1/2 hours on the phone, they said they were vary sorry this will be resolved and will never happen again.

Two weeks go by and sure enough it happened again. This actually coninued to happen for about 5 months every 2 weeks.

I was credited money back on the service twice, once they gave me a full month of services for free because I got so fed up and wanted to cancel the service. Another time I had to stay home from work because you sent out and " Lever 3 Engineer" who wasn't even sure why he was there.

But finally what drove me to write this email, was my experience with 1800 RING RCN today. Here is a brief outline of what happened.

I called RCN around 8:30am I waited for about 15 minutes before talking to anyone, which is actually pretty quick because normally it's about 30 minutes before you actually speak to someone. Someone picks up, I get connected with the canceling services dept. I explain to them that I wish to cancel my static IP address. They said, I'm sorry we don't handle that cancellation, I will have to transfer you to our tech support dept. I said fine and they put me on hold....for 36 minutes and 42 seconds before my call was just dropped.

So like an idiot I decide to call back. This time I called back and requested tech support directly, I explained to them that I wanted to cancel my static IP service, they said ( you guessed it)" I'm sorry we don't handle that" " Let me transfer you to our billing dept.

This went on for about 2 hours, one dept transferred me to another, the other dept said, " Sorry this is not our dept etc.. You get the picture.

Finally someone had the heart to tell me. " I'm not really sure who I can transfer you to,, her name was Phyllis I remember this because in the midst of get stuck in you massive phone system I got transferred to her twice and she remembered me and said " I can't believe you still haven't talked to anyone" and she was right, 2 1/2 hours later I had not talked with anyone.

All together I think I have spent about 40 hours in 5 months talking to you customer support and still nothing gets resolved. At this point I am letting know that I will never ever use RCN again.

I should have done my research before I signed up. Here are some more websites you can read about the horrible service your company offers, I will also be posting on those websites.


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