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Lazy Bums/Get a Real Job
Posted by Sassy123 on 01/14/2011
Do not trust these people all they want is your credit card number. Anytime someone says it is Free trial but we need credit card or bank info it is a scam. If they are any good why not give the seven days free and let us decide if they are good or not without credit card info? It is not a free trial if you cancel the first day and they keep your money and cannot dispute because it is under $50.00 dollars. They were not supposed to take for seven days? Lazy ripoffs. anyway believe they are just making easy money.

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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-14:
Yup, anytime an offer says it's free, and then they want your credit card number, the offer is no longer free. Run the other way.

Realty Trac do not sound like lazy bums. They are hard at work, trying to get your credit card information and banking information. Seems like they are quite busy.
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Fraudulent claims
Posted by Seriousbuyer on 01/12/2010
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I recently signed up on realtytrac and my credit card is being charged monthly. My wife and I are expecting a child April 7, 2010 and we expected to use Realtytrac.com for the very purpose of finding that perfect home. Realtytrac claims to have all updated pre-foreclosures, shortsales, and bank owned properties at your fingertips. To the contrary! 90% of all properties on Realtytrac.com are outdated by 3-8 months. Those great bankowned foreclosure deals you think you will get have been sold 8 months ago. This is the most agregious example of fraudulent advertising on the web. I don't know how Realtytrac is still operating. I've called and cannot even get an educated response to my questions. I've been hung up on three times. Attorney is the next step.

Serious Buyer
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
My MIL was a realtor, and constantly updated her MLS listings. However, you should be aware that a house does not sell in one day. Bids are placed and then it can take time for bid acceptance, paperwork loan approval etc. That is why closings take 2-3 weeks. Thus a house is not taken off the market until a loan has come through. It is listed as in process or something.I can't remember.

I just checked her MLS (I have her password since I did most of her typing and it still works) against the homes available (you don't need to pay or have a password to search) on realtracs.com. I found several I would love to have, and all were available to purchase.

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Don't sign up for RealtyTrac
Posted by MominVA on 05/27/2009
Information is very outdated; customer service is terrible; impossible to cancel. They will not anything to bill you for at least one month!
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Rip Off
Posted by Pastorval on 01/18/2009
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Stay away from a site called RealtyTrac. You are under no obligation if you decide to cancel. Untrue, I had trouble with the site from day one, cancelled three days later and low and behold, I have an overdraft on my bank account because they took $39.95 out of my checking acct.

They should be reported to the attorney general of the state they are located in and I am reporting them to the better business bureau. They STINK!

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Posted by shortordergourmet on 2009-01-27:
Yes, the realty trac deal is a scheme to get your money. These days the information they provide can be gotten many other places. Furthermore, they are extremely deceptive on the 7 day free trial. The wording says something like you have to cancel something like 5 days in advance or you pay for the whole following month on your charge card. I just happened to read that on the last possible day to cancel. I followed the directions to cancel but when I got to the page where I was to click the cancel button, no cancel button was there. I googled the problem and saw that many others faced this same dilemna. So, I contacted them using their on-line speak to a representative (by instant messaging). She told me to to a specific page and click on the button. I explained that there was no button and could she cancel for me. She didn't really seem too thrilled but said she would cancel. I requested a confirmation. She typed and IM'd it to me. I cut and pasted this entire conversation into Word. So happy I did, because a few weeks later, my amex was hit for the $40(apx) charge. I disputed and won as I had proof of my cancellation. I thought it was over. That was 6 months ago. Tonight, I just saw they did it again. I haven't been to that website since the first incident. I am disputing again and changing my Amex card. These people are too sneaky to have that information at hand. Stay Away from Realty Trac!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-04-15:
Found...na.....ya ain't worth the trouble.
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Realtytrac Scam
Posted by Olivepearl on 12/21/2008
DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER. I did. They billed me for services never ordered, 2 months after I cancelled the original service. Then when I tried to contact them their automated answering service hangs up after telling you that their lines are full.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-12-21:
contsct you credit card company and file a dispute over the amount for non shipment. most times this gets a full refund.
Posted by olivepearl on 2008-12-24:
Yes, I contacted my Credit card service and got the charge removed. no doubt. but I wonder how many other unsuspecting people just pay, not realizing they have been scammed.

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