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Redbox Rentals
1800 114th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98004
1-866-733-2693 (ph)
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Beware of Redbox
By -

INDIANA -- Everyone beware of Redbox! I used Redbox on a regular basis and we did have some movies that we kept some additional days. I don't pay much attention, but they ended up not charging us the fees until 2 months later! I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous in my opinion. When I complained, they stated that they have up to 90 days to charge you.

Redbox Movie Rental
By -

KANSAS -- One should not be confused about the risks of paying $1 for a rental. Let's remember the old saying "You get what you pay for"... My son rented a 3 movies from redbox without returning them within the "25 day's" and without my acknowledgment. I only realized once I received my credit card statement that I was charged $26.98 for each of the rentals a total of ~$81. When I contacted Redbox they said, they would refund $5 for each movie if we returned them.

This is interesting considering Blockbuster will give you a "FULL REFUND" when you return the movies, regardless of time lapse. Hmm... Did I mention I will never rent from redbox again and I urge to do the same. Consider Blockbuster or Netflix whose business are not as deceptive.

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